Attention: Plentyoffish Dating Affiliates

Attention: Plentyoffish Dating Affiliates

Can’t get profitable on Plentyoffish? Fantastic! I mean, shit, that’s tragic, let me help you feel better.

I’d like to invite you to check out the very first edition of my brand new Premium Posts.

Now just what in the hell are so premium about these Premium Posts?

Good question.

It’s extremely difficult for me to give away my best advice for free on this blog, knowing that it will be rehashed and beaten to death within a few days, along with a chorus of “Hey arsewipe, stop outing my shit.

Premium Posts are going to be a monthly (or bi-monthly) collection of the very best tips I have to offer in a specific area of our industry. This month it happens to be geared towards Plentyoffish dating affiliates.

Each pack will serve up something different, informative, funny and – I hope – damn lucrative to your business. Will it affect my usual posting schedule here? Not at all. I’ll still humour your peasant monkey brains for free.

Premium Posts are simply my method of monetizing what I write, giving away a little extra and hopefully making this shit a little more fun than it has been for a while. Check out the first pack here, or don’t. The choice is yours.

But seriously, kiss my balls if you don’t.

UPDATE: Wow, maybe you guys don’t deserve to kiss my balls after all. I’m flattered and slightly blown away by the feedback and sheer number of people who have contacted me to say they enjoyed the posts – even affiliates who don’t touch POF! A major thanks to everybody who has bought so far. Enjoy your weekend!

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