Banners Broker Scam Update

UPDATE 28/2/2013: Just days ago, BannersBroker announced the reopening of their Indian office in Goa after ‘the conclusion of a police investigation’. Once again, they have been caught lying. Click here to read the full court order, which explicitly states that the company’s accounts are frozen, and their assets remain in police custody.

UPDATE 29/1/2013: I have just posted a full Q&A session with Terry Stern, the International Public Relations Director representing Banners Broker.

BREAKING NEWS 31/12: Banners Broker’s Goa office has been raided and shut down by the police. The company has been charged under IPC section 4, 5 and 6 of the PCMC (banning) act 1978, 406 and 420. Full announcement here.

UPDATE 4/1: Amid growing speculation over the future of Banners Broker India, CEO Chris Smith has cancelled the company’s ‘World Tour’ that was originally planned to reach Kolkata in February. Smith insisted that Banners Broker is ‘fine’ during his Friday conference call. He blamed ‘a little mischief’ from an ex-employee for the criminal charges brought against the company. The investigation is still ongoing, and the Banners Broker Goan office remains closed. More information here.

* * *

In October, I made a post about Banners Broker being a suspected ponzi scheme. To say that the post has gone viral would be a massive understatement. It is currently drawing several thousand hits per day, with 357 comments and counting.

My Hate Mail has also been buzzing left, right and center.

While that initial post was designed to raise awareness of the scam, critics have said – quite rightly – that it doesn’t offer enough evidence to say, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the program is a ponzi scheme.

Personally, I wasn’t expecting there to even be a debate. It’s pretty obvious what Banners Broker is.

But perhaps I am guilty of overlooking the fact that most people who invest in Banners Broker have no exposure to the real online advertising industry. It is not so obvious without that first-hand experience.

I’ve decided to release this second post to provide a more cohesive look at why Banners Broker stinks, and how we can make such assumptions about it being a ponzi scheme without a single piece of ‘definitive’ proof.

If you haven’t read the first Banners Broker Scam article, I suggest you start there.

Banners Broker in the Media

Before I get in to the evidence and lies, I want to address a common misconception that it is only small-time bloggers who are posting negatively about Banners Broker.

The BB apologists seem intent on tarring us all as sad-acts who have nothing better to do than watch and wait for a good thing’s demise.

I prefer to call it an investment in the public interest. Many people are going to be harmed by the collapse of Banners Broker, and it is not just bloggers who are taking notice.

The Irish media has devoured the fanciful business model after leaders Rajiv Dixit, Chris Smith and co rolled in to town for a gala last month.

Here’s some of the press coverage:

Banners Broker in the Sunday World

Banners Broker in the Sunday World

Sunday World BB

Rajiv Dixit's Pyramid Past

The next time Banners Broker tells you that the negative criticism comes from ‘bloggers with hate agendas’, feel free to ask whether they consider the Sunday World (a major Irish red-top with over 1 million readers per week) in that same category.

The History of Banners Broker

The Banners Broker you see before you today, the alleged worldwide advertising force, is quite a radical leap from the Banners Broker that was announced to the HYIP scene in 2010. Here’s Kul Josun explaining the origins of the program in a very old and very revealing video:

“Banners Broker: Welcome to the worlds first cycler doubler, where you can double your money without signing up one person. Join for free and change your future today.”

To all the commenters in the last post who asked for a definitive piece of evidence that Banners Broker is a ponzi scam, this might as well be it. Upon launching, they branded themselves to the notorious HYIP community as the world’s first ‘straightline’ cycler doubler.

What this means is that your payouts come from within the system (cycled) directly from sign-ups below you (a straight line).

Here’s a fun task for you:

Go to Google, and search “straightline cycler doubler“.

Here you will find a revealing look in to the world of Banners Broker before the modern narrative of an online advertising network.

Look at the early press releases, look at the very first forum posts, look at the YouTube videos. Tell me it doesn’t stink.

Now tell me why this company should be considered in the same breath as real online ad companies.

Why did Banners Broker brand themselves as a moneymaking system to the HYIP community when the nature of their alleged business model (if it were true) would be more fitting on TechCrunch?

Banners Broker Uncovers Industry Shaking Algorithm; Banner Ads Never to be the Same Again!” (Yeah, I never saw that headline either.)

The answer is because Banners Broker’s roots are tied to the shadiest realms of HYIP. Recycled cash is the real source of their revenues, not an industry-changing algorithm in the online advertising space. And that’s why Banners Broker pitched their company directly to the kind of individuals who would be looking to invest in it: amateur investors a few small worlds away from Silicon Valley.

To put it simply: they know the hand that feeds them.

And it is not advertisers.

My favourite part of this video is Kul laying the smack down on other HYIP programs, “The hype and maths don’t work. Period.” And yet, he brags…

Straightline Cycler Doubler

Seems like a legitimate online advertising company!

Seriously people, these opportunities do not exist legally. Not in this world or the next.

Anybody who tries to convince you of such BS should be red-flagged and banished from business conversation for the rest of his days.

Before you invest in the next get-rich-quick program (or Banners Broker if you are new to the idea), consider that the world’s greatest investor – Warren Buffett – has written his name in to history by producing an average annual return of just over 20%. A staggering feat in the investment arena.

Now ask why Warren Buffett isn’t investing in the ‘stock’ of Banners Broker panels, a program that the apologists claim can deliver an upwards annual return of 300%.

The answer is because Warren Buffett prefers to work with real companies, not smiley faced Primark suits fresh off the back of a ‘World Tour’ lorry.

Chris Smith… The Man, The Myth, the Stock Photo

In the video above, you will notice that it introduces Chris Smith as the mathematical genius behind Banners Broker. Except that isn’t the same Chris Smith who can be found travelling the world today.

In fact, that Chris Smith is a stock photo that can be purchased for £18.00, which was evidently too much for “We Are Cash Rich” Banners Broker as they have cropped it above the watermark:

Chris Smith, Changing Skins

Small details, guys.

I hate to point out the sheer unprofessionalism of this company by resorting to stock photo CEOs, but it goes a long way to understanding the bigger picture. We are dealing in smoke and mirrors.

Nothing is ever what it seems with Banners Broker.

“In Defence of Banners Broker…”

You may have seen this article, Debunking the Scam, that attempts to explain – in Clickbank sales letter form – ‘how the Banners Broker model works’. It has become the Bible of Cult BB, a source that is supposed to deflect all criticism. There’s just one problem: it’s a steaming pile of you know what…

Let’s look at some of the points raised:

From Debunking the Scam

So the product of Banners Broker is: Advertising Impressions.

The end user – the advertiser, who never sees or hears of Banners Broker, gets ad space that hosts his advertising, and visitors to the various websites where that ad is displayed, see that ad.

There’s the product.

Hold on, hold on. WHAT? This is one of the stupidest defence arguments I’ve ever heard.

The advertiser never sees or hears of Banners Broker?!

That’s a pretty dumb theory considering an advertiser needs to sign up through before he can use the advertising system. Or is that just there for show?

The purpose of Banners Broker is to act as the middleman and broker ad impressions. We already know that Banners Broker gains access to publisher websites by brokering through Clicksor as a reseller (see this description).

Note here, “Selling traffic has not been this easy before. Become a Clicksor authorized reseller now and experience the simplicity in selling traffic to your advertisers.

Clicksor provides the publishers. It’s up to Banners Broker to provide the advertisers, which is the whole god damn point of reselling. The fruitcase above has clearly not understood this when he comes out with tripe such as “the advertiser never sees or hears of Banners Broker“.

I mean, come on dude. Does the following link mean nothing to you?

I suppose the advertiser has to sign up wearing a blindfold then?

Or is – as I somehow suspect – the argument designed to distract our attention from the fact that not a single Banners Broker advertiser is known to exist?

Moving on to his next crazy suggestion…

From Debunking the Scam

Banners Broker is just what it says – a broker in the banner advertising field. A unique broker – unique in that no one else does what they do.

What’s a broker? The dictionary says: “a broker is a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.”

Banners Broker “brokers” in a slightly different way than has been done before on line… here’s an overview:

There is a network of websites and advertising companies that comprise what is called the “Blind Network”(Click here for definition) (an Internet ad industry term).

Note, that I didn’t say – Banners Broker operates within a Blind Network.
They operate within T-H-E Blind Network.

The same Blind Network that millions of advertisers and publishers already operate within.

The same Blind Network that successfully generates BILLIONS of Dollars of revenue every year.

This isn’t something invented by someone to trick you – it’s how the on-line advertising industry works – (so how can these so called “insiders” be inside anything but their own rear ends?)

Let me keep this short and sweet. There is no such thing as ‘THE Blind Network’.

If ‘THE Blind Network’ is real, and Banners Broker operates within ‘THE Blind Network’, who else operates in ‘THE Blind Network’? What is ‘THE Blind Network’?

And if Banners Broker is a pawn in somebody else’s ‘THE Blind Network’, what makes their business model so special that it can’t be replicated by a competitor? Ever heard of the law of competition? Unless Banners Broker took out a patent on banners, we need to have a serious adult discussion.

If we are to believe the margins – eye-watering as they are – why isn’t every single broker in the world rushing to be a part of THE Blind Network?

Answer: There is no such thing.

This idiot then goes on to contradict himself by saying that Banners Broker operates in the same Blind Network as millions of other advertisers and publishers.

So what is its competitive advantage?!

Again, no mention of what this Blind Network actually is, or who runs it… Who needs details, right?

Note on the author: Seriously, who hyphenates “on-line“? Can we really trust that this guy has departed the twentieth century? Maybe the Millenium Bug struck after all.

In a recent development, Banners Broker has debunked any suggestion that it is ‘THE Blind Network’.

The Blind network is NOT created/nor owned by BB, but controlled by 10 other brokers, including Google.

I’m sorry, but this explanation is also a pile of steaming BS. Are we to believe that Banners Broker is brokering ad sales through Google, now? Complete rubbish. Google does not need a company like Banners Broker. It has its own properties to handle publishers and advertisers: AdSense and AdWords. There is no ‘broker’ middleman.

The Choice Network… Now Comes Served With Ads (Or Does It?!)

A key point in my first post on Banners Broker was that the so-called Choice Network was no more than a damp fraudulent squib. The websites in the network clearly belonged to Banners Broker, and none of them had advertisements from legitimate companies.

