Information is so easy to publish on the Internet that it can often be tough to tell when somebody is speaking from experience, or the hole in their arse. Hey, this blog should have taught you how that sounds.

My logic dictates that if an author has managed to get a book published, he’s probably not trying to pawn me off with affiliate links inside. Of course, that doesn’t stop many books from failing to live up to their illustrious front cover hype. By following various recommendations, I’ve managed to stumble across several marketing books that – shock horror – actually offered something valuable to my business.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss every marketing book as toilet paper. I’m going to do my best to list out some reads I think you could benefit from below. These links are littered with my Amazon referral code. If you can’t bring yourself to spare a blogger some chump change for his efforts, feel free to go to and search them out yourself. But before you do, I’d like to make it clear that I use Amazon commission to pay for my puppies to eat.

Amazon commission

Just look at their little faces. You wouldn’t want them to starve, would you?

That’s right, chode. You use the god damn links I tell you to use.


I would call Ca$hvertising the bible of direct response marketing. It’s one of the best reads for any newbie entering the industry, but also for experienced affiliates who think they’ve seen it all.

Written by the self proclaimed Doctor of Direct Response, Drew Whitman, every page is bristling with some kind of insight or wisdom that can be applied to your business for immediate gains. Such high esteem is Whitman held in the affiasphere that he was drafted to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas to give a rousing seminar that many claimed to be the highlight of the conference.

As somebody who personally hates marketing books catered for brand-based advertisers in suits with lots of budget and little care for ROI, Ca$hvertising had me hooked from start to finish. A brilliant book and a must-have for any affiliate.

>> Grab a Copy of Ca$hvertising

Words That Sell

Copywriting is a business you definitely need to be taking seriously as an affiliate marketer, and yet it’s an area many marketers choose to ignore. It’s easy to become obsessed with the intricacies of our landing pages; the images that improve a CTR, or the Javascript that boosts the conversion rate. Yes, these are all essential. But so is the actual language you use to sell your products.

Words That Sell is an excellent handbook to keep by your desk. It will wake you up from the copywriting blues, unleash a new palette of persuasive language, and do wonders for your ability to connect with readers.

If you’re not a natural writer, Words That Sell is a brilliantly cheap alternative to outsourcing all of your copy. Even if you are good with words, this is a great tool for dispersing with “writer’s block” while constructing your landing pages. It’s also very helpful for split testing. Small changes can make big differences.

>> Grab a Copy of Words That Sell

Awaken The Giant Within

Awaken The Giant Within isn’t really an affiliate marketing book, but it’s a brilliant call to action in business, in life and in everything you do. I’m not normally a fan of the self-help bullshit that infiltrates American lives, but you’ve got to respect Anthony Robbins as one of the best at what he does. And what he does in this book involves grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and launching you towards your goals.

When I first picked up the book, I was meandering along without much direction in my life. This book gave me the kick up the arse I needed to surge ahead and achieve my goals. A few months later, I’d quit my day job, reinvented myself and set about the path to where I am now (living on the beach or by the pool, mostly).

If you feel like you’re not living up to your potential, Awaken The Giant Within should encourage you to make the changes that steer you back on track. It challenges you to regain control of everything you do.

>> Grab a Copy of Awaken The Giant Within

If you have any suggestions for affiliate marketing books – or simply reads that would be welcomed by entrepreneurs – feel free to drop me a line with your recommendations. I’ll do my best to check them out and post up my favourites.

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