Banners Broker Are Paying Out!

Shiver me timbers.

You heard it through this guy first.


Richard Arblaster, take a bow.

This is by far the creepiest shit I have seen in all my years of affiliate marketing.

Edit: Evidently Richard wasn’t as keen on recruiting affiliates as he originally made out. He’s set the monstrosity to private.

For what it’s worth, BannersBroker is not paying out. BannersBroker is broke.

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  • This guy is involved with Martin Codack and Mark Stokes who are also BB apologists to this very day, for anyone in the UK.

  • If I’m in Australia, what action can I take? Are there other Australians out there? All I can think of is reporting this to Fair Trading Australia…

  • Banners Broker August 2013 Review:

    August is here and still more excuses and lies. It is very disturbing. If you show the “PRO BANNERS BROKER PEOPLE” items like this, first they say “don’t listen to the bloggers” then they say “oh, that was photo shopped” then they say, “so, what does it matter”. The situation with Banner Broker is very frustrating. I do not know of a single business that has survived this long after not paying people for 7 to 8 months or longer. We all have seen so many scams come and go, yet few seem to learn anything from it. One argument that is pro-BB claims that BB ran great the first 2 years. I have to remind them that BB and the leaders told most to roll their money over the first 12 – 15 months. Banners Broker has lied consistently to the affiliates. The excuses are too numerous to mention. Plus the inconsistencies. In april 2013, Chris Smith said they had record sales, now he says there is a cash crunch. They still TEASE the affiliates with a NEW processor. So many defend Banners Broker that it is NOT a PONZI. BB fits a PONZI model by the very definition. Money paid based on NEW money coming in. there is no REAL product generating all the money they claim it did. Few remember that BB started out as a “front line doubler” The back office has become no better than a monopoly game from hell. sure, they made payments… so did 100’s of other scams. Bottom line: they can not pay everyone.

    I have to ask myself, why don’t more people take action against Banners Broker?

    I have come to the conclusion there are a few basic groups concerning BB… ==>

    1st Group: some complain, few take action, some take the time to educate themselves.

    2nd Group: a friend of mine contacted the police and fraud unit in Canada. They told him many people don’t report scams because they themselves are embarrassed. Many chalk it up to bad judgement and move on. Many online scams go unreported.

    3rd Group: Totally brain washed, they really do think they will make a million overnight by investing a few dollars. they don’t want to hear anything negative and will even inject God into the sales pitch. I call this group “The Sheep”

    4rd Group: This group won’t report BB because they also have good reason to hide. they don’t pay their taxes, or, they themselves fear being called out for lies and bad recruiting practices. Many in this group are also aware they are joining an HYIP ir scam. They know they need to get in and out fast so others lose their money while they are safe.

    5th Group: I call this the “A LIST”. Did you ever notice how many of the “LEADERS” are the same names running from scam to scam. They quickly build a big team, often they make money, then move to the next with no remorse for the little guy who lost everything or the families who might have spent their life savings. You have to wonder how the “A LIST” group finds these new scams and are always the first to join. I am sure the SCAM owners have this list, and they know a head of time who to contact to get the scam growing quickly. a perfect example: Dr. Lieven Van Neste, Noel Adams, Nanci Jo Frazer… I am sure these and hundreds of other names I could mention rings a bell with many of you. ( Not all of them are with BB) I don’t know who is worse.. The scam owners, or these guys. Many of these guys use God and religion to sell and many take advantage of Christians.

    I hope there is a lesson to be learned by all of this. a good company should be transparent and accountable. We have laws for a reason. This non-sense of “off-shore accounts” and shell companies does not help the affiliates, but does help the owners evade taxes, lawsuits, and prosecution. The HYIP model does not work! PERIOD. People will make money at first. People need to WIKI what a PONZI is. Most do not know and many refuse to educate themselves. Also, stop blaming the Blogs. They are a wealth of knowledge even though not all post may be true. You have to do your own due diligence and always be objective. Typically, when you start to see multiple complaints from actual victims of a scam.. The old saying rings true… Where there is smoke, there is Fire.


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