Banners Broker Scam Update

UPDATE 28/2/2013: Just days ago, BannersBroker announced the reopening of their Indian office in Goa after ‘the conclusion of a police investigation’. Once again, they have been caught lying. Click here to read the full court order, which explicitly states that the company’s accounts are frozen, and their assets remain in police custody.

UPDATE 29/1/2013: I have just posted a full Q&A session with Terry Stern, the International Public Relations Director representing Banners Broker.

BREAKING NEWS 31/12: Banners Broker’s Goa office has been raided and shut down by the police. The company has been charged under IPC section 4, 5 and 6 of the PCMC (banning) act 1978, 406 and 420. Full announcement here.

UPDATE 4/1: Amid growing speculation over the future of Banners Broker India, CEO Chris Smith has cancelled the company’s ‘World Tour’ that was originally planned to reach Kolkata in February. Smith insisted that Banners Broker is ‘fine’ during his Friday conference call. He blamed ‘a little mischief’ from an ex-employee for the criminal charges brought against the company. The investigation is still ongoing, and the Banners Broker Goan office remains closed. More information here.

* * *

In October, I made a post about Banners Broker being a suspected ponzi scheme. To say that the post has gone viral would be a massive understatement. It is currently drawing several thousand hits per day, with 357 comments and counting.

My Hate Mail has also been buzzing left, right and center.

While that initial post was designed to raise awareness of the scam, critics have said – quite rightly – that it doesn’t offer enough evidence to say, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the program is a ponzi scheme.

Personally, I wasn’t expecting there to even be a debate. It’s pretty obvious what Banners Broker is.

But perhaps I am guilty of overlooking the fact that most people who invest in Banners Broker have no exposure to the real online advertising industry. It is not so obvious without that first-hand experience.

I’ve decided to release this second post to provide a more cohesive look at why Banners Broker stinks, and how we can make such assumptions about it being a ponzi scheme without a single piece of ‘definitive’ proof.

If you haven’t read the first Banners Broker Scam article, I suggest you start there.

Banners Broker in the Media

Before I get in to the evidence and lies, I want to address a common misconception that it is only small-time bloggers who are posting negatively about Banners Broker.

The BB apologists seem intent on tarring us all as sad-acts who have nothing better to do than watch and wait for a good thing’s demise.

I prefer to call it an investment in the public interest. Many people are going to be harmed by the collapse of Banners Broker, and it is not just bloggers who are taking notice.

The Irish media has devoured the fanciful business model after leaders Rajiv Dixit, Chris Smith and co rolled in to town for a gala last month.

Here’s some of the press coverage:

Banners Broker in the Sunday World

Banners Broker in the Sunday World

Sunday World BB

Rajiv Dixit's Pyramid Past

The next time Banners Broker tells you that the negative criticism comes from ‘bloggers with hate agendas’, feel free to ask whether they consider the Sunday World (a major Irish red-top with over 1 million readers per week) in that same category.

The History of Banners Broker

The Banners Broker you see before you today, the alleged worldwide advertising force, is quite a radical leap from the Banners Broker that was announced to the HYIP scene in 2010. Here’s Kul Josun explaining the origins of the program in a very old and very revealing video:

“Banners Broker: Welcome to the worlds first cycler doubler, where you can double your money without signing up one person. Join for free and change your future today.”

To all the commenters in the last post who asked for a definitive piece of evidence that Banners Broker is a ponzi scam, this might as well be it. Upon launching, they branded themselves to the notorious HYIP community as the world’s first ‘straightline’ cycler doubler.

What this means is that your payouts come from within the system (cycled) directly from sign-ups below you (a straight line).

Here’s a fun task for you:

Go to Google, and search “straightline cycler doubler“.

Here you will find a revealing look in to the world of Banners Broker before the modern narrative of an online advertising network.

Look at the early press releases, look at the very first forum posts, look at the YouTube videos. Tell me it doesn’t stink.

Now tell me why this company should be considered in the same breath as real online ad companies.

Why did Banners Broker brand themselves as a moneymaking system to the HYIP community when the nature of their alleged business model (if it were true) would be more fitting on TechCrunch?

Banners Broker Uncovers Industry Shaking Algorithm; Banner Ads Never to be the Same Again!” (Yeah, I never saw that headline either.)

The answer is because Banners Broker’s roots are tied to the shadiest realms of HYIP. Recycled cash is the real source of their revenues, not an industry-changing algorithm in the online advertising space. And that’s why Banners Broker pitched their company directly to the kind of individuals who would be looking to invest in it: amateur investors a few small worlds away from Silicon Valley.

To put it simply: they know the hand that feeds them.

And it is not advertisers.

My favourite part of this video is Kul laying the smack down on other HYIP programs, “The hype and maths don’t work. Period.” And yet, he brags…

Straightline Cycler Doubler

Seems like a legitimate online advertising company!

Seriously people, these opportunities do not exist legally. Not in this world or the next.

Anybody who tries to convince you of such BS should be red-flagged and banished from business conversation for the rest of his days.

Before you invest in the next get-rich-quick program (or Banners Broker if you are new to the idea), consider that the world’s greatest investor – Warren Buffett – has written his name in to history by producing an average annual return of just over 20%. A staggering feat in the investment arena.

Now ask why Warren Buffett isn’t investing in the ‘stock’ of Banners Broker panels, a program that the apologists claim can deliver an upwards annual return of 300%.

The answer is because Warren Buffett prefers to work with real companies, not smiley faced Primark suits fresh off the back of a ‘World Tour’ lorry.

Chris Smith… The Man, The Myth, the Stock Photo

In the video above, you will notice that it introduces Chris Smith as the mathematical genius behind Banners Broker. Except that isn’t the same Chris Smith who can be found travelling the world today.

In fact, that Chris Smith is a stock photo that can be purchased for £18.00, which was evidently too much for “We Are Cash Rich” Banners Broker as they have cropped it above the watermark:

Chris Smith, Changing Skins

Small details, guys.

I hate to point out the sheer unprofessionalism of this company by resorting to stock photo CEOs, but it goes a long way to understanding the bigger picture. We are dealing in smoke and mirrors.

Nothing is ever what it seems with Banners Broker.

“In Defence of Banners Broker…”

You may have seen this article, Debunking the Scam, that attempts to explain – in Clickbank sales letter form – ‘how the Banners Broker model works’. It has become the Bible of Cult BB, a source that is supposed to deflect all criticism. There’s just one problem: it’s a steaming pile of you know what…

Let’s look at some of the points raised:

From Debunking the Scam

So the product of Banners Broker is: Advertising Impressions.

The end user – the advertiser, who never sees or hears of Banners Broker, gets ad space that hosts his advertising, and visitors to the various websites where that ad is displayed, see that ad.

There’s the product.

Hold on, hold on. WHAT? This is one of the stupidest defence arguments I’ve ever heard.

The advertiser never sees or hears of Banners Broker?!

That’s a pretty dumb theory considering an advertiser needs to sign up through before he can use the advertising system. Or is that just there for show?

The purpose of Banners Broker is to act as the middleman and broker ad impressions. We already know that Banners Broker gains access to publisher websites by brokering through Clicksor as a reseller (see this description).

Note here, “Selling traffic has not been this easy before. Become a Clicksor authorized reseller now and experience the simplicity in selling traffic to your advertisers.

Clicksor provides the publishers. It’s up to Banners Broker to provide the advertisers, which is the whole god damn point of reselling. The fruitcase above has clearly not understood this when he comes out with tripe such as “the advertiser never sees or hears of Banners Broker“.

I mean, come on dude. Does the following link mean nothing to you?

I suppose the advertiser has to sign up wearing a blindfold then?

Or is – as I somehow suspect – the argument designed to distract our attention from the fact that not a single Banners Broker advertiser is known to exist?

Moving on to his next crazy suggestion…

From Debunking the Scam

Banners Broker is just what it says – a broker in the banner advertising field. A unique broker – unique in that no one else does what they do.

What’s a broker? The dictionary says: “a broker is a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.”

Banners Broker “brokers” in a slightly different way than has been done before on line… here’s an overview:

There is a network of websites and advertising companies that comprise what is called the “Blind Network”(Click here for definition) (an Internet ad industry term).

Note, that I didn’t say – Banners Broker operates within a Blind Network.
They operate within T-H-E Blind Network.

The same Blind Network that millions of advertisers and publishers already operate within.

The same Blind Network that successfully generates BILLIONS of Dollars of revenue every year.

This isn’t something invented by someone to trick you – it’s how the on-line advertising industry works – (so how can these so called “insiders” be inside anything but their own rear ends?)

Let me keep this short and sweet. There is no such thing as ‘THE Blind Network’.

If ‘THE Blind Network’ is real, and Banners Broker operates within ‘THE Blind Network’, who else operates in ‘THE Blind Network’? What is ‘THE Blind Network’?

And if Banners Broker is a pawn in somebody else’s ‘THE Blind Network’, what makes their business model so special that it can’t be replicated by a competitor? Ever heard of the law of competition? Unless Banners Broker took out a patent on banners, we need to have a serious adult discussion.

If we are to believe the margins – eye-watering as they are – why isn’t every single broker in the world rushing to be a part of THE Blind Network?

Answer: There is no such thing.

This idiot then goes on to contradict himself by saying that Banners Broker operates in the same Blind Network as millions of other advertisers and publishers.

So what is its competitive advantage?!

Again, no mention of what this Blind Network actually is, or who runs it… Who needs details, right?

Note on the author: Seriously, who hyphenates “on-line“? Can we really trust that this guy has departed the twentieth century? Maybe the Millenium Bug struck after all.

In a recent development, Banners Broker has debunked any suggestion that it is ‘THE Blind Network’.

The Blind network is NOT created/nor owned by BB, but controlled by 10 other brokers, including Google.

I’m sorry, but this explanation is also a pile of steaming BS. Are we to believe that Banners Broker is brokering ad sales through Google, now? Complete rubbish. Google does not need a company like Banners Broker. It has its own properties to handle publishers and advertisers: AdSense and AdWords. There is no ‘broker’ middleman.

The Choice Network… Now Comes Served With Ads (Or Does It?!)

A key point in my first post on Banners Broker was that the so-called Choice Network was no more than a damp fraudulent squib. The websites in the network clearly belonged to Banners Broker, and none of them had advertisements from legitimate companies.

Well, there must be pigs flying in the sky, because the BB apologists are telling me that the Choice Network is now fully operational, and filled with real ads from real companies.

I took a few minutes to verify their claims, and sure enough, ads from reputable companies are now displaying:

WillHill ads

Hold on, though. Before you get excited, we should know better than to take what Banners Broker says or does at face value.

Is this advertising campaign really running through the Banners Broker Choice Network?

No, it’s not.

Banners Broker is serving these ads from, which can be IP traced to New York City where the server is owned by OpenX Technologies:

OpenX Technologies

OpenX is a powerful ad exchange that offers publishers the chance to sell their own inventory, or broker through the OpenX Market where a number of renowned brands can pick up the scraps. Brands like… WillHill.

It’s debatable whether Banners Broker invested in the Enterprise Edition or the Free Version (for hobbyists), but what certainly isn’t debatable is the fact that these ads you see on the Choice Network do not come from advertisers signing up to

They are sourced from the OpenX Market, probably as remnant traffic.

You could sign up to the same service today and have your very own ‘Choice Network’ up and running in hours.

One thing is for certain, you will soon see that actually, yes, it is possible NOT to make money with the Banners Broker system. The real one, anyway. These ads produce only an industry standard return, nothing like what would be required to turn a bunch of third party investors in to millionaires.

So, what are we to make of all those months where the Choice Network was stuck in ‘Test Mode’? I guess that’s how long it took BB’s in-house programmers to configure OpenX across their portfolio of dud sites.

Changing the face of the online advertising industry?

Yeah, that might take a while.

Note: Thanks to the helpful peeps over at RealScam for piecing together this latest lie. They’ve been tearing the scheme apart with much greater dedication than myself!

Once again, we could forgive the lies surrounding the Choice Network if the flagship Blind Network delivered on its promises. But it doesn’t. And one begins to question whether it ever will…

An Update on My Experience as a Blind Network Advertiser

How many BB investors have actually advertised on the Banners Broker Blind Network? I know a lot of them like to talk about it, as if it’s some kind of revolutionary invention.

But have they actually tried it?

I have.

In my first post, I mentioned how I had setup a campaign on the Blind Network. 7 weeks later, I decided to login and see how my campaign had performed. Boy, what a disappointment.

After negotiating the new security gateway…


(Seriously, who asks for FIVE security questions? Even my bank only needs two. I guess they’re harvesting security answers as well as passports these days…)

I finally reached the reporting section for my test campaign…

Blind Network Test

Yes, in over 7 weeks of running a broadly targeted campaign on the Blind Network (one category in the UK), I have received a grant total of 866 impressions! That’s a total advertiser spend of just over $0.86 in 7 weeks.

If Banners Broker can’t send 1000 impressions of traffic to a UK campaign in 7 weeks, how in the name of Lucifer’s balls is it able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue?

Tell me, apologists! How does an advertiser spend millions of dollars on this platform when I can’t even spend ONE dollar in 7 weeks?

What you see above is the Banners Broker’s take on a ‘campaign report’.

So, let’s say I’m a professional media buyer.

Where do I find my breakdown of performance by creative? By channel? By hour? Where do I exclude targets (a damn near critical option for blind networks)?

Banners Broker tells the world that it is paying millions of dollars to its affiliates. Maybe that is the case. But the money is damn sure not coming from advertisers. I beg anybody to test this joke of a system and tell me otherwise.

Banners Broker and Clicksor

If we crawl through the heaps of misinformation on how Banners Broker actually serves its banners, it becomes clear that the company is brokering through Clicksor (a broker within a broker, if you will).

Clicksor is a legitimate company that I have worked with in the past. I’m sorry for sullying their names in the same sentence as Banners Broker, but we have to point out some crucial information:

In the latest 2011 data, Clicksor’s parent company Yesup Ecommerce Solutions Inc posted annual revenue of $17.5 Million dollars.

And yet Banners Broker claims to have paid out over $100 Million dollars, by brokering through Clicksor.


Why is Banners Broker’s $100 Million in affiliate payouts not reflected in Clicksor’s accounts? They are receiving the same advertiser trade and they are further up the chain.

We would have to assume that Banners Broker is the only company working with Clicksor, and that Clicksor is the only part of Yesup producing revenue, and even then the maximum revenue pales in significance to what Banners Broker claims to be paying out to its affiliates. The markup must be astro-bloody-nomical.

It’s an economical impossibility.

Which is why Banners Broker has acted quickly to change its story.

David Hooker, BB’s latest snake-oil man, addressed this issue directly at the recent Irish gala.

The Empower Network reports:

“His presentation consisted of filling us in completely on how the Blind Network works and how it has 10 major Brokers running it. How Banners Broker linked up with the smaller of these Brokers (Finch: He stresses ‘smaller’ for good reason. He knows the previous numbers and ‘direct relationship’ clearly identified their model as a fraud)) and how now one of the largest Brokers has given green light to link with them. Chris later said that the linking up of software is almost complete and they will soon be good to go.”

If you know anything about advertising through a blind network, this is pretty hilarious.

  1. What advertiser in his right mind is going to work with a broker that re-brokers through any 1 of 10 different networks? Why would the advertiser not just go direct to his broker of choice for half the price… and, screw it, some actual control over his ads?

    It’s like me saying, “I want you to give me £1 for an ice cream that we both know you can buy for 50p. Except, I’m not even going to let you decide which ice cream you have. I’ll take that extra 50p and pick whichever of the 10 vans I want to buy it from (even though you may have a preference!). Then I’ll go to a bunch of investors and pitch them my breakthrough idea on the basis that brokering ice cream is the “next big thing” and billions are made every year by doing so. How about we ask for £3000 for the Black Cone Package – ‘Double your Cornettos, Magnums, and Twisters in a month!’ Yeah, pop-business. The proles will love that.

    There’s a problem with the model. People aren’t stupid! They know where they can get their ice cream for 50p, and they are not going to pay you double for less choice and poorer service. The same applies to the Banners Broker business model. Advertisers are not stupid. They are not going to pay Rajiv Dixit and Chris Smith more money in return for less ads and less control over where they appear.

  2. In any case, who are these ’10 major brokers’ that Banners Broker has suddenly started working with? Why no names?

  3. Tell us David, has Clicksor become the “smaller of these brokers” because you’ve been found out – publicly – by claiming to send your traffic through a network whose parent company reports only a tiny fraction of your own claimed revenues? I guess if you announce “10 major brokers” (conveniently without naming them), we can’t look in to their much more transparent workings and directly shoot your bullshit down for what it is.

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

This is a lie aimed squarely at the bullet holes shot in the previous lie.

Note: We know that Banners Broker has been brokering solely through Clicksor because can be IP traced directly to a Clicksor server. Good luck split testing that with your 10 other brokers!

Get Paid by Turtle Mail

When working with reputable companies, you expect to also deal with reputable banks.

When working with Banners Broker, that is not the case.

Withdrawal requests are handled in one of three ways:

  • The pre-paid BB card
  • Solid Trust Pay (STP)
  • Payza

The withdrawal methods vary from country to country, but it’s immediately clear that accessing your funds is not going to be as easy as it should be with a world renowned advertising company. There are no cheques, no direct deposit, not even a PayPal option!

With all due respect to Solid Trust Pay and Payza, their brands are known for dealing with the type of Internet businesses that can’t get approved anywhere else. They are staples of the HYIP community. And as for the pre-paid BB card (for some investors, their only option), this is the equivalent to being paid in cash.

You might as well be receiving an iTunes gift card.

Hey, give it 3 months and that will probably be the only payment option left.

There is absolutely no excuse for:

  1. Withdrawal methods that require the user to jump through hoops with notarised ID before he can get his money.

  2. Taking weeks, sometimes months, to process the bloody transactions in the first place. All the while charging the user on time every time for admin processing fees and traffic packs.

Banners Broker will take your money, but pay you only when they feel like it.

Which soon will be never.

They claim that their payouts are running smoothly with minimal backlog. A quick search of the Internet and that is clearly not the case. Selective payments rule the day.

The Tax Conundrum

A wise man once said, “The only thing certain in life is death and taxes.

All money earned through Banners Broker is taxable, even the money that you haven’t yet withdrawn. Yes, your total account balance would be considered a form of stock in the eyes of the exchequer.

This leads to the rather awkward situation where Banners Broker investors need to be paying tax on income that they haven’t yet received. Failure to do so is in clear breach of the law (I’m referring to the UK, you will need to research this if you live elsewhere).

Let’s get this straight…

You are liable to pay tax on ALL of your “My Total Earnings” minus the costs accrued from account fees and buying traffic packs.

Your account might look like this:

Total Earnings: £15,000
Withdrawals So Far: £2,000
Invested in to the System (Total Costs): £3,000

Total Earnings – Total Costs = Taxable Profits
£15,000 – £3,000 = £12,000

Basic Tax Rate is 20%
(£12,000 x 0.20) = £2400 now due in tax.

So let’s say you have managed to withdraw £2000 from Banners Broker. You now need to pay the taxman £2400. Doesn’t sound like such a good investment, does it?

You are at a loss.

It’s not going to get better either! The Banners Broker system is designed to exponentially increase your My Total Earnings while allowing you to withdraw only a small fraction of your funds. It’s a bait ploy. But fatally, it assumes that you are the kind of person who doesn’t bother paying tax.

Well, do you?

With the January 31st deadline for self-assessment rapidly approaching, there are a lot of Banners Broker investors that are now required by law to hand ALL of their profits to the taxman while waiting for Banners Broker to pay the rest of their earnings.

Will that happen? Of course not.

If you don’t care about being involved in a ponzi scheme, I highly doubt you care about paying your taxes. But you should start thinking about it.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Troy Dooly recently posted an article on MLM Helpdesk writing off Banners Broker as a ponzi scheme. Here’s how Banners Broker chose to deflect the criticism:

Banners Broker Troy Dooly

Yes, by falsely claiming that the article was written in an attempt to extort money in return for deletion.

Talk about a stroke of twisted genius. I hope Troy sues.

Here’s more from David Hooker on the subject of us pesky bloggers speaking critically of Banners Broker:

The Empower Network reports:

“He also talked about how he tackled the bloggers that were writing negative stuff. One was a friend of his and wanted Banners Broker to pay him £900 to correct his negative story!!!!

Another one, when offered the chance to come to BB International to see for himself what Banners Broker does, declined, and said he was broke!”

Hooker wisely opts not to name any names. If he did, he’d be sued to Kingdom Come.

This is the current tactic for deflecting criticism: accuse the blogger of trying to extort money. Well, if I hear even the slightest whisper that this article is written to extort money, I’ll be unleashing a lawyer so far up David Hooker’s arse that his next rousing presentation is delivered directly to a judge.

I guess rejecting all criticism as an attempt at extortion sums up the state of mind at Banners Broker HQ perfectly. What are they scared of in there?

Common Misconceptions

Let’s play some FAQ with the common responses from BB apologists. If you read the comments from the last post, you’ll already be familiar with the holding patterns and the dumbfounded logic.

I’m making XXXX/month from Banners Broker. It’s negative people like you who will never make money online! I’ve quit my job already!

I’ve said it so many times that my fingers are starting to resent the same keyboard bashing:

The fact that you have made some money from Banners Broker does not mean that it is anything less than a ponzi scheme. It just means that you are luckier than the poor suckers further down the food chain.

Important! The high balance in your account does not mean that the money is yours. It is text on a screen. A promise in a hurricane. The money is only yours when it lands in your bank account and for most people, this is the where the frustration begins.

Money withdrawal times are increasing. Payout methods are decreasing. Excuses are growing more and more ridiculous by the day.

Just because a page in cyberspace says that you have $17,000 waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow, that does not make it so. Weigh up how much money you have invested versus how much you have withdrawn. Now do an honest appraisal of the situation: “Have I really made money here? Or have I inherited a gigantic stack of IOUs?

But I’ve met Chris Smith and Rajiv Dixit in person! A scammer would never show his face in person.

If you believe this, God help your wallet for it is ripeth to be plucked.

History is littered with ponzi schemers that travelled the world to sweet talk their prey. Take a look at Bernie Madoff. He hardly lived in the closet.

Why would a ponzi scheme go on a World Tour if it wasn’t credible?

Good question.

Let me rephrase it.

If Banners Broker is truly about a revolutionary advancement in the online advertising industry, why is the company touring for investors instead of advertisers?

It is advertisers who make the BB world spin round.

They are the ‘alleged’ heart of the business, the rainmakers if you will.

So why is there no evidence that a single Banners Broker advertiser exists? Why does Banners Broker spend its days trawling the world for fifty buck investors when its the big brand advertisers that pay the bills?

This company cannot survive without recruiting a large number of the most reckless advertisers under the sun (who also conveniently have the most extravagant budgets).

How do they recruit these elusive, nonchalant big-spenders (who don’t care which of the 10 networks you throw their ads on for twice the price)?

It’s certainly not by going on tour at advertising trade shows, or reputable conferences, or by offering a single interview to a reputable trade journal.

No, no.

The CEO of Banners Broker prefers to spend his time sharking across the dancefloor at Irish galas, eyeing up the next Primark suit for a Yellow Panel bonanza.

Chris Smith's lucky day

He calls it networking. I call it a waste of bloody time for somebody who *allegedly* has much bigger fish to fry.

You don’t find Zuckerberg skirting for fifty bucks on the outskirts of Mumbai.

How can it be a ponzi? It doesn’t require referrals. I can make money without referring a single soul!

Practically every big player in Banners Broker is sitting on a mountain of referrals. It is the secret sauce behind their incomes.

True, you don’t have to refer people to join the program. But at this stage in the game, you are going nowhere fast if you choose to sit still, waiting for your panels to progress. This program is designed in such a way that dragging in more investors is the safest way to guarantee your own investment.

If you think the program can survive without referrals, you might want to consider this latest nugget from the Banners Broker blog:

“BB will be around as long as affiliates want to remain a part of the program”

Freud must be smiling in his grave.

Banners Broker is approved by MasterCard. Do you really think MasterCard would approve a ponzi scheme to use their cards?

This is such a nasty little lie that Banners Broker has been forced to tell its affiliates that, actually, there is no approval from Mastercard, and indeed no backing whatsoever. Banners Broker buys its pre-paid Mastercards from Vector, an independent reseller.

If you think there is a legitimate relationship between MasterCard and Banners Broker, I would advise that you keep it to yourself. Banners Broker are now so hypersensitive about this damaging lie that they are terminating the accounts of users who imply any such relationship exists.

If it was really a scam, it would have collapsed already.

There are some ponzi schemes that have lasted 20 years and there are others that have crashed and burned in 20 days.

If you believe that size or longevity defines a ponzi, let me assure you: it doesn’t.

It only defines how memorable the ultimate collapse will be.

In Summary: What is Really Happening?

For those of you who don’t have the time or attention to read all of the above, here is the bullet point breakdown of what is currently happening with Banners Broker, and what you can expect to happen over the coming months.

  • Your Panel Movements Will Grind to a Halt – Thousands of BB members are already reporting that their panels have been static for days, and that they have been slowing over the last few weeks. There’s a very simple explanation for this. Banners Broker doesn’t have the cashflow to pay what it owes, or to deliver the returns that it is promising you. Certainly not over the Christmas period where members are rushing to withdraw. Your panels are going to move slowly probably for the rest of Banners Broker’s very short-lived existence.

  • Withdrawals Will Continue to Take Forever – It’s not going to get better. The Banners Broker program is showing severe signs that it is overstretched. You don’t need me to tell you that withdrawal times are getting worse. Compare them to six months ago.

  • More ‘World Tours’ – Banners Broker is losing the online battle for publicity (with articles like my last swamping their brand at the top of Google), which is why it is throwing resources in to offline ‘tours’ as a means of recruiting new investors. This looks set to continue in to the new year with a tour of India planned. Will Banners Broker make it that far? I couldn’t possibly say. But if you’d like a long list of ‘deeply troubling questions’ to ask them in person, feel free to email me.

  • The Press Will Continue to Circle – The Sunday World has reported three negative stories in three weeks on Banners Broker. The Irish Examiner is also chiming in. I know for a fact that at least two major UK newspapers are interested in the fate of the scheme, as I’ve been speaking to them personally. Expect to hear lots more negative press about Banners Broker in the following weeks. The knives are being sharpened from all angles.

  • The Trolls, Shills & Pimps Will Blitz the Comments – The slightest hint of criticism and they always do. Just ask yourself, “What is their motivation?” If they were really making money from Banners Broker (and I’m sure some of them are), why do they care what anybody else thinks? The reason they defend this program so devoutly is because their future income depends on it. I hope that this post convinces you to think twice about your own.

Is Banners Broker ‘Definitely’ a Ponzi Scheme?

In my last post, I came to the judgment that Banners Broker is a well-disguised ponzi scheme. I stand by that judgment.

In the comments, I faced a lot of questions from readers who thought I couldn’t possibly say with ‘100% conviction’ that it is definitely a ponzi scheme. As much as it pains me to admit this, they are correct.

Theoretically, there is still a tiny chance that Banners Broker isn’t a ponzi scheme. Until the inevitable collapse, there remains a tiny shred of doubt.

The problem for those who back Banners Broker is that it is down to them to answer: “If Banners Broker isn’t a ponzi scam, what could it possibly be?

The existing business model is riddled with flaws and impossibilities. There is simply no way that the money being paid to investors could have been delivered by online advertisers in the model that Banners Broker is claiming. Zero chance.

And that’s where this research ends.

If you believe that Banners Broker can operate as something other than a ponzi scam and deliver such spectacular returns, you are welcome to carry on believing, to keep on throwing your savings at the cause.

If, like many, you are coming to suspect the workings behind Banners Broker for something more sinister, you may wish to cancel your ticket to the BB World Tour, roll out your mock-Bannatyne accent and repeat this loud and clear:

I’m out.

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A 29 year old high school dropout (slash academic failure) who sold his soul to make money from the Internet. This blog follows the successes, fuck-ups and ball gags of my career in affiliate marketing.


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  • To andreasheinz:

    I am in possession of a BB card as well as numerous friends of mine. Said cards have not been funded in 58 days of waiting to be funded.

    To BBinsider:

    It doesn’t matter if you believe what I have posted or not. I am not trying to be rude to you. I respect what you have written here. All I ask is that people consider what I have posted and use their own common sense and resources to decided if I am full of it or not.

    Though I have written a lot, please allow me to clarify my assertions:

    1, No legitimate multimillion dollar company starts up and operates the way Bannersbroker did and has.

    2, No legitimate multimillion dollar company operates strictly in cyberspace, with no known officers, brick and mortar location(s) and or public records indicating that they are actually dealing with millions and millions of dollars.

    3. There are thousands of Bannersbroker members who have not been paid as agreed over the past 58 days. Bannersbroker only response to their members has been to post more nonsense and useless support links on their website, to address their growing angered member base.

    4. Bannersbroker, who supposedly transacts millions of dollars in business everyday, hosts their website with a cheap hosting company when the rest of the legitimate business world conducting hundreds of millions of dollars in business every year, uses their own servers and those of large business class third party companies. I am sorry if anyone does not understand this point, but please try to understand that large companies who are providing sensitive investment and or financial data to their customers, do not rely on third party web hosting companies whose main business is to provide webhosting services to home and small business publishers. If you have any doubt over how significant this point is, ask your bank if they would publish their website with a third party public webhosting company. Think what you like, but panels are nothing more than graphic information reporting money made verses investment. If that is not sensitive financial information, what is?

    5. Bannersbroker is not endorsed nor recommended by any respected financial service provider and or legitimate business in the world today. No one but Bannersbroiker, scam artists and ignorant people sing their praises, yet look how many are now screaming they are a scam. There is absolutely no verifiable evidence, other than the false propaganda spread by these criminals, that Bannersbroker has any assets whatsoever and or provides any kind of service or products for sale. Come on folks, can you even begin to think of one single multimillion dollar company that you can not actually verify that they sell a product or service?

    6. Stellar Point has been in business less than 6 months. They do not advertise who any of their clients are, like every other legitimate marketing company in the world, and it makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever to utilize a start up marketing company to provide basically the management and oversight of an alleged multimillion dollar business. If you are to believe Bannersbroker propaganda, the people that founded the company are so stupid they did not and do not know how to run it. Astronomical screws ups are simply referred to as ‘oversights’. Illegal problems within the company are simply wrote off as growing pains and delayed payments and slow panel movements are referred to as software glitches. Yet the whole company is ran off servers belonging to a discount web hosting company. Come on people. Do you really think that honest but stupid people, could build a multimillion dollar advertising company and not have a clue what they hell they were doing?

    BBinsider, as I stated previously, It doesn’t matter if you believe what I have posted or not, however I challenge you to dispute one thing I have written in this post. I have given you six facts that you can try to disprove if you like, But you cannot disprove them, please refrain from challenging my integrity.

  • I have no interest in arguing over your facts. What I asked you is why should we believe you that Terry isn’t who he says he is. How do we know thats true.

  • @Bill Lucas,
    As I’ve stated, the address is 5 Carlaw Court, Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Come by and visit the “house”. Please bring the police, a lawyer, the press and anyone else you think would be interested in your story and so-called evidence. I’ll enjoy your brief visit.

    I won’t get into name calling, because that’s your MO, but you simply haven’t got a clue. I’m not going to bother addressing anything you’ve said, because you can’t read evidently, and you’ve done absolutely no research. You’re just here to cause trouble, and I won’t waste my time allowing you to.

    I know all about the show, I’ve watched it many times. Who says there’s no risk involved? I certainly haven’t, and no, there’s no expertise required, same can be said for many occupations out there. There is the need however to be able to learn and work with numbers.

    You’re right, in this case, the money people spend on purchasing their packages, equates to a pre-packaged lot of inventory that represents ad space within the Ad Network. The business isn’t reliant on new people, however, since the opportunity to build an online business appeals to many, we continue to market it to those that feel the program is for them. BBI doesn’t need new affiliates, just like McDonalds doesn’t need new customers, however, we welcome them.

    @Still to be convinced Steve,

    It is also possible for them not to.

    Whatever Bill Lucas is posting is pure fabrication. BBI has never been suspended from either, in fact, nothing we have can be put on eBay, so why would they?

    As for Dunn & Bradstreet, not every company in Canada has a DUNS number, so BBI or Stellar Point not having one is not evidence of mischievious behaviour. Calling attention to it though is a great attempt at distraction.

    Is your translation an attempt at being funny? If you inquire with STP for example how often they payout and how long it takes, you will find out that it can take 2 weeks or more for them to process and pay the affiliats of the companies they do business with. The BB Card through Vector offers us a quicker way of doing things, and considering some of the arguements posted, I was under the impression that was a good thing. STP is a good company that provides a necessary service for some companies, however, BBI’s intent is to transition away from them.

    As I’ve stated, Bill Lucas is posting absolutely false information. First off,I resent being called a criminal when there’s absolutely no evidence to support otherwise, and if that’s the case, then what substantiates his other claims? Careful Mr. Lucas, you may be explaining more to the police than you intended when you visit.

    Second, BBI currently has 300,000+ members, somethat Mr. Lucas’s arguement doesn’t support either.

    I dare Mr. Bill Lucas to take me up on my invite. Anyone else want to see that happen?

  • Terry, why have my panels slowed down?

    Why won’t BB sue the negative posters and bloggers. They should be protecting the business interests of their affiliates.

  • BBinsider:

    You have asked a legitimate question that I prefer not to answer because my doing so would only alert those who I am wanting to track, how I do so. If you put your mind to it, use your common sense and do some research on Google, it will not take you long to possess the same information I found. But why tell the criminals, how they are traced? Please don’t ask me questions that only help the same idiots we are all complaining about.

  • OK OK, I just have to address these…

    1. No legitimate multimillion dollar company….
    You evidently have never heard of Google, Facebook or MySpace.

    2. No legitimate multimillion dollar company….
    Once again you demonstrate your lack of business knowledge. Every single bank in North America operates their global head office in cyberspace…and that’s just for example. Each country has a National HQ that handles their affairs, just like BBI has Stellar Point. BBI used to call its national offices BB Canada, BB India, BB UK etc, however, when it was decided that the goal was to offer the support, training and marketing services to other companies, the company model was changed and Stellar Point was created. Considering it’s a common practice, easily read about online, I’m shocked you missed this info.

