Yahoo PPC Scam, By My Favourite Nigerian Kids

It’s all action stations in Lagos.

I’ve been tapped up by my favourite scam artists twice in one day. I thought the second email would be worth mentioning. Simply because there’s inevitably going to be some Digital Point retard who falls for the trap. And then probably some equally inept Warrior Forum “detective” posting a five star thread with pictorial evidence of how he uncovered the scam. Nice work, guys. It’s 2009 by the way.

Anyway, this is scammin’ at it’s most blatant. I’ve been getting quite a few messages through from these guys recently. Behold.


Do as they say and you can look forward to your credit card being charged up the arse with whatever it is that the Nigerian kids are raging over these days.

Always treat emails that ask you to login and update your details with suspicion. Suspicion generally leads to uncovering the scam pretty much instantly. Badly formed English is your first sign. Attention crying caps also spring to mind.

Emails like the one above don’t worry me.

What worries me is somebody who can actually write good English, duplicate a convincing email (the above was 90% image), and catch me at the right drunken moment. I don’t suspect anybody will fall for the slack attempt at fraud above – but keep it in mind. I’ve heard various mentions of scams targeting Yahoo PPC recently.

To spite the criminals, I’m going to leave my appliances on all night and wait for the global warming to kick in.

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