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Survival Kit

If you’re reading this blog for the first time and wondering, “How do I make money from CPA marketing?“, you’re asking the wrong question.

By taking to the web with such a question, you are going to land yourself in piles of broken advice, shit that does not work, shit that never worked, and shit that perhaps might have worked in 2008.

The question you should be asking is” “How can I build an affiliate marketing business that makes money in 2015? What is profitable today?

Well, thanks for asking.

Hot off the press, I have just released the latest volume in the bestselling Premium Post series.

Inside you will find a mountain of fresh insights to give your affiliate business the head start it needs in 2015.

375 pages, 65,000 words of tips, tricks, strategies, pointers, bloopers, fuck-ups, brainfarts, bad ideas, good ideas and obscure references to my balls.

Volume 2015

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