“Take Finch’s best posts, multiply it by 10x, then put it in a PDF. That’s my review. Suck on it.”

Barman, PPC.bz

Well, I couldn’t have put it better myself…

Welcome to the home of the Premium Post series

The Premium Post series is a candid, uncensored and explosive look at what it takes to make money in affiliate marketing.

I’m going to keep this shameless self-promotion short and sweet. Because it’s really not my style to promote products that actually work.

If you like the content on this blog…

Or if it’s ever made you:

  • Laugh.
  • Wince.
  • Cry.
  • God forbid, actually learn something about affiliate marketing…

I have great news.

There’s a whole lot more goodness where that came from.

The Ultimate Premium Post Package

Volumes 1 to 7 of Premium Posts have been painstakingly designed – often in the dead of night (after one too many beers!) – to provide the “World’s First Bullshit-Free Guide!” for Affiliate Marketers seeking more $$$ than they can poke a Honeybadger at.

These volumes showcase an insane array of tips, tricks, spoilers, shortcuts, techniques, magic buttons and affiliate marketing profiting regimes.

You will learn something from the information within.

Quite what that something will be, I wouldn’t dare to speculate. I’ve had all kinds of strange emails…

To put it simply, Premium Posts is home to all of the ‘good stuff’ I would be an utter moron to publish on here for free. It’s too lucrative. Too secretive. Damn near too provocative.

Now, for the first time ever, you can grab the Ultimate Premium Post Package. That’s all seven volumes, plus my bonus Affiliate Marketing Survival Kit (50 pages of introductory material).

The package includes…

(Click each title for an extensive breakdown of the content inside)

That’s a total of around 700 pages of innovative Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks.

But how much is it worth!?

Let’s see…

How much would you pay for an hour of consulting in the affiliate business? Any less than $150 and the ‘expert’ simply isn’t worth his salt, right?

Well, you can call me a trashbag amateur.

I’m about to smash that rhetoric out of the window.

The Ultimate Premium Package condenses over 160 hours of my time in to a package that costs just $119.95. You are essentially paying less than $1/hour for my coaching.

I do not live in a Venezuelan hut, so this is not a brilliant deal for me.

But it is for you.

If, after devouring the content, you still can’t make money from Internet Marketing — we’ll call it quits. Send me an email, let me know, and I’ll refund the entire cost of the package. I’ll even throw in a few extra bucks to thank you for trying.

As far as I’m aware, this is an industry first. I will pay YOU if you don’t like the series.

How do I know that you’ll like the series?

I don’t.

I’m judging by the feedback from my readers…

Reviews and Testimonials

Finch. One word that should send shivers down your nether regions. If you don’t know Finch, he is an affiliate marketer that writes one of the best blogs in the online marketing space. Take Finch’s best posts, multiply it by 10x, then put it in a PDF. That’s my review. Suck on it.
Barman, PPC.bz

Lets put the value and content aside for a second. The sheer pleasure of reading the PDF is just something not easily found in our IM world. Finch is first a writer/poet before he is a marketer. You start reading the first page and you simply can’t stop (I usually stop reading after the first line of an email, not to talk of a PDF). If you consider Affiliate Marketing your career, or want it to be, buy this NOW.
Adam Tal, Money Machine Factory

Finch is a fucking genius. I said it. The man knows his shit. One thing I like about his posts is that he doesn’t pander to his audience. I have it on good authority that he’s also a suave lumberjack who fistfights dinosaurs for fun. Finch keeps it real. He won’t promise you millions over night, and he isn’t trying to pass this stuff off as magical systems that will make you rich on autopilot (Finch edit: Actually, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Hopefully they don’t notice!). It’s good, honest insight into the traffic sources and offer types he covers. A lot of us could really use a refresher course on real marketing and advertising, and this type of information is definitely a step in the right direction.
Bil, Z6Evolved.com

Finch’s Dating/Facebook Volumes deliver a bucketload of useful knowledge for increasing the ROI on your campaigns. It’s a must read for noobs and even more experienced marketers looking for an edge against the competition!
Geofferson Marcy, Adfluent Media

Perverted, Obscene, Funny, and chock full of information that is so good as to make you wonder why this moron is giving away amazing secrets for so little money.
Kean Leong Yeo

Best POF info product I’ve seen in a while. Very rarely does an info product over-deliver on what’s promised but Finch has decided to share his 2+ years of POF advertising experience with you.
Ben, Official Plentyoffish Blog

His unique writing style and humor makes reading the ebook not only entertaining, but very educational. I’ve done my fair share of Facebook Advertising over the years, and reading this still gave me some pretty good ideas to work on (and motivation for that matter). If nothing else, reading this will give you the motivation and inspiration to go out and try something new. Finch is one of the brighter internet marketers I’ve come across.
Patrick Kelly, PJK Direct

To evaluate your work even as pieces of entertaining prose, it’s worth the money alone. That’s to say nothing of the valuable advice and strategies contained within. Specifically , I won’t divulge into examples but suffice to say that your ideas alone have completely revolutionised my thinking towards IM.
Drew Goodman, Primal Marketing LLC

Awesome. I notice the newer volumes are much larger than the earliest ones. I keep them all on my desk at all times, printed and bound as a thick book held together by some fasteners. I refer to it often.
George Stiso

I’ve been doing Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing for 4-5 years now, and I’ve never come across another product that has consistently been as high quality as all of Finch’s Premium posts. He talks about extremely practical and applicable concepts, complete with illustrated pictures and some loose best practices for people starting out. A lot of his example angles will give any seasoned marketer a bunch of great ideas.
Tim Hsia

As one of the few true innovators of unique campaign approaches in our industry, his ingenuity in copywriting, campaign angles, and full grasp of the traffic and sales spectrum is on full display in his Premium Posts.
Tom Fang, iPyxel

Quick, Only [0.4] Copies Remaining!

The Ultimate Premium Post Package is running on limited remnants of bandwidth.

My home server is powered by a hamster in a wheel. He could keel over any second. Volumes upon volumes of dynamite info could be lost forever. I really hope you don’t want that to happen. And that’s why it’s important for you to… ACT NOW!

Or forever hold your peace.

The choice is yours.

At the end of this post, you will find a red pill and a blue pill. This is your last chance.

After this, there is no turning back.

If you take the blue pill…

The story ends.

You wake up in your bed. Your sorry arse returns to the Warrior Forum. You believe whatever you want to believe, surrounded by $5 WSOs and pedophiliac avatars.

Or… you can take the red pill.

See how deep the rabbit hole goes. See how much money is being made in affiliate marketing as we speak.

What will it be?

No, I'm not ready to wake up. Return me to the Warrior Forum

Yes, wake me up!

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