Banners Broker Scam – Don’t Let It Affect You

UPDATE DECEMBER 20th – I have posted a brand new update on the Banners Broker Scam. Read this new article for a more complete breakdown of the facts and evidence.

Banners Broker is one of the most popular MLM programs of recent times. It also happens to be one of the most sophisticated and bloodsucking ponzi schemes I have ever come across.

Banners Broker is based around an industry we know a lot about – online advertising.

Before I continue, let me point out the obvious. This post is not written for my usual readers.

If you’re expecting tips that can improve your ROI, or increase your conversions, this post will flop like a wet flannel. Guaranteed. But I do have a motive for writing it. Over the last few months I have seen some of my nearest and dearest plunge head first in to Banners Broker. And they are not the only ones.

The program is alleged to have attracted over 160,000 investors.

A large number of these investors will be left out of pocket when the scheme inevitably collapses.

What the Banners Broker Scam Claims to be

“A revolutionary way to earn revenue online.”

Are you prepared to have your mind blown?

Here is a video that describes the Banners Broker business model.

If, while listening, you begin to feel drowsy, or if the unmistakeable whiff of bullshit lodges itself up your nose, fear not. I have yet to speak to a single honest soul who could watch the whole 9 minutes and not come away feeling disorientated, mind-fucked, and a little bit uneasy.

Rule number one of any ponzi scheme: Do not give anybody the slightest hope of understanding your business model.

Update: The guy whose hilarious example I used to explain the Banners Broker business model has contacted me asking for his content to be removed on copyright grounds. Fair point. Well if he’s not happy with me quoting it here, I will link to it instead. Enjoy the read!

Yes, an advertising platform where not only are you the advertiser – but you’re the publisher too! You buy ad space on your own rented property. Then another advertiser buys space on it. Then magic happens. And somehow you come away with a 100% ROI.

As you would expect with any ponzi scheme, very few investors take the time to understand how this ad-pub nonsense works.

I guess it’s just as well Banners Broker simplifies the art of online advertising in to six coloured panels. They might as well have named them after the Teletubbies.

Panel prices, Banners Broker scam

Buy panels… get paid?

Double your money by doing nothing, stupid! Let’s hear how this works…

As a quick example, if you bought the red package when you first joined banners broker, this would have included the yellow, purple, blue, green and red panels within your purchase.

Your purchase would have cost you $1225 (including first month admin fee).

The red panel takes the longest to mature out of these panels (5-6 months). So within that time you would have paid $15 x 5 = $90 in admin fees.

After a few weeks, the yellow panel would have paid out and you would have received $20. After that, the purple would have paid out for another $60. Then the blue after that with another $180. This is followed by the green with $540. Finally, the red is the last one to mature paying out $1620.

So all in all, your costs were $1225 + $90 admin fees = $1315

Your gross income over that time period was: $20 + $60 + $180 + $540 + $1620 = $2420

Your profit = $2420 – $1315 = $1105.

Source: The Banners Broker System

Don’t you see?

What we have here is the most remarkable online advertising loophole known to man.

While the rest of us mere affiliate marketing mortals have been investing thousands for a slender 25% ROI, Banners Broker users have been buying ‘impression panels’, waiting a few months, then banking the handsome rewards.

It makes you wonder what really goes on behind this advertising system. How are Banners Broker managing to double your money, as well as taking their own cut, in an industry which has never been more competitive?

The answer, of course, is that Banners Broker has nothing to do with online advertising. The talk of ‘impressions’, ‘inventory’ and even ‘banners’ is a complete and utter fraud. I’m not a man for conspiracy theories, but if this smokescreen hasn’t just reached out and slapped you in the titties, you need new glasses. There’s a very simple explanation for how users are able to double their money with Banners Broker – and that is by recruiting other investors. It’s a cash cycler. Simple as that.

I’ll show you the joke that is the Banners Broker advertising platform later in this post. But let’s take a look at who runs the Banners Broker ship. Who is in charge of the world’s most remarkable online advertising platform?

Who is Behind the Banners Broker Scam?

You’d think the men behind Banners Broker would have surfaced on TechCrunch by now, right?

An advertising network that ‘doubles your return’ even if you are one of 160,000 unskilled investors who knows nothing about advertising. I mean, wow, that’s a story. If I had discovered such a system, I’d be fighting off venture capitalists from day one. At the very least, you’d expect these guys to show their faces at a reputable advertising conference.

I asked a couple of reps if they’d heard of Banners Broker when I attended London Adtech. The answer I got – to be expected – was a “Say what?” Followed by lots of LOL when I explained their scam.

Banners Broker Scammers

Image source: Real Scam forum

This blog has a lot of readers in the advertising space. So, let’s see. Has anybody encountered the urchins above at a trade conference? They claim to be paying out over a million dollars per day to their ‘investors’. That’s a lot of banner impressions. You’d think somebody must have dealt with these people.

For a company aiming to topple Google in the future (LOL), I’d expect to be reading books on these wizards.

Evidently they have yet to crack the customer service nut. I dropped their support an email offering to spend $100,000 on their platform. You will hear nothing back. In the advertising business, especially in such uncertain times, $100,000 ad campaigns do not go unanswered. Unless what you are actually running is a Ponzi scheme.

But wait, who is this Rajiv Dixit? He is the Head of the Banners Broker Canadian HQ, but his name looks familiar.

Ahh yes, Rajiv Dixit. The same Rajiv Dixit of Ontario, Canada who co-ran the notorious ICF World Homes scam in 2009. He was shut down by the Competition Bureau.

Now ask yourself this.

  • Is it likely that since ICF got busted, Raj Dixit has grown some morals and uncovered a remarkable win-win business model in the online advertising industry (that blows Google out of the water)?
  • Or is it likely, as I somehow suspect, that Raj Dixit is still a scumbag? And that Banners Broker is his latest fraudulent enterprise?

Would You Trust Your Online Advertising to this Company?

You’d think that Banners Broker — a rapidly growing company paying out over a $1 Million per day — would have a pretty cosy office setup, right? I’d expect some bean bags, a gymnasium, maybe even a flash canteen serving only organic.


Here’s the Canadian ‘HQ’ of Banners Broker:

Banners broker scam HQ

Silicon Valley, move the fuck over. The big boys are in town. And they work… above an autoservice garage? Seems about right.

But remember guys. This is not a ponzi scheme!

Update: Since this post went live, Banners Broker have changed the official address on their website. It now points to a slightly more impressive building in Whitby. My guess? Probably a virtual office.

If we really want to be pedantic, we could reference the fact that ComScore has never heard of Banners Broker. Neither has a single advertising trade journal, or anybody at an ad conference who wasn’t cackling with laughter at the very thought of their preposterous claims.

Exposed: The Banners Broker Advertising System

Okay, enough of the anecdotal BS. The most damning evidence against Banners Broker is what happens when you actually log in to experiment with their system.

I was pretty inquisitive to explore the Banners Broker inventory. I am, after all, a hungry lion when it comes to new traffic sources. I like some Google, some Facebook, some Plentyoffish, some Pulse360.

Alas, the Banners Broker advertising platform is a damp, fraudulent squib.

It has two options for advertisers.

  • The ‘Choice’ Network – Pick the website you want to advertise on.
  • The ‘Blind’ Network – Choose your category (5 choices!) and hope for the best.

I tried both platforms, and here’s what I found…

The Choice Network

Advertisers who like to have full control over their placements may choose to run traffic through the Choice network. Simply pick the websites you want your banners to show on, upload the banner, and you’re good to go.

Considering how many ‘impression panels’ go sold every day, I was expecting the Banners broker inventory to stack up favourably to a respectable marketplace like, say, BuySellAds.

Yeah… not so much.

I first chose to run a financial campaign.

Here are the websites I could place my ads on:

The Choice Network

Five whole websites! You better be housing the world’s most highly trafficked financial websites or I’m going to get antsy.

Let’s take a look at website number one.

Banners broker scam

150Cash has not been updated since April 2012. The posts are junk. There is not a single comment on the site.

Furthermore, there is not a single banner. Not good news for Banner Broker, being the broker and all, as they must currently be making $0 from this site.

As an advertiser, I hate to say it, but I will not be investing in this site.

Let’s see what other inventory the Banners Broker ‘Choice Network’ has available:

The ponzi scheme in action

ForSaleorBail has also not been updated since April 2012. The posts are junk (all 7 of them in the space of 5 days). There is not a single comment on the site.

Oh, and the banners that Banners Broker are selling through this site? No takers. Despite it being just 1 out of a very small pool of 5 sites in their ‘financial portfolio’.

As an advertiser, I will not be investing in this site.

Prosper Go?

ProsperGo… has not been updated since April 2012. The posts are junk, and there are only 3 of them. Not a single comment posted. And yet, Banners Broker expects reputable advertisers to buy space on this site?

Yep, you guessed it. I will not be investing in this site.

There’s a peculiar trend to the websites that Banners Broker wants you to advertise on.

They were all created, in a hurry, during April 2012.

It’s almost as if Banners Broker in a rush to add legitimacy to their pathetic advertising service, created these websites themselves.

Do you know what else is interesting about these websites?

They are all located on the same web server:

Laughable Banners broker

It’s laughable, really. Imagine if Google slapped together a bunch of shoddy two cent WordPress themes then asked for your money.

When I confronted the drones of Banners Broker over these glaring faults in their advertising system, I was met with a rather blunt excuse:

It’s in Test Mode.