Well, there must be pigs flying in the sky, because the BB apologists are telling me that the Choice Network is now fully operational, and filled with real ads from real companies.

I took a few minutes to verify their claims, and sure enough, ads from reputable companies are now displaying:

WillHill ads

Hold on, though. Before you get excited, we should know better than to take what Banners Broker says or does at face value.

Is this advertising campaign really running through the Banners Broker Choice Network?

No, it’s not.

Banners Broker is serving these ads from, which can be IP traced to New York City where the server is owned by OpenX Technologies:

OpenX Technologies

OpenX is a powerful ad exchange that offers publishers the chance to sell their own inventory, or broker through the OpenX Market where a number of renowned brands can pick up the scraps. Brands like… WillHill.

It’s debatable whether Banners Broker invested in the Enterprise Edition or the Free Version (for hobbyists), but what certainly isn’t debatable is the fact that these ads you see on the Choice Network do not come from advertisers signing up to

They are sourced from the OpenX Market, probably as remnant traffic.

You could sign up to the same service today and have your very own ‘Choice Network’ up and running in hours.

One thing is for certain, you will soon see that actually, yes, it is possible NOT to make money with the Banners Broker system. The real one, anyway. These ads produce only an industry standard return, nothing like what would be required to turn a bunch of third party investors in to millionaires.

So, what are we to make of all those months where the Choice Network was stuck in ‘Test Mode’? I guess that’s how long it took BB’s in-house programmers to configure OpenX across their portfolio of dud sites.

Changing the face of the online advertising industry?

Yeah, that might take a while.

Note: Thanks to the helpful peeps over at RealScam for piecing together this latest lie. They’ve been tearing the scheme apart with much greater dedication than myself!

Once again, we could forgive the lies surrounding the Choice Network if the flagship Blind Network delivered on its promises. But it doesn’t. And one begins to question whether it ever will…

An Update on My Experience as a Blind Network Advertiser

How many BB investors have actually advertised on the Banners Broker Blind Network? I know a lot of them like to talk about it, as if it’s some kind of revolutionary invention.

But have they actually tried it?

I have.

In my first post, I mentioned how I had setup a campaign on the Blind Network. 7 weeks later, I decided to login and see how my campaign had performed. Boy, what a disappointment.

After negotiating the new security gateway…


(Seriously, who asks for FIVE security questions? Even my bank only needs two. I guess they’re harvesting security answers as well as passports these days…)

I finally reached the reporting section for my test campaign…

Blind Network Test

Yes, in over 7 weeks of running a broadly targeted campaign on the Blind Network (one category in the UK), I have received a grant total of 866 impressions! That’s a total advertiser spend of just over $0.86 in 7 weeks.

If Banners Broker can’t send 1000 impressions of traffic to a UK campaign in 7 weeks, how in the name of Lucifer’s balls is it able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue?

Tell me, apologists! How does an advertiser spend millions of dollars on this platform when I can’t even spend ONE dollar in 7 weeks?

What you see above is the Banners Broker’s take on a ‘campaign report’.

So, let’s say I’m a professional media buyer.

Where do I find my breakdown of performance by creative? By channel? By hour? Where do I exclude targets (a damn near critical option for blind networks)?

Banners Broker tells the world that it is paying millions of dollars to its affiliates. Maybe that is the case. But the money is damn sure not coming from advertisers. I beg anybody to test this joke of a system and tell me otherwise.

Banners Broker and Clicksor

If we crawl through the heaps of misinformation on how Banners Broker actually serves its banners, it becomes clear that the company is brokering through Clicksor (a broker within a broker, if you will).

Clicksor is a legitimate company that I have worked with in the past. I’m sorry for sullying their names in the same sentence as Banners Broker, but we have to point out some crucial information:

In the latest 2011 data, Clicksor’s parent company Yesup Ecommerce Solutions Inc posted annual revenue of $17.5 Million dollars.

And yet Banners Broker claims to have paid out over $100 Million dollars, by brokering through Clicksor.


Why is Banners Broker’s $100 Million in affiliate payouts not reflected in Clicksor’s accounts? They are receiving the same advertiser trade and they are further up the chain.

We would have to assume that Banners Broker is the only company working with Clicksor, and that Clicksor is the only part of Yesup producing revenue, and even then the maximum revenue pales in significance to what Banners Broker claims to be paying out to its affiliates. The markup must be astro-bloody-nomical.

It’s an economical impossibility.

Which is why Banners Broker has acted quickly to change its story.

David Hooker, BB’s latest snake-oil man, addressed this issue directly at the recent Irish gala.

The Empower Network reports:

“His presentation consisted of filling us in completely on how the Blind Network works and how it has 10 major Brokers running it. How Banners Broker linked up with the smaller of these Brokers (Finch: He stresses ‘smaller’ for good reason. He knows the previous numbers and ‘direct relationship’ clearly identified their model as a fraud)) and how now one of the largest Brokers has given green light to link with them. Chris later said that the linking up of software is almost complete and they will soon be good to go.”

If you know anything about advertising through a blind network, this is pretty hilarious.

  1. What advertiser in his right mind is going to work with a broker that re-brokers through any 1 of 10 different networks? Why would the advertiser not just go direct to his broker of choice for half the price… and, screw it, some actual control over his ads?

    It’s like me saying, “I want you to give me £1 for an ice cream that we both know you can buy for 50p. Except, I’m not even going to let you decide which ice cream you have. I’ll take that extra 50p and pick whichever of the 10 vans I want to buy it from (even though you may have a preference!). Then I’ll go to a bunch of investors and pitch them my breakthrough idea on the basis that brokering ice cream is the “next big thing” and billions are made every year by doing so. How about we ask for £3000 for the Black Cone Package – ‘Double your Cornettos, Magnums, and Twisters in a month!’ Yeah, pop-business. The proles will love that.

    There’s a problem with the model. People aren’t stupid! They know where they can get their ice cream for 50p, and they are not going to pay you double for less choice and poorer service. The same applies to the Banners Broker business model. Advertisers are not stupid. They are not going to pay Rajiv Dixit and Chris Smith more money in return for less ads and less control over where they appear.

  2. In any case, who are these ’10 major brokers’ that Banners Broker has suddenly started working with? Why no names?

  3. Tell us David, has Clicksor become the “smaller of these brokers” because you’ve been found out – publicly – by claiming to send your traffic through a network whose parent company reports only a tiny fraction of your own claimed revenues? I guess if you announce “10 major brokers” (conveniently without naming them), we can’t look in to their much more transparent workings and directly shoot your bullshit down for what it is.

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

This is a lie aimed squarely at the bullet holes shot in the previous lie.

Note: We know that Banners Broker has been brokering solely through Clicksor because can be IP traced directly to a Clicksor server. Good luck split testing that with your 10 other brokers!

Get Paid by Turtle Mail

When working with reputable companies, you expect to also deal with reputable banks.

When working with Banners Broker, that is not the case.

Withdrawal requests are handled in one of three ways:

  • The pre-paid BB card
  • Solid Trust Pay (STP)
  • Payza

The withdrawal methods vary from country to country, but it’s immediately clear that accessing your funds is not going to be as easy as it should be with a world renowned advertising company. There are no cheques, no direct deposit, not even a PayPal option!

With all due respect to Solid Trust Pay and Payza, their brands are known for dealing with the type of Internet businesses that can’t get approved anywhere else. They are staples of the HYIP community. And as for the pre-paid BB card (for some investors, their only option), this is the equivalent to being paid in cash.

You might as well be receiving an iTunes gift card.

Hey, give it 3 months and that will probably be the only payment option left.

There is absolutely no excuse for:

  1. Withdrawal methods that require the user to jump through hoops with notarised ID before he can get his money.

  2. Taking weeks, sometimes months, to process the bloody transactions in the first place. All the while charging the user on time every time for admin processing fees and traffic packs.

Banners Broker will take your money, but pay you only when they feel like it.

Which soon will be never.

They claim that their payouts are running smoothly with minimal backlog. A quick search of the Internet and that is clearly not the case. Selective payments rule the day.

The Tax Conundrum

A wise man once said, “The only thing certain in life is death and taxes.

All money earned through Banners Broker is taxable, even the money that you haven’t yet withdrawn. Yes, your total account balance would be considered a form of stock in the eyes of the exchequer.

This leads to the rather awkward situation where Banners Broker investors need to be paying tax on income that they haven’t yet received. Failure to do so is in clear breach of the law (I’m referring to the UK, you will need to research this if you live elsewhere).

Let’s get this straight…

You are liable to pay tax on ALL of your “My Total Earnings” minus the costs accrued from account fees and buying traffic packs.

Your account might look like this:

Total Earnings: £15,000
Withdrawals So Far: £2,000
Invested in to the System (Total Costs): £3,000

Total Earnings – Total Costs = Taxable Profits
£15,000 – £3,000 = £12,000

Basic Tax Rate is 20%
(£12,000 x 0.20) = £2400 now due in tax.

So let’s say you have managed to withdraw £2000 from Banners Broker. You now need to pay the taxman £2400. Doesn’t sound like such a good investment, does it?

You are at a loss.

It’s not going to get better either! The Banners Broker system is designed to exponentially increase your My Total Earnings while allowing you to withdraw only a small fraction of your funds. It’s a bait ploy. But fatally, it assumes that you are the kind of person who doesn’t bother paying tax.

Well, do you?

With the January 31st deadline for self-assessment rapidly approaching, there are a lot of Banners Broker investors that are now required by law to hand ALL of their profits to the taxman while waiting for Banners Broker to pay the rest of their earnings.

Will that happen? Of course not.

If you don’t care about being involved in a ponzi scheme, I highly doubt you care about paying your taxes. But you should start thinking about it.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Troy Dooly recently posted an article on MLM Helpdesk writing off Banners Broker as a ponzi scheme. Here’s how Banners Broker chose to deflect the criticism:

Banners Broker Troy Dooly

Yes, by falsely claiming that the article was written in an attempt to extort money in return for deletion.

Talk about a stroke of twisted genius. I hope Troy sues.

Here’s more from David Hooker on the subject of us pesky bloggers speaking critically of Banners Broker:

The Empower Network reports:

“He also talked about how he tackled the bloggers that were writing negative stuff. One was a friend of his and wanted Banners Broker to pay him £900 to correct his negative story!!!!

