Neverblue is rapidly turning in to one of the biggest CPA affiliate marketing networks in North America. There’s no doubt that it’s already one of the most popular. There’s something about logging in to their sleek custom built interface – it feels a little bit like home. I used to think I was talking out of my ass and that the affection stemmed from it being my first CPA network, but I know a lot of marketers who feel the same.

What Makes Them Different?

I’ll be honest and say that Neverblue doesn’t have the biggest payouts, and neither does it have a bunch of super affiliate bullshit-bloggers selling it as God’s given network. But throughout my entire history of working with Neverblue, I can say that they’ve proven to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy networks around. I’ve got a good relationship with everybody I’ve ever spoken to from the network. They’re all stand out guys and girls and if ever I’ve had a question, I’ve been given an answer.

Whenever I’m talking to friends about internet marketing – and it doesn’t happen much – Neverblue is the network that I point them towards if they’re thinking of having a stab at making money online. The interface is dead simple to get around. That sounds like a small issue but you wouldn’t believe how many newb affiliates are turned off by some of these mish-mash Direct Track skins. It’s confusing to a mope who already struggles to remember his flogs from his blogs.

If you’re an international affiliate like myself, it’s also nice to see a network like Neverblue making the effort to send reps across for the conferences and exhibitions over here. They had a showing at London ad:tech and they’ve got another appearance penciled in for the A4uexpo. That’s two shows within 3 weeks that a Canadian company has flown peeps out to. I’m not saying it’s going to make you any money, but in my position, I appreciate a network that reaches beyond it’s typical North America following to show some love to us international publishers.

Offers & Payouts

Where Neverblue truly excels is in the sheer number of different offers it brings to the table. If I’m scratching my head and wondering what niche to tap in to next, it’s often the case that I can log on to Neverblue and browse their newest campaigns for inspiration. You won’t find as much variety within each niche as on some other networks, but you’ll find a hell of a lot of niches either way.


Payouts for each offer vary from competitive to slightly lower than average. The good news is that a quick email to your affiliate manager and you should be able to get a bump easily. Remember that Neverblue takes on a lot of retard publishers who are throwing free traffic at offers. It’s understandable that their street payouts would be pretty mediocre. Why give a baller’s payout to a dumbass who’s never heard of a landing page?

Hit up your affiliate manager and you will soon get bumped to a rate that’s more competitive for your niche. That said, I’ve been taking a look at the acai offers lately (because I’m a bad bad man), and I see campaigns boasting $40 payouts. That’s good money whichever way you decide to look at it.

Aside from the usual rebill favourites, Neverblue has an absolutely insane number of lead gen submits and gaming offers. I’m a big fan of gaming offers at the moment. I’ve been hitting some extremely profitable campaigns at up to 400% ROI – and Neverblue has a few diamonds in the rough if you’re looking to get in to that market. It’s not difficult to turn them profitable. Get your dick in Facebook and push it, basically.

What You Need To Know

As soon as you’ve been accepted on to the Neverblue network, you need to crack open your email and go about getting some accurate EPC data. As much as I love the Neverblue custom interface – and I really do love it – those EPC listings that you see are a crock of shit. Never trust an EPC that’s calculated based on the network-wide activities of a crowd as large as this.

I was browsing through some rebill offers the other day and catching EPCs above $7. I don’t care whether you’re a publisher with balls the size of Toronto, that shit isn’t happening for real in this lifetime or the next – especially on a network wide scale. They definitely do inflate their EPC data, but you know what? It shouldn’t really matter. Only a dumbass translates the five bar earnings counter as a gauge for how rich he’s going to get if he runs some traffic.

Email your affiliate manager and ask for some up-to-date EPC figures. Whenever I do this, I get sent a nice spreadsheet of the top offers including recent data (last 2 weeks) in the market that I’m targeting. From there it’s easy for me to pick out the offers that are actually converting.

Neverblue also has a bunch of campaigns that require advertiser approval before you can run them. That means you’re going to have to get off your fat ass and write a legitimate sob story for why you’re so desperate to run said campaign. If you open up the application window and write “hi guys, just me, let gets it awn”, you’re going to get rejected. Actually, you’ll probably just never receive an email and completely forget about it. Probably for the best if that’s how deep your campaign research goes.

3971631045_237da33da7_mMy advice for getting accepted on to these manual approval campaigns is simply to say what the advertisers want to hear. And that should be pretty apparent by peeking at the terms of the offer and the existing restrictions.

The Application Process

I’ve had the dubious honour of reading several threads over on the Warrior Forum relating to the Neverblue application process. Guys, it’s not very difficult to grasp. You don’t need a manifesto of policies to be accepted on board a CPA network. You can generally get accepted by acting normally, answering the phone in a remotely western accent and hiding your paedophilic Warrior Forum avatar from the god damn application form.

When I submitted my Neverblue application, I was a complete and utter newb to CPA. Why hide it? Neverblue deals with a lot of beginner affiliates. If you tell the truth and cough up that you’re actually a work-in-progress, they’re not going to laugh at you and hit the autoban. On the other hand, if you call them up and pretend to be Gandalf the fucking messiah of commission generation, they’ve got every right to rub you out.

Likewise, if you’re sitting there holding a script or a freshly printed ebook of shit to say in an approval phone call, do yourself a favour and bin it. It’s time to fess up that you haven’t made it yet. If you actually get accepted, you might still have a chance. Rocket science, getting accepted on a network without paying $9.95? Who would have thought it? And you didn’t even have to “say thanks” to some middle aged jackass on the Warrior Forum.

Overall Thoughts

I suppose I’ll always have a soft spot for Neverblue after they introduced me to CPA marketing. I had my first moderately successful campaign with them – a bizopp rebill that was generating $800/day (significant to a guy still in his day job at the time). Looking back at things, I consider Neverblue to be probably the perfect network for a beginner to learn the ropes with. They still have a lot to offer for the so-called ballers – but I generally think of Neverblue as a solid all-round “family” network.

If you’re thinking of signing up, ask for Dave Fletcher as your affiliate manager. Before I joined Neverblue, I was one of those resolute but ultimately flawed-beyond-repair Digital Point marketers who’d work a lifetime to generate a lunchtime’s worth of earnings. The majority of which came from Clickbank. Fletch showed me the ropes and got me turning over a solid profit within about 6 weeks of registering with Neverblue. I think I did $6,500 in my second month with the network. That’s nothing compared to what I’ve earned since having branched out, but it was a big step up from a few hundred bucks on Clickbank.

Speaking of Fletch, Neverblue need to get their house in order and send the dude to one of the European conferences. I swear, one of the emails I got back from him around the time of the Amsterdam expo was just a puppy dog pine. Get the man on a plane!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert marketer, there’s probably something you can use on Neverblue to kickstart a successful campaign. I would recommend the network especially to peeps who aren’t entirely convinced by this whole making money online business. Go and get yourself hooked up. When you’re ready to break in to a single niche and ramp up the traffic, you will be naturally looking at other networks where there’s more choice between offers. But as a taster for the industry, Neverblue offers a little something for everyone.

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