Banners Broker Scam Update

UPDATE 28/2/2013: Just days ago, BannersBroker announced the reopening of their Indian office in Goa after ‘the conclusion of a police investigation’. Once again, they have been caught lying. Click here to read the full court order, which explicitly states that the company’s accounts are frozen, and their assets remain in police custody.

UPDATE 29/1/2013: I have just posted a full Q&A session with Terry Stern, the International Public Relations Director representing Banners Broker.

BREAKING NEWS 31/12: Banners Broker’s Goa office has been raided and shut down by the police. The company has been charged under IPC section 4, 5 and 6 of the PCMC (banning) act 1978, 406 and 420. Full announcement here.

UPDATE 4/1: Amid growing speculation over the future of Banners Broker India, CEO Chris Smith has cancelled the company’s ‘World Tour’ that was originally planned to reach Kolkata in February. Smith insisted that Banners Broker is ‘fine’ during his Friday conference call. He blamed ‘a little mischief’ from an ex-employee for the criminal charges brought against the company. The investigation is still ongoing, and the Banners Broker Goan office remains closed. More information here.

* * *

In October, I made a post about Banners Broker being a suspected ponzi scheme. To say that the post has gone viral would be a massive understatement. It is currently drawing several thousand hits per day, with 357 comments and counting.

My Hate Mail has also been buzzing left, right and center.

While that initial post was designed to raise awareness of the scam, critics have said – quite rightly – that it doesn’t offer enough evidence to say, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the program is a ponzi scheme.

Personally, I wasn’t expecting there to even be a debate. It’s pretty obvious what Banners Broker is.

But perhaps I am guilty of overlooking the fact that most people who invest in Banners Broker have no exposure to the real online advertising industry. It is not so obvious without that first-hand experience.

I’ve decided to release this second post to provide a more cohesive look at why Banners Broker stinks, and how we can make such assumptions about it being a ponzi scheme without a single piece of ‘definitive’ proof.

If you haven’t read the first Banners Broker Scam article, I suggest you start there.

Banners Broker in the Media

Before I get in to the evidence and lies, I want to address a common misconception that it is only small-time bloggers who are posting negatively about Banners Broker.

The BB apologists seem intent on tarring us all as sad-acts who have nothing better to do than watch and wait for a good thing’s demise.

I prefer to call it an investment in the public interest. Many people are going to be harmed by the collapse of Banners Broker, and it is not just bloggers who are taking notice.

The Irish media has devoured the fanciful business model after leaders Rajiv Dixit, Chris Smith and co rolled in to town for a gala last month.

Here’s some of the press coverage:

Banners Broker in the Sunday World

Banners Broker in the Sunday World

Sunday World BB

Rajiv Dixit's Pyramid Past

The next time Banners Broker tells you that the negative criticism comes from ‘bloggers with hate agendas’, feel free to ask whether they consider the Sunday World (a major Irish red-top with over 1 million readers per week) in that same category.

The History of Banners Broker

The Banners Broker you see before you today, the alleged worldwide advertising force, is quite a radical leap from the Banners Broker that was announced to the HYIP scene in 2010. Here’s Kul Josun explaining the origins of the program in a very old and very revealing video:

“Banners Broker: Welcome to the worlds first cycler doubler, where you can double your money without signing up one person. Join for free and change your future today.”

To all the commenters in the last post who asked for a definitive piece of evidence that Banners Broker is a ponzi scam, this might as well be it. Upon launching, they branded themselves to the notorious HYIP community as the world’s first ‘straightline’ cycler doubler.

What this means is that your payouts come from within the system (cycled) directly from sign-ups below you (a straight line).

Here’s a fun task for you:

Go to Google, and search “straightline cycler doubler“.

Here you will find a revealing look in to the world of Banners Broker before the modern narrative of an online advertising network.

Look at the early press releases, look at the very first forum posts, look at the YouTube videos. Tell me it doesn’t stink.

Now tell me why this company should be considered in the same breath as real online ad companies.

Why did Banners Broker brand themselves as a moneymaking system to the HYIP community when the nature of their alleged business model (if it were true) would be more fitting on TechCrunch?

Banners Broker Uncovers Industry Shaking Algorithm; Banner Ads Never to be the Same Again!” (Yeah, I never saw that headline either.)

The answer is because Banners Broker’s roots are tied to the shadiest realms of HYIP. Recycled cash is the real source of their revenues, not an industry-changing algorithm in the online advertising space. And that’s why Banners Broker pitched their company directly to the kind of individuals who would be looking to invest in it: amateur investors a few small worlds away from Silicon Valley.

To put it simply: they know the hand that feeds them.

And it is not advertisers.

My favourite part of this video is Kul laying the smack down on other HYIP programs, “The hype and maths don’t work. Period.” And yet, he brags…

Straightline Cycler Doubler

Seems like a legitimate online advertising company!

Seriously people, these opportunities do not exist legally. Not in this world or the next.

Anybody who tries to convince you of such BS should be red-flagged and banished from business conversation for the rest of his days.

Before you invest in the next get-rich-quick program (or Banners Broker if you are new to the idea), consider that the world’s greatest investor – Warren Buffett – has written his name in to history by producing an average annual return of just over 20%. A staggering feat in the investment arena.

Now ask why Warren Buffett isn’t investing in the ‘stock’ of Banners Broker panels, a program that the apologists claim can deliver an upwards annual return of 300%.

The answer is because Warren Buffett prefers to work with real companies, not smiley faced Primark suits fresh off the back of a ‘World Tour’ lorry.

Chris Smith… The Man, The Myth, the Stock Photo

In the video above, you will notice that it introduces Chris Smith as the mathematical genius behind Banners Broker. Except that isn’t the same Chris Smith who can be found travelling the world today.

In fact, that Chris Smith is a stock photo that can be purchased for £18.00, which was evidently too much for “We Are Cash Rich” Banners Broker as they have cropped it above the watermark:

Chris Smith, Changing Skins

Small details, guys.

I hate to point out the sheer unprofessionalism of this company by resorting to stock photo CEOs, but it goes a long way to understanding the bigger picture. We are dealing in smoke and mirrors.

Nothing is ever what it seems with Banners Broker.

“In Defence of Banners Broker…”

You may have seen this article, Debunking the Scam, that attempts to explain – in Clickbank sales letter form – ‘how the Banners Broker model works’. It has become the Bible of Cult BB, a source that is supposed to deflect all criticism. There’s just one problem: it’s a steaming pile of you know what…

Let’s look at some of the points raised:

From Debunking the Scam

So the product of Banners Broker is: Advertising Impressions.

The end user – the advertiser, who never sees or hears of Banners Broker, gets ad space that hosts his advertising, and visitors to the various websites where that ad is displayed, see that ad.

There’s the product.

Hold on, hold on. WHAT? This is one of the stupidest defence arguments I’ve ever heard.

The advertiser never sees or hears of Banners Broker?!

That’s a pretty dumb theory considering an advertiser needs to sign up through before he can use the advertising system. Or is that just there for show?

The purpose of Banners Broker is to act as the middleman and broker ad impressions. We already know that Banners Broker gains access to publisher websites by brokering through Clicksor as a reseller (see this description).

Note here, “Selling traffic has not been this easy before. Become a Clicksor authorized reseller now and experience the simplicity in selling traffic to your advertisers.

Clicksor provides the publishers. It’s up to Banners Broker to provide the advertisers, which is the whole god damn point of reselling. The fruitcase above has clearly not understood this when he comes out with tripe such as “the advertiser never sees or hears of Banners Broker“.

I mean, come on dude. Does the following link mean nothing to you?

I suppose the advertiser has to sign up wearing a blindfold then?

Or is – as I somehow suspect – the argument designed to distract our attention from the fact that not a single Banners Broker advertiser is known to exist?

Moving on to his next crazy suggestion…

From Debunking the Scam

Banners Broker is just what it says – a broker in the banner advertising field. A unique broker – unique in that no one else does what they do.

What’s a broker? The dictionary says: “a broker is a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.”

Banners Broker “brokers” in a slightly different way than has been done before on line… here’s an overview:

There is a network of websites and advertising companies that comprise what is called the “Blind Network”(Click here for definition) (an Internet ad industry term).

Note, that I didn’t say – Banners Broker operates within a Blind Network.
They operate within T-H-E Blind Network.

The same Blind Network that millions of advertisers and publishers already operate within.

The same Blind Network that successfully generates BILLIONS of Dollars of revenue every year.

This isn’t something invented by someone to trick you – it’s how the on-line advertising industry works – (so how can these so called “insiders” be inside anything but their own rear ends?)

Let me keep this short and sweet. There is no such thing as ‘THE Blind Network’.

If ‘THE Blind Network’ is real, and Banners Broker operates within ‘THE Blind Network’, who else operates in ‘THE Blind Network’? What is ‘THE Blind Network’?

And if Banners Broker is a pawn in somebody else’s ‘THE Blind Network’, what makes their business model so special that it can’t be replicated by a competitor? Ever heard of the law of competition? Unless Banners Broker took out a patent on banners, we need to have a serious adult discussion.

If we are to believe the margins – eye-watering as they are – why isn’t every single broker in the world rushing to be a part of THE Blind Network?

Answer: There is no such thing.

This idiot then goes on to contradict himself by saying that Banners Broker operates in the same Blind Network as millions of other advertisers and publishers.

So what is its competitive advantage?!

Again, no mention of what this Blind Network actually is, or who runs it… Who needs details, right?

Note on the author: Seriously, who hyphenates “on-line“? Can we really trust that this guy has departed the twentieth century? Maybe the Millenium Bug struck after all.

In a recent development, Banners Broker has debunked any suggestion that it is ‘THE Blind Network’.

The Blind network is NOT created/nor owned by BB, but controlled by 10 other brokers, including Google.

I’m sorry, but this explanation is also a pile of steaming BS. Are we to believe that Banners Broker is brokering ad sales through Google, now? Complete rubbish. Google does not need a company like Banners Broker. It has its own properties to handle publishers and advertisers: AdSense and AdWords. There is no ‘broker’ middleman.

The Choice Network… Now Comes Served With Ads (Or Does It?!)

A key point in my first post on Banners Broker was that the so-called Choice Network was no more than a damp fraudulent squib. The websites in the network clearly belonged to Banners Broker, and none of them had advertisements from legitimate companies.

Well, there must be pigs flying in the sky, because the BB apologists are telling me that the Choice Network is now fully operational, and filled with real ads from real companies.

I took a few minutes to verify their claims, and sure enough, ads from reputable companies are now displaying:

WillHill ads

Hold on, though. Before you get excited, we should know better than to take what Banners Broker says or does at face value.

Is this advertising campaign really running through the Banners Broker Choice Network?

No, it’s not.

Banners Broker is serving these ads from, which can be IP traced to New York City where the server is owned by OpenX Technologies:

OpenX Technologies

OpenX is a powerful ad exchange that offers publishers the chance to sell their own inventory, or broker through the OpenX Market where a number of renowned brands can pick up the scraps. Brands like… WillHill.

It’s debatable whether Banners Broker invested in the Enterprise Edition or the Free Version (for hobbyists), but what certainly isn’t debatable is the fact that these ads you see on the Choice Network do not come from advertisers signing up to

They are sourced from the OpenX Market, probably as remnant traffic.

You could sign up to the same service today and have your very own ‘Choice Network’ up and running in hours.

One thing is for certain, you will soon see that actually, yes, it is possible NOT to make money with the Banners Broker system. The real one, anyway. These ads produce only an industry standard return, nothing like what would be required to turn a bunch of third party investors in to millionaires.

So, what are we to make of all those months where the Choice Network was stuck in ‘Test Mode’? I guess that’s how long it took BB’s in-house programmers to configure OpenX across their portfolio of dud sites.

Changing the face of the online advertising industry?

Yeah, that might take a while.

Note: Thanks to the helpful peeps over at RealScam for piecing together this latest lie. They’ve been tearing the scheme apart with much greater dedication than myself!

Once again, we could forgive the lies surrounding the Choice Network if the flagship Blind Network delivered on its promises. But it doesn’t. And one begins to question whether it ever will…

An Update on My Experience as a Blind Network Advertiser

How many BB investors have actually advertised on the Banners Broker Blind Network? I know a lot of them like to talk about it, as if it’s some kind of revolutionary invention.

But have they actually tried it?

I have.

In my first post, I mentioned how I had setup a campaign on the Blind Network. 7 weeks later, I decided to login and see how my campaign had performed. Boy, what a disappointment.

After negotiating the new security gateway…


(Seriously, who asks for FIVE security questions? Even my bank only needs two. I guess they’re harvesting security answers as well as passports these days…)

I finally reached the reporting section for my test campaign…

Blind Network Test

Yes, in over 7 weeks of running a broadly targeted campaign on the Blind Network (one category in the UK), I have received a grant total of 866 impressions! That’s a total advertiser spend of just over $0.86 in 7 weeks.

If Banners Broker can’t send 1000 impressions of traffic to a UK campaign in 7 weeks, how in the name of Lucifer’s balls is it able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue?

Tell me, apologists! How does an advertiser spend millions of dollars on this platform when I can’t even spend ONE dollar in 7 weeks?

What you see above is the Banners Broker’s take on a ‘campaign report’.

So, let’s say I’m a professional media buyer.

Where do I find my breakdown of performance by creative? By channel? By hour? Where do I exclude targets (a damn near critical option for blind networks)?

Banners Broker tells the world that it is paying millions of dollars to its affiliates. Maybe that is the case. But the money is damn sure not coming from advertisers. I beg anybody to test this joke of a system and tell me otherwise.

Banners Broker and Clicksor

If we crawl through the heaps of misinformation on how Banners Broker actually serves its banners, it becomes clear that the company is brokering through Clicksor (a broker within a broker, if you will).

Clicksor is a legitimate company that I have worked with in the past. I’m sorry for sullying their names in the same sentence as Banners Broker, but we have to point out some crucial information:

In the latest 2011 data, Clicksor’s parent company Yesup Ecommerce Solutions Inc posted annual revenue of $17.5 Million dollars.

And yet Banners Broker claims to have paid out over $100 Million dollars, by brokering through Clicksor.


Why is Banners Broker’s $100 Million in affiliate payouts not reflected in Clicksor’s accounts? They are receiving the same advertiser trade and they are further up the chain.

We would have to assume that Banners Broker is the only company working with Clicksor, and that Clicksor is the only part of Yesup producing revenue, and even then the maximum revenue pales in significance to what Banners Broker claims to be paying out to its affiliates. The markup must be astro-bloody-nomical.

It’s an economical impossibility.

Which is why Banners Broker has acted quickly to change its story.

David Hooker, BB’s latest snake-oil man, addressed this issue directly at the recent Irish gala.

The Empower Network reports:

“His presentation consisted of filling us in completely on how the Blind Network works and how it has 10 major Brokers running it. How Banners Broker linked up with the smaller of these Brokers (Finch: He stresses ‘smaller’ for good reason. He knows the previous numbers and ‘direct relationship’ clearly identified their model as a fraud)) and how now one of the largest Brokers has given green light to link with them. Chris later said that the linking up of software is almost complete and they will soon be good to go.”

If you know anything about advertising through a blind network, this is pretty hilarious.

  1. What advertiser in his right mind is going to work with a broker that re-brokers through any 1 of 10 different networks? Why would the advertiser not just go direct to his broker of choice for half the price… and, screw it, some actual control over his ads?

    It’s like me saying, “I want you to give me £1 for an ice cream that we both know you can buy for 50p. Except, I’m not even going to let you decide which ice cream you have. I’ll take that extra 50p and pick whichever of the 10 vans I want to buy it from (even though you may have a preference!). Then I’ll go to a bunch of investors and pitch them my breakthrough idea on the basis that brokering ice cream is the “next big thing” and billions are made every year by doing so. How about we ask for £3000 for the Black Cone Package – ‘Double your Cornettos, Magnums, and Twisters in a month!’ Yeah, pop-business. The proles will love that.

    There’s a problem with the model. People aren’t stupid! They know where they can get their ice cream for 50p, and they are not going to pay you double for less choice and poorer service. The same applies to the Banners Broker business model. Advertisers are not stupid. They are not going to pay Rajiv Dixit and Chris Smith more money in return for less ads and less control over where they appear.

  2. In any case, who are these ’10 major brokers’ that Banners Broker has suddenly started working with? Why no names?

  3. Tell us David, has Clicksor become the “smaller of these brokers” because you’ve been found out – publicly – by claiming to send your traffic through a network whose parent company reports only a tiny fraction of your own claimed revenues? I guess if you announce “10 major brokers” (conveniently without naming them), we can’t look in to their much more transparent workings and directly shoot your bullshit down for what it is.

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

This is a lie aimed squarely at the bullet holes shot in the previous lie.

Note: We know that Banners Broker has been brokering solely through Clicksor because can be IP traced directly to a Clicksor server. Good luck split testing that with your 10 other brokers!

Get Paid by Turtle Mail

When working with reputable companies, you expect to also deal with reputable banks.

When working with Banners Broker, that is not the case.

Withdrawal requests are handled in one of three ways:

  • The pre-paid BB card
  • Solid Trust Pay (STP)
  • Payza

The withdrawal methods vary from country to country, but it’s immediately clear that accessing your funds is not going to be as easy as it should be with a world renowned advertising company. There are no cheques, no direct deposit, not even a PayPal option!

With all due respect to Solid Trust Pay and Payza, their brands are known for dealing with the type of Internet businesses that can’t get approved anywhere else. They are staples of the HYIP community. And as for the pre-paid BB card (for some investors, their only option), this is the equivalent to being paid in cash.

You might as well be receiving an iTunes gift card.

Hey, give it 3 months and that will probably be the only payment option left.

There is absolutely no excuse for:

  1. Withdrawal methods that require the user to jump through hoops with notarised ID before he can get his money.

  2. Taking weeks, sometimes months, to process the bloody transactions in the first place. All the while charging the user on time every time for admin processing fees and traffic packs.

Banners Broker will take your money, but pay you only when they feel like it.

Which soon will be never.

They claim that their payouts are running smoothly with minimal backlog. A quick search of the Internet and that is clearly not the case. Selective payments rule the day.

The Tax Conundrum

A wise man once said, “The only thing certain in life is death and taxes.

All money earned through Banners Broker is taxable, even the money that you haven’t yet withdrawn. Yes, your total account balance would be considered a form of stock in the eyes of the exchequer.

This leads to the rather awkward situation where Banners Broker investors need to be paying tax on income that they haven’t yet received. Failure to do so is in clear breach of the law (I’m referring to the UK, you will need to research this if you live elsewhere).

Let’s get this straight…

You are liable to pay tax on ALL of your “My Total Earnings” minus the costs accrued from account fees and buying traffic packs.

Your account might look like this:

Total Earnings: £15,000
Withdrawals So Far: £2,000
Invested in to the System (Total Costs): £3,000

Total Earnings – Total Costs = Taxable Profits
£15,000 – £3,000 = £12,000

Basic Tax Rate is 20%
(£12,000 x 0.20) = £2400 now due in tax.

So let’s say you have managed to withdraw £2000 from Banners Broker. You now need to pay the taxman £2400. Doesn’t sound like such a good investment, does it?

You are at a loss.

It’s not going to get better either! The Banners Broker system is designed to exponentially increase your My Total Earnings while allowing you to withdraw only a small fraction of your funds. It’s a bait ploy. But fatally, it assumes that you are the kind of person who doesn’t bother paying tax.

Well, do you?

With the January 31st deadline for self-assessment rapidly approaching, there are a lot of Banners Broker investors that are now required by law to hand ALL of their profits to the taxman while waiting for Banners Broker to pay the rest of their earnings.

Will that happen? Of course not.

If you don’t care about being involved in a ponzi scheme, I highly doubt you care about paying your taxes. But you should start thinking about it.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Troy Dooly recently posted an article on MLM Helpdesk writing off Banners Broker as a ponzi scheme. Here’s how Banners Broker chose to deflect the criticism:

Banners Broker Troy Dooly

Yes, by falsely claiming that the article was written in an attempt to extort money in return for deletion.

Talk about a stroke of twisted genius. I hope Troy sues.

Here’s more from David Hooker on the subject of us pesky bloggers speaking critically of Banners Broker:

The Empower Network reports:

“He also talked about how he tackled the bloggers that were writing negative stuff. One was a friend of his and wanted Banners Broker to pay him £900 to correct his negative story!!!!

Another one, when offered the chance to come to BB International to see for himself what Banners Broker does, declined, and said he was broke!”

Hooker wisely opts not to name any names. If he did, he’d be sued to Kingdom Come.

This is the current tactic for deflecting criticism: accuse the blogger of trying to extort money. Well, if I hear even the slightest whisper that this article is written to extort money, I’ll be unleashing a lawyer so far up David Hooker’s arse that his next rousing presentation is delivered directly to a judge.

I guess rejecting all criticism as an attempt at extortion sums up the state of mind at Banners Broker HQ perfectly. What are they scared of in there?

Common Misconceptions

Let’s play some FAQ with the common responses from BB apologists. If you read the comments from the last post, you’ll already be familiar with the holding patterns and the dumbfounded logic.

I’m making XXXX/month from Banners Broker. It’s negative people like you who will never make money online! I’ve quit my job already!

I’ve said it so many times that my fingers are starting to resent the same keyboard bashing:

The fact that you have made some money from Banners Broker does not mean that it is anything less than a ponzi scheme. It just means that you are luckier than the poor suckers further down the food chain.

Important! The high balance in your account does not mean that the money is yours. It is text on a screen. A promise in a hurricane. The money is only yours when it lands in your bank account and for most people, this is the where the frustration begins.

Money withdrawal times are increasing. Payout methods are decreasing. Excuses are growing more and more ridiculous by the day.

Just because a page in cyberspace says that you have $17,000 waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow, that does not make it so. Weigh up how much money you have invested versus how much you have withdrawn. Now do an honest appraisal of the situation: “Have I really made money here? Or have I inherited a gigantic stack of IOUs?

But I’ve met Chris Smith and Rajiv Dixit in person! A scammer would never show his face in person.

If you believe this, God help your wallet for it is ripeth to be plucked.

History is littered with ponzi schemers that travelled the world to sweet talk their prey. Take a look at Bernie Madoff. He hardly lived in the closet.

Why would a ponzi scheme go on a World Tour if it wasn’t credible?

Good question.

Let me rephrase it.

If Banners Broker is truly about a revolutionary advancement in the online advertising industry, why is the company touring for investors instead of advertisers?

It is advertisers who make the BB world spin round.

They are the ‘alleged’ heart of the business, the rainmakers if you will.

So why is there no evidence that a single Banners Broker advertiser exists? Why does Banners Broker spend its days trawling the world for fifty buck investors when its the big brand advertisers that pay the bills?

This company cannot survive without recruiting a large number of the most reckless advertisers under the sun (who also conveniently have the most extravagant budgets).

How do they recruit these elusive, nonchalant big-spenders (who don’t care which of the 10 networks you throw their ads on for twice the price)?

It’s certainly not by going on tour at advertising trade shows, or reputable conferences, or by offering a single interview to a reputable trade journal.

No, no.

The CEO of Banners Broker prefers to spend his time sharking across the dancefloor at Irish galas, eyeing up the next Primark suit for a Yellow Panel bonanza.

Chris Smith's lucky day

He calls it networking. I call it a waste of bloody time for somebody who *allegedly* has much bigger fish to fry.

You don’t find Zuckerberg skirting for fifty bucks on the outskirts of Mumbai.

How can it be a ponzi? It doesn’t require referrals. I can make money without referring a single soul!

Practically every big player in Banners Broker is sitting on a mountain of referrals. It is the secret sauce behind their incomes.

True, you don’t have to refer people to join the program. But at this stage in the game, you are going nowhere fast if you choose to sit still, waiting for your panels to progress. This program is designed in such a way that dragging in more investors is the safest way to guarantee your own investment.

If you think the program can survive without referrals, you might want to consider this latest nugget from the Banners Broker blog:

“BB will be around as long as affiliates want to remain a part of the program”

Freud must be smiling in his grave.

Banners Broker is approved by MasterCard. Do you really think MasterCard would approve a ponzi scheme to use their cards?

This is such a nasty little lie that Banners Broker has been forced to tell its affiliates that, actually, there is no approval from Mastercard, and indeed no backing whatsoever. Banners Broker buys its pre-paid Mastercards from Vector, an independent reseller.

If you think there is a legitimate relationship between MasterCard and Banners Broker, I would advise that you keep it to yourself. Banners Broker are now so hypersensitive about this damaging lie that they are terminating the accounts of users who imply any such relationship exists.

If it was really a scam, it would have collapsed already.

There are some ponzi schemes that have lasted 20 years and there are others that have crashed and burned in 20 days.

If you believe that size or longevity defines a ponzi, let me assure you: it doesn’t.

It only defines how memorable the ultimate collapse will be.

In Summary: What is Really Happening?

For those of you who don’t have the time or attention to read all of the above, here is the bullet point breakdown of what is currently happening with Banners Broker, and what you can expect to happen over the coming months.

  • Your Panel Movements Will Grind to a Halt – Thousands of BB members are already reporting that their panels have been static for days, and that they have been slowing over the last few weeks. There’s a very simple explanation for this. Banners Broker doesn’t have the cashflow to pay what it owes, or to deliver the returns that it is promising you. Certainly not over the Christmas period where members are rushing to withdraw. Your panels are going to move slowly probably for the rest of Banners Broker’s very short-lived existence.

  • Withdrawals Will Continue to Take Forever – It’s not going to get better. The Banners Broker program is showing severe signs that it is overstretched. You don’t need me to tell you that withdrawal times are getting worse. Compare them to six months ago.

  • More ‘World Tours’ – Banners Broker is losing the online battle for publicity (with articles like my last swamping their brand at the top of Google), which is why it is throwing resources in to offline ‘tours’ as a means of recruiting new investors. This looks set to continue in to the new year with a tour of India planned. Will Banners Broker make it that far? I couldn’t possibly say. But if you’d like a long list of ‘deeply troubling questions’ to ask them in person, feel free to email me.

