Austin Powers + Italian Dating = YES!

If I’m looking to test how a foreign offer converts, I will sometimes scan the web for suitable phrases that can be crowbarred in to a temporary ad.

It just so happens that today I’ve been looking to promote an Italian dating offer…

I was reading through a list of romantic Italian phrases when I came across an absolute gem that has untapped goldmine written all over it.

How’s this for a creative angle?

Ready-made Austin Power creatives!

Now, hold on. Why did I never think of the ‘Man of Mystery’ angle before? That’s what women love, right?

If you really want to get laser targeted, there’s no room for complacency. Only the devoted fanbase of Austin Powers will do.

It may have a target market of less than 100 fans, and it may be a slight copyright infringement on various parties – but nobody ever gives a shit about that, right?

This is money.

Just remember, guys. Copying campaigns is bad.

Find your own Italian phrases.

Disclaimer: For legal reasons, I should point out that this campaign never went live. I later discovered that “Ti faccio eccitare bambina?” runs 2 characters over the headline limit.

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  • Great post Finch,

    In your premium posts ( you mention international offers and angle creation, but out of interest for a new international offer that you’re testing like this one:
    1. how many ad (copy and image) variations would you do?
    2. how many landing pages for each ad in 1.?


  • I will normally test 3 headlines (with very different angles) and a lot of images. Based on the first batch of data, I’ll be able to tell which angle/headline has the most potential – then I’ll split test this against a new headline. And keep repeating until I have a good CTR and a good landing page CTR.

    I’ll also weed out the images that don’t get clicks and banish them from my hard drive forevermore.

    As for landing pages… if it’s a new angle, it needs a new landing page. Consistency in the conversion funnel is important and I think you can only achieve that by following through with your message. Baiting and switching is great for CTR but bad for CVR.

  • Thanks Finch,

    That’s a great process of weeding out the non-performers.

    Looking forward to the next Premium Post.


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