Another one, when offered the chance to come to BB International to see for himself what Banners Broker does, declined, and said he was broke!”

Hooker wisely opts not to name any names. If he did, he’d be sued to Kingdom Come.

This is the current tactic for deflecting criticism: accuse the blogger of trying to extort money. Well, if I hear even the slightest whisper that this article is written to extort money, I’ll be unleashing a lawyer so far up David Hooker’s arse that his next rousing presentation is delivered directly to a judge.

I guess rejecting all criticism as an attempt at extortion sums up the state of mind at Banners Broker HQ perfectly. What are they scared of in there?

Common Misconceptions

Let’s play some FAQ with the common responses from BB apologists. If you read the comments from the last post, you’ll already be familiar with the holding patterns and the dumbfounded logic.

I’m making XXXX/month from Banners Broker. It’s negative people like you who will never make money online! I’ve quit my job already!

I’ve said it so many times that my fingers are starting to resent the same keyboard bashing:

The fact that you have made some money from Banners Broker does not mean that it is anything less than a ponzi scheme. It just means that you are luckier than the poor suckers further down the food chain.

Important! The high balance in your account does not mean that the money is yours. It is text on a screen. A promise in a hurricane. The money is only yours when it lands in your bank account and for most people, this is the where the frustration begins.

Money withdrawal times are increasing. Payout methods are decreasing. Excuses are growing more and more ridiculous by the day.

Just because a page in cyberspace says that you have $17,000 waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow, that does not make it so. Weigh up how much money you have invested versus how much you have withdrawn. Now do an honest appraisal of the situation: “Have I really made money here? Or have I inherited a gigantic stack of IOUs?

But I’ve met Chris Smith and Rajiv Dixit in person! A scammer would never show his face in person.

If you believe this, God help your wallet for it is ripeth to be plucked.

History is littered with ponzi schemers that travelled the world to sweet talk their prey. Take a look at Bernie Madoff. He hardly lived in the closet.

Why would a ponzi scheme go on a World Tour if it wasn’t credible?

Good question.

Let me rephrase it.

If Banners Broker is truly about a revolutionary advancement in the online advertising industry, why is the company touring for investors instead of advertisers?

It is advertisers who make the BB world spin round.

They are the ‘alleged’ heart of the business, the rainmakers if you will.

So why is there no evidence that a single Banners Broker advertiser exists? Why does Banners Broker spend its days trawling the world for fifty buck investors when its the big brand advertisers that pay the bills?

This company cannot survive without recruiting a large number of the most reckless advertisers under the sun (who also conveniently have the most extravagant budgets).

How do they recruit these elusive, nonchalant big-spenders (who don’t care which of the 10 networks you throw their ads on for twice the price)?

It’s certainly not by going on tour at advertising trade shows, or reputable conferences, or by offering a single interview to a reputable trade journal.

No, no.

The CEO of Banners Broker prefers to spend his time sharking across the dancefloor at Irish galas, eyeing up the next Primark suit for a Yellow Panel bonanza.

Chris Smith's lucky day

He calls it networking. I call it a waste of bloody time for somebody who *allegedly* has much bigger fish to fry.

You don’t find Zuckerberg skirting for fifty bucks on the outskirts of Mumbai.

How can it be a ponzi? It doesn’t require referrals. I can make money without referring a single soul!

Practically every big player in Banners Broker is sitting on a mountain of referrals. It is the secret sauce behind their incomes.

True, you don’t have to refer people to join the program. But at this stage in the game, you are going nowhere fast if you choose to sit still, waiting for your panels to progress. This program is designed in such a way that dragging in more investors is the safest way to guarantee your own investment.

If you think the program can survive without referrals, you might want to consider this latest nugget from the Banners Broker blog:

“BB will be around as long as affiliates want to remain a part of the program”

Freud must be smiling in his grave.

Banners Broker is approved by MasterCard. Do you really think MasterCard would approve a ponzi scheme to use their cards?

This is such a nasty little lie that Banners Broker has been forced to tell its affiliates that, actually, there is no approval from Mastercard, and indeed no backing whatsoever. Banners Broker buys its pre-paid Mastercards from Vector, an independent reseller.

If you think there is a legitimate relationship between MasterCard and Banners Broker, I would advise that you keep it to yourself. Banners Broker are now so hypersensitive about this damaging lie that they are terminating the accounts of users who imply any such relationship exists.

If it was really a scam, it would have collapsed already.

There are some ponzi schemes that have lasted 20 years and there are others that have crashed and burned in 20 days.

If you believe that size or longevity defines a ponzi, let me assure you: it doesn’t.

It only defines how memorable the ultimate collapse will be.

In Summary: What is Really Happening?

For those of you who don’t have the time or attention to read all of the above, here is the bullet point breakdown of what is currently happening with Banners Broker, and what you can expect to happen over the coming months.

  • Your Panel Movements Will Grind to a Halt – Thousands of BB members are already reporting that their panels have been static for days, and that they have been slowing over the last few weeks. There’s a very simple explanation for this. Banners Broker doesn’t have the cashflow to pay what it owes, or to deliver the returns that it is promising you. Certainly not over the Christmas period where members are rushing to withdraw. Your panels are going to move slowly probably for the rest of Banners Broker’s very short-lived existence.

  • Withdrawals Will Continue to Take Forever – It’s not going to get better. The Banners Broker program is showing severe signs that it is overstretched. You don’t need me to tell you that withdrawal times are getting worse. Compare them to six months ago.

  • More ‘World Tours’ – Banners Broker is losing the online battle for publicity (with articles like my last swamping their brand at the top of Google), which is why it is throwing resources in to offline ‘tours’ as a means of recruiting new investors. This looks set to continue in to the new year with a tour of India planned. Will Banners Broker make it that far? I couldn’t possibly say. But if you’d like a long list of ‘deeply troubling questions’ to ask them in person, feel free to email me.

  • The Press Will Continue to Circle – The Sunday World has reported three negative stories in three weeks on Banners Broker. The Irish Examiner is also chiming in. I know for a fact that at least two major UK newspapers are interested in the fate of the scheme, as I’ve been speaking to them personally. Expect to hear lots more negative press about Banners Broker in the following weeks. The knives are being sharpened from all angles.

  • The Trolls, Shills & Pimps Will Blitz the Comments – The slightest hint of criticism and they always do. Just ask yourself, “What is their motivation?” If they were really making money from Banners Broker (and I’m sure some of them are), why do they care what anybody else thinks? The reason they defend this program so devoutly is because their future income depends on it. I hope that this post convinces you to think twice about your own.

Is Banners Broker ‘Definitely’ a Ponzi Scheme?

In my last post, I came to the judgment that Banners Broker is a well-disguised ponzi scheme. I stand by that judgment.

In the comments, I faced a lot of questions from readers who thought I couldn’t possibly say with ‘100% conviction’ that it is definitely a ponzi scheme. As much as it pains me to admit this, they are correct.

Theoretically, there is still a tiny chance that Banners Broker isn’t a ponzi scheme. Until the inevitable collapse, there remains a tiny shred of doubt.

The problem for those who back Banners Broker is that it is down to them to answer: “If Banners Broker isn’t a ponzi scam, what could it possibly be?

The existing business model is riddled with flaws and impossibilities. There is simply no way that the money being paid to investors could have been delivered by online advertisers in the model that Banners Broker is claiming. Zero chance.

And that’s where this research ends.

If you believe that Banners Broker can operate as something other than a ponzi scam and deliver such spectacular returns, you are welcome to carry on believing, to keep on throwing your savings at the cause.

If, like many, you are coming to suspect the workings behind Banners Broker for something more sinister, you may wish to cancel your ticket to the BB World Tour, roll out your mock-Bannatyne accent and repeat this loud and clear:

I’m out.

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A 29 year old high school dropout (slash academic failure) who sold his soul to make money from the Internet. This blog follows the successes, fuck-ups and ball gags of my career in affiliate marketing.


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  • That would compromise the source, which isn’t smart nor good for them, considering they are passing some extremely good pieces and insights into the HQ workings recently which we need more than ever.

    I’m happy to name the main IC’s which are lying to people regarding the payment situation when they know and see critical issues behind the scenes. Yet are happy to keep roping people into this stagnant bog of a business just so they can squeeze their last commissions out –

    Spain – Neil
    Cyprus – Frasier
    Iceland – Bardur
    Ireland – Paul

    All are IC’s and know there are millions owed in liquidations going back to October, they get daily calls from people yet they do nothing and say nothing but cover for Chris and Raj.

  • @ fgbhot

    “yours is the general description of the general ponzi
    unfortunately noone has real proofs, if is real or not….
    Of course there is a very high % that it is a big ponzi, but only for probability according to me”

    What proof are you looking for?

    1. delayed payments?
    2. No payments?
    3. New programs to induce members to spend more money?
    4. Website down to non-logical reasons?
    5. Conventions where they state members do not need to recruit new members?
    6. Stop charging members for fees due to members not being able to conduct their business while the website is down 75% of the time?

    I don’t know, you tell me what you are looking for to tell me it’s not a Ponzi.

  • proof would be for example:
    1)mastercard statement that BB is a ponzi scheme
    2)BB’s partner telling that they have absolutely no relationship with BB
    (at the moment I found these 2 partner following the choise campaigns ) It would be nice to contact them
    3)authorities controlling their money account to see if they really do business
    ….and many more

    at the moment it looks a ponzi just for the way they act

  • Before it slips my mind, 7th April. The date the first “company bank wires” are due after they changed the withdrawal rules on the 7th January.

    We are talking huge 6 figure amounts here per person as everyone is capped at 10k, with company bank wires the only other option to get anything above that out each month, providing you wait the 90 days it apparently takes BB to conduct a bank wire …

  • Those sophisticated “affiliates” that believe the BS from Chris Smith “money has left the source bank and should be to us any time.”

    Please go to your bank and ask them how long it takes to transfer money from bank to bank?
    They’re called wire transfers… across borders.

    It takes minutes… and at most it happens overnight.

    ANYONE that worked for a company that makes or receives payments from international banks will tell you how millions of dollars are transferred between companies across international banks with a few keystrokes.

    Anyone that believes Banners Broker is sending millions between “their” various bank accounts take days is someone who believes in father christmas.