It would be nice if they’d informed their paying advertisers who – to this day – can sign up and spend money on a system that is in ‘Test Mode’. Now that’s not very professional, is it?

Alas, let’s talk about the Banners Broker ‘Blind Network’. It’s the crown jewel that nobody can say is in ‘Test Mode’. With investors earning millions every day, you would expect a show-stopping ad platform. Unfortunately, that’s not what you are going to get.

The Blind Network

Ready to be blown away by the targeting features of the world’s most remarkable online advertising platform?

This is it:

Banners Broker Blind Network

Yep, seriously. That’s all there is to it.

The next page asks you to upload your banner, while kindly waiting 5 minutes because it won’t appear immediately. I’m not sure what happens in this time. Presumably it’s to give you the opportunity to reconsider. Instead of advertising on Banners Broker, maybe you would care to engage in the world’s longest facepalm?

Two things I noticed about the Blind Network:

  1. Banners Broker has done away with CPM bidding. That was for the dinosaurs anyway, right? Instead it is fixed price bidding. You buy impressions. And hope to God that your banners land on the right pages. Pages are divided in to categories. This is your only targeting options, besides Country. But don’t worry. This is the same platform that is going to topple Google and double your money.
  2. It doesn’t seem to serve any ads. After 3 days, I still haven’t managed to use my 1000 impressions. It’s not like I was targeting down to the keyword. This was a broad campaign aimed at every website in their ‘Business and Commerce’ category.

Of course, I don’t want to get hung up on the bleeding obvious.

One glance at the Banners Broker advertising platform and anybody who has collected even 30 seconds of experience with a real advertising platform will write it off for the garbage it truly is.

But that’s irrelevant. Ponzi schemes don’t need to sit on good advertising platforms. Just a big enough pile of steaming bullshit will suffice.

Why Banners Broker is Dying

Banners Broker has been going strong for a couple of years now.

I have no doubt that many investors have made a genuine profit from the scam. In fact, to this day, most of the experiences associated to Banners Broker have been positive.

One search on Google and you will find drone after drone after tireless drone. “I’ve been paid!“, “I just made my first 1K!“, “I make real money with Banners Broker“.

The beauty of Ponzi schemes is that for the majority of their existence, you have no reason to question how the system works. Or why it works. You just accept the fact that you’ve been paid, along with hundreds of others.

You reinvest and you reinvest until one day – BOOM!

Banners Broker doesn’t respond to your withdrawal requests anymore.

Raj Dixit has run off to his next scam. The money you invested has been shovelled away to an offshore account in Belize (seriously, that’s where they’re banking!). You will be lucky to see a single penny.

When will this Judgment Day arrive? The writing is on the wall. It will arrive very soon.

The Banners Broker ponzi spread across the Internet like wildfire through much of 2012, but it has been losing steam at an alarming rate.

The forum threads are dying, negative attention has been drawn to the business model, and the Banners Broker management are implementing a number of ‘damage limitation’ ploys to slow down the speed at which members can withdraw their cash.

This does not bode well in the run up to Christmas.

If history says anything about an online ponzi scheme, it’s that members are far more likely to be cashing out in the holiday season. Banners Broker cannot ‘feed’ its existing members. The cycle of new victims is no longer enough to feed the chain.

It’s impossible to say whether Banners Broker will make it beyond Christmas. But I would be incredibly surprised if it lasted through to spring. If you have been coaxed in to this program, get out while you can. You may still make a tidy profit.

Give up the dream that you are involved with a legitimate online business. Banners Broker is a ticking time bomb. And when it blows up in your face – which it will – you don’t want to be at the back of the queue with a lawsuit and a sore arsehole.

A lost investment may actually be the least of your worries.

I find it shocking to consider, but it seems that thousands of Banners Broker users have been persuaded to supply their passport scans as a form of verification. I can’t for the life of me find one good reason why any advertising company would need this information.

Don’t be surprised if you find your identity stolen several months from now.

I would certainly not be trusting my intimate details to a guy like Rajiv Dixit. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

It’s your choice.

The Psychology Behind the Banners Broker Scam

It’s all very well for me to write a 3000 word post ‘hating on Banners Broker’ (as I’m sure they’ll brand it). But there will always be another Banners Broker. There will always be another ponzi scheme using cunning and elaborate ploys to steal away with your life savings.

If you want to avoid these traps, the real change has to come from within.

Unless you are an millionaire, there is no online investment program that can provide a truly risk-free future without great skills on your part. Getting something for nothing just does not exist.

Ponzi schemes and fraudsters are adept at preying on two human flaws: greed and entitlement.

  1. Greed: The idea that money grows on trees and you can have as much of it as you fancy.
  2. Entitlement: The idea that making money requires no skill-set, no hard work, and no risk. In the real world, it requires all three.

But we’d love to believe otherwise…

Every good ponzi scheme capitalises on these flaws. You can stay protected by arming yourself against naivety.

Truly, if you want to become a millionaire, you have to give a million pounds of value back to the world. It does not happen on auto-pilot. There is only one ‘get rich quick’ ticket, and you can buy it in your local post office.

It’s called a lottery ticket.

When you separate yourself from the odds of fate handing you a winning Lottery ticket, you’ll get on with the real task of adding value to the world. I’m afraid you will be waiting for a long time if your business partner is Banners Broker.

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About the author


A 29 year old high school dropout (slash academic failure) who sold his soul to make money from the Internet. This blog follows the successes, fuck-ups and ball gags of my career in affiliate marketing.


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  • To get the full authentication of BB. Can stakeholders report or make inquiries with the financial crimes units of their National Police in their countries participial in Toronto where they have their HQ..

    I hope it should settle the matter.

    I strongly believe that it is unbelievable but Google and Yahoo declare so much in yearly earnings, where are they getting it from? is not online marketing.

    BB should also defend themselves in this issues. I believe BB has a lower cost structure and just like any brokerage works, the underlining business are the key factor to success. Where are they placing the banners and who are their customers?

    I don think any sales organisation and or broker should be hiding their customer profile unless otherwise requested by the customer!

  • To get the full authentication of BB. Can stakeholders report or make inquiries with the financial crimes units of their National Police in their countries particularly in Toronto where they have their HQ..

    I hope it should settle the matter.

    I strongly believe that it is unbelievable to make such ROI within the periods but Google and Yahoo declare so much in yearly earnings, where are they getting it from? is not online marketing?

    BB should also defend themselves in this issues. I believe BB has a lower cost structure and just like any brokerage works, the underlining business are the key factor to success. Where are they placing the banners and who are their customers?

    I don think any sales organisation and or broker should be hiding their customer profile unless otherwise requested by the customer!

  • I have to say I’ve been with BB for nearly a year now and (like the above) have not signed anyone but have recently doubled my investment.

    I have my original ‘stake’ back in my account and will continue with what is left.

    I took a risk and its paid off. .

  • @John

    So it’s ok for you to make a profit from others being scammed? Surely the right thing to do now you have your money back is to get out.

  • HAHA some of people never tried it but like to talk bad about banners broker! i´m a member and so far I return my investment and the real profit started, you don´t need refer to make money there the only thing you will have to focus is the traffic that you will need to qualify the panels. we sell nice and approved landing pages here.

    you my also contact me on skype ” pttugas “.

  • well thanks for the information.
    i just found out my Mom recently invested in BB and is ‘making money’.
    of course she hasn’t cashed out yet but after reading this i’ve advised her to do so, let’s just hope she’s like John and can make some profit off this.
    the worst thing about a scam, is they don’t care about what situation people are in, my mom is in serious debt, if she get’s in too deep she could lose her house. she’s grasping at straws and unfortunately found a snake.
    a little bit of hope can go a long way for desperate people who believe in the goodness of others, instead of waiting to be stabbed in the back by the same people offering you money.

  • Nathan – That’s a sad story, and it’s the exact same reason why I wrote this post. Some of my own family members were coaxed in to the program. And they, too, are in no position to be frittering money down the drain.

  • @Dan – Who is being scammed – There may be people that don’t know how to work it properly, agreed.

    @Nathan & Finch – BB is not a quick fix for people in financial trouble but it is better than money in the bank at current interest rates,(assuming the company doesn’t vanish)
    It took over 6 months for me to break even – but you may make money quicker by getting other people involved.

  • Hi Finch do you have anything to say to john about making money without adding an affiliate. Also could you answer to a question i have How are people taking money out of the business without putting a single penny in. Does that not tell people straight away that the business model is working. I would appreciate your answer to that Finch. Thankyou

  • all i can tell Finch and your cronies is do your research properly and probably visit banners broker head office Canada
    your motive is clear and to your advantage as you have managed to create a stream of hits on your website by use of negative impact, good thinking but destructive

    Iam happy to be in Banners broker and dont tell us that you are educating anyone by your info .One thing which is a fact of life is that we all take risks in all that we do . There is no single thing or project out there that is guaranteed .

    Big banks trusted by many flop. One can only regret not having taken the risk to join BB


  • Finch it just shows how good you are at playing with people’s mind. First of all you should be talking about packages and panels. When you gift a package to someone they have a free business. They make money from that package and purchase more panels from their ewallet and withdraw money from their ewallet. Also you already know that every time a panel is capped there is an auto repurchase of another panel and money into the ewallet. Now why would anyone want to put money into the business from a business that is making money without them putting a single penny into. It just shows you have little knowledge about the business. I dont know a single person who has actually put any money into the business as they have all been gifted packages and waited for the their complimentry traffic driven panels to get capped and then used the money earned from the ewallet to purchase even more panels and expanded their business. So looks like you ate caught out as you tried to divert me to your other pos which you have just talked about panels and some random guy. Your knowledge about panels is so little you only written 2 sentences about panels and gifting them. I think it’s best if you stick to what you do (whatever that is) and also just make up anything else you can about bb. If you have any comments about my post or myself i would love it. I hope i haven’t offended you in any way. I would do the same as what you’re doing too if i was a failure. Thhankyou Mr Walker

  • 1 h not 2 lol. Looks like i cant spell or its not a good idea to type from your fone lol.