  • The Press Will Continue to Circle – The Sunday World has reported three negative stories in three weeks on Banners Broker. The Irish Examiner is also chiming in. I know for a fact that at least two major UK newspapers are interested in the fate of the scheme, as I’ve been speaking to them personally. Expect to hear lots more negative press about Banners Broker in the following weeks. The knives are being sharpened from all angles.

  • The Trolls, Shills & Pimps Will Blitz the Comments – The slightest hint of criticism and they always do. Just ask yourself, “What is their motivation?” If they were really making money from Banners Broker (and I’m sure some of them are), why do they care what anybody else thinks? The reason they defend this program so devoutly is because their future income depends on it. I hope that this post convinces you to think twice about your own.

Is Banners Broker ‘Definitely’ a Ponzi Scheme?

In my last post, I came to the judgment that Banners Broker is a well-disguised ponzi scheme. I stand by that judgment.

In the comments, I faced a lot of questions from readers who thought I couldn’t possibly say with ‘100% conviction’ that it is definitely a ponzi scheme. As much as it pains me to admit this, they are correct.

Theoretically, there is still a tiny chance that Banners Broker isn’t a ponzi scheme. Until the inevitable collapse, there remains a tiny shred of doubt.

The problem for those who back Banners Broker is that it is down to them to answer: “If Banners Broker isn’t a ponzi scam, what could it possibly be?

The existing business model is riddled with flaws and impossibilities. There is simply no way that the money being paid to investors could have been delivered by online advertisers in the model that Banners Broker is claiming. Zero chance.

And that’s where this research ends.

If you believe that Banners Broker can operate as something other than a ponzi scam and deliver such spectacular returns, you are welcome to carry on believing, to keep on throwing your savings at the cause.

If, like many, you are coming to suspect the workings behind Banners Broker for something more sinister, you may wish to cancel your ticket to the BB World Tour, roll out your mock-Bannatyne accent and repeat this loud and clear:

I’m out.

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A 29 year old high school dropout (slash academic failure) who sold his soul to make money from the Internet. This blog follows the successes, fuck-ups and ball gags of my career in affiliate marketing.


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  • @Sue:

    I know BB is an empty shell, just want to be able for myself to explain or to proof why exactly it’s an empty shell. I just want to translate terms and models into something simple people like me do understand. Saying it’s a Ponzi is not enough, because that’s as strong as saying that it’ not a Ponzi. So if BB is saying you need monthly traffic booster packages, I would like to understand in clear language what they mean with that, rather its a bot or a call center or maybe even something different.

  • @diann

    “BB announces new [soon to be compulsory]$500 monthly upgrade plus a new $7k executive panel to its members launching feb 19th thus generating huge income for 2013.Fast forward video about15 mins to hear Chris Smith breaking news”

    This is what they always do just before the end… there aren’t enough new sign-ups to pay existing members so they increase fees for every member and add new expensive packages.

    Anybody that can’t see through this scam by now and signs up with BB at this stage deserves to lose their investment.

  • brenie says: February 10, 2013 at 11:56 am

    you only can make your investment back if you have sign ups ….

    That is factually incorrect. I have no sign ups and have created enough growth to have more ample funds in my e-wallet to withdraw my initial expenditure AND fund traffic packs/subscriptions. In fact I’d done so by last October, which is why I tried to withdraw that money; in the knowledge that future expenditure came from completed panels that had cost nothing other than 50% of theoretical profit from earnings.

    ‘Ras’ has explained the biggest mistake that many affiliates make (apart from joing BB in the first place!). They try to grow their ‘earnings’ too quickly relative to the size of the package they bought and commit themselves to buying monthly traffic packs/premium subscriptions that can’t be funded by panel completion before they are due again. That is why they ‘need’ a downline or ‘need’ to put in fresh funds i.e. through their own mismanagement of the method.

    The inability to withdraw the money is irrelevant in this context. I am simply correcting your specific piece of misinformation.

    If we’re going to talk ‘facts’, then this is one example where the anti-BB brigade (of which I am emphatically involved) need to be completely accurate. Otherwise we can rightly be accused of peddling falsehoods in a manner that’s no better than that of the ‘shills’.

  • @Grandão:

    You are still over thinking it. TPs are simply a way of keeping more money in the systam. They are fictitional.
    I could just as well tell you that you have to commit to a ‘geo-targetting algorithmic CPM calculator’.
    It doesn’t exist. You are wasting your time looking for explanations of things that don’t exist.

  • BBInsider

    I’m inclined to agree with you.

    From the very first I was suspicious of these “traffic packs”. Why would they be necessary at all, if the business was what BB said it was?

    I now think that they are nothing more than a device to give the illusion that there is some “work” involved with this scheme. From what I have read, on various sites including those of BB itself and its affiliates, it was only after the fall of Zeek in the USA that BB banned the word “investment” and started playing up the “it’s your own business, you have to work at it” angle. The emphasis is now on the affiliate having to engage with BB by “activating” panels and Traffic packs, and things “rolling up” and “capping” and goodness knows what. It’s clever, I have to give them that – but I also think it is completely fake.

    The affiliate can them comfort his or her self with the thought that they are actually doing something in their own little business. When in reality they are doing…..well, what, exactly? From what I have seen, all they are actually doing is pumping regular money into the system and then making a few mouse clicks on a website.

    Despite what BB says about there being no need to recruit, it appears to be the case that non-recruiters do not fare so well as active recruiters. There are incentives to recruit – to get more people putting regular money into BB – and those who do not, seem to find that their panels do not progress as quickly as those who do.

    Of course, the BB believers will say that I have got this all wrong. Fine. I’m open to constructive criticism. But until proved otherwise – and I would welcome some positive proof as I know people in this thing who, if I am right, are going to lose out – I know what I think about all this.

    It’s all a nonsense designed to deceive the unwary.

  • This is pure speculation but I think another reason for the TPs is to catch people out. Look at it this way, sometimes BB don’t take the ‘money’ for my TPs. But eventually they do. And if they have left it for a while, it can really add up.
    Some people forget to leave the money there and get caught out. They end up going negative and this then means they can’t withdraw.

  • I agree with D.Pressed – you can and people do make money without referring. It is of course a slower and longer process to do so. All the time I was in I was being told about the benefits of recruiting etc.

    They are making it even more important to recruit with the new executive packages etc. as these are costs to people without referrals.

    Everything is geared to get new money in the system.

    BBInsider – I also agree with the comment re catching people out for past charges. It was a common theme for people on Talking BB to say they hadn’t taken charges etc. whilst some people said they kept it aside the general message from the ‘bigger’ affiliates was to use up your e-wallet cash by re-purchasing (not re-investing!!) in panels.

    Imagine if they don’t take the $500 subscription and claw that back after say 3 months, people will be pumping more money in as they cannot get it out as panels are taking longer to mature.

  • brenie,

    “…. if you dont sign anyone up the only way is to roll up your pannels and doing that NO way you will make your money back …. it takes far too long for you’r panels to cap and monthly traffick pack and account fee will kill you and eventualy you will you go in minus and then they don’t pay out …. there payment method’s and logic are hillarious …”

    YUUP, watch out for “version 2.9″…may new features. FE GeneralTrafic has to be allocated, IE BROKE into the individual colors!

    PS anyone,

    What about the new “prestige” panel design?
    Its the pic half down the page.
    Looks great or not?

  • According to Al Baker, (claiming to be a friend of Chris, Raj & hanging out with them) the way BB generates traffic to the websites:

    “Well, part of what makes Banners Broker work is that they are also partnered with Internet traffic companies – companies that for a fee, send real live visitors to the websites where the ads are.
    So, when an affiliate purchases ad inventory, he also purchases the means to make that ad inventory create revenue – traffic.”

    Now I was under the impression that paying someone to click on ads was illegal.
    “Click fraud is a type of fraud that occurs on the Internet in pay per click online advertising when a person, automated script or computer program imitates[1] a legitimate user of a web browser clicking on an ad, for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having actual interest in the target of the ad’s link.”

    In order to generate millions of impressions/ clicks they would have to have thousands of people out there doing nothing but clicking on banners. Plus they would have to know which banners are the ones owned by BB affiliates.
    Somehow I doubt that this is what they are doing. What is more believable is that all they have is a software program, that based on the number of traffic packs purchased, shows you will have that many impressions, without anyone or any bots visiting the site.

  • @Nick,

    For an advertising industry professional, I have a hard time understanding why you can’t read.

    “If they are actually placing ads on sites (which they would control or really really crap traffic) and buying fake traffic then it would only be recently. And if that is the case its only trying to get them off the hook in a criminal case where they could prove that there was actual banner purchase, albeit junk placements and selling on at HUGELY inflated prices. Also there may be traffic now, but it will be useless junk fake or redirect traffic that is worth nothing (and consequently costs nothing).”

    Let’s try and help you here.

    1. BBI doesn’t place ads on sites, never did, and it’s been clearly and repetitively stated, BBI is not an advertising company. BBI’s business is ad impressions (aka traffic impressions).
    2. So you’re saying that the ad networks we deal with are redirecting Millions of impressions to BBI but really aren’t? Can you prove this?
    3. Renant inventory isn’t junk, as explained, it’s remaining advertising whose contracts haven’t had their traffic obligations met yet.
    4. Once again you are stating that BBI sells banners to their affiliates, which has also been stated is not true. BBI resells the space to the affiliates at marked-down prices, that are built into the bid rates they make on the ad spaces themselves. This is how they’re able to pay an affiliate twice their inventory purchase price, because the rate they pay the affiliate, has already been earned in the bid. The value of the space BBI purchases is $X. X=(Affiliate revenue + BBI profit). Once BBI has been paid by broker the revenues generated by directing traffic to those spaces, BBI assigns twice the inventory purchase value back to the affiliate. At no point did we ever say that BBI marked UP the purchase price of the ad space, we said BBI made a profit because BBI paid the affiliate less than it paid for it. Where BBI marks up, is the traffic it sells to its affiliates.
    5. Buying traffic impressions is a legitimate business, despite what the naysayers on this blog say. It’s been around for over a decade, and is powered by the ad networks that attract publishers to THEIR network. As BBI purchases traffic from the ad networks in bulk, the ad networks redirect that traffic as per their contractual agreement with BBI. The ad network charges BBI a specific amount, then BBI charges the affiliate the same amount plus a small profit.

    Since you’re unable to see the relationship clearly…try this.

    Broker = (Advertisers, Publishers and Resellers [of which BBI is one])
    BBI = (Collective buying power of affiliate network, like a hive – all working as one)
    Affialite = (Independent Individual or Business operating under BBI umbrella)

    Brokers deal with Advertisers/Publishers to bring in advertising and build traffic network.
    BBI deals with Broker as a reseller to service the needs of the Broker in fulfilling advertising contracts through the application of traffic impressions. Broker only sees BBI, not the affiliates operating under it.
    Affiliate deals with BBI through purchasing traffic packs and panel packages so BBI can leverage their buying power and traffic needs to get better pricing.

    Broker pays BBI for the revenue generated through purchasing and applying traffic to the ad spaces it holds.
    BBI pays the affiliates a percentage of the revenues earned through the Broker.

    Now you’re going to keep saying things like “the industry doesn’t work that way”, yes it does. You’re also going to say “BBI is marking up the ad space before reselling it”, but it doesn’t. Finally, you’ve said that “the traffic doesn’t exist”, but it does. Ad networks represent 3 Billion impressions per day through the sites they represent that show their ads to the visitors already browsing those sites.

    Through your lack of willingness to understand the program, you’re intentionally misleading the readers into thinking what BBI is doing isn’t possible. The truth is, it’s not only possible, it’s being done by a number of companies with various ad networks every day. The difference is, BBI’s model uses affiliates and a more public presence than other companies do, but the program is quite legal, and a common practice by ad networks.

    I will also point out, that I’ve been accused of deliberately designing my responses so that they can’t be disassembled. There’s a word for that, it’s called the truth. You’re trying to argue the truth by saying it isn’t. BBI doesn’t have to prove it’s doing things right, it’s you who has to prove BBI is in fact doing something wrong, something no-one’s actually done in any of thier posts.

    If BBI was all the things you claimed it was, then yes, you’ve done a pretty good job. Problem is, BBI isn’t what you claim, so all of your arguments are invalid. This is why I won’t answer any more of your questions. You aren’t willing to address the reality of who the company is and what it does, you’re too focused on who the company isn’t and what it doesn’t do.

    Thank You and Good Bye.

  • @Ken,

    Quick response here…

    Impressions are not the same as clicks, which is why BBI operates using impressions. All that has to happen is the ads need to show up on the page, no-one needs to click them…and no, it’s not illegal to provide access to pages that contain advertising.

  • “I will also point out, that I’ve been accused of deliberately designing my responses so that they can’t be disassembled. There’s a word for that, it’s called the truth. You’re trying to argue the truth by saying it isn’t. BBI doesn’t have to prove it’s doing things right, it’s you who has to prove BBI is in fact doing something wrong, something no-one’s actually done in any of thier posts.”

    No one actually has to prove anything either way. The point is these are discussion forums or places for comment and opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it is not to everyone’s liking.

    BB doesn’t have to defend itself but obviously I understand the need for PR and damage limitation. I don’t get why you don’t go down the normal routes of PR and try to get the company published or interviewed in national/ international publications?

  • So Terry where is this traffic coming from that you are purchasing/selling? How does the traffic find the page where the banner is on? Redirected traffic is total junk and from an advertisers standpoint is basically fraudulent impressions.

    Break it down for us who seem to have no knowledge about our own business. Take one specific visitor and tell me how he comes to see the ad on the page.

  • Actually forget that question. I am not going to bother debating with you any more Terry as you are shown to be an out and out liar and can’t give a straight answer to any question. Go and answer Finch’s questions instead.



  • @ Terry Stern

    Hi Terry, maybe you can help me here. You see, I still can’t figure out why BB were (note the past tense) paying out money to so-called “affiliates” who add no value to BB. If the affiliates were investing money (giving it to BB so that a profit could be created from a convoluted combination of dealings, such profit being split between BB and affiliates) then I could understand it.

    But BB have always denied being an investment vehicle. Even if they were lying and they DID use affiliate money to buy and sell, that still wouldn’t explain matters — because the rate of return promised to affiliates was always far greater than could be made in the online advertising industry, which is VERY competitive.

    The only explanation left (as to why BB needed affiliates) is that BB is a ponzi. There is simply no credible alternative. Is there, Terry?

  • You know Nick, nothing you’ve stated about the advertising industry is wrong, except, BBI isn’t in the advertising industry, we’re a traffic broker, and that’s where your argument goes astray.

    For those interested, here’s how a visitor sees the ad on a page.

    Let’s say you Nick are the visitor, and you’re browsing your favorite sites. As you browse those sites, there may be ads on them. The ads on the site, if they’re serviced by the ad networks we deal with, are the same ads that BBI potentially generates revenue from. Since as I’ve stated, BBI isn’t selling or placing ads into the spaces, they have no working knowledge or who the advertisers are, or what sites the ads are appearing on. This is completely controlled by the ad network and isn’t relevant to BBI’s business model.

    BBI doesn’t know which advertisers are specifically generating revenue for BBI. The nature of the relationship between BBI and the Ad network doesn’t require we have that knowledge, only that we deliver traffic to those ads from the traffic providers the Ad Network uses.

    What you aren’t getting, is that BBI isn’t involved in sourcing advertisers or publishers directly to service the ad spaces we own the rights to, our only role is to deliver traffic to those spaces in order for them to fulfill the traffic obligations of the Ad network. It’s the buying power of having a network of affiliates that gives BBI the ability to drive traffic to those spaces. To the ad network, BBI is one entity. Whether BBI uses itself or a network of 1000’s to generate the traffic required to service those ads, isn’t an issue to the network, only that the traffic is being served.

    The ad network provides the traffic, BBI just pays to ensure that a specific amount of traffic is allocated, to ensure the ads on the ad spaces BBI bids for shared revenue rights on, gets allocated to ensure BBI generates an income from them. The ad network earns the full amount of the contract, and pays BBI a percentage for helping to ensure that it did. From there, BBI take a piece of the revenue for itself and pays the balance to the affiliates.

    Nothing I’ve said is a lie, it’s perfectly normal, and is how ad networks have operated for almost a decade now. BBI is a broker, not an advertiser, ad agency, or ad sourcing platform. BBI does provide an access point for advertisers, but that access point goes straight to the ad network, not to BBI.

    Say what you want, but anyone who does their research on what I’ve written will see how factual and truthful it is.

    As much as I’d like to stay and try and get your eyes pointed in the right direction, I’ve more important things to deal with than typing on a blog.

    If you have questions, do your research, don’t rely on anything written on any blog or forum as being answers. There are no experts to answer your questions there.

  • This is not directed at Terry as I know I won’t be getting any sensible or truthful answers, so I am directing it to people who are thinking about joining this mess of a scam.

    Everyone needs to ask this question:- If the ad network provides the traffic, then HOW do they provide traffic. Traffic is people who want to visit sites and geniune traffic can’t be bought and sold like banners, you can’t force them to click on ads so how are you drive the traffic to the specific page? It makes no sense, unless you are talking about junk redirect or fake traffic.

    This is not any type of use to the advertisers who are advertising on the page and would just be used to fraudulently boost the impression count.

    The model doesn’t work, just think through it for yourself from the point of view of one of the visitors (the one who makes the impressions by viewing your ad). How is someone making you visit this page?

    Bear in mind I am not talking about organic traffic that is already visiting that page, as you can’t just “boost” that traffic at will and buy more.

    Doesn’t work.

    And the fact that a company is a broker of advertising spaces means that by definition they are in the advertising industry. Even a total moron can see that.

  • “Say what you want, but anyone who does their research on what I’ve written will see how factual and truthful it is”

    You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the arse, I’ve never read such a load of illogical, manufactured drivel in all my life. A bit of advice, Terrence; spouting the same garbled gibberish over and over again isn’t going to suddenly convince anyone here that you know what you’re talking about, or that BB isn’t a ponzi.

    If you genuinely believe the nonsense you’re posting all over the internet, why not contact the newspapers that ran articles questioning the legality of BB and “set the record straight” with them.

    I’m sure they’ll be only too delighted to publish your side of the story.

    Once they’ve stopped laughing.

  • All I heard from Banners Broker on the web and Facebook is recruit, recruit, and recruit! What a bunch of liars and scammers who prey on the ignorant, the poor, and the desperate in poor developing countries! If Banners Broker turn out to be a scam, may all of those complicit in the scam go to jail!

    Terry, if you are sure about this, please promise to the whole world. You are willing to go to the jail and give up all your wealth to the victims of this scam if this business is confirmed as a scam later on. If you are confident about this, you can make this promise in here, so the court can take away all your wealth and compensate to losers in this scam.

    In short, I have never head of Banners Broker ad spaces, Banners Broker advertisers, Banners Broker publishers, and people paying money to Banners Broker for services other than affiliates. Banners Broker is a business that has no client paying for it services and products, and it has imaginary ad spaces that advertising people have never heard of. It is called SCAM, SCAM and SCAM. Terry deserves the scammer and liar of the year award. Congrats, you deserve all your wealth taken away and 5 to 10 years in jail.

  • In short, I have never heard of Banners Broker ad spaces, Banners Broker advertisers, Banners Broker publishers, and people paying money to Banners Broker for services other than affiliates. Banners Broker is a business that has no client paying for it services and products, and it has imaginary ad spaces that advertising people have never heard of. This kind of business is called SCAM, SCAM and SCAM. Terry deserves the scammer and liar of the year award. Congrats, you deserve all your wealth taken away and 5 to 10 years in jail.***

  • Terry never ceases to amaze me. He comes on to blogs like this writes reams and reams of vague unhelpful info. Then says he hasn’t time to waste here and won’t answer a simple question that will take 30 seconds to answer.
    Terry, I am one of the affiliates of the company you represent. I would appreciate good manners at a minimum.

  • It’s good to see that like the rest of these sites, this one to is running out of steam, Terry let’s boycott this site from now on and it will grind to a halt, as we are the ones currently keeping it going by posting here.

  • Mark – Running out of steam?

    Over 3,000 people come here every day searching for ‘banners broker’, ‘is banners broker a scam?’ and other related terms.

    These comments can go on and on, or they can stop tomorrow. Really doesn’t bother me.

    Thousands of people are reading the truth, and keeping their money safely tucked away from BannersBroker as a consequence.

    The Pro BB vs Anti BB ‘debate’ is pretty inconsequential. You already invested money in BannersBroker, and I never will. It’s those who *might* invest that keep Terry and the other apologists fighting their corner.

    Problem is, judging by the increasingly selective payments, not enough people are investing in BannersBroker.

    If anything is grinding to a halt, it’s not this blog.

  • Never lied, i just stated that i had never had a problem and i haven’t, anyways signing off, enjoy what time this ponzi of a blog has left.

  • You claimed that you had never had payment problems, then 2 days later you claimed to have got your first payment. You can try and twist it all you want, everyone knows what you meant.

  • @Mark

    I hope you are proud of yourself for taking money frpm people who can’t afford it. It’s not like you are earning it. All you are doing is waiting for the next person conned into BB and hoping to get a piece of his money so you don’t lose yours. Pathetic really when you think of it.

  • Terry is back disguised as himself! 😮

    Why does this buffoon keep returning when he’s been proven to be a liar on multiple occasions. Now what’s this piece of horse shit I see before me?

    ‘BBI isn’t in the advertising industry, we’re a traffic broker’

    So Terry, if that’s the case, why is Banners Broker (as in advertising banners that advertisers use), not called ‘Traffic Broker’?

    Surely you are misleading affliates by not using the correct ‘verbiage’?

    I find it shocking that a company brokering traffic (for advertising) and/or banners (for advertising) is not in the advertising industry!

    If I’d known that, I’d have never have signed up. If nobody in BB works in advertising, how come BB is able to liase effectively with those who are? And how can you even begin to pretend you understand how any aspect of the advertising industry works, if you have no involvement in it?

    You still haven’t explained what I am by the way. You told me I’m NOT and advertiser and I’m NOT a publisher despite that I have an AD/PUB COMBO. PACKAGE.

    I take it this is short for Advertiser/Publisher Combination Package. And yet, you say affiliates are none of these. And if BB is not in the advertising business then neither are we, the affiliates. After all, you’re the one explaining how all this ‘works’ and in order to do that, at some point, you, or your company would have to communicate with an advertiser. Or preferably 1000’s of advertisers. Because ADVERTISERS are integral to the business model.

    Instead, you (vaguely) communicate with your affiliates and with interested and disinterested observers via blogs such as this one

    In any case, what use is ‘traffic’? Traffic is something which clogs up streets with smoke and noise. It’s tiresome. It stops people from getting where they are to where they want to be. My traffic packs are just that…smoke and noise which cost money and produce nothing of value whatsoever. And now, they’re being recycled here, by you, in the form of verbal pollution emanating from BBI’s gas guzzling garbage factory.

    You really are the most ridiculous person I’ve ever encountered. Although, knowing that you’re a Mason is strong evidence to suggest that you’re too busy twiddling ring pieces with your be-robed buddies to have any grasp on reality or common sense. Honestly, I’d rather be seen out riding with the Ku Kux Klan than have dinner with a Mason. It’s less shameful.

    For those interested, here’s how a visitor sees the ad on a page:


  • And here is what the visitor thinks after they’ve seen there is no ad on the page:


    And here is what a traffic pack looks like:


    And here is what a Terry’s brain looks like:


    Obviously, I’ve had to upscale the size so that it’s visible. I wouldn’t want to be accused of representing Terry’s brain in a way that it couldn’t be seen or understood….such as in a blind network.

    Or inside his skull.

  • Reading Terry’s answer just makes me wonder what the panels in BB do stand for. If the advertisement placing is done by the ad networks and if BB has absolutely nothing to do with that at all, if the traffic is done by the ad network(s) and if BBI has nothing to to with that either, and if BBI just connects advertisers and Publisher (taken from their FAQ: We connect advertisers with effective ad space and publishers with the most relevant ads to market on their websites):

    What do the panels represent?

    I always thought they respresented the advertisement being put on ad spaces. But that can’t be true as BBI(Terry) says they have nothing to do with that. With every answer from Terry I’m getting more puzzled… 🙁

  • Terry Stern said:

    “Let’s try and help you here.

    1. BBI doesn’t place ads on sites, never did, and it’s been clearly and repetitively stated, BBI is not an advertising company. BBI’s business is ad impressions (aka traffic impressions).”

    However, Banners Brokers’ own official blog disagrees…

    “How it works: We supply you with inventory (online ad space) on various websites owned and operated by Banners Broker”

    Terry, I’ve said this before and I’ll no doubt have to say it again, but you really need to do a bit of basic background research, due diligence if you will, on BB before making any more claims.

    Or alternatively go tell Raj Dixit that you’re just not up to the task.

  • @Terry.

    WHICH websites do Banners Broker own and operate? And if you own all these websites?? Wow, that’s alot of businesses there involved in…don’t know how they find the time.

  • Seriously, this bullish!t need to stop and it need to stop ASAP. Here we have a bunch of net-detective wannabes hell bent on destroying the reputation of a young and up-coming on-line advertising brokerage company and its associates and here we have their PR Guy Terry Stern trying to defend their position.

    BB is finished. Its days are numbered. Pull as much as your money out ASAP, and hopefully you’ve broken even. This is a company with NO BALLS – they dance to the tune of a bunch of losers hell bent on preserving the ‘trade your time for dollars’ lifestyle of being enslaved to a job where YOU work your ass off so YOUR BOSS can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don’t you people understand you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PROSPEROUS AND WEALTHY, this is only for the privileged few, the upper echolons of society. Ordinary everyday people simply are NOT supposed to be able to leverage their time and effort – just imagine if EVERYBODY thought like the rich, who would clean the toilets and sweep the gutters?