    Don’t believe us, go and ask your bank!!!!!!

  • @Tisochritifaos helping Banners Broker Ponzi scam spread in #Greece & #Cyprus.
    As if Greeks and Cypriots have not suffered enough with their economies.

  • Notice has been served on JASON MADSEN of Australia, who has registered the domain in his name, to cease and desist promoting a scam.

    He uses that Australian domain to direct traffic to Banners Broker’s website.

    He has been added to our list of persons of interest to join actions to be taken against all scam participants.

  • @ BB_Scam

    If the notice to take the website down was by the proper authorities then why is it still active? If it was a governmental body that deemed the site to be a scam and served notice would they not have also notified the domain registrar in Australia that the site was a scam and they would just order them to cancel the domain name and thus shut it down?

  • I think you will find that Banner Broker would have served notice. You are not allowed to use .net etc.

    Most companies don’t allow it.

  • They have made the panels and most of the site look as if it works as normal, but the site is transparent. Both myself and my partner regretfully fell for this scam. Now, if I look at her site and send a ticket to the Help brigade, and later look at my site and go to help, I see her tickets and it will not accept my password to see mine. They are full of shit,
    BB continually make excuses why not to pay and are continually late with 1000s of payments to others, they tell us its because STP cannot handle the backlog. I have other little investments and frequently use STP, Paypal and others, they operate instantly. I started looking further into the activities of Rajiv Dipstick, and discovered he was involved in ICF Homes and was banned by the Canadian Comp Br. He was also stopped by Paypal, Alert Pay and Mastercard from using them. Then I learned it was because of this Stellar Point was invented, for him to hide in. But unfortunitley they found him out and stopped BB from using Mastercard and told Vectot to get rid of BB. But of course he blamed the Affiliates for the bad press THEY were getting from the BB bloggs etc. They never do anything wrong do they ? Step in David Hooker, with the Compliance rules. These being the lever to close accounts with. ‘These are there to protect our incomes and our families futures’ says TJ, HOW ?
    The FSA in the UK are investigating them, NOT US. The FSA had no idea they were there, but Hooker claims he has to be Complient so the FSA and other bodies know we are not crooks and money launderers.I’ll give them a few more months and they run.

  • @ Jane

    OK, but if it was BB I am sure they wouldn’t have said to cease and desist because they were promoting a scam as BB_Scam posted. That would be too funny!

  • @ Ken, they would have sent notice saying that you can’t use that domain. I haven’t seen any evidence about a notice “Scam” I think that might be BB_Scam getting excited 🙂


    Thank you for contacting support.

    We apologize in the delay for your pending withdrawal.
    Please be advised that at this time we are experiencing higher than usual withdraws.
    We are currently working on sending out all awaiting withdrawals, you will receive your request shortly.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    BB Team

    but the mail i got was totally different so maybe part 13 is imminent lol

  • I really hope BB_Scam is genuine? They sound genuine…can we please have some evidence to back this up?

  • Bannersbroker sucks. All they can do is lie. Thousands of my hard earned dollars are gone. I hope Chris Smith gets raped in prison and contracts AIDS. Screw’em


    I talked to support and they informed me that everyone who is waiting for the payment of December, January and February sent a ticket with the date of when waiting in the topic.
    These people will be paid out in the first place.

    Today we can withdraw $ 2,500.00 every 7 days, $10,000 a month until the time as all withdrawals will be paid out to date and time
    Remember people:  DATE IN THE TOPIC

  • Thank you all for your comments regarding our posts here.

    All we (@BB_Scam) can do is file complaints with the relevant authorities across as many countries as possible, AND encourage you and all those exploited by Banners Broker to do the same.

    We have a choice to keep writing here how Banners Broker is a scam, and/or we can get governmental instrumentalities to chase them using the powers they have.

    Our experience with fraud investigation agencies is they take their time, and they act faster if the volume of complaints is high. They also focus on actual events of people that have lost their own money, not an opinion of someone looking on but has not dealt with Banners Broker. This is why we sought actual victims of Banners Broker, not opinions from those with extensive internet marketing expertise.

    You can only lodge a formal complaint is you have lost something.

    How long before we see results? Your guess is as good as ours. Weeks? Months? It depends on which country and the size of the problem (in the eyes of the investigating authority).

    We are using lawyers but are not spending tens of thousands of dollars. The lawyers we use are giving advice pro bono (no fee). They’re pointing us in the right directions and giving us the specific legal issues that Banners Broker is guilty of.


  • Tweet by @BannersBroker:
    “BB is solid and stable. We experienced a four-week high in sales this weekend! Keep it up BB Universe!”

    So funny! They only “sell” to affiliates. Only source of revenue.
    What the hell is a “four-week high in sales this weekend”……..

    Are they wishing their phantom “panels” have received a four-week high level of traffic….

    dreaming on…. Their motto should be Believe.Pay.Lose

  • @BB_scam:

    What did you mean by ‘Notice has been served on JASON MADSEN of Australia’.

    Who has served notice?

  • Their Tweet about high sales is typical, what it really means they are shit scared behind the scenes and the opposite is happening, they are not meeting targets of fresh cash and need to put out some think positive message to the cult.

    Any logical person can see and know BB’s growth and fresh cash has stalled since before Christmas, when all the problems happened and still have not been fixed and new ones pop up every few days.

  • Tweet by @BannersBroker:
    “BB is solid and stable. We experienced a four-week high in sales this weekend! Keep it up BB Universe!”

    That would be funny if it weren’t serious. If they experienced a 4 week high where did the sales come from? Certainly not from their own affiliates and they certainly didn’t sign up 60,000 or more new members. The majority of their existing members aren’t putting any new money in and with all the negative publicity I doubt they added a thousand new recruits.

    I think BB should have qualified the sales high with stating that it came from blogs sold into the blind network.

  • Well, I’ll bet it was from selling 10 tickets to the Niagara Convention. There certainly couldn’t be more than 10 idiots willing to spend cash (not virtual money in their virtual BB account) on a convention that will in all likely-hood not being held.


    support says no tickets required for payments
    the wire BB was waiting for has been received and payouts have started
    executive hot line is fantastic
    answered on first ring …….. WHOOPY DO

  • @BB_scam:

    What did you mean by ‘Notice has been served on JASON MADSEN of Australia’.

    Who has served notice?

  • Cannot get into Are they under attack again, or just offline for the time being?

  • @diann: even if BB pays you and others from time to time, how would you feel if the money paid to you is actually coming from the new affiliates as they buy their “Packages”?

    Would you stop supporting and promoting BB then? If there is proof that BB does NOT earn any revenue from any online activities other than recruit affiliates????

    We at BB_Scam have prove that BB is a Ponzi. It steals money from each new tier of recruited affiliates to pay the older affiliates. This proof includes information from our contacts at Google.

    Now, if Google (a real business) with incredible analytics on everything that goes on the internet say “Banners Broker has nothing to do with the internet and online world other than their website”….

    We would love to find out how on earth did Banners Broker AVOID being detected by Google.
    That would make BB a miracle indeed 🙂

  • @BBinsider: with help from our lawyers we have directly served the notice on the registrant of

    The next step is to apply to have him stripped of that domain name, as it’s illegal in Australia to register and use a .au domain name for illegal activities.

    As said before, we have all got to expose BB to the authorities. Chris Smith and his gang will never give up until they’re shut down and/or arrested. This is generally what the mafia does. They never give up until they have no choice.

  • So the Kul Josun “KulClub” website is not even built yet

    No problem, no need for a website…. because he will make you a millionaire without having to set up an account… Just send him your money and he will pay you back double and triple in your dreams.

  • @ BB_Scam

    “We at BB_Scam have prove that BB is a Ponzi. It steals money from each new tier of recruited affiliates to pay the older affiliates. This proof includes information from our contacts at Google.”

    If Google are investigating this, when is this information going to be made public? It would be a damning indictment of BB that would be useful for those affiliates (or whatever you wish to call them) to see.


  • [10/04/2013 09:20:37] NAMEREMOVED: Let me make this clear the official story BB uses now is not entirely true, neither was the story Kul used at meetings when he travelled around each country under Chris Smith’s supervision and direction as the “VP of sales and marketing”. BB started with Kul Josun, Chris Smith, Lorenzo and Raj Dikshit. They borrowed $30,000 from Kul Josun’s brother who they paid back $90,000.

    When I say BB is run by amateurs I truly mean this and you will understand why. There has always been fighting behind the scenes, Chris Smith is a quiet guy who lets Raj Dikshit command everything. In the early days Kul Josun used to think his position was higher than it was and would order the staff around like he was above them. This caused problems between him and Lorenzo Gurini which eventually lead to them all send Kul Josun off to do meetings when they were up to something and didn’t want him to know about.

    So Kul Would travel to the UK, Ireland, Portugal and doing
    meetings with the people who would be the IC’s eventually. For anyone
    who attended these meetings it was clear Kul couldn’t answer any
    questions and he would sit back basically and everyone thought he was
    awesome for some reason. He also told people he was the only owner. I
    have it on good authority that the then that “not IC’s” didn’t have
    contact with Chris Smith and Kul was their only contact for any

    Kul was never a professional, I know many people who joined BB in those days who were waiting weeks for their accounts to be funded because Kul messed around. People were told to send funds to bank accounts which Kul would then fund their Ewallet. This was a time when people would join with 20/30/40k +. Eventually his daughter came into the picture and they would take peoples details who had problems and say they would fix things which never happened.

    I have a person who now regrets their actions but they were involved with the scammer group I mentioned previously, this group was originally going to blackmail Kul via Sharon James trying to sleep with him and then Imitaz Aslam planning to hire a call girl. In the end they didn’t have to do any of this as they managed to get Kul onside to get Ian Driscoll removed from BB as they wanted his position.

    Suddenly this group of con men are cross pitching Zeek Rewards at the UK meetings and it apparently took lots of effort to get Kul to act, which makes perfect sense when you know the full picture. BB HQ eventually sent Sharon, Imitaz, Keith all cease and desist letters with the understanding that the next thing they did wrong would cause them to be removed from Banners Broker.