  • Hello Finch,

    Warning in advance. My native language is Dutch so forgive me for the errors made in my post.

    This is my story:
    I am not in BB but my father in law is. A buddy of him told him bout BB and how great it is to earn “double” your investment. My father in law is a very naïve man when it comes to earning money so he was a fan from the very first minute he heared the story. Because he can’t use a computer except for sending an occasional email he asked me to come to a seminar that was hosted near our town. I am a very sceptic man when it comes to earning/spending money. I am raised with the idea that only the sun shines for free. But i went with him to this seminar. It was how i pictured it would be. A slick guy in suit flashing powerpoint slides and using fancy words and stories bout succesfull members. I have to say i was impressed with his verbal skills. But less impressed with the business model he presented. But I was not in a positon to ask specific questions because I knew nothing bout the banner selling industry.

    The audiance excisted for 80% of people over 60. I dont want the generalize that older people can’t work with a pc or know how the internet works. But looking at the many faces and a few talks after the seminar i think that the my assumption was right. A lot of people didnt even know what a banner was. They only saw the huge profit that the BB presenter kept mentioning. A lot of them signed in on the program even my father in law.

    I wanted to see what BB is about and i started to search the net. When I did a quick search on google with the words: ” Banner Broker Scam” I saw that the 10 top ranking sites/artiucles had a title like “Is Banner Brokers a scam?” and than you could read the same slick information I had already heared at the seminar. That its not a scam,…..

    Finnaly I found this blog and the site realscam. I have read the entire thread concerning bb and I found it hard to find posts of a BB members that would/could answer the legitement questions that I and apperantly also other persons had.Let me state that I haven’t made a single post at realscam because all the questions I had were already beeing asked.

    This blog and the guys from realscam confirmed my suspiscion that BB is a scam.

    Probably some persons will attack this post saying that they make money out of this or that the guys from realscam are winers or that Finch makes money out of his blog. That is all possible. But what I can honestly say is that my father in law hasn’t received a single dollar/euro from this program. He is waiting since begin december for a deposit that he requested on the BB card.

    And I do believe there are people that make some money out of this. But that is the top 5% of the program that got on board very early.

    Maybe my father in law will break even but he wont be doubling his money like stated in the seminars. Even the breaking even is hopefull. I think he will loose his investement of a couple of thousand dollar/euro. He could not even show me a single person of his upline that makes a decent amount money of BB . And I dont mean the counter on that portfolio page. I want to see the bankbalance of a real bank account.

    Some BB defenders compare BB to a casino and that we are all adults and can make or own decisions and take risks.
    Las Vegas hasn’t been built with the money of the winners!!!

    Sorry for the long story

    Kind regards

  • Dear Sceptic,

    What a good post!

    You highlight an issue that brought me first to this site looking for information. I have friends who are in their 50’s, and they were considering joining Banners Broker. I have posted earlier on (see posts above) on this.

    The point you make is a good one; many people in the older age group are very naive when it comes to the internet. My friends certainly were. The person trying to induce them to join is a member of BB himself, quite an ardent member I might add, and to be fair to him I think he really, really believes in BB and thinks he is doing you a favour by “helping” you to join. Luckily, my friends did not.

    I am sorry that your father in law was not so lucky. I would like to think that maybe he will get his money back; but only time will tell.

    Kind regards

  • Great post

    I think you explained clearly enough why it is a Ponzi scheme. If there are no genuine publishing websites and advertisers are misled into paying banner ad fees this clearly indicates that the whole thing is rip off.
    thanks for the research you’ve saved my some advertising dollars


    If you don’t belive then read this:
    I am romanian and what they say in there is true. And even I can tell you more…many have sold their houses in a hope ( stupid one ) to get rich. Do you manage to guess what happened? Exactly! They’ve lost their houses. It was devastating to see all these people on TV crying!
    Maybe you should think again.
    Oh …..and by the way do you know what a good sell person is? Is a very good lier
    That’s right I am always amused when they are trying to sell me things or services. But I love to ask them question and the answer I get back is a….aaa….aaaa…

  • enygma – Pyramid schemes have been around in the West since the ’50’s and they are illegal. So its unfortunate they had to learn the hard way in Romania in the ’90’s

    Sceptic – its possible your father-in-law is not understanding how to work his BB site (I know it was difficult for me to understand at first) or he may not have given it enough time.
    Multi level schemes do suffer expansion problems and therefore customer service issues due to the rate at which they grow. The slower they grow the better – too fast and they go ‘pop’ – So I guess this thread is ultimately putting people off and therefore helping the stability of BB 🙂

  • John- and BB what is it? First of all if I want to join a ‘business’ I do need to understand its principles! BB- you can maybe get out some money but what you see online are virtual money. The way they transform those money in real ones it’s difficult to understand. I bet that if from now on no one will join the scheme will will have to wait few years to get your panels matured.

  • i put £3000 into bb 4 months ago i have drawn out my £3000 from a cash machine or atm over them 4 months and im going to continue to draw money out the point is i have my cash back and everything else is pure profit. your right it probably will shut down eventually but im enjoying the extra cash while its running your thinking to much into it. As long you get back what you put in there’s no problem is there

  • i dont thnik that BB is a of my friend name SIMON STEPSYS earning more than 1 lakh USD from BB…search SIMON STEPSYS in facebook

  • Finch says:
    December 17, 2012 at 3:03 am

    ‘Joshua – The sad reality of programs like BB is that it can be a very profitable program for those who have giant lists, and the willingness to send their lambs to the slaughter.’


    Thousands started with no list like myself. BB will not be a profitable business program for anyone if you do not watch the tutoring videos. And it will be profitable if you do. As you ass-u-me bb’s advertising is bogus, you are absolutely WRONG!….. Using my link-tracker since 2010 I have received 31 sign-ups to my other program, womvegas, using their banners (womvegas) from the bb ad campaign – and worldwide. I have received 7 bb referrals from bb’s ad campaign (bb’s banners) – worldwide – of which all 7 have bought packages, including black package. You can say that is to little too have recruited or earned from the length of time I have been a member of bb. And you know what? You are absolutely RIGHT! That is because bb is geo/targeting my ad campaigns and handsfree on my part. As for receiving earnings… bb pays out via online processors, thru wells fargo (direct to local bank) and to bb’s debit card (vector).

    And just so you know… there are no multi levels or tiers whatsoever with bb so you can remove all ‘mlm’ wording from this page of yours.

    Anyway, Ted Nuyten (goog search), who is a much better and more hardcore blogger than you learned a dire lesson as he, like you, posted a negative page about bb. After David Hooker contacted him he completely edited his blog. As for MLMwatchdog Rod Cook – OMG! – this Rod has a link on his mlmwatchdog site that directs to none other than big time HYIP player/scammer Dirson ‘donothingmoney’ Jiminez’s (now this is one humongus scam king) blog. I could not believe it. Here’s this Rod character who knows zip about who this Dirson is and using him as credible evidence and proof that bb is a ponzi. Yet, the programs this Dirson guy is promoting are ALSO on Rod Cook’s mlmwatchdog page in which Rod himself claimed are scams. It was, and still is, the most hilarious since .net.

    You are hilarious Pinch and goodluck!

  • Levi – If you honestly think those ‘tutoring videos’ are teaching you anything about how to run a legitimate business, then god help you.

    As for Ted Nuyten, never heard of him.

    David Hooker is welcome to contact me, and I will gladly tell him where to go. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have the honour of speaking to Leader Hooker anytime soon. He’s currently busy grovelling to the Indian authorities and answering to ponzi scheme charges.

    What are your thoughts on that, btw?

    P.S – Having a link to a HYIP blog is not the same as falsely accusing somebody of trying to extort money from your company. Think Facebook or Google would behave like that?

  • A couple of my work mates have been in bb for about 8 months, and in that time have been trying to get me to join. I was told today that they have around £17k in there “bb accounts” which finally made me interested! surely its worth risking £100 and then in a couple of years i will be able to give up work?

    Well after reading this info i will be spending my hard earned £100 on lottery tickets. i think i have more chance of getting some money back!

    The bad thing is my work mates really believe in bb and think that soon they will be able to take out £1000 per week and give up work. i will try and convince them tomorrow to get there money now and not wait untill its too late.

  • Finch

    are you watching Bank On traffic? Google them. Not even live yet. Want to see what viral looks like? Wait until the launch.

  • why are “we” the people in BB trying to convince people its the real deal??? eh lets just enjoy the ride, if it only lasts another 12 months that will do for me!, i’ve already got back 4x what i put in, so now i’m really playing with their money. WE are all adults who can decide for themselfs!

  • 1 idiot gives $100 to Mr. X on 01.01.2012
    next second idiot gives $100 to Mr. X on 02.01.2012
    3th idiont gives to Mr. X $100 on 03.01.2012

    Now Mr. X have about $300 and he will back $140 to first idiot.. friends of this idiot will say “Wow!! Nice investment!!!” And 10 idiots will give to Mr. X $1000

    Working like this. Who didn’t know this system is LOX in russian language=)

    and e.t.c.

