News on Premium Posts: Sale Now On, Volume 5 Coming Soon
Download Now: Premium Posts Volume 4
The Future of Premium Posts

News on Premium Posts: Sale Now On, Volume 5 Coming Soon

Hey guys. Just a heads-up….

I will be releasing Volume 5 of Premium Posts next week.

I’m excited to launch it, but nervous to finish editing. It’s the biggest volume yet.

In the run up to the launch, I will be putting Volume 4’s ‘Outside the Box Marketingon sale for just $19.95.

If you haven’t read it, now’s your chance to practically steal the goodness from right under my nose.

Download Now: Premium Posts Volume 4

Premium Posts: Volume 4 is finished, done, dusted and ready for download.

The theme is ‘Outside The Box Marketing’, and unlike the three previous releases, it covers a much broader scope of affiliate marketing. I believe the tips and tricks should be relevant to just about everybody with a marketing interest, although I’ve still found space to cram in some follow-up information to the most popular posts from previous volumes.

The majority of my weekend has been spent casting the finishing touches and I’m not going to lie: this has been an absolute monster to put together. I think you’re going to enjoy it though.

It’s the biggest release to date; covering 98 pages and over 18,000 words of content. The topics are varied, but with a focus on thinking outside the box and profiting in ways that other marketers neglect to even consider.

I promise that at least 17,500 of those words do not reference my balls, but that’s my only guarantee. Enjoy!

Volume 4

Outside The Box Marketing

What does it take to become an awesome affiliate marketer? This volume looks at ‘outside the box marketing’, how to avoid the status quo, some excellent new (and old) moneymaking opportunities, and lots of tips on skyrocketing your conversion rates.


  • Introduction: Outside The Box Marketing
  • Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Landing Pages
  • Agents of Persuasion: The Path to Skyrocketing Conversion Rates
  • Monetizing Mysticism: How to Make Money From The Great Unknown
  • 1 Very Important Variable in Broadly Targeted Campaigns
  • How To Monetize Female Dating Traffic: Another Deadly Strategy
  • Exploring Pinterest: The Next Big Goldmine of Affiliate Marketing?
  • March 2012 in the Affiliasphere
  • 7 Valuable Lessons For Anybody Getting Started in CPA
  • In Closing: Thanks For Reading

That’s 8 posts, 18043 words, 98 pages in PDF form.
Download Now for $34.95

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The Future of Premium Posts

As I wrote several weeks ago, sales on my affiliate marketing Premium Posts have been going strong. That’s still the case. I’m glad they’ve exceeded the template of one hit wonder! The latest release, covering how to make money from dating offers, seems to have been received very well.

So, I’m excited to begin work on Volume 4. The theme is simply going to be ‘Outside The Box‘. I want to steer affiliates away from the idea that they can only be successful on Facebook and Plentyoffish. In reality, it’s much easier to be successful away from these traffic sources. Volume 4 will be about not only diversifying your traffic sources, but designing landing pages and ad creatives that break the mould.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching concepts – and profiting from them, which is always a moral relief! – so I’m excited to condense what I’ve found in to one diatribe of expletives, balls and occasional marketing advice.

I’m also going to be rolling out an affiliate program. It’s been a pleasant surprise that so many bloggers have been happy to write reviews for a free copy and no monetary gain. Which is why I’m all the more excited to throw in a commission and broaden my reach through word of mouth exposure.

If you run an Internet Marketing blog and haven’t read Premium Posts, I would be more than happy to send a copy in exchange for an honest review. Hit me up if that sounds interesting!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of the Premium Posts. Where can I take them? How many volumes can I justify before the value begins to diminish? Well, I’m sure readers will be quick to tell me when the quality hits the skids, but I think I’d like to release 7 volumes and then focus my efforts on product creation elsewhere.

CPA affiliate marketing is a small pond. There is a very apparent shoreline where the sales numbers are fixed, no matter if I’m publishing a masterpiece or a stinking shipwreck. I’d like to move in to more scaleable markets, not just to make more money, but to deliver my writing to people that might be affected by it in a different way. There must be more to this world than motherfucking arbitrage and CPVLab columns. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

The whole process of selling my writing has really enforced that I see my future away from affiliate marketing. I’m already envisioning in my mind the final product on FinchSells.com to be a roadmap of why I got started in affiliate marketing, and why I decided to leave it.

That product is still many months away. I have a lot of work to do before I can shift the majority of my income away from the arbitrage column. But it will be a huge burden off my shoulder when that day comes.

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