Every now and then, an email lands in my inbox about the upcoming release of a hot new product that’s going to take the Affiliate Marketing world by storm. Very rarely do I bother to read beyond the first paragraph.

A couple of weeks ago, Robert from CPVLab.com emailed me about advertising his recently launched software for PPV marketers. I didn’t pay much attention at the time. It was only a week later when other reviews started to spread that my little rabbit ears stood up and took notice.

“Game changer”, “Prosper killer”, “A PPV marketer’s wet dream”…hold on, I thought. It sounds like CPV Lab might actually be worth investing some hours in to researching after all. Well thank god I did, because this really is a donkey savage beast of a software release. I don’t think “game changer” even does it justice. CPV Lab just widened the goal posts for a whole new wave of PPV marketers to slam home successful campaigns. And while this post is tagged with my affiliate link, I can honestly tell you that the product itself is bullshit free.

You might not believe me now, but when you see this bad boy in action, I’m pretty much certain you’re going to share the vision. The potential of this thing is fucking nuts.

What Is CPV Lab?

CPV Lab is designed to help you track and optimize your PPV campaigns. It’s billed as an advanced analytics platform and that’s exactly what it is. Many of you will be familiar with Prosper202. The Prosper tracking platform is a fine solution but it also comes with limitations. Where you struggled to get it to do exactly what you wanted in the past, CPV Lab just clicks in to gear without breaking a sweat.

In fact, CPV Lab comes gift wrapped with a bow tie that says “Hello sweet affiliate, won’t you make some money with me?” The software is clearly developed with our very specific needs as affiliates in mind. It boasts some of the most powerful reporting functionality I have ever seen. But it’s also laced with useful tools that can be tweaked to act like an artificial intelligence for affiliates. I’ll get on to those tools later.

Split testing is critical to the success of any campaign. CPV Lab is so flexible that if you so wished, you could compare the performance of a direct linked campaign with 3 separate landing pages. If you wanted to go further, you could choose to test three separate offers with each variation of the landing page. Or as many as you like. The software automatically adds the next variable in to the loop and distributes your traffic evenly.

This is a nice touch, but without flexible reporting, it just makes your life a lot harder. Well that’s why CPV Lab is such a beast of a creation because it tracks every single variation, every single time in every single way. Once your tracking pixel is added, even the primal newbie art of chucking shit at the wall stands a chance of succeeding. Each landing page and offer can be viewed with accurate breakdown of how your PPV targets are performing on that particular variation.

We’ve all been left with the bitter taste of “Oh I could probably make money here, if I just knew which part of the process was failing me” But if you can’t pinpoint where you’re leaking the cash, it’s a case of another PPV campaign bites the dust. CPV Lab sniffs and scratches under the surface. If there’s a part of your campaign that’s profitable, it will find it.

How Is CPV Lab Going To Help Me?

I don’t think many affiliates truly appreciate the importance of tracking, and tracking well. It’s possible to optimize campaigns based on instinct alone. But with the sheer depth of the reporting on offer in CPV Lab, you really would be a fool not to get your feet wet here.

CPV Lab is capable of tracking every last keyword/URL target in your campaign. It will track the targets individually PER variation of landing page (or direct linked if that’s your style). So you’re going to quickly discover that for reasons defying logic, certain keywords convert better on your red landing page. While other URL targets work particularly well on a direct linked offer. Optimizing the results of your testing has never been this easy.

Another of my favourite features is the ability to track the future conversions of an email opt-in campaign. I won’t go in to the specifics here because it’s a niche need, but watch the video demo of CPV Lab and you will understand exactly how flexible this tool is.

I mentioned “artificial affiliate intelligence”. You’re probably wondering what I’ve been smoking on this Friday night so allow me to explain. CPV Lab has an additional optimization screen with your targets laid out and a marker next to each. Those markers are “Winner – In Progress – To Remove”.

If you’re worried about wasting $50 on a target and receiving zero conversions, you can use CPV Lab to set alerts that will inform you whenever a target receives what you deem to be a sensible number of views without registering a conversion.

Let’s say you fuck up completely and add “www.google.com” as one of your target URLs. If you go to sleep, you’re going to wake up in the morning having rinsed your entire budget on one target. You’re probably going to be pissed off. Using CPV Lab, you can set criteria for a “To Remove” target.

So if a URL receives 100 views but doesn’t produce a single conversion, an alert will pop up on your desktop and you can safely remove the target before you waste your entire budget.

Unfortunately the alert application is only available on Windows. I use a Mac so FML, but enjoy yours. It will probably save you a lot of money.

Another brilliant feature – destined to make you money – is the reporting PER HOUR on your campaigns. It’s possible to see the hours where you were profitable against those where you took a loss. This feature alone is priceless. Those marketing in the dating vertical should be well aware of the variation in conversion rates at different times of the day. If day-parting isn’t enough for you, try week-parting instead. It’s possible to view your campaign performance by day too.

I could go on for hours about the feature-rich intricacies of CPV Lab. But you really need to watch the video demonstration to see what I’m talking about. I promise that those 30 minutes will be some of the best invested of your month if you’re a PPV marketer.

How Does It Hold Up Under Strain?

It’s all hunky dory to have a tracking platform that looks and acts like the dog’s bollocks. But if it can’t handle the strain of scaling to track hundreds of thousands of clicks per day, it’s not much good to you. I’m aware of this, and I’d love to be able to say that “YES, it handles intergalactic oodles of visitors and doesn’t budge an inch”. But I haven’t personally pushed it to it’s limits.

I will say that I’ve been very impressed so far with the accuracy of the reporting. Clicks in CPV Lab translate to clicks in my affiliate network control panel. That’s good shit and an improvement on one of the things I hated about tracking with Prosper.

The application is self-hosted so depending on your usage, I would advise you load this beast on to a dedicated server if you intend to pummel it. Or at the very least, go virtual dedicated. There’s zero sense in having a sophisticated analytics machine if it’s going to break down in minutes on your Baby Host Gator plan.

CPV Lab Pricing & Availability

CPV Lab is currently on the market at $297. Rob has mentioned that the price will rise in the following months. That’s not a sales pitch masked with urgency, but rather an indication of the ongoing development. The CPV Lab guys are looking to roll out new modules in the future that I’d imagine will open it up to more than just PPV marketing. That’s not to say you can’t “adapt” it already.

$297 is a bargain price. I don’t have any vouchers or coupons for you. And you know why? Because real products don’t need them. If you know your shit, I’m going to assume that you have the intelligence to know what’s important to you as a PPV marketer. When you see what CPV Lab has to offer, I’m going to bet that you’ll head straight over there and cough up the money like I did. It’s still too early to say, but this is about as close to a “game changer” as I’ve seen in the last twelve months.

Head on over to the website, watch the video, and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Click here to check out CPV Lab

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