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Hi, I’m Finch.

A 26 year old high school dropout slash academic failure who makes a lot of money from the Internet.


I run an online marketing company that connects customers to companies all around the world. We call it affiliate marketing.

There are two things I like about affiliate marketing:

  1. The Money: show me another career where earning $10,000/month is considered merely a ‘decent start’.

  2. No Politics: show me another career where commitment, hours on the clock, years served and political standing are considered so completely and utterly irrelevant. Affiliate marketers are judged by one question: how much money am I making?

I’m not interested in padding my CV or climbing the ladder.

I’m interested in making a lot of money as quickly as I can, so I can spend it while I’m still young and somewhat functional.

This blog is an accumulation of brainfarts designed to help, inspire and occasionally sympathise with the fellow professionals who share this vision.

Here’s a basic timeline of how I got here, in case you give a shit:

My Pretty Boring Story So Far

Born: In London on 26th January, 1988.

Went to School: Lady Bankes Primary School, Queensmead Senior School.

I wasn’t very good.

No, I was terrible.

I never did coursework, I rarely did homework, and I had the attention span of a goldfish.

Through a knack of what I would later discover to be ‘persuasive writing’, I managed to ace most of my exams without knowing more much about anything.

It taught me a valuable lesson about selling.

Dropped out of School: Aged 16, in September 2004.

I never went to University.

In fact, I barely made it through my first week of Sixth Form (16-18s college).

After seeing the same people turning up for ‘further education’ that had scraped through the previous 10 years, I decided ‘further education’ probably wasn’t for me.

I didn’t want to be a rocket scientist, or a doctor. I had no academic purpose.

So I left, withdrew to the Internet, wallowed in my adolescence for a good few months, before learning everything I could about web design – where I knew I could make fast money without qualifications.

That was one of the smartest decisions I made.

First Job: Junior web developer at a small agency in Watford. April 2006 to February 2008.

I cut my teeth on Photoshop, HTML/CSS, basic programming, CMS theory and the burger van outside.

And still I wasn’t committed.

Second Job: Web developer for a London digital agency. February 2008 to May 2009.

I dealt with the irrational web demands of several highly strung financial institutions in the middle of the credit crunch.

It convinced me that working for clients was not, in fact, work.

It was bondage.

Affiliate Marketing: Early 2009, I caught the tail of the CPA affiliate marketing industry and started investing my evenings (and salary) in Google AdWords campaigns.

Within a week, I was making over £1000 per day.

My ‘day job’ paid me £1500 per month.

You can probably guess what happened next.

Quit the Day Job: I handed in my notice in May 2009 (about the time I launched this blog).

It had taken 6 weeks to add a zero to the end of my pay cheque. I wanted more.

Reality: Mid 2009, Affiliate marketing suffered its very own recession — just days after I jumped balls deep in it.

My first few months were a challenge, extinguishing one fire then running after the next. A necessary crisis against future complacency.

I quickly learned the ins and outs of ‘easy money’: i.e there is no such thing.

Built a Business: I adapted, survived and slowly began to thrive again.

The latter half of 2009 taught me much about work ethic.

The ways I found to make money pushed my creative muscles to the very limit, and it paid off. I suspect I learnt more in 6 months about making money than a young professional would learn in a full decade of being institutionalised.

Moved to Thailand: Late 2010, the London suburbs had worn me down. Needing a change, I moved to Thailand.

It was an eye opening experience, not just to learn a new culture, but to assess my own comfort zone.

I lived in downtown Bangkok, renting the entire 15th floor of a complex on Sukhumvit.

Sukhumvit Soi 26

It was a great base to travel to Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and some of the nicest (empty!) beaches in South East Asia.

Thailand beaches

Beach food

Moved back to London: Summer 2011, I traded Bangkok for London.

I’m still not sure why. A combination of visa issues, home sickness, personal unrest and “But what if the grass is greener?”

For many months, it wasn’t.

But I didn’t return empty handed.

I bought these guys at Chatuchak, one of the world’s largest weekend markets:


…A fucking crazy decision.

I don’t recommend buying animals in Thailand if you plan on relocating them — quarantine is a sap — but I’m glad I did.

A guy who works at home all day needs company.

If you are apathetic towards humans, like me, a couple of canines is a wise investment.

Since Then: I am now motoring through the next stage of my career.

My aims? Growth, more money, complete financial freedom, the ‘future proofing’ of my business and of course… even more money.

I live in a sleepy London suburb with my girlfriend and pups.



This career gives me great freedom to travel — Amsterdam, Sardinia, Thailand, Berlin, and New York City in the last year. But to avoid sounding too, I want to make it categorically clear that I am not ‘bubbly’.

In any shape or form.

I work long days, often in to the night, and most weekends.

But there’s a catch.

It’s not work.

It’s an endless pursuit to get better at what I do, which makes me more money, which makes me happier, which makes my career infinitely better than the one I left behind, and certainly the one I never started.

If online marketing is your chosen field – real online marketing, the kind measured by $$$ in your pocket – then we’ll probably have something in common.

If not?

I talk about my balls a lot. There’s something for everybody.

Enjoy the blog.

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