    3. There are thousands of Bannersbroker members….
    There is some truth to this, but it’s not as written. As I’ve mentioned, each BB card has a process. First, you actually have to activate the card, then respond to the email used to activate it. Second, if the account is in negative when the payment is to be issued, the load fails. Third, if the card is full, the load fails. Each card has a max load limit of $10,000, so if you’re requesting $5,000 and have $5,500 on it, the load will fail. Lastly, if your account becomes locked while your request is being processed, your load will fail. Now, if you have an issue with not being paid in 58 days, I direct your attention to the above. If none of the above apply to you, then feel free to contact me directly and I’ll have it looked into immediately, as something is indeed wrong, as this behavior is abnormal for our affiliates.

    4. Bannersbroker,who supposedly….
    Yes, that’s right, our website, not our back end or software. Once again trying to cause doubt where there isn’t any. Circumstantial evidence to support a misdirectional and minor issue.

    5. Bannersbroker is not endorsed….
    If you do your research, you’ll find that no direct sales company is endorsed nor recommended by any respected financial service provider. Herbalife has been in business near 40 years now, and they aren’t endorsed, so what’s your argument exactly?

    6. Stellar Point has been in business….
    Yes, that is true, and explained above and in posts previously. Your attempt to draw doubt because we don’t market our clients through our website isn’t valid. Not every marketing company lists their clients openly on their website, so because we don’t we’re not legit? Illegal problems? Do tell. The whole company isn’t hosted off one server because if for some reason the website were to crash, the back offices would as well, not to mention, it creates a line of defence against those that would attempt to hack the servers through the site…but I guess that part didn’t dawn on you did it?

    Nothing you’ve stated are facts. Those that come close are twisted into being false by your accompanying arguments.

    For those that doubt who I say I am, well, there’s nothing I can really do to convince you. I’ve posted the company address, phone number and my email address. If you want physical proof, come visit, I’ll buy you a coffee and we can chat in the lounge.

  • What is the most powerful pharmaceutical in the world? It’s Placebo. Sugar tablets with no active ingredients. It works because many patients believe that it works (when they don’t know it’s only a sugar tablet)… and in reality the human brain does all the healing.

    In the same way, I have met and spoken to many sad cases of people that want to believe that one can make money by doing nothing — doubling and tripling it. These people want to believe that they’re emulating what Google does! Sadly, most of these nice people (and I mean it… they are nice mums and dads) have no understanding of how online advertising works… banners or no banners. It’s heart breaking.

    Bernie Madoff did pay hundreds of millions to his “investors” over many years. Read if you don’t know who he was (is in jail).

    Problem was, Bernie sent out account statements to his investors showing them which stocks on NASDAQ and NYSE he bought and sold for them… It was all true about the price movements of these stocks… it’s public knowledge. Problem was, Bernie never bought of sold any stocks. He simply used cash from most recent investors to pay to old investors.

    Banners Broker does not even give you fake statements!!! Bernie Madoff was better 🙂
    They simply say they can’t show you the money because of these theoretical blind networks. What a joke that is.

    If anyone is happy to make money from BB until the music stops, then go for it. But at least have the ethics of acknowledging that the money BB is giving you comes from new members buying their first “package” and panels and traffic packs.

    You guys don’t have to disagree or agree on anything…. there is only ONE question posed in the entire thread which is never answered.. and that is for BB to prove their commercial credentials. Let a reputable bank or accounting firm do some due diligence on BB and publish the report.

    The only defense BB seems to have is to show that affiliates are getting paid cash… every now and then. This is no proof. The guy the rubs the bank often spends his money on buying things too.

    In summary, let us all invite Banners Broker to provide INDEPENDENT audit or due diligence report by any well known company.

  • Terry I think you mis-understood the question. I said is it possible for EVERY affiliate to make a profit. Not some win and some loose. Although it is good of you to admit that affiliates can loose money, I haven’t seen BB say that before!

    OK, I’ll phrase the question another way. Is it possible for some affiliates to make a profit, if no affiliates loose money?

  • @BBinsider,
    The panels don’t track real time, they never were advertised to claim such either. The system is constantly being worked on, and the database is keeping track. When they update the system, the panels show the accurate count, but don’t expect to sit there and see them move, as they aren’t live.

  • @Still to be convinced Steve,
    Yes it’s possible for every affiliate to make money and none lose.

  • @all, I’ll check back tomorrow, I’m out for the night.

    You’re all capable of making your own choices. You can choose to listen to people like Bill Lucas who spout nonesense and untruths while providing absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support their claims, or you can choose to listen to a member of the corporate staff, who’s been addressing your questions for some time now, or you can choose to listen to neither, do your own research and draw your own conclusions based on the answers presented by both sides.

    I’m only here to try and set the record straight. People like Bill who are making baseless allegations, well you have to wonder why they’re here.

    The invite still stands Bill, come visit me.

  • Still waiting for an answer Terry. You seem more interested in entertaining the negative postersthan trying to solve the issues of actual BB affiliates!

  • Terry, you still have not addressed why the people who are holding on to BB cards have been waiting over 58 days for their withdraw requests to be funded? Also your claim that businesses such as Dunn and Brad Street our ignorant of many companies who transact hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and or revenue over a three year period of time, is so outlandish it does not deserve a response. As for the address of a bogus marketing company in Canada, you still have not provided us with an actual physical address for Bannersbroker. You continue to mention that we can bring the press, the police, lawyers, etc. to your offices, yet I nor anyone else has claimed that your wanted by the authorities are that any pending legal actions have been initiated.

    You have my address, social security number, IP address and any information you need to contact me. Why have you not done so? You accuse me of criminal actions, yet I am not the one who is ripping off over 300,000 people, by your claims, This is the united states crackhead. We have the right of freedom of speech in this country and to make public our complaints. So far all you have done is respond to my allegations claiming that I am just trying to stir up trouble. Yet, everything others and I have complained about that can simply be verified rather your responses are true or false, you have refused to answer. As for eBay, i never alleged that Bannersbroker ever tried to do business on eBay. For those who have had experiences with Paypal, you all know that they are owned by eBay and that suspension from one will lead to suspension on the other. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that if Bannersbroker was a legitimate company they would give their left nut to be Paypal verified. Also the ridiculous claims that Paypal is more expensive than the current payment providers with Bannersbroker, is ludicrous. Does anyone out there know of any company that charges people an initial $45.00 fee? Does anyone out there know of any company that charges their customers a fee for declined transactions – trying to use the card beyond their balances? Why would a multimillion dollar business choose to bypass the premier payment services to opt for a horrible company like Vector? The answer is evident, the premier companies would never do business with someone doing business like Bannersbroker. Go try to sell your nonsense of having no Dunn and Brad Street number to a company like Wells Fargo.

    Terry, since you are making offers, please allow me to extend one to you. Close the Bannersbroker account that I am accessing or send an email to the same from your company email. Upon you doing either one, I will cease and desist making any further comments about Bannersbroker publicly. If not, please be advised that I will consider you comic relief and continue to blast away at you in the spirt that nothing either of us has to say, makes any difference to anyone.

  • @Terry,

    “Yes it’s possible for every affiliate to make money and none lose.” For that to happen their must be a source of profit that is not the affiliates. So why won’t BBI give us PROOF of where the income comes from? That should not be too difficult to do now should it?

  • Terry, one other thing, If you Google my legal name, you will find over 40 pages on Google with links about my professional profile, yet I only have operated businesses making less than 2m a year. When you Google your name, there is absolutely no information out there, other than some blogs where your name is mentioned, referring to your so called professional accomplishments and or profile.

    Terry, you may fool those who are looking for any glimmer of hopes of ever getting their money out of Bannersbroker, but to anyone with more than a first grade education, you are nothing but a joke. I will say this a million times over, you cannot make millions of dollars in the world today and not leave a trace of it somewhere. Also, just for further grins and giggles, I network with a lot of multimillionaires, big time studs in the business world, and not one person I have contacted as ever heard of you. There are people at Forbes who doing all day other then research millionaires and high profile business people, yet Forbes has never heard of you either. Dunn and Brad Street is like the CIA of business reporting. They are tied in to every relevant data system in world today, yet they have never heard of your, Bannersbroker and or Stellar Point.

    Terry, are we to believe that you have somehow come out of nowhere, escaped detection by the largest business reporting systems in the world, made astronomical business mistakes, overcome the same, are working with a mathematical genius, invented a legitimate business plan that everyone who has any experience in business whatsoever, states is an impossible means of making legitimate money, and somehow managed to help build and run a business that claims to generate hundreds of millions of dollars?

    I will state this opinion again for all who want to read it, Terry you must be the most stupid moron walking on the face of this planet and live in a fantasy world of belief that there are actually people more stupid than you walking around on the face of this earth.

  • Terry, I got another question for you to help us all have a great laugh. When Bannersbroker decided to do business with Stellar Point and Vector card services, what business reporting did your multimillion dollar company use to assure that your proverbial asses were covered with publicly associating yourself with the same? I guess you would like us all to believe that Bannersbroker does not utilize these standard business practices, as you all are just trying to do everything as cheap as you can. I guess you would also like us to believe that these other businesses also do not follow standard business practices before entering into million dollar arrangements with potential clients and or customers. LMAO.

  • I agree with Bill Lucas that “Dunn and Bradstreet is like the CIA”…

    We should all stop these silly mind games and simply ask Banners Broker to provide ONE independent reference, or review, or audit, or due diligence of their business by a respected firm.

    Speaking of the CIA, if BBI was so true, the CIA would want to learn a few lessons, and send their young recruits to BBI to learn how they keep such a huge enterprise so secret.

    Problem is, BBI is saying “Trust us. You have to believe what we tell you”. Alas, it’s not a question of trust but a question of evidence and proof.

    Imagine how scared the multi-billion dollar Google and other competitors will be when they read an independent report on BBI… and imagine the millions of new affiliates that would be queuing up to join.

    Come on, Banners Broker…. “show me the money” [that is, money from advertising revenue, not money from affiliates,]

  • Terry,

    Stop avoiding serious questions. I have a few questions for you, Terry.

    1. From whom does Banners Broker generate money from? Since Banner Brokers generate more than 300 million USD, it is about the size of revenue Twitter generates a year. Twitter has more 500 million registered accounts.

    Give me your top 10 companies that Banners Broker generate money from. As you replied to me earlier, Banners Broker is not an advertising company. You went on to say Banners Broker doesn’t get money from advertisers. Banners Broker is not a publisher, so definitely it doesn’t generate money from publishing. Are you trying to say all money comes from affiliates? Affiliates are supposed to withdraw money from Banners Brokers. Thus, Banners Brokers must get this money from somewhere. As you rule out advertisers, the only logical conclusion is from affiliates. Isn’t this called a ponzi scheme? Twitter has Toyota as one of their main advertisers. What does Banner Broker have?

    2. Banners Broker claimed to revolutionize the digital advertising. What special value does Banner Broker have to revolutionize the digital advertising? Google has the best search engine. Facebook has the most social network connections. Twitter has 500 million registered twitters. I can see that all you do is to recruit more affiliates and encourage people to recruit more affiliates indiscriminately. I bet more than 90% of your affiliates have no business and never advertise on web space. Based on the experience in Cambodia, some even do not know how to use computers properly, but just rely on those top recruiters.

    3. Banners Broker claims to be a new cool kid in the advertising industry. Banners Broker claim to generate 100% return on investment over less than 6 months based on your top affiliates.

    In 2011, Google revenue was 38 billion dollars and profit is 9.7 billion dollars. The profit is 25% of the revenue.

    Bing is the rival of Google search and lost 1 billion dollar a quarter in 2011 according to

    What value does Banners Broker have to generate more than 100% return on investments?

    4. If Banners Broker can generate more than 100% return on investment, why doesn’t it borrow money from the bank?

    The funny thing is your affiliates generate 100% return on investment over a cycle and keeps doubling this amount over and over again as each cycle is completed. Thus, it is not just 100% return on investment, but it is more than 100% return on investment. That’s why, top affiliates promise 100k earning a month in 1-3 years by joining Banners Broker business. Check for evidence. Based on this model, the 300k affiliates will make 360 billion dollars in 1-3 years.

    5. If I search “how much profit does twitter make?”, I get this result The top result is Twitter is probably worth 10 billion dollars

    If I search “how much profit does Banners Broker make?” The top result is “Beware Scam” q=how+much+profit+does+twitter+make%3F&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS517US517&oq=how+much+profit+does+twitter+make%3F&aqs=chrome.0.57j60j62l3.13963&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#hl=en&tbo=d&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS517US517&sclient=psy-ab&q=how+much+profit+does+Banners+Broker+make%3F&oq=how+much+profit+does+Banners+Broker+make%3F&gs_l=serp.3…62384.68357.0.68548.…1c.1.rSKvG6Vqago&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41248874,d.b2I&fp=4a19662fa4882be9&biw=1366&bih=667

    I can see SCAM, SCAM, SCAM from top sites that have reputation of revealing past scammers.

    Finally, I hope Terry Stern is your real name. Let me ask you in this blog. If you are very confident about this Banners Broker, let me ask you “Are you willing to sell all your properties to give back money to the losers in this scam if Banners Broker is found to be a scam?”

    Can you make this promise under the oath and you will be held accountable under the laws?

  • To much questions for a ponzi knight Terry.He has good will but ponzi nature does not alow him to sound credibly.Terry dear,run away from BB till you can.This aint gona finish good Terry boy,lies won’t bring you desired goal ,just oposite,more condemnations

  • Hey guys, gonna keep this as short as possible. There’s an awful lot of assumptions going on. In the previous section – Don’t let it affect you – One of Finch’s replies to me was, and I quote –

    “Maybe it’s time to take a look at your own business activity and participation in ponzi schemes.”

    I never said I was involved with any ponzi scheme, I never said I was involved with BB. I trade the horse markets on Betfair, I thought I had made that clear.

    I could go through an awful lot on here with regards to various assumptions. That sentence alone will no doubt, bearing in mind the issue in topic, cause many people to assume that I am pro BB. I am neither-nor, on the the fence, independent, my reasons for being on here are from word of mouth from people who say good things if you care to read the previous section. That doesn’t mean anything with regards to my position, yet people assume.

    Anyway, with all the PPI things going on, the MP’s expenses, the banks, to mention a few, which are all government controlled, or ‘regulated’ I should say, there’s shit everywhere. Anyone going after these guys? – oh wait, we can’t, because we are simply brain washed. Slap on the wrists and it’s ok, normal play resumed…

    My point, as I stated earlier is this. Everyone should take responsibilty for their actions, make their risk assessment and decide where to go from there. After my posts a few months ago, I vaguely remember someone posting that they wished I had lost my entire life savings on this or something like that. I simply do not understand why they came to that.

    I also do not understand why anyone would think it appropriate to call someone a ‘dick head’ – aimed at Bill Lucas’ recent post. I don’t get it, you need to calm down, take some time out – you obviously have not accepted responsibility for your actions, move on.

  • @Terry Stern

    Hello again Terry. I’m pleased you’ve heard of Dragons’ Den, but you appear to miss my point. Let me therefore rephrase:

    Affiliates bring money to BB, but BB gives them much more back. Affiliates simply cost BB money. WHY THEREFORE HAVE AFFILIATES?

  • Also, with regards to the ‘Chris Smith’ saga and everyone seemingly arguing with each other, there really has been an awful lot of credibility lost in this entire thread. It has become some what of a circus I feel, but it’s damn good entertainment – Good work Finch, it’s enlightening to say the least (from a psychology perspective), I am genuinely not having a dig, it is entertaining.

  • Maynard, I am not sure I agree with your arithmetic. Let’s do the math on a simple transaction with Bannerscrooks. A thirty dollar panel costs you 30.00 dollars going in. In addition, the maximum money you can make on the same is 15.00 dollars because you have no other choice but to buy at least on more panel of equal value upon maturation. In addition Bannercrooks charge you another fifty dollars a month for traffic. Add transaction fees for cashing out, and your 15.00 profit is now looking a lot more like 12.00 dollars. Considering that a 30.00 dollar panel takes just under 2 months to fully mature, you can then do the math on the interest of 300,000 members having at least 140.00 dollars of real money in Bannercrooks for a minimum of 9 months. Do you still think affiliates cost Bannerscrooks money?

    Now take in to account that Bannerscrooks when all is said and done will only pay out about 25% to 30% of the money they took in to keep the scam going. Using a Monte Carlo simulation to figure in all the variables, the criminals at Bannerscrooks should end up with about 135m dollars before all is said and done. That figure assumes that they are not actually operating a legitimate business, in other words, their only source of revenue is their affiliates who buy in to the scam. If they were actually operating a legitimate business, the revenues could easily top over 800m. 300,000 members buying in at the minimum, is 45m in operating capital. Could you imagine the interest payments alone on 45m? Just using simple simulations and statistics, the actual figure is over 170m interest free for a minimum of 9 months before anyone could actually collect their original investment back.

    The real sad part of the Bannerscrooks saga is that if they had simply invested their affiliates money in high yield bonds are good investments, the dividends from the same would be enough to go around and make everyone happy. What a shame.

  • BB’s claimed reasons for requiring notarized identification and social security and or other tax account identification numbers sounds very plausible in todays global climate. Anti money laundering and tax codes, both domestically and internationally, require a lot more supporting documentation than they did 10 years ago. That said, how can any business report taxes to the IRS without a Federal tax payer identification number? Any business that pays taxable income to people in the USA are required to have a federal tax payer ID number. International companies are not exempt from said requirement. Bannersbroker does not have a fed tax id number, so what are they actually doing with the notarized ID and social security numbers of the American affiliates? If anyone who was involved with BB in 2012 and is still a member, questions what I am stating here, simply contact your local IRS office and ask them if BB has reported any income under your social security number. If you want to test my claim that international companies are not exempt from having a fed tax payer ID, that is companies who pay out income in the US, simply go to the and use there Fed Tax ID locator service. Said information is free to the public and is not restricted. In addition, the first thing any company doing conducting business in the US is required to have to get everything else going, is a Fed Tax ID number. I guess that Bannersbroker would like us all to believe that they are exempt from that requirement as well.

  • To everyone who has read and or commented on my posts:

    I would like to sincerely apologize for my earlier comments claiming that the criminals who started and are operating the BB scam are highly intelligent. I would also like to set the record straight. For the past three days my associates have been camped outside the Stellar Point office in Canada, waiting to see who shows up. Having been invited in for a visit today by someone pretending to be Terry Stern, we decided to take this person up on their offer. The following is what my associates reported to me just minutes ago.

    Arriving at the Stellar Point offices, they found less than five people working in the office. My associates decided to act as if they were interested in doing business with Stellar because they had heard of Stellar through Bannersbroker, Some of the questions my associates asked, included, can you tell us your companies business model and or mission statement? No one had an answer to either question. When my associates asked who they may contact that Stellar services for recommendations, all five people stated that they had no knowledge of who their customers are. When my associates asked to speak to Terry Stern, they all became very quiet and finally one of the people who claims to be the office manager there, stated that he had never met and or heard of Mr. Stern. My associates explained that a large part of their proposed startup would be web based an inquired of the office manager as to what kind of web based support and consulting they could expect with a relationship with Stellar, the office manager stated that they did not currently employ anybody who could provide web based support and or consultancy for the same. My associates further inquired as to why Stellar Point is not listed in their cities local phone directory and why they did not have an answered general line for public inquiries. At that time, my associates were politely asked to leave.

    Some of the general observations of my associates indicate that there is no legitimate business being conducted at the address BB and the fake Terry Stern provided. One of my associates witnessed one of their employees answering a ringing phone and immediately hanging it up upon answering it. There was no evidence of anyone performing IT work and or having access to the back end of the BB website. The overall general impression of the office visit and observation, is a poorly funded operation, paying the minimal wage to have people pick up a phone, maybe answer some emails, receive mail and be present if someone came snooping around. The employees number one answer was to provide another address in India for further inquiries about BB. No one could provide a name of a person who is allegedly a high ranking officer, partner, etc. of BB. My associates hung around approximately for an hour after leaving, to observe if anyone else showed up and or came out the door to see what if anything was going on. My associates final comment was that the people they talked to simply appeared go back to pretending to do business as usual.

    To whomever is pretending to be Terry Stern. You invited me over, along with anyone I wanted to bring, yet you have never stepped foot in the office you told me to come to. Though my associates, who you have burned for tens of thousands of dollars are not paid private investigators, police officers and or lawyers, they had no trouble observing that the Stellar office provides no other function than a front for the BB scam. My associates and I accepted your offer in good faith only to have our time wasted by poorly informed and trained dupes who did not really have a clue what to do if someone actually came around checking up on BB or SP. You have failed to act upon my offer, as posted earlier on this blog. My account access is still open and my email box is void of any correspondence from BB and or yourself. You are a worm and a liar. You have no honor whatsoever. My biggest disappointment is that I gave the criminals who are behind the BB scam a lot more credit for being smarter than what they actually are. At this point, I am not convinced that the real criminal behind the BB scam is some idiot sitting over in Nigera who got bored with advance fee scams. Also, it would not surprise me to later learn that the main person behind the BB scam is 15 years old or younger.

  • @Bill Lucas

    Hi Bill, I take your point that BB would gain financially by having affiliates if they were a criminal operation operating as you describe. However, BB was sold to the world as a legitimate operation.

    What I’m asking Terry is, why would a legitimate operation need affiliates that do nothing more than cost BB money? In Terry’s model, affiliates bring money to BB, but BB gives them much more back. Affiliates simply cost BB money. WHY THEREFORE HAVE AFFILIATES?

    If the reason is that BB use affiliate money to buy advertising space in bulk, re-sell it and make a profit, and share the profit with affiliates, it makes no sense. BB are offering to double affiliates’ initial money, so in effect BB are paying a 100% return on that initial money. It would have been far cheaper to get venture capital, which should cost no more than 37% … but now that BB have been trading for over 2 years, should cost considerably LESS than 37%.

    So my question to Terry still stands: WHY HAVE AFFILIATES?

  • Terry Stern

    I am contacting you directly as none of the above affect my account so could you look into my account immediately as you stated above , my panels have slowed and my withdrawal as not been issued to my bb card which is 22 days late

  • @Terry

    It is bizarre that the *only* way for some affiliates to get any sense or answers from your company (BB/BBI/Stellar Point) relating to the product you supply is to ask them on a blog that seriously questions the validity of your company.

    What lessons has BB/BBI/Stellar Point learned about customer service from this?

    What customer satisfaction surveys have you carried out?

    What are the results of those surveys?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these questions.


  • Maynard, I can only refer you to Finch’s original report and how Bannersbroker was originally pitched to the public when they started. I believe the term they used was ‘cycler doubler.’ I have to tell you Maynard that my biggest complaint with Bannersbroker is that every time they are caught in some lie and or legitimate holes are blasted in their explanation of how they do business, they put on their thinking caps and come up with a whole new lie. If you were to walk in to the majority of businesses that earn hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, I assure you that the majority of companies employees could tell you the company business model and or mission statement. A lot of the people you will talk with at BB, have really no clue how the company allegedly makes it money. I would really like to put away everything I know about Bannersbroker and write off the facts as misinformation. I truly would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but one nagging question I cannot get past is who else but the affiliates are feeding the kitty.

    The most discouraging thing I have found out this past week is that Bannersbroker openly admits that they started Stellar Point. They claim that due to all of the internal problems and start up mistakes they made were due to their inexperience in running an advertising company. Okay, well that explanation if obvious when the company launches itself as a legal pyramid (cycler doubler) and later claims to have a revolutionary new algorithm that allows them to tap in to billions of dollars on internet advertising money, but please bear with me on this one, if in fact they need someone else to come in an basically run their business, what, kind of Micky Mouse logic would it make to form your own adverting consultant business who serves no other company but your own? If you can’t make one company run ethically and serve its customers correctly, why would you go try to start another one when you could simply hire marketing people to help you or seek out a company with years of experience to outsource it to?

    Getting back to else but the affiliates feed the kitty, all you have to do is watch the feet of their so called advertising consultants. Who are they going after? Are they out talking to major corporations and or even smaller companies who spend money to advertise? No. I don’t think there is a person out there that disputes that BB is a ghost in the corporate world. If someone like Google was paying them hundreds of billions of dollars in advertising revenue, they could not operate in the dark. There would be so many money trails that everyone in advertising would know them. Think of it this way, if you own an advertising agency, wouldn’t you know who your competition is. Especially if that competition was claiming to be blowing the doors off of their competition, making unheard of profits with a business model no one can rationally explain. Getting back to watching their feet, what do we actually know about how Bannersbroker markets themselves? What is their marketing channel and who are their target groups? Repeatedly, out of the mouth of their own people and by simply watching them, they whole sales approach is to target all of their sales efforts on bringing in affiliates. When all is said and done, there is absolutely no ethical and or legitimate evidence that this company has anyone else feeding their coffers.

    So continuing to give BB the benefit of the doubt, lets all assume that they have legitimate companies secreting pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising money to BB leaving absolutely no trail whatsoever. If so, why are the big boys investing millions not becoming affiliates? BB sure doesn’t target multimillionaires who have made millions in MLM programs and or in advertising. If BB’s whole business model wasn’t a very risky Ponzi scheme, in other words they had some revolutionary secret business plan making unheard of profits, BB would be attracting people all over the world with millions to invest. Some may ask, well how do we know there are not bunch of them already in or considering coming in. The answer to that question is very simple. If in fact people with that kind of money were considering BB to invest their dollars in and or were already in, BB would not be a ghost after almost three years in the corporate world. Dunn and Brad, Thomas Directory, Equifax, etc. would have volumes of information on them, but they don’t. Now I know that someone out there who reads this is going to scream that BB affiliates are not investors. BB publicly denounces the word investor used to describe their affiliates. So if they are no investors and you want rest on the world affiliates, how do affiliates make money. What function do they provide other then feeding the kitty with their own dollars? BB claims to have a revolutionary and secret affiliate program like no other, but giving them the benefit of the doubt again, someone has to be paying the affiliates for doing nothing more than buying panels, or we get back to the word investor again. In all other advertising affiliate programs, the affiliates perform a service that results in the direction of internet traffic (people) to view advertisements and in most instances, purchase products and or services from the same. i use to make some extra bucks here in their with companies like Commission Junction who would pay me commissions from their advertisers when people would click on an advertisement on one of my websites and go purchase something from one of the paid advertisers my website displayed ads more. I don’t think very many people are not familiar with how that all works. For those of you in the dark, this is a real simple business arrangement. A company pays you for either sales that result in your advertising for them and or for your displaying their advertising. But BB claims that they are not paid by advertisers. They certainly have no one out there trying to bring about big or even small advertisers. So again, who is feeding the kitty if it is not just the affiliates?

    In the latests news, Bannersbroker reversed thousands of member money withdraw requests. I can’t believe that they did so solicited by their members to further delay their overdue payments. I am sure that BB will probably make some kind of announcement on their website that some kind of server error and or software glitch caused said reversals, but the end result will most certainly result in at least another claimed three week delay in the members getting paid.

    This will be my last post here on this blog. I want to thank everyone for reading my posts and hopefully considering the information have posted here. I would like to remind everyone that not only have I posted the facts that I truly believe are true and correct about BB, but I have also done something no one else here has done and that is to have posted what I believe are viable solutions for members to hopefully get their money from BB and or at least bring those to accountability that may have stolen said money. For whatever else you may think of me, I at least offered some solutions to the problem rather than just complaining about it. I continue to stand on my assertion that none of the big wigs from BB are posting here. One has already admitted to being a fake and now we have Terry back claiming to be the real deal. Regardless folks if he is the real or deal or not, he is definitely not answering questions that he has to furnish a lick of proof to validate his truthfulness. In the end, I believe my posts will be vindicated when BB is publicly exposed by the media as a Ponzi scheme or scam. I encourage everyone who reads the post here to take the time to thank Finch for his starting this blog and all the information he has provided. Additionally, I encourage everyone to consider the solutions I originally posted in a lawful attempt to recover your money and or at least protect yourself. If your a member of BB, you are an investor and you have every right to make sure that you are paid as agreed and that your investment is being used in the way BB claims it is being used. I don’t even think a fake Terry could dispute my last statement. Take it easy everyone. I have some bigger fish to fry and it is time to move on to my courses of action that go beyond just simply informing people about what most people already know and or suspect.

  • To BBinsider:

    Please my accept my most sincere apology for not answering your question in my final post. Yes, I can prove without a doubt that my associates have visited the Stellar point address that BB states is their Canadian offices.

  • @Bill Lucas

    Sorry to see you go in terms of posting.

    It would have been really helpful for further evidence of the visit to the BB building to be provided. You may not think it important, but it is. Earlier postings on BB pages on Facebook, training sessions, the jamboree in Dublin was that many staff were being hired to speed up various functions. What your associates found totally contradicts (surprise, surprise) those statements mad by BB.

    Having just said that, if BB in whatever guise they take are asked a question with two possible answers and they were challenged on the one they gave, they’d be changing their story to fit the other one immediately after. Glib, slick and very scary!

  • To BBinsider:

    Please my accept my most sincere apology for not answering your question in my final post. Yes, I can prove without a doubt that my associates have visited the Stellar point address that BB states is their Canadian offices.

    With a response like above Bill, it is obvious to all that you are as big a hoax as ‘Chris Smith’ was. Thanks for wasting our time. And just like all the other jokers(BB and non-BB), decides to jump ship as soon as the questions get uncomfortable.

    By the way, still haven’t been paid.

  • @BBinsider:

    I haven’t jumped ship nor ducked any questions. I feel that you owe me an apology for saying that is my motivation to go on to more productive things.

    @ Steve:

    Bannersbroker is not incorporated. To do so they would have to publicly name their owners and or officers, which they so far have failed to make public. These people are not worried about litigation filed against them. They intend to be long gone before anyone could ever get them in front of judge. Also, who would you serve? The only contact anyone has with Bannersbroker is through what they refer to as independent contractors (people with no legal ties to the company) and through Stellar Group who is an alleged consulting firm for them, not a registered agent. It is amazing to me that you can do business in Canada without any formal and or public business filings. If they have been required to file business filings, it would be interesting to know where they were filed. Another interesting fact on this subject is that Bannersbroker claims to be legal to do business in 110 different countries. That prompted me to do some research on several countries, such as Italy, India and Ireland where they do their sales presentations to affiliates. It is interesting to note that with exception of India, who by the way, sent their police in to shut down there third part front acting as an BB office, there is no government record of Bannersbroker being registered to do business in any of the countries I have checked so far. If you look at the Whois directory for, they list a technical contact at 777 Rainbow Blvd, in Las Vegas, NV. In doing a Google search on the address, I came up with a directory of companies listed at the office building at that address. None of them listed Bannersbroker and or Stellar Point as having any office there. Digging deeper, I contacted the County Clerk of Clark County Nevada, (the county Las Vegas is in) and asked the clerk for any DBA filings for Bannersbroker and or Stellar Point. They have not filed there, though they are legally required to do so. In doing a nationwide DBA search for both the US and Canada, through Merlin Data ( – a typical asset search service that many debt collectors and skip tracers use) I was not able to find any record of Bannersbroker and or Stellar Point) having filed any DBA’s anywhere. By the way, anyone doubting just how accurate Merlin Data is, simply post the city you live in and or your address and name, and i will write you back telling you names of childhood friends you have forgotten, every place you ever worked at in your real name, your driving records from every where you ever have had a license in your name, your criminal record if any, if you have ever been sued and or investigated, email addresses you regularly either write to and or receive email from, etc. etc. etc. Check them out. They are a great service that pretty much anyone can subscribe to. Merlin is far more in depth than what you can find on Google and or a paid service. I hope this information has helped you.

    @ Ditto Ditto:

    I will be posting videos and or pictures of my associates visit at BB, once my attorney has had a chance to look at them, on my website I will post here once they are live. Please be patient, I should have them up in the next 48 hours.

  • BBinsider, I have not failed to answer any questions on here. Also, I have not jumped ship.

    Terry, according to Merlin Data, BB nor Stellar has filed DBA’s and or incorporation papers within the US and Canada. There is currently no business filings from BB any public record databases that can be accessed over the internet and or by Merlin. This comes as no surprise, because there is absolutely no legitimate notice by BB and or Stellar, that states who their owners and or officers may be.

    Ditto Ditto, please be patient, I will be posting videos on Utube shortly (within the next 48 hours).

    To everyone:

    Has anyone else heard about BB yesterday reversing withdraw requests of thousands of their members and taking away their access to their ledger sheets showing the members complete financial transactions with BB?

  • Hey guys, just a quick update.

    I’ve received Terry’s answers to my questions and I’m putting together my own replies. Once the exchanges are published, I’ll be taking a much more active role in responding to Terry’s comments. It’s certainly not for lack of material to work with…

    Today is supposed to be Payday. If you’re sitting back and viewing this thread but not commenting, I’d love to hear whether you have actually been paid, as well as how long the withdrawal process took.

    All pyramid-based businesses rely on confidence to grow and prosper. What seems clear to me is that the private confidence in Banners Broker’s ability to pay, and it’s ability to deliver moving panels, is diminishing by the day. Perhaps they can get a thirteenth wind if payments are processed soon, but the real problem here is the lack of money being invested in to the system.

    300,000 affiliates is a lot of mouths to feed.

    If the confidence snaps, the pyramid does too.

    Once people become sensitive about the waiting times (on both payment and panels), the reinvestment dries up and the end is all but sealed.

    My suspicion is that Banners Broker is not going to collapse in a spectacular heap. Rather, they will slowly grind the program in to its grave whilst publicly cleaning up their image, or trying to.

    They seem to be making a last ditch attempt to legitimise the business, using public figures like Terry Stern to rebrand the opportunity as a venture that COULD fail, rather than a moneymaking opportunity that is ‘impossible to not make money from’, as they used to claim.

    I think the demise of Banners Broker is likely to resemble a steady decline in access to your money, not a sudden announcement that the game is over. And for what it’s worth, I think many affiliates have already accepted this – the writing is on the wall.

  • Bill: You actually are as bad as Terry. You say that it is your last post. Then you come back spouting more trash.

    Prove your associates were at Stellar point office.

  • For me what is missed in this whole discussion is that even if BB was a legitimate business it would inevitably collapse under the weight of its inefficient and chaotic business model. For a start it is paying way, way, way too much for its working capital, something that of itself would result in the collapse of the model, and in addition the uncertainty of the availability of future funds, which it must collect in units of $400 or $500 dollars from each affiliate, would prevent them from pursuing any coherent purchasing strategy. Add to this the cost of actually recruiting new affiliates and the cost of administration of their accounts and you’re looking at a business nightmare. Their admin is in any event chaotic, unprofessional and ad hoc, so its fair to assume that the rest of their business would be equally chaotic and inefficient, and they are asking us to believe that they can overcome this and outperform a giant like Google in terms of their profitabilty in the hugely competitive online advertising game. If they were 100% honest, and if Chris Smith was actually the genius they claim him to be, and if the wondrous algorith actualy existed, this company wouldn’t have survived a wet week, becuase ultimately the business model is a steaming pile of s###e.

