Banners Broker Scam: Get Your Money Back

It’s been a while since I posted a BannersBroker update. Some may be familiar with my coverage of the company from these previous posts:

For everybody else, I apologise. What follows is not likely to make much sense unless you’ve been watching the ponzi unravel over the last 12 months.

The Current State of BannersBroker (Have we got all day?)

To say that BannersBroker is unravelling would be to say that the Titanic got a little damp on her way to New York. Sinking ship is an understatement. BannersBroker, as an investment proposition for anybody reading this today, is absolutely toast.

It is dead. Game over.

If you put money in to this programme today, you will not see it again.

While we can speculate with conjecture over what is actually happening behind the scenes at BannersBroker HQ (and I know many of you are), it has been confirmed that the company is under investigation by the Ontario Securities Commission.

That does not bode well for BB, and it is the reason why you see CEO Chris Smith brandishing buzz words like “active business” and “non-passive“. The company is trying desperately to paper over the cracks and present BannersBroker as a legitimate business, but it’s too late.

The reason for this post is due to recent evidence that it might not be too late for you to get your money back.

Note: But only your initial investment and subsequent deposits minus withdrawals. If you think you’re actually entitled to those ‘net profits’, you should go slap yourself with a wet fish.

Getting Your Investment Refunded

Credit for this information goes to user asdfghjkl on the Money Maker Group forum.

I have received a full refund into my bank account from BB/Stellar Point INC after threatening legal action in the Ontario Small Claims Court to recover my initial deposit. A group of us here in the UK (my upline and other referrals of his) have had significant success with this approach. 3 of us have had full refunds so far.

If you want your money back my suggestion is do this ASAP!!

I didn’t need to take them to court. Just threatening to was enough to get my account with them banned and after a couple of letters from their legal team a full refund was made to the card so originally paid on. Actually made a good return as the British Pound had strengthened compared to the USD over he last 6 months.

I can’t really speculate but it was very clear to me they didn’t want to go to court hence the full refund.

– User asdfghjkl on Money Maker Group

BannersBroker is understandably reluctant to have anything to do with a court order. In terms of legal footing, they are about as ready to engage as a deer in the headlights.

If you have made an investment and missed your first payment, threatening legal action is the best way to get a response (and your money back).

Whatever you do, don’t call the support team. Any support team that takes your money on a ‘per question’ basis is a complete fail on all accounts.

Some excellent steps for how to start the refund process are available on this BB Fightback Facebook page. It includes an email template that you can send to Stellar Point today.

The Banners Broker Ponzi Scam Facebook page, along with RealScam and the comments section on here, are the best places to check for regular updates on users’ attempts to get investments refunded.

You will have to wait until you’ve missed a payment cycle before you can start the legal proceedings (or threatening them at the very least).

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like you’ll have to wait very long.

Chris Smith’s Endless Excuses for Nil Payouts

Below you’ll find a timeline of recent excuses for why BannersBroker members haven’t received full payments. Now bear in mind the company policy that ‘negativity’ should be punishable by account termination.

Any member who complains about these delays faces the likelihood of having his account suspended. Or he would do if BannersBroker bothered to check their Facebook pages (last update in March and counting).

Here’s Chris Smith doing what he does best. Talking complete indecipherable rubbish:

23rd May – Last Payza payout, in terms of the order, people have asked about the dates — there are 2 reasons, one is a mistake and one by design. With Payza, it’s an Excel sent to the system and it pays based on that file. I created this file and put it together. It is date order, but if someone has say 4 pay requests, we will pay one and move to other members . When I did this, I sorted by ID’s, and I forgot to sort by Date (by person). So someone may have received an April payout and March is still pending. By design, due to the OSC investigation, we did choose some of the members who have never been paid before, so that everyone got their money back.

Finch: Were you not paid due to the OSC investigation or because Chris Smith is simply that incompetent? Who knows?

31st May – Payouts – I mentioned on Friday that we were doing STP last weekend, but it was not completed. We will be doing that this weekend. It is a batch upload, so there must be an Excel file that must be done correctly. In the past there were errors with that batch file, so now have to make sure everything is correct. There is alot of important data in that file and it invoves alot of money.