    In-between all this Banners Broker was about to hand Lieven Van Neste the whole account management setup, which he would have people working for next to nothing whilst he creamed the big cut for overseeing all this. Eventually Lieven was removed from BB and everyone was told not to talk with him or you will be kicked out as well. No one knows why this happened but it came about later that Kul had a hand in this and used Raj to facilitate it. Eventually Banners Broker would pay off Lieven to keep him quiet after he was going to serve legals to them at the Ireland Event.

    Now the Portugal event was happening, this would be the first time anyone has seen Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit. Insider info tells me Kul booked the most expensive room at the hotel and Raj/Chris got very basic ones with their families.

    One day Chris/Raj went out on a family day when Kul told all the now IC’s there was a meeting, it turned out whilst Chris/Raj were out Kul invited a German MLM company (NWA ) to do a presentation to the IC’s in an effort to sign them up and buy a country position and thousands in product, which he wanted them to run alongside BB. A few IC’s went straight to Raj who then took them to Chris, Chris locked Kul’s BB account and told him to speak to him via the locked message. It turned out a few weeks previously Kul has withdrawn $60,000 from his BB account to buy into this company under his daughters name without her knowing, when Chris/Raj grilled her over this she left the event in tears, Kul vanished as well.

    Then another guy from the UK appeared called Michael Young and attempted to carrying out black mail against Banners Broker as it turned out Imitaz Aslam has taken Kul to meet this guy when he visited Manchester earlier.

    It turned out that Kul had sold all the IC’s that he was the owner with
    Chris Smith working for them as they only had contact with him. He also
    came to light he had given people different bank accounts and siphoned
    millions from all the countries (Ireland, UK, Portugal and India) to
    his personal offshore accounts. Take note BB/Stellarpoint’s Terry Stern
    recently was very happy to try and pass the blame onto Ian Driscoll for
    this but now the truth has come out.

    The funny thing is, Chris Smith let Kul walk away with those millions and also paid him off on top of this, the big question is why, any honest business would go after him using the law and authorities, but they needed to keep him quiet.

    Let me make this clear, everything Kul Josun managed to do was because of the way Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit run BB, like amateurs and allowed their staff to run wild. Any legitimate audit will bring Banners Broker, Raj and Chris to their knees as Kul took millions which they cannot explain. They have never kept detailed records or accounting from day one.

    So Kul Josun is out of the picture and has been silent from then until now when the Whistler dragged his name into the fold and put
    all BB’s problems onto him. Kul is again trying to get BB people into
    several other dubious things with Kulclub ( Very Funny ) and in all
    probability gulible people will get ensnared.

    The funny thing is despite Lieven and Kul removed, Raj Dikshit has taken the power position in running and controlling EVERYTHING, Chris Smith is a yes man who lets Raj control the entire operation through Stellarpoint.

    After Portugal Kul was silent, his team mates Imitaz Aslam, Sharon James, Carol Matthews ect were not. They went around selling their stock (panels) for below BB prices and sold their multiple positions. Imitaz Aslam told everyone BB would be gone by Christmas 2012 as he was working with Kul.

    Eventually Kul lead them all down the garden path getting them to pay for his medical expenses in the UK, joining Sizzle and they realised he played them. Now they tag along with Simon Stepsys and cross-pitch Empower Network which David Hooker allows them to do at UK meetings despite many complaints to him. Then they all get taken out to Canada and get a tour and time with Chris Smith, talk about amateur hour after everything that’s happened …

    Whistler, I hope this has educated you and you see that Chis and BB create their own problems. BB are not a fantastic company nor are the people behind it now, they are outright liars and con men of the highest level who on a daily basis deceive their affiliates and have no regard for them, you only need to look at how many people depend on payments and BB have not made any effort to do them for 5 months now or add multiple payout options, they have limited everyone using silly rules which they change at will without informing people and instructing them to re-read and accept.

    the cancer you speak of are people like

    – Raj Dikshit who controls BB through Stellarpoint
    – Simon Stepsys and all the other conmen selling thousands of panels for cash in hand and making excuses for BB and roping people into BB for their own pure greed
    – Every BB affiliate who can’t use their head and just thinks everything is perfect and awesome

    [09/04/2013 21:47:34] Gregory Long: As for Kul opening his own version of BB, no he is not, he openly spoke
    [10/04/2013 09:24:36] NAME REMOVED: last year about doing portfolio type setup which included Forex deals and selling land and hair brained schemes, Josun has never even succeeded in building a team. He deceived leaders all around the World that he owned BBI and that they were a legitimate company doing advertising and it only started to show all the cracks and discrepancies later, so suspicions were raised and some of those leaders started to realise they had made big mistakes and backed off. The payment crisis with BBI is now at epic proportions with affiliates all over the world being owed serious amounts of money and deeply concerned if or when they will get paid, and the limits imposed on them. So all in all its a complete mess.
    [10/04/2013 09:31:03] NAME REMOVED: What a mess?


    I spoke with Terry Stern Yesterday and this is what he said:

    Payments have been released to both Payza and STP for release to affiliates as scheduled.
    It takes time to move 8 figures through any institution for breakdown and release to affiliates. The withdrawals are registered and released in bulk payments, and it’s in Payza/STP’s hands as to how long it takes to process from there.

    You must also understand, that because the BB card was cancelled ,there was an influx of payment requests which forceably delayed people from getting paid during the normal timeframe.
    It’s congestion to be blunt…so many people requesting soooo many withdrawals, that the system is slowed down…but the funds are released, I’ve seen the paperwork with my own eyes.

    They are made weekly to STP/Payza…the delay is on their end. The problem is that STP has limitations as to how much they will process each week.
    They only push out so much….example: if their limitation is $1 Million/week, and we get $3 Million in requests, then the overflow is delayed at least 1-2 weeks before payments are issued.
    Each week requests are made, so payments then get delayed further and further due to limitations.

    BBI is actively attempting to make better arrangements for quicker payments, but it’s not an easy task nailing down all the details…nor is it quick. Until then, Payza/STP are the options.

  • Re: Payza

    Their limitations on paying out is based on the amounts the corporation has in its account. If BB has 10 mil in its account and requests the 10mil to be dispursed Payza will dispurse it according to the withdrawal requests below.

    Add funds to your e-wallet
    Method (from) Timeframe
    Bank Transfer * 4-6 business days
    Bank Wire 2-4 business days
    Certified Check / Money Order 2 business days
    Credit / Debit Card Instant

    Withdraw funds from your e-wallet
    Method (from) Timeframe
    Bank Transfer * 4-6 business days
    Bank Wire 2-4 business days
    Check 1-3 weeks
    Payza Prepaid Card ** 2-4 business days

    STP withdrawals:
    ACH/EFT Bank Transfer = 3 to 5 business days depending on priority option requested
    Bank Wire = 4 to 6 business days
    VISA / MasterCard = 3 to 5 business days depending on priority option requested
    STPayroll Card = 1 to 3 business days depending on priority option requested
    Cheque = up to 21 days (you must allow time for processing and mail delivery)

  • STP:
    User Agreement
    c. Refunds & Withdrawals of Available Funds – End User has full rights to all funds residing in their account at all times. Funds may be withdrawn by the End User via any of the options appearing in their Member’s Area.
    Once you complete the verification process, you may withdraw a maximum of either $5,000 or $10,000 a day depending on the type of SolidTrust Pay account you have.

    ACH/EFT Bank Transfer = 3 to 5 business days depending on priority option requested
    Bank Wire = 4 to 6 business days
    VISA / MasterCard = 3 to 5 business days depending on priority option requested
    STPayroll Card = 1 to 3 business days depending on priority option requested
    Cheque = up to 21 days (you must allow time for processing and mail delivery)


    <<< Ok folks,

    First off, I apologize for my absence, I've been tasked with improving the customer service and communication side of the copmany, so as you may guess, I'm extremely busy as of late.

    Next, let me address the information contained in the previous post.

    As has already been mentioned, since the BB Card was cancelled, there has been an influx of requests for payments through Payza and STP. This has caused some congestion with regards to getting payments out as promised, resulting in delays pushing past the posted 25 day payment period.

    Mr. Chris Smith has mentioned through the webinars that payments are proceeding, however, the amounts we're requesting take some time to clear the institutions we've requested them from, and take time to clear being released to the payment processors.

    Contacting Payza or STP and asking them when they're going to release the funds isn't going to make things move any faster, nor will they give you a payout date. They release the funds when they've cleared the clearing house. There isn't a bank or financial institution on the planet that will simply take funds and disperse them the day they get them, the funds always require a clearing period. Try moving funds from one bank account to another at a different bank and you'll see yourself, and you aren't moving 7-8 figures like BBI is.

    The only information I have for you, is the same that's already been released through either webinars or through support tickets, and that is, that based on the payment requests we've received and the size of the amounts we're requesting, it's taking longer than usual to process it all and get those requests paid out. I sympathize with everyone who's awaiting their request to be honoured, and I understand how impacting some of these payments are, however, we are currently working on a solution to get everyone paid out faster, it's just that everyone's priorities aren't the same as ours, so it takes time to get these solutions implemented and executed.

    You're going to have to be patient a little while longer. [b]If your request is over 60 days old and you haven't received any notification of payment, please, contact support so they can address it.[/b] With so much going on, and in dealing with 3rd party companies, there are bound to be issues in getting everyone's requests addressed and finalized. I'm personally overseeing the restructuring of the support system with the company, enacting new policies, procedures and communication protocols in order to make the system work better for each one of you. It's going well, but there's still work to do. All I can say is if things keep going, you'll all be much happier in dealing with support very soon, and you'll get more answers when you do.

    We keep asking for it, but please be patient. I won't let you down.

    Thank You.

  • I done that very thing today , i moved money from my current account to another account in a different bank and it was almost instantaneous , so terry stern is lying through his teeth again , what a fuck wit anything this scumbag says your best off taking it for what it is and thats complete at utter bullshite , all he does is insult peoples intelligence with his ( best you don`t go phoning them now ) and his (there isn`t a bank on the planet that will take funds and disperse the same day ) my bank done it today you fucking nimrod . Im sorry about the language but this man must think we are all stupid or something , he knows its a ponzi , he knows the real reason why people are not getting paid but he comes on here and lies , terry stern is a lying scumbag period .

  • Just a small question to Mr Stern: why *should* the affiliates be patient?

    Let me answer that one for you: it’s because you don’t have any money to pay them because you are running a ponzi scheme.