    Listen to me, everybody !!! And listen good (“anti-ponzi speak” lol)
    1. There’s only ONE WAY to earn your crust. Trade your time for labour
    2. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Yes it is. There is no ‘easy money’ – you do some work, you get paid for it, and then you do some work, and hopefully you’ll get paid some more. Never mind your boss is leveraging off the efforts of you and him, and him, her and him, that’s what rich people do. You’re not rich. You’re not supposed to be rich so shut the fark up and get back to work
    3. Investing, don’t believe the bullshit out there in the marketplace. When somebody spruiks potential investment returns of 400%+p/a on derivatives trading, that’s not your world so shut the fark up and keep trading your time for money, these things just ain’t real, these things just don’t happen (in your world), even though BT, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and Merryl Lynch do that shit all day, day in and day out. You’re just an ordinary working class piece of sh!t whose purpose is to keep the poor poor and the rich rich. There’s no such thing as leverage to losers and ignoramus’s so shut the fark up, get back to work and collect your WAGES
    4. Opportunity. Until I visited Australia, I never understood what ‘lowest common denominator of the human race” meant in reality. Aussies are the stupidest, dumbest people on the face of the planet, please don’t be like them. It’s too good, nah that doesn’t happen, I’m alright and ‘the Government is going to look after me’…. I’ve travelled the world in the past 12 years, Kiwis (new zealanders) are all but the 2nd dumbest numbfukks i’ve ever come across in my life. Mauris (natives) actually tend to have family values, goals, dreams and ambitions, and actually work for a living. I’ve spent a total of almost 20 years in Australia, could anybody please find me an aussie willing to work for a living? I’ve yet to find one, and apparently there’s a reward on offer….

    Banners Broker is a scam. It must be because the retards say so.

    For the rest of us, well we enjoy a lifestyle that’s drastically different to the drones. Put in some effort and believe, and you shall reap. But if you’re the typical Toowoomba farmer, you’ll be truly ‘true blue aussie’ – nah won’t happen, its too good to be true, I’m stupid and can’t be interested, so toodle-hoo, talk next time….

  • There are some classic pictures of the “StellarPoint Global Head Quarters” over on on RealScam, basically a mock up of an office within a warehouse, no people, no phones and they haven’t even managed to get the StellarPoint sign square on the wall…

  • ….read last post twice now and still can’t make out if your PRO or ANTI? But then, I think your calling me a retard so what do I know???

  • hahahahaha..have just seen the supposed photos of BB canadian office(or where ever it is?)on Realscam! laugh I’ve had in they not have CARPET in Canada… or plants, or photos etc..looks like a prison and don’t get me even started on the walls!…yes, there goes another rib!

  • @Mendax.AU

    “Banners Broker is a scam. It must be because the retards say so.”

    If we, the people, who have done the research on BB and its owners and have proven that the business model cannot make the money for affiliates as preached by BB and have shown that the majority of BB’s earnings is not from advertising or selling impressions but rather from new sign-ups, admin fees, funding fees, traffic pack sales to its own members and that BB requires (by BB’s own statements) new members to stay in business, then I guess we are retards and I for one am proud of it for trying to stop more people getting conned out of money they can’t afford to lose. I guess the affiliates who got scammed are the brilliant ones.

  • A few weeks ago this UK affilliate was saying: “We are so confident in Banners Broker that we are prepared to offer you a 100% money back GUARANTEE. That is our commitment to you – A 100% NO quibble money back guarantee”.

    Seems they are not so confident now, money back gaurantee has just been pulled:

    Perhaps they visited the Global Head Quarters?!

  • @ Terry Stern

    “3. Renant inventory isn’t junk, as explained, it’s remaining advertising whose contracts haven’t had their traffic obligations met yet.”

    An informative article from the New York Times regarding remnant ads.

    “Online publishers, who have long been dismayed with the revenue from some of their advertising, are increasingly taking matters into their own hands.
    In the last month, CBS Interactive and have both created their own ad exchanges to directly sell the lower-priced ads called remnants that typically run at the bottom of their Web pages or on secondary pages. These are following similar efforts by NBC Universal, and Turner Broadcasting Systems.
    “I think the days of being reliant on third-party companies are numbered,” said Jason Kelly, the chief media officer for Admeld, a technology company that helps publishers manage their online advertising.

  • @ Terry Stern

    “3. Renant inventory isn’t junk, as explained, it’s remaining advertising whose contracts haven’t had their traffic obligations met yet.”

    Definitions of Remnant Space:

    . Remnant Space: Website ad space that is relatively undesirable and is often resold to a third party to be filled with low dollar advertising. Online remnant space is analogous to 3 AM television air time.

  • Sue and Monty – oh yes, this site (BB Dealer) contains so many naughty phrases specifically outlawed by Mr Stern and BB:-

    “Business in a box”
    “Endorsed and working with Master Card”
    “Return of TWICE what you purchased”
    “System completely automated….sit back and reap the rewards”
    “You do not need prior knowledge of inline advertising”
    “Online advertising continues to grow”


    I thought affiliates had to have their websites cleared by BB? If so, this one has slipped through the net, and how many more are out there?

    One of the disadvantages of all those affiliates, I suppose – it’s not possible to completely control all they do.

  • Yo TS

    Trafic Pack allocatiion at no issue (2013_02_08 Q%A video at 31:00*) !
    Trafic Pack allowance / Traffic Limit is ! What about the black pannels?

    *color for “prestige package” is “gold” ?

    kind farts

  • @BB insider,
    Without being to specific, whats your role inside BB? How close are you
    to whats going on? No probs if you don’t want to answer, was just curious…

  • Hi Harrison. No role really, just an affiliate. (disappointing I know :))

    I play alot of these cycler games. But that is all they should be, games. When people start making out that they are going to change peoples’ lives and when these guys start preying on the old and vulnerable I have to say my piece.

    I make a very modest profit by playing 10 or 15 of these cyclers at a time. I only put very small amounts into each one. Some are profitable, some are not. BB is just under break even but as I say, 2 and a half months waiting so don’t expect this to be a profitable one for me.

    Important people know that I am in BB well over a year and have still not broke even.

  • BBInsider – If you were to go by how much is listed in your My Total Earnings, I’m guessing you would be considerably over ‘break even’?

    This is what catches a lot of affiliates out.

    They think they’ve made a huge profit, but the only money worth counting is the money withdrawn safely to their bank accounts.

  • Oh yeah, that figure is quite impressive(sorry, can’t be too specific as don’t want to be found out).
    People have to wake up. That figure means absolutely nothing.

  • Have just found this information on a ‘Banners Brokers Guide’ from a facebook post. They are also using Coca Cola and Yahoo as there examples????

    …BB has tie-up with many millions of websites where they have purchased some ad spots in exchange of huge money. As a capital investment, BB collects this money from its Affiliates/Agents. In return for the money from its affiliates, BB rents out those spaces to its affiliates. Hence both Affiliates and BB earn money at the same time.
    This entire process happens in the Background and the affiliates do not have to bother even a bit on the above process. The write-up above just answers our fundamental query that “What is the source of money that BannersBroker pays us?”

    I’m intrigued to know what these MILLIONS of websites are? Positive TS didn’t say ‘millions’..

  • Tax time

    “Finch: When filing a tax return, the Banners Broker income listed under ‘My Total Earnings’ should be declared as earnings even though it hasn’t yet been withdrawn. Would you agree or disagree?
    Terry Stern: Disagree, an individual doesn’t pay taxes on earnings they haven’t drawn.”

    “According to the IRS in the US taxable Income is:
    Constructively received income: This is income that was available to you, even if it wasn’t in your possession. ”

    In Canada it’s the same. Unless BB says the “Total Earnings” isn’t really money you have earned and is there just for show. If it’s money earned it’s taxable income.

    That’s like saying if I don’t take the money out of my Bank account I don’t have to pay taxes on it.

  • I wouldn’t be an expert on tax but if you can’t withdraw the money you could hardly be taxed on it?
    We all know it doesn’t exist anyway so I don’t think it would be enforced legally. Thoughts?

  • Hi BBinsider – sorry, it’s taxable even if you can’t withdraw it now, because it’s an ASSET. The only way it won’t be taxable is when BB is(legally) proved to be a scam, and the so-called asset proves to be an illusion.

  • I still don’t think so. Fo rit to be an asset you would have to prove it exists and we know how that would end up.

  • BB insider, sadly HMRC would not accept at this point to say it is a likely bad debt. If Banners Broker is exposed as a scam then this could be written off

  • I think what would have to happen would be, HMRC would have to take an action against someone, they then would claim innocence and the onus would be with the government to prove it is actually an asset. This is a road the government probably don’t want to go down. It would be very expensive an dtime consuming.
    This cycler is on its knees so why waste all that time and resources on something that is close to collapse. Easier to let it fail. Most of the damage is already done now anyway,and more importantly, can’t be undone.

  • BBinsider, it was the owner of Jo Spencer who I believe won’t have a business to promote if she continues with her current promotion site. It is against loads of the BB rules regarding promotion and claims to be everything Terry Stern went to great lengths to tell us it wasn’t.

    She claims BB is an advertising business.
    Similar to Google..
    Legitimate, Licensed and working with Mastercard.
    Initial purchase buys you advertising.

    I could keep going.

    Anybody who purchases from this affiliate are being lied to and hoodwinked into thinking BB is just like Google as she quotes Google’s profit for last year and asks if a prospective sign-up would like a share of that.

    I don’t blame anybody signing up to the offer being made by Jo Spencer, it sounds plausible and she (I think it’s a she) will have to live with the consequences of her deception once this scam is exposed for what it really is.

    Shame on her.

  • Can’t agree Sue. I would be very surprised to see her account frozen. She is actively trying to bring the next wave into the cycler. These are the most important people to have in the cycler.
    I honestly believe there are no hard and fast rules anyway, well except for being negative(which hurts the program).
    The rules that BB lay out are there to appease the authorities. If they are tackled they can say: ‘Well we had our rules, we tried to enforce them, we can’t police the whole internet..etc etc..’

    The only people whose accounts are at risk, are those that are not recruiting and that are trying to withdraw decent money. BB will try to catch those types out on a technicality. (just my two cents)

  • How to top a gold-panel ?

    Plain white w/ the logo (signet) on it ?

    Called something like “vision” with “white color”*

    As for the version 3.5 its NOT MANDATORY ?

    As for the version 3.5 it has (virtual) sub-accounts ?

    As for next US-prez Hillary Clinton in 2016? Be ready to suck his dick.

  • “white panel” is to be released fall 2013 or something.


    – Boosters are multiply
    – fees are 10,000 US $ / month
    – its not MANDATORY, FE ALLOWANCE / traffic cap line…

    FE -distribute/ re-sell bb-products
    – offical bb-reseller
    – gift Wprestige-package” to friends under “white label” – white label is color wjite with a personal logo / sigature

    its fantastic? … version 3.0 at April 2013 is full of skit.
    version 3.5 will be


    what to top “gold” ?

    Plain WHITE with a signature on it.

    In my psychotic view version 2.9 aintz so (very) bad*.
    Version 3.0 will be a total mess.
    Version 3.5 will be released at 06…07/2013

    *unless you have a well-progresed account and try to suck some $ out !

  • name may be something like “vision” or …

    …feature is re-selling !

    Fees is $ 10,000/ month and it wont be mandatory like the “prestike”-shit, itsV:I:P for the top-sellers !

  • FE virtual sub-acconts.

    WTF is a sub-account ?

    ithout virtual sub-accounts the BB is done, sorry to say.

  • Introducing new “products, accounts, sub-accounts”, etc. is what usually happens in all these schemes when there aren’t enough new sign-ups to pay the members what they have supposedly earned. BB has reached the stage where the payout on paper is more than what comes in from new members so they go back to the existing ones and try to squeeze more out of them. What the affiliates don’t seem to get is that it’s their own money just being recirculated within their members with the owners taking a big chunk off the top (they always make sure they get theirs first).

    Anybody contemplating enrolling at this stage should stay as far away as possible unless they have money to donate to Raj, Chris and the top so-called scammers, I mean executives.

  • Harrison, if you go to Google and type in “ist banners broker ein Schneeball” it should find you the site and it should have the option “translate this page”. Click on “translate this page” and it should take you to the site in English.

    It does lose a bit in translation but you can get the picture.

    Kind regards.

  • @ Harrison

    “Would love to read it but never learnt German I’m afraid!”

    One hand is the TAXman, other is the VATman.

    As for the VATman the germans/swiss/austrian is all alike.

  • The German site, “is Banners Broker a Snowball” is a report by Michael Zachrau on BB and red flagged the company due to claims such as:

    – double your money in a short time
    – work 15 minutes a day and make 5.000 € /month
    – no qualifications required
    – we are making millionaires

    Also noted very many complaints about payments to members.

    After listening to the presentation rated Rajiv Dixit, Chris Smith und David Hooker as not serious and unprofessional.

    His advice, too many alarm bells with this company as everything points to BB being a Ponzi scheme.

  • @della,
    Thanks for that. Did as you said and found ALOT of banners brokers sites. Just how many countries does BB operate in? I can’t believe it is only 300,000 affiliates. MUST be higher.

  • @Harrisson

    just an indicator. an indicator for bb’s popularity is alexa page rank.

    Country – Rank, January, 14th – performance last month

    Latvia 34 – 30 %

    Portugal 72 + 10 %

    Kazakhstan 78 + 30 %

    Russia 78 + 7 %

    Pakistan 78 + 13 %

    Ukraine 82 + 2 %

    Ireland 110 + 18%

    Poland 111 – 16%

    Croatia 152

    New Zealand 153 + 30 %

    Denmark 156 – 35 %

    Israel 171 + 13 %

    Australia 185 + 1 %

    South Africa 208 + 19 %

    Belarus 224

    United Kingdom 227 – 7 %

    Czech Republic 305 + 5 %

    Belgium 326 + 35 %

    Norway 329 + 30 %

    Nigeria 512 + 7 %

    Sweden 513 + 9 %

    Thailand 622 + 25 %

    Italy 640 + 15 %

    Netherlands 745 + 8 %

    Saudi Arabia 902 – 7 %

    Germany 922 – 7 %

    Canada 933 – 6 %

    Brazil 980 + 20 %

    South Korea 1,021 + 35 %

    United States 1,214 – 3 %

    Mexico 1,238 – 30 %

    Indonesia 1,321 + 12 %

    India 1,389 + 20 %

    Turkey 1,594

    Spain 1,797 + 15 %

    France 3,082

    note: within countries, FE page rank 1000 can be 10 or less in some regions and 20,000 in others:

    Town Rank
    Butzbach 2
    Germersheim 3
    Remscheid 23
    Krefeld 123
    Bremen 279
    Munich 1229
    Berlin 2721

  • I hate to criticise you Finch, as you know ;), but your interpretation of taxable ‘earnings’ is wrong.

    BB use the term earnings, but they include the theoretical value of ALL panles, both complete and incomplete, as two statements of earnings. Those which have not been activated cannot be deemed to have earned anything, so is meaningless. Secondly, the figure for ‘earnings’ on completed panels includes repurchases. When a panel completes, half of that ‘value’ is immediately and automatically spent on buying another panel of the same colour.

    This represents a cost to the ‘business’ for the affiliate. The cost of traffic packs and subscriptions etc. aka BB ‘products’ would also represent business overheads. Therefore the actual (taxable) earnings aka PROFIT would be ONLY the difference between expenditure and income. Hence, as a rough estimate, someone with $5,000 of completed panels would have made a gross theoretical profit on those panels of around $2,000 to $2,500 after deducting repurchases and products.

    The tax scenario is immaterial when BB is proven to be a scam/disappears without trace; but in terms of representing the facts in relation to BB as a functioning entity, you shouldn’t be taking their definition of ‘earnings’ as being any more pertinent than the rest of the shite they spout.

  • @ D. Pressed

    I don’t know what the laws are in the UK, but in the US and Canada an affiliate legally would have to declare all his gross earnings and then claim his “repurchases” and other admin costs, fees etc. as expenses. He can’t just declare the net value. as income. You are right when you say that only the profit is taxable income, however, he still has to go through the exercise of showing all earnings and then the expenses, cost of goods, etc. Then when it is deemed to be an illegal business he will have a lot of losses to declare on his/her next return.

  • Hi D.Pressed –

    You are partly right with your assumptions on accounting/ tax rules. However, there are a couple of key points.

    using the assumption BB is a genuine business there are a couple of elements to think about. You purchase ad space, then rent that ad space to others. These are two separate transactions.

    The panels capped would, as you say, be declared as turnover with the repurchased and purchased panels being a set off cost.

    The key factor though is the panels purchased that have not capped. Either they are active and will cap at some point, which means they fall under UITF40 Amounts recoverable on contracts – the value of these is shown at ‘sales’ price i.e. the amount of the capped panel will be shown in the profit and loss as income.

    Any panels purchased but not activated are stock and need to be shown at cost value in the accounts.

    The key with each is that this increases the income, certainly in the first year – hence why taxable earnings are more than can be taken out of the business. Other expenses, traffic pack purchases, bank charges etc. can of course be utilised to reduce profit.

    In the UK businesses have to comply with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). This includes accounting for debtors, stock, wip etc. We do not use cash accounting for tax purposes. (Note from April 2013 smaller businesses will be able to do so; however, given the turnover levels most reasonably high level affiliates will not be eligible for this)

    If you are not sure how I know this feel free to research my real life job!

  • Yes Ken, I agree. As with any business, there has to be proper accounting. In the UK we have something called ‘self assessment’ whereby people can produce their own tax return, but they still need to show what they figures are and how they add up to profit/loss.

    My point isn’t about the mechanics of accounting per se, but about how much tax would actually be paid after claims/reclaims are complete. It’s misleading to suggest that net tax is payable on gross ‘earnings’ (by either of BB’s definitions) because their figures take no account of ‘re-purchases’ aka overheads. The figures are easy enough to work out though because there is a full statement of costs/’profits’ in the affiliates’ account.

    I believe that the reason BB likes to suggest the grossest of gross figures are ‘earnings’ is so that they can perpetuate the myth that they have ‘paid out over $100,000,000 to affiliates’. What they mean is that they have added up the grand total of 300,000 affiliates’ panels and paid it out notionally, not literally in the form of numbers on computer screens.

    I’m not out to defend BB, but to state the case from the affiliates’ point of view that the tax liability isn’t as horrendous as it appears to be from the bare figures if and when they went through the final accounting process. And that, with respect, yourself and Finch were wrong in implying that the tax office would be entitled to a straightforward chunk of one or other of the figures that BB uses to describe ‘earnings’. Nor is it a fair comparison to say that gross BB earnings are the same as money in a bank account. A fairer comparison would be a bank account versus the contents of a BB E-Wallet, because in theory it is available for withdrawl. Though in practice it isn’t.

    It’s unfortunate I can’t change my user name btw…I came up with it before Christmas as an expression of disillusionment and disappointment at discovering the truth about BB. Three months on I’m over all that and the motivation is to get to the truth (from both sides of the BB fence) so that anyone thinking of joining now is not fed misconceptions.

    That said, the only conclusion a rational person could make now is to keep their money well away from this murky ‘business’.

  • @ Terry you stated ”Since as I’ve stated, BBI isn’t selling or placing ads into the spaces, they have no working knowledge or who the advertisers are, or what sites the ads are appearing on. This is completely controlled by the ad network and isn’t relevant to BBI’s business model.”

    Could you please explain how does BB get the data to state how many impressions have been made.

    Fact is there must be some Software and database that has the info of what add space is on what site and how many impressions are being made and that datya has to be linked directly to BB servers and website as that is where it is providing the data via graph to the affiliate that they are getting impressions on the sites they have brokered.

    Either Im understanding this wrong , please advise or you should be able to provide me the actual data and the sites where the space is and also be able to supply a live viewing of the data.

    But seeing as you stated above that BB “have no working knowledge or who the advertisers are, or what sites the ads are appearing on” then either your lying (which I doubt) or your telling the truth which means that the statistics on BB’s websites are falsified (as you said you have no knowledge of sites and this is possibly a scam if i have it sussed right.

    Please humor me

  • @ PhilAus

    I as an advertiser will want proof that my Ad ran and on what site if using a Blind Network.

    Most ad networks provide you with a dashboard that posts daily metrics (some have a 24 hr. delay).  This allows you to see your revenue and performance results by website, ad flow type, campaign, ad size, ad placement, and date ranges.

    Now it could be that BB purchases it’s ad space and impressions from some broker that doesn’t provide this information. If that is the case why would anybody with any business sense pay money to someone who can not give you proof of purchase.

    On the other hand, one could draw the conclusion (due to lack of any proof otherwise) that there really aren’t very many purchases being made (just a few websites to make it look legit) at all and what BB shows you is nothing more than some great graphics with colourful panels and charts to make affiliates think they are actually running a little business.

  • If there were ads we would have proof. BB would have made sure of that. They are not so it proves there are none. Sometimes it really is that obvious.

  • Have tried to find Alexa Page but having trouble navigating it…anyway, it proves my point. BB MUST have more than 300,000 affiliates. Where did this figure of 300,000 come from?

  • ROLL UP, ROLL UP…somebody posting today on BB ‘facts and updates’ facebook page is offering a FREE blue package (worth $145, even through he is supposed to be in UK?) to everybody who gets in touch with him!
    B,B,Bargain…! He does also say through that it may take a while for him to get round to everybody, but hey, it’s the thought that counts!

  • I had to come back on, you sad little c””ts are amazing, why should this legit business validate itself to a bunch of geeks who have probably never kissed a girl. Just sod off you sad t;;ts and get a life.

  • Ah, Mark, I am surprised that you are bothering with this site at all. Shouldn’t you be clicking on a few coloured panels somewhere and making your millions?

    After all, if BB is indeed a legit enterprise, you can afford to ignore this site and relax in the knowledge that you are right.

    Kind regards

    PS: Remember what the good book say – “The geek shall inherit the earth”!

  • lol … Mark maybe you are dreaming and hoping off BB being legit and you make millions … and open the possiblity to impress woman and eventualy be able to kiss some 😀 … hope it works for you 😉 …. oh yes maybe you don’t realize but people don’t need to be in BB actualy to have a real life you know 😛 … think its more the case that you are hoping this dream is true 😀 and BB does’nt turn out to be a scam 😀

    have a nice day Mark …. rofl

  • “Have tried to find Alexa Page but having trouble navigating it…anyway, it proves my point. BB MUST have more than 300,000 affiliates. Where did this figure of 300,000 come from?”

    account is not affilate

    bb 500k at manchester event
    bb 1000k april 2013

    numbers are andreasheinz and “fullofshit”

    500k at april 2013 are reasonable


  • U r all very funny.
    I joined BB few weeks ago and today il buy my first package.
    Dollars r waiting for me <3 Poor haters and envious people
    My friends withdrawed hundred dollars with no problems.

  • @ Mark and @ Helltronix,
    Stop being abusive and give us proof! The net is full of people saying they haven’t been paid, so show us your screen details? PROVE you’ve been paid…and then there is this wonderful ‘refurb’ at Stellarpoint. It must be nearly finished now surely? There must be tradesmen on site putting in phones,computers,carpenters, painters etc us pics. Show us all the hard working support staff working in there brand new, ‘state of the art’ office in this cash rich legit company. PROVE it isn’t a scam and we’ll stop posting!

  • @ Helltronix

    “My friends withdrawed hundred dollars with no problems.”

    My friend got $100 as well except he didn’t invest any money to do it. He works at McDonalds and made that in less than 2 days work. His was guaranteed. Is yours and how long after you invested your money will you have to wait to maybe get some back?

  • @ Helltronix
    Nothing invested i’m glad to say… am not as intelligent as you are.
    But if I did suddenly have a desire to give my hard earned money away
    so that people like your friend can retire early, it would surely be guaranteed as well? Or have you finally sussed out that BB only select
    affiliates for payment on a pick and mix basis??? i.e you only get paid when some other poor sucker joins!

  • @Milky

    Bare concrete floor, no plants or any other decoratives ,poor lighting options,just a few bunting with company name on it,too many cubicles don’t even have phones,etc.I can just go on forever.
    That must be the most pathetic looking office space in ages. I’ve seen companies that make less half a million dollar a year that have better looking offices than that.

    It almost looked as if they are about to put everything back in storage even before the tour is over.

  • What I don’t understand is the connection between the two? Stellar points website says it is a ‘virtual reality’ office space. Companies are supposed to use them to fulfil all there office needs:

    $69 a month gets you a corporate mail plan (without professional telephone answering but WITH a professional business address!)
    $99 a month for a virtual reception plan (including very little as most things have strangely been crossed out)
    $159 for virtual office deluxe(????everything included that wasn’t crossed out in the virtual reception plan) AND:
    $500 a month for the ‘Global Virtual Offices’..

    So, presumably, other companies use them to? Anybody know who?
    And, WHY would BB use this ‘cheap’ service when they claim to be a ‘multi million dollar company’? You’d think they could afford an office of there own? And as there obviously isn’t any activity going on at Stellarpoint, where is it actually running from NOW?

  • @ diann re “another bb millionaire shows proof of earnings”

    Point 1: Notice the photo with the Simon holding checks having 4 digit numbers, each starting with 99xx.
    There are only 100 possible checks numbered 9900 to 9999. So Banners Broker is not issuing too many checks….

    Point 2: he is holding 6 checks… all dated the same day 07/20/2012 for $5000 each (last one $4950). One wonders why not have one check for the full amount. I assume it’s because these checks were written to 6 different affiliates??

  • as you can see the cheques shown are not related to BB and neither is Empower BB PS….DONT ISSUE CHEQUES TO MY KNOWLEDGE

  • Diann – quite right, since 1st Feb 2013, BB only pay to their own prepaid card – and that seems to be quite infrequent and accompanied by lots of excuses! However they are saying now they have caught up, so it will be interesting to see if that is true.