  • @ Finch,

    first let me say that I have great admiration for you and I sincerely thank you for publishing this blog. That said, I agree with some of things you recently posted. Namely, I do agree that many of BB’s affiliates are seeing the writing on the wall. I know several people who have been in with BB for over 18 months and all of them are telling me that they have no doubt it will soon come to an end, though I must also inform you, that I don’t personally know anyone involved with BB that did not at least have some suspicions from day one what they were investing in.

    I also agree with you that their coming to a close probably will not come from a great crash, such as what happened with Zeek Rewards. The one thing that has continued to amaze me about BB is the fact that the Fed’s have not stepped in and shut them down. I cannot believe that they are not interested in BB when you consider the dollar amounts their claiming. Come on, it does take a rocket scientist to see through their so called business model.

    Mr. Finch, I do not agree with you that BB is making ‘last ditch efforts’ to legitimize their business to their members and the public. I support my opinion with the fact that BB reversed literally thousands of pending withdraw requests yesterday, with no explanation of why they did so to the affected investors. To add insult to injury, they placed a link on each of the pending withdraw requests forms, that resolve to a pop-up screen that requests the member to accept the reversal as if the member had requested the reversal. In addition, everyone that I have talked to that was subject to said reversal, no longer has access to their Ewallet ledger. I do not know at this point rather or not their access would be restored upon accepting the reversal of their pending withdraw requests. How such actions would ever legitimize their business is a complete mystery to me.

    Mr. Finch, I think that others and myself hoped that your post would of included your verification that the person that posts as Terry Stern here, is not an impostor. I hope that you will answer that question for all of us.

  • BBinsider. Please go fuc…. yourself. You have no business attacking me. Why don’t you post your real name, stop your whining and offer some real suggestions on how we should all get our money back.

  • @Bill Lucas

    Apology for being impatient. Looking forward to the link 😉

    FYI BB only show last _1000_ transactions – you cannot go back and check before then. This has been applied *regardless* of whether the account has reached 1000 transactions or not. They also reset the amount of money withdrawn to zero – this happened over Christmas holiday period I understand. Of course, most affiliates will be ok with this. Some will have been printing off information as they go along.

    Bit like the crap email system that ONLY allows you to email your upline. First point of call the upline – TDS can call it what he likes, it’s an upline end of.

    Hope this helps


  • Luther I agree with everything you said and would like to add, that there is no way that a company could grown to a claimed hundreds of millions in revenue in two years, operating the way BB does. I also would like to add, that I am right on track with my claim that no legitimate business earning hundreds of millions in revenue could escape the notice of Dunn and Bradstreet.

  • My money has not been paid onto my banners broker card and there is a reverse option on there now where the withdrawal log says its pending , wasnt there before so i think my withdrawal is about to be reversed.

    R.I.P lovely money i had such big plans for you as well we would have been really happy together

  • Ditto, on several accounts we have no access whatsoever of the general Ewallet ledger. I am referring to the statement that you access by clicking the Ewallet link on the main navigation bar, that usually resolves to a page showing recent transactions and a running account balance available for spending and or withdraw.

    In your post your mentioned BB reseting money withdrawn to zero over Christmas. Are you saying that they reset the amount of withdraw requests you can make in a month to zero, so that no one could submit any further withdraw requests?


  • Bongo, do you still have access to your Ewallet running balance statement? Please refer to my most recent post if you don’t understand what I am asking.


  • Terry Stern

    Whats exactly is your veiw on thousands of these people including myself having their monet reversed?

  • Bill Lucas

    Yes i do , it still gives me my balance in my e wallet but like i said theres a few things changed on my withdrwal log

  • Bongo, I predict that there will be an announcement on the next webinar that there’s been a systems error due to the recent migration to the new servers, and that all withdrawal requests have been cancelled and new withdrawal requests will have to be submitted, with payment dates of three weeks time…… God and servers willing, and God Bless.

  • Bill – I can only confirm that the user posting here as Terry Stern appears to be the ‘real’ Terry Stern that is currently employed by StellarPoint.

    I have been communicating with him via his StellarPoint email, and his messages through the company email are consistent with his comments here. His comments are posted from an IP that is based in Toronto, Canada.

    The fake ‘Chris Smith’ was using an anonymous proxy, and was targeting his comments on just this site. Terry, on the other hand, has been popping up on several blogs and forums.

    Is Terry Stern a real person? I have no idea.

    But the Terry Stern posting here would seem to be the same Terry Stern that is posting elsewhere. That’s about all I can confirm for you.

  • Awww Bill. Thats a bit harsh. Prove that your associates were at stellar point. Should be easy enough. Come on now, you have been asking BB for proof for long enough.

  • Banners broker is running along like an old boneshaker bits follwing of it , tyres worn out just a matter of time before it comes to a stop and the drivers after they driven as far as they possibly can get out and run like fuck

  • For the last two days i’ve been trying to call the UK BB office, the answer phone message says they are busy and then transfers you to a dead line, very proffessional! Tried the same thing with the Irish office, alomost identical experience, what a joke.

  • Well, I see it’s been an active night, and Mr Bill Lucas has been flexing his creative writing skills, nice work may I add, very creative…false but creative.

    @Still to be convinced Steve,
    What proof are you requesting here? If you’re looking for financial documents, no. Private companies regardless of industry and allegations don’t release these documents, neither do they release contracts with the companies they do business with, especially on forums and blogs to people who won’t identify themselves.

    @Bill Lucas,
    I’ll come back to you. There’s so many lies you’ve put in what you’ve written I can’t see how anyone would take you seriously….but I’ll address you later.

    Once again, you’re asking for documents you’re not entitled to, and that no private company in the world would release. As for revenue generated from advertising, again I have to remind all of you that BBI is not an advertising company, so quit trying to accuse the company of being something it’s already stated it isn’t.

    Which lies are those exactly? I’ve told no lies, although I can say for certain there are many here who have.

    @Still to be convinced Steve,
    Again, what proof are you asking for?…and be realistic with your request.

    I’ve explained this before. This is the business model that was chosen. There could have been other ways of doing this, but they don’t matter, this is how Chris Smith wanted to build the company.

    Let me give you an example to illustrate…
    The broker brings in an advertiser and charges them $10,000 to advertise on their network. BBI says to the broker, we’ll provide the services for $5,000, then turns to the affiliate and says that the value of the space is $1,000, and pays them $2,000 upon completion of the cycle. Since BBI resells the space, they charge the affiliate $1,000 for the space, but pay them $2,000 once the cycle has completed. So the broker made $5,000, BBI made $4,000, the affiliate made $2,000 (their initial purchase price and $1,000 profit). Who didn’t come out on top?

    So to answer your question, they chose to have affiliates because that’s the type of program they wanted to offer.

    I’m not customer support, but I’ll investigate it and see what I can find out for you. Keep in mind, panels don’t move real-time, they mature over time. Each panel has a timeframe that it requires to mature, you may not see the panel indicator moving, but your panels are still accruing impressions. Email me at and I’ll look into your account.

    @Ditto Ditto,
    Admittedly our support system has encountered some ‘drag’ as of late, however, I’m told that the ticketing system is pretty much caught up at this point, and we’re answering tickets promptly now. The company has grown substantialy in 2+ years, and the support staff need to be trained, which takes time, so the support team fell behind. It happens with any company that grows quickly. It didn’t take the blogs/forums to bring out answers, it just took time for us to catch up.

    Now, what lessons have we learned? The company has learned that it needs to clarify the message it’s sending out, which is why the international complance and PR departments were created.

    We are consistently receiving testimonials from satisfied affiliates from around the world regarding how much BBI has changed their lives for the better. I have a drawer full of them in fact.

    My pleasure DD, and I appreciate the civilized tone in your questions.

    @Bill Lucas,
    You sir have helped me more than you know.

    You are a liar and a fraud, this isn’t just my opinion, it’s the truth, and please make sure you spell my name right when you launch your libel suit against me for saying so.

    You want everyone to believe you have proof that you have visited our offices and found nothing to support our claims, yet this is a complete fabrication by you.

    We’re registered with the Whitby Chamber of Commerce, so I find it hard to accept that we aren’t here when they say we are.

    In fact, I welcome anyone to call our offices up and request to speak to me and see if they are hung up on as Bill suggests will happen, or if they claim not to know me, as he claims they will.

    I would really enjoy seeing this proof he claims to have. I mean, since everyone here requires actual evidence to support the claims they’re making, I’m requiring proof that you have done everything you say you have. Let’s see the pictures you took of the office, and let’s hear the name of the person behind the desk you claim denied our existence. I want to know what this so-called proof is please…because if you in fact lied about the experience, what else that you’ve said is a lie and meant to deceive those here looking for the truth?

    I stand behind my offer to Martin to come visit the offices still, and my invite to any of you to come visit and see for yourself stands as well. Bring the press with you, bring the police (notice he didn’t claim to bring them as well), bring any questions you have and we’ll sit down and either have coffee or lunch and go over everything. I’m here and I welcome those who would take me up on my invitation.

    Formally, I’m not addressing anything else Bill has said or will say, because it’s all lies and deceptive rubbish intent on making fools out of everyone here.

    I have done nothing to hide who I am, in fact I’ve provided every means to find me, speak to me, and even come visit. You can take my picture standing beside you, to prove it’s me. I don’t hide behind an alias, and nothing I’ve ever posted here or anywhere else has been a lie or stretch of the truth. It’s funny you leave before I can challenge your statements. Interesting how you just show up and then leave.

    Investing requires no effort. You purchase an investment, and it appreciates in value without any interaction from you. You invest in a car, don’t drive it and it appreciates in value. You buy stocks, and they may appreciate in value but not requiring your interaction.

    With BBI, you purchase a product, and then must interact with that product in order for it to work for you. Sitting back and doing nothing actually gives you nothing in return. Does that sound like an investment to you? If you purchase a car, then drive it, unless you keep it for 50+ years, it’s not going to appreciate in value, in fact, it loses value the minute you drive it off the lot. It’s only if you stop using it, keep it in great shape over a prolonged period of time, does it potentially increase in value. It also has to start off with value in order to retain or increase in value.

    Many people have misrepresented the facts, used out-of-date information, omitted key information or outright misunderstood who BBI is and how it operates. You can take a look at information posted by Coca-Cola decades ago and it won’t say th same thing it does now. Companies make mistakes, learn from them, correct them and evolve. BBI is undergoing those changes now in having Stellar Point’s international compliance and public relations teams go over everything related to BBI, and implement the necessary corrections to fix what was initialy put out there.

    There will always be people that have something negative to say about a company, because that’s how people are, like the people who claim McDonalds made them fat. I’ve openly admitted there have been errors and that part of my job is to clear them up.

    There’s only so much I can offer in terms of answers, I’m not the owner of the company, nor authorized by its officers to provide you with everything you ask, but, I have and will continue to provide you with as many answers as I can to counter the misinformation you’re being subjected to.

    Thank You.

  • Rang the Cork office twice and left message, rang later and got thru, also got call back later re message I left

  • Terry, with all due respect you have provided us with no answers other than a rehashing of the party line on the product you claim to be supplying. You won’t provide us with details of Chris Smiths academic and work history, information that is readily available for the CEOs of every legitimate business. There are no circumstances in the real business world where this type of information could be considered to be in any way sensitive, and indeed every business website I’ve ever looked at has an About Us section where such information is positively trumpeted. Your evasivenes on this issue alone destroys your credibility.

  • Terry you used this example:

    “Let me give you an example to illustrate…
    The broker brings in an advertiser and charges them $10,000 to advertise on their network. BBI says to the broker, we’ll provide the services for $5,000, then turns to the affiliate and says that the value of the space is $1,000, and pays them $2,000 upon completion of the cycle. Since BBI resells the space, they charge the affiliate $1,000 for the space, but pay them $2,000 once the cycle has completed. So the broker made $5,000, BBI made $4,000, the affiliate made $2,000 (their initial purchase price and $1,000 profit). Who didn’t come out on top?”

    I think you are going to tell me the numbers are used for illustrative purposes and have no bearing on reality…but sir, even if this example is anywhere NEAR what you think is reality within the BB process, it is total rubbish.

    There is no advertising network on earth that will give up $10K of ad potential for $5K. Bouncing the ad traffic off the affiliate is zero value-add and further points how why BB has absolutely no need for affiliates at this point — they can “fire” all of them right now if they want. Why hold this cost of maintaining all these affiliate accounts, all the help support costs, all the liability, etc? Makes no sense.

    If they love having affiliates for some reason BB might has well have paid $5K for this $10K asset, resold it for market value of $10K then simply given $1K of that GP to the affiliate. Charity in its purest form.

    Terry – I’m not sure if you think that anyone reading an example like this really believes it. I have a feeling if I put this in front of every section of the MBA courses I teach, every single student would raise their hand when I ask to point out the obvious flaws in this entire proposition.

    I’ve asked you this three times now — what say you, man?

  • @Bill

    I shall try to be more precise here.

    When I said display last 1000 transactions, I was referring to what you may see when looking at the various panels (Yellow etc), so where there may have been lots of pages showing panel completions, this has dropped down hugely. The withdrawal history appears to have been reset to zero (it looks like nothing has ever been withdrawn even if it has in the past – ie last year) Not sure how much clearer I can make it. All other e-wallet functions appear to be working.


    When you state that 90% of the affiliates have been paid the funds that they have withdrawn, over what period are you basing this? eg, one day, a week, a month, 3 months etc.

    May I say thank you for being so polite to me now Terry. Only last week your wording was quite different, making unbased accusations when you were being challenged by me. Almost as if it’s two (or more) different people responding.

    Perhaps if you look at what Bill has been saying and responded more calmly then your credibility on here may increase. This is not an attack on you in any sense, it is merely an observation of how you have behaved since you first arrived here.

    Thank you.


  • Finch, please post my message. I tried a couple of messages, but they were not approved by you. I have no idea why.

    Hey Terry

    Now what a business BBI is? When people ask you for the names of advertisers, you cover up by saying Banners Broker is just a broker that deal with broker clients who are in direct touch with advertisers, so you cannot come up with the name.

    So well, let me ask you. Who are those famous brokers that bring in more than 300 million advertising money a year to Banners Brokers? What are the main advertisers of those brokers? If Banners Broker have the network and services that help those brokers get impressions for their clients, at least Banners Broker must know those advertisers so that Banners Broker can manage the inventory of impressions. Who are those famous advertisers that are willing pay to your broker clients that pay for the space occupied by affiliates who rent the space from Banners Broker. There are many layers in this business. What a business plan! It looks like a cover-up more than a business. Based on this logic, Banners Broker should know their top broker clients and their top indirect advertisers because they are using your services directly and indirectly. Stop covering up, Terry. You are a complete joke!

  • I’ve just gone through and approved several comments that got filtered through to my spam folder. You might want to scroll up if you’ve posted anything recently that didn’t appear on the site. It should be there now.

  • @Terry

    You did not answer my question asking if BBI was incorporated anywhere?

    As for providing proof. All companies incorporated in the UK for example, have to provide accounts and have them audited by an approved body. Whether they are private or not. Any company doing legitimate business with the public should be happy to subject themselves to this. If BBI is not doing anything wrong, why not allow an independent audit. Then all the questions would go away.

  • @Chuck,
    I think you misread what I typed.

    The Ad Network or broker actually operates in this fashion, because it’s their programs that are the basis of our approach.

    The Broker in this example earns $5,000 for simply sourcing the advertiser, BBI then services that advertiser through our program for the remaining $5,000. BBI then says to the affiliate that the value of that advertising is $1,000 but upon completion of the corresponding cycle, the affiliate will earn $2,000, leaving the remaining amount to BBI as profit.

    The Ad Network isn’t giving up $10,000, that’s how their system works. They get the advertisin, and are paid a fee, then they break it down amongst their reseller network to service, paying them a fraction. Many businesses operate this way, I’m confused as to why you feel this model doesn’t apply here? Everyone earns, no-one loses out, how is this bad exactly?

    I see a lot of people trying to understand why BBI uses affiliates, simple, it’s a direct sales company. Why does Herbalife use affiliates to move their product when they could sell themselves? Simple, volume. Both companies can move more product through affiliates than on their own, that’s the very nature of direct sales. Considering that American Express and Columbia Records used this model, and Avon still does, it’s interesting there’s so much resistence to it. Each of them started off a private companies and shared nothing about where their revenue comes from, and still won’t share specifics about profit margins, etc; openly to just anyone who asks. Why is it you expect BBI to be different?

  • That is a great question Terry. I have a great answer. Every single company you listed has an actual tangible product. BBI does not.

  • Terry – in your example the broker has a lock on an advertiser for $10,000. Every ad network in the world acts as both an advertising enabler and a publishing enabler — there is no such thing as an ad network that just acquires an advertiser then says “uh oh what do I do now?” They can immediately put the advertiser into their network of publishers. In fact your basic premise is wrong. The publisher network exists first, then the ad network connects willing advertisers into that publisher network, thus monetizing the relationship they have with the publishers.

    This is where I am coming up short: Please explain exactly the added value that Banners Broker brings to this relationship. Then, if you can explain that, please explain the added value that the affiliates bring to Banners Broker.

    My assertion is that there is no ad network in the world that needs Banners Broker, and even if there is then there is no need for affiliates. The difference in the analogy you try to make with Avon (for example) is that Avon hands its affiliates a real product which it then depends on the affiliates to move into the marketplace and turn into cash.

    Banners Broker is not needed by the ad networks to do this. And the affiliates are not needed by Banners Broker (if we even get this far in the analysis).

    I hope this clears things up.

  • Terry: Why doesn’t BB use Paypal? At least then I might have some chance of getting paid.

    And still waiting for an answer to my previous question…

  • “Why does Herbalife use affiliates to move their product when they could sell themselves? Simple, volume. Both companies can move more product through affiliates than on their own, that’s the very nature of direct sales.”

    TERRY, BB’s AFFILIATES AREN’T SHIFTING BB’s PRODUCTS. All the affiliates are doing is making a few mouse-clicks from time to time.

  • @CHUNK

    Thanks for arguing with Terry
    You are writing what i think too

    The “Big Broker” which gets 10K, doesnt need Banners Broker

    The “Big Broker” which gets 10K, doesnt need Banners Broker

    The “Big Broker” which gets 10K, doesnt need Banners Broker

  • Terry – OpenX has never heard of Banners Broker and has confirmed that BB (now that I told them about BB) is simply using a “try it out” free ad server system that OpenX provides to anyone. I have advised my contact there to have their legal dept review the claims being made about the BB relationship with OpenX, in case any action is needed to prevent further misuse of the OpenX name.

    Now that this is out of the way, can you answer my question above about the value-add that BB brings to the table and why an ad network would need to offload all that profit potential to BB?

    Thanks, Terry I appreciate you hanging in with me on getting to the bottom of this.

  • @Still to be convinced Steve,
    As has been pointed out, BBI is incorporated in Isle of Man.

    @Bill Lucas,
    No, you are incorrect.
    Private companies do not sell shares on a publicly-traded stock exchange. They include partnerships, sole proprietorships, or corporations. They usually do not want to be public so that they can protect proprietary technologies, maintain unique marketing strategies, and control disclosure of their financials.

    Stellar Point, like BBI is a private company.

    You’re really good at blurring the lines, but, off-shore companies aren’t legally allowed to do business in other countries without either setting up an office in each country they operate in, or contracting services to companies that already exist in those countries to act on their behalf.

    Everything you post is riddled with lies. You’ve never visited our offices like you claim to have, you’ve done no research except superficial or are repeating what others have already offered up. You are a liar, a fraud, and are attempting to make fools out of everyone. I have no doubt that you are the one who portrayed ‘Chris Smith’ here earlier, and have no interest at all in allowing anyone to get the answers they’re after. To me this wreaks of desperation by someone who’s just trying to cause trouble where none really exists, and is losing ground so they need to fabricate ‘proof’ to generate some. You are a disturbed individual, you need help.

    I’d expect to be waiting forever on this so-called proof since it can’t exist.

    I’m interested in how you’ve come to the conclusion we’re paying to much for our capital.

    It’s a common accusation that we are relying on the revenue generated from affiliates to sustain the company, even though on many occasions I’ve explained how that’s not the case. Are you people actually interested in understanding what’s going on, or are you more content with just flinging accusations and misrepresenting the facts?

    @Bill Lucas,
    Why don’t you post your real name?

    Seriously, why are people giving an obvious liar any information whatsoever? I find this utterly hilarious. Unless you can confirm the identity of anyone posting here, I suggest you learn some restraint in what you share. You people obviously don’t think there’s any chance that a person here isn’t who or what they claim to be.

    I’ve stated that the information on Chris Smith will be placed in a corporate bio section of the BBI website shortly. The company has other priorities right now than to post his bio.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize my credibility was in question, considering I’ve provided everything I said I would, and am who I claim to be. You people asked for an explanation, I’ve provided it. Just what makes you think you’re entitled to half the information you’ve requested like financial data or personal information regarding the officers of the company? You ask knowing you’ll hear me say no, so you can try to use it against me. Doesn’t work that way. If you are smart enough to know what to ask for, you are also smart enough to know you’re not getting it. It’s a good ploy, but a transparent one.

    @Ditto Ditto,
    When I state 90% I’m saying current. It’s only those that don’t understand the system, those that aren’t willing to wait for a response from support, or seem to have an agenda in attacking the company that seem to be posting. Those that are getting their questions answered aren’t posting.

    When it comes to Bill, I started reading what he was typing, then realized that it’s actually a bunch of lies aimed at constructing doubt and misdirection away from the real issues that need to be addressed. He’s got most of you fooled into thinking he’s a man-of-action and has done the things he’s claimed. I can’t wait until you all can see him for who he really is and realize the type of people that are behind most of the negative press on BBI. They start it off with lies, and attract those that have simple issues into helping them turn those simple matters into large issues that imply ‘ponzi’ or ‘pyramid’ scheme. They consistently refute any actual information with baseless dribble that is only intended to cloud the truth so those that might actually be understanding what’s really going on, end up confused and doubtful again.

    @Anti-Scam Watchdog,
    BBI is a direct sales company that acts as a broker for ad space and traffic impressions. I’m not covering up, the company isn’t an advertising company, simple.

    I’ve already stated, OpenX and Clicksor are currently backing BBI with ad space, traffic and banners to fulfill our program, if you want to know more about them, go visit their websites. No, BBI doesn’t need to know who those advertisers are actually, because we don’t manage those impressions, that’s handled by the brokers, because they pay us for the revenue generated by the impressions BBI has applied to those advertisers. You are the prime example of someone who doesn’t want to really know what’s going on, you want me to post the answers instead of you looking them up, so you can poke holes in them instead of realizing your mistakes.

    @Still to be convinced Steve,
    If you’d like to cover the cost of an audit, please contact us, and we’ll put you through to BBI’s lawyer who will address it with you. As for the questions…

    People like the one’s here wondered why BBI wasn’t responding to their issues, so they sent me. Then I was ridiculed because BBI felt they had to respond to blogs like this even though their presence was requested. Once that failed, the attacks began on issues that no privately held company would address, namely access to financial data, a look at proprietary systems that define how our program works in detail….all things that you knew before hand wouldn’t be granted, because you’ve all done this before to other companies. They’re called rigged questions because you already know they won’t be answered so you can contiue to throw doubt at the company name.

    The truth is, BBI is a growing company, compliant with international rules and regulations governing direct sales in the countries they do business with. There’s only so many people that are interested in direct sales, and only so much revenue to be made by those companies, so, they intentionally sabotage each other in order to try and gain the largest share of the revenue. The truth is, they’re scared of what BBI represents, because it gives those that failed a chance to create an online business, with less risk than other ventures. If you look at the other forums/blogs out there, you’ll start to see who the common players are, and that they all seem to be ‘experts’ in various fields, and all have something negative to say about the company in question…every company.

    The problem is now, they’re running out of places to poke holes, so some of them are inventing them, and it’s not going well for them.

    I’ll keep my eye on the blog, and keep answering relevant questions where I can. Nothing I’ve written is a lie, and if you’d do your research you’d know that.

  • Terry, this is a lie, or at least it is a partial truth meant to mislead:

    “I’ve already stated, OpenX and Clicksor are currently backing BBI with ad space, traffic and banners to fulfill our program”

    See my post above yours ^^ I contacted OpenX and was told today that BB is simply using their free service (meant for hobbyists or people just trying out their platform). They didn’t even know who BB was until I told them to go check into it.

    There is no way you are using OpenX “to fulfill our program”. Sir, you are lying.

  • @Terry Stern

    Hi Terry

    In answer to my question “Why use affiliates, it’s far cheaper to use venture capital”, you replied:

    “This is the business model that was chosen. There could have been other ways of doing this, but they don’t matter, this is how Chris Smith wanted to build the company.” … “So to answer your question, they chose to have affiliates because that’s the type of program they wanted to offer.”

    So what you’re saying is that Chris Smith was intelligent enough to build a $150 million company in 3 years, but stupid enough to ignore venture capital in favour of the hellishly expensive option of paying affiliates a 100% return.

    Nah, sorry. It simply doesn’t stack up. The only thing that makes sense is that BB is a ponzi, and THAT’S why affiliates are needed.

  • Hi Terry, the deceiving fool

    1. I asked you “who are those famous brokers who bring more than 300 million advertising dollars a year to Banners Brokers”. I have not got the answer. Or are you saying Clicksor and Openx pays more than 300 million dollars to Banner Brokers a year?

    2. “BBI doesn’t need to know who those advertisers are actually, because we don’t manage those impressions, that’s handled by the brokers, because they pay us for the revenue generated by the impressions BBI has applied to those advertisers.”

    That means BBI has access to knowledge of the names of those advertisers and what adverts they are serving (as it should be since it is your network). Doesn’t BBI monitor any ads at all? If not, does that mean porn and illegal activities ads can be served freely in your network? All ads in Google and Facebook go through the approval process that can take hours to days to prevent ad network from promoting pornography and illegal activities. You are either dumb and pigheaded in online advertising industry or so fully complicit in a scam that you sell your souls to those people for your own greed.

    Oh I forget the reason you are in it is because you are not capable of finding a proper job and the only job available to you is scamming and deception because that’s the only skill you have.

  • @Maynard,

    I respect that that’s your opinion, and your choice may have been to go the venture capital route, however, that wasn’t his.

    Remember, you’re missing that it’s 100% return on the affiliate, not to the company.

    I keep saying it, and you keep changing my words, the company doesn’t need affiliates, but in being a direct sales company, benefits from the leverage that comes from an increasing affiliate base.

    You can keep twisting what I say, and I’ll keep untwisting it until you get it right.

    I suggest that if you aren’t familiar with how direct sales companies work, or what the appeal to using a direct sales format is, that you do your research rather than guess or simply state opinion. It might help you better understand the direction the company is following and why witout making baseless accusations.

    Thank You.

  • It seems Terry is voluntarily ignoring Chuck’s posts

    Why Terry are you not answering to his latest posts?

    Why ?

    Why ???

  • Nick says:
    January 22, 2013 at 10:03 am
    (1) I am now 100% confident that D. Pressed is nothing but a plant by BB to bring about confusion and mistrust of everything here. (2)I believe this as NO ONE who genuinely lost money to a scam like this is going to come on the same blog that is used to expose it and call other people fools.
    (3)If we ignore the troll he will disappear

    Nick: (1) WRONG and (2) WRONG and (3) WRONG!!…. You use gross generalisations and make massive assumptions, as I’ve proven before. Your ‘expertise’ is deeply flawed. Finch thought he had the real Chris Smith on here without bothering to check. I rightly criticised him for it. You’re both pathetic.

    Bill Lucas: You’ve turned up too late in the day to remotely understand me. I won’t bother to quote you, but I have several friends and I don’t need a cat or dog! And I HAVE lost money with BB. Believe it or not, I tell the TRUTH. Finch does not deserve my respect because he hasn’t earned it. And neither have Nick and various others who haven’t got a balanced perspective on the situation. At least you realised how absurd it would be for BB to plant someone here who has never said a positive word about them!

    Nick…. Durrrrr….. 🙂

    And furthermore Bill……in reply to ‘Terry’….please be advised that I will consider you comic relief and continue to blast away at you in the spirt that nothing either of us has to say, makes any difference to anyone’

    Pot/kettle? Get yourself a life Bill, a cat or a dog etc…. Or desist from copying me while criticsing me! Your posts are longer and more frequent than mine, though not as witty!! 😉

    Chris Smith says:
    January 22, 2013 at 11:11 am
    Mr Dpressed is right, he told you straight away I was not the real Chris Smith….

    Correct! 🙂

    To Dpressed,

    You did spot it was all a load of bullshit, I left lots and lots of small clues, even saying “Ive been thinking of this for an hour”, when the post I was referring to was only made 30 minutes before.

    Correct again! I enjoyed reading your posts because they PROVED how gullible some people are, including the industry ‘experts’! 🙂

    To Phil Hendy: I accept your point about having posted on Realscam that ‘Chris Smith’ was a fake before the hoax was exposed. But you’ve rarely posted on this thread so your comment add nothing to mine except to back up what a buffoon Finch is. By the way, did you know that Finch doesn’t give a damn (or words to that effect) about Realscam or your Daily Mirror article? He told me so! Shocking isn’t it? 😮

  • “baseless dribble”

    I rather think the word that Terry is looking for is drivel.


    And yes, I would also like to know the answer to the OpenX question.

    Thank you in anticipation of posting a good answer 🙂

  • As for this ‘Terry Stern’, we don’t even know if he’s genuine. I hope he is because he’s made so many factual errors in his statements, BB’s credibility is crushed. I won’t call him a liar, but he’s completely misinformed.

    Terry…Have you even watched the video on the BB Homepage? You said I’m not an ‘advertiser’ or a ‘publisher’, despite having an AD/Pub combo.

    Listen to what the virtual man says in the video, note the clear contradictions, and come back and explain yourself. Please.

  • and i quote:

    Terry – in your example the broker has a lock on an advertiser for $10,000. Every ad network in the world acts as both an advertising enabler and a publishing enabler — there is no such thing as an ad network that just acquires an advertiser then says “uh oh what do I do now?” They can immediately put the advertiser into their network of publishers. In fact your basic premise is wrong. The publisher network exists first, then the ad network connects willing advertisers into that publisher network, thus monetizing the relationship they have with the publishers.

    This is where I am coming up short: Please explain exactly the added value that Banners Broker brings to this relationship. Then, if you can explain that, please explain the added value that the affiliates bring to Banners Broker.

    My assertion is that there is no ad network in the world that needs Banners Broker, and even if there is then there is no need for affiliates. The difference in the analogy you try to make with Avon (for example) is that Avon hands its affiliates a real product which it then depends on the affiliates to move into the marketplace and turn into cash.

    Banners Broker is not needed by the ad networks to do this. And the affiliates are not needed by Banners Broker (if we even get this far in the analysis).

    I hope this clears things up.

  • @ Terry

    Your opinions mean very little to me but I feel compelled to restate some facts that you or no one else can dispute.

    1. I have consistently stood by everything I have posted and backed up the same with the sources and information I have used to obtain said facts.

    2. I am only one here who has actually stepped past complaining and offered suggestions on how we may go about getting the funds we are owed and or holding the people accountable who are withholding the same.

    3. I am not hiding behind a screen name spewing out wild accusations. I have publicly posted all the information anyone would need to verify who I am and contact me. The only thing alias in my user name is my first name.

    4. As for your allegations of me being full of ……, and for anyone who can’t wait on the posting of a video, should simply call Stellar Point’s office in Canada, dial ext. 200, and talk to the nice middle age woman who sits at a receptionist desk answering the phone. Hopefully, she will confirm the fact that late yesterday afternoon Stellar Point, had three inquisitive visitors. For the record, I have never stated in any post that I have been to Stellar Points offices, I have never claimed that I was posting anything other than what I have been told and discovered off the internet and through other legal research venues. I have never failed when questioned to reveal the sources of the information I have provided. Additionally, the people I referred to as associates are not personal friends of mine. They are people I have met in my proactive quest to help others I know very well who are frantically trying to obtain funds from Bannersbroker they are rightfully owed. Additionally, every day I am contacted by more and more people, who are also proactively looking very hard at Bannersbroker because they are trying to obtain money owed to them. I add emphasis to the world proactive because their is definitely a difference in whining about something than taking proactive actions to solve the problems.

    That said Terry, I would like to state some indisputable facts about you and BB.

    1. No reasonable person using any kind of legal business ethics could ever even remotely determine that Bannersbroker is a multimillion dollar organization, conducting legitimate business in the global market place.

    2. Despite repeated direct questions to you that can immediately be proven true or false, you continue to evade those questions. I support this fact by using this blog as proof. For instance you have repeatedly seen asked why numerous members withdraw requests were reversed by BB yesterday. You have been repeatedly asked in numerous ways, what legitimate businesses were paying revenue to the BB. You have been repeatedly asked to name who the names of the people and their titles that run the company. No matter how much BS you try to shovel to people, there is no reasonable person in the world that will ever believe that you would somehow violate some legitimate business ethic by telling people who is in charge of the administration of their invested money.

    3. You call other liars, but you continue to evade questions, give evasive answers that cannot be verified and you continue to tell conflicting stories. Case in point, earlier in the blog you chastised me on three occasions for referring to BB as a financial company. Each time you stated, we are advertising company. Today, you chastised another user by telling him to stop calling BB an advertising company. This fact can simply be verified by anyone who can read this blog. In another one of your responses you insulted us all by telling us how Stellar Point in Canada was a member of a local chamber of commerce, yet you continually evaded questions concerning legitimate business filings that any company in Canada would be required to file. Additionally, less than a month ago you posted on this blog that Stellar Point was brought in as a consultant to help BB straighten out some problems with the company, yet yesterday you posted that Stellar Point was founded by BB.

    I am not making these things up. They are here in black and white. Regardless of the what you say or didn’t say, at the end of the day, when all comes out, BB is either a legitimate company or they are a criminal business with sole purpose of stealing money by conning people in to their web with a load of BS. If I am wrong, than you and BB will be vindicated and I will be proven an idiot. The big difference between you and I, is that i don’t hide behind an alias, while you can just walk away with no one being the wiser. I have no motivation to lie. I gain nothing by taking my time and writing what I have discovered. I can be found and contacted and value what other people think of me. You, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by lying. You and your colleagues refuse to tell people who you really are. Your whole organization only exists in cyberspace. Out of necessity your company created a third party company to insulate BB from the general public and authorities. Call Stellar Point what you like, but they are definitely not doing any kind of ethical business in any of their offices. You welcome me to sue you for liable, yet how do you sue a ghost? On the other side of the coin, you can sue and serve papers on me. As for my coming and going, I am still here.

