Why Affiliates Love Justin Bieber

Why Affiliates Love Justin Bieber

Oh yes, they do.

There’s nothing the affiliate world loves more than a good fad to ride all the way to the bank. Justin Bieber encapsulates the affiliate marketer’s wettest dream, and that’s a dangerous sentence if ever I wrote one.

There are tons of affiliate offers that can be spun and peddled using Bieber’s bandwagon of fans – some that directly use his name, and others that need only be implied. It’s not the most reputable marketing tactic in the book, to monetize a brand that’s not your own, but we’re not the most reputable marketers in the first place. It’s going to happen.

Besides, the landing page H1s just roll off the tongue.

“How much do you know about the Biebs?”
“Pick the right answer for a chance to meet the Biebs”
“Lose half your body weight in 28 days to look attractive… to the Biebs”
“Sign up if you’re a BBW whale and like meeting rich men… like the Biebs”

Some niches may be more suitable than others, obviously, and that sentiment becomes even more relevant when you’re talking about traffic sources. Facebook and Google aren’t the best places to parade Justin Bieber as your CPA’s fake celebrity ambassador. Indeed, it’s not sensible to portray a relationship to any degree.

But for PPV, this kind of marketing bait and switch has become the norm for drawing eyeballs to offers that are hyper targeted to a certain demographic. One of the things that makes Bieber such a marketing hero is the immense loyalty he receives from a never ending pool of fangirls and floppy haired pretenders.

It’s the loyalty that should hold your attention. This is what we should be pursuing.

Click prices are rising across most demographics on most traffic sources, but there will always be opportunities for the marketers who are skilled at monetizing the Under 16 demographic. I’m using Justin Bieber as an example, but to tell you the truth, he’s probably not the best case study. While his army of fans continues to grow, so does the number of advertisers who are keen to jump on the monkey – and not just affiliates, but commercial brands too.

Looking further afield, it doesn’t take too much market research to pinpoint the names and shows that are exploding in popularity with the Under 16 market. How can it be? These are some of the most loyal followers of any demographic, and can be found posting their shit on Twitter 24/7.

There are huge opportunities for affiliates to jump on these trends. It just takes a little creativity, where affiliate offers don’t already exist, to match them to suitable campaigns.

I hate to use the phrase, but “like taking candy from a baby” springs to mind.

A regular pet project of mine is to snatch up domains for fansites of these young stars, turn them in to very basic blogs, then to simply splash the shit out of them with gaming ads and quiz offers. You may think the competition level from crazy eyed fans is too high to make a decent return, but in reality, you only need a tiny slice of the market when the market is so huge. And if you’re smart, you can convince the hardcore fans to work for you by seeding these projects with their own devoted content.

Sinister, right? I’m going to Hell? As long as the Devil crosses Baby off his playlist, that’s perfectly fine by me.

I remember when Michael Jackson died, there was a similar explosion of MJ themed offers. For the dirty scumbag affiliates of the world, it was easy pickings. Lock and load, and help yourself to some commission. I did just that, and I’m sure many other affiliates did too.

Where will the next craze emerge from? He or she is out there now, slowly accumulating an army of fans that will one day reach a tipping point when Ca-Ching – the money rush begins. Better get your ears to the ground!

These opportunities to reach huge demographics of highly concentrated users don’t appear every day, but when they do, you’ve gotta cash in.

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