    That’s the simple answer. There is NO money to pay all of you (if any) and there hasn’t been for months.

    Now for all you affiliates, do you get the message? THERE IS NO MONEY!!

    So you, as an affiliate, should *not* be patient any more.

    You should be getting very angry.
    You should be getting angry with your upline who recruited you.
    You should be getting angry enough to REPORT Banners Broker/Stellar Point/Banners Broker International to the relevant financial authorities as well as the police.
    You have been conned.

    Don’t be patient, be angry!

  • Kong indeed in what age does Terry live i wonder …. i transfer all the time money from one account to another did one last week to family in England and another to Spain and like you said it went straight tru ….

    kind regards


  • From my experience in the business world, once funds are wire transferred and received by the target financial institution there is no hold on those funds by the receiving financial institution. The financial institution that does the wire transfer will not transfer the amount without having made sure the funds are from legitimate sources, but once they take the hold off those funds (if there was a hold) they will do the wire transfer and the receiving institution has no reason to hold those funds. My company’s bank has received 8 figures numerous time and no hold was put on the account. The funds were always cleared before the wire transfer.

  • Why has Chris/BB waited 7 months to move money to STP/Payza ? outright liars and conmen, I bet they get their wages paid on time.

  • Terry, you’re a fuckwit.

    No one gives a shit about BB sob stories and fictional “support improvements”
    All the people care about is their INVESTMENT!
    Plain and Simple, truth is BB have no money.
    As Ditto said above, Get Angry, these fuckers need to be caught.
    Clocks Ticking…..

  • Google inside contacts are technical people. They cannot issue a statement as such because (a) Google’s business model is not to “police” the internet, and (b) Google’s in-house lawyers would not approve any such statement when it’s not related to anything major (for example, something like the Chinese government censoring access).

    Our contacts inside Google are several (5-6 people) and they simply laugh when asked about Banners Broker. You have to remember that BB is a scam that does not need the United Nations to issue a warning…. 🙂 Scams are handled by the various fraud investigation units of each country or state… and hence our encouragement for everyone to report BB to their local authorities.

    As for the delays in payments. No need to repeat what everyone said above. BB is bullshitting and some people are in denial and have no choice but to believe the bullshit. Imagine if those affiliates in denial were to finally wake up. It would cause incredible stress and pain to acknowledge that they’ve been taken for a ride, and have lost their money. Ask any psychologist about how humans often choose to remain in denial for as long as possible to avoid the pain and grief of accepting something terrible has happened to them.

    Banners Broker is relying on this human condition… that most of their followers will refuse to accept the truth (or refuse to wake up)… as long as you keep giving them some silly excuses. This is called the Aspirin Treatment. Where the pain from the cancer is huge… and some people simply take pain killers as the cancer spreads and kills them.

    Even if processing funds through the various channels and banks was so slow… think about it… “even if”, then everyone today would be getting paid … with the same delay period of 30 days, 60 days or whatever. But you would have people getting paid daily (each of them having waited the delay period). But the fact is: No One Is Getting Paid.

    The psychology that Banners Broker uses to hand out Aspirin tablets is very subtle. Notice how they always use the expression “handling 7 and 8 figure sums”…. takes time.
    This is actually a subtle way to convince affiliates that millions of dollars are being handled and everyone can win in this lotto!

    In the final analysis: Nothing will ever get rid of the BB scam other than policing authorities shutting them down. Talk is cheap. Let’s all file complaints to our local fraud investigators. Remember, most of these agencies will only take note if you have personally paid $$$ cash to BB. If you are simply a “concerned citizen” it will not have the same impact.

    P.S. Scams are a dime a dozen.

  • I’m shocked that so many of the Banners Brokers IC’s are now jumping ship and immediately involving themselves in other scams, do these people have no shame? What is wrong with them? (Well, appart from being greedy thieves with no moral compass).

    These people cannot plead ignorance, they’re just chasing the bucks. It’s just like mugging vulnerable people online, they really don’t care who their victims are. It saddens me.

  • BB Insider, I got in before all the neg publicity got posted. Terry Stern, I know your mom and she is as big a liar as you are. I hope you get AIDS too

  • Great post TW. 🙂

    Don’t worry. Terry is a Mason….Fucking his mates up the arse is part and parcel of the ceremonials.

  • Dpressed, this is off topic yet it needs sayin. My oldest boy and his friends use to grab beer out of Terry’s dads refrig in their garage. One day my boy and his friends caught Terry screwing his collie in his garage on one of their beer heists.

  • I could do without reading ignorant posts like these last 2.
    They detract from serious discussion of bb’s scam, and are juvenile.

  • I got paid today 115 dollars from 12k pending. Its so clear and has been for some time BB is over, there have no money

  • Partial payments are hitting accounts now, just received $95 , of $700, when balance is paid god knows, maybe another 2 months!!

  • I heard about this “opportunity” from my partner after a colleague had told her about it. They told her it was “something to do with shares” and you had to leave money in for a year before withdrawing anything.
    I was immediately suspicious and my research led me here so I am grateful for all the information which confirmed my suspicions. Thank you.

  • Partial payments are a scam.

    Why ? You monthly fees and traffic packs are still running, so you will never be able to withdrawal everything as it will take months and your accounts will all go into negative.

    It’s a delay tactic for your accounts to stall and after 6 weeks, your negative account is suspended and your money is gone to Chris and Dikshit.

    Only solution is to scam more people into your downlines to keep the fake BB business going.

    BB is gone

  • Scam more people in to your? What the fuck is up with you idiot? BB is gone, the best part of you rolled down your moms legs. Scamming more people in to getting burnt is not the answer. The answer is to go find those two cock suckers, Chris and Dikshit and make them cough up the money. Does anyone know what happened with their BB Master Card? Did they give the $40 bucks back they charged for the thing? What the fuck is a troll?

  • @ TW

    While I agree with you that Raj and Chris should be stopped by authorities and brought to justice, I have to say that if you handed them $235,000 without doing 5 minutes of due diligence (that’s about all it took me to figure out it was a scam) then you are an idiot.

  • ” Does anyone know what happened with their BB Master Card? Did they give the $40 bucks back they charged for the thing?”

    All the money was returned to anyone who did not use their card! ….i’m intersted to see if these partial payments get paid, daily, weekly, monthly, till everything is caught up!…..surely can’t be monthly as they would never catch up!!

  • @KR You’re a fucking idiot for making such a statement. It is punks like you that always talking out of your ass but don’t have a fucking clue what the hell your talking about. I did do my due diligence in checking their asses out. When they first got started there was nothing out there to indicate that BB was a scam. There still isn’t any actual proof that they are a Ponzi. I have seen you running your dick sucker over at real scam too. You think you know something but the only real thing you know is how to run your dick sucker. This morning I received 8 payments of 10k each from BB. They may be on the way out but at least they are paying out something. I am getting all that I can and headed on to the next. I made money with Zeek and I have made money with BB. If I don’t get my full $235,000 out of them, then I wont be crying about it. You’re the kind of dickhead that probably bought in for less than a grand and crying like a bitch because you did not get rich. Get over it punk!

  • Windy, jumping ships is all part of the deal. Everyone knows that deals like BB and Zeek are risky, but if you know how to play the game there are big bucks to be made. BB is not out of it by a long shot. There is still money to be made. With the economy as fucked off as it is, you’ve got to take advantage of whatever you can when you can. As long as the gov don’t give a fuck, why not jump in and ride this dick as long as you can? If you jump in hot and heavy from the start, you will make money. It is the jackoffs who jump in light and late that are doing all the crying. Read the posts here and at real scam. Most of these jackoffs don’t have a fucking clue on how to make money with these deals. Most of these cry babies don’t have a reason to complain, they just cry like bitches because they got nothing better to do with themselves.

  • Windy, take the example Finch as given us here. He got in early on the BB dick and has rode its interest for all it is worth. He’s making money selling his programs and building his sites worth. I can’t wait to see what dick he rides next, because I will be sure to invest in it. Way to fucking go Finch.

  • I think TW is a very good example of the typical serial scamer. No scruples, no conscience, no manners and most likely very little education. I can imagine him (and his kind) acting cordial and charming (fake tan, fake smile,big gold watch type) when snaring new victims. But here, under the mantle of anonymity he can drop his mask. There is no point to talk to him about anything. Let him rant and rave, best is to not even read his stuff.

  • I repeat: the only solution for the partial payments, is to scam more people into BB.

    But I’m not taking that path. Only real scammers would take that path to rescue their own withdrawals. I already gave up BB months ago. I’m just breakeven, one of my downline has lost 1/3 of the seed money, the other two were never paid by BB.

    The losses go into the thousands of $.

  • @ TW

    First of all I never joined BB. A friend of mine did and did not listen to me after I did the 5 min. of DD .

    It is morons like you that are proud of stealing from others to make a buck.I stand by what I said that it shouldn’t take very long to figure out that anybody promoting an opportunity to double your money without working in a short time with no product (virtual doesn’t count, just like your virtual money you can’t cash) is probably a scam. To still doubt that BB is a Ponzi shows you don’t know the definition of Ponzi. Let me give it to you once more: a business that pays its current members/affiliates from the proceeds of new recruits is a Ponzi scheme. Don’t even bother telling me that BB earns millions from selling ad space and impressions because there is no proof of that. Your coloured panels are not proof of anything. What is proof that BB is a scam is the many people not getting paid and delayed over and over again. I also know Raj from his previous scam which was ordered to cease operating in Canada because it was deemed a Ponzi scheme.

    Companies like BB, Zeek and others like it exist because there are thieves like you that suck in people who can least afford it. That is why you go after countries such as Cyprus. Pathetic. I really do hope you lose your $235,000 and then some.

  • Been down the debating route on here moths ago. Waste of time. Abuse is the only way forward for all the pointificating self righteous cocksuckers and cunts who don’t think it’s appropriate to call Terry Stern a dog arse bandit of the lowest order.

    Fuck you all. Fuck you all to hell.

  • @ TW

    “I made money with Zeek and I have made money with BB. If I don’t get my full $235,000 out of them, then I wont be crying about it.”

    OK what is it, you either made money with BB or you didn’t. If you haven’t got your $235K back yet (if you even had that to invest in BB, which I seriously doubt) then you didn’t make any money! Until you get it back and then some YOU DIDN’T MAKE ANY MONEY!!!