    To everyone:

    If you all think I am a liar, please don’t waste your time reading my posts. Fortunately, the internet provides people with a place to share their ideas and talk about what is on their mind. Some people are real other are not. If you are person who believes everything you read, than you are in for a big disappointment. Additionally, I encourage everyone to take with a grain of salt any information they may pick up on a blog, attempt to verify what you find of interest with other sources and be thankful for the free information and efforts who share information with you for free.

    Regardless of what you think about me, my primary intention here is to help others who have been ripped off by BB. If I and thousands of others have come to wrong conclusions, then simply take our information for whatever it is worth to you. No one is paying me here to be an investigator and or to report on BB. One of BB’s favorite ways to discredit negative bloggers is to accuse them of all kinds of garbage I have no interest in causing BB grief. Like many here, I am simply trying to find out more information that will help my friends get the money they are legally owed from BB. BB does not owe me a penny. They have not ripped me off. Though I don’t like scumbags who prey on people who are just trying to get by from month to month, I will not benefit in any way if BB comes crashing down tomorrow or 20 years from now.

    Finally, before anyone judges me as full of crap, please take the time to read everything I have posted. Ask yourself and please take the time to do a little research, if what I am saying here is consistent with what a whole lot of other people are saying elsewhere. Last but not least, the person Terry Stern chooses to hammer the most is me. Just using common sense, would someone in his position even bother to write about me, if i was just spewing a load of made up crap? I also would like to remind everyone that I personally told him yesterday, that if he wanted to shut me up to simply close the account that I access. I made that offer because I stand behind what I have said, regardless of what this guy is doing for Stellar Point, he literally has no input and or control over what is going on at BB. The guys that do, are either long gone and or almost impossible to contact.

  • Important message for affiliates in United Kingdom.

    All of us here at Banners Broker are excited to announce that our UK office is being relocated to Manchester. The new offices will boast of a 100 seat meeting room, full audio visual facilities together with a
    This is STILL all that BB have to say to me and 1000’s more ‘officially’.

    General Manager responsible for the ongoing development of our United Kingdom affiliates.

    To celebrate this exciting move Lorenzo Guarini Banners Broker Brand Ambassador will be in the UK during the first 2 weeks of January to facilitate the office opening. Lorenzo will be joined by David Hooker later to conduct a nonstop city by city tour of the UK meeting and working with affiliates as they build their BB businesses.

    Whilst waiting for the new office opening please direct all support questions through the normal channels. For live chat call Ireland on 0035 321 439 6700 or International Support on +1 905 233 2351.

    We wish Ian Driscoll and his wife Leslie all the very best for their new business venture.

    All of us here at Banners Broker are excited at the new move in the UK and of the potential that lies ahead for everyone in 2013 as we spearhead our expansion into Europe.

    BB Team

    Hey Terry….the first two weeks of January have been and gone. Have Lorenzo and David been and gone too? What’s the situation with the Manchester office?

    On what grounds does BB still cover up the Driscoll scandal? Not just cover it up, but is complicit in deceiving affilates by allowing this statement to persist.

    These and many more questions you’ve evaded on this forum. You have yet to give a rational (substantiated) answer to a straightforward question. Try the the above. Thanks.

  • Terry, you ask me how I know that BB pay way too much for their working capital. I know because an acquaintance of mine tried to encourage me to join BB in the somewhat deluded belief that he was doing me a favour by showing me a sure fire wealth creation opportunity. He showed me his account online which showed an increase in his initial capital of $5000 of 45% in approximately 5 months. In that period he had done absolutely nothing other than occasionally check in to see if his panels had moved, something I know to be true because he really didn’t understand one thing about how the business worked. This means that BB are effectively paying him an annualised return of in excess of 100% on his capital, and he claims that this is the return he believes that others in his group are experiencing. If you believe that this isn’t paying way over the odds for your working capital then you really need to reevaluate your whole business career.

    You have also totally misrepresented the concept of direct sales. Avon, and other such direct sales based businesses, work because it allows them to sell more product without having the expense or risk of having a salaried full time sales force. Your affiliates make no such contribution to your business model because their role, other than recruitment, is passive once they have put their money in. The suggestion that they have to do any work is patent nonsense. In other words your explanations, much the same as BBs business model, is a steaming pile of s###e.

  • Bill: You post in an articulate manner about the facts of the situation. You’re also prone to petulant outbursts of abuse and arrogance, but on balance, you’re adding more to the debate than you’re taking out. I see no reason why anyone should call you a liar.

    The problem you will find, as I did, is that very few people on here bother to read a post that is more than a few sentences long because their brains cannot cope with having to concentrate their attention on the bigger picture!

  • @ Maynard, I feel compelled to tell you that i really got a laugh out of reading Terry’s most recent response to you. His claim that Bannerbroker does not need affiliates, is about the biggest load of nonsense I have ever heard. I am confident that yourself and others have no doubt that the only source of revenue that BB has, comes from affiliates. @ Terry, I will continue to pose the question that everyone else has and you continue to dance around, ‘show us the money.’

  • Thank you Dpressed. I owe you an apology i am guilty of only reading part of the blog, not all of it. Last night, I read all the posts on this blog and I agree that though you may come off arrogant sometimes, you are one of the most forthright people here.

    My only disagreement with you is the reason i believe others besides Terry, are quick to call someone a liar. We all know why Terry does it. Anyhow, I truly believe there are a lot of people here who are looking for any glimmer of hope that may lead to their getting paid the money they are owed by BB. I truly believe that most of the people show up here are not very interested in the information posted by others and would prefer to talk to anyone who claims to be employed by BB or Stellar. In fact, I think a lot of people would be happy if the only things posted here were questions to the BB and Stellar Point and their answers. I support my opinion by stating how easily people here were taken in by a self admitted impostor.

  • No Ads.
    no publishers.
    No product.
    No proof that Chris Smith even exists.
    Raj Dixit was involved in previous ponzi.
    No sign of BB in media except when it’s been accused of a being a ponzi.
    Won’t use Paypal, for nonsensical reasons, even though uses paypal. How ironic is that!!!!!!
    Started as a cycler and morphed into into this pseudo-broker clusterfuck.


    BB is all about getting potential affiliates into shitty hotels, up and down the country, and selling them nonsense wrapped up in self-help gibberish, so they can steal their money. This IS their business model.

    In short, BB is a ponzi and terry is a low-life scumbag who can’t make it in the real world so takes the easy option of conning people who have the most to lose.

    Lower than a common mugger.

    Anyone looking in, please,please, please think long and hard about putting money into this scam as so many lives are going to be ruined when it collapses. Don’t be conned by these low-lifes.

  • @Terry Stern

    Will you be at the head office in Canada tomorrow, will Mr Smith and Mr Dixit also be there ?

  • @ Terry:

    “I suggest that if you aren’t familiar with how direct sales companies work, or what the appeal to using a direct sales format is, that you do your research….”

    I suggest that you and Bannersbroker try to tell the same story for more than a month. Your initial sales presentation back in 2010, your promoted the Business as a “Cycler Doubler”, than months later when people legitimately shot holes in that BS, you became an advertising broker, than you came out as a company working in the blind internet, with a one of kind algorithm that enabled your advertising company to generate revenues that no other company has ever matched. Throughout the two years you have been scamming people, excuse me, doing business, your company has promoted itself to just about every kind of internet business there is short of calling yourself partnered with Google. Coodles to the folks at BB who have at least enough sense to shy away from making that kind of statement. Anyhow, now your referring to yourselves as a ‘direct sales company.’

    Terry, at the risk of asking some kind of classified secret, what is it exactly that BB sells and to whom do you sell it to? Can you please tell us all why there is not one single company in the world who is reporting paying you millions of dollars for your services and or products?

    In a post yesterday, i asked you why BB hides behind a shell company and has no physical address and or published reports about its ownership. I further asked you about what legitimate company in the world today generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues does not have brick and mortar offices they for the company? You responded by stating that both Google and Facebook only operate in cyberspace and have no brick and mortar locations. Are you really that stupid? Do you have the first clue as to how many people work just in Googles accounting department alone? Their technical people? What everyone seems to be missing about my questions asking where in the hell BB is actually located, is a simple attempt to find out where someone could verify the existence of a large staff of employees (at least 200) that would be necessary to run a business that claims to have 300,000 affiliate members with revenues in the hundreds of millions. BB’s answer to deflect that question is to simply offer us Stellar Point, yet Stellar Point has no where near the man power to run an operation the size of what BB claims to be. Anyone who may doubt the validity of what I am telling you, simply visit a Stellar Point office. What you will find there is just enough employees, none drawing a paycheck from BB by the way, to answer the phones. You will not find large offices with 100 plus technicians programming database, writing code, etc. You will not find a human resources department that oversees hundreds of employees. What you may find from time to time is salesman pretending to be big wigs with either company, coming in and out of the places, on their way to their next scam presentation to any innocent dupes they can entice to show up. I challenge anyone here to do a Google search on jobs offered by either BB or Stellar Point. I guess they hire in secret to huh.

    You want further proof, most people who have searched for legitimate jobs, have most likely ran across large recruitment firms. Though I would get in trouble naming them, I ask that you simply contact one of them, ask to talk to the president of whatever particular franchise you may be calling, and ask them if they recruit for BB or Stellar Point. Just another tidbit of information for you all. I recently posted that it would be impossible for a legitimate multimillion dollar business to be in business for two years and not at least be reported on by Dunn and Bradd, When I asked the person I talked to if they had ever heard of Stellar and or BB, his answer is what lead me to really dig deep in to BB and Stellar. Folks, if an employment firm stays clear of a company, there is damn good reason for it. When a claimed multimillion dollar company does not openly recruit management, technical and clerical people, there is definitely something wrong.

    Jeeze, come on people, wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Seven

    If the place they have in Canada is what they consider their main headquarters, we all better run for the hills because our money is history!

  • Bill – Payday was originally supposed to be the 11th, then it was the 17th, and then it was the 23rd (today).

    This didn’t come from Terry. It was posted with the latest BB webinar:

    “STP and USA Bank – we are slightly behind on these. We are moving large amounts of money. Due to this,
    Next payout to STP/Payza will be Jan. 23rd.”

  • Not me or any of my group that will tell me. Some I have asked have told me to ‘stop being so negative’. So can’t push it or you know what happens…

  • @ Terry

    Folks I just had to reply to the following:

    “you’ve done no research except superficial or are repeating what others have already offered up.”

    LMAO. Listen here Mr. Moron, or whatever your name is, if I am ‘repeating what others already offered up’, all I can say to you is that even the worst multimillion dollar companies in the world, for instance ATT, do not have page after page after page, of people claiming that they are nothing more than a criminal ran Ponzi scheme. I guess poor BB is just being picked on. Get real moron!

  • Sorry Finch. I misunderstood your post but I did use the verbiage, ‘I understand’, just in case I was wrong. Regardless, I have not found or heard of a single person who was paid by BB today and or an answer from anyone why BB reversed thousands of withdraw requests, without posting a word to anyone why it was being done.

  • @Bill

    I wrote my money off weeks ago.

    I also took some precautions, I’ll elaborate when we’re certain it’s collapsed.

    Be prepared for some critical posts in the next few days, because if Banners Broker has gone belly up, Raj and company have done such a good job at conning people Finch is likely to get blamed by a fair few.

    Payments could still go through, everyone goes “whew we got paid”, new confidence then they bring in MORE new investors.

    Very interesting day(s) ahead methinks.


    Will you be there tomorrow ?

  • @Terry Stern

    Hi again Terry. I’ll reproduce what you said, with my response in capital letters:

    I respect that that’s your opinion, and your choice may have been to go the venture capital route, however, that wasn’t his.


    Remember, you’re missing that it’s 100% return on the affiliate, not to the company.


    I keep saying it, and you keep changing my words, the company doesn’t need affiliates, but in being a direct sales company, benefits from the leverage that comes from an increasing affiliate base.


    You can keep twisting what I say, and I’ll keep untwisting it until you get it right.


    I suggest that if you aren’t familiar with how direct sales companies work, or what the appeal to using a direct sales format is, that you do your research rather than guess or simply state opinion.


    It might help you better understand the direction the company is following and why witout making baseless accusations.


    Thank You.


  • Thank you Bill. Apology accepted.

    You say: ‘I support my opinion by stating how easily people here were taken in by a self admitted impostor…’

    That’s all I was trying to do. I was the only regular poster on this forum to KNOW immediately that ‘Chris’ was a hoax. But I got lambasted by both BB supporters AND detractors because the people who’ve lost money WANT to believe there was still hope of a positive outcome so needed to engage with ‘Chris’. They were however lead by Finch being taken in so easily. I pointed out the hoax, but until the guy confessed people carried on engaging with Chris because it seems, they believe Finch is infallible.

    Finch ridiculed me because, he suggested, he had (technical) reasons via his insight into the e-mail/server to believe the messages came from an authentic source. He was WRONG and made himself look foolish. In that regard, he undermined the quest to sort out the BB debacle once and for all.

    Sadly, there is a persistent assumption that by criticising errors of fact on BOTH sides of the argument, I’m either a ‘plant’ from BB as Nick absurdly asserted, or that I’m a trouble maker. In truth, I’m stating the truth!

    I seek the FACTS, as you do. That’s the only way to prove anything in a debate; but the FACT is that Finch is often WRONG, or has taken comments out of context and extroplated them to suit his agenda. He childishly insults those who point this out with logical evidence. He never apologises, or retracts any comments/insults falsely stated though.

    That’s why I do NOT like respect him, or the likes of Nick, as people, even though I FULLY ACCEPT the FACTUAL evidence/proof that they and you and others have provided. I have yet to see Terry Stern produce one shred of evidence from his side of the fence that can’t be easily dismantled, even by a layman such as myself.

  • To Phil Hendy: I accept your point about having posted on Realscam that ‘Chris Smith’ was a fake before the hoax was exposed. But you’ve rarely posted on this thread so your comment add nothing to mine except to back up what a buffoon Finch is. By the way, did you know that Finch doesn’t give a damn (or words to that effect) about Realscam or your Daily Mirror article? He told me so! Shocking isn’t it?

    Dpressed. I am not quite sure why the personal dig at me. I am pretty sure I have been relatively balnaced with my posting both here and on Realscam.

    I am sure that very few took that much note of the Dailyirror article. In reality it wasn’t that investigative and merely retold my story, and brief at that.

    To be honest I don’t worry about what others, including Finch think of it. It is interesting to note that he was the first person on Realscam to link it!

  • I was just pointing out the facts Phil! If that amounts to having a ‘dig’ in your eyes so be it. I acknowledged your contribution to Realscam (on trust because I’ve not been over there recently), but your post on here was a pointless ego trip, because the bloke had already owned up.

    Yes it is ‘interesting’ Phil….It shows what a hypocrite Mr Finch Martin is! That’s why I pointed it out to you. It was actually him having a major dig at you. 😉

    Plus, I recall you making a big fuss about that article on the Realscam forum….it was deemed to be a major coup in the making beforehand. Then it was published and it turned out to be a piece of journalistic junk.

    Why on earth anyone thinks the ‘red top’ tabloid press here, or in Ireland, is capable of reporting anything accurately, via old fashioned journalism, is beyond me.

    However, on the basis that you don’t care what he or I think of it, or the other forum, you’ve got no reason to return to this one unless you’ve got something interesting to say.

  • Blood pressure is right. there are a lot of well thought out posts on here. A few rants, and a couple of imposters. The fake Chris Smith was only derailing the blog, and helping bb. I can verify that Phil Hendy immidately spotted the fake Chris, and posted it over on realscam.
    the well thought out and sober posts do a lot more to reveal the impossibility of BB’s claims, than any amount of ranting or name calling posts.

  • To Maynard, Dpressed, Phil Hendy and all others concerned:

    I have to admit that upon reflection over the last few days, I am frustrated with where my posts and this overall discussion is going. A lot of people here, including myself, are wasting our time conversing with a total scumbag whose sole function is to jerk us all off with disinformation and false promises, long enough for him and his associates to grab whatever crumbs are left as they are high tailing it out the back door of BB.

    Let’s face it folks, how many of us can honesty say that we did not enter this crap with an attitude of, ‘as long as were making money, who really cares how their doing it?’ Who here can honestly say that upon becoming an investor they did not have a single clue that BB was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme or and under the radar pyramid? I really like the way Finch said it earlier, ‘most of the affiliates are seeing the writing on the wall.’

    That said, we are all wasting are time trying to get a straight answer from a scumbag who is not going to tell it like it is. Personally, I have wasted two days writing information that any idiot who spends more than 1/2 hour looking at BB and Stellar Point, already knows. Bantering back and forth with a scumbag whose only mission in life right now is to jerk us off in a feeble attempt to minimize the heat coming down on them, is a complete waste of energy and time. Earlier tonight, BBinsider wrote, “Not me or any of my group that will tell me. Some I have asked have told me to ‘stop being so negative’. So can’t push it or you know what happens…”. When you start hearing stuff like that, you are hearing from people praying for any chance in hell of getting paid. I am not trying to insult anybody, but when people actually fall for a total impostor trying to obtain information, you got to realize the desperation rules the day.

    From the posts I have read here, the majority of us are adequately educated and mature people. None of us has to look to someone else to validate to ourselves that nothing we know about BB’s business model, would lead us to believe that anything other than BB being a scam, makes sense. That said, what are we going to doing about it?

    Does anyone here really believe that the initiators / creators of the Ponzi scheme have not already taken the crux of the money and ran off? Maybe there are some who will disagree with me, but is the big winners running off when the heat comes down, not running a Ponzi scheme 101? I use the term 101 as a term for best practices. Are we not now hearing about the effects of when a Ponzi scheme gets to a point that it is virtually paid out? Gentlemen, do not be mislead. When a group of people, (lets not call this a business anymore) get so desperate that they do things like sending out a Terry Stern to do whatever he or she may be able to do to ebb the tide of heat coming down on them, reversing thousands of withdraw requests, etc. the Ponzi is at its end. Can anyone reasonably dispute that opinion?

    For those people who were honestly duped, it is time to start chasing / tracking the money and time to end to stop shopping and or buying the bull shit. If you can call the majority of this blog anything more than a BB bull shit shopping and buying expedition, than please enlighten me. Some good but ignorant friends of mine were cheated by these scumbags and I have made my mission to identify them and see that their posteriors are legally roasted for what they have done. Call me an idealist, but please don’t think less of me for putting an end to playing their bull shit slinging and shopping game. Face it everybody, this son of bitch Terry and his scumbag associates, flat out refuse to answer any legitimate questions that you don’t just have to take there words for. At the end of the day, we are at a point that we really have no idea who these scumbags actually are, where that posteriors can be found nor enough to actually tie them in crap they really pulled. Please everyone, stop shopping for and or buying the BB bullshit. Don’t give these scumbags a minute more of breathing room. Please don’t wait until they all have headed for the hills and the roof has caved in, before you do something more than swap nonsense. Folks, the house is ablaze and some of the scumbags responsible are standing out front with gasoline cans and matches in their hands. We all need to pull together to identify the scumbags so that we will at least know some of the true identities of the scumbags with our money in their back pockets.

    Again, if I am offending anyone but the truth needs to be said!!!!!!

  • Knowing that Rajiv owns this company is enough to question the legitimacy of this company. His last endeavor, IFC World Homes lasted 2 years before there weren’t enough new members to pay off the existing ones. BB is the same thing with the only revenue coming in from new members and the fees from the current members to pay back to the members. There is no product sold to generate any income. Having said that they are a registered corporation and their filings are current, but that doesn’t make it a legitimate business.

    According to Industry Canada:
    Stellar Point INC.
    Corporation Number
    Business Number (BN)
    Registered Office Address
    SUITE 5700
    Gloria Dixit
    Type of Corporation
    Non-distributing corporation with 50 or fewer shareholders
    Status of Annual Filings
    2013 – Not due
    2012 – Filed
    2011 – Filed
    Corporate Name History
    2009-09-28 to 2012-02-22
    7250037 CANADA INC.
    2012-02-22 to 2012-07-30
    Bannersbroker Limited
    2012-07-30 to Present
    Stellar Point INC.

  • To everyone who just wants it short and to the point:

    Most of us got screwed by buying in to the BB disinformation game or we would not be affiliates. Over the past couple of days, I allowed another spin of the same crap, by people like Terry Stern to keep leading me down the losers highway. Folks regardless of what you think of me and or what I post, it is time to stop playing the BB disinformation game. It is time to focus our energy and time identifying the real identities of the scumbags with our money in their back pockets. At least at the end of the ride, we will know at least some of the people who ripped us off.

    Folks, I know that not everyone knows how to track down these types of scumbags. I assure you that I am an expert at it, but it will take me a lot longer to do it on my own. Please join with me in putting an end to shopping for and or buying in to the BB BS game. Don’t be a mislead fool just playing another one of their time wasting games. Some of the scumbags with our money are still hanging around, evidenced by the fact they are sending out their BS specialists to buy some time, and can be easier identified now than after they head for the hills. Please tell yourself the truth. At this point you don’t have a clue about the real identities of the scumbags who have ripped you off. Let us join together and identify these scumbags while we still can. Please realize that no matter how many facts you throw at these people, no matter how many ways you ask the same questions, no matter how persistent you may be, these scumbags are not going to tell you the truth about anything that will lead to identifying the people who have your money. I am sorry if you disagree, but unless you are totally living in fantasy world, you can not dispute a single word I have said here.

  • Good work Ken. You have just proven without a doubt that Stellar Point in just another front name for Bannersbroker. Now you must ask yourself, why the name change? Forget the spin on trying to claim that Stellar Point is a consulting company they brought in to assist them with straightening out Bannersbroker. That is nothing more than a smoke screen. There is some reason why they put the Stellar Point smoke screen in front of us.

  • Ken, does your source have a corporation search by officers name option? I am wondering what other pies this guy might have his hands in to? I was unable to find their incorporation using Merlin Data. That is an oddity, but they always have been a little week on newer filings. Please share the source you used to find the report you posted.

  • Another happy customer:

    #1 Consumer Comment
    Banners Broker Abuse their Affiliates
    AUTHOR: Guy – Kfar Ruppin (Israel)
    SUBMITTED: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    I have to say that I have made some money , few thousands of dollars but their Support is so abusing that it makes the withdrawal process so frustrating…. read and cry with me:

    After I was having a live chat with Katie I realized that all you try to do is make the affiliates’s life harder, you’re not here to help, you don’t have any sentiments for us no matter how hard is the situation.
    You didn’t pay my withdrawal request from 1st to Jan’ which was due to 16th Jan’.
    Then you decided to add an idiotic “REVERSE” Button without telling anybody !!
    every one I told him about the situation said the same thing: When you see a “REVERSE” after being so long on “Pending” you think BB have REVERSED the request.
    It is normally to press it to see the details for the REVERSE, but then you trick us again by this pop up message for confirmation of the cancel request with no option for “yes to cancel” Or “No to cancel the reverse request”, you only put the Apply Button, so you have to press it to close the window, and then it just canceled my withdrawal request!!
    It was a mistake and it is clearly that I’m not with a negative balance , so why would I want to cancel the withdrawal??? when speaking to Katie she said the “Manager” said I will have to wait because I have no more requests for this month because I’m not notarized…. BUT YOU CANCEL THE REQUEST SO NO MONEY WAS TRANSFERRED!!!! at least give me back the option for re-request!!
    Finally Dear Katie just hang up on me the live chat!! some support you’ve got there.
    All I did was an honest mistake and you take advantage of it??
    Shame on you !
    If you’re not willing to process my original withdrawal request from 1st of Jan’, fine! I go along with it, But I know now who really you are, and the way you treated me will be published to my close friends circle, from there it is not my responsibility….
    Have a Good Night, Day, What ever!!

    Well, if they lie I can to, obviously here it is not a “close friends circle”…

    Singed: Guy Lipcer

  • D.pressed I think you are confusing the Sunday World and the Mirror articles. The latte I was particularly quiet about. beforehand. They .may have been ‘journalistic junk’ in your eyes but the point is it is out in public and will hopefully make people think twice before joining. I openly admit I made a mistake not doing enough due diligence beforehand.

  • @Bill Lucas

    Have you had a look at realscam? Lots of work being done there which you may find interesting/helpful etc. Obviously, some of it you may consider to be irrelevant, a lot of it you won’t. Just a thought as it may add further dimensions to your investigations.


  • I had to change my mind on some subjects:

    – The move from the “clusterfuck”-PR Bannersbroker Canada and affilate internatinal ICs to Terry Stern. Or a move of all the business in regard of the the bb-TOS (- dont thinh so yet) ?
    Rational: some hype/cult members at (a high-score information source, BTW) start a terrorist attack at the neighbours of BannersBrokerInternational-HQ in Canada. The admins at regret that move and post a “sorry folks”.

    – The same atavar / agent provocateur start a campaign against the not-CEO but owner of BannersBrokerDotCom Mr Smith. The LnychMob at dont give a fuck to post aballanced response. Terrorism is aweak for that. It maybe true that ahalf-brother of Chris Smith act like a double cause Smith is such a lame speaker and talk to much of math-things, details, and off-topics thats for a one-to-one, but not a convention!

    – Finch may goto anywgere like Irish yellow press etc, or Washington Post. For personal reasons the NewYorkTimes is for me*.

    *Somelike the non-investment/ contribution-idea of Smith/Dixit my loan will be a non-resticted account (restricted is 20 pages/month) for free ./.. 16 USD/month.

    Its all about a strategy

  • Terry Stern “Why does Herbalife use affiliates to move their product when they could sell themselves?”

    So you’re comparing BB to Herbalife, a company that currently stands accused by one of its main shareholders of being a ponzi?

    Whilst I’m here, over on RS you went to great pains to state that BBI was owned by Chris Smith and Stellar Point was a completely independent company owned by Rajiv Dixit.

    Could you explain then why both Stellar Point and the main BB site, not to mention all of the sites in the “Choice Network”, including those registered to *other* companies and individuals, were registered using the same gmail address?

    The majority of these sites also share registered addresses and/or phone numbers, despite being owned by by different people/companies and registered in different countries. In some cases the phone number is in an entirely different country from the address to which it is attached.

    I could be missing something here, Terry as you obviously know more about big business than I, perhaps Ford and Sony (who supply parts to them) also find the need to share one email address, what do you reckon?

    How can that be?

  • “So you’re comparing BB to Herbalife, a company that currently stands accused by one of its main shareholders of being a ponzi?”…


    Some say “Thesus” is an alter ego for some notorious terrorists like “Steven Howard”

  • my payment from bb is pending from one month this is ridiculous they are not responding at all they told they will pay at jan 17 and again jan 23 but finally they not yet paid !!

  • @Bill Lucas. I am very surprised that when your associates visited Stellar Point, that the office manager there had never heard of Terry Stern.
    I have had communication with Mr Stern through the realscam forum, regarding an elderly relative being cojoled into BB, and having his account locked, and his 1000euro stolen by bb.
    On receiving my uncles name, Mr Stern was immediately able to pull up confidential information on his BB account. This convinced me that he was not another imposter, like your “Chris Smith”
    He was unable to help however, and promised to pass it on to customer support. His last communication with me was “Once the matter is in Customer Support’s hands, I’m unable to address the matter any further”.
    Since then i have still not been able to make contact with the non existent customer support. I suppose they are snowed under with complaints.
    My uncle is a man of 70 years, never has used a computer. A gullible man. And the reason for his banning and the theft of his money? He mentioned BB to me, I looked into it, and made a couple of posts on realscam. Collective punishment.
    He has been locked out of his account now for months, and all emails and communication to support is ignored.
    Bill. I dont like personal attacks, but I can understand your anger at bb. My way at venting my anger at the injustice is to make contact with and complain to every contact I can. Media, criminal and regularity and revenue authorities in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Aus, india etc.
    BB facilitators such as Vector, Mastecard, stp, clicksor, openX etc etc. I would urge others to do the same.
    Having said that Bill, you make a lot of valuable points in your posts, and I am training my eyes to jump over the invective to get quickly to the salient parts.

  • Hellooo Terry , are you there???

    1)Which is Banners Broker added value ? (look Chuck’s post)

    2)Why OpenX and Clicksor do not know Banners Broker? (look Chuck’s other post)

  • Just got a call from a fellow BB member who has still not been paid since december 21st who said “I think it’s a scam you know” lol.

    I think they know BB is on a downward spiral and are cashing out and making a run for it. They’re simply buying time imo.

  • Terry, if you are reading this I would appreciate it if you could clarify the two critical points I raised:

    1. Why would a large ad network like OpenX work with Banners Broker, and give up 50% of the profit potential by including BBI in the equation? What value does BB bring to the relationship? Before you answer, please don’t say “300,000 affiliates” or “cash” — because it is clear that the affiliates do not do anything to drive ad traffic, and these ad networks have capital investors who already provide funding. So, what does BBI bring to the table to make these ad networks so willing to sacrifice precious GP?

    2. You stated twice now that OpenX was one of the key ad network partners that helped BBI drive that $150M (minimum!) yearly profit for its affiliates. Yet when I contacted someone at OpenX they said that BBI is simply using a free ‘trial’ ad server that OpenX hosts, and that they didn’t even know who BBI was until I asked.

    Sir, it appears that you are lying to the readers here. You need to either capitulate or clarify. As a fellow Freemason I remind you of our creed.

  • For what its worth, Terry Stern is a real person and started with Stellar not too long ago. His linked-in profile has a photo of him and the following:
    Terry Stern (LION) .·.
    International Public Relations Director at Stellar Point
    Ontario, CanadaMarketing and Advertising

    He also has a website, marketing Masonic Jewelry. He resides at:54 Weymouth Rd., Barrie, Ontario L4M 6R8.
    That is a long commute from Barrie to the BB/Stellar offices in Whitby so he probably doesn’t go in more than a couple of times a week.

  • @ Jerry

    I did not personally visit Stellar Group at their offices in Canada. I was first alerted about BB about 8 months ago from a very close friend of mine, encouraging me to join it. After doing a little due diligence I advised by friend to bail. During the past 8 months, I had several other friends contact me asking me if I wanted to join BB and my curiosity became more aroused by BB, which lead me to really taking some time to investigate them. Please understand, the people who have come to me about BB are people I really trust in judgments. What I could not get past with BB, no matter how much I really wanted to give BB the benefit of the doubt, my business sense just could not get a handle how a company could operate these guys do and be legitimate.

    About 6 weeks ago I was contacted by some people who were basically in one of my friends downline at BB. They contacted me because in my due diligence efforts of trying to support my decision rather to join BB or not, I basically contacted just about everybody I know who has been in some kind of MLM and made money. Please understand, I was just trying to understand how these types of businesses operated. Any how, some of the people who contacted me told me that they were nervous that they may have been duped in to a Ponzi scheme. I really don’t want to reveal to much here but I can sincerely tell you that I am in contact with approximately 40 people, who are very upset with BB. I probably should not have posted second hand information, but I have always believed that sharing information on a blog, that anyone who reads it would decide for themselves the informations validity. For whatever it is worth, I should not of posted the information that was passed on to me prior to doing some due diligence to determine its validity.

    Jerry, it is hard not to get upset when people insult your intelligence. I could sit here and write all day about how many outlandish things I have read from Terry Stern and others praising and or explaining BB, that just flat out don’t make sense. I have no personal motivation to smear BB, they do a fantastic job of it themselves. I am not wanting anything from BB because they don’t owe me anything. What I am very upset about is that I have a very good Christian friend, who just got taken by Zeek Rewards and now it appears that he is going to lose his money in BB. I feel like if I keep screaming loud enough, maybe I will learn something that will help my friend at least know who is ultimately responsible for his being duped. In addition, rather my allegations are 100% on target or not, I feel compelled to tell people what I think, because I really do believe there are some good people here who read my comments that may be helped and or encouraged what I am sharing. I am not perfect Jerry, but in my defense I am good hearted person who does not like to see people ripped off by scumbags who clearly have no conscience. It really pisses me off when I see something like BB and know that most of scumbags who put this thing together are going to walk away with a lot of money and probably never be accountable for it, leaving in their wake, a lot of people who are just desperately trying to do whatever they can to get by in a horrible economy. I mean, let’s face it, do you think this kind of scam would work in a strong economy? Can a lot of affiliates take responsibility for their losses due to the fact that a lot of them had a good idea what they were getting in to. No doubt they should, but what about all the people who don’t have a clue how these things work and will most likely end up losing thousands of dollars simply because they wanted to do something more than watch their families struggle paycheck to paycheck?

    Jerry, these scumbags are the worst filth walking on the face of this earth. They tell so many lies that I am convinced many of them are actually buying in to their own BS. At the end of the day Jerry, it does not matter how many Terry Stern’s they bring in to calm the masses, because no matter who they put between us and them, the people they use will never be able to tell us the answers to legitimate business questions that every last affiliate at BB is entitled to know. Crucify me if you like. Call me stupid. Call me irresponsible. Accuse me of smearing a reputable company, but please don’t ever accuse me of being wrong that a company who operates the way BB does, could ever possibly be anything else than a scam!

  • @ Ken Roklin:

    Terry Stern, has some very solid MLM experience. He put together an outstanding team of people over at Global Wealth Trade Corporation, which is a fantastic MLM. My friends and I made a lot of money with Global back in the days when they were first getting started. If the guy who is showing up here is the real Terry Stern, we are dealing with a MLM stud who is not stupid and I am now more curious than ever, what the hell he is doing at the tail end of a Ponzi scheme.

    That said, are we dealing with the same Terry Stern that came out of GWTC, or are we dealing with someone who knows of Terry Stern and put together a bogus Linkedin profile to make people believe that the real Terry Stern is now with Stellar Point.

    @ Terry, if you are the Terry I know of what the hell are you doing mixed up with BB? If I amnwrong Terry, please have Ramin call me and tell me what the hell I am missing with BB.

  • Bill: Seriously, get off the soap box.
    Isn’t it horrible when you get caught out lying…

  • @ BBinsider:

    Your sitting inside a glass house pissing, moaning and throwing stones. Make a choice one way or the other, but stop riding both sides of the fence. This is Finch’s blog, not yours or mine. If he feels that anything I have said is out of line, insulting and or just plain made up, then it is up to him to boot me.

