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2012 Update: My Affiliate Toolbox is now over 2 years old. In affiliate marketing terms, that’s pretty out of date.

Fear not.

I have written a new and updated 50 page Affiliate Marketer’s Survival Guide, which is yours for free. Just drop your email below to subscribe to the blog. After confirmation you’ll be taken to the download link.


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And if you’re still interested in the old stuff, here it is…

I’ve compiled My Affiliate Toolbox as a brief introduction to the many tools, services and considerations that form part of what I do, day after day. I hope that you can use this information to get your fledgling marketing career off the ground.

Getting Started

Before you can make any money with affiliate marketing, you need to cover the basics. Do you have hosting? Are you capable of installing WordPress without self-destructing completely?

>> Show Me How To Get Started

Best Affiliate Networks

The first rule of selling crap online is to have something to sell. If you don’t register with some reputable and respectable networks, you’re going to get your panties in a twist looking for such opportunities.

>> Show Me Some Good Affiliate Networks

Where To Buy Traffic

Once you have something to sell, what do you need? People to sell it to. Unless you’re capable of some seriously impressive sales wizardry, you will need a traffic source. The Internet is full of opportunities to buy traffic.

>> Show Me Where To Buy Traffic

Excellent Affiliate Tools

This is where I compile a list of various different tools and scripts that could potentially make your life a lot easier. Please be a champ at life and don’t go buying a boatload of tools if you haven’t mastered the fundamental basics.

>> Show Me Some Excellent Affiliate Tools

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Books

One of the benefits of reading a book that’s been physically published is that it requires a little thing called “barrier of entry” for the author to get it on a shelf. There are some excellent marketing books out there.

>> Show Me Some Good Marketing Books

Affiliate Marketing Blogs Worth Reading

Internet Marketing blogs are generally to be avoided. Most bloggers are out to sell you their illustrious success stories and the relationship stops there – with you the pawn in their ego trip. Here are some rarities worth checking out.

>> Show Me Some Marketing Blogs Worth Reading

Best Affiliate Forums

Similarly, most Internet Marketing forums are barren wastelands of procrastination that will only take your business backwards. If you’re going to use them, make sure you set your egg timer and don’t expect to reach enlightenment.

>> Show Me The Best Forums For Affiliates

If you have specific questions, or need a pointer in the right direction, feel free to email me. I reply to most emails eventually, but this blog is a hobby of mine and not a business – so don’t be offended if your email gets lost in the shuffle.

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