If I had a penny for every blog I *should* link to on this page, I probably wouldn’t be very rich. That’s because most affiliate marketing blobs are dire monstrosities to be avoided at all costs.

Any joker can setup a WordPress blog, pretend to earn a fortune online, and attempt to sell you his ebook. Unfortunately, that’s what most affiliate marketing bloggers do. We all have personal agendas. Sometimes that agenda is to sell you our ebooks, while other times it’s to stroke our egos with the idea that what we say actually matters. I try to be the latter.

I know many of my readers are aware of the other sites out there. Love us or hate us, bloggers are a central hub for all that goes on in the industry. So we’re quite hard to miss. Here are some blogs to add to your reader.

Visit Ad HustlerAdHustler

Actual insightful topical blogging? WHAT IS THIS?

Visit AffbuzzAffbuzz

We all owe a lot of traffic to Affbuzz. Everybody digs a little buzz.

Visit Who Is Andrew WeeAndrew Wee

The original podcasting fiend of Singapore.

Visit Blue Hat SEOBlue Hat SEO

Knows more than you.

Visit Bryn YoungblutBryn Youngblut

Sounds like something out of Monkey Island. So rich he can afford to spend his days pissing off rednecks.

Visit Convert2Media BlogConvert2Media Blog

Where Ruck occasionally makes you feel stupid.

Visit Justin DupreJustin Dupre

Has been caught staring at more titties than any other marketer in Thailand***.

Visit NickyCakesNickyCakes

Seems to have more Visa stamps than blog posts these days.

Visit OkTrendsOkTrends

A goldmine of statistical info for any marketer in the dating niche. Get RICH!

Visit PPC.bzPPC.bz

Read his blog for a year and you still won’t know how he makes his money.

Visit Slightly Shady SEOSlightly Shady SEO

Come back you mischievous motherfucker.

Visit ViperChillViperChill

A “mainstream” Internet Marketing blog, written by a young UK entrepreneur, that still manages to serve up some useful posts. Pretty rare.

I’ve got to be honest. I’m not a regular reader of industry blogs. I find it more productive to be out testing my own theories rather than be waiting on the next blogger to accidentally drop some knowledge. If you have any recommendations for blogs that should be included here, drop me a line.

*** May no longer be accurate. Finch moved to Thailand in December 2010.

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