Finch: So a giant company like BannersBroker processes payments manually in an Excel spreadsheet? Seems legit. But not just an Excel spreadsheet! An Excel spreadsheet with errors in it.

7th June – STP payout yesterday. It took longer than anticipated, but did go out. (Finch: No it didn’t) We have alot of positive comments from members (Finch: No you haven’t). If you haven’t received yours you will be on the next run (Finch: No they won’t). Payza is coming up shortly. I hate to give definitive dates. But it will be soon.

Finch: Realising that a new line of defence is needed, Smith plucks a points system out of his arse…

14th June – Payouts: We do have a point system for payouts. It’s not alot different than before. Let’s say if you have a $2K w/d on Jan 1st, than another on Jan 2nd, same person. Person B does a request on Jan 5th for same $2K. Order is Person A gets w/d, then person B, then Person A, in that order. Points are assigned by order. Your first request will get more points than your next requests. More points are awarded if this is your first withdrawal.

Finch: Here’s a simple concept, Chris. Pay your members in full. Is BannersBroker no longer ‘cash rich’?

21st June – Next Payday: we were hoping to get Payza out last weekend. we cannot send it out if it’s not accurate. (Finch: You seem to send out payments with inaccuracies all the time, sometimes to the wrong account. Never stopped you before.) I am very confident that if it’s not today, then it will this weekend. I will make it a point to see that it goes out. STP will be shortly after that. We want to keep people satisfied. We are going in a point system order, predominantly by date, so everyone will not get a payment. However, everyone will get paid so please be patient.

Finch: A hilarious contradiction at the end there, synonymous of the misinformation this ‘company’ breeds to stay alive. All members are equal, but some are more Simon Stepsys than others.

Those are the excuses from the last month, but they stretch all the way back to January and February. For a full timeline of lies and deceit, check out the Banners Broker Iceland page.

Want to know a golden rule of running a ponzi scheme? Never tell your members why you can’t pay them. Blame it on everything under the sun, including your own incompetence, but never ever reveal the truth – that the pyramid is unsustainable, and the men at the top have milked it dry.

Clarifications and Conclusions

Several months ago I received this email from a reader who attended a local BB recruitment drive:

“You may or may not be pleased to know that you were personally mentioned by David Hooker I believe his name is, their Compliance Director, he advised us to ignore your blog, I think they are trying to pre-empt the fact that people will try and do research. They also interestingly claimed that your wife (?!?) is a BannersBroker Affiliate. I somehow doubt that is true, but I think you should be aware that that is what they are claiming.”

“It was your wife he said, he implied you had her join in order to try and drive revenue from banner advertising on your own site higher. The manner in which it was said was just outright nasty.”

Firstly, my ‘wife’ was actually my fiancee, and we’re no longer together. Secondly, she hated BannersBroker just as much as I did. Thirdly, what difference would that make to the banner revenue on this site?

Maybe we need to get Terry Stern in here to provide some simple explanations.

So, BannersBroker’s Director of Compliance (no less!) gets his balls in a twist with yet more malicious lies designed to pull the wool over cautious investors’ eyes. Upon being confronted with the remarks over email, Hooker feigned a ‘misinterpretation’ and promised not to run his little mouth in future.

Evidently the promise didn’t extend as far as his Facebook ‘fan’ page where he is still blabbering pseudo motivational bollocks to anybody who’ll listen.

David Hooker scammer

“Courageous! Determined! Driven!”

If this man has conned you in to handing over your hard earned cash, feel free to pay his page a visit and tell him what he really is.

For what it’s worth, David has recently removed any reference to Banners Broker or Stellar Point from his LinkedIn page. Make of that as you wish.

Another lie I’d like to put straight:

“Heard at a meeting in about the start of February (2013), that BannersBroker flew you to their HQ after seeing the bad press you had spread. They said it changed your mind about them. I just want to confirm whether that is true or I misheard?”

It’s not true, and I doubt you misheard.

I’ve had a few emails from BB apologists – presumably trying to bait me – by interpreting the months since my last post as a sign that I’ve ‘changed my mind’ about the scam, or that I’ve been bought out.

The reason I’ve been quiet is actually far simpler. I haven’t had to defend myself.

