Why Monday Mornings Are Crucial For Affiliates

If there’s ever a time to show up for work, that time is Monday morning.

Whilst most of the world is happy to celebrate Thank God It’s Friday, anybody with a role in project management or self-employment is likely to be thinking the opposite, “Where did my week go?

For that reason, I love Mondays. It’s another chance to deliver a flying clothesline to nagging targets, making sure they don’t live on to become 2017’s New Year’s Resolutions.

Monday mornings are doubly important because they set the tone for the rest of the week.

Start Monday badly and momentum is a bitch.

I’m ashamed to admit that lazy Mondays have cost me entire weeks in the past. If I start the week drifting aimlessly between tasks of equal importance but little long-term value, morning turns to lunch, and lunch turns to dinner. Before you know it, I’ve wasted an entire Monday with nothing but a headache and a sense of underachievement to show. It’s easy to spend the rest of the week playing catch-up.

Fortunately, if you start Monday well and make good progress before lunch, momentum conspires to help your cause. Productivity is contagious, but so is flicking from Facebook to YouTube and back again. Momentum can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

In affiliate marketing terms, Monday is the day that I launch my new campaigns for the week ahead. It’s wheels in motion day.

There’s nothing worse than launching on a Friday, waiting an entire weekend for your ads to get approved, then drifting in to a state of nonchalance with new ideas and brainfarts dominating your thoughts by the time they go live.

Get campaigns launched on Monday with the view to having them optimised and profitable by Friday.

I know a lot of affiliates ponder how long they should continue optimising before scrapping a campaign. Well, Monday to Friday is a nice time-frame. Assuming the ads are live by Tuesday, you have 3 days to accumulate data that should tell you whether you’re striking out on a terrible idea, or getting ready to smash a home-run.

Simply launching a campaign and getting your paws on some data provides an excellent momentum boost on Monday morning. You’re committing to positive action. It doesn’t stop there though.

Creating new ads does not constitute a launched campaign. A campaign is launched when the ads are approved and collecting data. Another guilty trait of mine has been to spend forever researching, eventually launch my ads, and then get declined for whatever reason. Instead of taking another hack at the submission process, I’d let the campaign rot in the planning stages forevermore. With no data, every idea is a fail.

So what’s the opposite of a Monday morning well spent?

In my opinion, that award goes to replying to emails. For the love of the anti-Christ, why do people wreck their morning coffee with this awful practice? Okay, admittedly, some people are in the business of servicing customers. But the majority of affiliates have no excuses.

It’s a damaging trait that many of us picked up in day jobs where we didn’t have the luxury (or Hell) of using Sunday evenings to clear out our inboxes.

I can guarantee that if you make replying to emails your number one priority, you will spend the rest of the day chasing tails and batting off distractions. It’s impossible to make any progress that could be deemed worthwhile if you’re wedged firmly up your Gmail’s arse.

More importantly, dealing with emails scrambles your ability to focus on one particular goal, which should always be your intention on Monday morning.

Successful affiliates are excellent at spotlighting their biggest goals and putting the most effort in to the most rewarding work. If that means being impossible to reach on the phone, through email and by instant messenger… then so be it. Most of us are pretty skilled at living like hermits. Celebrate it.

Monday morning is the perfect time to batten down the hatchets, leechblock Facebook, and unleash Father Zen on your most important project. Don’t take your lunch break until you’ve achieved something significant. It’s not an exaggeration to say that failing to do so may cost you the rest of your week.

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  • Couldn’t agree more man..

    So do you build out your campaigns over the weekend, ready to launch on a Friday?

    I’d imagine if you found something profitable that requires significant work / creative thinking to scale, that you’d spend your weekend planning for Monday’s scale-a-thon, no?

  • No one seems to understand why I love Mondays and hate weekends and holidays. In fact, only an IM would get it. While the rest of the world works, I’m making money off of their non-working-computer-playtime/shopping-spree-on-company-hours asses, and when they’re not, I’m stuck in traffic, loathing my existence at crowded stores that were dead on Tuesday, and most importantly lower volume and revenue.

    What’s to love about a Saturday? IM’s don’t take days off anyway.

  • […] FinchSells speaks the truth about Mondays. Most entrepueners love Mondays, especially if you make less with your offers during the weekend slumps. But the point is get your Monday started off right, and you’ll be better preapred for the rest of the week. Start it off by being lazy, and before you know it it’s Friday and you’re saying “Fuck it! I’ll do next Monday.” […]

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