Why ‘A/B Testing’ is a Complete Waste of Time For Most Affiliates

Why ‘A/B Testing’ is a Complete Waste of Time For Most Affiliates

When is A/B testing NOT A/B testing?

Below is a scenario that feels like optimisation. Unfortunately, it is the same as babbling perfect common sense with your head up your arse.

Let’s say you launch a campaign and track these variables:

  • Banner Ad 1 vs. Banner Ad 2
  • Landing Page A vs. Landing Page B
  • Offer X vs. Offer Y

After three days of testing, you establish that Banner Ad 1, Landing Page B and Offer Y are the best performers.

How can you be sure?

You can only optimise one variable at a time.

Testing multiples is not optimisation. It is guesswork. Trade-offs.

To establish a best performing variable, test it in isolation.

For example:

  • Banner Ad 1
  • Landing Page A
  • Offer X vs. Offer Y

This process is time consuming, yes, but infinitely more reliable with the small datasets that affiliates swear by.

In what order should you test variables?

  1. The offer
  2. Your angle
  3. Landing page theme
  4. Landing page content
  5. Banner/text ads

I’ve dissected this process at length in Premium Posts Volume X.

If your testing process currently resembles a madman throwing turd at a hurricane, I suggest you start there.

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