  • “This morning I received 8 payments of 10k each from BB. They may be on the way out but at least they are paying out something”

    And that is you done here. No one has received any payments since the cards were scrapped, even then the card payments were weeks overdue. The only payments people received today were $90 – $120 regardless of their total owed amount whether $100 or $100,000.

    No company bank wires were done either, hence why the big fish are now in talks as they are owed hundreds of thousands which BB refuse to pay and pay in the time frames they give in their “legally binding document”.

  • Hello all.

    A quotation from the latest webinar, Mr Chris Smith speaking. Full text is on the BB Iceland Facebook page.

    “First is the partial payouts with STP. there will be some partial payouts for Payza. this is something we’ve talked about on the webinars. Because of the limitations we do have sending large amounts country to country, we now have a large number of affiliates across the world. In order to faciliate that, while we’re looking to the long term solution in terms of our payouts. We do have something in place that we will be showing you very soon.

    If you’re wondering about the amount, it will be 90 to 150 for STP and Payza for this run. It will be based on a calculation. Some people with a small withdrawal will have the full amount paid. Larger withdrawals will be up to $150 for now, for the next couple of runs, then we will be able to clear this all up.

    Back office it will show partial payout. This explains why and how this is happening. ”

    Here is the link to that page:-

    I think this should settle how much people have got paid, don’t you? Facebook pages and the MMG site are full of people reporting partial payments from BB.

    Kind regards

  • You are correct Della Cate.
    Anyone who has tried to withdraw, has received only a fraction of what they expected, despite some of the outlandish claims from bb supporters.
    It is my belief that some of the poster who are supposedly opposed to bb, are in reality BB trolls. We have experienced it over on realscam in the past. Remember Max? I think he has surfaced here.
    They pose as anti bb. Then go on to post inflammatory provocative or obscene tirades. With the object of disrupting the discussion, and bringing the forum into disrepute.
    The best way to deal with trolls is to delete their comments and ignore them.
    Responding to them is falling into their agenda.

  • So in the past 3 months, Simon Stepsys, Bruce Lamb, Jamie Waters, Ian Waterfield, Mark Stokes, Mark Ghobril, Soozi Scoones, Duncan Wood, Richard Maude, Martin Wild, Imran Nauth and every other shill.

    ALL of them earned only $117 each for 3 months of work … despite their wild claims of thousands each week in earnings.

    If any of them read this, you better start being vocal on the problems, stop making excuses for BB and STOP getting new people to join up. You will be Chris and Raj’s scapegoats .. trust me on that there will be no excuse for you as all the smart people went quiet before Christmas and when 2.9 changes were announced.

  • They payed 90 dollers into my stp account today , but it’s going to cost 40 to get it out and by the time you convert that back into GBP i’ll be lucky to have enough for a pint l ,

  • Is their any way of someone publishing a link into talking bb as I was banned for not being compliant and would like to see them squirm.

  • Mark, who banned you ? or rather who were the “admins” at the time of banning.

  • Soozie and iansherrif, they were the two Gruppenfuhers on there at the time. I was told I was non compliant. The Nazis had lower levels of censorship.

    It was the blind faith which prompted me to dig deeper and well that’s when I realized it was a Ponzi.

  • So, the partial payment BB affiliates. How’s that working for you???

    Wonder how much – sorry, little – you will get next month, and the month after that and so on?

    Oh dear. Never mind.

  • @ TW

    “This morning I received 8 payments of 10k each from BB. They may be on the way out but at least they are paying out something.”

    You got $80,000? Are you sure it wasn’t $80.00? That would be in line with what everybody else received. Since you appear to have a problem with placement of your decimal points your investment was probably $235.00 not $235,000.00 as you claim.

  • Mark, we are the ones laughing now, for all their shilling for BB and wrong doings against open thinkers, they just earned $117 for 3 months work. They can post all the silly business quotes and sayings, screen captures of their total traffic or total earnings but at the end of the day they just got paid the equivalent of £20 a month, pathetic people.

  • Rumbles in the jungle..
    PAID-PARTIAL NOTIFICATIONS now seen in back office
    MEMBERS SEEING NO FUNDS IN STP …even tho they had email of funds released to stp
    MEMBERS SEEING AROUND A $10 SHORTFALL IN RECEIVED eg email states $96 BB Office says $106….with responses like ” BUT WHOSE COUNTING”

  • Jerry:

    Your ‘belief’ is a crock of shit. It is perfectly reasonable to hate the cunts who run BB and to hate the cunts who talk shit about the people who hate the cunts who run BB.

    So fuck off back up your crack cuntface.

  • P.S.

    I expect someone will fall into some sort of agenda in response, but it won’t be mine, you steaming piece of dogshit. 😉

  • Can you believe Duncan woods is running meeting in Manchester promoting BB.

    Is this so he can get more money in so he can his out.

    He arrives at the meeting in a DB9 which mugs like me have paid for. Stop this guy promoting BB

  • Duncan Wood is scum, the fact he promotes BB and is trying to con people in with all the issues and problems is disgusting and makes him a valid target. People are getting desperate and whilst Chris and Co hide in Canada, Duncan and Co are within reach for every UK person who has been cheated.

    It’s funny how Duncan Wood is doing another business currently also, I guess he isn’t so confident in BB behind the scenes.

  • If the DB9 is true, then he has engaged in money laundering and tax evasion supported by Banners Broker. no one for 7 months has received any large payments over a few thousand dollars that happened in January.

    Duncan went to the Ireland event to complain about HIS non payments, not his teams as well .. Raj and Chris wrote him a cheque for $70k and made a big PR stunt over it. Apparently he was in debt and splashed out on a holiday so needed this money and BB were delaying payments.

    Since then to now, at best he has had a few thousand, which means he is still signing people up directly off him, they give him cash directly and he transfers them panels.

    This would explain why he is one of the most vocal shills to this day despite the business crashing down and he is happy to doing public meetings and trick people into BB without giving them the full facts.

    David Hooker stopped Simon Stepsys doing panels for cash in hand last month, yet many others are still engaging in this.

    Duncan has put many screen captures of his accounts earnings online so has practically handed anyone pure gold evidence when it comes to information the tax evasion hotline. Cheers Scammer Wood


    Tech Updates
    STP Withdraw Log Error
    April 14, 2013, 8:38 pm

    Please note that an error in recording the withdraw logs has been made and you may see the wrong STP account in your withdraw log. Keep in mind that this is only a log error that will be fixed in the next few hours and doesn’t affect actual payouts.

    (from the BB website)

  • From MMG

    “Even more laughable Stros, the big shots are still publicly supporting BB and happily accept it, even though they just got paid $117 for 3 months of work … so much for the “millionaires”. Stepsys and others can mock a regular 9-5 job all they want and working for someone else, but that person just earned more in one day than the “millionaires” did in 3 months … I must stop laughing before I damage some ribs.”

  • @ BBinsider, you don’t go into a Porsche garage and buy a BRAND new 911 for £92K to sell on lol.

    He sold his BMW M3 and bought the Porsche. The point of the post was to show the house the people that know him see him in the Porsche daily.

  • Why should BB pay anyone if this person keeps promoting BB:

    BB Changing people’s lives around the world!
    Date: Thursday 25th April 2013
    Please note this is a PRIVATE presentation for anyone in Duncan Woods team only!
    Do not promote this event to any channels or people outside this team they will not be allowed in.

    Registration: 7pm
    Presentation: 7.30pm prompt start
    Guest Speaker: Duncan Wood Top Income Earner!!!
    Following the presentation receive training tips from Duncan Wood with tips on how to explode your business !!

    St John Ambulance

    Brierley Hill Division HQ,Bent Street,Brierley Hill,West Midlands.DY5 1RB

    NB:Please call Craig Casey 07966 494909 for more information

  • @Harry: Love the name of the venue, St John Ambulance. Poor Duncan may need one, depending on who turns up!

  • Stepsys did buy a new car, how ?

    He sold his old one to his useful idiot Keith Lambert. He has sold thousands of dollars worth of panels to new people joining BB for cash in hand, he has other cons going on for him besides BB.

    The registered address for him is a mail address, multiple low level people who he has scammed have attempted to serve him legals to that address with no luck.

    As for Duncan Woods meeting, he is scum and should be locked up for trying to drag unsuspecting people into the trap that is Banners Broker when he just made $120 for 3 months work.

  • Stepsys’ real address is on RS – his common-law wife helpfully left the location services turned on on her phone when she made an “at home” post on Facebook 😉

  • @ True Story, I can guarantee that address is Stepsys home address and not a mailing address.

  • Just found this recent posting:

    1) BB takes 15 working days(excluding Saturdays and Sundays) for processing and after approval it takes additional 10 working days for the amount to be credited in your account. Also payments are done only in first and third week of a month. During the process and approval period the affiliate need to maintain the minimum monthly commitment in their e-wallet. for example if an affiliate is a standard member and he has one traffic pack then he should maintain minimum $67.50 in his e-wallet until he receives his payout.
    2) Because of the limitations we have while sending large amounts country to country and also we now have a large number of affiliates across the world. In order to facilitate that, we’re looking to the long term solution in terms of our payouts. Some people with a small withdrawal will have the full amount paid. Larger withdrawals will be up to $150 for now, for the next couple of runs, then we will be able to clear this all up in the next STP run.
    3) If an affiliate fails to maintain his account at the time of making a withdrawal request or goes into insufficient balance in the processing time, then the made request will not be processed.
    4) BB is not getting earning from advertising. All revenue is generated from the publisher.
    5) Currently we don’t have any updates regarding the Indian bank option but our co-operate team is working hard to get it stabilized as soon as possible. and once it is done it will be highlighted on your dashboard.
    6) BB is in the state of having more than 300,000 affiliates around 180 countries, so you need not worry about failure of BB in long term.


    BB team.

  • hi crhis and all bb team i just want to thank you for bb and all the hard work dont listen to all those nigative coment from people who dasent have anithing better to do .let them be yeleus they will never have the chance with bb .i would like to tel this guys .i was going throe a financial problem if it wasent for bb i would be in serious problem .i can say keep up the hard work and all this negative blogs only is going to make bb stronger .thank you again best regard pablo,

  • @diann..thanks for you tube post! I only lasted for two mins. That was enough. What an odious, horrible arrogant prick of a man! At least he is on camera saying he has reeled in SEVENTEEN people!