    A new Facebook page appeared 2 days ago called “Banners Broker Delayed Payments”. Don’t know who set it up. Not much on there yet, but one to watch?

  • What I find odd is the reason for the published photos of the Stellar Point offices visit. Were they supposed to impress anyone or reaffirm the existence of a real office block with employees?

    To me, Carlow Ct. looks like the building merchants bit at B & Q where you go to get cement and roofing felt.

    I’d say it’s an empty warehouse and if the cameras had been back an hour after they all left I doubt there would have been any trace of SP.

    Pretty obvious to those viewing the photos so why publish them or are those visitors so brainwashed that not one of them questioned or has commented on the farsical staged setup.

  • The offices are for real. The reason I know that is because I live not too far away from them. I haven’t bothered going in as I have no investment in BB but looking from the photos it looks like a lot of cubicles with most of them empty. I doubt there’s more than a dozen staff. For a company doing upwards of $30 mil a month that looks like very little support on many fronts.

  • @ Ken Roklin

    I’m not doubting the building exists but are you sure people actually work there? There’s no phones, no heating, no proper lighting, the desks are dusty and empty and there’s no office clutter that you always get in offices. I’m looking around my own (and I’m a tidy person) and there’s “stuff”. There was none at SP.

    The whole place looks like a derelict warehouse and if there really are people there then BB/SP should be ashamed of themselves, nobody should have to work in those conditions.


    “Banners Broker is an international company and is registered offshore on the Isle of Mann.

    Its representative in Canada and other countries of the world is a new company called Stellar Point Inc.

    This company was formed in place of Banners Broker Canada Ltd …

    Stellar Point is a strategic addition to the Banners Broker team.”

    “Banners Broker is not registered in the United States, which means that affiliates cannot advertise in the US or hold public meetings. Private meetings fine, but no ads and no public meetings.

    One smarter-than-the-rules affiliate did just that – ran ads in newspapers, and caused endless trouble.

    The trouble caused as a result is that the US Securities and Exchange Commission asked its Canadian counterpart to look into Banners Broker.”

    (Al Baker Blog – Feb, 14th)

    Virtual office in Toranto?

    StellarPoint “premier clients”
    Monetize Group Inc.
    35 New Road, Belize City, Belize C.A
    owns some choice network sites:
    – (see “offers the best prices on the hottest products available today! So keep your eyes peeled on all our deals”
    (Buzinga.COM is listed for sale $2,595) is another choice network site

  • It’s obvious that Stellar Point is just a fake frontend company. All of Stellar Points clients are just the choice network sites, which is also fake.

    I have some daytraders in my social circle and they all LOL’ed when I showed them the stellar point offices, like a movie set being done.

    Where are the real people behind BB’s helpdesk ? Who are the real owners of BB ? We will probably never know unless there’s a way to follow the money.

    Guess only authorities will be able to trace the money

  • @ Sue

    Well yes, they actually have some people working there. Friends of mine know a couple of the people who work there. But I agree that the offices look more like a warehouse than an office and I doubt they will ever finish the the interior to make it worker friendly and look like the offices that they compare their business to, i.e. Google. Also, by the numbers of cars parked there they can’t have more than a dozen staff.

  • @Ken,
    If you know people there, can they take pictures? Would love to know how the finished product is? Now that its been so lavishingly re-furbed!…

  • From ‘the laws of success’

    ‘Banners Broker clearly has nothing to hide.
    The point David made was that BB is not an advertising company – BB is an on-line ad space rental broker. Simply.’

    Response: Yes. Simply ridiculous. Simplicity disguised as complexity. When is an ad company not an ad company? When it’s an ad space rental broker company! For a company with nothing to hide, they’re trying very hard to hide it!

    He (David) noted that every problem that Banners Broker has had has been “caused by ourselves, by the terms we use.”

    Response: Yes, but it’s the affiliates who have been punished for it. Closed accounts/stolen funds/misrepresented business model.

    ‘Banners Broker is not registered in the United States, which means that affiliates cannot advertise in the US or hold public meetings. Private meetings fine, but no ads and no public meetings.One smarter-than-the-rules affiliate did just that – ran ads in newspapers, and caused endless trouble. The trouble caused as a result is that the US Securities and Exchange Commission asked its Canadian counterpart to look into Banners Broker.

    David noted that we should know about this as it would soon be plastered across the blogosphere, so we needed to have the truth.’

    Response: The truth is that BB’s ‘endless trouble’ is entirely to do with their own rogue set up, not the independent activities of one affliate in one of the largest internet economies on the planet. One which is out of bounds to BB. Consider the truth plastered David.

    …if the Internet is where you get your news from, Banners Broker is already pronounced guilty by authors that have not chosen their facts properly.

    Response: When researching an Internet company then yes, the Internet is where to get your news from. Particularly in the abscence of any news from the company itself as to, for example, when or if affiliates might get paid and what happened to the $4m of affliate funds that Ian Driscoll fucked off with.

    ‘The first missed fact is that Banners Broker pays its affiliates from advertising space rental revenue, which no one else does, which is a novel idea…’

    Response: Would this be the same ad space rental revenue that they SELL to affiliates? It must be, because BB don’t deal with advertisers per se. Therefore, affliates’ ‘profit’ comes from them selling each other the same space for half what they paid for it as traffic packs! It may be a novel idea but it’s a ludicrous idea.

    ‘Possibly because some just don’t do their homework fully or because they are really just trying to make money pounding a keyword, we have a bit of a kangaroo court online.’

    Response: ‘Possibly the reason we have a kangaroo court is because we’re prosecuting a kangaroo business! i.e. it won’t stand still for long enough to explain why it’s bouncing around the fact that the homework HAS been done fully.

    ‘The good point is when the legitimacy of the model is recognized – the dust will settle and Banners Broker will continue to grow.
    That’s my prediction.’

    Response: Do you want to bet on it?

    ‘….it’s just a matter of continuing to provide a needed product to its affiliates and lots of fertile ad space for the advertisers that Banners Broker never really sees…’

    Response: ‘Needed product’? ‘Fertile ad space’? Evidence of either being provided? = No.

    ‘Stellar Point is a strategic addition to the Banners Broker team.’

    Response: Stellar Point is another layer of camouflage and subterfuge with which to help create an illusion of legitimacy and complexity for a simple scam.

  • Facebook Stat info:
    Banners Broker Official page: 2379 likes, 39 people talking.
    Banners Broker Business page: 4067 likes, 80 talkng.
    Banners Broker Community page: 3100 likes, 112 talkng.

    Banners Broker Ponzi Scam: 13350 likes, 17720 talking.

  • Here’s Mr Stern again, explaining the recent issues around payments….I have posted the full text over at Real Scam.

    “Now, some of you may be waiting for payment while you’re hearing that others around you have been paid. They even may belong to a time period you yourself made a request. The system isn’t perfect, and although their request may have gone through, yours may have fallen between the cracks. Don’t stress, just get in touch with support, compose yourself nicely, and we’ll get it handled. There are no intentions to not pay you, we’ve been consistently addressing payment issues for over a year, and will continue to until there are no issues left. No system is perfect, but people ARE getting paid regularly, and they aren’t a select few.

    Frankly, I’m a little surprised at the reactions I’m reading. The system isn’t broken, it’s got growth issues. This is the reason for 2.9, and the reason behind switching to the BB Card to process payments automatically. If you’ve ever belonged to any direct sales company before, especially in the early stages, you’d notice they’ve all gone through the same issues. BBI is a young company, and is finally getting traction on cleaning up the mistakes that were made when they started. New departments are being created, staffed with experienced professionals, processes are being overhauled and communications are being cleaned up. It’s called the terrible two’s for a reason.

    That being said, the support system is there for you to use, and although it’s undergone some hiccups, the mandate is to have all support tickets handled within 30-60 minutes of them arriving, quicker if possible. So, if you’re one of the unfortunate few that’s fallen between the cracks and awaiting payment, get in touch with them so they can get you paid. That’s our overriding priority right now, and will remain so as we move forward.”

    Best line of the week HAS to be; “the system isn’t broken, it’s got growth issues” !!!!

  • Best illiterate line by an alleged public relations practitioner of the week HAS to be: “It’s called the terrible two’s for a reason.”

    Poor Terry has apostrophe issues.

  • The problem with Terry’s explanation is that the owners had this problem with every “direct marketing” they have been involved with. You would think that after the 1st couple of companies where they had these problems, and supposedly solved them, they wouldn’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

    On the other hand, the way they solved the slow/non payment issues previously was by shutting down the company and starting a new one. Why should BB be any different.

  • people that are not getting paid… are u in the red in your ewallet advertisment credits? check if so then thats a reason why ur not getting paid… get ouf of the red and get paid… im in the business for 1 year and 3 months now and i have yet to meet the first person that didnt make a profit with BB.

  • ‘That being said, the support system is there for you to use, and although it’s undergone some hiccups, the mandate is to have all support tickets handled within 30-60 minutes of them arriving, quicker if possible.’

    Just for fun I submitted a support ticket recently asking why my request for payment had still not been processed after four MONTHS!

    This is the reply I got two days later. As Terry says, the support system is there to use….. just so long as you don’t expect anything informative or decisive to come from it!:

    ‘Thank you for submitting a support ticket.

    An STP Payout went out in error and has since been corrected. Account details have been updated and payments resent. Payment will be processed in the next short while.

    Please be aware payout times stated are estimates, not guarantees, and it may take significantly longer to process withdrawal requests depending on the volume of data received. Your continued patience is appreciated during this time.’

    BB Team

    As you can see, it is baseless waffle with no justification and no resolution. The issues regarding STP ‘errors’ were weeks ago yet are still being used as an excuse. ‘The next short while’? What does that mean in the context of a four month delay? Another four months? And then the platitudinal stock ending to all support replies: ‘Your continued patience is appreciated during this time.’ leaves me with no follow-up option worth pursuing.

    WAIT…You’ll and you’ll get paid eventually. This time, same as any other time. i.e. soon, always and, most importantly, never. Amen.

  • Wavvy: Nice to meet you. I can also introduce to my downline of 2. They have not made money either.

  • D.Pressed why dont you take them to a small claims court , i think everyone should as they have not paid up when they stated they would , i dont think it costs much to do and you can do it on line or take it to the citizens advice bereau who can look into for you , theres also the financial ombudsman

  • If the affiliate agreement is with BB you are probably out of luck with filing a claim in small claims court against the company. However, you could file a claim against the Director(s) which is Chris and whoever signed the agreement. The directors are personally liable for any “wrongdoings” of the company. Since Chris and Raj are in Canada, Canadian affiliates could do that. However, I believe Chris and Raj have an office in the UK so they might be able to do the same there.

  • It seems 2.9 is up, but panels haven’t moved since the upgrade, like it is stuck for 2 days.

  • if you are not being paid, and realise its a Ponzi scheme, call the action fraud line on 0300 123 2040, I have as I have family involved, but as I am not actually a victim of the fraud they can’t do anything!

    please everyone affected in the UK call this number, its for the best to put the heads of this scheme where they should be.

  • Not that easy Ken. You are saying to file a claim against Chris Smith. All well in theory but who is Chris Smith? There a millions of Chris Smiths out there. They have given us no information about him so how do we make sure we have the right one?

  • just had a call from the FSA as they have no records of banners broker as a company, they haven’t registered with them, this means that if the company folds the Financial Ombudsman can’t help. worth folk calling them too!

  • My situation is that I’ve lost a few £100’s. It’s disappointing but not a personal tragedy. Trying to sue them is only going to make things worse. I might get my money back,(though I doubt it) but then I’m acknowledging there I have a business to defend. Which then invokes the potentially more unpleasant attentions of the tax man as Phil Hendy describes above. It’s not worth the hassle.

    As things stand I refuse to accept there is a business/asset value which needs to be declared to anyone because it has never been measured except as numbers on a screen. The fact the FSA has no knowledge of BB as a business backs up the belief that there is nothing to tax other than the brains of those of us daft enough to have got involved!

    The people behind this are very clever. In theory if I wanted to sue anyone it would need to be my referrer, due to teh way they have structured it, but then it becomes a personal battle between victims and the culprits escape scot free.

    Ultimately, I don’t grieve the money any more. I just wanted to prove again that what BB say (via the likes of Terry) and what they do (via ‘support’) is all part and parcel of Ponzi practise.

  • The FSA regulate collective investment schemes. They would only have a record of the company if they registered as a collective investment scheme. I’d guess that is why they are so keen for affiliates not to call their investments “investments”!

    There is a FB page called Asset Land Scam which shows what happens when someone runs a collective investment scheme without registering it with the FSA. Sadly the investors seldom get much of their money back.

  • Whatever it’s registered as, it’s not an investment and it’s not a business. The entire setup is fraudulent. Until I see one sliver of evidence that there has ever been a single advert/impression/brokerage transaction carried out by BB on behalf of affiliates, then it remains just a piece of clever software. The only goings are outgoings, on ‘products’ which are completely worthless and useless.

    As such, the notional figures in panels and e-wallets are no more liable to tax than the fake cash accrued by the winner of a game of Monopoly!

    It’s clear that BB is struggling to gain a foothold in fresh territory and therefore the cashflow needed to keep existing affiliates under the spell is non-existent. This in itself is PROOF that there is nothing to BB beyond recruiting affiliates. If they had ANY money coming in from non-affiliate sources, there wouldn’t be a log jam of non-payment. In fact they claim to be dealing with major ad. brokers to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, but again, there is not a sliver of evidence to support this notion and ALL of the facts point to no such association existing.

    This morning the ambassador to the Finch forum handed Banners Broker support a final note stating that, unless we hear from them by 11 o’clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw affiliates’ funds via STP , a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently this forum is at war with Banners Broker.

    You can imagine what a bitter blow it is to me that all my long struggle to get our dosh back has failed. Yet I cannot believe that there is anything more or anything different that I could have done and that would have been more successful.

    Up to the very last it would have been quite possible to have arranged a peaceful and honourable settlement between Raj Hitler and BB affliates, but Hitler, erm… I mean Raj, would not have it. He had evidently made up his mind to attack Poland, India, Portugal et al, whatever happened, and although he now says he put forward reasonable proposals to affliates, that is not a true statement.

    The proposals were never shown to the FSA, nor to us, and though they were announced in a BB seminar on Friday night, Raj Hitler and Herman Hooker did not wait to hear comments on them but ordered their deluded troops to cross the Manchester frontier the next morning.

    His action shows convincingly that there is no chance of expecting that this man will ever give up his practice of using force to gain his will. He can only be stopped by force.

    The situation in which no word given by Banners Brokers’ ruler could be trusted, and no people or country could feel itself safe, has become intolerable. And now that we have resolved to finish it I know that you will play your part with calmness and courage.

    At such a moment as this the assurances of support which we have received from the empire are a source of profound encouragement to us.

    Now may Dale Winton bless you all. May He defend the right. For it is evil things that we shall be fighting against – brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution – and against them I am certain that right will prevail…..

  • Just to report the latest move from BB.


    In the old system, you buy traffic packs which went into general traffic. So suppose you had bought two traffic packs and 200.000 available traffic in your general traffic, you can use this traffic to qualify panels whenever you like. Suppose you qualify a yellow one, you have 195.000 left and you can still decide afterwards in which order you qualify which colors. If at some point, you want to qualify a more expensive panel, say a green one, and you still had 135000, you could qualify it.

    In the new 2.9 system, your general traffic has to be pre-allocated in ONE TIME to all the colors. So suppose you have 400.000 traffic, you have to split that into all colors banks, at once !!! You cannot say, well I have a green one ready to be qualified, let’s take 135.000 from the 400.000 and put it into the green bank. You have to allocate the remaining 265000 to your other color banks, even though you may not have panels ready to be qualified.

    If you don’t allocate all your general traffic at once, the button to finish this action simply does not appear.

    Which means some color banks will have not enough traffic and some banks will have to much traffic, so you’ll either have to wait until your next traffic pack purchase, or buy more traffic packs.

    With every new traffic pack purchase, you have to activate that traffic pack, so 100.000 go at once into your general traffic, and than split it into the desired color banks AT ONCE!

    Smart move from BB, but it’s very easy to see it through. By having to divide traffic into color banks IN ADVANCE, the only goal of BB is to make you buy even more traffic packs, and soon you’ll have 10+ and become an executive 500$/month member.

    For me that’s game over, this is no longer fun to work with the backend.


    When trying to set some panels on 50%, the interface borks


    The error is “at least 10% of all qualified panels of a specific colour must be set to 100%”

    Which means for those with a few expensive panels, at least one will have to be set to 100%. I just qualified a repurchased green one, which I can only set to 100%, as my three other green ones are set to 50%.

    When all panels are set to 50%, there’s always enough money to keep paying the traffic packs.

    Now at least one of your expensive panels will never make any money !
    If you have just a few expensive panels, the impact is much bigger, say you have two repurchased reds or blacks, 50% of your panels don’t pay.


    Suppose you have 2 black panels that needs to be qualified, and you have the traffic and allowance for them.

    In the old system when you qualify them and set these 2 black panels to 50%, after 5 to 6 months, you get two new black panels and two times the cost of a black panel = 2x 2430 = 4860 .

    In the new system, when you qualify them and set these 2 black panels to 50%, one will fail and remain at 100%. So after 5 to 6 months, you get only 1x 2430 = 2430 and three new black panels.

    The 2430 that you didn’t get because of the 10% rule, will be delayed to the next cycle, so you’ll have to wait another 5 to 6 months, and you’l use more traffic as you need to have traffic three blacks instead of two so more traffic pack sales to accomplish the same !

    Combine this with the forced pre-allocation of general traffic into the color banks and anyone with some IQ can see where this is going…

    This is a very mean tactic by BB, only to delay your payments and keep money in the system and make you pay for more traffic packs.

  • just had a thought.

    If BB is self sustaining why can’t everyonejust have yellow panels. If what BB are saying is true then this is real revenue but yet they claim you must have higher panels as they could not afford to pay out to all the yellows.Why not especially if this is real revenue then surely the funds will always be there?

  • D.Pressed

    Just going back to the tax issue mentioned. Generally earnings, even if they have been obtained illegally are taxable!

    When you signed up to BB you have done so in good faith that it is a legitimate operation. You should have registered as self employed at the time. At the very least you should report this business transactions on your tax return.

    It is up to you how to report it (I think you are still a member) in respect of my prior comments regarding Stock etc. However, I would note that if you don’t get your money back you could very well report a bad debt against the panel sales if you are not going to get the cash from them. You can also include any other associated costs to the business.

    Particularly, if anyone has been kicked out or lost money with BB it may be in your interest to report the expenses as a loss on your tax return. This self employed business loss can be utilised against any other income i.e. PAYE and you may potentially get a tax refund.

  • Well it is very obvious what BB is doing. There is no revenue from any ad space/impressions. The only way for them to generate revenue is from their existing affiliates.

    If the majority of BB’s earnings actually came from sales of ad impressions as they claim there would be no need for them to extort more money from their members by having them purchase more traffic packs. They could just continue business without the need of misleading/conning more people to join and without increasing the amount that their current members have to pay to BB.

  • @ Finch.
    I’ve just been told by a die hard BB affiliate that BB have started legal proceedings against you? Would love some info to throw back..

  • Harrison – Have they? That’s news to me!

    Probably another lie to go with the claim from David Hooker that my ‘wife’ is a BB affiliate.

  • @ BBnotPaying

    Greatpost. Just two thoughts.

    “With every new traffic pack purchase, you have to activate that traffic pack, so 100.000 go at once into your general traffic, and than split it into the desired color banks AT ONCE!”

    There is no general traffic no more, its 28 banks now. Yet there are GENERAL TRAGGIC PACKS? IE allocate at PURCHASE?! Why not at SUPSCRIPTION? You’d have seven different traffic packs.

    Another thing in version 2.9 is the new macroline / allowance. Anyone w/ some black panels that could withdraw money …AND YOU HAD TO REACH THE END OF THE MACROLINE TO WITHDRAW MONEY… had to roll-up the capping blackpanels to prestige (gold).

  • @andreasheinz:

    any unused general traffic from the old version that was bought using traffic packs has to be split into colors at once in the new system. This seems to be a one time action.

    The same happens when you now activate any traffic pack in your subscription that was bought since 2.9 is active: you also have to decide at once how the 100.000 traffic hits are split into colors.

    I don’t like this forced splitting / pre-allocation instead of moving them to the correct banks on demand.

  • Phil: I simply don’t believe your suggestion that illegal financial gains are subject to tax. If they are, then it means the Inland Revenue is complicit in, and profiting from, fraud! If you can prove this is true, then it would merely prove that the Government (via the IR) are more blatant scammers/crooks than BB. And therefore don’t deserve respect or ‘good faith’ any more the the Ponzi scammers of Belize.

    Secondly, no ‘self employed’ business person has zero control/influence on how their business is managed. As has been proven, these new rules (and all the old ones) are entirely the construct of Banners Broker. The issue of ‘good faith’ doesn’t apply here either because affilates have no business and never did. They merely buy products. They are enforced consumers of Banners Broker, who make up the rules as they go along. In any case, it was variously presented as an INVESTMENT and a business, but clearly it can’t be both. There is no clear proof that what was taken in good faith at that time, was not a business proposition but an investment scheme with a guaranateed interest rate of 100%.

    Thirdly, following on from this, there is nothing to report as earnings because earnings are measureable/accountable by and for the self employed business person. Declarations are NEVER accountable entirely on the say so of a third party’s assertions. There is, it transpires, no business relationship between BB and affilates beyond seller and buyer of products and fees. The logic of your premise that BB’s measure of ‘earnings’ is to be taken as fact is frankly, a heap of crap.

    Imagine if I were running a real self-employed business that required me to buy transport to faciliate it. Let’s call this vehicle ‘traffic’ and I buy my traffic from the local Ford dealer. I then go about my business, but instead of me deciding how much profit/loss I’ve made, what my stock value is and so on, I get a phone call from Ford telling me I’ve made X£1,000’s earnings on the basis that I’ve been driving their former van around for a year and therefore I should base my accounts/tax declaration entirely on their figures!

    It’s so ludicrous as to be beyond discussion. You may well claim there is still some sort of duty to declare something to someone, but as with customs and revenue, if I knowingly arrive at the airport with ten whiskey bottles full of coloured water, then I’m entitled to pass through the green gate. The revenue can do whatever tests they like on this liquid to attempt to contrive a tax/duty liability, but even they can’t turn water into whiskey! And I’m under no obligation to declare 10 bottles of coloured water on the theoretical premise of a third party whom I KNOW to be liars, that it might actually be whiskey!

    As for when this thing finally goes tits up; because I don’t recognise my investement as a business, then I don’t see I have a legal or moral right to reclaim it as a business loss. It’s just a bad investment to which I’m no more entitled to a refund from the tax payer than if I’d bet £500 to win on a horse and it lost.

    Whatever definitions you bandy about are semantics because there is no evidence of what, exactly BB is, how affiliates earn money and if that money ever existed. Without any of those things, I might as well claim for wear and tear on the Emporer’s new clothes as part of my overheads!

  • Of course it is taxable you buffoon. It may be classed as earnings or investments, but still tax is due whether you think its fair or logical or not. Dude you need to get off your high horse and temper the way you talk to others, you are clearly playing in a ballpark where the average bag of popcorn has a higher IQ than you.

  • Well, in the US and Canada it’s quite simple. You mad money on anything and it’s taxable as per the IRS in the USA:

    “The basic rule is this: If it counts as income, it’s taxable.

    It doesn’t matter where that income comes from. Prohibition-era gangster Al Capone contended, “The government can’t collect legal taxes from illegal money,” but he was wrong and wound up imprisoned for eight years for tax evasion. The tax laws are regularly used to nab other crooks the same way.

    Unusual tax deductions

    Maybe your year was better than a convicted drug dealer’s. Did you win a Nobel Prize or a beauty contest? You might have additional income to report.

    Don’t believe us? We’ve gone straight to the source — the IRS website — and pulled language from the agency’s rules on income. The examples below are all in the IRS’ own words:

    Bribes. If you receive a bribe, include it in your income. (Yes, the IRS actually says this.)”

  • HMRC And ‘Fairness’
    Posted on October 22, 2012

    One of our prominent associates recently recounted defending a client who had been invested in a ‘ponzi’ scheme, in theory participating in a genuine trade. He received post-dated cheques which were reinvested in the scheme, and although on paper he was making a profit from the ’business’, he never actually received any cash, far less a return of the original capital. In fact the scheme was being operated by a fraudster, the sad but predictable end result being that he lost his life savings.

    Not the kind of financial outcome which would bring about a tax liability, one might think, particularly when the taxing authority and government of the day are apparently so concerned about fairness. But HMRC decided that the client should be taxed on the ‘paper’ profit made over the first three years, with no corresponding relief for the bigger loss made in the final year. So, when the roles are reversed and the ‘on paper’ position is a profit which has not been commercially made, it is fine for tax to be levied on money never actually made.

  • D.Pressed – All I am saying is that you are better off declaring it than not. You would likely be in a loss position! At the very least you would be saying to HMRC that you invested in good faith. To not declare or hide the ‘business’ is incorrect.

    Your Ford motor analogy is slightly flawed in that is potentially feasible. That is more often known as a Franchise i.e. they dictate sales prices, fees paid etc. That said you would be nuts to invest in that type of business in which you had such little control

    No idea about your Whiskey analogy! I would have thought that Customs would be entitled to rummage through if they had sufficient evidence.

  • Well, it’s me and 300,000 others for HMRC them to catch up with! As far as I know, they’re making no effort to do so.

    You’ve missed every point I made Phil.

    Rummaging is different to finding when there is nothing to find and nothing to declare.

    Perhaps Finch could explain how his mother has dealt with the tax situation?

    Nick…Okay. That’s enough of the patience and tolerance. Catch cancer and die you cunt.