    I am not filing government complaints or giving sworn testimony. I am simply exorcising my privilege to voice my opinions by the grace of a person nice enough to let me post in his blog. If you question my beliefs and or the information I pass on from whatever sources I may be getting in from, then please feel free to consider it garbage. However, if I am not hurling insults at you than please don’t hurl them at me.

  • There are days when I sit here and just wonder if Finch realised how big this particular can of worms was going to get. If you’re sat there working Finch, you deserve respect.


  • To BBinsider:

    It doesn’t matter if you believe what I have posted or not. I am not trying to be rude to you. I respect what you have written here. All I ask is that people consider what I have posted and use their own common sense and resources to decided if I am full of it or not.

    Though I have written a lot, please allow me to clarify my assertions:

    1, No legitimate multimillion dollar company starts up and operates the way Bannersbroker did and has.

    2, No legitimate multimillion dollar company operates strictly in cyberspace, with no known officers, brick and mortar location(s) and or public records indicating that they are actually dealing with millions and millions of dollars.

    3. There are thousands of Bannersbroker members who have not been paid as agreed over the past 58 days. Bannersbroker only response to their members has been to post more nonsense and useless support links on their website, to address their growing angered member base.

    4. Bannersbroker, who supposedly transacts millions of dollars in business everyday, hosts their website with a cheap hosting company when the rest of the legitimate business world conducting hundreds of millions of dollars in business every year, uses their own servers and those of large business class third party companies. I am sorry if anyone does not understand this point, but please try to understand that large companies who are providing sensitive investment and or financial data to their customers, do not rely on third party web hosting companies whose main business is to provide webhosting services to home and small business publishers. If you have any doubt over how significant this point is, ask your bank if they would publish their website with a third party public webhosting company. Think what you like, but panels are nothing more than graphic information reporting money made verses investment. If that is not sensitive financial information, what is?

    5. Bannersbroker is not endorsed nor recommended by any respected financial service provider and or legitimate business in the world today. No one but Bannersbroiker, scam artists and ignorant people sing their praises, yet look how many are now screaming they are a scam. There is absolutely no verifiable evidence, other than the false propaganda spread by these criminals, that Bannersbroker has any assets whatsoever and or provides any kind of service or products for sale. Come on folks, can you even begin to think of one single multimillion dollar company that you can not actually verify that they sell a product or service?

    6. Stellar Point has been in business less than 6 months. They do not advertise who any of their clients are, like every other legitimate marketing company in the world, and it makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever to utilize a start up marketing company to provide basically the management and oversight of an alleged multimillion dollar business. If you are to believe Bannersbroker propaganda, the people that founded the company are so stupid they did not and do not know how to run it. Astronomical screws ups are simply referred to as ‘oversights’. Illegal problems within the company are simply wrote off as growing pains and delayed payments and slow panel movements are referred to as software glitches. Yet the whole company is ran off servers belonging to a discount web hosting company. Come on people. Do you really think that honest but stupid people, could build a multimillion dollar advertising company and not have a clue what they hell they were doing?

    BBinsider, as I stated previously, It doesn’t matter if you believe what I have posted or not, however I challenge you to dispute one thing I have written in this post. I have given you six facts that you can try to disprove if you like, But you cannot disprove them, please refrain from challenging my integrity.

  • Maybe the reason for Terry’s existence is becoming clear. To find someone else to blame for the failure of BB.

  • @ Steve:

    I don’t personally know Terry Stern, however I do know that a person by the name of Terry Stern, who a Linkedin profile suggests is now with Stellar Point, is a straight up guy with a lot of experience with MLM programs. There are people who actually accused Global of running what is known as a ‘8 Ball pyramid’ scheme. From my own personal experience, I can state for an absolute certainty that the people at Global Wealth ran a second to none MLM, that generates a lot of revenue for people who are not afraid to work.

    I don’t know is the Terry Stern that is evidently employed by Stellar Point, AKA, Bannersbroker, is the same person who worked at Global, but if he is, I would have serious doubts that he would put himself in the position to be a fall guy. That said and in consideration of my previous comment that I don’t personally know the guy, the questions that come to mind are probably better left not posted.

    I will say this, one of the first thoughts that came to my mind is a hypothetical situation that I truly believe should be considered with a very light grain of salt, simply because there are so many facts that contradict it, that no reasonable person could give it any merit whatsoever, but in the interest of fairness to all, please consider the following:

    Hypothetically speaking and giving Bannersbroker the benefit of the doubt, try to imagine a situation you are a mathematical genius who has discovered a niche in a market that had the potential to tap in to billions of dollars of revenue. So you out to find some start up capital, maybe a silent partner and end up with a less than scrupulous partner. You and your partner start up the company with legitimate intentions, but neither one of you have a clue how to represent it, let alone manage and run it. Further consider that your niche rides a razor blade line between legal and illegal and that you cannot actually make your niche public knowledge because if you did, it would be destroyed by other jumping in. (This stretches it pretty far, but please humor me). So you continue on, your making money and the people you have brought in, are happy. But then you come to a further growing phase that requires basically sales people to take it along. So you spin the program in another direction to attract these type of people in to it, but your hands are really tied behind your back because of the niches need for absolute secrecy. So now, you have gone from your cover story to others trying to tell the same tale, which makes absolutely no sense, and your new people start putting more and more spins off of it to try to make it make sense to others. Eventually, you have got so much heat coming down on you and a lack of confidence from the people you have brought in, that the whole thing starts unraveling. You can’t pay your people on time and you cannot give them an honest reason why things are going the way they are, without burning the whole thing to the ground.

    So what do you do? Do you throw in the towel or do you go out and find the most qualified people who come from a similar business to try to help put things on the right track? Now imagine the incredible challenges these people would be faced with attempting to take a never tried before niche that was in the stage that no one with knowledge of it could not with 1,000,000 percent certainty label it a Ponzi scheme, and you have tied their hands behind their back to prove that it is legitimate, because to actually reveal the secrets of the niche, they would burn down the whole business.

    Steve, as I previously stated, the known and or perceived facts about the business operations of Bannersbroker creates astronomical odds against the aforementioned scenario having any relevance whatsoever to what is currently going on with Bannersbroker, but I have to tell you that the entrance of person with the credentials of Terry Stern in to the current state of their operations, has got to at least raise the question, what the hell are we overlooking / missing about what is actually going on inside of BB? Furthermore, think about the potential for the earnings of the affiliates of BB, if these guys could actually put BB on the right track of a legitimate once in life time niche that paid out hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue? Of course, I am probably just wishful thinking about an impossible pipe dream.

  • Still talking trash. Its a cycler, a timing game like 100’s of others. There is no advertising. Terry, has been caught here lying, just like all the other shills. His involvement adds credence to the scam case, not the other way round!

  • I apologize but I will re-post this periodically since there is so much noise in this commentary I don’t want it to be missed by Terry. Finch if you know a better way to try to get answers to these, I leave it up to you how you want to handle.


    Terry, if you are reading this I would appreciate it if you could clarify the two critical points I raised:

    1. Why would a large ad network like OpenX work with Banners Broker, and give up 50% of the profit potential by including BBI in the equation? What value does BB bring to the relationship? Before you answer, please don’t say “300,000 affiliates” or “cash” — because it is clear that the affiliates do not do anything to drive ad traffic, and these ad networks have capital investors who already provide funding. So, what does BBI bring to the table to make these ad networks so willing to sacrifice precious GP?

    2. You stated twice now that OpenX was one of the key ad network partners that helped BBI drive that $150M (minimum!) yearly profit for its affiliates. Yet when I contacted someone at OpenX they said that BBI is simply using a free ‘trial’ ad server that OpenX hosts, and that they didn’t even know who BBI was until I asked.

    Sir, it appears that you are lying to the readers here. You need to either capitulate or clarify. As a fellow Freemason I remind you of our creed.

  • Bill, your posts look as if they might be worth reading, any chance in condensing them to say 20,000 words each? Seriously, I’m sure you could say all you have to say in a fraction of what you post, and then perhaps most of us wouldn’t skip half of each one and perhaps miss something pertinent.

    andreasheinz says:
    January 24, 2013 at 4:36 am

    Some say “Thesus” is an alter ego for some notorious terrorists like “Steven Howard”

    Some say you’re barking up the wrong tree, pop over to and meet BOTH of us there 🙂

  • @Theseus

    I think he’s just barking.

    (For non Brits, barking is British slang for a madman, you might want to google “cockney slang” for some more delightful use of the English language).

  • I have just found this on the “Banners Broker World” (complete with BB logo) Facebook page. Perhaps Mr Stern, if he appears here agin, would be so kind as to comment on its veracity, and also give some hint as to who the broker concerned is?

    “Banners Broker have just completed a deal with one of THE BIGGEST brokers in the blind advertising network. This is amazing news for the company and affiliates. BB are going to be massive, one of the major brokers in the world and they have only just got started! Also payments to BB card will soon be automated! Exciting times ahead!”

  • BBinsider:

    Bannersbrokers screams astronomical red flags on both sides of the coins. On the scam side of the coin, is there any possible way that a company that operates like Bannersbroker even remotely be a legitimate company?

    On the legit side of the coin, no one….I repeat no one, would ever attempt to and or get way with running a Ponzi scheme in a 110 countries simultaneously.

  • Della Cate:

    Those are the statements of a company in dire straights. They are offering time buying – false promises on the two biggest issues that have caused the downward spiral of confidence in the company. What shoots holes in their continued BS campaign of misinformation is that it does not state who the ‘broker’ is nor does it address the issue of the 1,000’s sitting around waiting to get paid on their long overdue withdraw requests. I am still waiting to here an explanation about their recent reversal of 1,000s of withdraw requests and the scumbag way the went about doing it.

  • And you directed me to stop playing both sides! Its a cycler pure and simple. A very elaborate one yes but that is all it is.

    There is no argument for the legit side.

  • BBinsider:

    Your take on this issue sir? Why would a guy with an excellent track record and reputation in MLM, go to work for a company running a scam and then let everyone know he worked for said company?

  • Just for readers’ knowledge

    I have just received 2500$ on my BB card

    (i asked them on 29 december, and should have been payed on 13 January, but i got them now 🙂 )

  • BBinsider:

    So your saying that the fact that no one has ever been insane enough in the past to attempt to run a billion to one shot of success Ponzi scheme in 110 countries simultaneously, does not raise an argument for the legit side? Are you saying that a guy with a very good reputation and hard earned lengthy track record in MLM, pitching his lengthy career out the back door does not raise an argument for the legit side?

  • BBinsider:

    I on the side that no matter how many red flags are to the contrary, that there is no possible way that BB could be a legitimate company. I am just trying to be open minded and fair and sounding off to others hoping to hear their opinions. Additionally, I am so confused I am not sure what to think anymore.

  • Whether something has been done before or not has nothing to do with it.

    To your second point, no it doesn’t.

  • fgbhot:

    I believe you received $2,000 dollars on your BB card about as much as I believe they will sending $1,000,000 dollar bonuses to all the thousands of people who have not been paid yet! Nice misinformation Fgbhot!

  • Finch, I don’t know if this bothers you or not, but that posting you reported on 17th January on a BB Facebook page, that began “Guy called Finch hiding his face…” (the one that Mr Stern said was being dealt with by compliance)….well, it’s still there.

    So perhaps the author wasn’t very compliant after all? True, Mr Stern did apologise, but it’s still a poor show in my opinion.

  • Della Cate:

    hmmm…… I can only imagine what a compliance department at BB would comprise. When I get done pissing my pants laughing, I will try to contemplate that notion some more!

  • BBinsider:

    Educate me please. Why would they be paying people right now then? If you believe the recent post, someone received two grand from them.

  • BBinsider:

    For whatever it is worth, I am looking at several BB card accounts with long overdue withdraw requests, that have not been credited one red cent.

  • yes Bill, i am the first critic about Banners Broker, i think it is a POnzi

    Just for intellectual honesty i have to say i have been paid 2500$,1 hour ago

    I requested money, as premium member, on 29 december

  • You asked me had I got paid. I haven’t. If you are proBB, the very best this can signal is selective payments and those are very much delayed.

    As I said already I’m playing these games long enough to know what this means.

  • fgbhot:

    As I said, I apologize….I was way out of line and I am sincerely happy you were paid by them. I am ignorant as to what a premium member is but I assume that you would have to have several thousand dollars or more in to them to be at that level. I hope you will receive every penny you are entitled to.

  • dont worry Bill Lucas
    I accept your apologize

    Yes, i have withdrawn so far about 6 times my investment, yes it is an investment

  • BBinsider:

    Personally, it has been my opinion that they have fallen way past the point of having anything left for selective payments. Question? I know you may not have an exact figure, but how much money do you think some of the top premium members could be in to this thing for?

  • fgbhot:

    Please don’t take this question wrong, but how could you have a single negative thing to say about BB if you have received six times your original investment back from them? No one could be in this thing for more than 2 years; making six times your original investment in that short of period of time is a fantastic return on your investment!

  • i have 15 refs, started 16 months ago
    trust me, it is possible

    but i will hurt my intelligence if would think all of this is real,
    BB unfortunately as all of you have shown, dont make what it claims to do

  • BBinsider:

    Would I be dreaming if I was to assume that they could have numerous people in to this thing for $50,000 and up? Let me clarify that, my definition of ‘numerous’ is 5,000 plus members?

  • The most I am personally aware of is a person in for about $5,000 grand with 3 refs, less than 10 months, who has not pocketed his original investment back yet. If you really want to laugh, the account that got me fired up was a woman who has been in 11 months, with an original investment of $150.00 who cannot seem to get paid the $100.00 she has been waiting to receive for almost 60 days now. I am getting quite an education here and realizing that I really don’t have a clue how these things work.

  • BBinsider:

    ‘into’ = actual money out of the affiliates pocket paid to the BB. This does not include fees paid from matured panels and or ref’s investments.

  • BBinsider:

    Yes, I know that there are affiliates with multiple accounts, regardless of what BB says. This is not second hand information. I have personally seen them.

  • BBinsder:

    Sorry, my last post was in response to your question ‘initial investments’. Yes initial investments and all other out of pocket money paid in afterwards.

  • From the first time I looked at BB, I always assumed that the majority of their affiliates were probably in to the thing for $1,000 or less. (not counting what BB claims their profits are)

  • It doesn’t depend on money, its a choice. Of course its more expensive. Also, if you go to more than one traffic pack per month its mandatory.

  • I would think that if they were selectively paying, they would be paying much smaller amounts, so that they could pay more people. Go figure. I guess bigger amounts to a selective few, brings more fanfare!

  • We have no proof that anyone has been paid. Then again, we hav eno proof that I haven’t been paid either lol.

    I do find it strange that I have requested a smaller amount and am waiting longer. Then again, as I said previously, I have been branded negative(I would call it realistic, but anyway) no doubt that has gone against me.

  • BBinsider:

    How could anyone with the power to brand you ‘negative’, working at BB, even be aware of who you are? Also, do you think anything said here is really catching anyone’s attention at BB? Do you think more than 100 people may read this blog a day? Sure, Mr. Stern is showing up here occasionally, but I am sure he has a regular route of blogs he visits when ever he goes on this BS shoveling tours. There are numerous places that are talking about BB right now. I found a complaint filed yesterday with Ripoff Report, where an affiliate was complaining about BB’s scumbag ‘reversal’ link on pending withdraw requests that trick people in to reversing their own requests. This guy was pissed!!!!!!!!

  • Not from here. From elsewhere. Don’t want to elaborate. They definitely keep tabs on who is towing the line and who is not.

  • my first post here,but have been following each comment for a while, coincides with my bb card being loaded with $905 requested on 29th december and due date was the 14th january. Seen at least 10 others saying card loaded with various amounts, so whether or not only a select few have been paid i cant say.All i know for sure is i shall be heading down to atm on friday to withdraw funds, as i have also done today

  • BBinsider:

    I will probably get lynched for this next statement, but here goes. In absence of receiving complaints that would generally state, ‘I just woke up to the fact that you assholes duped me in to a Ponzi scheme, how dare you involve me in such a thing?,’ verses the general overall bitch that kind of goes like this, “on the cool dick heads, I knowingly bought in to your Ponzi scheme and now you jackoff’s are jerking me off about getting paid, so I am going to tell anyone who will listen that your running a Ponzi scheme, not that every swinging dick who ever heard your bullshit pitch did not know what time of day it is.’

    Maybe I am wrong, but that is exactly how I would be receiving these complaints if I was sitting on the top of BB reading just about everything I have read lately. Every bit of mud slinging I have read, all seems to stem from a general overall disatisfaction of not being paid on time by BB.

    If I have not made it plain enough, people who rip off dope dealers are usually not to concerned about be turned in by the criminals who ripped them off. The real kicker to this whole deal, is no one really knows for sure the real names of the people who burned them. How could you take these blogs seriously if your sitting high and dry, with no one knowing who you are and the majority of your complaints are coming from people who are not really in the position to go to the authorities complaining that they did not reap what they hoped to out of a Ponzi scheme.

    Any how, that is why I don’t think you on any ‘negative’ list. I think they are paying out some money hoping to quiet things down for awhile, in hopes they can milk this deal for a little longer.

  • BBinsider:

    In other words, I don’t think that they have a no-pay list. They may be paying some attention to me, because I am not one of their affiliates.

  • I don’t really care what the folks at BB think of me, after all i am not trying to collect any money from them, but if I was in to this thing, I would be highly tempted to just simply call whatever credit card company I used to buy in with and say something to the affect of, ‘I was going over some my statements and low and behold I found a charge to some scumbags called Bannersbroker I never authorized.’ ‘By the way, I looked in to them and low and behold, they are Ponzi scheme.’

    Let me tell you something, having dealt with merchant accounts, there is nothing that an internet company that operates like BB does, that will cause them more nightmares than chargebacks. I don’t know about international purchases, but regulations here in the good old USA provide that a person can initiate a charge back as long as two years after the charge was made.

  • @Bill Lucas

    Has Finch retired as it appears you have taken over this blog.

    ive counted approx 36 posts from you today alone………….

    I wonder is that your personal best, maybe you and D’Pressed should have a competition

    Anyway i think you might be a bit confused or maybe just playing games

    You started out by attempting the credible voice against BB with all the evidence of your sortie up to SP (where are the photos BTW), then you seem to take a hit or two from Mr PR, saying maybe it was possible that BB was legit after all.

    Now you seem have come around full circle.

    Well as long as you are enjoying yourself thats all that matter i spose

    BTW where are the photos?

  • @ Big Andy:

    I appreciate your comments though I am not sure why you would want to introduce yourself to me with a dose of sarcasm and assumptions. Nevertheless, I will be happy to respond to your comments. If there is some kind of limit restrictions of how many posts a person should limit themselves to here, I have no knowledge of it. I don’t think Finch has retired, I sure do not have admin privileges to this blog and I am definitely have no desire to run a blog. As for competition with Dpressed, until I came here I never ran across that screen name before, have no clue who he or she may be and I definitely cannot think of a reason why I would ever want to compete with anyone on how many posts I can post in a day.

    Additionally, as I posted earlier, there are so many screaming red flags on the both sides of the Bannersbroker coin (I encourage you to read the post, it was a good one) that I am definitely confused. In regards to playing games, I am not sure I understand where your going with that one. Games involve a winner or at least some kind of reaching a goal. Venting, sharing information, learning what you can and expressing your opinions, does not imply there is a game. On a personal note, your comments tone comes off sounding like your complaining about how much I post, I mean really, why would anyone count how many posts a person may post and then finish it off with a sarcastic remark about, ‘I wonder is that your personal best’? Sounds like you got a real bug up your ass and I am a convenient target for spilling your frustrations upon.

    I don’t want to call you a moron, because after all, I don’t know you, but I cannot hold back from telling you that in my opinion, only a complete retard could come to the following conclusion if they have been following my posts: “You started out by attempting the credible voice against BB with all the evidence of your sortie up to SP (where are the photos BTW), then you seem to take a hit or two from Mr PR, saying maybe it was possible that BB was legit after all. Now you seem have come around full circle.” Since you are obviously some kind of idiot or cannot read and or are making the kind of comments you are to me without having read what I have posted, please don’t feel insulted when I write you assuming you are a moron, by stating the following for who know how many times I have said it:

    1. I don’t have an ato grind with
    2. I am not an affiliate of BB and therefore they do not owe me one red cent.
    3. Though I am really trying to be open minded and fair, there is not a snow balls chance in hell that any business that operates the way BB does, could be anything other than a scam.
    4. I am pissed off at BB because they have duped a very good Christian friend of mine in to their Ponzi scheme and will most likely end up ripping him off for his investment and faith in them.
    5. I am not giving sworn testimony to a court, grand jury and or government agency. I have not been asked, counseled and or ordered by Mr. Finch, who is the gate keeper of this blog,
    to refrain from sharing my opinions here, asking questions, passing on information from second parties and or to limit my posts.

    6. I have repeated stated the foregoing in my posts and have stated unequivocally that as far as I am concerned, any one who has an inkling of the content that is usually posted on public blogs, should consider the information suspect and do their own due diligence in determining the validity of the information they find of interest. If that is not plain enough english for you sir, let me make it clearer for you. I don’t owe you and or anyone else hear any guarantee that any thing I may believe, vent about, pass on and or suggest, has any value you whatsoever. Take what you want from it, praise it and or bitch about it, but don’t come back to me like I some how screwed you over because you don’t agree with something I may have posted.

    In regards to your question about where are the photos? Is there some option to post them here? Am I under some contractual, fiduciary and or any other obligation to provide them for you elsewhere? Did you not read all the posts from people here outright accusing me of lying about the information that was passed on to me? Get a life Bozo! Call me a prick, but when people insult the fuck out of me, I sure don’t feel compelled to go out of my way to do jack shit for them and if I felt even the least bit compelled to do anything for the people who insulted me, it sure would have nothing to do with the sore spot they created. Finally Big Andy, if you haven’t got the message by now, please let me state it again…….I don’t give a fuck what any person here thinks about me. There is not a person here who knows me. There is not person here that I know, owes me anything and or I would expect to give me the sweat off their nuts. Additionally, I am not being paid to be here, I do not expect to be paid for anything I may contribute, i am not posting here with the intent to smear BB.

    Did I answer your questions?

  • @ Big Andy:

    “I’m on the side that no matter how many red flags there are to the contrary, that there is no possible way that BB could be a legitimate company. I am just trying to be open minded and fair and sounding off to others hoping to hear their opinions. Additionally, I am so confused I am not sure what to think anymore.”

    Are you still confused about what I think about Bannersbroker? Now how am I saying anything different than my very first post? I stand by every post I have posted. I am not taking sides. I have no financial interest in Bannersbroker!!!!!!! I cannot benefit whatsoever from BB, but I have every ethical right there is to call a spade a spade. I don’t care if they sue me for saying this, but I will never believe that there is any possibility that BB is a legitimate company in consideration of the way they operate. They can also sue me for this one, “what kind of scumbags attempt to trick their customers in to initiating their own reversals of legitimately owed money withdraw requests?” Only the worst scum of the earth would come up with that one. Do I not have a right to my opinion and to state what I believe to be true and correct? If they did wanted to hear about it, than they shouldn’t of sank that low. If they don’t want people like me posting legitimate concerns, comments and or derogatory remarks about how they do business, than they should refrain from ripping innocent people off. This is not a matter of trying to rectify a horrible situation. Even if they give the innocent people their money back, like there is a snowballs chance in hell that will ever happen, they have duped innocent people in to a Ponzi scheme. There is no way of changing that situation. The best they can hope for, that I can hope for, is that through screaming about this, it may at least result in the true identities of the people who did it coming to light. At this point, no one seems to have a clue who the criminal are that are running this scam.

  • @ Finch

    Mr. Finch I stand by what I originally praised you for. If you feel I have said anything on your blog that was unfair to the jackoff’s responsible for the biggest Ponzi scheme to ever be perpetrated to this date, I sincerely apologize. If you feel that I have screwed up this blog, than I highly encourage you to wipe my existence off this blog. If you choose to allow them to remain, than I can only assume that you do not have any issues concerning the same.

    At the risk of sounding insulting, if you do not know how to wipe me off this blog, please email me and I will explain to you step by step how to delete any users posts from your blog. I hope that my posts will somehow benefit this blog and I want to thank you for allowing me to post here. Please feel free to contact me if you like. I am very curious as to your apparent hosting of WordPress on what appears to be your own servers. I have my own WordPress project in publication now. Best Regards.

  • Bill Lucas, if you care an opinion from a daily reader of this blog: you have a pleasant writing style and your posts sometimes really do contain little gems. But they often come with a truckload of verbal diarrhea and I can’t be bothered to stir around with a stick to find the gems. Most BB-topics have already been chewed upon to the bone: BB pay-out schemes and dates, BB business model, Chris Smith, Terry Stern, affialiates, panels, algorithms, I’ve seen them passing by in two main posts from Finch and almost 1500 replies. You are not adding any new info or insights at the moment, so there is no need to blog in this frequency and/or number of words. I always start reading your posts, but after five lines I’m usually getting off the hook with a ‘we’ve been there and done that’-feeling. Don’t use this blog for your personal editorial orgasms. Bottom line: cut the crap, leave the gems…

  • Grandão: Note taken: Thank you. Here is the gem of the century. I came here, created a ruckus, Terry Stern comes running, establishes his id with gate keeper Finch, informed by affiliates that they are convinced they are participating in a Ponzi scheme, Stern fails to demand their immediate separation from BB, affiliates don’t demand separation from Ponzi scheme, further talks of affiliate concerns other than immediate termination of affiliate relationship continue for two days with Stern, BB officer proverbial posterior now roasted. Bill extremely happy, got what he needed to help innocent victim. Finch should be whistling dixie out his asshole, can anyone say thank you?

  • The best thing we can do to protect others is inform the authorities. Sadly ActionFraud don’t investigate every single report so please encourage others to report this:

    I know two people that stand to lose a substantial sum when BB collapses.

  • Second Donald’s comment. @Donald – those people have already lost that sum in all probability. That’s what makes this stink.

    @Bill – Thank you very much for all the work you have done. Instant responses on here are unlikely to happen often. Real life intervenes for some of us whether we like it or not and that includes Finch. Stern/BB was always going to rise to the bait of many prods and pokes, not just anyone single person.

    Real life going to take me away from here. Maybe you need to take a break for your own sake now. That is said with the best of intentions towards you.


  • Look at some of the claims being made on this site:

    1)We are so confident in Banners Broker that we are prepared to offer you a 100% money back GUARANTEE. That is our commitment to you – A 100% NO quibble money back guarantee.

    2) Making money and accessing your online earnings is easy with the
    Banners Broker Mastercard

    3) There is NO limit to the potential earnings, which means you can get financial freedom to do the things you and your family want and deserve.

    4)Banners Broker is a legitimate and licensed business, endorsed and working with Master Card

    5)You do NOT need to refer other members to have a successful Banners Broker Business

    6)Banners Broker is a recession proof business opportunity

    Really??? – Good luck with the 100% money back guarantee.

  • I have a Solid Trust account, and have Revenue logs in BB of $1300 but do not see any way of getting this money out

    HELP !!!!!!!11111

  • @ Bill Lucas

    Hi Bill

    That was quite an explosive and emotional reply.

    My post was not designed to agitate you, having read all the posts including yours you did present a case against BB, but there was a point in there somewhere where you were not 100% certain.

    For the photos/evidence all you have to do is host them on googles photos/docs and drop the link in here



    Big Andy

  • Bil Lucas, not sure what the gem of the centry is that you’re claiming, but Terry Stern was in this forum already announced by Finch at January 10th, and entered in person at January 14th. You attended only at January 21st. Claiming that Terry came here because of your ruckus is a bit too far from the truth and isn’t doing justice to Finch himself nor to the bunch of people who are, from the start, the solid contributors to this blog. Don’t get carried away in your own wishfull thinking. Once again, I like your writing style, you have a talent, but keep both feet to the ground, please.

  • I have not invested any $$$ in BB but have an interest in exposing BB for what it is. The owner(s) Chris in the UK and Raj in Canada didn’t start up BB with little money. Chris ran a previous scam, Onlineincome Limited and conned people out of millions. In Canada, Banners Broker Ltd. is owned by Rajiv Dixit who did a name change to Stellar Point in 2012, was involved with ICF World Homes, Peterborough, ON where he helped con people out of millions.

    BB is run by people who know only one thing, con people into a “dream” with promises of easy money and give examples of people making thousands every month. The reality is the initial people joining the company are all high level scammers (network marketers) who are at the top of the chain with a list of people that are engaged in network marketing and easy prey to join the “next best” opportunity. It isn’t hard for them to quickly sign up a few thousand members. From there it keeps on expanding.

    With BB they are making a lot of money every month, none from any advertising as they really don’t do very much or you’d be seeing their banners on sites other than their own members, but from the admin fees, 250,000 members at $15 each is a mere $3,750,000/m. Plus customer support costs $5/question ( Either they don’t want to help their members or their support is so poor they see this as another revenue stream). members having to pay 5% to withdraw their own money is also another nice revenue stream for the couple of owners, ripping them off initially isn’t good enough, the money they promise you you will make will cost you another 5% to withdraw.
    Then of course unless you buy the traffic packs you won’t get any traffic so you have to commit to that program and you can’t do it just one month or two, no, it’s a monthly commitment, even though there is no traffic because there are no verifiable ads out there. The few that I have seen are pathetic and only on members sites, nothing that would generate any hits.

    This is a very well thought out complex marketing scam, oops, I meant scheme. This is no different than the previous ones run by the same people and will collapse when there aren’t enough new members coming in to pay the existing ones.

    BB is not an operating company like Google who they are trying to tell you they are competing with. Google has over 30,000 employees with thousands in customer support. BB has, oh, let me guess less than a hundred worldwide with maybe 1 or 2 support staff in each country, if that.

    The history of these people shows that their businesses run 2 to 3 years when they grow to 200,000 – 300,000 members and because they now have to pay so much money back to them it is more financially rewarding for them to shut it down and start another scam. The 2 to 3 year term also works for them because of the negative publicity in getting new members. Also it takes governmental agencies at least that long to respond to complaints about their business. By the time they look into it they are on to their next con.

    Anybody that was in BB early enough probably got their “investment” back but anybody joining now has little chance of recouping their hard-earned gift to BB.

  • @Ken Roklin

    Thanks for your post. Interesting information about prior activities of some of the higher up BB members.


  • @Bill

    Don’t know, I really don’t. Guess it depends on how many people feel they can keep on taking the money. If you point out that the money they get actually isn’t “theirs” and it’s come from someone else and not a bona fide product, some people will care others will not as long as they are quids in.


  • Ditto Ditto – unfortunately, you are right. How often have we seen posts from people saying they don’t care as long as they get paid?

    And they are still trying to recruit more members; and if they are to be believed, they are succeeding. I’ve seen affiliate’s websites boasting that they are now 300,000 strong.

  • Ken Roklin says:
    January 25, 2013 at 8:50 am
    I have not invested any $$$ in BB but have an interest in exposing BB for what it is. The owner(s) Chris in the UK and Raj in Canada didn’t start up BB with little money. Chris ran a previous scam, Onlineincome Limited and conned people out of millions.

    You *might* want to check your sources….

    “Chris” and Raj are both in Canada, Online Income Ltd was/is one of Ian “Four Million Dollar Man” Driscoll’s ventures.

  • @all, @ Ditto Ditto

    What cracks me up is:

    Affiliate says I am mad at how the scam is working
    BB says we are making changes

    Am I the only one that can see the significance in that?
    Does anyone realize how bad TS roasted in own posterior by evening having the conversation?

  • I can’t compete with Bill. I was accused of posting too much on here, but Bill is a Tsunami to my paddling pool! 😮 At least I tried to inject some humour, but the appetite has gone. This thread has run its course. Most of the unanswered questions to TS are 100 posts back! We’re just going round in circles. Terry Stern has failed to convince anyone with a brain that BB is a viable business and that’s that.

    To Phil Hendy: Fair enough. We’re on the same side with regard to our beliefs about BB and I think you’re a decent bloke. It’s unfortunate that the press hasn’t been much help, but at least you tried that route. I thought both the Irish and British Mirror articles were poorly researched by their alleged journalists; whose entire script was based on loose anecdote, but that’s by the by.

    The future of BB is offline. Unless they can get their ‘world tour’ on track again soon, there will be no new affliate money coming in. It’s worse for them though….

    The other problem they face is that if and when they start having public meetings in the UK, and other countries already well entrenched in the affilaite programme, those meetings will not be attended by fresh blood money, but by disaffected BB affilates who have been waiting MONTHS for a simple payment to be processed. Things could turn nasty….. I very much doubt it the tour will continue though and it’s then a matter of time….

    Money supply is already being choked off via the bad publicity from numerous sources in and out of BB and without new affliates, there is no cashflow, because afflitae money IS the cashflow. If they’d managed to infiltrate India the potential was there to get another year or two out of it, but that alone was a PR disaster, never mind the research done into the complexities of BB’s set up which have exposed its duplicitous processes.

    It looks like the process will take weeks or months. BB’s contracted an incurable cancer from exposure to reality. The excuses, false optimism and requests for affiliates to ‘please be patient’ act as palliative care. The website will not just shut overnight, but its breathing will become slower and slower until there is no more to be said from either side….All that’s will be heared is the flatline beeeeeeeeep of the heart monitor and the shock and grief-stricken wails of the ill-informed.

    This blog has, at least, given people the chance to go through the five stages of grief before the death certificate has been issued. We’re the lucky ones.

  • @ Depressed

    Hmmm……you may be right. Look out next for transvestite pitching a once and a life time algorithm.

    Bill’s Unabashed Encyclopedia of Dick Head Ponzi Celebrities

    search: Chris Smith
    …….searching……searching…… return 1 hit

    Chris Smith: one of hundreds of the assumed names for Rajiv Dixit. Be advised that this assumed name is used by many paid dupes to promote confusion. Additionally, further confusion is promulgated by using dupes of several nationalities. Last seen dupe portrayed by african american of Jamaican decent. Current information indicates will next be portrayed by transvestite promising higher and faster payouts.

    Authors note: Way to go Rajiv. A piece of human garbage transvestite will be the most honest representation of you yet.

  • Bill: You’re beginning to sound like ‘andreasheinz’…. ‘Transvestite’? The only thing missing from this thread was a reference to ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

    BB: ‘The Shabby Panel Promo. Show’

    Ending soon in a city near everyone…

  • Bill’s Guide to Scamming for Dummies
    Chpt. 4 – Customer Service

    Every good Ponzi scheme needs a free customer service department, not that you would actually provide any, but what else could we call it? Here are some step by step instructions for building a first class and don’t forget, free….customer service department.