  • At the End… Even if u won money in BB… Who’s money u won? You just fuck the same people like you are. Possibly it is money of the person who once helped you or which could make it in the future. Whom do you feel after that? He was only deceived and having read it you already precisely you know as BannersBroker works. think of it

  • chris tunstall..
    Like you I have invested £ 3,000.. and bought my package and panels on the 27th dec… Just been approved for the BB prepaid card so I am waiting to see how long it takes to turn up..
    regarding the withdrawals.. I have also been advised to let the account build up each month for about 6 months and then start to withdraw… 4 moths seems a short time to be in the position of taking out 1000 a month.. and already taken your stake back … have you still got money to cover the Traffic packs and the 100 membership per month ? I dont blame you though for taking money back… at this stage my main worry is that the system closes down and I lose my stake.. I ended up buying a red pack and then 40 yellows , 20 purples etc and about 9 traffic packs ..just looking at how you found it and if you purchased similar.. cheers , ste

  • well if BB fails I have investeed in a new Arbitrage Bookmakers called Yobetit..
    This one does take work to make small profits but it is legal and all the money earned from it is tax free..

  • @chris tunstall

    Yes there is problem, because your profits will be at the expense of others down the line who will lose all their money. Have some self respect.

  • I think there are a lot of people that lie about income they are making and anybody can say anything about how much they are making with BB, but it’s the usual 1 – 5% that make any real money in the 10’s of thousands for the most part and that’s stats that say that, not me, so tell the stats they are wrong. Anyway, many lie, and if you don’t know them and they bash Rod, and then make some huge income claim right afterward, they are more suspect than Rod is.

    Banners are so yesterday’s news really and not even that great for ROI in advertising. People are just doing it not because they value the product/services of BB, it’s the greed factor setting in, and they just are greedy and can care less if the advertising performs well or not, and with banners they are near the bottom of the list as far as performance is concerned.

    I know, because I do professional SEO/SEM for a multimillion dollar Co and banners would not have even gotten them close to where they are now, and matter of fact, we do very little if any banner advertising. PPC and cost per click done right blows away BB or any form of banner CPM advertising bar none. Just my take, and some facts. 🙂 P.S. btw apps are the future, not banners so with that said.

    btw; please comment and share my latest press release on IBO. I thank you in advance! How to Capitalize on the Future of Mobile Apps Now

    P.S. It will be worth your while, because I haven’t done a low price point bizop for a couple years but this one is truly high value and high touch service. So many people are joining at record pace, it’s crazy right now, and it’s only a 3×7 forced matrix so it will be a good little money maker (maybe I would guess many more than average will make in the 100’s of dollars a month).

    Not a get rich biz, but a very good monthly profits biz, and free apps for business training, success training, life training, tools and much more down the road for professionals. It just makes horse sense since most people I talk to either A) don’t want to invest much, or B) just broke or both. This is truly for anybody with a little ambition and does some work to build it. If they don’t, well they can still make good money, so win/win. day1charitydonation

  • I am so pleased i didnt listen to you makeing money on line by blogging about banners broker because if i had i would not of picked up my porsche Boxster after 8 months in.
    Everyone on here does not realise that you pick a company to bad blog against just to line your own pockets.

  • Darren – If I wanted to line my own pockets, don’t you think I’d be glowing with praise for Banners Broker and promoting it with an affiliate link?

    Logic fail.

  • If you really want to talk about ponzi , lets talk about central
    banking .. that’s the real ponzi of the world i don’t hear anyone bitching
    about Ben shalom Bernanke . lol end the fed before we end BB

  • I took the risk and it paid off as well. Like any business it takes efforts, however the input is minimal. Verry happy with my results.

  • i made money by buying extra yellow purple and blue panels .. to add to my Package
    the allowances are used up for y p and b so i roll them up to a new green panel that i qualify with traffic .. then i start again buying y p and b using the macro 2 for 1 ratio . 1 green allows 2 blue 4 purple and 8 yellows ( green Triangle ) to be purchased and activated with traffic … after the green panel allowances are all used up i roll up half my panels up to 1 red panel and qualify it .. which allows me to activate 2 green 4 blue 8 purple and 16 yellows ( red Triangle )
    green triangle costs 650.00 + 1.5 traffic pack a month for 2 months .
    if i get 2 traffic packs a month i have extra traffic to store in my traffic bank for my next move up to the red triangles
    red triangle costs 2100 + 2.5 traffic packs a month for 4 months, so i get 3 trafic packs for 3 months
    and eventually do the same with black triangles ..which cost 6600 and need 7 traffic packs a month for 5 months. extra traffic not used up today will go into a trafic bank to be used on the next triangle .. easy peezy !!! no sign ups ..needed to make money .. but im having trouble turning interested new members away when they see my strategy ..and profits from TRAFFIC TRADING !!

  • hello
    my team and i are since february 2012 using bb and we have made a good profit.
    bb organize meeting here in portugal to present it to the public,

  • Banners Broker Purchase Makes you feel like Einstein
    With all the speculation, Banners Brokers remain consisten; Not A Scam.
    Business is Business and as usual, as never ever has it been too good to be true. Who dares Wins with Banners Broker. The real deal when you purchase a package. Yes folks you have to spend to make a profit and it never is too good to be true! Bank rates are too godd to be true, but Banners Broker gives you a purchase in their market place that can and does make money for you when you buy! Fact. Today the internet has not caught up with a firm that knows its direction.
    So remember with Banners Broker “Who dares wins Rodney, is what I know and have experienced, and nothing ive have read or seen suggests that a scam is afoot, and if it is life is but one big scam in anyones opinionated eyes.
    Pinch me – Pinch me – money expert me, cause there is a majority of us that know, Banners brokers go the extra mile when you buy a package based on a business model that most people write about and become DINASOURS through poor reporting.
    Dont shoot me for telling it as it is based on Fact and not fiction. Write what you will but remember, You have a duty to be current

  • The typical human behaviour is, if i dont understand it, its no good.Its a SCAM.I dont what you have for breakfast, but its affecting your positivity and making you a stumbling block for others from making a positive move for there future


  • I’m in Bannersbroker for about 5 weeks now. If i had to do it again, i would do exactly the same! Bannersbroker is an interesting business and everybody is free to buy the package you want. I know about 5 people in my direct area who work with BB and they all make money with it. Not thousands, hundreds. If i can make about 200 dollar a month wit BB i am happy. If you are to stupid to understand the programm, to understand how the system works, don’t do it!! You can’t lose more money than you put in. So don’t put money in it that you need for living, put money in that you can mis!

  • i must be one of the brain dead!….but my brain knows i;m making money with bb, over $2000 withdrawn after initial $450, not bad for someone braindead lol

  • BB is not a scam ,that a great people that only want to give a chance that who doesn´t have nothing.Where is the problem some on BB win a Millions??I am happy for them!!
    What you say about the people winning a lot of money on wallstreet and don´t do a shit for that money.It is all computers working with algorithm ? So many property on this world ,only some of them have all the money and power.BannersBroker helps who doesn´t has nothing ore normal people that finally can WIN on this World.God bless Banners Broker and have a lot of success and show YOU ,how wrong you are!!

  • to all braindead people who claim to make money on BB, I have just one thing to say… BB is ponzi scheme, your earnings come from deposits of other members. You just got lucky to withdraw more than you have deposited, most people coming on board BB won’t be so lucky and will lose everything.

    Ponzi scheme is not a sustainable business. Sooner or later, BB will implode.

  • Finch,

    You have a very powerful command of adjective language. Laser guided delivery, with sniper targeting precision. Very good use of chisel words,carpet bombing, the unsuspecting. Absolutely excellent, I suppose in marketing terms, your a predator drone. I’ve laughed by bollocks off !!. With regards to BB, I wouldn’t be surprised, if they went down … I just detest the trail of victims they leave in their wake !!! Better off shoveling cow shit, at least it honest work….

  • Fitch,
    Thanks for the great article. Of course, the sheeple will always say what a great (I use this term laughinly) business BB is. Fact is: try to buy some ads from them. You can’t. Ask them exactly where their ad space or ads are and they can’t or won’t tell you.
    They haven’t paid members since December. A friend of mine is still waiting today to get paid and she requested money a month ago.
    Folks and sheeple. If a business is not paying, it is usually for one reason – they have run or are running out of money. Pure, plain and simple.

  • Just to let you know…now Banners is charging members $35 for their BB credit cards. To set the record straight – we were supposed to be charged a one-time fee of $35 to get the card, then $5. This is something totally new. My guess – Banners is broke and trying to squeeze fees out of unsuspecting members.

  • the card charge was always going to cost $35 a one off fee!!!!!!!!!!!! people know this BEFORE they order one, my fee was taken out last night after 6 months, get your facts right first!

    no matter how hard you try people, the positives far outway the negatives…..FACT!!!! BB is here to stay for a long time yet, just accept it and move on

  • BB is not here to stay. Just take a look at the Q & A session. If that doesn’t show you I don’t know what will!

    Still waiting to be paid….

  • 2 days ago i payed my new iMac and macbook with my BB card, so i don’t know what your problem is.

  • Google didn’t stay in the garage while claiming to be a global company. They moved out of the garage within 4 months to grow their business.

    Until about 3 months ago, BannersBroker was still operating out of a garage while claiming to be a global broker paying out $100 Million per year.

