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  • I enjoyed your “full coverage” of your experience of Modanafil (my spelling attempt); especially after the panic attack, and your thoughts on recognizing anxiety in general, and how the two don’t mix well!

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on Modafinil. I asked my doctor for a prescription for Modafinil because I work a 40+ hour a week day gig, plus I’m a professional trombonist with gigs 5 nights a week. My typical day starts with waking up at 5:30am in order to get ready to be at work by 8:45. I pull in my driveway at 6pm, eat dinner, put on my tuxedo, and leave for my gig in the city at 7:30. We play from 8-1am. I get home, shower and I’m asleep by 2am. Then I repeat that process for 4 more days in a row. Without Modafinil, I would NOT be able to function at all.

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