  • Seriously BBinsider. That cunt Nick has been provoking me for months. He has been repeatedly sarcastic, condescening, abusive and generally insulting to me. He has never acknowledged any of the good I have done for the anti-BB campaign and never apologised for blatant lies and gross asssumptions that were made against me. INCLUDING HIM BEING ‘100% CERTAIN’ I was planted here by Banners Broker’! Yet still he won’t let it go of the fact that I exposed his ignorance and stupidity via logic and intellect….But I’m also human and realise that he’s never going to change his attitude, so my parting shot is to adopt his…..

    There comes a point whereby cunts like him undermine all of us. The cunt isn’t even in BB and yet he cunts about here as if he’s some sort of cunting experting in advertising. But he’s just a nasty, malicious cunt.

    I’ve genuinely had enough now. this forum has become increasingly quiet. Every point has been made a million times.

    It’s a shame I have to leave here on such a sour note, but I’m not going to put up with cunts like Nick.

    Phil Hendy seems like a decent bloke, but the fact is, his commentary and everything on here and Realscam has been heavy on debate and short on action for MONTHS. Phil suggested that the major newspapers were interested in exposing BB. They aren’t. So he has to reset to the default position of professional tax advisor. There are plenty of faceless people going round in circles theorising the rights and wrongs but because nothing fundamentally changes, it just degenerates into insults. Nick is the catalyst for this latest situation, but as I say, he’s a cunt and I can’t keep defending the position of BB VICTIMS on the back of his behaviour as a non-victim.

    Meanwhile the crooks at BB continue to steal millions and all we’re left to talk about is the liability of the VICTIMS of this scam to lose more money than they all ready have, to the fucking Govenment!

    Whether the argument is won or lost is irrelevant. There tens of thousands of affiliates who exist in ignorance because they’ve never researched, questioned or discussed BB. Those of us who have, and who have formed logical conclusions based on the evidence and have tried to tell these people and any potential affiliates not to get involved, deserve credit.

    It’s no longer worth the time or the effort. Let them fend for themselves. Or let them come here and be insulted and abused by Nick and his ilk. Or, if you want BBinsider, just carry on doing what you’re doing ‘cos I’m closing my account HERE and THERE because I’m tired and bored of both sides of the fence.

    The only answer is to get out and find a fence to sit on instead!

  • D.Pressed – It’s ironic for you to talk about provocation. Shall I go through and list off the comments where you’ve made snide remarks about me, or my mother’s involvement with BB?

    I haven’t addressed you for weeks and still you keep searching for a reaction. It’s pathetic. But whatever floats your boat. I think your last few comments are pretty telling of the man that lurks behind them.

  • @d.pressed, if your still reading. Im going to be charitable and say your probably afraid that you’ve not only lost to BB but are also waiting for the HMRC to come knocking too. Thats understandable. But that post? Not nice…absolutely no need for that.

    @ finch… you said in the other blog (which I only discovered yesterday btw!) that you had contacted police? Have you also contacted HMRC? MP’s etc…?

  • I think it’s worth reiterating a couple of points that seem to have been overlooked thus far. “BBnot paying” has, in his posts above, brought to our attention the impact of some recent changes to BB’s traffic packs and that fact that they want 10% of affiliate’s panels set to 100% in future. This would seem to have the effect of delaying payouts even longer, forcing people to buy more traffic packs, and of course increasing the monthly fees as more people become classed as “executive members” with fees of $500 per month.

    People will have to have enough in their “e-wallet” to cover their fees before they can request a payout; and more and more people are going to fall into the “executive” class from now on, with commensurately higher fees.

    It seems to me to be a ploy to keep money in the system longer. Strange for a company that boasts it is so cash rich!

    In other news, it seems that Mr Hooker has announced in Manchester that on Sunday they will be making an announcement that will make the blogging world say “OMG how did we get this one wrong?”. Whatever that means. Perhaps they have launched a takeover bid for Google?

  • Oh, and I also think D Pressed comments to Nick were well out of order.

    And the repeated use of the word “c**t” in the second post was equally offensive to all readers.

  • No worries Della, it reminds me of a Cyndi Lauper song:-

    I see your true colors
    Shining through
    I see your true colors
    And that’s why I love you
    So don’t be afraid to let them show
    Your true colors
    True colors are beautiful,
    Like a rainbow

  • Its nice to see that this blog is rapidly slipping down the rankings, where it belongs, in the TRASH.

  • MikeyM – Really? Thousand of hits every day. Many of those from users searching for a certain “Banners Broker scam”. If anything belongs in the trash, it’s your taste in business investments.

    Harrison – No, I haven’t contacted HMRC. Others may wish to do so, but I think the best agencies to contact are those directly responsible for investigating this type of fraud – and, of course, the press.

    As for David Hooker’s comments in Manchester… David Hooker is a lying piece of shit. His name is going to be worthless (if it wasn’t already) when I post the full extent of his lies and deceit.

  • Go on then, don’t be a bluffer. I for one am no longer a cheer-leaderand would like to know the truth. Especially since having learned that Driscoll was fired.

  • If the anti Banners Broker critics here who are saying there is no such thing as the Blind Network would care to do a search on Google, they would find a full explanation on Wikipedia.

    So much for there research.

  • Oh and if Ian Driscoll was fired, why was he at several meetings I have been to since he decided to leave his post as the UK leader of BB.

    Actually Ian was running around the country opening up meetings everywhere, and considering he is not so young, it was taking its toll on him, as it would anyone.

    He is still an affiliate.

  • Kim, please search “the blind network” (with quotation marks) in Google and you’ll see its only Banners Broker talking about it. The reason for this is that there is no such thing as THE Blind Network, there are many Blind Networks, but no single huge Blind Network that controls all that inventory. It is a lie made up by Banners Broker.

    When it comes to Ian Driscoll it was insinuated by Terry/David that Ian had stolen several million dollars from Banners Broker and/or affiliates.

    If you want your eyes open I advise you to read all the posts by Finch as well as all the comments after. All these questions have already been answered.

    Banners Broker is a ponzi scheme and if they weren’t they would be suing Finch and me and everyone else who has said it. You are NOT allowed to call a business a fraud if it’s not and any reputable business who are looking to grow and stay around for a while would not hesitate to sue ANYONE who defames them.

  • @ Kim

    Since you mentioned Wikipedia as a source of valid information. let’s see if the description of Ponzi doesn’t describe BB to a T.

    “Initially the promoter will pay out high returns to attract more investors, and to lure current investors into putting in additional money. Other investors begin to participate, leading to a cascade effect. The “return” to the initial investors is paid out of the investments of new entrants, and not out of profits.

    Often the high returns encourage investors to leave their money in the scheme, with the result that the promoter does not have to pay out very much to investors; he simply has to send them statements showing how much they have earned. This maintains the deception that the scheme is a fund with high returns.

    Promoters also try to minimize withdrawals by offering new plans to investors, often where money is frozen for a longer period of time, in exchange for higher returns. The promoter sees new cash flows as investors are told they cannot transfer money from the first plan to the second. If a few investors do wish to withdraw their money in accordance with the terms allowed, their requests are usually promptly processed, which gives the illusion to all other investors that the fund is solvent.

    When a Ponzi scheme is not stopped by the authorities, it sooner or later falls apart for one of the following reasons:

    1. The promoter vanishes, taking all the remaining investment money (minus payouts to investors already made).

    2. Since the scheme requires a continual stream of investments to fund higher returns, once investment slows down, the scheme collapses as the promoter starts having problems paying the promised returns (the higher the returns, the greater the risk of the Ponzi scheme collapsing). Such liquidity crises often trigger panics, as more people start asking for their money, similar to a bank run.

  • UPDATE FROM THE WORLD TOUR….Today the room was full and over subscribed it has been the biggest information session BB has ever done ! David Hooker started the day with his presentation , bb has been generating 9-11 million dollars a month.He spoke again about how Chris Smith copied the Google system even so far as copying and pasting their T& Cs in the beginning !He talked again about the negative press and how all Companies are victims of this. With Walmart 100,000 customer complaints per day ! Amway who has many complaints made 1 billion dollars this month ! Bank of America has been accused of scamming their customers and Avon of ripping of known brands.Toyota has 102 complaints on every 100 cars made! So all companies have negative press it’s a fact of business .All successful people have failures before they have success Henry Ford was bankrupt 5 times ,Macy had 7 businesses that failed and Thomas Edison had 100 attempts before he made the lightbulb . Is bb perfect No their growth has outstripped their expectations !

  • @ diann

    All those companies ran legitimate businesses and earned their revenue from products. BB relies on new sign-ups and more fees from their members to earn revenue not from the sale of any product.

    If their revenue is only 11 mil/m then they can’t have more than 200,000 affiliates.

    200,000 X $15=$3 mil
    200,000 @ 75% buying traffic packs for $50=$7.5 mil
    Total: $10.5 mil/m

    Where’s the earnings from ad impressions? Oh, they are sold to affiliates who have no clue if they actually get any on their ads which they have no clue where they are.

  • My estimate on the kill-rate (suicide) is a stuning/ fantastic 3-5%
    +360k accounts, 250k real x 0.04 ~ 10,000!

    (Standard less 1%)

    10,000 may suicide this or next year.

  • Nick,

    My post said in regards to Ian Driscoll, that he has been at several Banners Brokers events since stepping down.

    Now why would any company allow someone who had allegedly stolen millions from affiliates (er how could he even do that is another question), attend meetings when directors and senior staff of BB were present??

    I have known Ian Driscoll and his wife Sue for 7 years, and Ian does not need to steal from anyone.

    It is absolutely true that a company libelled in the way you and Finch are doing, is going to react, and should react. Therefore we will see what announcement is made on Sunday, won’t we.

    Wikipedia does refer to Blind Networks, and BB referring to the Blind Network hardly means there is no such thing, when they are explaining the concept.

    As the expert you try to convey yourself as, I am sure you can give a detailed explanation of contexual and geo targetting, can’t you? Funny I have not come across that so far.

    You are very convinced you are right, and seem to hold Finch in high regard.

    Are you aware of suppressive anti-social people? They are very few (2% of all people) however they cause chaos way way beyond their numbers.

    The one thing that really disturbs and upsets them, is anything that betters or improves others lives. They are very convincing in giving the impression that they are ‘only trying to help, or protect’ others. They are not, their intention is to suppress any betterment activity.

    You may rest assured, I don’t need his or your ‘protection’. In fact I want to be protected from your ilk. Roll on Sunday.

  • Kim it was Terry/David Stern who insinuated that Ian Driscoll stole the money not me and not Finch. If it wasn’t him then who was it that Terry/David was talking about and why hide this information from affiliates?

    Of course I know what contextual and geo-targeting is but what in hell does it have to do with this conversation. Weird! Ironic that your question is so completely out of context 😉

    This “suppressive” people talk sounds very much like Scientology speak, I wonder if BB has some cross over with other kooky cults.

    Roll on Sunday (today)

  • OMG

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming
    And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls”
    And whispered in the sounds of silence

  • @ Kim

    Are you inferring that Terry/David Stern lied about Driscoll ?I wouldn’t be surprised, he was caught lying on this thread before.

  • Nick – have just googled “suppressive anti social people” and according to Wikipedia it is indeed a Scientology term. Well spotted!

    Now that is very interesting.

  • Diann

    Of course all of those companies received complaints; however, what sets them apart is how they deal with those complaints.

    The first thing with any major company is that they put a public apology to help rest assure the public. They will then act on that and rectify the issues.

    Think about the recent horsemeat scandal. Did Tesco et al keep quiet about it and say nothing in public – no, they faced the music and informed us all about what happened, why it happened and what they plan to do about it.

    Why do Banners Broker not go more into the public domain. Alledgedly they are a huge company with the resources to do so instead. Instead they teeter in the background trying to get money out of every affiliate they can possibly find.

  • Kim Andrews

    Ian was fired, he was doing evenet as this was unfolding and then he just suddenly stopped. Why if he was still an affiliate would he be trying to sell a loyalty card, surely he would just live off his profits. I for one would like to know the truth for once.

    Also what does everyone think about bank on traffic?

  • @Mark
    A post has recently gone on the BB facebook page saying an old affiliate of BB called ‘Scott'(?) is behind it? All BB Facebook pages are full of links to Bank On Traffic. AND NOBODY IS DELETING ANYTHING..either too drunk from the gala dinner and even more incompetent than usual, or a deliberate ploy to plug them maybe??

  • Is this the big announcement??? Some diver who is desperate for money is being suckered? Yeah that shuts all of us naysayers up.

  • @Miky for every 1 person commenting and feeding the BB shills, there’s probably 100 reading and waiting for the inevitable, and very public collapse of BB.

    The big revelation of Peter Waterfield is a real shame – the guy is struggling to keep a roof over his head (by his own admission following his funding being pulled), and now he’s been sucked into BB. Watch his interview with another BB shill on YouTube, Peter doesn’t have a clue what’s going on with BB – someone bought his initial pack/entry/magic panel/whatever for him, probably with the expectation that he will pump more money into it.

    Like many of the other suckers, Peter is now at risk of losing money that he doesn’t have. If I could find his email address I’d email him to warn him – this could actually be the start of the BB downfall – I can imaging Peter getting paid for a press interview telling his story of nearly being suckered in – his minor celebrity status could get the press interested…

  • @Bystander that is just what I was thinking, the press may eat this story up and there could be a very swift downfall (fingers crossed). I think a few well placed emails could give it a good kick-start so anyone with press contacts should do what you can.

  • My green teletubbie panels are so close to finish but they dont refresh panels for 2 days.
    As soon i can get my money back (I hope this will happen) im out of this crap.

  • people are saying a lot of things in all directions

    my feeling is that bb want to:

    1. fanchise the company off to private companys and become compliant within those countries

    2. place the blame on these private companies for the failure of the business

    3 begin producing offical accounting books from this point onwards but this would not include the money collected before complience or account money collected in Berlize.

    4 blame affiliates for not working hard enough which shifts the blame from them to us

  • So Kim, what was the big announcement yesterday? My breath is so bated that I keep catching fish when I open my mouth.

    The presentations today were again excellent and Raj did most of the presenting today. The theme of the whole event was About BB’a longevity. The main announcements from today were

    1. to make a withdrawal you must take in to account your monthly commitment first and the difference between that and your balance is all you can withdraw. Same applies to transfer of panels and packages to direct referrals. Account must have enough funds to cover monthly commitments

    2. You will only be able to quality a certain % of panels with traffic pack traffic before you have to qualify a certain % with traffic from the other traffic banks (organic, sales or incentive). Details yet to be worked out. Watch out or more details. Those who have purchased loads of traffic packs before the ratios of traffic pack to other sales credits are determined, there will be a way to reduce the number of packs to even the balance on the restrictions on using traffic pack traffic.

    3. the max withdrawal in a calendar year without restrictions is $500,000. Any amounts beyond that would require 50% direct sales so your maximum withdrawal in a year is $500k plus two times the value of your direct sales.

    4. once you have 10 panels of any one colour you have to have 10% of your panels set to 100% so every 10th panel you qualify should be set at 100%. Say if you have 20 qualified yellows 2 will have to be set at 100%.

    5. For new accounts, for your complementary package to complete, you must have an active campaign running. For all other accounts you’ll need to have active campaigns for your qualified panels to earn revenue. You must use your impressions. The reason is there are thousands of affiliates with loads of impressions sat there not doing anything and they are worth traffic so you need to use them either in the blind network or in the choice network to get organic traffic .

    The very strong message in all the changes is to eliminate passive earnings as this is a business not an purchase. Changes will begin in early April except the annual withdrawal limit which starts on 1 March but backdated to Jan The current delay in payouts was explained in detail but is expected to improve in coming days.

    Charges for contacting support have now been activated and will apply depending on your account type

    Other changes include:

    From 1 March, Adco services will only run for 6 months from signup to allow new members to learn the business. After that every affiliate is expected to manage their own accounts. Arrangements for this service for Existing affiliates will be terminated from 1 August without any cancellation fee

    Withdrawals for company accounts will be done through STP. Put a support ticket in with the business account details and the STP option will be activated.

    A new blue boosted panel “the Mercedes panel” Will be created as a promotion to the Niagra annual convention. This will cost $180 and will be in with a chance of winning a Mercedes at the event. Only condition will be that you must attend the convention – dates are mid to end July – details to be confirmed in the next two weeks or so

    At this annual convention, the new BB millionaires will be awarded their gold BB millionaire rings. This will be for accounts that hit the $1M total earnings mark by April this year.

    The new UK GM was introduced, she is from Stella Point in Canada. The office is due to open in the next week or so.
    Let’s rock on!

  • I know many BB affiliates that attended 2.9. Non of them are happy with the changes and many of them feel that they will not see a return of there initial money put into the company which in many cases adds up to $1000s and many peoples life saving. BB has changed the rules which will inhibit peoples ability to make passive income, which will commence in April. People came into the BB system because they trusted BBs promise to create passive income and now people will be forced the create campaigns and recruit affiliates, this was not the initial agreement. BB have lied and the least they can do for there affiliates that believed in this promise of passive income would be to return the funds initially invested.

  • …who was it who said ‘BB reminds them of the story of ‘The Emperor has No Clothes?’ Are they being hypnotised at registration or something? What complete BULLSHIT!!!!! The only light at the end of the tunnel is the now constant FB stream of VERY unhappy campers! And BB can’t even be bothered to delete it all!

  • If the latest changes don’t convince affiliates that this is a ponzi then I don’t honestly think anything will.

    So much for the previously spouted BS that the “earnings” come from The Blind Network.

  • It’s worth noting the dozens of previous comments on this blog that went something like, “obviously Banners Broker isn’t a ponzi scheme, because I can make money without referring people!”


    Now, you can’t.

    I’ve read hundreds of complaints from members who feel disillusioned that the new V2.9 places firm emphasis on recruiting. You’re not going to make money unless you lure more friends, family members and broke Olympic heroes in to your downline. That’s just the way it is. “Sustainability” is the line rolled out by BannersBroker.

    Right… but wasn’t this business supposed to be about brokering the unlimited supply of bargain basement ad space?

    While BannersBroker is busy ‘de-branding’ itself as a passive business (despite using that hook to recruit most of its members), its affiliates are flocking to other HYIP opportunities – like Bank on Traffic – to suffer the same fate all over again.

    Face palms all round.

  • So they have got to their critical mass, now they need to try for one last push before the program implodes. The writing is not only on the wall it is on a huge billboard in the middle of the town square with two topless girls standing next to it.

  • @Finch

    How many people are visiting this blog on a daily basis? 3,000+ did I hear you say? You must be aware that BB is trying to “starve your website of traffic”. Seriously, seriously, that’s their strategy. Obviously working well then eh? Better than the panels capping that’s for sure!!


  • I cant understand “roll-up credits” and “roll-up-trafic”.

    Does it mean to get 3*15000 incentive traffic if ya roll up 3 purple ones ?

  • ”At this annual convention, the new BB millionaires will be awarded their gold BB millionaire rings. This will be for accounts that hit the $1M total earnings mark by April this year.”

    This does not mean you have a million in your bank though. I can’t believe i was so blind, this is so blatantly a ponzi entering it’s final stages. Hpw can anyone actually make this type of earnings of ad impressions. Finch, can i be forgiven.

  • This has all taken a very wicked twist since the announcements at the weekend. Many of the people who signed up are unlikely to even be computer literate so how the hell can they possibly run ad campaigns?

    I think I read that managing anyone’s account for them was no longer allowed so that rules out their upline running the “business” on their behalf. There’s going to be a lot of people who will be very upset to learn they’ve been scammed, not by anonymous lowlife criminals as such but by friends or members of their own family.

    The fallout from this will be far more than just financial loss.

  • Well at first i got caught up in the hype that came from my sponsor but it is the company itself who has pushed me away. I do hope it does not turn out to be a ponzi but there are far to many incomplete and un-answerable areas. ie the campaigns do not work, the panels are crawling compared to a year ago, every new version pushes affiliates towards recruiting more. Longer payment times and increased fees for a worse service. being told ‘be patient’ and then being criticized on talking BB for asking for a little bit more than that for clarification.

    Also there are far to many members who don’t really have a clue how BB works which hardly makes it a credible business and who in there right mind would entrust the future of there company not to mention special algorithm to a group of computer illiterates who you have never met never mind trained.

    The business model which BB clings to just does not make sense, to many unknowns and what ifs.

  • Raj has suddenly become CEO of steller point, which I find very strange. This is likely to mean that Steller point is a company that Banners Broker created in 2012 to collect revenue from all of the customer service and training that they will eventually provide to its 1 million affiliates. Chris and Raj recognize that BB will soon collapse and want to re-position themselves in Steller point to generate fresh revenue from the customer service and training provided to BB. This will enable them to distance themselves from BB.

    Steller point has possibly been set up by BB as a separate company as this will protect any revenue gained, once BB eventually collapses. I believe Chris and Raj will franchise BB to private companies within host countries and will eventually blame the collapse of BB on these private companies and blame affiliates for not working hard enough, instead of focusing on the fact that BB have lied regarding promising passive income. BB is likely to transfer much of its funds to develop Steller point instead of using the company to develop BB and pay its affiliates. If BB revenue is in Berliz banks there is no chance that this will be refunded afflilates once the business collapses, but the people at the top would have made there millions.

  • @ Mark

    “I do hope it does not turn out to be a ponzi but there are far to many incomplete and un-answerable areas. ie the campaigns do not work, the panels are crawling compared to a year ago, every new version pushes affiliates towards recruiting more. Longer payment times and increased fees for a worse service. being told ‘be patient’ and then being criticized on talking BB for asking for a little bit more than that for clarification.”

    Everything you mention describes a Ponzi scheme. It is very clear that BB was not recruiting enough new members as when you get to a couple hundred thousand members you have to recruit multiples of tens of thousands per month to bring in enough revenue to be able to pay the exiting affiliates money they have “earned” . To offset that they introduce a new business model designed to increase fees from their existing affiliates.

    This is typical of Ponzi schemes and typical Raj & company and what he did in his previous scams just before they shut it down. With their bank account offshore their money is safe and a good financial base to start another scam. They are experts in this and as long as people keep following them and handing them money they will continue to con those who can least afford it.

    What I don’t understand is why are people so gullible and keep signing up for these when the forums out there keep warning them about the owners and the scams they have been running.

  • Nick says:
    February 25, 2013 at 5:54 am
    So Kim, what was the big announcement yesterday? My breath is so bated that I keep catching fish when I open my mouth.
    Well you can close your mouth for once then Nick, and read below.

    The actual story on India (as opposed to the sort of hysterical lies that were bandied about on this ‘fountain of wisdom’).

    That India has never stopped trading for BB, and that it was the franchisee’s partner in India who after a huge (domestic) row tried to take revenge on her by going to the police about BB, saying he thought is a ponzi. Hence it was all about a bit of revenge after a personal fall out.

    The police have completed their investigations, and the BB office in India has reopened (hence after a police investigation, they did not draw the same conclusions as the apologists of ‘Finch’).

    I note also that your supporters on here report twist selected pieces of news from the conference in Manchester with an angle to make them look bad, and leave out anything they cannot twist into something bad.

    For example. Traffic pack numbers will be able to be reduced as well as increased.

    I wonder what Finches real name is?

  • BBnotPaying says:
    February 21, 2013 at 2:27 am

    Suppose you have 2 black panels that needs to be qualified, and you have the traffic and allowance for them.

    In the old system when you qualify them and set these 2 black panels to 50%, after 5 to 6 months, you get two new black panels and two times the cost of a black panel = 2x 2430 = 4860 .

    In the new system, when you qualify them and set these 2 black panels to 50%, one will fail and remain at 100%. So after 5 to 6 months, you get only 1x 2430 = 2430 and three new black panels.


    Its every 10th panel (10%), not every second panel, which is what you are describing above.

    Its also every 10th panel per color.

  • Kim,

    The problem with you stating that we only publish half truths or twist the facts is incorrect. We can only go with information that we find. BB are so secretive for an online business that they don’t help themselves.

    Regarding the India situation, is there any factual evidence to back that claim up. My understanding was that it was always going to re-open but in a different region. Has the court case against the Indian IC been cleared?

  • Kim, not only is there no evidence backing that up, as well as no public announcements from BB (very strange), but if what you say is true it shows that it was not just a personal squabble between the two directors, it was one of the PARTNERS calling THE WHOLE BUSINESS a Ponzi scheme.

    Who in their right mind would call a business that they helped set up and run in their own country a Ponzi scheme if they were not seriously convinced that it was?

    Makes no sense.

    If someone has a personal grudge they direct it towards that person and not the business that they themselves would have personal liability if it turns out to be a scam. They would just shut their mouths or, in this case I can surmise, blow the whistle because they have morals and/or can mitigate some of their liability.

    I don’t think that bombshell had the intended result.

    Oops, can someone spell B A C K F I R E ?

  • Oh and Finch’s name isn’t a secret. I think its been mentioned hundreds of times already and Banners Broker know it well. If you want to know it you can ask anyone in BB or I am sure if you ask him he’ll tell you once you provide proof of yours of course.

    He has nothing to hide not like some people I can think of.

  • @Kim – There is no evidence whatsoever that the BB office in Goa has been reopened. Maybe it has, but hadn’t Banners Broker already made the decision to relocate to Bangalore in February anyway?

    The only official record of the case is with the North Goa Courts, where Ana Luisa Onofre Alves Bento’s case is still listed as pending under section 438.

    Needless to say, it would not surprise me if the case was eventually dropped. What does it matter? Most Indian BB affiliates out there aren’t getting paid. Whether the company is shut down overnight, or whether it slowly grinds itself in to the dust hoping its own members just go away, I think you need to get to grips with the reality of the situation.

    As for my real name, why don’t you do your due-diligence and search for it? I’ve never hidden it. It’s one click away on this very page. Anybody who wants to know my name can find it in about 4 seconds.

    Why don’t you ask Raj Dixit about his real name? Oh wait, Shouldn’t that be Rajeeve EswarRao?