    Starting a business in a garage… fine.
    Scaling a business from a garage… impossible.

  • Google didn’t stay in a garage 2 years into business,BB did.

    Google were well known in their industry 2 years in, nobody in the online advertising industry even heard of BB.

    You can find everything about Google(founders’ info, profits margin,customer list etc) online, none are available for BB.

    Try to claim Google is ponzi,their legal department would be on you in minutes.What was BB’s reaction again?

    Most importantly, Google didn’t claim to be able to double your money when they started.And last not even started on the ridiculous payment issues.

    In short: Comparing Google to BB is like comparing apples to human excrement.

  • Don’t read any of this except my bit here! :D. Spend your time more wisely than going on the internet for hours a day. The only way to see if this works or not is to spend about $700 and try it for yourself.
    ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’.
    You can run Banners Brokers with 30 mins a day, maybe less. Spend the rest of your time doing the things that matter, like being family, getting and staying close to nature and becoming healthier. Phil

  • @Phil, prove it’s legit and I’ll join your cult, just help me here:

    A) Can i join using my MasterCard?
    B) Will they want Photo ID? (PayPal didn’t)
    C) Can you give me a phone number of any BB office that works?
    D) If BB is cash rich and standalone why do you need my money?

    I’ll see you in Manchester at the end of the month.


    I appreciate the post. Been at the house the past few days

    making some ad serving sites and was strolling down cyber walk grabbing some art

    from some programs I had been neglecting since Amazon and Google don’t seem to

    mind paying their advertisers. and affiliates

    First time meeting you MR Finch and the pleasure is all mine being a bloggerand

    an affiliate writer I can tell ya a man don’t post that kinda of page just to

    burn calories. I never used much of their graffiti anyway except on a couple of

    occasions last year when I was experimenting with some new nitchs I didn’t know

    much about. Thanks for saving my time.

    Best Regards To your team!


    PS: I never have understood why somebody would pay another company to
    let them advertise on your own site anyway. You want traffic do your research
    Create good content make a decent website and post your links and paid ads on it. Some do well and some don’t. Beats going to a job everyday. I wasn’t to good at getting sign ups either. To much work no paper.

    🙂 LTR!

  • I know someone who is living the dream with BB in fact quite a few.

    I was told that BB was owned or backed by the richess woman in Canada.

    Surely if BB was a scam Google Yahoo & Bing would have blacklisted them by now.

    Also surely such a scam according to YOU in broad daylight would have been exposed or arresrs made.

    I just hope this is not just a sad scam to build your list …. PROVE IT ….

    Put your accusations where your mouth is?

    YOU seem to have made a fortune online probably scamming others with affiliate products we dont need …. is that the Guru path?

    Please contact the police and put us all out of yours & our misery

    Kind Regards

  • William – You guys crack me up.

    Nearly every BB affiliate I speak to ‘knows somebody’ making millions. Always the bridesmaids, never the brides.

    Your argument that it ‘can’t be a scam because no arrests have been made’ is pathetic for two reasons.

    1. Arrests have been made in India, where the office was shut down by police and the Indian director currently awaits trial.

    2. How does a scam exist at all? Bernie Madoff would have been arrested from Day 1!

    For what it’s worth, as I’ve said hundreds of times now, I have already contacted the police. The authorities were informed before I even wrote this post.

  • Hello!
    I was joined BB in July 2012 and till today nothing earn even a single penny not withdraw. Panels goes slow day by day and withdrawal not respond. BB changed his policy on every step and deprive affiliates to withdraw amount.

  • I have been a member since Aug of 2012. I requested money from my acct in early Dec. it is now 2+ months later and no money??!! What does that tell ya??! They said it was pending and emails from private addresses tell me it’s now processing the withdrawal. I’m not even asking for half of my original deposit.
    If they can’t pay then it’s too late I’m sad to say. Just like Zeek they tell ya how much money you have no in your ewallet, but that’s seems to be pure fiction to me.
    It’s amazing how people will believe what they want to believe even faced with facts to dispute their claims. It’s just sad to see so much corruption in online investments. I agree with Finch, the only true, honest way to earn money online is to offer true value in exchange for people’s hard earned money in a product or service.
    I regret even getting involved with BB or Zeek, the referrer’s deliver a pretty good sell on their webinars and showing all the incredible earnings statements they have it was just too good to say no. Now it’s seems it is too good to be true.
    I’m going to do more due diligence next time BEFORE I put money in, not after!!
    It’s my own damn fault for my losses. I have to chalk it up to an expensive learning experience.

  • I really hate this negativity,
    Fact not one person i know has lost money with BB, they have only gained,
    Fact it is not a MLM as you do not have to get anyone else involved,
    Fact it is not a ponzi
    Fact Banners put a $5,000 limit on how much you can put in a lump sum,(entry…or monthly) if it were a ponzi they would welcome any amount with open arms.
    Fact I have not invited anyone in and have made 5x my money. please get your facts right!

  • That just shows you don’t have the good manners to admit when your wrong!
    I am just telling you what has been my experience,

  • I’m quoting you here:

    “Fact it is not a ponzi”

    Based on what?

    Because you said so? Because you don’t have any anecdotal evidence that says otherwise?

    That’s probably because you’re blind to it.

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Finch,I have no Axe to grind here!but Would you not agree that a ponzi is based on bringing fresh money into keep the cycle going?
    When the fresh money stops coming in the ponzi collapses ?
    based on that if you were a company that relies on new money coming in why would you put a $5,000 limit on it? I would have thought that they would want as much cash as possible if it was a scam?
    They are Facts to me as this has been my experience in BB
    The problem is here you don’t have any facts or real evidence to back up what you say,you just take a point and twist it until it fits your views,
    I hope that in a couple of years BB have proved you wrong,
    But if it does collapse as you predict,I am big enough to come on this site and admit when i was wrong. all the best Mark.

  • banner broker
    my idea: perfect ponzi…not one scammer who scam all the other people
    but each investor is a scammer
    if i put my money in this scam a hope it will last for many time so i will earn..don’t trust any body and any sites who could have profit in B.B.
    just be real and rational

  • TO All,

    Fact is That, I gained 7600 $ Profit from my 145$ initial Advertising Pack, Approx. in 2 yrs (Not Bad for me lol… Passive )

    Fact is that my 4 Downline all are in Profit….



  • Sid: Can you prove it?

    If not, its not a fact.

    This is basic common sense guys.

    By the way Sid, there is no way that you have made that kind of money. If you are going to lie, make it believeable.

  • Hi BBinsider, Have you received your pay yet? I received one payment yesterday, but the withdrawal in Dec 2012 is still pending. I have submitted so many tickets but the reply were always the same: please be patient. They did not even look into my case.

  • I really hate the argument that Banners Broker is not MLM because you don’t have to refer. That is just rubbish.

    You can be a member of any MLM without the requirement to recruit i.e. with say Utility Warehouse, you still get commissions for customers – you just don’t make very much money.

    The key point is that everything is driven to recruitment and getting more affiliates on board. This is what makes it MLM (at best, I still think it is a ponzi), it needs recruitment to survive.

  • fuck you finch!! your a faggot who shit stirs, if i were in front of you finch i would knock your fucking teeth in!!! your mum must be proud her son is a butt pirate;-)

  • Wow marlon, you have such a nice way with words. I take it you have a problem with homosexuality. (although what that has to do with BB, I’ll never know…)

  • ok here is a challenge for all of you… the first one that shows me screenshots of their accounts being blocked or ewallets because they are not getting paid will convice me that BB is a scam! then again if nobody sends me anything then i am just going to continue to put trust into BB email is

  • Wavseeker: How about you show us proof of payment?

    By the way, what do you think of the new changes with version 2.9?

  • BBinsider says:
    February 19, 2013 at 6:03 am
    Sid: Can you prove it?

    If not, its not a fact.

    This is basic common sense guys.

    By the way Sid, there is no way that you have made that kind of money. If you are going to lie, make it believeable.

    @ BBInsider, I always talk or say what I have (at least I try my best on that)

    My Skype ID: sidhanath.singh

    Add Me BBInsider I will Share my BB Screen to You.

    After seeing, I hope you will be pleased.


  • So… What should I do with money from BB that i recieve? BB is a scam so maybe I burn them? I shouldn’t recieve them. Maybe it was a mistake? OMG 😉

  • @ BBinsider We can see how it goes, then only we can comment more.But yes a bit confusing at the moment as long as we didn’t understand the new system.

  • Yes, but don’t you see what they are doing? There are reducing affiliates ability to make money.
    Thats if you can get paid at all. Closing in on 3 months now, no payment.

  • Hello,

    We made our web pages for all active users in Banners Broker to find the true!

    Kindly we ask all users to come and say the TRUTH! It help us to show, that Banners Broker is not real company….

  • With the above post I would be very careful going to that website and posting your details, as the ownership of it has not been established and could well be a honeypot from BB to get details of the complainers and shut down their/your accounts.

  • Please bear in mind that I am not saying anything is wrong with him/her or the website, just that you need to be very vigilant as these BB guys are slippery f*ckers and I wouldn’t put anything passed them.

  • Thanks Nick. Taking the site at face value, I don’t know if it can do much reallt. Noble idea(I think) but whats to stop people lying?

  • Hello,

    No we do not have nothing with official managment of Banners Broker company. I am the person who is invested some money and I can see everything whats BB doing. They have technical problems for last three month, but I know that it is possible to do in two days.

