Revealed: A Goldmine Of Inspiration For Niche Markets

Revealed: A Goldmine Of Inspiration For Niche Markets

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Inspiration is the magic ingredient of a successful Monday morning, closely followed by an injection of caffeine if it’s been a rough weekend.

There’s nothing an affiliate marketer likes more than a mash-up of potentially profitable niche markets with low competition and high rewards.

So if you’re looking for ideas and/or direction, head on over to 43Things.

43Things is a community portal driven by users who share their goals and ambitions on the site. As a starting point for new projects, it’s a goldmine of inspiration. Where better to brainstorm than where thousands of users are spewing their innermost desires?

Instead of creating a 60 page website only to find that nobody wants to visit it, 43Things uncovers more than a small handful of micro-niches that are backed by solid social proof.

Now, if somebody could just strap on a self-serve advertising platform for Finch to target those “want to lose weight” users directly, that would be fan-bloody-tastic…

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