When I originally posted about the scam in October 2012, I was pelted with abuse from trolls, shills and damn near anybody with a penny invested in the scheme, as well as being publicly slandered by executives (!!) at Banners Broker recruitment drives. Time was always going to shine a rough light on the BB business model, and so it has.

The users who flocked here to defend the scheme can now be found venting their anger at BannersBroker instead, or promoting the next garbage ponzi. Some, to their credit, have publicly admitted that they were conned.

There’s no shame in being swindled by an international crime syndicate that has dedicated a lifetime to fooling you. Unless you let it happen repeatedly.

Where is Rajiv Dixit?

It comes as surprise to nobody that our friend Rajiv has decided to keep his head low since the damaging security investigations kicked off. This is a man already linked to other failed scams, like the ICF World Homes scheme that he swears was legitimate but somehow still ended up frozen by the Competition Bureau.

When the Securities and Exchange Commission come knocking (as they have been recently), Mr. Dixit knows he’ll be paying the piper some jail time.

I’ve heard some thoroughly unsavoury stories about Dixit that I can’t repeat here for obvious reasons. Some who know Raj on a personal level would be more than happy to throw him under a bus. And from what they’ve told me, I wouldn’t blame them.

In a bid to keep angry affiliates at bay, Raj changed his Facebook name to Rajeeve EswarRao, before seemingly deleting himself from the social network altogether.

Not sure where he stumbled across such a PR masterstroke. Maybe the Handbook of How To Run A Company Like Google?

What about Chris Smith?

How much does anybody know about Chris Smith… really?

Other than the fact that he used to be white?

Smith is the last man standing who is a) dumb enough or b) getting paid enough, to continue talking shop with angry BannersBroker investors.

My impression of Smith from his rumoured links to securities in the past is that he is a pawn. He doesn’t seem smart enough to mastermind a program like BannersBroker, but is happy to stick his face on the front cover.

The general consensus is that Dixit pulls Smith’s strings, so that Dixit can stay somewhat out of the spotlight. As for the ‘geeky genius’ who created the multi-million dollar Banners Broker algorithms? Wake me up when he has a Wikipedia page.

On the subject of Banners Broker management…

I read a depressing post on Facebook yesterday from a BB affiliate criticising the recent troubles, but still refusing to write off the company:

“…Love BB, Hate the managers who run it!!”

Edit: The original message was much longer but evidently the user doesn’t wish to be quoted. See the comments!

This kind of apologetic bullshit is the reason why the scheme hasn’t yet imploded. The managers who run BannersBroker ARE BannersBroker. They are the men who sat around a table and devised this damn near incomprehensible system with one intention: to fleece you of your money, and to get richer themselves.

Another depressing comment:

“OK there are far more experienced players in the on-line advertising industry, but had BB started out purely as an advertising company, I’d have no doubts they would have attracted some long-term business partners.”

Banners Broker has never been involved with the advertising industry. Any revenue they make from the banners on their network will be pennies. It saddens me that people are still falling for this idea that BB are transitioning towards a more ‘non-passive’ business. It has always been a ponzi scheme. You can’t pluck a legitimate advertising business out of the carnage just because the Ontario Securities Commission is on to you.

So I guess the real question is…

Are you going to let them get away with it? Will you continue to buy the panels lies?

The sad thing is, many affiliates will.

It’s a cultural hallmark of greed and easy-living. You’re told that you’re just ‘one week away’ from receiving the riches you were promised, and you continue to believe. A week turns in to a month, still you cling to the belief. When somebody tells you to join the Next Big Thing, you dive straight in because you want to believe in your divine right to easy money – no matter how many friends and families you trample over in its pursuit.

Note: If anybody asks you to join FlexKom, Ripplin, or Adhitprofits, do yourself a favour and don’t. Vultures like Soozi Scoones and Jamie Waters would sell your dying grandmother if it earned them a pot to piss in.

There’s no magic pot of gold under the rainbow and there’s no magic business waiting to fall out of Chris Smith’s arse. Only jail time, and hopefully lots of it.

Eventually BannersBroker is going to disappear and the ‘negative bloggers’ like myself who have been predicting this demise for a year will watch on as the lemmings join yet another get rich quick scheme.

