A Memorable September

September has been one of the more memorable months of the year, and to a certain degree, my life.

I started the month by getting engaged.

Pop culture suggests that ‘if you like it then you should put a ring on it‘. Well, I like her. So I tried to put a ring on her. And thankfully, she didn’t call the police.

Net result = I’m getting married.

Diamond engagement ring

The most sweat-over purchase of any man’s life.

I’ve been dating my fiancรฉ for 2 and a half years now. Time has flown quickly, and in the same breath it has stood still.

We’ve travelled the world together, shared together, learnt together and done the most important thing any loving couple can do:

Have kids… LOL you crazy.

We gave birth to dogs.

Cute dogs

Pancakes and Waffles: delivered via Bangkok, Thailand.

If you’ve been following this blog since 2009, a time where obnoxious whippersnapper were my middle names, you may have noticed a few changes. My mood and choice of words hopefully being two of them.

I’ve documented some pretty wounded lows since then. This is not one of them.

I’m happy and excited to discover what happens next.

Busy, busy September…

September has also proven to be my designated ‘month of networking’. I’ve spent more time talking about business than I’ve had actually contributing to my business. These months are a necessity, although I would suggest that you avoid having 12 of them.

There was the awesome Adsimilis Meetup in Amsterdam.

Adsimilis meetup in Amsterdam

Adsimilis Meetup in Amsterdam 2012

The Adsimilis crew knows how to throw a European style meetup.

  • Collect publishers
  • Ply with alcohol
  • Feed them
  • Return to sender in sozzled state

The first night was dinner and drinks close to the Red Light District, which coincidentally is the only part of Amsterdam I remember from my previous two visits.

The second day was a seminar of presentations and panels, followed by a canal trip around the city. I always say that the real business gets done when the drink starts flowing. And that was the case here.

I met some familiar faces from the blogosphere; Ian Fernando, Rohail Rizvi and POF’s Ben. As well as an entire legion of awesomely crazy Israeli and German dudes.

Special shout out to Mike Ossendrijver’s afro which is truly… worth the admission alone.

Besides meeting a great bunch of people, and some awesome hosts, there were plenty of golden nuggets to make this trip worthwhile. You can’t expect to come away from a marketing meetup with a newly sketched business plan, but you can certainly get a feel for what is working, what isn’t, and what new markets you need to be exploring.

Next up was London Adtech.

It was disappointing as usual.

I made a couple of interesting connections on the showfloor, but by and large, this was wishy washy corporate shit infested by middle-ranked suits who seemed happy just to escape the office for a day.

The SEO industry continues to amaze me.

How can you call yourself an ‘SEO specialist’ if the words Penguin and Panda mean nothing to you? I am, frankly, a lost cause when it comes to manipulating Google. But I still hear what works and what doesn’t. I’m aware of the factors.

It seems some of these bumberclarts get paid to stay several years off the pace. Large companies continue to spunk untold dollars on amateurs with as much belonging to their craft as a Finch in a builder’s portaloo.


Finally, Premium Posts Volume 7 – the last edition for the foreseeable future – has ‘entered production’. And by entered production, I mean I had a couple of beers the other night and ripped out a fair chunk of it. The volume should be finished in the next 3 weeks. It will be released in November.

Check back on Thursday for a real post.

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  • Well done. September was going OK till the latest Google Pandguin update hit on Friday. I guess it’s the beginning of the end of niche sites – Google is really starting to love forums and answers types sites now. Although of course in lucrative niches like Water Coolers it’s happy to put 12 ads on the SERPs page and 2 organic results!

    What we former niche site builders need is a cheap source of traffic. So what’s a cheaper (but still good) alternative to AdWords?

  • @Brett

    I’ve had good results with paid tweets from networks like BuySellAds and SponsoredTweets. To get effective targeting, I take an existing customer list, analyze who they follow on Twitter, and then see if any of that lines up with ad sellers in those networks. The idea being that if existing customers follow someone on Twitter at a high rate then potential customers do too. Combined with tweeting at the right time for that exact tweet seller, I’ve gotten really cheap CPC and decent conversions.

  • Good option for CPAers is text ads, search traffic, cpc.

    Premium traffic – for conversions and sales – starting bid is $0.01 with geo and keyword targeting

    Main geos: USA, UK, CA, AU
    Top verticals:


    Hope this helps.

  • You’re getting married?? You’ve only know her for 2 and a half years? I’ve been reading this blog longer than you’ve known the woman.

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