    1. Create a complaint blog targeted towards your current scam.
    2. Create fictitious name of blog publisher and provide all the already known complaints against your scam. This will not hurt your scam because all your doing is posting what many already know about what your doing.
    3. Create some bogus user names to piss, moan and tell on you to get the whole thing going.
    4. Monitor the posts daily of the actual complainers that post on your blog. Monitoring of people stupid enough to admit that they are knowing affiliates and or participants of your Ponzi scheme, can be useful to you later for reminding them they are criminally responsible too!

    Who needs expensive marketing survey companies, customer support tickets and or other customer service mediums, when you can have you own ears to the ground while collecting valuable information about the people who are complaining about your scam. This is a revolutionary means of keeping abreast of things going on to burn your scam and the best disinformation source available for keeping everyone misinformed about what is really going on inside of your scam.

    **** Disclaimer: This customer service tool is for serious scammers only. Use at your own risk.

  • Here is what some of my happy customers are saying:

    “Bill, keep up the great work. Bill’s Guide to Scammers for Dummies, has become the holy grail here at BB.” C. Smith

    “Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I just love chapter 4. Recently we held back some affiliate payments and oh how the sparks of misinformation flew. I was able to collect more information about who my main complainers are and just how misinformed most of my affiliates are, in a week than in our previous 2 years of business. I sit around late at night in my boxers laughing my a.. off at some of the crazy things I am reading on my blog. Your book is worth millions. Keep up good work. Your book is worth millions.” Rajiv D.

    “Chapter 4 is the greatest customer satisfaction tool we have ever used. We have spent thousands of dollars in past for research data on how effective our previous disinformation promotions were working. Our first week of using your customer service tool, we learned more valuable information than what millions of dollars of independent research would have ever revealed. Shame we did not use your tools before we already were to far gone to save our business.” Zeek Rewards 4ever

    “Highly recommended” Terry S.

    “May I suggest using legitimate complaints blogs as well?” Big Daddy R.

    Folks, get your copy today absolutely for free.

  • Bill and D. Pressed, are you mentally challenged?

    Your endless pointless drivel is diluting the effectiveness of this site in putting people off BB. Please for one minute get off your ego train and stop posting this torrent of crap and just let people who are interested in protecting others post salient facts.

    No one is even slightly amused except yourselves. In fact I wager than hardly anyone reads past the first line of your twaddle any more. In fact at this point I wager they don’t get passed your username.

    Please go away you are hurting and not helping.

  • We all know that Finch’s blog shows up at the top of most google searches, until “Bill” turned up, it was typically short posts with relevant information which most people could digest and understand with little effort.

    Now it’s being filled with crap and long boring posts by one person.

    One person who has also tried to deflect some heat away from Terry Stern.

    If “Bill” is not a BB plant he’s doing a damn good job of wrecking this comments section.

    He’s now started posting similar crap on realscam, I’m very suspicious of him.

  • BB is certainly not paying.

    Due date was 19/01 and nothing received yet. Downline is also not payed and due date was earlier.

    But traffic packs and monthly subscription are always charged on time … and no way out of the traffic pack subscription or account goes into negative (traffic bank will be negative) and they no longer pay.

    Panel movement is definitely slower, some panels take one additional month to complete, and my downline has yellow panels running for more than a month and not completing.

    Which means my traffic bank is growing faster than what I need for panels to qualify …

  • “He’s now started posting similar crap on realscam, I’m very suspicious of him.”

    The odd, rambling “anti-BB” posts appear almost like a BB-sponsored attempt to discredit this side of the argument by filling the threads both here and on RS up with nonsensical gibberish.

  • Steven H and Nick – you have a good point. I’ve been concerned for some time about the display of ego that is going on in some of these posts. And, while there may well be some good points buried in them, they are overwhelmed by reams and reams of….well, I don’t know what to call it really. Superfluous material I suppose.

    I’m not interested in how clever people are (or think they are), or in displays of intellect, or anything else. I have a friend who calls this “mental w*nking”. It risks destabilising this blog and is pretty off putting to others. I haven’t waded through some of the epic posts for some time now.

    Please, gentlemen, keep to the point and keep it simple; and remember the point of this blog! Which is not to display anyone’s ego or indulge in poiintless squabbles between posters.

    Thank you all.

  • To Bill and D.Pressed

    To echo what the above posters have said … PLEASE STOP POSTING ENDLESS ACRES OF BORING CRAP. You may both think you’re clever. No-one else does. You’re ruining the thread. PLEASE GO.

  • Terry, if you are reading this I would appreciate it if you could clarify the two critical points I raised:

    1. Why would a large ad network like OpenX work with Banners Broker, and give up 50% of the profit potential by including BBI in the equation? What value does BB bring to the relationship? Before you answer, please don’t say “300,000 affiliates” or “cash” — because it is clear that the affiliates do not do anything to drive ad traffic, and these ad networks have capital investors who already provide funding. So, what does BBI bring to the table to make these ad networks so willing to sacrifice precious GP?

    2. You stated twice now that OpenX was one of the key ad network partners that helped BBI drive that $150M (minimum!) yearly profit for its affiliates. Yet when I contacted someone at OpenX they said that BBI is simply using a free ‘trial’ ad server that OpenX hosts, and that they didn’t even know who BBI was until I asked.

    Sir, it appears that you are lying to the readers here. You need to either capitulate or clarify. As a fellow Freemason I remind you of our creed.

  • So funny… BBI has introduced a “reverse” button to encourage people to “change their minds” and reverse requests for cash withdrawals after they made these requests.
    It’s not bad enough that BBI is not paying anyone on time…. now they want to give affiliates the pleasure of asking to withdraw cash then ask to reverse that request.

    New announcement of a “Prestige” package. More superior to the Black one. Very cheap at $500 per month…. nice way to help affiliates to spend their virtual profits on buying virtual products.

    Those guys behind BBI are clever. It has now become a computer game for retirees/pensioners. Pay some real cash upfront, then play confetti money to purchase and repurchase confetti products. I am jealous it wasn’t my idea.

  • Chuck, I will pass these on to Terry for the Q&A.

    The only reason it hasn’t been posted already is because a) the initial answers were not satisfactory and demanded follow-up questions, and b) some questions were avoided altogether.

    I want to give Terry a fair shot to answer them before I publish the piece with a damning “No comment” under them. We’ll see what happens with the next round.

    Bill Lucas – I’m not sure what to make of your posts. I don’t necessarily agree that you’re a ‘plant’. I think it’s more likely that you genuinely do want to add to this discussion, but I agree with the others that your insight is more effective when it’s kept concise and grounded by facts.

    200 comments ago, this discussion was dominated by the crucifixion of Terry Stern’s attempts to explain the Banners Broker model. The shills had disappeared and all that was left was a weak attempt to obfuscate an argument where, for once, the ‘doubters’ had all the answers. It looked awful for Banners Broker.

    I didn’t post anything because no further comment was needed. The regular contributors here had torn Terry to shreds, and some are still trying, but they are struggling to be heard. And Terry has an easy excuse for not hearing them.

    Whether intentionally or not, I think it’s a shame that the discussion has veered off in a completely different direction. BannersBroker won’t be complaining (until I post the Q&A next week and reframe this right back on their business model)

    I don’t think it’s necessary to spend every hour of every day analysing every Banners Broker move, or concocting fake personas to fast-track the demise. It’s like a 24/7 news station. Eventually, you just get bored of the story.

    There is one factor that is working against Banners Broker in every hour, of every day, of every week that goes by. That factor is time.

    Every excuse for non-payment, or slowed panels, is an attempt to buy time. So let them. The price they pay for their excuses is a rapid decline in confidence, and a rush from their users to withdraw funds.

    This alone is enough to crash BannersBroker.

    In the meantime, the best way to hurt their recruiting process is to fight excuses with facts.

    I’ll post my Q&A next week. In the meantime, I’m taking the weekend off to celebrate my 25th. Have a good weekend, non-schemers!

  • Happy birthday Finch, and thanks for all the work you’re doing here – it’s brilliant! Have to say that, for a 25 year old, you’re an impressive operator. All the best fella!

  • I’ve just shown on realscam that “Bill Lucas” is an outright liar, I’m not going to bother repeating it here, visit the other site if you want to confirm for yourself.

    I look forward to the Q&A session.

    Happy Birthday Finch.

  • Happy birthday Finch. You’re a good man. It’s people like Terry and his scumbag bosses, that control him,that make the world a bad place. Keep fighting the good fight buddy!

  • @ Finch

    I am not a plant. Just someone who is ignorant of blog etiquette. The one point I have paid attention to here concerning my contributions is that my posts are not appreciated, and for that I am truly sorry. I will refrain from posting anything other then responses to posts addressed specifically to me. Happy birthday!

  • Happa B-day!

    Q-day is at the Manxester-event, +/- 24 hrs.

    Its more-or-less in schedule I guess, lets see ?

    ANSWERS ARE in 4 weeks — +/- 24 hrs

  • PS thats my present for that quartely “birthday” / event

    I would say ITS to young at 25 yrs to join …
    …you’re not…

  • “Just someone who is ignorant”

    Finally you get something right Bill, thanks for that (I’d call you Terry, but you seem to go off on one when I say that).

    I’ve blacklisted you on RS, you’ve been warned on there not to make insulting remarks or face being banned altogether, I sincerely hope Finch considers doing the same on here.

  • Suck my dick Steve. You act like your of some importance here and RS. The truth of the matter is your just another idiot that runs around insulting people because you have no other life.

  • No thanks “Bill”, if I was into guys, you wouldn’t be my sort.

    If telling the truth and showing you up for what you are is insulting, then yup, I guess I have done that, I’m not sorry

    Most of it, you’ve done yourself though, I mean, there’s 76496 comments on Finch’s blog but you’re the only one out of all of those to ask someone else for sexual favours.

    Watch it Bill/Terry/?, you’ll be getting yourself a bad name.


  • Seven, you never showed me up. The only thing you did was prove to a whole lot of people just how stupid and gay you are. Not to mention your doing just want you complained I am suppose to be doing – clogging the blog up with a bunch of useless comments that have nothing to do with Bannersbroker. If you miss daddy so much, just email me. Until later, have a dick and a smile and shut the fuc_ up!!

  • Nick…I’ve already dismantled you and you know it. I will take your request as proof that my initial concerns about your personal credibility have been vindicated. 🙂

    Bill, you’ve lost the plot. You seemed to have some genuine information and knowledge to impart, but now your posts lack both wit and wisdom. Posts containing nothing more than filthy abusive language make you appear to be a moron and wastes the intelligent work you presented early on. ‘Forum etiquette’ is no different to any other. Just because you’re on the internet doesn’t make that sort of behaviour acceptable.

    I don’t know what Steven Howard has found out, but Steven has been around here a long time and I think he has a holistic view of the situation. I trust he recognises that I’m neither a plant nor ignorant nor motivated by a single agenda.

    In answer to Della Cate and Maynard, just because a post is long, doesn’t necessarily make it irrelevant. There are many short posts on here which contain nothing but foul language. They are the equivalent of premature ejaculation, which is far more unpleasant imo!. Unlike Nick, Bill and many others, I’ve never gone down that route. Nor have I felt the need to double up on Realscam unlike many of the posters on here.

    Finch Says: ‘There is one factor that is working against Banners Broker in every hour, of every day, of every week that goes by. That factor is time. Every excuse for non-payment, or slowed panels, is an attempt to buy time. So let them. The price they pay for their excuses is a rapid decline in confidence, and a rush from their users to withdraw funds.

    This alone is enough to crash BannersBroker.’

    It seems he agrees with the post I made yesterday saying pretty much the same thing! 🙂

    Oddly, this post was described as ‘pointless drivel’ and ‘boring crap’ respectively; Della Cate describes it as mental wanking… Finch makes the same point as me a day late and Maynard says he’s ‘brilliant’.

    I’d have been long gone if some of you didn’t keep asking to be intellectually jizzed over! 😉

  • Having spent hours reading this blog it appears there a few people here actually contributing and a whole lot just chiming in hoping to hear that they might get paid. All the arguing and posturing isn’t going to achieve that mission.

    Banners Broker doesn’t con anyone. The sales pitch is a read between the lines pitch. Everyone knows whats up. The only ones crying are those who did not know how to make the gig work. Stop crying and chalk it up to not working the deal.

  • Terry’s points where shot down with no real consideration for their content.He was being very open and yet the response he received was disgusting. This blog clearly exists to promote Finch and shame on you all for jumping on the bandwagon, BB does not need to prove that it is not a scam as we should consider all to be innocent till proven otherwise as is the foundation of our legal system. just because many MLM leaders are now struggling is no reason to attack this affiliate marketing opportunity which is helping it’s members create an actual online income. The fact that the anti BB blogs comprise of a few dedicated die hards shows the true lack of actual belief in your opinions and you yourselves are in fact generating a ponzi approach to blogging by being over zealous towards something which has to date actually done no wrong.

    And of course a belated birthday greeting to you Finch, whilst you migh not have any real concrete facts on this page we still do live in the land of democracy, but do tryand be a little more concise and not just play about with wild conjecture.

  • @Nubby,

    Hope and pray I’m afraid.

    If you’ve not uploaded any personal information, DON’T.

    Your money has probably gone, if you have uploaded personal info, I’d recommend you tell your bank your card has been compromised and alert the relevant authorities that your passport/ driving licence may have been cloned.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    Bill, why would you for even a nanosecond think I wanted your email address ?. But seriously, a gmail account?, for a man that mixes with millionaires?

  • On the contrary Mark, from what I could see he didn’t offer any answers. He just talked in riddles.

  • @mark

    It’s obvious to anyone with a shred of intelligence just what BB is.

    The only ones who don’t want to believe the truth are the poor people who’ve invested their savings.

    The only one’s who want to hide the truth are the people behind the scam and the people in “the loop”.

    In a court of law, you need to prove beyond reasonable doubt, we’re well past that with the evidence that’s been discovered.

    We’re also well past it following the input from Terry Stern, Wild “Bill” et al.

    The refusal of TS to answer simple questions clearly and in full should also be a stark warning.

  • @ Mark

    I feel that people keep missing the point about the business model of Bannersbroker. 99% of the accusations towards Banners Broker stem from a misunderstanding of what most of the confused believe the BB business model cannot be explained anyway else other than calling it a ponzi scheme. The BB business module is very simple if you think of it like this:

    Someone online offers to sell you a million dollar home for $500.00 with the only catch being that they will not tell you where the house is and how they make up the difference in what they are selling it for verses what it costs. It would be a far fetched conclusion that the ones who invest the $500.00 don’t realize that it is an extremely risky investment. Yet the chance of a unheard of profits brings in a lot of people. These type of people are BB’s target market. It does not matter what spin BB puts on the pitch, the end result is they are targeting high risk takers who sometimes grumble and moan, but when the money flows the groaning stops.

    The fact is that there are a whole of people making money with BB, but the end result will be a whole lot more losers. Simple fact is that the ones who get their million dollar homes got them at price paid by a whole lot of people who put in their money and did not get their homes. This post is fantastic because the moderator could careless what side of the BB fence you reside on. The few other blog sites out there that are anti-Banners Broker are usually comprised of 6-8 die hard BB haters that will viciously attack you for your praise of BB and or any opinion that does not coincide with theirs. You are pretty safe here but there are a few that come over here under different user names to hurl their insults.

    Good luck to you and thank you for the great post.

  • @ Seven

    Bill, why would you for even a nanosecond think I wanted your email address ?. But seriously, a gmail account?, for a man that mixes with millionaires?

    So we would not flood this blog with bickering between the two of us. So that you cannot claim the same indicates that I am a BB plant or anyone of the numerous things you have slandered me with.

    Geeze, it is not to hard to imagine that I may possess more than one email account. Oh excuse me, you must be saying now that my having more than one email account would support your claim that I am Terry Stern and a BB plant, or is the term ‘shill’

    Seven, you have an email address for me. Why not do everyone a favor and hurl your ridiculous slanderous and malicious accusations at me through my email, unless your scared that I might somehow learn your real name and location.

    I extend the same invitation to everyone here who feels they need to clog up the blog and blame me when I respond to your vicious and or insulting posts levied at me, to feel free to email me with the same. That way, we will keep the nonsense clutter off this blog.


    defines ‘anonymous blog poster’ who hurls insults as:

    a coward who hides behind his or her keyboard to insult others that they are afraid of.

  • Bill, what a PATHETIC, AMATEUR attempt to try and extract someone’s IP address.

    Iain Sheriff and his pal tried it by asking for screenshots of the website (Iain you may notice has disappeared from here).

    They succeeded with one or two posters then BANNED them from talkingbb.

    So I’ll tell you what Bill/Terry/Iain, give me a REAL email address (BY THAT I MEAN A TALKINGBB.COM/BANNERSBROKER etc) and I PROMISE I’ll send you one to that email address.

  • littleroundman (admin at realscam) is “pissed” ?EagleOne is “relaxed” ?

    fantastic posts at


    “Mainly because I am lazy and can’t be bothered creating a new thread and having to manually sort and move the offending posts.

    My normal modus operandi in similar situations is to allow said gangstas, BB provocateurs and other trolls to carry on their nonsense until there are sufficient posts to make it worthwhile to spend some of my (unpaid) time doing as I did for previous trolls such as “lutarian” and “MoneyMakingBrain”

    I have great confidence a far greater majority of “new” readers are sufficiently intelligent to recognize exactly what the gangstas, BB provocateurs and other trolls are doing.

    Again, IM(very)HO, the number of those whose search for answers as to the legitimacy of the Banners Broker fraud has been in any way negatively affected will be minimal.

    Oh, and we try very hard to NOT be “just another forum” so, it appears that policy is working well ”


    “In regard to why the posts have been allowed to stand (many of them but some were deleted for obscene and racist comments) is that it is not as detrimental to the thread as many of you think. By allowing them to post, they are exposing themsevles and how weak their defense is of this Ponzi. They are their worse enemy. They do far more damage to the cause than many of us posting can do. …”

  • Seven Howard:
    I upload my ID, yes, but i don’t give my bank account.
    What did you mean by “tell your bank your card has been compromised and alert the relevant authorities that your passport/ driving licence may have been cloned” ???
    They could take money from my account? How?

  • @Nubby

    A cloned card is a possibility.

    Look at it this way, would you give a criminal your credit card number, passport, driving licence ?

  • @Steven

    Your comments about id are clouding the issue. Actually that is one thing Terry was correct about. It is required to satisfy money laundering laws. I’m pretty sure BB have no intention of cloning identities. They have much easier ways of taking peoples money!

  • @ andreasheinz says

    The posts with the ‘so called racist remarks’ are still posted. What was deleted were posts by the blog originator and the administrator that were not complementary of their own characters.

    “but some were deleted for obscene and racist comments”

    Two final thoughts:

    1. Vbulletin allows the administrators to delete, add and edit anything posted on their message boards. Several posts of the user sixsigmamb were replaced and or edited on the RS blog with no notification posted to other users why the editing and or outright replacement of the edited posts comments was done and or necessary.

    2. The RS user sixsigmamb was constantly admonished by the blog originator and admin for posting ‘off topic’ and other alleged posts used by a “Banners Broker plant” to disrupt the blog. Two days later after the user sixsigmamb stopped posting there, said originator and admin are posting new ‘off topic’ posts concerning the user sixsigmamb which are resulting in ‘off topic’ replies by other users that are accomplishing the disruption of the blog they claimed they did not want. Baiting someone with nasty insults is a definitely good way to get a slow moving blog going again and adding ‘unique’ content to raise your Google rating, especially when you can delete your own insults. Last but not least, are you under the false assumption that the admin and orig each only have one user name?

    For fun, Google the following: ‘sixsigmamb realscam’ or ‘bill lucas real scam’

  • @ Seven Howard

    You have publicly admonished me on numerous occasions for being off topic and disruptive. Your IP address if of no use to me, plus there are numerous means of sending someone an email without a origin IP in the header. You know this, as in one of your posts at RS you sprouted your advanced computer knowledge to try and discredit another post. You have both of my emails, either use them or have the common sense to stop publicly posting that your a coward hiding behind a keyboard.

    On topic, here is an interesting exert from the BB terms and conditions page:

    Section K (Affiliate & Client)
    Exit clause

    In the event of the company closing, the company reserves the right to sell or transfer the intellectual property, programming code, and membership database at its sole discretion.

    @ Seven

    I may be missing something here, but if you believe that I am Bill/Terry/Iain as you continually aver, than any reasonable person would also think that I already have your IP and or contact information, as you stated previously that you are a BB affiliate.

  • @ BBinsider

    “Still bitching and moaning Bill. Have you no life?”

    Providing a response to a previous post, telling ones side of the story if you will, is a far cry from ‘bitching and moaning’ as you refer to it.

    I will tell you the same thing as I told Seven, don’t admonish others for being off topic while doing the same thing yourself. Only a scumbag coward insults people while hiding behind a computer screen!

  • Seems you really don’t have a life. And there was me thinking, with all your multimillionaire buddies(snigger) you would be having a great time.

    Glad you brought up the subject of BB selling on people’s details though. This would be the real fear on my part. Luckily for me, I didn’t put in a huge amount of money. The identity theft issue would be of far more importance.

  • @ BBinsider & @ Sevin Howard

    In the interests in others people right of enjoyment here and not clogging this blog with back and forth insults, can we all just agree to disagree? Slinging mud back and forth does not edify this forum, so please do not reference me and I will not respond to you. My offer remains for either of you to man up and send me an email with your concerns, complaints, etc.

    That said can you please reference a post where I claimed to have ‘multimillionaire buddies’ and also stop ignorantly living under the false assumption that everything you have read under my screen name was posted by the same person. You would also do well to consider that this forum does not offer the features of ‘preview, edit or delete’

  • @ Nubby

    Anytime you provide someone with a check, credit and or debit card, you have legally provided them with continued access to whatever account the instrument is associated with. Many people I know, including myself, have found unauthorized charges to our accounts that later resulted from a one time or more authorized purchases. The internet is full of those type of consumer complaints. If you have questions about what I just said, please contact the account provider of whatever form of payment you issued to BB upon joining them. Knowing that you have been doing business with a ponzi scheme should be all the encouragement you need to do so.

    A piece of good advice to everyone who purchases things over the internet is to obtain a prepaid credit card to use for your internet purchases, only transferring enough money in to the prepaid account to cover whatever purchases you make. This will significantly reduce the chances of a unscrupulous business and or individual stealing from you.

  • @ Nubby & @ everyone

    If you were clearly duped by Banners Broker and used a credit and or debit card, you have every legal right to institute a dispute with your credit and or debit card provider to recover whatever money they tricked you in to giving them.

    As previously stated in this forum, the one thing that BB and other scam artists cannot function without is merchant payment processing companies to collect their loot for them. Multiple consumer charge backs levied against relatively new internet merchants, are a nightmare for unscrupulous merchants and often result in the suspension of the merchants accounts and the payment processing companies placing holds on the collected funds of the merchant.

    On a side note, one of the main reasons that unscrupulous people do not use Paypal is because Paypal is definitely one of the fastest companies to suspend someones account and hold on to any money that is in the same. One of the lamest claims I have heard come out of BB is that they do not accept Paypal because Paypal’s fees are so high. Anyone who has ever sold things on the internet using other payment processing companies to collect their money through, would laugh at BB’s claims about the fees of Paypal. If BB had used Paypal to collect their loot, they would of never got off the ground. That is a fact, not an opinion.

  • Bill Lucas,

    “Last but not least, are you under the false assumption that the admin and orig each only have one user name?”


  • If you know people that have been affected by Banners Broker please encourage them to report it:

    I think we should all do our best raise the awareness,local press, national press, TV, Radio, local MP’s, consumer programmes. etc.

    BB are quite clever, the amount indiviuduals can lose is relatively small compared to bigger Ponzi’s such as Maddoff’s, but if enough of us make noise we will be heard..

  • Can we skip the pissing contests?

    Let’s not forget that we’re guests on somebody elses blog, and although there are (yet) no limits set by Finch on on quantity or quality, there is also something like not abusing someones hospitality, using comon sense and practising good manners.

    Bill Lucas has already proven himself to be a highflyer, a copycat, a liar and a narcissist, so not worth spending your time nor effort. Let him crap around. Without our replies or our attention his fun in this will soon enough die.

  • @ Grandão

    In the interests in others people right of enjoyment here and not clogging this blog with back and forth insults, can we all just agree to disagree? Slinging mud back and forth does not edify any forum, so please do not reference me and I will not respond to you. Please feel free to man up and send me an email with your concerns, complaints, etc.

    @ everyone

    I you want a confession here is the only one I will ever give you.

    If being placed on the top 10 list of blog posting idiots is due to me for allowing myself to fall for the ‘bait and bitch’ game, I have definitely earned it!!!!!! That said, if there is such a list for people with their heads far up their anuses due their suffering from false assumptions based on very little to go on, I don’t believe that list would be hard to comprise.

  • @Bill

    It’s “spouted” not sprouted, that’s obviously not a spelling mistake, you just don’t understand the use of the word. Not what I would expect from someone who claims to rub shoulders with millionaires.

    Furthermore I **DID** discredit the other post (not did try).

    It was discredited simply because the facts were undeniable.

    You’ve used disgusting language on this thread and shown your true colors, there’s no way on this earth I’d give you the privilege of gaining my email address or of conversing privately.

    I am a BB affiliate, Iain Sherriff,Terry Stern or You could not possibly know who I am.

    Iain along with an accomplice tried to discover my identity (by asking for screenshots of talkingbb), he failed, I believe you’re in cahoots with him and that was your intention.

    I have absolutely no intention of withdrawing the not inconsiderable sum of money that is now apparently there for me to withdraw, as far as I’m concerned it is tainted.

    Once this Ponzi has run it’s course, the people running BB will have hundreds thousands of credit card numbers, matching passports, matching drivers licences along with notarized documents.

    In the right hands, this information could be worth millions.

  • @Bill Lucas

    About the CC abuse, this is true.

    When I joined BB, I paid using a VISA card linked to my private bank account.
    I used STP as processor, but also had an Allied Wallet account, which I didn’t use because of some limit preventing me to buy the package I wanted.

    A few months later, my card was proactively blocked by the local CC processing company. No abuse when looking at the statements. This happened while I was on holiday, so when I got back, I had an official mail from the CC company that my card was probably abused, so they deactivated the card and send me a new one.

    A few days later, we went to a local BB meet, and another member had exactly the same issue with his card. Also used STP or Allied Wallet as processor (should check with him), but the time of blocking was identical.

    Common denominator: we both paid at a BB payment processor within a window of 2 months, and both our cards were hacked, so it is either STP or Allied Wallet who was hacked, or they abused the CC info or sold it/gave it to BB.

    I learned my lesson and will only be using a prepaid CC for sites I don’t trust.

  • AS for google-search: “scanm / fraud”

    TU Berlin – Hoax-Info – Fraud & Scam – Index

    is top ten

    Read my lips – no !There is lots of schools in wsr-germany, FEtheDuesseldorf academy of arts (graphic design), Bonn for the city or Bremen. Dont be fooled !

  • From an affiliate’s website….

    Unfortunately, the “inaccuracies and distortions” are not itemised and refuted.
    Oh, and I happen to know that this person is expecting to be drawing a fantastic monthly income from his BB “business” shortly.

    We shall see.

    “Yesterday I leared from one of the moderators on the main UK BB support forum, talkingbb (See Help and Support), that there are now some 6000 members and around 2000 more awaiting verification. And there are moves afoot to have the forum blended with the new head office in Manchester. So things are moving incredibly well considering that when I joined the business about a year ago there was only a leading UK affiliate, and that was more or less it. However, it must be said that Ian and Lesley Driscoll have done so much to promote and evolve the business inspite of the silly negative bloggers, such as FinchSells, which has inaccuracies and distortions. It is quite amazing how many people give that sort of material any credibility at all when there is so much information out there about integrity and growth of the business. I think that in the long run these people will be seen for what they really are. Besides the Banners Broker corporate team will apparently be pursuing negative bloggers legally so that should sort them out one way or another. At least I hope so.”

  • @ Della Cate

    Great article and comments. I think one of the things you should consider is that common sense should indicate to everyone that the percentage of people who actually did not know that BB is a ponzi scheme going in, is very low. That said, the amount of people who consistently post criticism of BB are less than about 20 people. Many of the people who are posting said criticism of BB have multiple screen names, so the appearance of the number of actual complainers is much smaller than it is. It is also important to consider that several of the complainers are basically leaching off the BB internet presence with SEO’s to drive traffic to their sites to generate advertising dollars. One in particular, just likes the attention and fame it brings her website.

    Finally, if you consider the fact that the average person out there who does not get involved with high risk investments, such as a ponzi scheme, could careless about what BB is doing, I think that in the end the damage, if any, of the negative crap, is far outweighed by the advantages for BB it creates. I have always maintained that message boards that are focused in on Banners Broker, creates a virtual and anonymous communication channel between the top rung and down the line, who would have no other way to communicate with each other without it. If you can argue that opinion, I think would be very hard for anyone to doubt that the people on top of BB are enjoying FREE customer feedback and well as the feedback of people who may want to see the end of their endeavors.

  • Belated Happy Birthday, Finch, by the way.

    Your site has opened my eyes to a lot of things I had no idea about. I think all knowledge is useful. So thank you.

  • No problem!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes (and to the others who mentioned it before – appreciated!)

  • So you have been proBB all along Bill…we never would have guessed!

    So can you tell me why the hell I can’t the money I’m owed??

  • I came to this site – your original blog entry – because I had friends who were thinking about joining BB.

    Unfortunately, I found out today that one of them is no longer thinking about it; he has done it. He has sunk a few hundred pounds into BB, having been told that:-

    – he won’t have to recruit anyone;
    – he will make money just by being in it;
    – it’s not “get rich quick”, it will be at least 12 months before he can start drawing down a monthly income, but he WILL get this income;
    – there are loads of people who his introducer knows who are taking out thousands of pounds a month (but of course, he has not actually seen any of this money, only heard about it);
    – his introducer has gained only 5 sales credits (whatever they are) for introducing him.

    It is quite clear that he does not understand the scheme, but he is sure it is a genuine business and that anyone who says otherwise is mistaken. He thinks everything in the garden is rosy and is very confident he will be making money soon.

    I shall be watching with interest.

  • As for the upcoming law case in Bangalore, India:

    BannersBroker is not a MLM as such but some form of DirectMarketing / SPAM version 3.0. Virtual Level Marketing?

    The BB-“busines” depends on recruting new new members on at least two systems.
    – The well-known “color-bank”
    – The refer-algorithm, that works as a trafic-booster (slows down/speeds up the panels)

    FE normal pamel speed is 1.0
    number of referals – panel speed factor
    0 – 1.25
    1 – 1,2
    1(+) – 1.15
    2 – 1.1
    3 – 1.05
    5 – 1
    8 – 0.95
    13 – 0.9
    21 – 0.85
    34 – 0.8
    55 – 0.75
    89 – 0.7
    Smith/Dixit is at ~ 0.5

    BB is NOT A standard-MLM, ITS WORSE !

  • Time waisted to make a good fake ID-card if ya good, really good in Photoshop. Lets say on a expert hobby level not a specific pro: 10hours.
    Time to spot a fake ID: 3 minutes

    TERMINATION of that specific ACCOUNT and bad news for your team.

  • andreasheinz: Regarding the up & coming court case in India; This is against an individual rather than BB itself correct?
    Do you know what date it is set for?

  • Hello Everyone, my apologies for the absence. My job requires that my attention go to other avenues, so I’ll address a couple of issues further, then I will take my leave.

    First off, Bill, yes I’m THAT Terry Stern.

    Second, it’s after reading hundreds of posts on dozens of websites that I’ve realized, none of you actually have looked at BBI the way I’ve been trying to explain you should be, you’ve all been looking at it from the perspective that it’s an advertising company, attracting advertiser dollars to the ad spaces, and not actually getting that it’s a brokerage for ad space and traffic.

    So, let’s try this once more, and I’m going to ask that you actually read what I’ve written rather than just skip through it and try and tell me I’m an idiot and unaware of what I’m doing. After almost 20 years in dealing with MLM companies, looking at affiliate programs and helping companies transition from one market to another quite successfully, I have a better understanding of things than you might think. You’re also going to have to start all over and use different eyes if you’re going to want to understand who BBI is and how it works. Grab a coffee, this is going to be a long post.

    Banners Broker International, is an online broker of web ad space and traffic impressions. We are NOT an advertising company, nor do we actively solicit advertising from companies. We offer an access point to companies looking to advertise online through their website, but, don’t get involved in the actual process other than to provide access to the brokers we deal with.

    The ad space BBI purchases, is done through the broker’s we deal with who own reseller programs, however, BBI isn’t restricted to the specific terms those agreements state, due to a unique system created by Chris Smith. It’s already been stated, that initially when approached, most ad networks didn’t want to work with BBI because they weren’t interested in the program being offered, however, one did.

    Now, the program we deal with takes the ad space purchased, breaks the space into ‘panels’ (which are virtual representations of the ad space), and then packages them into different packages. Each ‘panel’ has a different period of time that is required in order for a particular ‘panel’ to cap. Some can take as little as 2-3 weeks, some can take up-to 6+ months to cap. The advertising that is needed to service these ‘panels’ is provided through the ad networks as per the specifics of their program. If you want to know why the ad networks use resellers, ask them, it’s their program, as for why BBI uses affiliates? That’s easy. It’s a great distribution model for a company that wants to move its product quickly across a global landscape. BBI is a direct sales company, not an advertising company, so as such, we don’t subscribe to the traditional advertising model, because it was never intended to be such.

    So you’re asking yourself, “where are the ads that go in the spaces we buy?”, the answer is, they’re serviced by the ad networks as part of the agreement BBI has. Since the resellers the ad networks use aren’t advertising companies in themselves, the network services the ads, and through the resellers, can service more ads because they’re servicing more space.

    The next issue is traffic, where is it coming from then? The Brokers attract publishers who want to generate revenue from the traffic they attract, but in order to be part of the broker’s network, they need to meet certain criteria. You’ll have to ask them what that criteria is, because we aren’t directly involved in that either, however, once again, we do accept publishers looking to generate revenue, but they’re also passed through to the ad networks for servicing. Any options BBI provides to publishers or advertisers is done so through the software provided to us by the broker, it’s not BBI specific.

    Ok, so you’re curious as to where the money comes from.