    @Mark – I have no problem with anybody who changes their opinion as the facts become clearer. I’m glad that you’ve come out and said that your opinion has changed, instead of disappearing (like most).

    There’s no shame in being manipulated by a ponzi. It’s those who know exactly what they’re doing in trying to recruit more victims to a sinking ship that I take issue with.

  • Forget about the India office for a moment – there actually hasn’t been an official announcement on the UK office and the address of that. I thought they were supposed to have that in place before the tour event.

    In addition, I have seen lots of commentary saying the new Stellar Point adviser for the UK has been appointed but no actual name. Also I found it interesting that nobody is concerned that it is someone from Canada rather than the UK.

  • DavidHooker1
    Direct Selling, MLM, Network Marketing, Uncategorized
    by anonymous user

    Headquartered in Canada with offices in Europe, America’s and Caribbean we are now opening our office in Bangalore and seek the following personnel:
    Executive Assistant…
    Compliance Manager…
    Customer Support…

    In all instances please send your resume as well as salary range to


  • @ Nest

    As per Corporations Canada it started out as a numbered company then changed it to Banners Broker and then in 2012 did another name change to Stellar Point. Raj has been the only CEO & President /sole owner of the company from the beginning.

    Corporate Name History

    2009-09-28 to 2012-02-22: 7250037 CANADA INC.
    2012-02-22 to 2012-07-30: Bannersbroker Limited
    2012-07-30 to Present: Stellar Point INC.

    Gloria Dixit

  • You asked me what the big announcement was on Sunday, and I told you.

    It was all about the India situation, and that they never stopped trading there, and that the office has been reopened (Goa is where the office is in India I believe).

    Regarding evidence of this, I have none other than the announcement, which was made to I estimate 1500 to 2000 people. I seem to be the only one relaying this back to you, which is why I say the reporting on here is not balanced.

    So ‘Finch’ is not his real name. I did ask at the conference what his real name is, and no-one knew. Difficult to sue someone hiding behind a pseudo name.

    ‘Finch’. What evidence do you provide that affiliates in India are ‘not being paid anyway’? BB spoke of the difficulties they had had with the larger payouts due to the payment methods not being a universal platform, and that the way forward was the BB mastercard which did provide a more universal platform, and the fellow from Vector services was there to talk about that, and the planning for the future.

    No-one is complaining that the BB mastercard system does not work, because it does.

    You guys are making the accusations, not me, so it should be me asking you what solid evidence you have for all the accusations you are making.

    Saying Chris Smith used to be a white man (As Chris Smith joked, ‘I am a sort of Michael Jackson in reverse apparently’), or saying what sort of company uses five security questions (plenty by the way, as I have been asked more than that in the past) is only evidence of a lack of evidence of it.
    I am sure there are hundreds of Chris Smiths, but the one who started BB is, and always has been black.

    Phil, you were kicked out of BB, hence you are here. You were bad mouthing the company as an affiliate, so what did you expect?? Anyway that is why you are here.

    BB will continue to flourish and prosper, along with its affiliates, much to the annoyance of a few I am sure.

    The true test is time, is it not? Lets see in yet another 3 years time if Finch is still around? BB is in its third year now, so in 3 years time will have been around 6 years. I think those wanting to see BB gone, will themselves have quietly gone.

  • @Kim.

    It’s very nice to have someone here who can defend BB. Very brave of you. I really hope you will be objective and concise and not be abusive like previous pro BB affiliates. I myself came on here because a very close friend of mine is with BB and has given them thousands of pounds. I wanted to find out for myself – knowing NOTHING about them – whether I thought they were legit or not. I’m afraid I do not. You are very welcome to help me change my opinion as I truly don’t want my dear friend to lose any money and would love to be wrong.
    May I ask how much money you have GIVEN BB and how much you have actually TAKEN OUT?

  • You asked me what the big announcement was on Sunday, and I told you.
    It was all about the India situation, and that they never stopped trading there, and that the office has been reopened (Goa is where the office is in India I believe).

    Ahh yes, the big announcement that Hooker promised would force the bloggers to ‘re-evaluate their opinions’. Guess what? Nothing’s changed. It’s still the dirty little ponzi it always was.

    The only people laughing are Banners Broker that you’d be dumb enough to buy it.

    Regarding evidence of this, I have none other than the announcement, which was made to I estimate 1500 to 2000 people. I seem to be the only one relaying this back to you, which is why I say the reporting on here is not balanced.

    Nope, I was aware of the India announcement. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s hearsay until there’s an official press release. As things stand in the North Goa Courts records, Bento is still charged.

    So ‘Finch’ is not his real name. I did ask at the conference what his real name is, and no-one knew. Difficult to sue someone hiding behind a pseudo name.

    I guess that speaks for the researching capabilities of the people you spoke to. My name is common knowledge to anybody who wants to find it.

    As for the idea that it’s difficult to sue somebody who hides behind a pseudo name, give me a fucking break. BannersBroker have my name, address, email, phone number and so on.

    Have they tried to sue me? Nope, they invited me to Canada instead. I’ve been speaking to their representatives on this very blog. What does that tell you?

    ‘Finch’. What evidence do you provide that affiliates in India are ‘not being paid anyway’?

    Indian affiliates complaining all over Facebook, on forums, and in private groups.

    Some have received payments. Many are still waiting as far back as December.

    BB spoke of the difficulties they had had with the larger payouts due to the payment methods not being a universal platform, and that the way forward was the BB mastercard which did provide a more universal platform, and the fellow from Vector services was there to talk about that, and the planning for the future.


    You carry on believing that. It’s not difficult to pay affiliates in India. Real companies do it all the time. And it’s not difficult to do it on time either.

    No-one is complaining that the BB mastercard system does not work, because it does.

    Err, actually they are. Open your eyes.

    You guys are making the accusations, not me, so it should be me asking you what solid evidence you have for all the accusations you are making.

    See above.

    Saying Chris Smith used to be a white man (As Chris Smith joked, ‘I am a sort of Michael Jackson in reverse apparently’), or saying what sort of company uses five security questions (plenty by the way, as I have been asked more than that in the past) is only evidence of a lack of evidence of it. I am sure there are hundreds of Chris Smiths, but the one who started BB is, and always has been black.

    And yet he has miraculously changed in appearance and race since the program was launched. It’s not the usual story for a company’s CEO.

    Nor is it usual for the CEO of their support company to change his name on Facebook, and the director of public relations, too…

    Just saying.

    Phil, you were kicked out of BB, hence you are here. You were bad mouthing the company as an affiliate, so what did you expect?? Anyway that is why you are here.

    I badmouth companies all the time. It doesn’t give them a license to steal.

    If I say that HSBC is a crap bank, does that give them the right to steal my assets? No. Where do you come from? Nazi Germany?

    BB will continue to flourish and prosper, along with its affiliates, much to the annoyance of a few I am sure.

    Who are you trying to convince? Not even longstanding BB affiliates are buying it anymore. They know the game is up.

    The true test is time, is it not? Lets see in yet another 3 years time if Finch is still around? BB is in its third year now, so in 3 years time will have been around 6 years. I think those wanting to see BB gone, will themselves have quietly gone.

    If Finch is still around in 3 years time? I’m a person not a company. What the hell are you even talking about?

    For what it’s worth, this blog has been ‘in business’ far longer than BannersBroker, and I have been working for myself since the age of 21, my profits steadily growing every year. What point are you trying to make?

  • Phil Hendy – isn’t it Leanne Tsiakos who is the new GM of Stellar Point in the UK? Her Linkedin profile has her working there – or at “Steller Point” as she puts it.

    I may be wrong, of course. A young man appeared on RealScam a couple of weeks ago claiming she had interviewed him for one of the new posts at Salford Quays. I took him at face value, and actually felt a bit sorry for the lad. He’d been told he had got a job there, so he was initially pleased; but then developed some doubts. One thing they do not appear to have given him was an address to report to for his first day at work!

    He may have been a fake, and he has not, unfortunately, ever re-appeared on RS.

  • PS to last posting: Her Linkedin profile does not specifically say she is at the UK branch, only that she works for SP.

  • Finch is a hater like any other,blog writing unusefull stuff and lies into it you Finch are the world’s biggest troll/hater can’t stand it that people deserver money throught the internet instead of buying your own “merchandise”? go hate somewhere else kkthxbye

  • @ Flevor

    Not that Finch needs any defending from me, but his blog serves a very useful purpose and that is to warn people from being scammed.

    Nobody objects to anybody making money through the internet as long as it is legal. What BB is doing is running a Ponzi scheme and that is illegal. If you are recruiting new members to join BB now after all the warnings about them then you are stealing money from them as they have no hope in hell of getting their investment back.

  • Kim, that’s old news I’m afraid.

    As far as I am aware, BB has always said that they have not ceased to operate in India, just that the Goa office was closed. But that, they said, didn’t matter because they were always going to re-open it in Bangalore anyway.

    Has the Bangalore office opened, do you know?

    And what about the new UK HQ, do you have an addresss for that please?

    Many thanks.

  • Come on Kim, I only asked a simple question. Whats the address of the office in India that reopened?

  • I have been paid today on my BB card 155 dollers , i didnt expect it but after i sent a few messages on their help desk i think someone must of been in a giving mood because my withdrawal log changed from pending to paid , i hope this as happend for other people who have been waiting for payment as well .

  • @ Kim Andrews

    Hi Kim, maybe you can answer a question that’s always puzzled me about Banners Broker. The question is, why do BB have affiliates?

    As I see it, affiliates only cost BB money, because BB offer to pay them out much more than the affiliates put in. The original claim was to “double your money”.

    When BB started, maybe they needed affiliate money for working capital. But according to BB, the company passed the multi-million dollar turnover stage almost 2 years ago. If they didn’t have enough money by then, they could easily have attracted venture capital far more cheaply than doubling the money of multi-thousand affiliates. And with a fraction of the admin costs.

    You see, I just don’t get it. Affiliates do no “work”, they just make a few mouse-clicks. Affiliates bring in no business. In short, affiliates are useless to the company. So why is BB so keen to bring in more and more affiliates, which only cost BB money, but add nothing to the company?

    I really would be grateful if you could explain it to me. Thanks in advance.

  • “Phil, you were kicked out of BB, hence you are here. You were bad mouthing the company as an affiliate, so what did you expect?? Anyway that is why you are here.

    I badmouth companies all the time. It doesn’t give them a license to steal.
    If I say that HSBC is a crap bank, does that give them the right to steal my assets? No. Where do you come from? Nazi Germany?”

    Ok, let’s say Phil’s lawyer, he’s really pissed off, and wants his money back. Who is he going to sue?

    Stellar Point? (sorry, we’re not BB… just doing their customer service)
    Banners Broker Belize? (good luck)
    Banners Broker in the Isle of Man (is there really such a company?)

    or… what?

  • @Maynard – great question, and the exact one I was about to ask @kim andrews

    I somehow don’t think he/she will or can answer it. Affiliates don’t bring skill, their time or any input, all they bring is their money, and more victims.

    Come on @kim andrews, can you answer this question? Why do BB need affiliates?

  • ” “Phil, you were kicked out of BB, hence you are here. You were bad mouthing the company as an affiliate, so what did you expect?? Anyway that is why you are here.

    I badmouth companies all the time. It doesn’t give them a license to steal.
    If I say that HSBC is a crap bank, does that give them the right to steal my assets? No. Where do you come from? Nazi Germany?”

    Ok, let’s say Phil’s lawyer, he’s really pissed off, and wants his money back. Who is he going to sue?

    Stellar Point? (sorry, we’re not BB… just doing their customer service)
    Banners Broker Belize? (good luck)
    Banners Broker in the Isle of Man (is there really such a company?)

    or… what?”

    Daniel, you have hit the nail on the head. I took legal advice (basic) as to who to sue to get my money back. The key was no-one knows where to write the legal letters to. There is no official address for Banners Broker Inc – the ownership is unclear (at the time stellarpoint did not exist).

    I make no secret that I am bitter and angry at being kicked out. The fact is I was kicked out for questioning the business, not because I was bad mouthing it. I always had questions whilst I was in it, hence why I got kicked out of BB. My questions (i.e. wanting to know more about where I’d put my hard earned) were deemed negative and would put other potential affiliates off! However, at that time I was ready to leave I just wanted my cash back. If they had done that I probably would have been quiet about it!

    This just is not a genuine business, everything points to a Ponzi. Since Finch’s blog update nothing has happened that can persuade people otherwise. I really cannot understand why anyone would put money into this now. It is crazy.

  • Incidentally, I was on Twitter the other day complaining about an issue I had with Natwest bank. Do you know they did – took all my money and told to get lost *

    *not really, they got back to me, phoned me up and although didn’t necessarily resolve the issue took the time to care!

  • Acording to BB customer services, their automated payment system is currently down and are processing requests manually.

    A Multimillion pound company unable to implement a payment system in 2 months? This is not a big job, at most 2 weeks.

  • Okay, finally some concrete developments on the India situation. And as usual, Banners Broker has been caught red-handed spouting bullshit.

    Read these court orders:

    RE: The office being reopened

    RE: Bento being allowed to travel

    Some key points:

    The office will be reopened pending Bento’s return to Goa in March, but the assets remain in the investigating officer’s custody.

    This is key:

    “The respondent no.1 through the investigating officer has objected to the application by reply at Exh.D-2 on the ground that the investigation of this case is at preliminary stage. The accused/applicant is Portuguese national and is required for investigation. If her passport is released, then she might leave India and might not be available for investigation and during the trial.”

    Does this sound like the investigation has been concluded? I’m afraid not. Another bullshit lie from David Hooker. I’d expect nothing less from him.

    This is also noteworthy:

    “As regards the attachment and release of the office premises of the applicant is concerned, the say of the investigating officer has revealed that the relevant articles such as books, files, documents and hard disks of the computer which are connected to the offence are attached by him and kept in his custody. Since the relevant articles are attached by the investigating officer, the office premises can be released from attachment on certain conditions.”

    What this essentially says is that the office can be reopened, but only because all of the important documents, hard drives and files are tucked safely in the custody of the investigating officer.

    Has the investigation been dropped and BannersBroker cleared of any wrongdoing? Clearly not.

    They are boasting about the fact that they’ve been allowed back in their building.

    Where is Kim? I’d love to hear her thoughts.

  • Also note this:

    “The investigating officer has expressed a reasonable apprehension that the applicant who is foreign national might not be available for investigation or trial if the accounts are defreezed. The possibility of the amount being not available for settlement of the claims of the innocent investors also cannot be ruled out. The offence is on economic offence involving a huge sum of money. Therefore, in my view, request for defreezing of the accounts cannot be granted at this stage.”

    Anybody want to ask BannersBroker how business can be ‘operating as usual’ in India while their accounts are frozen?

  • @ ken Roklin

    Well,BannersBroker is running just fine illegal or not /careface
    this world is corrupted in many ways anyway so meh….
    Also i’ve seen alot of people hating on BB because themselves run a site to sell either merchandise/money making site’s….

    There are also some people who just want to troll those kinda sites just for fun/i say leave it alone,if something happens let it happen ain’t gonna change anything.

  • I’ve seen a lot of people loving on BannersBroker because they gain financially by luring more people in to their downlines. What’s your point?

    Your position that it doesn’t matter whether BB is illegal smacks of somebody who only cares about lining his own pockets. But what happens when you are the one who loses money?

    I suspect your views on the world will change, and fraud will no longer be a case of “meh“.

  • Explains why they didn’t put the “announcement” in writing or have some major press release. So much for silencing the bloggers.

  • @ Flevor

    Sorry, but I won’t leave it alone. I have a friend who has lost money in one of Raj’s previous schemes so I will continue to warn people about the likes of Raj who make millions conning people into his scams and turning those who sign up into unwittingly scammers. Anybody that is an affiliate of BB and then recruits new members is actually scamming his friends and relative just so that he can get paid.

  • @Flevor. Is BB your first venture in the world of HYIP/Ponzi scams?

    Most of the people you refer to as “haters” have been around the scam arena for a long time and most, if not all, have been burned in the past and have learned that the time to do due dilligence is before you part with your cash.

    What you are seeing is the results of that due dilligence. They are answering the questions you should have asked yourself before you made a spend.

    Defending a Ponzi scheme will not alter anything, when it implodes a lot of people will lose their money, FACT. I hope you aren’t in it too deep and that you can afford to lose the money you have put into it.

  • Hello all,

    I did not understand why there is two part of comments for one company as Banners Broker.

    Mr. Finch thanks for your web and please check the mail from us.

    Is there any active users of BB? We wnat to know the TRUE, please come to our page and say your TRUE about Banners Broker.

    Thank you all of us for searching the TRUE.

  • Kim will not be back , as soon as any bb supporter rears their ugly head on here they get annihilated by the facts and figures and after a few feeble attempts to justify bb`s legitimacy they run off and bury their heads in a bucket of shit , terry stern and his aliases for example

  • Flevor, your position is indefensible in my view.

    Are you saying that even if BB is an illegal organisation, that’s OK? You would be quite happy as long as you get paid? Even if others have to lose out?

    Personally, I think that’s disgusting.

    This is a copy off the forum from someone who went to the manchester meeting,
    I arrived at the Manchester/Bolton convention on the Saturday at just after 10am, only to find that the venue had been locked as the numbers inside were at a maximum.

    After about 30 mins there were maybe 250 people outside getting very agitated, quite rightly, that they were not going to hear what was being said. Some had travelled great distances and spent a lot of money for this.

    The reasons were given to us and although they were genuine, unforeseen, problems, this was not helping the general mood among what was starting to become and ‘angry mob’.

    Eventually (after about 2 hours) we were installed in the Bolton arena, just over the road, and a duplicate presentation by David Hooker was put on for us.

    To be perfectly honest, I had heard David Hooker speak before last year and he didn’t really say anything different this time. I don’t know if he had any additional pearls of wisdom in the main venue but I didn’t really gain anything from it.


    When we we relocated across to the arena there were too many of us to fit into the rather small function rooms they have, so while half of us were listening to David Hooker, the other half were listening to Terry Stern, Head of PR for Stellar Point.

    After about an hour or so, we all switched rooms, so we then had the opportunity to hear what Terry Stern had to say.

    THIS was a real eye-opener and after hearing about the sort of things that were being talked about in the main convention arena, it seems we had a great opportunity to grill Terry on some matters that were not afforded the main body of attendees.

    For example, he gave us an insight into what his role at Stellar Point actually involves.

    He stated that it is part of his duties to ensure the payment situation is resolved so that affiliates are getting paid on time. He actually had it included in his contract that if affiliates didn’t get paid then HE doesn’t get paid either. It meant that when he stood in front of us and said something like ”trust me, I know what it feels like when you are not getting paid and what a pain in the butt it is” it was not just ‘lip service’. He is in it with us.

    He gave us a little insight into the fact that he had to change his home phone number, was having his home watched, receiving pestering phone calls all hours of the day and night, having his children photographed and a number of other things, all as a result of trying to fix things on the s**m forums. He mentioned he is moving house this week but I am not sure whether this is also a forced move related to the problem.

    Somebody asked him about the slowing of panel movement. He explained that a combination of a few factors had led to this.
    Christmas time slow down in internet usage, new partners coming on board which mean that new systems have to be put in place to link the information, a loss of one partner, which was touched on in the main convention hall on the Sunday and a huge sudden increase in affiliate numbers.

    Basically, any one of these things would normally have little effect on panel speeds, if any, but throw them all in to the pot at the same time and effects are felt.

    His assurance was that he does expect panel speeds to improve in the coming weeks, although he was not able to give any guarantees as to what they may be. Which is fair enough.

    The so called ‘10% rule’ was a hot topic.

    We have since found out, after the Sunday event, that the rule will be that you will not have to have any panels set at 100% until you have at least 10 of that colour. However when we were talking about this on Saturday there was still an uncertainty and many in the room were explaining to Terry that they may have a single Red or Green that currently is set at 100% and it will not allow you to change it.

    Terry’s reaction was that this was wrong and his actual statement was ”The rule will be that you have to have at least 10 of a colour before needing to have any set at 100%. Either the rule is as I have just said or I will resign!!”

    He also explained that it falls under his job description to improve the communication between BB management and it’s affiliates. He also wants to improve the usability of the software.

    His idea is that affiliates, when they first log in, should be able to view everything they really want to know, all on one single page.

    E-wallet balance, traffic allowances, traffic hits, panels unqualified, traffic pack purchases, sales credits etc all on one page without having to go from page to page to get information.

    This was greeted with much approval.

    I had no idea who Terry Stern was before that day, apart from knowing about his work trying to counter the negative blogs. But after Saturday I have some serious respect for the man.

    He did not shirk a single question. He spoke clearly, concisely, and, most importantly, HONESTLY.

    He stated that he would recommend anyone wanting to contact him to join this forum. He said he would not give anyone his personal e-mail address at work as he gets anything up to 1500 emails a day and if we tried to contact him he could not guarantee when or if he would ever get around to it.

    There was, however, one person there who had a very specific problem and Terry did give him his direct address and gave him his assurance that he would deal with his situation personally.

    If you are reading this, Terry, I want to congratulate you on the way you handled the room and the situation surrounding us being there in the first place.

    I think you have at least 100-150 people from that day who will fully appreciate the job you are doing and, over time, many thousands more.

  • So he’s Terry again? He was David last week.

    Children photographed? Why was he in Bolton? He should have been at home liaising with the police.

  • Does anybody think that anyone from BB is going to tell their affiliates the truth? They don’t when they are enrolled and if they actually told affiliates the truth about their business they would have to acknowledge that it is a Ponzi scheme. That wouldn’t go over very well at a convention now would it.

    Every speaker from BB is going to tell you that everything will be OK when they get all the bugs worked out. Isn’t it ironic that they had the same problem in their previous company and the way they worked those out is by introducing new more expensive programs and increasing the amount affiliates need to pay and finally shutting down the company. There comes a time when there are too many affiliates that want to get paid and not enough new members coming in to pay them. Hence the introduction of new programs.

    Terry may tell you that he won’t get paid but that is just another line so that the affiliates will continue to stay with the company and donate more money into the system.

  • bongo says:
    February 28, 2013 at 1:23 pm
    Kim will not be back , as soon as any bb supporter rears their ugly head on here they get annihilated by the facts and figures and after a few feeble attempts to justify bb`s legitimacy they run off and bury their heads in a bucket of shit , terry stern and his aliases for example.

    Wrong ‘Bongo’, here I am, still waiting to be annihilated by any facts at all.

    So far ‘Bongo’ as I stated in my previous post, its all desperate, and hysterical bluff on here.

    ‘Chris Smith used to be a white man’ LOL, and ‘what company asks 5 security questions’ (a good one is my answer).

    Facts ‘Bongo’, give me some facts (if you have any).

  • HARRISON says:
    February 27, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    It’s very nice to have someone here who can defend BB. Very brave of you. I really hope you will be objective and concise and not be abusive like previous pro BB affiliates. I myself came on here because a very close friend of mine is with BB and has given them thousands of pounds. I wanted to find out for myself – knowing NOTHING about them – whether I thought they were legit or not. I’m afraid I do not. You are very welcome to help me change my opinion as I truly don’t want my dear friend to lose any money and would love to be wrong.
    May I ask how much money you have GIVEN BB and how much you have actually TAKEN OUT?

    Thank you Harrison. As the old fellow Joseph Sweeney said in my favorite film 12 angry men (1957), when sticking up for the lone dissenter (Henry Fonda) ‘Its not easy to stand up to the ridicule of others’, ‘ I respect his motives, … I want to hear more’.

    Well Harrison I took out a red package, and have purchased a few more panels from the extra bits I get from introducing a few others, plus a couple of traffic packs. I only started in late October, so after 4 months I have $25,000 in total.
    I have notarized id and have ordered my card, which support tell me is on the way.
    When I get that, will load up my card and take out a few thousand, before leaving it to grow again, and then take some more around autumn.

    I fully understand your concerns for your friend, however the few people I showed it to in October and November have their cards already, and one has taken out a couple of thousand $’s already.

    I am no big player in BB, but I know Ian Driscoll who was the first affiliate in the UK, and who has done very well through it.

    Thats my BB story to date.

  • From Finch February 23rd.

    Quote ‘Where is Kim? I’d love to hear her thoughts. Unquote.

    Just as with your hysterical thread ‘Finch’, you even make assumptions about me to!

    I am a bloke, and one that has been around a lot lot longer than you. So get your filthy paws, off my silky draws.

    This piece of hilarity should tell those reading this, that ‘Finch’ does a lot of assuming.

  • @ Kim

    “I am no big player in BB, but I know Ian Driscoll who was the first affiliate in the UK, and who has done very well through it.”

    “here I am, still waiting to be annihilated by any facts at all.”

    Of course Driscoll has done well. Everybody who gets in early in a Ponzi scheme does well. The sad part of that is they have done well by taking money from other affiliates and not from any sale of a product. BB’s only sales are panels (which isn’t a product, just some pretty graphs) and traffic packs to affiliates.

    This forum is full of facts showing that BB is a Ponzi scheme but some people are so blinded by the BS spewed by BB executives that they believe everything these scammers tell them and can’t or don’t want to see the truth when it’s staring them in the face.

    What I don’t understand is how you can sleep at night after you have conned others into a scam and stolen their money by signing them up with BB.

  • To tell the truth with zero tolerance:

    GOA pending (BBIndia ltd, Bangalore will be StellarPointIndia)
    WorldTour at BOLTON not paying (what shit location was that?)
    VERSION 2.9 a “bug in progress”
    or if version 1 was a “joke” (Chris Smith) a “running gag”

  • @kim andrews

    Hi Kim, I respect the fact that you’re coming on here to discuss this. However you’ve still not attempted to answer the key question put to you by @Maynard, namely what is the purpose of the affiliates. The question put to you by @Maynard was:

    Hi Kim, maybe you can answer a question that’s always puzzled me about Banners Broker. The question is, why do BB have affiliates?