Why? Because of the greed.

I hope those who are still clinging to a belief that BannersBroker somehow has legitimacy will wake up and smell the coffee. For those who are taking action to get their money back, good luck to you. I hope you don’t make the same mistake again.

About the author


A 29 year old high school dropout (slash academic failure) who sold his soul to make money from the Internet. This blog follows the successes, fuck-ups and ball gags of my career in affiliate marketing.


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  • Well done Finch. A good explanation of the recent machinations of the bb scam. Just a pity that the OSC took so long moving in on Raj’s ponzi.

  • you said you had a refund to the card hows that possibel if bb dont have a card,they are negotiating with other cards

  • And suddenly it’s no longer a case of moving 7 figure amounts around or processor problems, it’s simply that the funds aren’t there, but they should be because panels complete when sales are finished … right Chris, that is how your business was explained to thousands of people.

    Chris just made his hole even deeper with more lies.

    Duncan Wood in the UK is still doing BB meetings and getting paid directly by BB for doing this, the guy should be an outcast and in jail for the damage he has caused and his theft.

    Good point on the TalkingBB admins Waters and Scoones Finch, they silenced and banned people for so long and now they jump ship into Ripplin and AdHitProfits silently thinking they are beyond any come back.

    After today’s webinar it’s a whole different playing field, the apologist best be scared. People are broke, desperate and in debt because of their actions and those of Chris (Pinocchio) Smith, Raj (the puppet master) Dixit, David (coward/backstabber) Hooker, Terry (village idiot) Stern and all the IC’s.

    They officially have nothing to lose by taking any kind of action against the above, now that Chris has finally let us know the money isn’t there, despite how the business workings were explained over the past years.

  • You referenced my post on Facebook in your blog, and referred to it as apologetic bullshit? Which i find offensive, in appropriate and mis leading as you clearly haven’t read my comment.

    Please take this message as formal notification that unless your reference to my post is removed from the blog in the next 7 days, i shall take further action to have it force ably removed through legal assistance.

    Of course i’d like too resolve this reasonably and if you need more information please contact my email address attached.


    Charles Ross

  • Charles,

    Forcibly removed on what grounds?

    1. I blurred both the name and the photo to ensure your privacy. It’s effectively an anonymous quote.

    2. Even if I hadn’t, it’s perfectly legal to quote somebody. In fact, it’s a pretty integral part of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    If you want to seek out legal advice, by all means feel free.

  • Thanks for the reply

    Could you send me your direct contact details so i can go through the motions.


  • I’ve got the correct details come up i think? ( see below )

    All though surly it makes no diference to you to just remove the reference? anyway your call ?

    [address removed, not correct]

  • Charles,

    That’s not the right address. I’ve sent you an email. You can direct any contact there.

    Why should I remove the reference? Because you don’t like it? I’ve seen some stupid requests in my time, but threatening legal action against somebody for replying to what you said comes pretty close to gobbling the biscuit. Especially when they never actually quoted you specifically in the first place.

    It might suck to see somebody disagreeing with you on the Internet, but that’s life. It happens to me every day. Deal with it and move on.

  • Your not clear, mumble on and make no sense. Im sure you got my email, lets go from there. P.s update your records with companies house, i’m sure thats a legal requirement.

  • Reminds me of the times Raj and Chris started threatening to take everyone to court. Which of course running a ponzi they never did.
    We just laughed at them then, same as we are laughing at you now. Charles Ross, loves bb and hates the managers lol. Complete muppet and bonehead.

  • I’m still inclined to believe they did have an advertising network, they had dealings with the likes of clicksor, but suppose the revenue base would have been insignificant in the scheme of things, new people coming on board obviously is where the bulk of the money comes from to pay others, things have clearly dried up.

    I’m quite surprises so many are jumping ship to Bank on Traffic, looks like the same kind of thing, in some way or other, than BB..

  • Jerry

    Chris Smith paid Kul Josun and Lieven Van Neste millions, to avoid them bringing Chirs/BB to court due to their insider knowledge which they threatened to use when they got kicked out (Kul in Portugal for attempting a coup)(Lieven after a power play for account management control, by Kul/Raj) which seems to be now resulting in what we see. They stayed quiet took their payoffs and allowed people to get ripped off to this very day.

