Why Bloggers Like Me Are A Waste Of Your Time

Why Bloggers Like Me Are A Waste Of Your Time

You know I’m wasting your time. I know I’m wasting your time.

You know nothing I ever say on this blog is ever going to change your business overnight. And I know I’ll never allow myself to publish anything that might. Affiliate marketing blogging for me has always been a delicate art of giving away just enough inspiration to make you feel that you’ve spent five minutes wisely, while providing enough cheap one liners to make sure you realize I’m not John Chow.

The reality of course is that I’m a waste of your time. And this is one of the surreal businesses where I can say something like that and not worry about losing readership because I know I’ll always be supplied with an endless line of lost spirits chasing the same dream.

“I can has money from the Internets?”

I believe a lot of people buy in to Internet Marketing blogs as a form of escapism from the real working world. Everybody likes to believe they can go from rags to riches without leaving their driveway. If the flog has taught us anything, it’s that people will put their money where their mouth is to chase something that’s too good to be true.

It’s tough to think of another industry that promises so much, delivers so little and looks so pathetic to the non-believers. It’s like we’re the Sons of Scientology. I half expect Tom Cruise’s shining mugshot to pop up on a Bizopp lander anytime now.

There are very few genuine success stories of affiliates who have made this gig work without having a dollar to spend, and yet that’s what so many bloggers would plead with you to believe. You might hear tales of guys who scraped by on $50 and the bare essentials of shared hosting or .info domains, but they all spent money. Maybe not much, but they still spent money.

And for every high profile blogger who creates the illusion that making money online is a springboard of simple steps to success, there are a thousand Johnny No Pockets who you never read about because they never made a dollar and left the biz with their tails trailing between their legs. Of course, many of them refuse to leave the business completely.

So they write about their experience and pass it off as success.

If you try and don’t succeed, pretend you did and write a fucking book about it. That’s pretty much affiliate marketing blogging in a nutshell. Nobody gives any true insight to influence your bottom line, myself included, because it’s just not worth it.

The true value of knowing what works in this industry is worth more than popping $7 per ebook to announce information that subsequently becomes useless thanks to copycats, and even more damagingly, those who are already competent marketers.

I look back at the blogging craze that surrounded the arrival of Plentyoffish as an advertising platform. A prime example of a lucrative market for affiliates that was rapidly swamped after a bunch of “experts” decided to unveil it as a secret traffic source capable of making you millions.

Well listen, if something is capable of making you millions, you’re obviously full of shit because you wouldn’t be selling that information for a millionth of the price in ebook form.

I know most of you are savvy enough to have figured this out for yourselves. I’m blessed with one of the smartest readerships of any affiliate blog out there. And I put that down partly to the fact that we both know I’m only going to reveal so much, allowing me to promise very little, and spend more quality time talking about my balls.

But if you’re new to affiliate marketing, or bemused by the bold promises you keep reading, let me be the first to admit it. Bloggers like myself are a waste of your time. None of us are generous enough to share our businesses with you, and anybody who is, won’t have a business for long.

Happy New Year, Affiliasphere!

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