Introducing Premium Posts Volume X

Introducing Premium Posts Volume X

It’s now 8 months since I released The Empire Strategy, a blueprint that was supposed to be the final volume in my Premium Posts series.

Well, surprise surprise.

It wasn’t.

Say hello to my latest ginormous affiliate marketing brainfart, Volume X.

Volume X Available Now

If you hadn’t guessed by the cover, we’re going to be tackling an industry that is fiercely popular with affiliates in 2013:

The casual dating vertical.

In four years of running this blog, I’ve never once posted about the adult industry. To do so would cause headaches for a number of reasons…

1. Some of the content in Volume X is… highly inflammatory. It would take a) great bravery or b) great stupidity, for a blogger like myself (so noble) to post such sensitive – and potentially offensive – guides to making money from casual dating. I’d need a new pen name.

2. The content is potentially very lucrative. You need only attend an affiliate meetup to grasp just how many of us are operating in the adult niche (about 90% of the affiliates I spoke to in Amsterdam!)

Why? Adult is an affiliate marketer’s paradise; one of the few that remains profitable in our ransacked playground. High volume campaigns with the potential of bedwetting ROI are at your sweet mercy.

3. I’ve had to showcase a lot of titties. Yes, it’s true. As I’ve grown older and unwiser, I’ve started to think twice, thrice and many times over about the type of content published under my name. I don’t want this blog to descend in to me talking shop on the workings of PornHub, but I also know exactly who I’m talking to (a combination of affiliates, friends and family, which makes this quite awkward).

If you’re an affiliate, let’s face it, you’re probably working on a casual dating campaign. Filthy little reprobate. I can smell it on you.

The solution?

Volume X.

Over the course of 143 ball-stacked pages, it’s just me and you. We’ll blow a lid off the adult dating industry, we’ll look at how you can make money from it, and we’ll dabble in some seriously effective tips that can push your campaigns in to hot-doggy-on-sauce-profit-$$$.

I can’t talk about this shit in public, and you can’t read about it in public.

That’s not to say we’re only going to look at adult dating.

If Volume 7’s Empire Strategy was a blueprint for building a stable long-term online business, Volume X is a back-to-basics interrogation of CPA in all its defiant glory.

You can use this information to make an absolute fortune, or you can use it to fail miserably and stumble further in to debt.

That’s the catch with CPA.

It’s full of risk, but it’s rich with reward.

What’s Included in Volume X?

Inside, you will find:

  • Introduction: X-Rated Profits
  • Launching a Successful Campaign: Where to Start
  • How to Master Direct Buys for Mega Low CPCs
  • Hugely Profitable Adult Niches and How to Work Them
  • How to Improve Lead Quality and Profit for the Long Haul
  • August 2013 in the Affiliasphere
  • Rules Psychology: How to Make it Pay in Every Niche
  • Adult Campaign Tracking, Optimization and Common Mistakes
  • Disgustingly Effective Tips For High CTR Banners
  • Kindle And Dating Ads? Tapping Amazon’s Insane Leadgen Potential
  • In Closing: Wash Hands With Soap

That’s 143 pages and 24323 words in PDF format. Available as an instant download for $34.95.

Full details and ordering information are available here.

Warning: These posts are not for beginners. You should have at least some basic understanding of running affiliate campaigns. I’m not going to waste my time explaining the basics.

Volume X is sponsored by Adsimilis


If you are an affiliate looking to make money from the dating and adult verticals, you would be committing the hairiest of cardinal sins by not signing up with Adsims.

They are dating specialists in the CPA space. Ton of exclusives, industry-leading conversion rates and massive international coverage.

I’ve been recommending Adsimilis for the last 3 years now, so this should hardly come as a surprise. I’m very happy to have them onboard as Volume X’s sponsor. Much of the content discussed in this volume can make you a megabuck with the vast collection of offers that Adsims bring to the table.

Register an account today or forever hold your peace.

Note: Once you’re registered, be sure to check out their 2013 Meetup. It’s going to be held in Ibiza, the Mecca of Par-tay. I’ve never been so I’m looking forward to it. Will see you all for a fancy pink cocktail massive beer in September.

* * *

Okay, finally…

Now that I’m done scribbling away in the darkness with only my balls for company, you can expect a new post sometime next week.

We’ll be talking about kittens, Greenpeace, and why porn is bad for the soul.

Stay classless, affiliate marketing.

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