    As I see it, affiliates only cost BB money, because BB offer to pay them out much more than the affiliates put in. The original claim was to “double your money”.

    When BB started, maybe they needed affiliate money for working capital. But according to BB, the company passed the multi-million dollar turnover stage almost 2 years ago. If they didn’t have enough money by then, they could easily have attracted venture capital far more cheaply than doubling the money of multi-thousand affiliates. And with a fraction of the admin costs.

    You see, I just don’t get it. Affiliates do no “work”, they just make a few mouse-clicks. Affiliates bring in no business. In short, affiliates are useless to the company. So why is BB so keen to bring in more and more affiliates, which only cost BB money, but add nothing to the company?

    I really would be grateful if you could explain it to me. Thanks in advance.

  • Kim Andrews all you have done is come back choppsing , you haven’t really added any weight to this forum to convince us that bb is a legitimate business , you haven’t answer Maynards question because you can’t , affiliates don’t bring anything to the table other than their own money , why are bb so dedicated to having these big events , it’s to reel in more suckers , they should be more dedicated to finding advertisers , another question is why is this miracle business bb where you can make amazing money by justing pressing a button not being sold by the press ? And as for putting a couple of grand on your bb card when you get it all i can say is all the best with that one as I think your going to be dissapointed

  • Finch, why do I think that “Kim Andrews” ia another “C Grant”?

    Apologies if I am wrong, but there’s just something about him……..the him, that like you, I originally thought was a her…….

  • Kim, it doesn’t look like you have actually read the main article. There is loads of facts and evidence that support the likelihood of this being a Ponzi Scam; however, it is all stuff that could be rectified with reasonable answers.

    I agree that ‘black’ Chris Smith is not as important but in all honest most of the anti BB brigade fully realise it is a stock photo and not actually Chris Smith. The problem is they still keep using it or presentation and information sessions!

    Why not provide some answers to information that Finch is putting out there. BB seem to be the most secretive multi billion $ business ever!

  • Hi all,

    If anyone has joined this company within the last 120 days and paid by Visa Debit card, you can get your money back by filing a chargeback with your bank on the basis that their contract contains unfair terms and conditions. Namely the one that threatens to take all your money if you are seen to speak negatively about them.

    I am doing this at the moment, good luck to all of you, if it helps even one person get their money back from this ‘company’ I will be really happy.

  • Panels have stopped moving since 27/2. At the same time, they have removed the due date so we can no longer see it, now there’s only “TBD” and no due date.

  • @asdfghjk. Good luck with that. Reversal of debit card payments work differently to credit card reversals due to the difference in where the payment originates. ie. credit card payments are a promise to pay whereas debit card payments are taken directly from a funded bank account.

    It could be argued that you agreed to the T & C before making payment so a refund would be declined by the bank.

    I sincerely hope you get your money back but I don’t think it is a guaranteed done deal.

    Please let us know how you get on with it.

  • I could be wrong I could be right
    I could be black I could be white
    I could be right I could be wrong
    I could be black I could be white
    They put a hot wire to my head
    ’cause of the thing I did and said
    And made these feelings go away
    Model citizen in every way

    May the road rise with you

    AM #9441
    Della Cate @ (special thanks to Della Cate)
    spring 1st 2013 (thanks to Jez)

    ” Evening all. Here’s the very latest thanks to BB Iceland:-

    Friday Q&A Webinar Notes 1 March 2013:

    Chris Smith speaking: 🙂

    Sorry for the late start. Had some issues here on my end. Hope it sounds okay. (we can’t hear him too good from my end)

    Today is March 1st and we just wrapped up the UK event and it was a success. A few people will say a few words here.

    Martin Wild and David Hooker will speak for a moment.

    David Hooker: … blabla

    Martin Wilde update:

    I’d like to congratulate POland if they beat what we did in the UK. I was blown away. Not everything went as planned but it was exceptional. All feedback has been positive. I’d like to thank everyone who came to support the event…

    Chris speaking – audio better!!!

    We are looking for your feedback from those who went to the tour. Go to and at the bottom, you can tell us about your experience. This goes over to our FollowBB site also. You can upload pictures to the FollowBB site.. this will be a spot where you can see past events and future events. – Follow BB
    World Tour website will be focused ont the upcoming and current world tours.”

    In other words: CHRIS ISN’T “PISSED” – thats a warning sign?

  • BOLTON was a disaster. Failure. Bugware. Nogo. No. ASK ANY EVENT MANAGER.
    Niagara Falls is DisneyLand. OK, its not for me. Well, maybe the Mercedes.
    Polland in April is hot, tho ; (

  • Finch, your blog is excellent and thank you for all the effort you put in to exposing this absolute dribble. I post this from Sydney, Australia.

    My dad has been conned into this tripe. He has spent $3k so far. I think he has withdrawn $250 off his mastercard, but it is still ‘pending’ –

    He is 65 and should be retired, but has been conned into this bullshit scheme – he needs this money for retirement, not to throw it away into some online scheme that does not exist. Dad has been out of work for 6 months so is obviously looking for things to do whilst unemployed to pass the time, after being promised an ‘income stream’

    I met his IT guy, the bloke that referred him to this rubbish last night at a pub over dinner. The crap that came out of his mouth about the blind network, the ‘broker’ element – it was absolute junk and i felt ill. There was no clear explanation of anything whatsoever. It was extremely obvious this setup was all bulldust.

    I am an accountant by trade, I saw right through this. This wanker then produced a spreadsheet (being in excel, he joked that I an accountant would understand it) – showing me the best way to earn money from this ponzi scheme, by producing an ideal combination of panels. He logged into his account, he had about 10 people in his downline. He told me he earned $20k a month from bb. His gross us earnings were $300k – he said he could sell the business on flipper (?) for $300k now if he wanted to. I mean – no one is going to buy this for $300k – I am an accountant for god sake, I know a little bit about valuing businesses.

    I am nothing short of disgusted to be honest. How can people get away with this sort of rubbish? My dad admittedly has never been good with money and so is an easy target for this sort of junk.

    Please keep going finch, I appreciate this whole blog and my gut feel was everything you have posted.

    This crap will fall over and when it does I sincerely hope the wankers that conned everybody will go to jail for a very long time.

    This is close to home for me, my dad will lose $3k at a time in his life when he should be using it for other things and enjoying his life after 3 divorces.

    Nothing short of disgraceful this scheme and I thank you for your efforts finch.

  • Can someone explain to me what a panel really is? According to “Banner Systems”

    “A panel is an ad spot or ad spots on someone else’s website(s) which you have under your control.How did you gain control of it in the first place?
    You acquired control of these ad spots by buying a package from banners broker. This purchase included a certain number of panels as part of the deal.”

    OK, so if it is under control of the affiliate he must then know where that ad is and what size it is, how long does that ad run, 1 day, a week, a month? and how many impressions that ad gets on a daily basis.
    They then go on and say:

    “What does it mean when you say that you have control of a panel?
    Since banners broker controls those ad spots on other people’s websites, your purchase of a package means that you have now rented those ad spots (panels) from banners broker and have taken control of the income gained from people advertising in those ad spots.
    All of this goes on behind the scenes and you wont know which websites are hosting your panels or what ads are being displayed on them.”

    Well if the affiliate has control of the panel why does he not know which websites are hosting those panels/ad space or the ads displayed? What is the affiliate in control of? According to BB, nothing. In fact the affiliate has no clue if the ad space he rented even exists. All BB shows him is his account with a coloured square called “panel”.

    He explains that by:
    “Banners broker takes care of all that. All you will see is the amount of money you are making from a particular panel.”

    OK, so BB knows where the hundreds of thousands of ad spaces rented by the affiliate are and what ads are running on them. With say 200,000 affiliates and most having more than 1 panel (you can’t make any money with just one panel) that must mean BB affiliates have at least 500,000 ad spaces out there that they paid for and rented out to 500,000+ companies. Can anyone list, say, 100 companies that are advertisers on BB affiliates ad space?

    Since BB knows exactly how much money was made on an ad space/panel they must know who paid for that ad. If so, why does the affiliate not know who rented his space?

    Very confusing, the affiliate is in control but isn’t because everything is done behind the scenes and everything is done by BB (who have no staff to speak of) and BB is in control but who can’t tell anybody who the advertisers are and what websites the ads are running, which means they aren’t in control either.

    So who is in control?

  • Andrea,

    That was my first post, the other blokes name is ‘bren’

    I’m sure finch can verify that with my IP address and my email you turkey.

    Ken, the panels are all a front for the money being washed around. People sign up and the money sits in the pool of funds, this is why you can only withdrawal a portion of what you have invested because they rely on new sign ups to continue to fund the payroll. The USD earnings is just a crock of crap as has been said many times above.

    The different colours are a clever strategy to make it look ‘legit’ – this makes it more visual for us all and easier for us to get sucked in.

    Bleedingly obvious that this is a scam of the highest order and quite frankly disgusting.

  • yuckfou. 1,000,000,000 traffic to your incentive banks.

    “m sure finch can verify that with my IP address”

    No, he cant. Any PayForClick-scam can do SOME with IP-adress.

    BTW bannersbroker cant. FE

  • Chris Smith, on the Friday webinar update:

    “Trying to combat fraud. Alot of stolen credit cards create problems. I have been a victim of this in the past. People are stealing info from cards and this can create a problem with fraud. So, go here and fill out this form.. all members with BB card. Your signature needs to be on file, in case of future fraud activity. This will help with the bank to prove it was an authorization transactions. This is to protect you. This has been mandated by Allied Wallet.”

    This is incredible. How can anybody justify it?

    As if a whole list of security questions and private document scans were not enough, they now want your signature on record.

    BTW, I’ve been digging around Smith’s background and one of the links that keeps popping up is a securities run-in with Imagin Diagnostic Centres Inc

    I’ve yet to find solid evidence that this Chris Smith of Ontario is the same Chris Smith of Ontario involved with BannersBroker (though my instinct says it probably is). But maybe one of you can match them directly. It would go a long way to explaining why his history is kept under wraps…

  • @ bernie

    yuckfou. Great story. Talktalktalk. No prove. Ponzi style. 1,000,000,000,000,000 traffic anyway, congrats, happyweekend.

  • Bernie – Cheers for stopping by.

    I know how you feel about the exploitation side of it.

    I’ve seen a lot of these ponzi schemes, and most of them die in the wilderness. Occasionally something like BannersBroker comes along and attracts enough attention for it to enter the public at large. When you have people recruiting their family and friends – blindly at times – that’s when attention needs to be drawn to it.

    It’s unfortunate that so many people are already having trouble getting their money out. But that’s the nature of the beast. Chris, Raj, Hooker and co get fed first. Followed by the largest affiliates, those willing to sell their dignity down the river. Everybody else is left with the scraps.

  • @ finch

    10 times §1000 ATM and the card will be stop – whatever taht means.Had to do some shopingin intervalls.

    REPEAT: Mr Vector-card claims that you havetodo some shoping in intervalls.
    REPEAT: 10 times $1000 without shopping is bb-card stop
    (“vector”-Mastercard at bannersbroker-bolton-event)

    MASTERcard ?!
    not really

  • @bernie 999,000,000,000 had to be removed for non-complence.
    Hurra Bernie ! You just got 1,000 traffic in your incentive traffic bank!

  • Excellent write up Finch.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Pretty obvious my old man will not see any more of his money.

    Keep up the fight and thanks..


  • @ BBinsider 1,000,000 traffic on you ! No

    I’ll start a bannersbroker-magazine (extended blog) in april 2013 (expected $8,000/month) – and for the David Hookers out there; it will be pure”negative”

  • “I have to say, I find it hard to understand you.”

    see: version 2.9
    “Its not a feature, its a bug ” (TM)

  • As per Chris Smith:

    “Your signature needs to be on file, in case of future fraud activity. This will help with the bank to prove it was an authorization transactions. This is to protect you. This has been mandated by Allied Wallet.”

    In reading the Allied Wallet Terms and Conditions I can’t find anywhere where they state that a signature is required. They are merely a Payment Service Provider just like PayPal and they don’t require a signature either. If it’s mandated by Allied it’s not in their Terms & Conditions. I think your signature floating around out there is more of a concern for fraud than not having it out there.

  • This is extremely concerning.

    Whose to say they won’t take your signature and use it on documents that they later want to fraudulently produce? They already have your credit card details if you used that to sign up.

    Be aware everyone and get away from this ponzi scheme.

  • @andreasheinz…
    Your posts are getting weirder? Can you please tell me in plain english whether you are FOR BB or AGAINST BB? Still can’t fathom it….

  • plain english? Me? Laufgable!
    David Hooker delenda est – Bannersbroker is here to stay for YEARS

    pain plain: I’m not Chris Smith or Bannersbroker International or StelarPoint Canada or an affiliate of Chris Smith or Bannersbroker International or StelarPoint Canada.Or BB here and SP there.In fact the question of whether “FOR BB or AGAINST BB” is as meaningless or meaningfull like the “my total earnings”.

  • “February you will see a smooth process of 15 calendar days for Premium and Standard 20 calendar days. Executive Membership: $500/mo Withdrawals – 10 calendar days.”

    Now that’s a weird “banking” system. Can you imagine if you went to your bank to withdraw your money and your bank said you had to wait 20 days to do so, but if you deposit more than you can take some out sooner.

    Why is it that the more money you give to BB the sooner you can withdraw your earnings? Why should there be a difference? When you can withdraw your own money should have nothing to with how much a month you pay to BB, unless the incentive is for you to pay more into BB every month.

  • According to the experts Finch is getting rich of this website, a whopping $14.00 per day. is 3 Years, 10 Months, 28 Days old. FINCHSELLS.COM has #77 814 rank on the internet. This rank shows site’s popularity. Lower rank means more visitors that site gets. This website is estimated to get 2 420 unique visitors per day. These unique visitors make 3 872 pageviews. We estimate that this website earns at least $14 USD per day with advertising revenues so it can be valued at least $10 358 USD. this website earns at least $2 071 USD per day with advertising revenues with 536 484 views per day.

    Now with 200,000 affiliates just making $65/m (that is just to cover the fees they are paying to BB for Admin and 1 traffic pack) they would need to have their ads running on a minimum of 220 websites on sites like IBM.

    Websites such as Finch’s here with a lot of traffic generates only $420/month in ad revenue. OK, so BB’s ads on the “blind” network won’t have ads on IBM sites but let’s say they are on sites that carry a fair amount of traffic like Finch here.
    BB would have to advertise on over 30,000 websites like Finch’s just to earn enough to pay 200,000 affiliates $65/m. Now when you throw in all the ones here who are boasting of taking out multiples of thousands why is it that no one knows any website where their ads are and earning revenue? Where in the internet world does BB earn in excess of $20 mil a month or more on ad/impressions revenue as reports suggest?

    Does BB have an answer or does nobody ask BB executives these questions?

  • yes indeed Ken why should there be any difference its like a bank telling peeps all those who have more then 10.000 ( executive ) £ on their account can withdraw money straight away those under ( regular,premium ) you have to wait 20 day’s 😛 …. regarding to BBI they alway’s talk about smooth proces and 15 or 20 calender day’s to process a withdrawal in fact they almost never manage it ( or want it ) exept for the lucky few’s if we may believe them …. the truth is with V2.9 they try everything to keep the money into the system and all those sheeps actualy believe them 😀 there are so many people NOT getting payed but they all keep quiet scared to have their account locked … or the bad comments on the official forums and FB pages get deleted like in a real dictator ship …. alone for that i wished i never had signed up with BB i dont care about losing some $$ but i just can’t stand the fact they tell me to shut up or only talk positive to attrackt more sheeps into it … NO DEAL BB …..

    now they are looking for strategies how to lure fresh people in without them finding blogs like Finch and RS … here is a proposition from one 😀 out of talking BB

    Sr. Member

    Thank You
    -Given: 65
    -Receive: 123

    Posts: 373
    I am from Sydney, be gentle

    New referrals, welcome to BB! – do not mention “Banners Broker” Strategy

    « on: February 26, 2013, 11:50:56 AM »


    If you talk about Banners Broker and let people do their own “research” i.e. they just Goggle “Banners Broker s**m”, “Banners Brooker p****i”, Mother Teresa Scam etc. (sounds like rubbish “research” to me!) then you will have a problem with them ending up on some “nitwit” black propaganda/internet marketing site promoting someone else’s affiliate products or services. I don’t tell people about the businesses name (I just call it BB!), I let them know that if I have the time later in the day, I will send them an email so they can learn more about this exciting new business that I am part of.

    Example email:

    Hi (friends name),

    You can use the following link to join BB (free account) under my affiliate link : http://

    When you have created your account, added your security questions etc. I would recommend going to the Dashboard section from the top menu and on the left hand side, select Recorded Webinars” and watch the David Hooker presentation dated the 21st of Jan called “Banners Broker new Presentation – David Hooker ”.

    If you find this interesting and want to know more, write down any questions and then you can give me a call so I can fill in any gaps and get you started. If you are not excited about the opportunity that BB presents, then I suggest you should just delete this message as at the least you have learnt something new about the on-line advertising business and how everyone big or small can be part of a exciting/dynamic businesses that is only going to get bigger…


    This bypasses the “research” resulting in fueling any negative sites (do you think they might search for BB s***m, or BB p****i and get a negative result?)

    Allow your referrals the opportunity to view the positive/factual information about BB before they get to laugh at the negitive/fictional marketing of some very small minded people…

    kind regards


  • I must admit.. I have backed BB and invested .. not signed anybody up and not yet at the stage where i can withdraw onto my BB card.
    I am not happy that you have to provide a signature for the BB card..
    They have all your ID notorised and now to cap it off they want a copy of your signature..the missing link for any fraud from the IDs would be the signature.
    I am sorry but this stinks.. Not a chance will they recieve mine and my initial stake of 5000 dollars will be lost.. I was sucked in at first and I do know people who are making a lot of money .. with big downlines..
    This investment I have wrote off and put it down to experience..
    They have totally changed all the panels , you now have to have 10 % of them set at 100 % to stop you cashing in that extra few dollars, the panels have slowed down to cap and the whole business is a smoke screen for a PONZI.

  • @ brenie. LOL. Yes confused Bernie and brenie. Sorry Berni.

    @ HARRISON. Its simply both. Personally, as a private person I’m against bb. For my anti-bb hobby I’got excellent sites likeFinchsells and Realscam. No need for another anti-bb site. For the lack of any good pro-bb site I’m thinking about publishing a newsletter. Its just about a real product. Real news. Nothing personal. Dont even have to sign up with this bull-crap anti-information/anti-internet bannersbroker “business”.

  • It’s amazing what you say Finch and what comments you allow or not allow to be posted on your blog. Clearly you are using BB as a ploy to pull in readers so YOU can sell more LOL. So you’re using the “bash BB” as a marketing tool and profiting from it.

    You probably even have a BB account and are making money with it.

  • David – Are you suggesting I censor comments? Nope, what you see is what you get. Step in to the real world and this is what people think of your cult.

  • its amazing David how many BB wannabe’s come here and tell people HOW wrong they are and HOW right you are with no possible way to prove that its legit 😉 exept i have been paid …. i alway’s wonder how people think by clicking on some panels they suddenly become THE ONLINE ADVERTISING BANNER AD SPACE BROKERS EXPERTS ….you know all about the online industry and all the rest are morrons …. i am sure most of you have no clue what you are doing just follow whatever raj … stern … hooker tells you 😀 and while seeing those virtual numbers move … you think you are doing REAL business …. i have been quiet a while with BB and only had shit with them … but ofc you can’t say that ….

    kind regards


  • Good one, now we’re a “cult”, demons and all perhaps LOL

    And your world is the “real” world huh Finch. LOL Spreading lies about a company and piggybacking off their success. Now there’s a REAL marketer (NOT)

  • we all want our money back so what do we do ? try and play the panel game till we get our stake back ? of course..
    I am not sitting here waiting for nothing.. I will try to get the investment back.. or at least some of it .. One thing i do not do is promote BB to anybody else..
    As far as a Ponzi goes it is a fanatstic one and has fooled many people over the last 2 years .

  • Yay, we have another banners expert. Welcome @David!

    Now, I have only been working in the Internet industry for 13 years, hold a degree in the subject, and build complex websites on a daily basis, but apparently I ‘just don’t get it’. Perhaps you do?

    Could you please answer one single question that many of us are waiting to hear the answer to:

    “What do affiliates bring to Banners Broker?”

    Why would any business shell out to all of the affiliates, for doing nothing? All you do is bring your money, and other affiliates. Do you agree?

  • @ David

    Hi David, maybe you can answer a question that’s always puzzled me about Banners Broker. It’s a question that Kim Andrews ignored, so maybe you’ll give me the courtesy of a reply? The question is, why do BB have affiliates?

    As I see it, affiliates only cost BB money, because BB offer to pay them out much more than the affiliates put in. The original claim was to “double your money”.

    When BB started, maybe they needed affiliate money for working capital. But according to BB, the company passed the multi-million dollar turnover stage almost 2 years ago. If they didn’t have enough money by then, they could easily have attracted venture capital far more cheaply than doubling the money of multi-thousand affiliates. And with a fraction of the admin costs.

    You see, I just don’t get it. Affiliates do no “work”, they just make a few mouse-clicks. Affiliates bring in no business. In short, affiliates are useless to the company. So why is BB so keen to bring in more and more affiliates, which only cost BB money, but add nothing to the company?

    I really would be grateful if you could explain it to me. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Bystander … oops, we posted the same thing at almost the same time … and despite us both posting just minutes after “David”, I somehow doubt we’ll get an answer from him.

    Never mind, in a few days’ time annother BB muppet will appear whom we can ask!

  • Oh dear it’s deffo a scam.

    just ben told by someone quoting Chris Smith from the conf.

    Apparently the internet slowed down over hristmas which is why panels slowed – rubbish, the busiest day of the yaer was during december.

    Panels are shared by affiliates, ie BB is spreading the butter pretty thin in order to keep cash flowing, ie the hook and the fish.

    Also the new package, panel and fees are required to inject cash. I predict panels will speed up once some cash is injected.

    Also who actually controls the BB engine. I read the Chris turned the engine on during last years conf in Irelandso does that mean it’s simply a program that moves depending on the frsh cash coming in…

    Not a happy bunny, cannot believe i have been scammed……

  • Mark, just go with the flow.. play the panels .. use the system and get back what you can.. BB could run for a long time yet so you have a good chance as long as people keep investing into the system..
    There is a lot of rich people in the UK from us smaller investors and they could well end up in court having to pay lots of money back.. we will see.

  • @ paul smith

    BB haven’t paid out to “ordinary” members since December, and panels are not now moving. Any new money going into BB will go straight into the pocket of top brass and major recruiters.

    Banners Broker is dead.

  • @ Mark

    “Also who actually controls the BB engine. I read the Chris turned the engine on during last years conf in Irelandso does that mean it’s simply a program that moves depending on the frsh cash coming in…”

    You nailed it Mark. That is all it is, a complex piece of software that earns affiliates money based on how much money is being put in by existing affiliates and new ones. The coloured panels are nothing but coloured panels and only represent an amount of money, have nothing to do with ad space. Traffic packs have nothing to do with generating traffic but is another source of money which moves the speed at which panels mature.

  • We are laughing ALL THE WAY to the bank. You guys keep amusing YOURSELVES, you and your tight knit community of very few ignorants LOL.

    Again, thanks for the laugh everyone. I’m done in here cuz you guys are just a waste of time.

  • re- why use affiliates?

    BB claims to be profitable brokering ad space utilizing blind networks. Below is a profile of a premier and one of the largest blind network companies.

    Millennial Media
    Type of network: Premium blind (including blind and premium).
    Established: May, 2006.
    Main offices: Baltimore, USA (HQ), London, UK; New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, USA.
    Employees: over 90.
    Q1. Annual revenue/turnover: Band E (US $50-100 million).
    Q2. Is the business profitable? No.
    Q3. Publishers on network: Millennial Media’s mobile ad network includes thousands of sites, but 80% of the company’s overall impressions come from Nielsen’s top 100 sites. All major US-based media conglomerates use Millennial. Publishers include MTVN, Disney Fox, MLB, ABC, MySpace, Accuweather, Time Warner, and CBS. The top publishers are attracted by the highest-quality advertisers. Millennial also has a vibrant developer community across all major operating systems.
    Q5. Mobile ads served or page impressions: 40 billion ad requests/impressions in December 2011.
    Q14. Cost range for advertiser: CPM cost varies from US$2 and US$15 depending on a number of factors.
    Q16. Remuneration for publishers: Publisher remuneration averages over 50%.

    Now here is a company that does less than $10mil a month, has over 40 billion impressions per month and is losing money.

    How does BB make a profit from selling ad space/impressions when one of the largest companies can’t make a profit and doesn’t have 200,000 affiliates to pay.

    What they do have is 90 staff to run and support the company. How many does BB have? Can’t count affiliates as staff as they do nothing except send in money to BB.

    Sure looks like the only reason for affiliates is that they are the major source of revenue for BB.

  • @David – As expected, no answers.

    See you in 3 months when you’re crying on the way to your bank.

  • @david you know you’ll be back to read these comments. If we’re the ignorant ones, what the heck are you? Pot calling the kettle…

    I haven’t put money into BB, I’m not losing out. I just have an interest because I’m amazed at the stupidity and greed of people like you. You either have your head in the sand, or you just don’t care that you’re stealing money from people like @Paul smith and others like them who have posted above. I hope you sleep well at night.

  • What i’m trying to say is

    This world is corrupted,it’s always like this:

    I make a system to let people earn money>people start hating because then either their own sites don’t sell enough or work enough or they just start hating because they like breaking down peoples bussiness

    I don’t care if BB shutsdown right now,i always say,it’s worth trying if it’s a fraude,idc shit happens and when it happens IT HAPPENS! nothing to do about it

    i gave my /careface too all of these hating blogs

  • Question for BB affiliates.