    Also You do not have pu nothing official, just say true and other people will see it as you.

    but whats to stop people lying. Please this is depends on people, I do not want to know the TRUE, If there are the 360 000 users, probably they will send their TRUE. I can not to be responsible for them. I am not able to check it from BB and users aswell. But i do not understand why to not the say the TRUE?

    Nick do you really thing that they will do the site like mine? If they do not have real system they will be very nervious, probably not from the begining, but later….

    Any way I will be appreciate your help and I am also glad that you like my idea about SAYING TRUE.

  • @true, your site is actually a great idea.

    People will be reluctant to enter their email address though, why not allow anonymous registration – just get them to choose a username/password combo to sign up?

    If people are going to go to the effort of lying about their figures, they will lie whether they registered their email or not.

    I’d like to think that people who clearly see that BB is a sham wouldn’t need to make up figures to strengthen their argument – the figures will speak for themselves. Plus BB proponents could register and lie too to keep up the smoke and mirrors, so there’s no advantage/disadvantage either way.

    I’m pretty sure the ‘winners’ would be edge-cases anyway and the median of the range would be net losers?

  • @Bystander

    We made registration e-mail because of approve the data which are users provide. When you put any data you have to confirm your data via email link. We made it baceuse of robots which could make registration and say everything that the want. In our case it is not possible to do it. You have to comfirm your email during the registration and after confirm your data put into our system.

    If it will be like username/password some people can provide no real information. They can do it any way, but it takes some more time to make a lot of registration for emails and confirm all information they putting into our system.

    We will see if our idea will have success. Our web pages is for new and old users which would like to know true banners broker.

  • @true

    You could introduce a captcha equivalent to stop robot signups (, but it’s a fair point about making it ‘less easy’ to put in fake data. I still think people will be put off by giving their email though.

    Another idea for you (apologies to everyone else for going off-topic), but you could limit the info that can be seen to those not registered – perhaps just show totals and the most recent 5 entries. This will give an incentive to other BB affiliates to register – in order to see all of the entries. Good luck with it.

  • @Bystander

    Thank you for your idea. I already told it to our programators to thing about your idea. I do not thing that the registration will make problem to the people which would like to say the TRUE. The problem is that people does not want to say the TRUE, because they will lost probably their investments. It is better to keep the silence and after some period they will have it as FACT!

    A lot of people in BB does not want to thing and take calculator and thing that everything from BB is not for US but only for some people in BB.

    We need good luck with our idea!

    Thank you all of you for searching the TRUE about BB.

  • Now THIS is hilarious. Finch, the EXPERT on Banners Broker LOL. A ponzi scheme? I’m laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes. Thanks for the comic relief there buddy LOL.

  • Nice review! Thank you Finch for trying to open the eyes of people.

    I was getting paid for a few months now but now i’m waiting to get paid more than a month. BB have more strict rulesn now, so no one can get paid fast.even for a call to help you out they charge you $5. You make the call and they charge you also.go fugure.. You can withdraw money $625 4 times a month and they say in their rules,and that you have to wait for 20 days for your money to get in the mastercard.(and you wait for months) How the heck can i get paid 4 times? I am living in Greece, and now when new people in greece sing up for this SCAM bb ask them to have all the goverment papers in english. Before a year when i was sing up they understant Greek and now they don’t??? I even met Rajiv once. If only i new then. A message for all of you,save your money for any other REAL business and run away from this SCAM! There is no such thing as easy money. You can start Internet Marketing/afilliate if you want a real business online. Stop giving those criminals your money.You will lose eventualy. Every year a new scam arise online. I regret because i sing up 8 people close to me and now that BB doesn’t pays them they call me to answer them. I will never, never give my money to a Scam again.Easy money business i mean. Finch i want to thank you again for being a MAN and wrote this review. I will tell a joke also. I send an email to BB and i ask them why i din’t get paid yet? After a month they send a message and they ask me to leave feedback for their customer support. I dind’t get the answer for my question and they was asking me for aq customer support feedback? They must be retard or somothing. And yes i was checking my scam mails also.But no answer.

  • My BB Prepaid Card was loaded recently with $2,470 for being an affiliate of Banners Broker business. Now is it that you do not understand the concept of BB business or you just need traffic to your blog?

  • Patrick – Why don’t you try understanding the concept of where that money comes from?

    Honestly, the sheer idiocy of the affiliates who think being paid means it’s not a ponzi scheme is starting to tire me. Has there ever been a ponzi scheme that didn’t pay people?

  • Can you prove it Patrick? I am a BB member and can’t get paid. I think you may be lying somehow.

  • Keep up the hard work finch, your doing a brilliant job. I have made a withdrawal recently and it shows TBD under due date, so I contacted banners broker support and they told me that it means ‘to be determined’, what kind of bull shit is that, they are using stalling tac tics to not pay out, BB is not regulated by the FSA when are the authorities going to get involved I’m sick of This ponzi

  • It seems BB have a link that allows affiliates to dob each other in and get their accounts locked.

    The link was working at the weekend but seems to have died today, probably due to over use.

    I still like Jo Spencers / is the best, a work of fiction:

    “Endorsed and working with Master Card”
    “You do NOT need to refer”
    “Banners Broker will work for anyone”
    “Banners Broker is completely self funding”
    “gives you the return of TWICE what you purchased”
    “sit back and reap the rewards”

  • Because I’m dutch I’m not a native english speaker so forgive me mistakes in my writing. I bought a baneners broker package myself and I noticed some things.

    Banners Broker members are great in telling us they make so much money. Try to contact banners broker with the question why your panels don’t make any revenue for a week or so. Then they tell you they don’t give any time frame per panel and it all depends on the sites the banners are shown on. They even advise you to invest in traffic boosters. What is there to boost of it doesn’t run anyway???

    But of course you have to keep buying the traffic packs every month and membership fee. They put all the risc on the banners broker affiliates but don’t take any responsibility.

    I have a banners broker account and I work with traffic packs, because I don’t want to get new people in anymore. If it doesn’t work out it’s my money invested and not from the people I introduced.

    I also use the best traffic software money can buy and banners broker tells me there where clicks in my campaigns. My traffic software doesn’t show me any clicks at all so it’s simple not true.

    These people here telling us how great banners broker is, got in tons of referrals of good people who investerd money they profit from. Especially the guy who talked about buying a porche boxer after 7 months or so. It’s simply means you got in a ton of new people who payed for you boxer

    If you want to try something online to make money, that’s all find. Do it not over the backs of others; that’s only my opinion.

    Marc Wijnants

  • I ment I use the best traffic software out there in my previous post.

    Marc Wijnants

  • I mean tracking software. lol. I’m so sorry for my mistakes.

    Marc Wijnants

  • I invested over 4000 dollars. For more than a week, the account is locked out due to “manipulate the system” after trying to upgrade my account. Nobody knows, nobody wants to help. Serval times I called support on the Canada-said that it was not our fault but the system and the fix. No one responds to e-mails sent or tickets. Account locked on, the panels are not working, any insight into my account. Who will give me the money lost in the BB?

  • Just a FYI, use it as you will….

    I thought you all would be interested in knowing, that the gentleman that put BB in the situation they’re in…the man behind the “straightline-doubler-cycler” introduction, and all of the other crap BB has had to address and deal with for the past 2 years, Kul, is about to open his own version of BB in Portugal April 1st.

    My sources inform me, that he was the initial VP of sales responsible for putting BB on the map, he spread the talk about how the program would double your money, and he was subsequently fired for doing all of that and putting BB in the position they’re in now. If you really want to take a look at how scams get started and how they grow, this is the direction you’ll want to look. He’s behind the $1.4 Million dollars taken from affiliates wrongfully in the UK, and he’s why you’ve got over 500 posts about BB being questionable. Everything he did was poison to BB, and they’ve spent the past year trying to fix what he broke…inside and out. Does BB have problems of their own? Hell yes, but they’re at least working to fix things from my findings. Kul however, has no interest in playing above board…he’s looking to get rich and run.

    After looking at my available options, you Finch are the best means to draw attention to this person, his “new company” which is a BB clone by the way, and exposing information so others run from him. He’s counting on your help in keeping BB as the bad guy in order to draw affiliates away to his scheme to get rich off them and then disappear.

    BB has issues, and I’ve been digging deep to see where they go, and this fucktard Kul seems to be the main poison BB has been trying to extract while trying to keep their heads afloat. He’s a cancer and people need to be warned of his actions.

    As I uncover more information I’ll pass it on.

    Keep up the fight!


  • Hello,
    First, i’m portuguese so i’m sorry for erros.
    I enter on BB 5 years ago, to star i invest 415$ (kind of 330€) to buy a package.
    The only thing i can say is that in 6 mounths i recovery my investimento and double it. In 5 years i already made 45.000$ (35.000€).
    I don’t say that in the near or long future the BB will end, and some people will lose the Money, but I can assure you that this 45.000$ are in my personal account in a portuguese bank, and not in BB.
    I’m not saying you wrong Finch, i’m just saying that for now i’m satisfied with BB.

  • All banks and pension schemes are what has been termed ‘ponzi’ schemes. Wake up it’s time to smell the coffee!

  • If ASD, Zeek Rewards, Bidxcel (that just got shut down) and more kept getting shut down, why do people not understand that these things just don’t stay around. The guys in charge make out like bandits… oh, they probably are bandits.