  • @ BB’d Out

    And when BOT ends up like BB they will do what they did here – complain about BOT not paying and being a scam. Then they will go on to another HYIP and start again.

  • I live in Toronto,Canada.(Not far from where the current Canadian head office of BB is [in Whitby,of course].) I-personally-have never joined BB;although someone who helped to fully inform me about BB in August of 2012 is now very much involved with Adhitprofits.I state all this because…when you cited the names of the companies FlexKom,Ripplin and Adhitprofits…you soon afterwards cited the names Soozi Scoones and Jamie Waters.As you made no previous mention of these two individuals in this blog posting,I only want to know if these same two individuals are involved in the sat-up/operation of one (or all) of the three other companies I’ve cited here.Thanks kindly!

  • URGENT: >>> PLEASE READ <<< Just got off the phone with a Canadian BB affiliate who says he has contacted the different Canadian authorities. They need more Canadians to step forward and contact their local Canadian police dept. when multiple provinces are contacted the Canadian National authorities can get involved. PLEASE step forward. They say many people are embarrassed when they have lost money in a PONZI. Contact anyone you know who is a BB affiliate in Canada immediate and ask them to take action.


    New docs acquired tell the the TRUE story. The Banners Broker “Believers” will automatically try to say these documents are photo-shopped, fake, etc. Do your due diligence. These documents are a matter of public record.

    BB has seemed to hide who Chris Smith really is… Look up Banners Broker BBB (Google IT), then do the same for Stellar point.
    BB would have had to give the BBB this info
    BBB file opened: 27/02/2012
    Business started: 03/01/2012,
    Type of Entity,,Limited Liability Corporation,Business Management,,Please note that the President of Bannersbroker Ltd, Mr. Rajiv Dixit, is also the President of Stellar Point Inc. You will find a direct link to the BBB review for Stellar Point Inc below.

    Now Stellar Point:
    BBB file opened: 01/05/2013Business started: 30/07/2012,
    Business Management,,Please note that the President of Stellar Point Inc., Mr. Rajiv Dixit, is also the President of Bannersbroker Ltd. You will find a direct link to the BBB review for Bannersbroker Ltd below.,Contact Information,Principal: Mr. Rajiv Dixit (President and C.E.O)Mr. Grant D’Eall (Director, Corporate Training/ H.R)Mr. David Hooker (International Compliance and Business Development),

    Related Businesses,Banners Broker – 5700 – 100 King St W, Toronto, ON

    So where is the REAL BB office?

    While reading the Docs. Ask yourself:

    Who is Chris Smith? Is that his real name?
    Why is Chris Smith’s name not mentioned as CEO on most of the documents?
    Did Chris Smith have a previous Canadian Securities violation that prohibited him from promoting other ponzi’s?
    Why haven’t the webinars told us the executive officers have resigned in may of 2013?
    Why so many shell companies?
    Where (Is any) is the money?
    Where is the transparency?
    Have Certain “Recruiters” been paid recently? To keep the lie going?
    Is Stellar Point and Banners Broker Really One Entity? ( See Canadian Docs)
    Why do they have a corporation management company in the isle of man hiding their identities?
    Why have Raj and David Hooker distanced themselves from Banners Broker?
    Does Banners Broker Still really exist other than a website?

    Doc 1:

    Doc 2:

    Doc 3:

    Doc 4:

    Doc 5:

    Doc 6:

    Doc 7:

    Doc 8:

    Doc 9:

    There are many more docs. Did BB tell us why the trust company all resigned in may as directors? Did they tell us why there is a new address in Belize after the move from the Isle of man?

    There are 2 Belize addresses.. The new and the old…

    Why all the shell games to HIDE the money? What is left…

  • I watched their video about “how banners broker makes money” which is the most fucking boring and confusing waste of my life. How can anything be so ridiculously complicated. Guess you already figured it out. It’s just bullshit.

    Banners Broker
    International And Stellar Point Seemed to sever their ties.

    BB skype rooms are reporting emails being sent out stating that Chris
    Smith and Raj Dixit are going their own separate ways.


    Email Sent Out To An Irish Team:


    We have been advised that
    as of today, our contract as the Irish Independent Contractor for
    Stellar Point is terminated.

