Just Released: Premium Posts Volume 2

When I introduced Premium Posts with last month’s guide to Plentyoffish, I guess you could say it was a wild stab in the dark.

I didn’t really know whether you guys would buy in to the concept. So I was extremely happy to see that so many people did, and that I didn’t receive a single refund request from hundreds and hundreds of transactions.

I don’t know, maybe you’re just being polite. Maybe you saw that the poor ape had spent so long slaving away over his keyboard in the darkness and you didn’t want to offend him.

Either way, the posts have received some excellent reviews. I enjoyed writing them, so a follow-up was inevitable. And here it is.

This month, for Volume 2, I’ve decided to take on the mammoth task of covering Facebook.

The posts are designed to give you inspiration not just for CPA campaigns, but for practically any marketing campaign you would be brave enough to launch on the world’s largest social network.

Just like Volume 1, many of the ideas discussed are transferrable to other traffic sources. It’s not the sort of Facebook guide that you will be finding on a Waterstone’s shelf anytime soon.

Some of the techniques used are controversial. I take no responsibility for how badly you manage to fuck yourself in the arse if it all goes tits up.

I think you’re going to like them, well, I hope you’re going to like them. My hairline lost about four inches but I can say that no kittens were strangled during the creation of these posts.

So, here you go, click here for Premium Posts Volume 2.

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