  • Thanks Whistler. I am a member of BB since 15 March 2012. I so far recruited only 11 affiliates. I advise my new referrals to purchase the green package or less so one has time to study the business while paying a $15 standard monthly member s fee. I also advise them that BB is not a quick rich scheme so it will take a good 6 months before good earnings are achieved. I started on a green package and then added $300 over the first 3 months. I reinvested all my earnings for the first 7 months and then started withdrawing in November 2012. I have so far withdrawn $7000 in total. My panels have increased to $11000 and i am happy to have reached that level. Now all i do is just buy my traffic packs and withdraw my earnings. BB is the best business i have ever come across. Come this July i am off to the BB Canada Convention and i have already purchased my blue mercedes panel so i am in for the grand prize. good day to you all!!

  • the server still down today .. oh dear thats 3 days now..
    Whistler.. get a grip .. you are brainwashed like all the other morons , myself at one time that believe in BB… ha ha .. that fat Chris Smith is laughing all the way to Panama with our money !!!

  • Fatma, just prepare to accept you have lost your money .. I also invested 5,000 dollars ..

  • what i understood so far is that finch just want to get maximum hits on his blogs and sites, and nothing else. He never tried it and giving DAMN to BB.

  • Hmmmm…all of you Banners fans, raise your hand if you’ve actually been paid in the past month or so. I mean paid, not some “it’s says right here I have made $152,000 since I joined,” LOL.

  • I can’t return my money from BB. Their web site is always “under maintenance”. Now I can say BB – is a SCAM!!! They want keep investors’ money as long as possible. Until people forget about BB. What they did with prepaid cards??? I have lost $130. Damn you Banners Brokers.

  • @DK: Finch is too clever to put money into BB. He knows that it is done. Why are you giving him grief because he is being clever?

  • Mmmm…..interesting. No takers on the getting paid. The silence is deafening.

    Now, BANNERS BROKER, MY UPLINE VICTORIA TOROK (again, I will use REAL names and unlike Chris Smith, that is my REAL photo, LOL because I guess I have nothing to hide), has not been paid in over a month and a half. If they are paying members, why can I name you several members that haven’t been paid in over a month, and in some cases two??????

    If you are not a scam, why are you not paying? BECAUSE YOU ARE A SCAM. BANNERS BROKER IS A SCAM, PLAIN, PURE AND SIMPLE.

  • @ Jiwan – If you like BB, I have some swamp land in Florida you’ll REALLY LOVE. LOL

  • @ singh and the other BB people telling everyone how great it was, er is. Please provide us all with a screen shot of a recent (last week or two) deposit from Banners. I’ll bet here and now you can’t because I know a number of other Banners people who haven’t been paid, despite their best efforts.

    What do you bet they can’t?

  • more shite

    (*) Just in – to give you an idea why BB has been down (*)

    [5:02 AM] Terry Stern:

    <<< Hello Everyone

    The issue of the website being hit by the latest global DDOS attacks has surfaced over and over, and from what I'm hearing, you'd like an official statement to say when contacted by affiliates….

    Chris recently told affiliates in a webinar that the website was being hit by denial of service attacks, which was the reason the website was down and being moved from one hosting company to another.

    If you are asked, yes the servers the site was originally on was hit by these attacks which was the reason for the site move, and the reason BB has spent an immense amount of money putting into place firewall protection to prevent this from happening again.

    The site is now up and running smoothly, and the IT staff is diligently working to correct any issues that were caused by the move as quickly as they can – placing priority on fixing issues surrounding panel display and movement, as well as traffic allocation.

    Payments through STP and Payza are still being processed on time, however, once again, after the funds have been released to these companies, it's up to their timeline as to when the final release of funds will be. We can not guarantee or state dates payments will be finalized.

    As to the issue of the April 1st deadline, we are currently waiting final verification that the date has been moved back to April 15th before publicly releasing that information, so please have your teams prepared once it's been made official. This is in direct response to the delays that have been faced as the result of the website downtime over the past 2 weeks.

  • What a load of b……s, that’s right blame the payment processors again for delays, Terry Stern should have a nose the size 0f concorde for telling continous lies, I know where I would like to stick this lap-top and the pending payments, hope you are reading this Terry, we all know what a load of crooks you are.

  • @Paul…keep peddling that baloney, LOL. Someone might actually be dumb enough to believe it.

  • FINCH – I have no idea who or what you are?? – But every time I read your venom, I must apologise to a tree for your consumption of it’s oxygen – If you have nothing good to say – shut your cake-hole, crawl back into the crevice you came from or the fence post you were hatched on – after the crow dropped a shit – and behave yourself. Who the hell elected your as the saviour of the internet and mankind?? We are all adults capable of making (money making) that is – our own decisions!!
    PS – This goes for the rest of the doom/gloom publishers!

  • WillyBob, please, in a few weeks come back on here and tell us how good BB is. Bet you won’t or can’t.

  • Die breite Masse eines Volkes einer grossen Lüge leichter zum Opfer fällt als einer kleinen.

  • Rather wasting time on find scams, y not invest in BB. I’ve been a member since Jan 2013 and I have made money.. So stop being a hater and get a hobby!!!

  • Sam

    I have been a member since Oct 12 and have not made any money so stop telling porkies.

  • There are many Sam in BB disaster.They will all vanish once this fraudelant “business”goes belly up.As we can see Vector is gone for the very good reason.BB will die alone,sooner then some expected

  • This is the best ponzi scheme on the internet.
    The owners are very sleazy and you can never speak with anyone at their so called head office
    They have owed me monies since last december but refuse to pay me a lousy 300.00
    through Payza.
    No one understands the marketing plan and their is a reason why.
    I predicted this would not last till the end of the year so lets see when it falls apart. All I can say is Buyer Beware Big Time

  • Isn’t it interesting that the site being down is what is causing the inability to produce payments? No cash in from new members= no cash to give to old members. Ponzi= paying old members with cash from new members.

    As far as the fact that SOME people have gotten cash out, let me show you a scenario:

    I ask 10 people to buy panels from me for $100 each with the promise that they will double in value. I now have $1000 cash and owe $2000. My customers are happy because according to their back office I fulfilled my promise.

    Half of them decide to cash out $100, leaving me with $500 and owing $1500. From the outside, I seem like a miracle worker, so they recruit MORE people into it. We will say another 10 people, at $100 investment, or panel purchase, each.

    I now have $1500 and owe $3500.

    As long as the company keeps growing, I am fine and none of my customers get burnt. But lets look at what happens when it goes the other way on me.

    Now, I have withdraw requests for a total of $2000, but I only have $1500. I pay out the $1500 I have, leaving me broke and owing $2000 in total. I still need $500 to cover the rest of the withdraw requests, so I come up with a great idea: I’ll offer a Mercedes contest!! $1000 comes in quickly and my butt is saved.

    I owed $2000, and got $1000, but owe another $2000 because of it, making my total owed $4000. Out of my $1000 cash I pay the other $500 in withdraw requests, leaving me owing $3500 but only having $500 cash.

    Then I get ANOTHER request for $1000 in total withdraws. I pay out the $500 I have, leaving me owing a total of $3000, and still needing to come up with $500 NOW. Then “my server crashes”.

    I am unable to create more cash fast enough to keep things looking peachy. How do I solve it?

    I point my finger at the payment processor (who I have not paid so of course they can not distribute funds) and appologize for the delay with excuses while I buy time to bring in the cash needed to meet my obligations.

    Simultaneously, to try to prevent this situation in the future I reduce withdraw limits to keep more cash available. After all, I have to do SOMETHING to make up for the lack of growth needed to keep it all afloat.

    Good thing I paid people while I was able. I’ll need them cheerleading for me to get more cash.

    While I am at it, anyone that is griping about the fact that I didn’t pay them, well, I’ll just cancel that debt altogether and kick them out.

    Damn. This Ponzi thing is getting hard without new money coming in all the time.

  • Dan….it’s not getting hard.The f…king thing is collapsing rapidly.From now on what you get from them will be only charity but majority will not see anything.Do not forget,you are dealing with criminals not with business people

  • I start to seriously worry about the fate of my partnership with Bannersbroker, as I lose money, and I see that I will never recover it. This is what happens :

    I contracted Bannersbroker end of September 2012, and my first yellow Panel reached its target (20 USD) within 25 days. Today, the BB system processes the same Panel within … 6 WEEKS!!
    As you are aware, they force you to commit yourself to disbusrse a minimum of 50 USD a month (traffic pack programme) in order to qualify your panel.
    Under this condition, it became impossible to recover your money simply because they continuously slow down your panel process.

    Now, as of today, they have innovated a new regulation that pushes me to disburse again even more. As your E-Wallet cannot be constantly with a positive balance due to a longer time required to process your Panel, they refuse to let your panel running as long as you do not get a positive balance in your e-wallet. No other option: you must CASH!

    Did you notice the fate of the BB debit-card ? their cashflow escaped to them, and they decided to cancel their partnorship with the credir institution they contracted.

    So .. as of today, I lost all what I invested.

  • I really do not understand that some idiots still support lost case.This crap is already dead as Napoleon…hey you supporters,believers,dreamers THE SCAM IS DEAD

  • Nice blog. People it does not take much to do your own research. I was invited by a friend (poor sole) to come along to a presentation on BB. SO I hit the web and came up with a lot info. People in BB will believe what they want because they can see an easy way out of the ‘rat race’. They will be feed with positive reinforcement from the top dogs as well as shows to keep them going. They will also see a web site that shows how well their investments are going, they can (while the scam is still going) be able to visit an office and talk to real people! Wow, take my money and bend me over…please.