    Banners Broker International and
    Stellar Point have mutually agreed to end their contract. As a result
    Stellar Point have concluded all contracts for independent
    contractors worldwide to handle support and training for Banners

    We are now obliged to cancel all bookings for
    training at the Cork office effective immediately.

    If you
    have any additional training requirements, please log onto your
    Banners Broker account and refer to your Dashboard. Here, you will
    find recorded webinars relating to various aspects of the system,
    plus the Q&A updates by Chris Smith.

    All support queries
    will now be handled by Banners Broker International. All existing
    queries have been forwarded and will be processed by the Belize
    office directly.

    If you have any further account related
    queries please submit a support ticket via your back office. Banners
    Broker will advise shortly of a worldwide contact number if you wish
    to speak to customer support.

    Although, it is with great
    regret that we received this news, we would like to thank Banners
    Broker affiliates for their support over the past two


    Maconne Team


    The BB Leaders are all
    ready putting the SPIN on this as a GREAT thing.

    Reports of Raj and Chris
    Screaming and in chaos.

    Chris reportedly is in

    I wondered as I saw a
    recent Stellar Point video of Raj on Youtube with NO Mention of BB.

    David Hooker has
    backtracks and on to the next scam…

  • I think it was pretty clear when the BB Mastercard was withdrawn that was the final nail in the BB coffin.I have not been paid since then and have clearly been scammed. On the plus side I have withdrawn roughly $1100 more than I invested.

  • ____________________________________________


    DAVE O, I found it! ====>
    Pic Of NEW BB CC PAGE: =====>

    OR, Click on this after you log in:

    PDF Link On The Page: ===>


    Also… New Issues with Terms & Conditions ===> Why do they need the back of the credit cards , why do they need codes for ID verification to pay us?

  • Hi,

    I signed up for BB last November 2012 and up until April 2013 it looked OK. However when the rules were changed in April it became impossible to make a profit unless you had a sales team under you. It then became clear exactly what the real purpose of the business was: To build up a vast number of affiliates that BB could then sell on to other businesses as ‘tame clients’ who will willingly ‘like your website’ ‘write favourable reviews’ and anything else requested to earn a few measly ‘traffic hits’. Very clever set up. Not illegal but immoral in my view.

    I complained on the official BB blog and immediately had my ‘comment functionality’ withdrawn. Dan Dare on Facebook has captured BB very well with his excerpt from ‘Valkery’ video. Check it out.

    I’ve now closed my account and said goodbye to my money.


  • a friend of mine told me about this probably…8 or so months ago, i checked out the terms and conditions, read how it works and in roughly 10 minutes saw that it wasn’t worth the money and eventually you could be just paying them and receiving nothing which is how it works i suspect. anyway i’ve heard since then it’s even worse as they’ve made changes to really “seal the deal”. if people carefully read how it works you see that you end up paying monthly out and receiving nothing back.

  • I am an affilate of BB and have been for one year and not had a pay out yet I live uk can I get my money back?

  • I’m from India, it been four month for withdrawal request, but they didnt paid me even till now. Is there any way to get my money back.

  • i would just like to thank doc Alex for all his help and care.. i highly recommend anyone to try him and believe in him it truly honestly works, he was able to help me get my money back from the scam person,thank u so much for helping me in my time of need.. email him on

  • Chris Smith & BB have come up with a load of BS, they think we’re going to jump in to V3 by adding new fresh cash from our creditcards, then they must be on drugs or something. Todate they seem to be running the panels a lot faster now so they cap faster and then the panel will not be transfered to V3, This is just steeling members money. He’s failed to pay members for the past 12 months, now he wants fresh money in to carry on, that’s an April Fools joke surely.

  • We’ve received a very helpful message regarding bank chargebacks and the coming Liquidation.
    If a company is liquidated, the banks will almost CERTAINLY look favourably on your chargeback application.
    It will confirm to them that BB is indeed a scam.

    Paul Appleton @ David Rubin and Partners.

    Time is running out!
    You have NOTHING to lose by registering.

  • I just noticed that on their site their head office is listed as being in Belize. No announcement was made that they were relocating. Hmmmm.

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