    Why are you paying BB $50/m for 100,000 impressions when you can get 2 Million Geotargeted or 6 Million Global Ad impressions for just $49 at feedjit? Feedjit lets you see friends and visitors as they arrive on your blog or website.

    With BB you have no clue, where the ads are and how many impressions you are getting other than what BB tells you and that is all based on how much money you put into BB’s piggy bank. With other companies you actually know who and how many visitors come to your sites, no secrets.

  • Flevor we are not haters , we are just people who are being realistic and have now realized that banners broker could not possibly work as a business and can only work as a ponzi scheme , this site exposes that scheme for what it is and maybe it will stop other people from getting embroiled in its tangled web of lies and deceit. This site as already shown that one of the top men ( terry stern ) is a liar , its a good site that only states the facts and anyone who is being rail roaded into joining should read through this blog first before committing themselves , i know i wish i had ,

  • @Flevor. Are you in BB with more than you can afford to lose and are now realising that BB isn’t what you thought? I detect a change in attitude from your previous post.

    There are a lot of good people here who have put a great deal of time and effort into showing that affiliates could lose their money and an even bigger chance that their personal ID details could be compromised.

    These people aren’t haters, if it means just one person stops to think what they are doing before parting with their cash or giving an anonymous “company” everything but a DNA sample then surely they deserve thanks rather than abuse.

  • One thing i have never seen addressed or even questioned by any affiliate or member of this blog regarding bb payouts.

    BB RULES STATE as premium members they are allowed to with draw 4 times a month but I WONDER HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE [even b4 the new rules] as each withdraw request must be 7 calender days apart, and each request shud clear [all bb hoops] in 15 days [In Feb moved to 20 days] so in my calculations a member could request 4 times in a month but the last request could take close to 2 month to finally clear.


  • This is taken from Banners Broker Terms and Conditions:

    In the event of the company closing, the company reserves the right to sell or transfer the intellectual property, programming code, and membership database at its sole discretion. Section L (Affiliate & Client) 6/9″


    The Company may reject an Affiliate Agreement, declare any agreement void from its inception, or terminate a distributorship if an affiliate:
    a.Fails to provide documentation requested or required by the company.

    We will be selling your details on to the highest bidder when we close the company down AND if you don’t give us your signature on the form we asked you to sign, we will close your acCount and take all your money.


  • Those T&C’s haev always been there H. Why do you think its an exit strategy now?

  • Its a cycler, like hundreds of other cyclers. The issue is when it laft the HYIP world and tried to gain legitimacy in the real world.

  • hahahaha xD i’ve seriously lost my hope in humanity

    People can’t even notice i’m just trolling people around,oh i love them internetz!

    but seriously i just think people put to much effort in these kind of stuff ^^ anyways have fun with whatever you guys are doing

  • @ Flevor

    I don’t believe you. You’re in BB and now that you’ve discovered it’s a scam and won’t get back what you thought you were going to are trying to laugh it off.

    If the effort put in here by posters stops even a few people from being scammed, like you, then it’s worth it.

    And flevor, you have fun trying to get some of your money back,just not by stealing someone else’s.

  • @ BB Insider.
    I don’t really. Just a hunch. It was the signature thing that clinched it. This is my first experience of a pyamid so call me niave, but it just seems to me that as we KNOW this is a pyamid and these guys at BB have done this before, they must have had a plan from the beginning to end it in a certain way. They aren’t going to sit around and wait to be closed down! And I bet the majority of affiliates HAVEN’T ACTUALLY READ THEM ANYWAY? My friend certainly hadn’t. Greed blinds you to the small print..So I figure that accounts will be closed down now pretty quickly? Does anybody know if this signature form had a time limit? Is there a date that it has to be in by?

  • Texas gets it right. I don’t know if other states, provinces or countries have similar laws but it might be worth checking out.

    “For an MLM plan to be legal, you must earn more from sales of products than from introducing others to join. Also, the company marketing the plan must have a refund policy that lets you return unused product within one year of purchasing the product. You should be able to get a refund of not less than 90% of what you paid for unused product that is in resalable condition.”

    I guess with BB you could give them back your panels and traffic packs as they are always in resalable condition.

  • @Ken Roklin

    The problem that Banners Broker is not making any withdraw, 20 days or two month, you just waiting for something… and after you have technical problems on the bank side, BB side, Chris side and so on….

    Why are you paying BB $50/m for 100,000 impressions. THIS IS MAIN Rule from BB to make money on panels, which are stopped for last 7 days :)After we will make 0.20 virtual cents to panels and against we will wait next 2-5 days for next income to the panels. And it takes us years to close for example red one panel which has to close in 3 Month… It is easy know and became clear what is going on… The system is closing and all of us will have O usd on our withdraw balance 🙂

  • One alarming fact is that until T stern recently made known his version of how BB operated very few if any affiliates knew what they where actually doing. Most will now re-gurgitate T Sterns words but will still not understand. I cannot beleive pople (myself included) would blindly think they where actually working instead of scaming.

  • hello people

    another (and i repeat ANOTHER) PANELS SLOWDOWN starting from today

    yellow went from 0,53$/PER DAY to 0,48$/PER DAY

    purple 1,02 >0,82 $ per day

    blue 2,60 > 2,46 $ per day

  • I was wrong, the panels update happened at 23:39:57 (canadian time) , so in time to be considered 3rd march, thats why we had an update covering last 4 days, and not last 5 days

  • according to what it is written, you need to do it before funding using allied wallet….now its months i dont fund my ewallet so i wont…fortunately i am in active with BB, I withdrew some times my investment back

  • @ fgbhot

    According to Allied Wallet no signature is required. It is a BB policy not an Allied one.

    If you go to Allied’s website and read their Terms and Conditions there is no mention of a signature requirement.

    I am curious, do BB members have an actual contract signed by BB or is it just a click on their website where you agree to their Terms and Conditions.

  • Can everybody here please report all the BANNERS BROKERS FACEBOOK PAGES as ‘spam scam’? Thanks…

  • saying before i am a BB player, not a 100% BB fan:

    i read here

    Credit Card Authorization
    In order to prevent fraud, before you fund your account using your credit card through Allied Wallet you must fill in the form below authorizing the transaction in your card.

    following logic it means that IF I NOT FUND MY ACCOUNT, I AM NOT SUBJECT TO THIS RULE

    which is the problem with this function, guys?

    there are so much other problems…like BB card payments 2 weeks behind and some STP not paid since november

  • “ will not enter into any business arrangement with any person or group suspected of directly or indirectly money laundering, or where funds have been sources or ends of an illegal activity.”

    That’s funny, all of BB’s source is from an illegal activity and are experts in money laundering with their Bank accounts offshore in countries where Banks ask no questions as to the source of the funds deposited.

  • What a crock of shite, this organization are running into money problems big time they reported to me that they system whether automated or human control as they cant make up their minds have paid out to negative accounts and now everybody else is suffering and get their payments this spells out financial disaster to me. I will give them 12 months as their reputation for not paying is growing, I can say this as a member thank god I didn’t invest that much. Bunch of cowboys. Check out the CEO’s real picture or check the Ireland press, or the fiasco’s abroad. They want to take on Google, were is Ian Driscall apparently he is pursuing a new career W H Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Does anyone know how to quit BB? How to identify a Scam ? So that we can avoid been a victim again.

  • A foot note on BBs new withdrawal policy stated :
    ‎”This Withdrawal Policy applies to all current and future affiliates and is a legally binding document. Banners Broker International holds the rights to deny any withdrawal request submitted” We should let everybody know.

  • External businesses with bannersbroker as aproduct are yet rare. Finchsells is an example. Non-bb-sites like BankOnTraffic-promotion are not an external bussineses.
    The market-share of 3rd party vendors will increase drastically with the next versions of Bannersbroker’s standard sales OS 3 / 4 / 2015 and the introduction of the developer/promotion oriented OS NT (service pack 2 and sequels).

    software (accountant-manager, callculators, plug-ins and extensions for NT)

  • Ian was fired for taking money to run accounts. he now works with a loyalty card system from Germany.

    Due to the macro rules there is no real money to be made, even the BB millionares have not actually got a million it is just total earnings.


    i was doing a research about BB’s new partner and it seems to be

    (since all choise network sites redirect to….have a try )

    now this company according to the most updated info i find on the web
    (1 week ago) has a worth of 97 000$ only and a 135$ daily income

    and 1 year ago, it was 4-5 time smaller

    this is not a good news for us BB player right? 🙁

  • Sorry, messages occasionally get filtered through to the Spam folder if the user’s name or email could be considered ‘spammy’. I’ve just gone through and approved it manually.

  • Quote from a big player in BB “not everyone went to the convention last weekend and therefore did not get to hear the real reasons for late payments…….it’s a very long explaination, basically, because bb are a very young company, they have no track records with major banks, when a company needs to move millions of dollars around the world every day, questions are asked and delays put in place by the banks until the questions are satisfied before any money moves…’s no different here, i can’t go into my bank and withdraw 10 grand. questions are asked, i have to make an appointment and there can be 4 days delays……even though it is my money! the same happens if i try to pay in more than a couple of grand……i am asked where i got the money from. All i am saying is, automation has nothing to do with things being delayed……it is down to big brother. Inn december, bb made a multi million dollar payment to ireland, on the info form, a country code was asked for….they used IR.. Next days the feds were involved, believing that the money was destined to iran, this came from the CEO of vector…..not bb.”

  • @David

    You’re possibily the most deluded BB member on here. You’re blinded by money liturally. When bb comes crashing down you’re going to be a very dissapointed man.

    I know some huge players in bb who have believed it all this time and are now starting to question things.

  • @fgbhot – I wonder if Adzerk is the ‘second major broker’ to go hand in hand with Clicksor? The Choice Network is, and always has been, a bad joke.

    Here’s an interesting note from RS…

    It’s a snippet of a post from a BB affiliate who recently visited their HQ:

    Banners Broker is not registered in the United States, which means that affiliates cannot advertise in the US or hold public meetings. Private meetings fine, but no ads and no public meetings.

    One smarter-than-the-rules affiliate did just that – ran ads in newspapers, and caused endless trouble.

    The trouble caused as a result is that the US Securities and Exchange Commission asked its Canadian counterpart to look into Banners Broker.

    David noted that we should know about this as it would soon be plastered across the blogosphere, so we needed to have the truth.”

    Well, as for affiliates not being able to advertise in the US… I think what he intends to say is clearly, “Affiliates are not allowed to advertise a ponzi scheme in the US.

    I buy advertising in the US every day. Never had a problem.

    Hooker would not disclose that the company is being investigated in Canada unless he felt it necessary to put his own spin on it first. His spin, as usual, is bullshit.

    I’ve heard directly from two of the highest affiliates in the chain that they, too, have not been paid. This situation is looking pretty bleak for BB affiliates.

    I don’t want to predict the ‘end’ when the company has a history of second, third and fourth winds, but I’m pretty sure the fat lady is clearing her pipes backstage.

    This program simply isn’t pulling in the fresh money necessary to pay its affiliates. It’s gone far beyond tipping point.

  • @finch

    yes BB cards payments are at least 15 days behind (i have many friends telling it)
    very difficult for BB to cover this gap in the short period,,,


    yes, you are right
    according to that second graphic, adzerk it is not small (even if not so used like goole)

  • ‘Chris Smith’ says “Trying to combat fraud….People are stealing info from cards…go here and fill out this form.. all members with BB card…signature needs to be on file…This will help with the bank to prove it was an authorization transactions. This is to protect you. This has been mandated by Allied Wallet.”

    THIS IS RISKY IF YOU ARE A CARD HOLDER. Name one other company that insists on having all your ID, Card details, and signature ‘on file’ – along with FIVE security questions. Does this not reek of POTENTIAL FOR FRAUD? Knowing their past form with IT issues, lets hope the servers that all this information is stored on are highly secure.

    Allied Wallet privacy policy says “To open an AlliedWallet, LTD account, you must provide your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. In order to make payments through AlliedWallet, LTD, you must provide credit card, debit card or bank account information (bank account information is required to make payments totaling more than $1,000.00 USD). We also ask you to choose two different security questions to answer (such as your city of birth or your pet’s name) This required information is necessary for us to process transactions, issue a new password if you forget or lose your password, protect you against credit card fraud and checking account fraud, and to contact you should the need arise in administering your account.”

    NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED! And only 2 security questions, why does BB need 5?

  • The server(singular) keeps going down. What do you think the chances are that the information is secure?

  • “Does this not reek of POTENTIAL FOR FRAUD? Knowing their past form with IT issues, lets hope the servers that all this information is stored on are highly secure.”

    The potential for fraud is not from their terrible IT and security of servers, but from them themselves. Why would they need all this information other than for nefarious activities? I have NEVER heard of any company needing this amount of information!

  • Just wanted to say good on you finch for researching and publishing all this.

    I’ve never been tempted by bb and have always been highly sceptical because it just screamed of scam to me from the start. An old friend of mine got drawn into it a few months ago and has recently been trying once again to get me to sign up. This really saddens me because I’m sure that deep down she knows exactly what bb is, but still it doesn’t stop her from trying to enlist true friends and close family.

    Schemes like this are pernicious, immoral and prey on people’s commercial naivety (and, let’s face it, greed and/or desperation). Real people will be hurt when this crashes and burns, as it inevitably will, and it’ll no doubt be those who are most vulnerable that will be worst affected. I guess those that are still hanging on in there trying to squeeze out the last drop of other people’s money either aren’t in the least bit troubled by that thought, or are in complete denial, or are just too stupid to see it. I hope my friend is in the “denial” category because the alternative means I really don’t know her at all. I don’t pretend to be any kind of moral angel, but this really is despicable on a grand scale.

  • I am an attorney in South Africa. I client of mine drew USD5000 out of his credit card account to invest in BB. His main motivation for doing so was that it can not possibly be a scam because of the Mastercard association. I wrote to Mastercard and alerted them to this. The lady from Mastercard reported this morning that their (Mastercard’s) HO in the US is investigating the bank account from which transfers are made to the BB pre-paid cards. Apparently this same bank account is used to receive funds in relation to the sale of illegal pharmaceuticals, and other schemes/scams. I dont know if this is true, I have to accept what she told me on face value. She promised to report to me again in writing when the investigation is complete.

  • Last info for some time:

    – Choice Network
    static banner ads or blink-blink animated gifs or out

    bannersbroker choice-sides can display streaming audio/videom FE high-end ads from the homedepot or C&A.

    – Data security
    good product, normal price, fair deal
    if any affilate does $10,000in real sales, its $500 for the affilate and $500,000,000 for Chris Smith!
    Walmart, ALDI or any other store is not at 10%? Its not Direct Sales!

    bannersbroker/affiliate/consumer…thats a closed system. Best online-shoping for the generation 50+.

  • Andre, even Banners Broker now don’t allow their affiliates to push their association with Mastercard. This is for the very reason that their is NO association with them. Any company can get a pre-paid Mastercard through Vector and Mastercard certainly doesn’t vet or approve them. It’s just a way for people to fraudulently give confidence in Banners Broker. Guess who started doing it (that is before Mastercard clamped down hard on them)? Yup, you guessed it, Banners Broker themselves.

    My advice to you is to try to stop your client if you can and get her money back by threatening the introducer and Banners Broker with a lawsuit regarding their fraudulent claims regarding Mastercard.

  • Fibberty Gibbet, your words resonate with me. I’m afraid I think that some of the BB affiliates must be in a state of denial about what is going on. Take the following which I have today found on an affiliate’s website:-

    25th February

    20 support staff are being hired for the new Manchester Office at Salford Quays.

    Membership has risen by 60,000 since November to 360,000 (In January 2012 there were just 25,000 affiliates).

    French Office, shows 300% growth since it opened in Sept 2012.

    Sweden and Iceland show a 50% growth since December 2012.

    Irish Office now has 14 full time staff

    Current Alexa Traffic Ranking for Banners Broker is 421 (as of 22 Feb) out of 644,000,000 sites on the web.

    Maximum allowable take out from the business is $500,000 per annum (More can be taken but there are conditions for that).

    New Prestige Package launched. (Starter packages now range from $55 to $11430).

    V2.9 is now implemented.

    Choice Network is now 65 sites and BB have two companies working with tem on that network.

    Account Coordinator now available to help new people for the first six months in the business.

    About 85% of affiliates are drawing their maximum allowable $10,000 per month.

    The BB Mastercard is a FLAT CARD for easier shipment and better fraud prevention. There is Balance and Transaction insurance on the card. Card processor has 24/7 support facility.

    Indian Government did not shut down BB in India and new office has opened.

    When I do the maths on 85% of 360,000 affiliates drawing out $10k a month, it equals $36,720,000,000 per year. It simply is not possible.That must be the GPD of some countries! And as for India, Finch has provided links to Court papers here which prove that the Goa office was raided and computers siezed, the Ic arrested and jailed for a while, and BB’s assets frozen in India. Where are the offices in Oreland and Salford Quays – are they as “convincing” as the Stella Point ones we saw in phots posted by Mr Stepsys I wonder? And as for the 65 choice sites and 2 companies, need I say “where and who?”

    Do people really believe this stuff? Do they?

  • Sadly many affiliates do still claim that BB is endorsed by MasterCard, take Jo Spencer at for example. Although I notice she is no longer offering a 100% money back guarantee…

  • Yeah that 100% money back guarantee was hilarious and it’s going to be even funnier when it comes back to bite her in the ass. Can anyone spell B A N K R U P T!?!?

  • @Andre.
    I do find it a little odd that Mastercard gave out that information?
    Data protection in England would never allow her to do that here.
    But if it IS true, thats an amazing find.
    PROOF, not heresay will finish off BB.

  • “About 85% of affiliates are drawing their maximum allowable $10,000 per month.”

    just impossible …. they cannot even pay their affiliates on time

  • taken from today’s up date on the Manchester meet up

    There are no official BB offices anywhere other than Isle of Man and India. The IC offices and other offices all over the world are not BB offices. These are companies that have been given the contract to provide support or training.


  • Dose anyone know who chris smith guy is? I find it strange that no one doesn’t know anything about him and the business is ONLINE

  • They always change their backstory, but the contract side for the IC is correct: it is a paid contract where you provide 10K USD to BB and then get a commission on all new accounts in that country for supporting that country. Like a franchise

  • Della Cate – My interest in bb also led me to realscam. Your post #9610 on the “Banners Broker HYIP ponzi scam” thread is breathtaking. A small selection of my favourites are:


    Notes from Raj webinar:

    “Choice network is being revamped. We brought on a new broker and their network. Currently the network is down but will be back in business next week.” [I work in IT – I doubt that in my world I would get away with an SLA of “next week” for fixing a network outage.]

    “You cannot promote BB as 100% passive program. Our affiliates have been advertising BB as an investment. We have had to answer questions from many agencies throughout the world. We are proactively monitoring affiliates to be sure you are promoting BB properly, to ensure longevity.ZERO tolerence for non-compliance. Your account will be locked.. You have a chance to correct it, if you do not, you will be banned from BB.”

    “Minimum Floor Enforced – Withdrawals. Many people have withdrawn to ZERO. Leaving not enough money for monthly committments. Now you must have your monthly committment in your account as a “floor” as a “float”. You may withdraw over and above that figure.

    “BB has $32 million negative accounts. If you do not have a minimum floor, you cannot withdraw or do transfers of panels or packages.” [Presumably a negative account means anything below the new mandatory floor limit.]

    “You cannot use strictly Traffic Packs. This makes BB an passive program.”

    “INCENTIVE TRAFFIC – no referring needed. but it is not passive. Write blogs example – write 36 blogs, you would earn enough to qualify a blue panel. This is not alot of writing. Is it worth spending one hour or a few hours a day to earn traffic? Yes”

    “Official info sessions will only be done by BB Officials. This does not mean that affiliates cannot do presentations or info sessions. It means you must state that your session is not an official BB session. But you must use the BB presentation.”



    On a serious note though, this would explain why my friend was suddenly so keen on trying to get me to sign up again at the weekend…she’s in a bit too deep and is now panicking. She can’t afford to lose the fictitious balance that she thinks is still there, but can’t afford to maintain it either. Yet still the bloodsuckers behind this scam are trying (and may even succeed for a little while) to get new money in to prop it up for that little bit longer. Shameful.

  • …its the ostrich who buries his head in the sand. Unfortunately it leaves his butt exposed.

  • Thanks for the review.I am waiting to get paid from february.I will update:)
    Scam or not i have one think to say. If you dare, put money in BB and see for you self. Then come here and post again.

  • So the proof that something isn’t a Ponzi is that they can draw money out of it???? Someone needs to look up what a Ponzi scheme is.

    I just don’t get how people don’t understand the fact that taking money out DOES NOT PROVE IT’S NOT A PONZI.

    One of the main draws of a Ponzi is that people can and do draw money out. But that all changes down the line when the new recruits dry up and no one gets any more money.

    Also the money you do draw out is OTHER PEOPLES MONEY! Get it? It’s not yours, it’s stolen!

    Oh and one of the big selling points I keep hearing about at the moment is this 10 year lease in Manchester.

    First of all who cares? Anyone can sign a 10 year lease and then scarper, especially if you’re going to either close/bankrupt your company or are really based overseas.

    Secondly, people are using this lease to prove that Banners Broker is legit, but wait a minute, the lease is not with Banners Broker as Banners Broker only has two of their own offices (as they claim) one in Isle of Man (a plaque on a wall no doubt) and in India.

    This lease is supposed to be with a completely separate company called Stellar Point, so how does it prove anything about Banners Broker? They are not even the same company and Stellar Point supposedly works on behalf of many other companies and also holds no liability to you as Banners Broker clients. All they do is service Banners Broker’s clients with an agreement with Banners Broker.

    So, so much for the 10 year lease.

  • @ Nick

    You are correct that a ten year lease means nothing. It may as well be a hundred year lease. Stellar Point, Raj’s company doesn’t care how long the lease is outside of Canada. he just shuts it down and all the landlord can do is take any assets he has in the building, which I guarantee is worth peanuts. Not sure, but does he even have any furniture in the office in the UK yet?

    On the other hand, when BB goes down, which it eventually will, Raj and Chris and whoever will probably just start up another con (headquartered in Central /South America) and use the Stellar Point offices to continue with their “On Line” business/scam.

  • Exactly! Stellar Point is just a front company to syphon the money out of Banners Broker, leaving it an empty shell.

    From what it looks like the owner of BB in the end will be Chris Smith a fictitious character and Raj who is probably the real person behind it (unless there is someone behind him) think he will get away scott-free as Stellar Point is just an admin company and the scam company was nothing to do with him.

    It’s kind of clever if you think about it as they just operate BB as a straight Ponzi with them at the top of course, but instead of nicking everyone’s money directly they just charge it out via a third party company i.e. Stellar Point.

  • And of course it’s easy to SAY you have signed a lease. I could SAY I have signed a lease to take over part of Buckingham Palace, but it wouldn’t make it so!

  • Well Banners Brokers is a scam and the payments are slowing down.. you now have to qualify 30 % of new panels with traffic other than from purchased traffic packs…
    I am laughing because i was sucked in and now realise I will lose my funds 5000 dollars..
    I will not give these pillocks my signature… I have noticed that since I joined BB my spam e mails have been huge… maybe this is something to do with them selling the details on….I wonder..
    I do feel like going to one of the meets they have in Manchester and punching the fook out of any of the prick speakers….
    I unlike other BB affiliates am not BRAINWASHED by these muppets . I run a business and thought it was worth a punt at what I believed at the time was a genuine Banners brokering business..You cannot say anything negative to these affiliates .. they will not accept it and will keep telling lies to promote this company ….
    the Skype chat rooms are full of people now questioning the whole system.. Soon as you do though they delete your comment and block you …
    Somebody also says in a post above that you are stealing money from somebody else.. Well I cant really agree with that , My money is in the system so i would like to try and recover some of it…
    Ian drscoll, Sharon Tidball .. the lot of them know its a ponzi and are funding their gruby little lifestyles with other peoples hard earned cash…
    More fool us all for buying into the fantasy of easy money for nothing..
    i hope the police arrest the big players and show them the inside of a cell for a long long time.

  • @ paul smith

    “Somebody also says in a post above that you are stealing money from somebody else.. Well I cant really agree with that , My money is in the system so i would like to try and recover some of it…”

    I said that and anyone that knows that BB is a scam and then recruits others just so he can recuperate some of his investment is in my opinion stealing from that person knowing the person he brings in will never get any of his back.

  • Listen to the German or whatever the f*** he his speak to these young guys “your going to be very wealthy” (well you will own a piece of worthless plastic)
    Pigs will fly dickhead!
    Some people must have fictional figures the size of small countries GDP!
    F*** you BB and all the failures promoting it your full of shit and don’t know ANYTHING about advertising.
    Oh sorry yes you do I forgot about the blind idiots (literally) network
    Oh and Smith/Dickshit your pimples on the ass end of society pretending to be someone. (look ma I made it… by scamming people)
    BB is the biggest farticle joke on the face of the planet.

    Who’s got their popcorn ready?

  • just so everybody knows .. i have not recruited and would not introduce this scam to anybody i know…
    I have made my own mistake and have to deal with it ..

  • I am part of Banners Broker at the moment – was persuaded to join and was told Id be given full understanding of the system later but I am guaranteed to make money – Im still somehow doubting Banners Broker as things are not properly mentioned are done on time – they have to have so many support staff – if they got things right they wouldnt even need to hire them! These changes broaught in v 2.9 are slighlty confusing too and not sure why they intend on confusing thir affiliates – dont seem to have a proepr structure – I have got my card and once my panels finish i will take out what i put in so atleast i didnt loose money but if i continue after that i dont know.

    Saying that, i was approached by someone from BB to join another scheme called flexcom – apparently ian driscoll also heads this up in the UK and is a MLM scheme – it looks more like a pyramid scheme but im not entirely sure of it. Think its something to do with loyalty cards. Has anyone joined with this or has finch doine a review on flexkom?


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