    What do I know??I was caught up in a similar scam here in Australia. I can see exactly the same makings in BB. Keep feeding the people in at the bottom to keep the people who got in early in the money and spreading the word. Have someone make up a false web site (so easy to do) to keep the punters believing. Tell them they cannot withdraw money for six months, no hang on 8 months, no hang on 10 months, no hang on…. Then say there is an international money transfer issue with the large amounts of money required. I develop web sites and know how hard it is to get people to take your links (but I may not understand how BB works fully….yet).

    The sad thing… these criminals will go scott free, if you are going to get into it. Start of very small and as always, these scams will not get past a few years.

    Good luck

  • how do you stop these people and like Bernard madeoff AND PUT THEM IN PRISON?

  • Willy bob .. your first name is so apt for you .. in the UK it means knob… ha ha .. I joined BB in december 2012 with the full 5,000 dollar investment ( sucker ) .. and I have still not got to a stage where I could make an attempt to withdraw .. I will have in 6 weeks or so the chance to try and withdraw 2,500 dollars because I have played the pannel game like a good boy and have red panels due out . I will try and withdraw but donbt expect anything from it …
    I also put this link for the Finch blogg on one of the Skype Forums… I got a real roasting but a lot of the members had time to read it and click on to what is happening.. Yes they did not know and they started to ask some awkward questions.. I got banned immediatley but i knew I would … Still v cant believe people are pushing BB to unsuspecting people… Even when they are talking a lot of money to invest … they let them do it … thats the bad part of the whole BB scam… I would never sign anybody up and I am just waiting for the site to be closed down once and for all..

  • I posted before on this thread when BB was working for me – BB is not paying out anymore. Do not add any money to this scheme.

  • I feel sick!
    I convinced some family and friends to join – like me they are all struggling to get any money now. They have all seen all the scam talk online and believe it’s a scam.
    I think inside I have known this was a scam for a few months after I joined but was scared to admit it to myself.
    My money is gone – I paid in £1,000 and they let me withdraw £250 – nothing else. Not bothered about the £750 – more upset at all my friends and family who I foolishly involved in this.

    I will be the first to admit – I have been a total fool! That said £750 is a life lesson I will never forget. If something looks too good to be true…etc.

    If you have money in BB – forget about it. It’s gone. You won’t see a penny. On the facebook page there is plenty of things – many people who worked for BB now saying they didn’t. All distancing themselves from it. Also legal action is being taken on July 24th.
    BB is collapsing…NOW.
    It will not see August; mark my words.

  • Check the BannersBroker face book scam page for information. Seems this is it. The neighsayers were right all along.

  • Can’t see how this can be a Ponzi, Each person only pays actual cash in once. My case 400usd, I have had $800 back. People coming in at the bottom with such small amounts aren’t generating enough to keep the system going, even if it was still motoring at full strength. There’s money coming from somewhere.

    I must admit that it all sounds strange but you knockers don’t sound convincing either. I have heard nothing that is backed by facts. It’s the sort of crazy talk that can bring a bank or economy to it’s knees for no reason.

    I think. if you think it’s a scam, fair enough, we are all grown people and can make our own minds up. You may be right but you may also be wrong and could be the cause of people losing money yourselves. Could you live with that?

  • i have paid approx. 700 usd and after that i wanted to stop that whole bannersbroker game. i have sent a withdrawal request 8 months ago and i am still waiting for my money to receive. i hate that assholes from bannersbroker.

  • URGENT NEWS! GET YOUR MONEY BACK? Charge Back Success Story! Many have been ripped off by Banners Broker.
    Many BB Leaders are still recruiting while not disclosing the companies
    issues including not paying most for over 1 year. BB has been plagued
    with website issues and payment issues and appears as it could possible
    be one of the biggest PONZI SCHEMES of all time., The Leaders seem to
    LIE and make up pathetic excuses almost weekly! BB Deletes and blocks
    you on the social media if you dare ask REAL QUESTIONS or make comments
    that would hold BB accountable! Many have reported even having BB FREEZE
    their accounts. The blatant corruption and paying BB Leaders who
    recruit is horrific! Stellar Point ( A Former Shell Company Of BB) had
    announced that refunds would go through “Lisa Shoman” ( Shoman Law
    Office ) So far I have seen ZERO reports of anyone getting their money
    back from her. Chris Smith moved to Belize for a reason and their
    “Protection Laws” are just one of the, Lisa Shoman is also a Belize
    Senator and she has deleted and blocked anyone on facebook, etc who
    dares ask her about this. Instead, Many have had luck with credit card
    charge-backs within 3 months and payment processors within (UP TO) 6
    months. Here are some recent resource links everyone should keep an eye on for REAL BB NEWS:
    New Charge-Back Success Video By KOKO: ==> —— BB Ponzi Facebook Page:: ==>
    (Please Like) ==> —–
    Charge-Back Information: ===>
    —– Email Proof Of Lisa Shoman Law Office: ==>

  • Real people with a dream, or idea and
    share that with other like minded people creates BB and this blog site.
    I’m looking to make money online and there seems to be plenty of people
    that want my money, or want me to feel that there system is the best. This
    blogs integrity to warn us or maybe sell us something is questionable and leads
    further down the rabbit hole. Truth is what u believe. There is not one
    organization, business, or government that’s not a pyramid. My 9 to 5 has
    layers in which some kind of way I get a pay check for my part, maybe not the
    biggest CEO, president or investors check, but it trickles down even with me
    not understanding the whole lotta. I’m not making excesses for a world full of
    doubt and feelings of there’s just not enough, Truth is what makes the world
    turn me and you can’t change but to understand how it works leaves no room for
    doubt or drought.

  • Hey EVERYONE HERE. Please read this as it WILL interest you.

    This 15th of January (in 5 days) I am attending a court hearing AGAINST SIMON STEPSYS. He scammed me into it for $11,000+ dollars but I am not giving up and I am fighting with more than I have ever fought. I need your help as well though…please read this!

    Here’s what’s going on:

    I had sent in a claim for him to refund me my whopping $11,000+ that I sent to his bank account directly in exchange of scam panels that he falsely advertised to me and that do not work as he advertised. So false advertising and delivery of a product that doesn’t work as advertised are the reasons for the claim. I had a judgement by default, meaning he never replied to the court letters sent to him, so the judge decided in my favor. But when I was about to send the high court bailiffs he applied for the judgement to be set aside and now we both have to attend a 30 minute court hearing so that the judge can decide again.

    The admin of the FB page “Fightback Against BB” has been helping me out a lot by giving me instructions and guiding me on the case. We have a lot of proof against Simon Stepsys and BB but I want more so that the judgement is a “no brainer” for the Judge. He has even written a witness statement against Simon with a lot of facts upon my request.

    Instead of people who don’t take action to fight back (unfortunately this applies to most BB victims) I prefer leaders who take action like you folks in here!

    I need to ask you all for a favor. The more is better for such a case.

    Could you please help me and write a witness statement as well on what you’ve seen about BB and what you’ve researched, and where you testify against Simon Stepsys and his persona as much as possible – most of you know what a type of scammer he is anyway – with facts and opinions (how he’s been paid by the bb founders and how he’s taking people’s money into his bank with bank transfers and then leaving them on the curb with their useless panels and doing false “double your money” advertising and so on, etc) and then also talk about how bb doesn’t pay and is a scam/ ponzi scheme, etc. I need to prove that he is a scammer and that BB is a scam and not paying out…if I have that, I win, cause the rest of proof I have it (bank transaction to his name, conversations on skype and fb, even calls all recorded etc)

    If you have screenshots and facts please include them and end with your real name. This is for a court hearing, so formal writing is required.

    Send it to my email or post it here (email is preferred, with headline “Witness Statement Against Simon Stepsys”):

    Just put all you know that could help me win the hearing easier…That would help a lot! I would be eternally grateful and this would help me get my 11K back and put Simon Stepsys Scammer into a very awful situation that he deserves (I even have proof of him telling me that he’s evading taxes lol) AND I am gonna request to the judge to order him to pay back everyone he scammed directly (taking their money directly cause then he’s liable, the ones that did it through BB’s site have to sue BB)

    Thanks a million times and please HURRY. The court hearing is on the 15th of January and I need all this ready.

    Kharma will get him, let’s be Kharma in person.
    Demian Caceres

    P.S: So that you see I am for real, attached is the transaction I made for the panels. Please help me and do it fast. Time is ticking and we need to take this opportunity to fightback.

  • Banners Broker Review August 2014. My personal feelings with banners broker,I feel that I have been scammed and ripped of.Banners Broker Review August 2014. They have frozen my access to my account because I was pushing for my questions to be answered on the weekly weekly webinar,and they have refused to give me any advice,and have now locked my access.So I guss they have stolen my investments. RED FLAGES!!! It’s a SCAM!!!

  • Banners Broker Review 2014
    Chris Smith (Ceo) need to be put in jail… Rip Off Conman…
    Please DON’T put your hard earned money into Banners Broker Scam. They haven’t paid me and I don’t know of anyone that is receiving payments from Banners Broker. Banners Broker has all kinds of excuses, but they never pay. Don’t be fooled like I was. Learn from my mistakes!
    Banners Broker Review August 2014
    You don’t have to put up with all of the risk just spoken regarding Banners Broker or any of the other programs… BANNERS BROKER ARE A SCAM! SCAM! SCAM…… Chris Smith (Ceo) need to be put in jail

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