    The brokers charge their clients a certain amount for the traffic that they’re looking for. The broker then services those clients, however, there’s a product called “remnant inventory” which the brokers pass to their resellers to generate revenue from. There’s a considerable amount of it, so there’s no worry about whether it can be sustained or not. Rather than lose the advertiser because the broker couldn’t service their needs, they use the resellers to fulfill the remainder of those contracts, which makes complete sense. The resellers get discounted rates on the ads run through them, but are allowed to mark-up those rates to any resellers they attract through their businesses. So the broker is tier one in this instance, and reseller (BBI for example) is a tier two, and any affiliates would be tier three. So the tier one broker sells space to the advertiser at market price, passes remnant inventory to the tier two resellers at a discount and pays them a discounted rate on servicing that inventory, who discount it even further and pay the tier three affiliate who purchases the ad space through packages. This is where BBI makes the bulk of their revenues, and how it can afford to pay an affiliate up-to twice the initial inventory purchase value back as commission and still earn a profit themselves.

    Next comes traffic, because no revenue is earned by anyone without the ads actually being seen. The broker charges the advertiser a set amount for the traffic they want to have see their ads. The broker pays their in-house publisher network a certain amount for the number of ads shown, we’re all familiar with this model. When it comes to resellers however, that rate changes. The broker pays their tier two resellers a set amount for the amount of traffic they serve. Since the amount of traffic is based on what’s actually used, the more a tier two reseller uses, the better price they get on purchasing traffic. Tier two resellers are allowed to sell traffic to their tier 3 resellers or affiliates in any denomination they choose, at whatever pricing they choose, so obviously, in order to make a profit, the tier two reseller is going to mark up the cost of that traffic before selling it. BBI does this in the form of “traffic boosters” or “traffic packs” as you’ve seen them called. BBI pays for what it uses with the broker, but, charges the tier three affiliate up-front. BBI doesn’t require that the affiliate use all that traffic all at once however, they’re allowed to ‘bank’ it for use later if they wish. This gives the affiliate some flexibility in how they manage their ad space or ‘panel’ inventory. This is the second way BBI generates the bulk of its revenue.

    You can make the incorrect argument that BBI generates the bulk of its revenue through affiliate sign-ups, however, with BBI having to constantly purchase both space and traffic, until they receive their commissions from the broker for the ad revenue generated, they require capital to purchase the space/traffic. The fees collected by BBI for the packages of space and traffic from its affiliates goes toward augmenting the available capital to purchase space and traffic from the brokers. No company in existence uses 100% its own capital to purchase products, it leverages its profits and sales revenue towards the continuous replenishing of inventory.

    At no point does BBI state that any affiliate will “turn $100 to $10,000 overnight”, or any other such get-rich-quick garbage. It states, that if the affiliate sticks with the program, and develops a strategy, that they can generate substantial earnings over time, with most requiring 8-12 months to elapse before any such returns will be seen.

    Then there’s the arguments about BBI being a ‘straight-line cycler doubler’, or affiliates using the word ‘investment’ to describe getting involved. Every company makes mistakes as they grow. Google started in a garage and didn’t do everything right the first time, and they still make mistakes, yet over time they managed to fix things to enable them to grow to where they are today. BBI recognizes that there were initially incorrect verbiage used to describe the BBI program, which is not at all unusual in start-up companies, and as BBI has grown, this verbiage has been adjusted to comply with international rules and regulations. Through the implementation of internal compliance offices, official documentation is being re-worded to correct any misleading statements, and hundreds of affiliates have already been contacted about their websites, blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages, youtube videos, etc – and are being instructed to either take them down, or correct them to state the proper terminology…and they’ve been very co-operative in complying with our requests. That’s what the International Compliance and International Public Relations departments were created for. It’s going to take time, but it’s happening.

    There’s also the issue of people not being paid on time. BBI made the decision, that unless a payment method is universally acceptable for each country they do business in, it’s not an option. There are also international money laundering regulations that an off-shore company has to address in order to comply with the international banking regulations in each country it does business in. This is why PayPal and direct bank deposits aren’t options, because they aren’t universally accepted payment options. STP and Payza were chosen along with the BB pre-paid cards because they complied with our payment needs, however, over time, it’s been realized, that using 3rd party payment processors has created new payment issues, so that’s also changed. Effective Feb 1st, the BB prepaid card will be the only payment option available. Why? Because it’s universally accepted everywhere we do business, and it allows BBI to pay more regularly. Since delays are the #1 issue, switching to this payment method will reduce the time it takes to pay their affiliates and solve these issues.

    Lastly, there are some that claim they’ve never been paid. This could be true, but there’s more to the story than you’ve been told. If an affiliate hasn’t been paid, they’ve also been told the reason why. The reasons being: a) their account was in the negative when it came time to issue payment, b) their ID wasn’t complete in their profile, c) they chose the BB card and didn’t have room on card for payment, d)they didn’t activate their BB Card, e) they violated the Terms and Conditions and their accounts were locked. You might think (e) isn’t legal, however you’d be wrong. Companies are allowed to institute penalties on their clients/customers/members in order to protect themselves from damages, or to recover damages that might have been inflicted against them. When someone for example openly posts negative comments on a blog such as this, those comments damage the company, so the company can lock the account of the abusing member, and the member forfeits any fees paid and revenues earned to compensate the company for any damage their comments have caused. You can call it unfair, but, how else is the company to retrieve their losses at the hands of people that would openly do them harm? You would do the same thing, but in this case because it’s being done to you, it’s wrong? Sorry, but you read the T&C’s, knew the consequences, didn’t play by the rules and lost. Next time play by the rules and you’ll be fine. If you haven’t been paid, and none of the above apply, then my question is, why haven’t you contacted support? They’re at worst 3 days behind in answering tickets, and with over 90% of our affiliates regularly paid, what’s preventing you from getting your situation solved?

    So there you have it. Every accusation, assumption, myth, irregularity, misleading comment, anonymous story, about Banners Broker International being a ‘ponzi’ or ‘scam’ all debunked and in the open for all to see, with plain facts anyone can verify if they do their research.

    Anyone who still insists that BBI isn’t what it claims to be, has a hidden agenda, is maliciously causing trouble, and doesn’t want to understand.

    I no longer feel that my presence is required to address any of the inaccurate claims or accusations placed against the company or its product, but if you would like to contact me you may do so, or you can visit the official company blog for more information.

    Thank you.

  • @andreasheinz

    you are a very peculiar person

    no offence intended

    i don’t understand 95% of your posts


  • Nothing has been debunked. Just because you say so, doesn’t make it true.

    Still haven’t been paid…

  • And I don’t have any hidden agenda. I have a BB account but can’t get paid. Not hiding anything.

  • With the due respect, Mr Stern, that’s the biggest pile of steaming bovine excrement I’ve had the misfortune to wade through.

    “At no point does BBI state that any affiliate will “turn $100 to $10,000 overnight”, or any other such get-rich-quick garbage.”

    Yes, it does. Repeatedly. Until you and Hooker appeared on the scene that is, only then did all the attempts at justification begin. Unfortunately all the previous material that contradicts what you now claim is still out there, for all to see.

    “Then there’s the arguments about BBI being a ‘straight-line cycler doubler’, or affiliates using the word ‘investment’ to describe getting involved. Every company makes mistakes as they grow”

    Do you take use for complete morons? Google may well have started in a garage, but there the similarity ends, for it wasn’t started by known ponzi-criminals, nor was it launched to the world as a way to turn $20 into $10,000″, which BB openly boasts of being on it’s own official blog.

    I can only assume you are paid by the word, Terry as you appear to be somewhat adept at producing reams and reams of text that actually contains nothing substantial whatsoever.

  • Time to debunk this once and for all. Is BB a scam or is it not, soon all will be revealed, one way or the other. Withdrawal request was done over the weekend, with my trusty GoPro camera pointed at the screen. Not screen capture, they’re easily faked. Screen looks warped and curved thanks to the GoPro wide angle lens, so there’s no chance of faked screens as the logins are live.

    The BB site informs me the due date for the payment will be Feb 17th, will keep you all posted whether if they’re paying on-time, early or late (and by how much they’re early or late).

    The videos will be 4 brief sections patched together
    1. Withdrawal request (gopro footage of live login with proof of day and time) – that part I’ve already done
    2. Funds appearing in Vector (BB card) site – again backed up with live footage, and proof of day and time, shot using goPro for authenticity
    3. Live login into my BB backoffice to prove that I have NO active referrals (a couple of freebies, but they haven’t bought anything, so they don’t count as they don’t generate any sales credits which are used to qualify panels). The live login will show my ‘team’ as well as an overview of my panels inventory and activity.
    4. Me rocking up to the local ATM machine withdrawing the cash

    and then you have the FACTS to decide whether this BB thing is a scam or not.

    I will not be revealing my BB username until this is complete to counter any argument the doubters and trolls might bring up about “BB paying selectively”.

    If they don’t pay, then either there’s an issue, and I will first attempt a resolve by way of a support ticket, and if unsatisfactory, a phone call to BB support, which will be recorded.

    If we get well and truly into March and there’s still no sign of any payment from BB, and there’s no satisfactory response about any issue, then I will make my experiences public both here as well as on RealScam.

    Time will tell.

  • @terry

    I believe myself to be a reasonably intelligent guy and I’m still unable to understand from your explanation, how it works, and where the profit the affiliates are supposed to make is coming from. Is it totally from external advertisers, or partly made up from affiliates they recruit?

    I’m sure I’m not the only one in that situation. Even worse, I can ask any of the affiliates I know and they don’t have a clue how it works either. At best they say they don’t know, at worst they say its a ponzi scheme! Get in and get your money out before it collapses and you will make money. So if you want to bust that myth you need to start with the affiliates. Give them an explanation, in simple terms that they and anyone else can understand. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

    Maybe a diagram would help. Forget the jargon. A simple picture showing how cash flows through the system.

  • Terry: Previously when I asked why BB couldn’t use paypal you said it was because the fees were too high, now you are saying its because paypal isn’t universally acceptable.
    Which excuse is it?

    (I suppose you had to drop the fees excuse as you use paypal yourself for your website!)

  • Nice speech there Terry, but although you have learnt a little bit more about OUR business (i.e. nice one on the remnant inventory bit) it doesn’t explain where the money is generated.

    What you are trying to say is that the network (none of which you agree to name, or as per your old post, just take a random list off an incorrect Wikipedia page) sells traffic through you to your affiliates and then the same network or a similar sized one will buy this inventory back at a significantly higher level later down the line? Why? What value do you or the affiliate add to the equation?


    It’s a scam.

    If it wasn’t then I wouldn’t be in my business I’d just be buying a ton of remnant inventory and flipping it for over double what I pay for it. But that is not how the online advertising industry works, it’s not like bricks and mortar and there is no “futures” where you hold on to traffic and sell it on at a later date. Traffic is bought and sold on a real time basis.

    Also you are selling what you are NOW claiming is remnant inventory (i.e. Cheap) to your affiliates at PREMIUM inventory prices. So even if the whole thing wasn’t a scam you are ripping off your affiliates with highly inflated prices.

    Your remnant inventory is about 3 to 4 times the price I pay for remnant inventory and that’s BEFORE your affiliates resell it for up to double that. So what value do you add in between that makes it worth up to 8 times what I would pay for it in the open market? None. Scam.

  • Oh and no one pays the prices that you would need to finally sell at for remnant inventory. Direct markets buy inventory to make a profit, which they couldn’t at those prices and Brand buyers (e.g. Coca-cola etc.) buy premium inventory (i.e. the expensive stuff that is sold before remnant). So no end buyers = scam.

  • All pending payments now hitting BB cards, good scam this!, $450 deposited, now over $2000 withdrawn in 5 different withdrawals, where’s the scam? Can someone please tell me?

  • What the hell is ‘remnant inventory’If I was advertising I would hate to think that my adverts ended up in this pool of inventory and ended up being shown on low grade sites.

  • Also Terry

    Are you now saying you are a direct sales company? Another change in direction (or step back as it was described as this before) You do know that there are specific UK rules on this type of business such as maximum of £200 investment can be put in? Banners Broker would appear to breaching several of these rules.

  • Nick, apparently you can’t read. Please show me where it says the network sells anything to the affiliates.

    This isn’t hard to understand, unless you don’t want to, or claim to be an expert that really isn’t.

    Broker sells ad space and traffic to BBI as part of Broker’s reseller program.
    BBI repackages space and traffic and resells to affiliates.
    Affiliates purchase package containing a mix of ‘panels’, which represent ad spaces where advertising appears.
    Broker fills spaces with ads from advertisers they already serve.
    Broker pays BBI a percentage of revenue generated by space BBI now owns as reseller.
    BBI pays affiliate percentage of revenue generated from Broker for renting space.
    Affiliate gets paid as ‘panel’ cycle completes.

    Broker earned revenue from advertiser.
    BBI earned revenue from Broker.
    Affiliate earned revenue from BBI.

    Is it really that hard to read? BBI is NOT an advertising company. The broker is the one who sells the space, serves the ad to the space, and determines where the space is. If you don’t understand what a reseller program is, look it up.

    Please re-explain scam again?

    As far as BBI profiting from the products it sells, it’s entitled to, just as every company sets out to.

    If you disagree with what the ad networks are doing, take it up with them, but don’t say that this isn’t how the industry works when you clearly aren’t knowledgeable in this area of the industry. There are plenty of white label options for people looking to get into many different industries, including the online advertising industry, as resellers. If you did your research and didn’t rely on those you were attacking to do it for you, you’d realize that you’ve made a mistake in assuming the industry worked as you thought it did, and in fact offered different products such as the one BBI is itself offering.

    Learn something new every day don’t you?

    I’m really tired of this. Do your research and quit attacking something simply because you don’t understand it. Your assumptions aren’t research.

  • I can explain scam for you. I was promised that I would make money but now BB won’t give it to me. Simple.

  • Still waiting for you to respond to query about changing your excuse about using paypal.

    If you are going to make up stuff, at least make it consistent. People who have lost money, have long memories.

  • This guy Terry is a piece of work. All bullshit. Imagine him saying:

    “When someone for example openly posts negative comments on a blog such as this, those comments damage the company, so the company can lock the account of the abusing member, and the member forfeits any fees paid and revenues earned to compensate the company for any damage their comments have caused.”

    So BBI are policeman, judge and jury. They have their own law. Which other company does that. Imagine if any of you were to blog bad comments about your bank. The bank would take your money and close your account because the bank deems you damaged its reputation and simply takes what it wants.

    Terry, which planet do you actually live on?? Tell me which company other than BBI empowers itself to do that. If affiliates are running their own businesses and they have legally earned their revenue/income (now in the so-called eWallet), how could you legally decide to keep it. I would have thought that in the REAL WORLD a company would take legal action for harm done to it by someone (client, affiliate, etc.)

    I can see that BBI is the perfect company. It has no fixed address. It has no product or service. It discloses nothing to anyone. Yet, it takes more information from its affiliates than the CIA and FBI have on file. So called security requiring passports, proof of address, banking details….


    Any legally qualified person reading this blog would have learned at their first year of law school that Banners Broker would easily be qualified as a criminal organization.

    It is very sad that many affiliates are old people (pensioners?) who are looking for a quick buck — some silly way to make money by watching a web browser full of colored boxes.

    Come on Terry and Banners Broker…. please go ahead and take legal action in any court in any country of your choosing and see if you can win a case against being defamed or “damaged”. You tell me which country and which court and I am sure many of us here will happily show up to face a legal trial.

    Most people on this blog have been to polite to call BBI a sham. And to ridicule BBI on the basis of it’s illogical business model. You guys have been too polite and should instead highlight the CRIMINALITY of Banners Broker.

    Let’s face it, the various mafias around the world do pay some of their loot to their members (humm.. affiliates)… Drug gangs pay too. The sad thing is BBI affiliates are not aware they’re involved in criminal activities, and are helping promote it. At least members of criminal gangs are aware they’re doing something illegal and wrong.

    Hey Terry, just a closing comment… YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT. It’s really interesting reading to see how you go in such extreme circles to justify your cover. But as you are taking people’s money, it’s not really funny at all. This is not a computer game!!!

    How long will it take for BBI before it’s shut down? BBI does not care, because until the music stops the criminals behind it are salting the cash away from the law. Every extra day is more cash to steal.

  • Terry, you are so full of crap. You do not have a clue what you are talking about and are going around in circles. How the hell do you “repackage” space??? These are banner impressions, how do you “repackage” those? You cannot add any value to a banner impression, it is what it is.

    Also you’ll be happy to hear that Adbrite, one of those Super Special Amazing Blind Networks that you ripped from a Wikipedia article has just announced that they are closing down.

  • rofl you are funny terry …. alway’s blaming others …. it is possible that some people didn’t get paid, but they have been given a reason ???? realy … rofl So what about the people that complain about no support at all, and there are loads of them they all keep quiet because they hope to get some money out thats just a fact, BB doesn’t answer in a correct manner tickets made, when payouts take a huge ammount of time you alway’s have a sad excuse … what i read in it is that you’r strategy is to delay and delay complaints so hoping you can generate the amount of cash to keep affiliates happy …. for once you should try and contact support in any way …. live chat / ticket / phone you will be surprised by the result ….. i don’t want any money out of BB you can put it where the sun doesn’t shine but at least i want to inform people that what you tell is not the thruth…. so i can tell peeps how good you are at telling lies …. so far you haven’t given me one bit to convince me about it being a legit businesss … i already asked you berfore but you just don’t answer what is a PR men of a multi million dollar companie doing on a blog …. why aren’t you speaking on the proper marketing chanels ,specialized magazines and so on in your line of business … THAT WOULD GIVE YOU ALL THE AFFILIATES YOU EVER CAN DREAM OF IF YOUR BUSINESS WOULD BE REALY LEGIT but i think if you do that you would be shot down by any real broker/advertiser that you are just full of crap about your business model

    why does a CEO travel the world to go on meetings to attrackt affiliates ???
    only thing i can say about MY expierience with BB
    at people wanting to join don’t believe all the crap these people are telling you i am in BB and it doesn’t come close to what they promise you unless you recruit and bring more $$$$ into this companie to pay the previous affiliates …..

    kind regards

  • I have had exactly the same experience brenie. And I know many more who have similar stories.
    BB’s time is up. Anyone joining now is simply throwing their money away. Take it from me, I’m speaking from experience.

  • @Terry,

    You’ve just confirmed that Banners Broker steals money from affiliates.

    You said and I quote “the member forfeits any fees paid and revenues earned to compensate the company for any damage their comments have caused.”

    The definition of theft is as follows :-

    A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it; and “thief” and “steal” shall be construed accordingly.

    That’s UK law, direct from the government, by your own admission above, BB permanently deprive affiliates of their own money. THAT’S THEFT.

  • Terry. You STILL haven’t answered many simple questions.

    Regardless of whether BBI is or isn’t an advertising company. YOU said that affiilates are NOT advertisers and are NOT publishers. As such, your explanation of how the model works, falls at the first fence.

    As an affilate I am interested in what MY business is, not what yours is! Your explanation IS NOT supported by my interpretation or BB’s own official explanation. As such, the AD/PUB combo. either was, or is, being sold under false pretences:

    1) I presume you have listened to the promo. video on the HOMEPAGE. Please will you define what the man means when he refers to the AD/PUB COMBO….i.e. the package which practically every affliate is signed up to? You may be ‘tired’ of having to repeat your explanation, but I am VERY tired of your explanations blatantly contradicting offical BB promotional material. WHAT IS THE ROLE IN YOUR MODEL OF AN AFFILIATE WITH AN AD/PUB COMBO? IF THEY ARE NEITHER ADVERTISER NOR PUBLISHER, WHAT ARE THEY?

    2) I have not been paid. The reasons given by support were LIES. I have contacted support again (and again) after re-submitting my request. They tell me to ‘be patient’ (as I have been for MONTHS). They have not given any reason which involves non-compliance by me. They simply asked me to re-submit the request. By abandoning STP (without consultation or adequate reasoning as to why it is THEIR fault) you’ve allowed BBI to come up with yet another excuse for non-payment/delays in payment.

    3) Your accusations regarding STP are a blatant LIE. There was NEVER a stipulation that YOU needed to verify affliates’ identity. That is up to the PAYMENT PROCESSOR. You stated BBI are not a payment processor, therefore explain WHY you need information that should be handled by the intermediary?

    3) To only offer ONE means of withdrawl of MY money via a card I have to buy and that could be withdrawn at any time by Vector, is NOT the way that a reputable business treats its customers/affiliates whatever you want to call them. Yet you ludicrously claim that it’s in the interests of affilites! WHY?

    4) You cannot justify STEALING funds just because people have made negative comments. Negative does NOT equate to incorrect/libellous/defamatory until proven to be. People who ‘damge BBI’ by speaking the TRUTH are being STOLEN from. That is a simple FACT of law, whatever your t and c say. You cannot enforce illegal activity via the small print of a ‘contract’. Thus the contract is worthless if and when subject to a legal challenge.

    5) Why hasn’t the announcement to UK affliates been removed/revised? It state that Lorenzo and David will be in the UK in the first two months of January to meet affiliates. THEY WERE NOT. It mentions offices that have NOT materialised. Worst of all, you disgustingly continue to support and send good wishes to ID and his wife, despite that they ‘misappropriated’ MILLIONS of dollars of someone’s money.WHY?

    7) When and where are BB going to start holding meetings to try and lure fresh affilates (individuals with neither a website nor a business to promote) into the AD/PUB combo.?

    8)DO you honestly think that those meetings won’t be FULL of people already signed up who have been LIED to online for MONTHS and who will be speaking VERY negatively and VERY publically about the TRUTH behind you and BBI. Your platitudes regarding ‘support and payments’ and your obsfucation regarding the role that affilaites play in keeping BBI afloat won’t go down well in a hotel environment because you’ll have nowhere to obsfucate now that the cat is out on the prowl! 😉


  • @ Terry Stern

    Terry, you are utterly transparent. Oh, I don’t mean that your EXPLANATIONS are transparent. Far from it. They are reams of impenetrable verbiage, deliberately designed to leave readers no wiser than when they started.

    There are a few clear passages thrown in to the mix, leaving readers to reason that, if some parts can be clearly understood (although not necessarily agreed upon!), it must be readers’ lack of comprehension at fault, rather than your use of abstract wordwalling in massive paragraphical slabs.

    In short, your attempted APPEARANCE of a thorough, detailed explanation whilst actually saying nothing at all is, Terry, utterly transparent. As are you.

    It is (after reading your numerous “explanations” on various messageboards) overwhelmingly obvious that you are a word gameplayer who fondly believes that his lingual illusions are fooling a rapt audience when, in reality, only the few are fooled.

    Terry, give it up. You’re as transparent as smoke drifting across mirrors.

    Right, let’s pick out a few areas of your conjuring, some of which have a tenuous sheen of debatable meaning, some of which have none, and attempt a little analysis.

    First, your statement that BB is a brokerage, not an advertising company. Well, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that BB supposedly buy and sell something. Whether that “something” is advertising panels, solar panels or automobile panels matters not. You have further suggested that BB’s commercial offering passes through several tiers.

    In the world of commerce, every time an item passes through a “tier”, that item increases in cost, in order to pay and sustain such a “tier”. Every cost increase is a barrier to the final market. In addition to “tiers” you have alluded to items being passed back and forth – and on each occasion the item’s cost must necessarily inflate. My, this ends up as being one expensive item!

    In the realm of banner brokerage, solar panel sales, automobile parts, or whatever sphere of commerce in which BB pretend to play, the weakest go to the wall. The weakest are often those with the greatest costs, the biggest overheads … those who bounce their offerings from pillar to post, like a ball on a pin-table.

    The final slash in BB’s death of a thousand financial cuts comes from their affiliates who, rather than deal BB a courteous graze, deliver the dagger’s final thrust by taking what little profit is left – after BB’s “product” has gone through several “tiers” – in the form of a ridiculously high rate of return on their money.

    And for what? What VALUE have the affiliates added to the equation?

    If the affiliates had sold something to someone, fine, they deserve a commission. But affiliates sell nothing to anyone. In fact, BB is at pains to stress that no selling is necessary. So if BB is a direct sales company (in addition to being a brokerage), it certainly isn’t the affiliates that are selling anything.

    And there we have it. BB, the perfect business model, powered by Chris Smith’s secret sauce.

    Err … sorry, Terry. I DON’T THINK SO.

  • Ahh, I get it now…

    Banners Broker *International* buys cheap, left over advertising space that no-one wants and then resells it (giving *another* broker PLUS 300k affiliates a cut) at a HUGE markup to clients who have money to burn and are too naive to realise that they’re paying (as per figures given earlier) 350 times the going rate for what BBI themselves readily admit is “junk” advertising.

    In that case I take my hat off to Chris Smith and his team, in this time of economic uncertainty, when every other advertising agent and broker is finding their margins squeezed, to be able to not only buck the trend, but make the sort of profit margins that would make a Columbian drug lord jealous is obviously the work of a true entrepreneurial genius.

    And then to tour the world offering the elderly, unsophisticated and financially naive a chance to share the wealth, is the word of true gent.

    You, sir are a modern day Gandhi.

    Either that or the front man for a bunch of thieving con artists, happy to screw the last penny from the poor and desperate.

    It’s a tough call….

  • @Maynard/Theseus

    Whatever you think of me and my posts (not much based on the very negative responses! 🙁 😉 ) we’re definitely singing from the same hymn sheet now. That’s a very good explanation Maynard of how I, as an affiliate, add NOTHING to the business model which merits a 1% return on my panels ever, never mind 100% in a few weeks!

    Virtually all affiliates have NO business to promote other than BB and no adverts to place other than BB’s own in house ads. promoting BB. Only a very small percentage have a ‘downline’. I don’t. Affiliates are supposed to contact their upline for help and advice, but many have no upline because he’s done a runner with $4m!! Terry doesn’t consider this to be a matter for any UK affiliates to be concerned about though!

    At this point, Terry’s explanation of how the affiliate scheme ‘works and how affliates generate themselves a legitimate profit falls on its arse! And at this point it looks exactly like a pyramid scheme.

    These are the T and C which Terry suggests allows BB to legally steal affiliates’ money:

    Section H (Affiliate)
    1.Representation Integrity. When offering the company’s program to prospects, affiliates are required to present the program in its entirety, without omission, distortion or misrepresentation. Any additional offers, representations or agreements made by an affiliate in connection with the company’s program are prohibited and may result in termination of the affiliate.
    2.Approval of Advertisements. Any advertisements must first be approved by a representative for Banners Broker before distribution/publication.
    3.False Representation. If an affiliate falsely represents that the company failed to honor these policies, the company may, at its sole discretion, terminate the affiliate making the false representation.
    4.Negative Representation. Any affiliate that presents the program in a negative light for the purpose of having people NOT register, or to turn off existing affiliates for the purpose of having them stop promoting is in clear violation of these policies and the company at its sole discretion may terminate the affiliate, close the affiliate’s account, seize any funds that exist, and permanently ban the affiliate from registering again.

    What this means is that BB can fabricate a business model, misrepresent and mis-sell it however they like; for the purposes of attracting new affiliates; but when those affilaites realise they have been conned/lied to, not paid,deceived and say so, BB closes the affilaites’ account and steals their business proceeds!

    In other words, in order to not lose their entire business, affiliates, at some point, have to knowingly commit fraud by positively promoting a model which they know to be fraudulent/unworkable/misrepresented!

    Terry disgracefully says it’s okay for BBI to steal money off affilaites because they have allegedly ‘damaged BBI’s business’, whilst MY business is utterly condemned by his and BB’s behaviour.

    1) I cannot honestly promote it in a positive light KNOWING that the only fresh information I receive comes via this blog! E.G. There is NO announcement in the back office regarding termination of STP on 1st Feb!

    2) My business has been starved of cashflow because I’ve not been able to withdraw a penny via STP even though that method DOES NOT require picture ID verification. And even with verification, BB have not paid a penny for months to anyone via STP! How can any affilate promote BB positively under those circuumstances without lying?

    I realise my numbering went askew last night. Point six is a statement, hence I moved it to the end of the post but forgot to re-number. A trivial point but I wouldn’t want Terry to pick up on a typo. as way of not answering my questions, as he did previously.

    The questions remain legitimate. And unanswered.

    I look forward to getting satisfactory answers here. If not, the next time anyone from BBI turns up in a public venue attempting to promote BB in a positive light, I will be there to tell prospective affilates THE TRUTH about my BB affiliate experience. I doubt I’ll be the only one!

    Finally for now, I see they are now targetting Greece… following Portugal…. and India….There is a pattern here in terms of going for the most vulnerable/desperate people in the hadest hit economies. People who are unlikely to question the veracity of a proposition which purports to save them from destitution. And yet, we’re supposed to sit here and say nothing negative about BBI?

  • Honestly, I’m surprised at how much you don’t want to get this.

    Let’s see if I can put this another way….

    The Broker deals with the advertisers, determines their needs, and sells them space on their publisher network for a specific number of impressions.

    For whatever reason, the contracts are nearing their end but they haven’t fully been met, so they pass the remaining required impressions and a portion of the revenue earned from the advertisers to their reseller network.

    BBI being a reseller, has assigned to it (blindly) the abilty to fulfill the traffic requirements for that advertiser (and many more like them), and in return receive a portion of the revenues generated from those advertisers for doing so.

    BBI, because as part of its arrangement with the Broker, controls a certain amount of ad space inventory (not the ads themselves), but is required to generate traffic to those ad spaces in order to generate the revenue that comes from them, so it turns to its affiliate network.

    The affiliates buy packages, which consist of a range of ad spaces (panels) that have various lengths of time attached to them, and different returns based on the time those spaces run. In order for the affiliate to generate revenue, they have to apply traffic to them, so they buy traffic to do so.

    In order for BBI to be paid by the Broker, it needs to serve traffic to those spaces, and because it always knows how many ‘panels’ and what their traffic requirements are, it always knows how much traffic it needs to buy in order to generate revenue from the spaces it controls.

    As the various ‘panels’ run and traffic is applied to them, they cap, generating revenue for BBI but also for the affiliate. It’s the affiliates that monitor and apply traffic to the ad spaces in order for them to propogate.

    The more affiliates BBI has, the more space it can control. The more spaces BBI has to work with, the more traffic it needs to cap them, but because it’s buying more and more, it gets better and better deals on both space and traffic.

    So as new affiliates come aboard, the company purchases more space and traffic to accomodate them. When the Broker pays BBI for the revenues they’ve generated through their system, then BBI takes their percentage, and pays the affiliates the balance.

    Without affiliates, BBI wouldn’t be able to do what it does. Without companies like BBI, the Brokers wouldn’t be able to fully do what they do.

    There’s only so many ways to describe how the system works. If you can’t understand it, then obviously the business isn’t for you, but that doesn’t negate whether the system is valid or not.

    As for payment methods like Credit Cards or PayPal, I’ve already stated, the company won’t entertain any options that aren’t applicable to every affiliate in every country. Since every international direct sales company has to deal with international money laundering regulations from the financial institutions it does business with, and since those regulations change often, some options just aren’t available. Paypal is one such option. They clearly state on their website that they don’t offer all services to all of the countries they deal with, and don’t deal with every country. What payment methods BBI uses isn’t up for negotiation, it’s an internal decision that allows the company to best serve the bulk of its affiliates. Since switching to the BB Card will enable every affiliate to get paid, regularly and on-time, it’s now the only option available.

    If you’re going to protect people from companies that wish to do harm, then know before you start attacking that you’ve got the right one, don’t guess because you have limited understanding of how the process works. You’ve all assumed BBI is a ponzi because you didn’t understand how the process worked. You guess, accuse, and mislabel what you’ve been told to try and change what you’ve been told into what you feel it should be, but you’re the ones who are doing people a disservice, not BBI.

    As I’ve said, if you’re having problems with support, stick with it. Our support system works as long as you’re doing your part. Thinking that BBI is just trying to ‘rip you off’ is exactly that, in your head.

    I suggest, that if you want people to take you seriously when you start telling people “the truth”, that you know what that is first, and you tell them the whole story, not just the one-sided version you post online for others to read.

    If I call someone a liar, I can prove they are, like when a person claims they came to our offices and found nothing, but didn’t realize that the building is filled with closed circuit cameras that catch everything and is reviewed by security daily, and shows no activity at all for the time they claim to have been here. Things like that.

    To those that keep stating that “ID” stole $4M, my advice is beware. I’ve never stated he did or implied it, and I won’t confirm or deny anything about that incident. If “ID” finds out you’ve been saying he did however, he and his attorney might want to discuss the matter with you. Get your facts straight.

    Now, this has taken far too much of my time to address, when doing some simple research will verify how everything I’ve said is accurate. Unless you have irrefutable proof that BBI is doing something illegal, you’re openly lieing about the company and its actions, and spreading false rumors about how it operates.

    This is finally going to be my last post here. Those that were looking for a formal explanation of the company and how it operates have it.

    If you have proof BBI is a ponzi or scam, it’s time to put up or shut up, but opinions and assumptions aren’t proof.

    My invitation still stands, bring your ‘proof’, the press and the authorities to my office and I’ll buy you a coffee as you try and explain to them why they’re actually here. It’ll be fun.

    Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.
    Good Bye.

  • And also Finch apparently cannot make it to visit the office. Terry, these guys are just blowing hot air, they cannot prove anything about BB and are just upset that they are now struggling to recruit. Terry i would probably just leave these sites alone, you cannot convince someone whose mind is already channeled down one way of thinking. And my concern here is that by talking to these scamming anti scammers we are actually giving them a feeling of credibility which they do not deserve.

    Let us face facts, 300,00 + members are working within BB, yet only a handful of misinformed people are creating facts and then trying to whip up hysteria. if there was such discontent as they claim the proportions would be more relevant to affiliate numbers.

    Also, why should BB give out any of it’s business info to some randoms on the web, i have an ebay shop and certainly wouldn’t reveal my stockists so why should BB.

    Terry, lave these trolls to fester in these blogs, they are only trying to recruit and drive traffic to themselves, also put out a notice on talking BB asking others to stay away. We will deal with them by ignoring them, not giving them a voice. They are worse than politicians.

  • Terry states:

    “This is where BBI makes the bulk of their revenues, and how it can afford to pay an affiliate up-to twice the initial inventory purchase value back as commission and still earn a profit themselves.”

    I’m not very good in math, but let’s say as per the numbers floating out there that BB’s monthly revenue is $40 mil or $480 mil/annum with about 300,000 members/affiliates or whatever you want to call them.

    According to my math:
    Admin fees at $15/m x 300,000-$4,500,000
    New affiliates at an average of $1000 ea: 1,000×9000 (average of new aff./month) = $9,000,000
    Traffic packs @ $75x 225,000=$16,785,000 (that is based on 75% of members buying on average 1.5 packs)
    Total monthly revenue: $30,375,000

    Plus whatever the 5% BB takes for members withdrawing any money which I take is substantial according to what everybody claims.

