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Hi, I’m Finch. A 26 year old high school dropout (slash academic failure) who makes a lot of money from the Internet.

  • zach

    To be honest with you, I’ve never even considered the CPM approach. This is making me rethink my approach.

    Thanks, if nothing else, for stirring ideas.

  • Irf

    ‘You ever fancied shagging strangers over breakfast? Well there you go then. ‘

    Every post has a killer line. Fucking love it.

    Do you design/code your own landing pages?

  • Henry

    Found this blog from AffBuzz. Thank the fucking lord. Finally, a decent affiliate blog from the UK.

  • Henry

    1pm? Its freaking 8 pm here. Stop catering for those pesky yanks.

  • Cash37

    I think if you’re getting conversions from low CTR ads you should pause them if your CPC will be too high to run it. At least from what I’ve seen. But I’m still figuring out Facebook.

  • Mister Fong

    A Zoosk flog? Damn, that’s a great idea, lol. And yeah, always look at ROI, not CTR.

  • Profit Addiction

    Nice post man, it’s surprising how many different ad/campaign variations can produce positive results.

  • PPC Icon

    Good post indeed, I’ll be on the following Facebook posts like stink on poop.

  • joel

    Hey, some good points, about the cpm vs cpc. Do you think fb sends cpm to the apps traffic more? i have heard this.

    also, on fb ctr is just as important as conversions, not “significantly lower”…i mean they are equal…id hate a great ctr with no conversions but, if your getting conversions and your ctr is .02, it wont be running long.

    great post!

  • leadupplier

    maybe i’m completely wrong, but i never use CPC .. i dont see the point. If you’re shooting for a high CTR, CPC is a horrible idea. I accidentially kept CPC checked when creating a bunch of ads and i had spent $60 in a matter of minutes. my CTR was .15+ but clicks were .30+ .. i immediately saw what i did and changed it to CPM, then i was getting .15 or less clicks .. i just don’t understand why anyone would use CPC … maybe i’m still a newb

  • Josh Todd

    Excellent post Finch, all points are right on the mark. That’s an interesting correlation between vague adds and CPM bidding, I never thought of it that way before. Cheers!

  • cna training

    nice post. thanks.

  • Kevin

    Great post as usual. But where do you get your images for the fb ads and landing pages.

    The chicks pic you posted doesn’t look like a stock photo. Everyone gets pics off g images, bing images, and amateur sites. Is there any issue with the women in the pics coming after us for damages or for profits affiliates made off their pics? Have you looked into this at all.

    Also totally different topic but where did you learn so much about selling online concepts? Your writings really demonstrate how we need to be really thinking about selling and ways to get the clickers to the conversion. Most am blogs barely touch on this. Thats why your blog is one of my favorites.

    Please keep the posts coming and maybe do some more on really selling the prospects. Thanks!

    Finch for Prez

  • Finch

    It’s always sensible to use stock photos if you’re worried about the ownership aspect and I’d never advise affiliates to go out and jack images. But that’s what 95% of affiliates do, and will continue to do until a stock photo site springs up with a focus on the “amateur MySpace” look that seems to draw the most clicks.

    I’ve never heard of affiliates being chased for their profits. But I have heard of the occasional C&D.

  • Jonathan

    There are a couple of things I have gathered from FB advertising. First, I think most AM like to limit their workload and FB doesn’t allow it. I know because my one buddy used me as the worker and he supplied the money. Also, I think most follow those beginner guides and refuse to stray from that at all as FB is such a challenge. Going against them will mean loss in their eyes. Now, I am still fairly new but I I work my ass off so I start to pick up on things pretty quickly. Just my 0.02

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