    Therefore, if BB does $40 mil a month I would say the bulk of their revenue is not from any sales of ad space. If over 50% of their revenue was from selling ad space then they would have to be generating revenue in excess of $60 million/month.

    The biggest of the Blind Networks where BB supposedly purchases their Ad space from generate revenue ranging from $4mil to $9mil/month and have about 100 Admin/support staff to generate that income.

    For example, Adfonic:
    Established: Founded in 2008, service launched July 2009.
Main offices: London, UK (HQ); Madrid, Spain; Munich, Germany; New York, San Francisco, USA; Paris, France; and Singapore.
Employees: 80.
    Annual revenue/turnover: Band C (US $10-20 million)
    Publishers on network: Over 10,000 publishers.
    Advertisers on network: Over 4,000 campaigns per month (May 2012). Examples of advertisers include: Samsung, eBay, McDonalds, Tesco, Yell, Groupon and Google.
    Mobile ads served/ad impressions monthly: 35 billion monthly ad requests.
    Unique mobile users that see ads: Approximately 200 million.

    Looking at the volume this company does and that includes selling to companies like BB at reseller rates so you can see how much profit there is in reselling ad space and this company has some pretty substantial customers.

    Does BB disclose any information such as this and if not why not?

  • @ Mark,

    I assume you meant type 300,000+ rather than 30,000+ but either way what a load of rubbish, can you prove this one little fact? Please do so because every BB affiliate quotes a different number, for example this site says 100,000 ??

    So what is it and can you prove it? 200,000 affiliates have gone missing somehwere!!

  • Small typo. Anyways why should i try and prove anything? Who are you to me in the sense that proving anything to you would affect anything. You all seem to misunderstand the line between facts and proof.

  • @ Mark, what a cop out, typical of BB and it’s affiliates. Unable to explain or prove anything, how many members and how many countries? They don’t get much easier than that…!

  • “To those that keep stating that “ID” stole $4M, my advice is beware. I’ve never stated he did or implied it, and I won’t confirm or deny anything about that incident.”

    This is a direct quote of what you said, Terry…

    “One such issue was in fact in the UK, where the representative there started charging affiliates for support when he should have referred them to BBI. He also signed up people under false pretenses to the tune of $4 Million which he placed in an offshore account.”

    So, no, you didn’t state that “I.D.” stole $4M”, you stated that the UK representative for BBI, whose initials happen to be “I.D.”, ” signed up people under false pretenses to the tune of $4 Million which he placed in an offshore account”, thus *implying* that said individual had stolen the money.

    I’d wager that if “I.D.” was likely to send his crack legal team after someone, it would be you, Terry.

    But then you have BBI’s, sorry Stellar Point’s own team of highly-paid legal experts at your disposal, so you should be fine.

    Or was the budget blown on that warehouse full of secondhand office furniture you call Carlaw (sic) Court?

  • Does anyone have a prediction for how much longer BB will survive? Are we talking a couple of months? I have friends that are desperate to get their money out before it’s too late.

  • Spencer – If you’re looking for a serious answer, probably only a few months.

    BB affiliates reading this now, the real question to ask yourselves is, “Am I more or less excited about the potential of this program than I was 6 months ago?”

    In light of the recent changes (which all benefit BB, but not their affiliates), I think most affiliates are already accepting that the game is up.

    Any profits from here on out should be considered a pleasant surprise.

  • @Chris M

    You are continuing to miss the clearest of points. I never once said i could not prove or explain anything. I have just chosen not to, what particular fact do you need explaining. Judging by the time you waste on here the birds and the bees might be a start…rotfl.

    Anyhow, you should b grateful that i even post here, must have doubled the number of people using this blog.

  • Spencer – If you’re looking for a serious answer, probably only a few months.

    – This was said over a year ago, hello we are still here.

    BB affiliates reading this now, the real question to ask yourselves is, “Am I more or less excited about the potential of this program than I was 6 months ago?”

    – Yup, just as excited

    In light of the recent changes (which all benefit BB, but not their affiliates), I think most affiliates are already accepting that the game is up.

    – Numbers are increasing not decreasing unlike the attendance of this blog.

    Any profits from here on out should be considered a pleasant surprise.

    – Pleasant but not a surprise, it’s called planning.

  • If BB is not an advertising company, why does it say this on its official website?

    “Banners Broker is an online advertising company that helps both advertisers and website owners capitalize on the power of the web. The Internet is an authoritative marketing tool that tends to remain largely unaffected by the global economy whether be it strong, weak or even in recession.

    Offering affordable and effective marketing opportunities, Banners Broker is an extensive online advertising network with large scope and targeted reach.”

    Perhaps they need to update their site?

  • Mark – Yep, Banners Broker is still here. Limping along with three limbs missing, barking and barking, slowly succumbing to the inevitable.

    Absent payments to the right, Indian courthouses to the left. A steaming pile of bullshit straight ahead. 300,000 soon-to-be-angry affiliates growing more and more restless by the day…


    (Who are you kidding?)

  • Spencer says:
    January 30, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    “Does anyone have a prediction for how much longer BB will survive? Are we talking a couple of months? I have friends that are desperate to get their money out before it’s too late.”

    Based on past performance of the owners of this company 3 years is about the time they start the shut down process. The company stops payments on a few and gradually suspend payments to all of their affiliates. Then it takes a few more months before they give reasons, I mean excuses, for why the payments aren’t coming and then another few months before the company gives reasons (excuses) for shutting it down totally, however promising that it is temporary and everyone will get paid. That is what they have done before and will do over and over again, just changing the name of the company and sucking in everybody all over again.

    Wise up people and don’t be scammed by these people who make a living at conning unsuspecting people into ventures they themselves can’t logically explain themselves.

  • TERRY:

    I hope you read this because you make me physically sick. Of course you implied who took $4m….. Your comments have been quoted above. In fact you more than implied it, you made a direct connection with only one feasible conclusion, which you’re now trying to wriggle out of. If he didn’t take $4m, then who did. Who was this mysterious UK representative? And why aren’t you doing anything about this theft you vile man?

    How dare you insult our collective intelligence by making it seem as if it wasn’t YOU who revealled what had happened and also suggest he might want to sue people who got the news from YOU!. But that’s your method isn’t it? Say one thing, contradict it, then blame/threaten someone else for saying/implying it in order to try and get yourself off the hook. And when that doesn’t work, just steal their funds for talking ‘negatively’ about your entirely negative agenda of hateful deceit.

    AGAIN you have failed to answer my simple questions (and Della Cate’s) regarding the contradictions between your verbal diarrea version of the model and the ‘verbiage’ used on the official BB website. They say they’re an advertising company, you say they’re not. They say affliates are ‘advertisers/publishers’, you say they’re not. Who’s lying Terry? You or your bosses?

    No mention of what happened to Lorenzo and Dave in January either….another PR debacle you don’t want to admit to, even though it’s plastered all over the innards of the website. Nor who ID’s downline are supposed to contact for support/advice seeing as he has moved on to pastures new….with $4m of their money…allegedly!

    I’m sick of your online persona TS. I WILL see you and/or your colleagues at a BB event IF you dare show your faces in public in the UK again. And the TRUTH will out. It’s worth losing my money if it helps stop others being conned out of theirs. Plus I’ll have nothing to lose by confronting you or your cronies face to face, because you don’t know my exceptional circumstances! 😉

    People need to know the truth. You’re incapable of providing it. We have proven that either you are lying, or BBI’s version of the model is a gross misrepresentation. Either way,it’s a disaster. As a PR man you’re a total failure and/or they are misleading new and old affiliates alike.

    The latest contradiction/lie is that BBI needs affiliates. You started off suggesting that BBI doesn’t need affliates. That Dixit wanted to help the little guy…etc. and that’s why he CHOSE this model…You’re pathetic Terry because you think that the more you contradict yourself, the less proof there is that you’re a liar! If you NEED affiliates who have nothing to sell/advertise and bring no added value to the business other than their cash for traffic, it’s a tacit admission that A) your explanation of the model is bollocks. B) It’s an unsustainable pyramid scheme.

    Not that I need your answers any more because it would only be more smoke and mirrors, sarcasm, contradictions, evasion and ignorance from you.

    I say I’ve read enough to know the truth. You say BBI is ‘not for me’. Too true, and that’s how you’ve stolen my money! Because it’s not for me to positively promote you or your ilk, the dismal ‘support’ service, the manipulation of payment methods, the pretence that there is anything remotely close to a reputable business attached to the BB brand or you as its mouthpiece. And it’s not for me to take money out of a hole in a wall knowing it’s come from someone in India or Greece, or Portugal who thinks he/she will be able to do the same in a year or two’s time.

    Regarding ‘support’, they are USELESS. And you know it. How dare you blame affilaites for the neglect and deceit we have been subjected to for many months of non payment. The FACT that the only affiliates who know they aren’t going to get paid by STP despite waiting months, are the ones who read this blog, PROVES what an utter disgrace you are and BBI are in terms of ‘PR’. And what a sham your suggestion is, that it is the fault of affiliates who don’t understand what’s going on, when there is NOTHING being imparted via the official channels of communication that YOU are responsible for.

    That cup of coffee won’t be ‘fun’ when it ends up tipped in your lap Terry. It’s only a matter of time…. 😉

  • Speaking of UK representatives, you, sorry BBI, have been without one in the UK since early December, Terry. Which is odd given that it was announced mid-December that…

    “The new offices will boast of a 100 seat meeting room, full audio visual facilities together with a General Manager responsible for the ongoing development of our United Kingdom affiliates.

    To celebrate this exciting move Lorenzo Guarini Banners Broker Brand Ambassador will be in the UK during the first 2 weeks of January to facilitate the office opening”

    Then it transpires the offices don’t exist.

    Anyway wasn’t the claim that it would be Stellar Point who were setting up in the UK to run things here? Doesn’t reflect to well on SP if they were, it might give all those other clients that they boast of having pause for thought about how well they run their business.

    Or perhaps it won’t, given that the rest of SP’s client list consists entirely of fictitious companies that are all directly related to Banners Broker…

  • I’ve already raised this issue twice and Terry ignored it twice. Terry has now fucked off having shown himself to be the definitive deviant of derivation and diversion.

    1) There is not and will not be UK office, small or large, ever again.

    2) Lorenzo and David have not and will not be ‘in the UK helping affiliates..’ ever.

    3) The coffee machine has malfunctioned, and the boiling brown liquid afflicting these shiny-suited shysters’ is far more unpleasant than anything that ever hit any fan!

  • When you logon to BB, there is a brief message ‘BB Prepaid Card suspended’ …. when I logon to vector card services (the company issuing BB cards), the card status is open.

    So is this the latest ploy to not pay ? Just suspend members BB cards ….

  • BBNotPaying – My mother called me today after receiving the same message. She assumed her account had been blocked (after telling support that I was her son, no less!).

    Anybody else reporting the error?

  • Are you bored Mark? You don’t have to be here. You should go off and do something that makes you happy.

    Still no payment. Beyond a joke at this stage.
    Can’t even get through to support this morning.

  • It´s really funny how are people obsessed with money:)) In one group on Facebook are daily things like this. People are stupid that they thing BB is a scam. In some time we will have a lot of money and buy a house with a pool and they will go to work everyday:)). Or I will buy a Bentley and they will clean it for me and I will pay them:)) Or not all people in the World can be rich:))) I like to read it it is funny.

  • @ miky

    I am in BB and I got in October, I am doing fine till now but I didn’t withdraw any money so far. I am afraid all this is true. You are planning to buy a house with a pool, or buy an expensive car… but I would suggest you if you didn’t get your money yet, start making a plan when and how to get your money out as soon as possible, if something good happened it will be a blessings, but do not trust nobody on the net.

  • Max I am not talking about me but about people in our group on Facebook. They are crazy. I am not in banners broker and I will never be:)) But I am in that group on Facebook and I like reading comments from several people:))

  • Same here. Some sort of ‘account synchronization’ program runs (without asking permission) and produces the ‘card suspended’ page. Not that it matters to me having given up on a refund long ago, except to prove again that Stern is full of faeces. The only reason I access my account is to witness the latest fiascos of fiscal skullduggery in order to assist in me telling the TRUTH about what is going on. And none of it is positive.

    There are now now, factually, NO ways to withdraw money! They still haven’t bothered to tell tens of thousands of affiliates with STP payments ‘re-submitted’ or ‘pending’ that those payment requests will not be forwarded to STP for processing EVER. I presume this latest unannounced ‘suspension’ is to do with them ditching STP today according to Stern (without them telling anyone except via this blog!!)…..Think how many affilaites are still living in ignorance of this situation! 😮

    I don’t want to mock the afflicted Finch….we’ve been through all that…but for heaven’s sake, what was your mother thinking?! There is a time and a place for mothers’ pride….that a’int it! *rolls eyes*.

  • yes had some problems to log in BB … now i can log in and getting the same msg as others prepaid card suspended 😀 curious what terry has to say about that …

    kind regards


  • I dont think banners broker got the pull to tell vector to susp peoples cards. I think vector would have to decide that. A good article over on getoffthebs. com about prepaid cards.

    Great site finch. I read the other day on realscam that this was an obscure site. Got to laugh. Webmaster and Alexi say something dif.

  • So…… last time I checked, Facebook, Google AND Microsoft all have corporate offices in the USA….

  • I’ve been an affiliate of BB since end of July 2012…other than a few minor glitches (which is expected of a rapidly growing company), things are Great! I’m very pleased with my progress. There are a lot of half truths, over-expectations, one sided stories on here. I can understand some of the frustrations…however to call or think that this is a scam when most other countries are allowing Bannersbroker to operate is a little short sighted. Do you honestly believe the SEC or governments of different countries aren’t aware? People call this a scam because they didn’t get their money on time or their account was suspended due to breach of the rules….Please!!!

    I have seen and heard way too many people happy with this product and far fewer that are dissatisfied. So, I will stick with the majority of satisfied affiliates.

    Another reason people call this a scam is that they still do not understand the product due to lack of any solid explanation on how their product works and I agree that BBI should not disclose all their trade secrets….Most if not all Fortune 500 companies do not give out their trade secret either. (hey, COKE or Pepsi whats the recipe?…Ford?….Chrysler?….IBM?….Apple?….Microsoft?)

    just saying!

    Cheers to all

  • RJF “however to call or think that this is a scam when most other countries are allowing Bannersbroker to operate is a little short sighted. Do you honestly believe the SEC or governments of different countries aren’t aware?”

    BB have been very clever and always fly under the radar of any financial regulator by stating it is not an investment (banned word for BB affiliates). The verbiage that BB issues changes from moment to moment as to what kind of business it is in, it will certainly have done so in the time you’ve been hooked into the system. Suggest you go back to the beginning of the comments made by the alleged BB PR person, Terry Stern, and read them until you understand what he says.

    Finch and others have consistently pointed out that the business model BB is using is simply not sustainable. So if you’re making money – where is it coming from? It’s not coming from the business of advertising.

    SEC operates in US? BB don’t do business in the US – or so they have been saying up until now. SEC will be *very* interested in BB very very soon.

  • Ok. So, let’s assume that BB is indeed a proper, genuine company. If it is, it still, to me, raises questions and concerns.

    For a start, it does not seem to know what it is. It seems to have begun life as a “straightline cycler doubler”, then it became an online advertising company, then an advertising broker, and now, according to a recent comment here from Terry Stern, it is a direct sales company. All that in just over 2 and a half years.

    There may well be many happy “affiliates”, but there are also many who are complaining that its customer service is rubbish, that they don’t get paid on time (or at all), that they are charged $5 for every time they ask for help, that their support is a joke because they cannot reach anyone or because their support tickets are deleted after 14 days, thus making them submitt a new one. Then there’s the 30 day money back guarantee, which seems to be problematic to say the least, with people being asked to write by surface mail to an outfit in Canada if they wish to end their membership of BB. I think this is very odd for an online business – why not use online methods?

    There are questions too about the payment methods, which I don’t need to rehash here as they have been well explored already on this blog and in people’s comments here. Suffice to say, I would not be willing to send off to Canada a notarised copy of my passport and various other forms of ID in order to get a pre-paid BB card for which I also have to pay a further $35. And which, if unhappy BB members are to be believed, can take weeks if not months to arrive. And as for Payza and STP and Allied Wallet, I had never even heard of them before – I thought PayPal was the standard. Goodness, even a little tiny tea shop in the south of England uses PayPal on its online site, so why not this growing online company?

    Then there is the status of the “affiliates”. I raise this because it puzzles me. What, exactly, is the role and status of the affiliates? I realise that this word has precise meaning in the online business community, but how does it work with BB?

    These people put money into the scheme, but they are not allowed to call it an investment. That word, since the fall of Zeek in the US, has been banned by BB. OK, so they are not investing. We’ve been told, by Mr Stern, that they are useful to BB because they attract more advertisers, so it looks to me as if they are, in a way, working for BB; however they are not employees and they have never been described as such. They are, we are told, running their own BB business. So they are self employed……but they still have to absolutely toe the BB line, whatever it is (and it changes) or they are chucked out of the programme and they lose whatever money they had in it. (That in itself raises a huge red flag for me because I have never, ever heard of such a thing before.) So are they perhaps contractors? Well, some people are described as such, but not your bog standard BB affiliate. And if they are, what is the nature of their contract with BB?

    Maybe they are in fact running a BB franchise? Now, this has never been suggested by BB, I agree, but could it be considered that when they run their own BB “business” under the BB umbrella, it’s like a franchise? Yet what support and products do they get as franchisees? So it cannot be that either. And to be fair, BB has never claimed that it is a franchise operation.

    Finch and others have questioned in detail what value affiliates bring to this enterprise, why they are necessary, and this is a question that has not been satisfactorily answered.

    You see, if I had a whizz-bang business idea, I’d develop it, get investment, bring it to market ready to really take on the opposition and then make some serious money out of it. Then, if I felt like it, give some of the profits to charitable causes. We are told that Chris Smith wants to give the little guy a chance, which is very noble, but BB is supposed to be a business enterprise, not a charity. So why have 300,000 extra people who you have to look after, pay orofits to and support while they make those profits?

    And all this on top of the business model which Finch and others have shown to be questionable, to say the least, if not downright unsustainable. Where are the adverts? Who are the brokers? Just where is the proof of money coming in apart from that given (not invested!) by affiliates?

    Taken as a whole, this would not be a company with which I would associate myself. Even if it is genuine, as many people claim, it seems just too badly organised and run.

    When I first heard about it, a few months ago, I thought then that it wasn’t real, and nothing I have seen since makes me think anything different. Perhaps, as some say, I am missing out on a fabulous business opportunity, but I’m happy to miss out in this case.

  • @RJF

    If the government “are aware” do you really think bernerd madoff would of stolen billions? Doubtful.

    If you really believe any “Multimillion Dollar company” have such a chaotic, organised busisness like BannersBroker. Just because you’re making money doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

    All the evidence points to it being a ponzi, sorry.

  • @Della Cate: I couldn’t have said it better myself. So many questions are left unanswered and the believers are still convinced that this is the master plan to get rich. What a laugh…!

  • Events leading up to the last “legitimate” direct marketing company that Raj was involved in (it lasted not quite 3 years). In the last year the Company:
    1. Increased by up to 100% the initial cost of product. (non-existant product I may add)
    2. Payments slow in coming back to members/affiliates.
    3. Change in method of payment to affiliates: replaced direct deposit with a new “True Cash” Master Card. Only problem was they never deposited money into the account for members to withdraw any.
    4. After several months affiliates were told their business plan was not approved by Industry Canada and ceased all payments to affiliates.
    5. Company set up shop in Panama under a new name and tried to get existing members to transfer to the New and Improved business model where Canadian authorities cannot touch them. That didn’t last long and never really got started.
    6.Company applied again to Industry Canada and claims to this day it is still waiting for approval. As if that will ever happen.
    7. Company sent all affiliates a letter saying they would all get reimbursed their losses on a monthly basis. I doubt anybody ever received any as the funds were sitting in a Panama Bank Account.

    Having said this, I see a lot of similarities between the final days of this company and BB according to all the posts in not receiving their money or really late.

    Anyone having any $$$ invested (a banned word along with member, double, cycler, reseller,online advertising company, sponsor, debit card, master card, scheme, etc. etc.) should try and withdraw as much $$$ as they can before it’s too late.

  • So are the top affiliates who are making millions in on the scam as well?

    So many people are saying good things about BB.

    Like its the only thing out there where its impossible not to make money.

  • I’d love to hear from these elusive BB ‘millionaires’.

    I wonder if they caught the memo about 90 days notice being required to draw out $10,000+?

    I’m sure Mr Taxman would love to hear from them too.

  • Hit the nail on the head, RJF. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) must be a scam also, they don’t reveal their 11 secret herbs and spices either !!!!

  • There is no such thing as ‘impossible not to make money’. If you believe that you really are stupid.

  • To all those responded to my post….I do respect your comments….having said that…I still have not seen one shred of evidence that this is a ponzi scheme or scam. All that I have read on hear has been circumstantial and accusations are not supported.

    Someone says that…”Finch and others have consistently pointed out that the business model BB is using is simply not sustainable. So if you’re making money – where is it coming from? It’s not coming from the business of advertising.”

    Ok…(with all due respect to Finch and others)….who appointed them financial guru? If they told everyone to jump off a cliff….do WE? They have their opinions and I do respect that. But to call something a scam is premature based on non hard-core evidence. BB has repeatedly said that that the money is coming from advertising impressions. If you say that this is bogus….show me your proof. (documents??..transaction records??..audits??). Does anyone have these in their possession?

    I’m not trying to convince anyone to join or change their mind…just giving my honest opinion.


  • BBinsider, please allow me to elaborate, just because you can’t see, feel or touch BB’s product doesn’t mean they do not exist. KFC’s products are ‘tangibles’, i.e.:
    1. capable of being touched; discernible by the touch; material or substantial.
    2. real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary: the tangible benefits of sunshine.
    3. definite; not vague or elusive: no tangible grounds for suspicion.
    4. (of an asset) having actual physical existence, as real estate or chattels, and therefore capable of being assigned a value in monetary terms.
    BB’s products on the other hand are called ‘intangibles’, ie:
    1. not tangible; incapable of being perceived by the sense of touch, as incorporeal or immaterial things; impalpable.
    2. not definite or clear to the mind: intangible arguments.
    3. (of an asset) existing only in connection with something else, as the goodwill of a business.
    4. something intangible, especially an intangible asset: Intangibles are hard to value.

    Mr. Terry Stern explained this in detail previously :
    BB buys ad space from ad networks with the understanding that they’re going to package that ad space up and resell it to their network of affiliates. These packages contain panels, each panel has a certain value and each has a specific time period it will take for that panel to mature, some as little as 2-3 weeks and some take 5-6 months or more.
    Each panel also requires a specific amount of traffic to mature. Each panel also has 2 values, what BB paid for it and what it’s charging the affiliate for it.

    With me so far?

    I’m naturally assuming that you’re going to ask for PROOF, so let me put this into context :

    KFC: Their key product, chicken pieces, and their unique taste, are a result of the machines in which they are cooked, and the 11 secret herbs and spices that the late Colonel Harland Sanders apparently came up with. You eat the chicken, you taste the chicken, but if you’re doing to demand proof from the company that there IS in fact 11 herbs and spices, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.

    Follow me?

    BB: Their product is on-line advertising, With KFC, you eat and taste the chicken, but the vast majority of people don’t question whether there really are in fact 11 herbs and spices that make up the distinctive KFC flavour, similarly in BB, I see profit being generated into my eWallet over time by my managing my inventory of advertising campaigns running within the blind advertising networks, which is represented in my BB back office by various coloured panels of different values, I have about as much reason to demand from the company as to where the ads are and who their ad networks are as I would have demanding from KFC the chicken I’m about to eat actually contained 11 herbs and spices. There’s the ad panels, there’s the chicken. If you really liked the taste of KFC, would you stop going there if there were in fact only 5 secret herbs and spices, not 11 ?

    It’s the taste of KFC that matters, similarly, with BB, it’s the profit generated by the advertising inventory that matters.

    Got that?

  • @BBinsider….That’s your proof???

    They pay out and they have offices and they have a product. Just because you can’t see it physically doesn’t make it a scam.


  • BBinsider,

    You allege to have proof its a scam. Where is that proof?

    You allege that there is no product. Where is your proof?

    You allege the company won’t pay out. I’m in the process of finding this out for myself as I’ve made my very first withdrawal request. I personally know of at least a dozen affiliates who are being paid out, albeit somewhat on the late side at times, but there are people who aren’t being paid because either their account’s in negative, and the company does point that out they will not do a payment if your ewallet is in negative balance, and some other people aren’t being paid because they’ve had their account frozen or terminated for breach of compliance, either misrepresenting the company, or by suggesting it’s a scam. Let’s say you work for a company and outside work hours you hop online and tell the world that Company XYZ you work for are a bunch of scammers, would it not be reasonable for you to be terminated by your employer, or at the very least reprimanded for your actions?

    You allege that they have no offices. That might have been true in the past, but it appears that this is now changing. In today’s online world one can run quite a sizeable company with very little or no office space, one such example is progressive car insurance, – thanks to lots of TV and print advertising, this company has become a major player in the Australian car insurance game, with tens of thousands of customers. 100% on-line, and if my information is indeed correct, they operate out of a shabby little office down at Pyrmont with about 4 or 5 management staff, and most of their customer service people who do the back-end stuff work from home on a secure web-based platform. As I understand it, they have lots of happy customers who re-insure with them year after year.

  • BB don’t pay out to a lot of affiliates they have alway’s some excuse , they dont have support at all except the standard mail that you need to be patient rofl …. ever tried to call them ? use live chat ? NO chance to get any contact with them 😀 …. YOU have no proof that it isn’t a ponzi its just the same except people screaming WE GOT PAID …. rofl i alway’s love how you bb chills start to compare with real companies KFC , Coke , Google …. let me tell you they never have problems with payments and sure as hell they don’t pay on a prepaid card …. but its great you believe in BB …. sad thing is people like you DON’T realy care where the money comes from as long as you can get some no more questions asked whatever BB say’s you are fine with it …
    and AUSSIE BB before correcting someone get your facts straight yourself
    “quote” It’s the taste of KFC that matters, similarly, with BB, it’s the profit generated by the advertising inventory that matters. “unquote”

    your mister terry stern himslef proclamed here BB IS NOT AN ONLINE ADVERTISING COMPANIE … the are brokes they buy and sell add space nothin to do with advertising inventory

    kind regards


  • I have proof:

    I have not been paid. A fact even BB have acknowledged. Me and many others.

    They do not have offices. If they have they would have a real address. If I am wrong, just tell me what the address is.

    There is no product. if there is, show it too me!

  • You really need to listen to yourself. ‘Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”

    Ever read the story about the emperor’s new clothes. Sound familiar??

    Aussie, you hit the nail on the head.(although unintentionally). KFC’s product is tangible. BB’s is imaginary.

    Here’s a simple question for you. Where is the ad space?

  • Not trying to offend you, BBinsider, but I’m starting to get the impression you might be smoking some of that wacky weed, like your buddy Theseus over at RealScam – I know it can be hard, but keep off the buds for a few days and get that THC out of your system.

    KFC = Tangible Product
    BB = Intangible Product (imaginary isn’t the correct description

  • BBinsider, you say that you haven’t been paid, and it’s a fact that even BB have acknowledged.

    May I ask what BB’s explanation was ?

  • @AussieBullshitter

    You’re merely repeating the same falsehoods that have been debated to death on here for months. Instead of saying the same thing in the same way, just read the blog from the beginning. There is plenty of proof that BB is a pile of chicken shit with no herbs or spices. The issue is not about tangible versus intangible. Everyone knows the definitions of material evidence/sensory awareness. The point is that in order for the model to work, there MUST be a tangible element….ADVERTISING.

    Adverts that cannot been SEEN by anyone, anywhere, CANNOT generate SALES. And that is the PROOF that BB is not making money from anyone other than affilates who buy intangible panels/traffic/impressions for which there is no possible return, because they can’t be seen either. They are mere products of an illusory contrivance.

    Let’s get back to chicken: Would KFC pay TV companies millions of dollars to advertise their bargain buckets if the TV companies told KFC that they will just have to take our word for it that the ads. will be broadcast?! The answer is NO. KFC would DEMAND to know precisely where and when their ads. will be broadcast and when; because that’s the nature of running an advertising campaign! And that means your intangible herbs and spices theory about BB’s intangible ad network is garbage.

    You Say: ….some other people aren’t being paid because they’ve had their account frozen or terminated for breach of compliance, either misrepresenting the company, or by suggesting it’s a scam. Let’s say you work for a company and outside work hours you hop online and tell the world that Company XYZ you work for are a bunch of scammers, would it not be reasonable for you to be terminated by your employer, or at the very least reprimanded for your actions?

    I say: Yes, IF affilates were employed by BB. In fact, affiliates are self-employed according to BB’s own verbiage. This renders your theory completely irrelevant. And PROVES you haven’t even done the most rudimentary research into how BB’s actions in arbitrarily shutting down affilaites’ businesses DOES amount to theft.

    E.G. You go into KFC, buy some chicken, the person behind the counter tells you that your chicken will be ready in 3 months time. You wait three months. He then gives you a paper bag and a red and white cardboard box. They’re empty. He says ‘this is our new intangible chicken sir…with TWELVE herbs and spices…enjoy!’

    And off the Aussie toddled, feeling very pleased with himself for being so patient and trusting the Colonel to come up trumps in the virtual chicken department.

    And so it came to pass, that the entire thrust of the Aussie’s argument was extinguished by logic and common sense by the British!

    Consequently, you’re a fundamental waste of skin and bone. An oxygen stealing crud monkey; and, most pertinently, an Australian.

  • Or, if you have a brain, you complain that virtual chicken is no good…it’s got no taste, no smell; you can’t hold it or see it…. The person behind the counter then gets annoyed with you for speaking negatively about KFC Virtual. He then proceeds to steal your wallet and tells you that you have no redress because it’s in the terms and conditions which he just invented because they seem reasonable to him!

    And so the Aussie toddled off to the police station, realising he’d been completely ripped off and robbed…Or at least he would, if, most pertinently, he’s been born with the brain of a New Zealander. Or a chicken.

  • To all the BBer’s out there enjoy your new income stream and to all the non-believers, I wish you all the best!… I thank Finch for allowing me to voice my opinion.


    PS…To @BBinsider…I ‘ve been to their office in Toronto two weeks ago for a tour…it was very cool!

  • D. Pressed, are you for real and serious? Thanks for a good laugh, mate, always goes down well, but you’re just adding to the fluff and hype, like the folks over @ real scam, just keep on going around and around and around some more in circles.

    And the final nail in the crediblity coffin is your comment on how the Aussie toddled off to the police station, realizing he’s been completely robbed and ripped off, or at least he could, if most pertinently, he’s been born with the brain of a New Zealander. Or a chicken.

    I wasn’t born and raised in Australia, but I live and work here, and I thank you very much for that post, you’ve proven that you’re the one who’s now portrayed to the readers of this forum that you’re the moron by trying to assert that the intelligence of a New Zealander, or an Aussie is along the lines of a chicken.

    Your username says it all. Depressed D.Pressed. Seems to me you’ve got some serious issues, unfortunately they’re not adding anything useful to this thread, but you’ve actually helped BB’s cause by showing your true colours, and for this I thank you.

  • The saying goes that “those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it”.

    It seems that the defenders of BBI are saying the best proof it’s a real business is the fact that they (those affiliates) are getting paid (with a bit of delay). Proof of payment does not mean anything at all.

    Take the Madoff investment scandal. You can read about it here

    Bernie MadofF:-

    (a) HAD REAL OFFICES, in fact several floors of offices,
    (b) EMPLOYEES,
    (c) RAN HIS SCAM FOR YEARS (did not go bust overnight),

    But as we all know now, it was a scam from the first day it started until the day it shut down. Bernie was arrested, charged and sent to jail in the USA. Unlike other thieves, he did not have his business and home running out of tax havens and questionable countries.

    The BIGGEST issue, no matter how anyone looks at it, is the hilarious BBI assertion that they are making money on the so-called blind networks. It’s a load of bullshit … sadly only the affiliates who are pensioners believe it. Any savvy internet person immediately rejects the assertion that hundreds of millions of dollars are being profited via some blind networks….

    The second biggest issue is the fact that BBI has not been acknowledged in the main stream media or internet media. Imagine how a company that claims to be rolling over hundreds of millions of dollars in banner advertisements choosing to remain hidden and undiscovered, except to its affiliates.

    Of course, the pensioners currently making a few dollars are worried about the negative reporting here. Why kill the goose the lays the golden egg? Makes sense to me. I would be worried too if I thought I have a magical money making machine that requires me to do nothing other than use virtual dollars to buy virtual panels…. 5 minutes per day.

    As for the punitive rules that BBI reserves for itself. It’s funny too how they reserve all rights to whatever they wish. How much to pay you, if they will pay you, when they will pay you, when they will suspend your account, when to take back the money they paid you…. There are millions of companies around the world that would love to learn how BBI could do this. Without any LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS….. In all countries there are corporate laws to protect the consumers and businesses.

    WHICH COUNTRY’S CORPORATE LAW DOES BBI FALL UNDER??? If I wish to take legal action in a court, which jurisdiction should I approach??

  • “WHICH COUNTRY’S CORPORATE LAW DOES BBI FALL UNDER??? If I wish to take legal action in a court, which jurisdiction should I approach??”

    Ontario, Canada. (oups!)

  • If I wish …[whatever] which … should I approach??”
    – FIRST your up-line
    – Second, maybe Jesus Christ, Finch, your mother, BGF…tax adviser
    – Third, realscam, MMG et al
    – LAST BBI / Stellar Point

  • Over on the Facebook page “Banners Broker Facts and Updates” a posting dated yesterday makes it clear that as from 1st Feb 2013 the only way to get paid will be via their pre-paid card. If the card is not available in your country, then $5k will be paid via the payment method appropriate to your country and the rest wired to a bank account “with some restrictions”

    Withdrawals of $10k and over will only be processed if members have supplied notarised ID that has been approved by BB. The balance required will only be wired to a business account, registered in the same country as the affiliate; and for which the affiliate must invoice BB on their own official letter headed paper, sending the invoice to Belize or Stellar Point in Canada. Waiting time is 90 days.

    And the last line says “Banners Broker International holds the rights to deny any withdrawal request submitted”

    Make of all this what you will.

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