  • “6) BB is in the state of having more than 300,000 affiliates around 180 countries, so you need not worry about failure of BB in long term.”

    That is exactly why affiliates need to worry about BB failing. In order to pay existing affiliates just what is owed already, BB needs to recruit a minimum of 60,000 new members at $500 each just to pay members an average of $100 this month. I had this from a BB insider that BB recruited a mere 10,000 in March and I take it most of them are in Cyprus (I doubt they paid an average of $500 each).

    The growth required to feed the members is too large for the company to achieve so the only alternative is to shut it down as the problem just gets bigger every month.

  • Well Simon septic Stepsys is en route to Chicago right now. Recruitment drive for his next get rich scheme. Wherever his house is, Im sure it wont be hard to find him when bb finally sinks below the waves.
    I must say I disagree with the comparisons with him and Dell boy Trotter. Yes simon is a bling flasher, but Poor old Dell had a good heart. Septic Stepsys is just slimey, without shame or conscience.

  • I received a tip that the SEC are indeed investigating BB in Canada, Canadian affiliates had a message when logging in saying something like.

    – BB are working with the SEC who are conducting an audit, we are working closely with them to remain compliant. –

    Canadian affiliates have also received calls asking them :

    What do they know about BB
    When they joined and with how much
    Can they explain how it works

    Explains why MC dropped BB, explains why payments have gone to shit for months now, explains the $120 partial payments to keep up appearances.

    The funny thing is, Chris has never mentioned this investigation or informed the other countries apparently.

  • Diann, I agree with Harrison – thank you for a very telling video. The only comment attached to it also speaks volumes.


  • Over on the BB Network Facebook page, we have this:-

    New BB Rule
    If your e-wallet is in negative
    1 You cannot withdraw money
    2 You cannot buy any panels/packages
    3 You cannot transfer any panels/packages
    4 You will not get paid
    5 You cannot qualify panels
    BB can not run a business in a negative so they are implementing these changes to ensure we manage our accounts more effectively to stop us going into the negative. Remember This Real Business So Please Treat As One.

  • And also this (BB Netwrok FB page):-

    “When one takes into account the huge level of worldwide growth that BB have experienced, facing head on all the varying compliance issues from around 170 countries, BB deserve some positive support from us members. Being in its 3rd year is still early days for such a global business and there are going to be set backs and issues along the way, just like any business but on a much larger and more complex scale.

    Just running an ordinary bricks and mortar business creates problems and challenges everyday, no matter how carefully one plans, so imagine growing something on the scale of BB where on top of this there’s a small percentage of affiliates who manage to screw everything up by constantly complaining, which in turn causes more headaches and set backs for the company along with the other members that do understand its a business and not a do nothing get rich quick scheme. If the time spent complaining was put into flooding the net with the positives of BB, imagine how much difference it would make to all our BB accounts. Watch this youtube video by another member, then decide either to get behind the company or go and find that get rich quick scheme. Your choice.”


    Makes you wonder why on earth they want them…..

  • @Della…I read posts from BB now and all I read is blah, blah, blah waffle and crap. 101 ways to say the same thing in a way that people STILL don’t undersatnd!

  • …one thing has stood out through lol 170 countries? So thats 107 police forces that will be after them then lol

  • Harrison – well, there’s only 196 (I think) countries in the World, so where DON’T they operate?

    It’s all a load of rubbish, if you ask me. As you so rightly say, waffle and crap!

  • Good point Della…but then ‘counting’ isn’t one of BB’s strong points is it lol

  • 170 countries yet Banners Broker is compliant in, registered, audited …….. 0 ZERO

    Oh the funny BB faithful people and their silly parroting off Hooker and Co statements.

  • There is two parts to this?

    1. Some affiliates can big the biggest pains in the ass. Especially the ones that want to get rich quick. These are the people that want to make money quick, for no effort, and when it doesn’t go their way start screaming and shouting. And the reason why these scams/ponzi start up is because of people like them.

    Plenty of legit opportunities that can make people good money if they put some effort in ( effort, work = too much hassle for some!)

    2. Companies like Banners blaming affiliates is a classic. Setting up a ponzi they should know the problems that they will occur. Soon as payments are late (paying people on time is the most important part of business online) people get uneasy, which has happened, then they lose payment processor mastercard. They can’t just throw millions of dollars in to Solid Trust and Payza, in a few days, it isn’t that easy due to money laundering regs (they should have known this) had a back up plan in case they had problems. I have seen so many of these opportunities go the same way and I can’t understand the “DUMB” ass owners not seeing what happened to previous opportunities and learn from it, if they want to keep their ponzi’s going.

    Although 2-3 years is the usual life span for these.

    Zeek Rewards had the same problem with payment processors, then they started blaming affiliates. Then BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

  • Just one thing Jane. Your second point assumes that they have the millions to throw into the processors but regulations don’t allow it. This is untrue. Even if regulations allowed, they do not have the money required to pay out people.
    The money is GONE.

  • A month ago I requested $600 (-$11) withdrawal to STP. Checking my withdrawal log it says a partial payment of $115 has been sent to someone else’s STP account. I have sent a support ticket to BB to ask for the remainder to be returned to my ewallet. I’ll wait and see if this happens and whether the $115 gets to my STP account.

  • You might like to follow this advice…To get your money back.. The banks or credit card company’s have a legal term called “Charge Back”…

    .I’m very pleased to confirm that I have requested a chargeback through Visa based on the fact that Banners Broker provided a “service very significantly not as advertised” and I also mentioned to them that I was very concerned that this could be a Ponzi scheme. They carried out their own investigation and I waited the required 30 days (in fact it has been a bit less than that) while they did so. Today, the gave me a full refund including any interest incurred as a result of the transaction. I will state that I was within the 120 days chargeback timeframe and I provided them with all the evidence I had..

  • @Arthur…’chargeback’ has had significant success and is widely publicised on all the major FB pages. Many people are now seeing results and it is great that so many are spreading the word!

    @Alexw..yes RS seem to be having a major DDOS attack. They are obviously doing some good to upset so many bad people!

  • Ref the new BB rules:

    If your e-wallet is in negative
    1 You cannot withdraw money
    2 You cannot buy any panels/packages
    3 You cannot transfer any panels/packages
    4 You will not get paid
    5 You cannot qualify panels

    So in summary, they are asking existing affiliates to invest more money (or recruit) to get their own virtual money out.

    Some one really should make a film about the Banners Broker story….

  • @Dave: Regarding, your film comment; it would suggest that this is a rare event. There are hundreds of these cyclers started every month. BB is not the phenomenon you think.

  • BB Ponzi Facebook page :

    And this just in from the UK:

    “As we all know Simon wasn’t present at the UK event (Manchester) on the Sunday, was he ill people are saying, no one knows.

    No he wasn’t, he in fact got caught cross pitching people for Empower Network on the Saturday and was told not to attend the event on Sunday.

    Prior to his con men group trip to Stellarpoint warehouse (in February) he got reported to David Hooker for pitching Empower Network at UK meetings by Duncan Wood.

    He then had a tour around the Stellarpoint warehouse and 1 hour of Chris Smith’s time, despite Chris not even wanting to give them 10 minutes as he knows how vile these people are, but as we all know Rajiv Dikshit is the boss behind the scenes.

    Just recently David Hooker stopped Simon Stepsys using BB as a tool for tax evasion despite he has done this for a year now. A person new to BB was planning to wire Simon 100k to his offshore account, Simon and 4 other people below him would then pass panels to a combined value of 100k down to this new person 5 levels below Simon. This is how Simon has made so much from BB whilst everyone has to wait around for Banners Broker to do even a $100 partial payment every 3 months. Mean while Simon has more money to spend than BB has paid out to any single affiliate in the past 7 months, because he recruits new people with misleading information and sells them his panels.

    Ask yourselves why Simon is still allowed to be in Banners Broker after all these violations and other people have their accounts taken away for far less.”

  • @ True Story

    What I ask myself is why Simon (aka this piece of stuff you tread in) has not yet been reported to the police for fraud and to HMRC for tax evasion and avoidance as I would bet he’s not paid tax for a very very long time.

    Someone do us all a favour and drop him right in it? Thanks.


  • Ref the new BB rules:

    If your e-wallet is in negative
    1 You cannot withdraw money
    2 You cannot buy any panels/packages
    3 You cannot transfer any panels/packages
    4 You will not get paid
    5 You cannot qualify panels

    So in summary, they are asking existing affiliates to invest more money (or recruit) to get their own virtual money out.

    No…they are only asking those affiliates to pay more in, who have put in too little real money to grow their virtual money at the rate they need it to in order to stay in credit.

    Why should people get paid when they have less than nothing in their E-Wallet? They’re idiots for committing themselves to traffic packs/subscriptions which can’t be funded by panel completions. Simple mathematics has eluded them in their greedy quest to make a virtual million.

    At least this way, those who have managed their accounts without a ‘get rich quick’ mentality have been getting some of their money back. It’s still shit, but it’s better than rewarding morons who have to throw good money after bad into the pot if they want any hope of getting straight.

    As for you Ditto Ditto….still here I see, doing fuck about anything other than tell others to do it for you!…Bollocks to that.

    P.S. None of the above precludes Finch from being an utter cunt.

  • This is the response to by support ticket.

    Hello Kathryn,

    Thank you for submitting your support ticket.

    Please be advised that as per the website – ‘Please note that an error in recording the withdraw logs has been made and you may see the wrong STP account in your withdraw log. Keep in mind that this is only a log error that will be fixed in the next few hours and doesn’t affect actual payouts.’
    This is an error log with the transactions, and this will not effect you in receiving your full payout.

    We are aware that you may have received a partial payment to your STP account, and not the entire amount that was requested. At this time we are working on the STP delayed payouts. In order to release payouts we have to release them in partial increments until they have been paid out entirely. Bare in mind the fact that this is only until this has been caught up, and we hope to be caught up again as quickly as possible. This is unfortunately the only solution at this time. We are aware of the delays and frustrations this has caused and are working to provide more consistent payouts in the future. Please also be aware that the partial payout may have a different transaction ID # then the one that is listed in your withdrawal logs, please do not be alarmed as this is not your full transaction and thus will display a new transaction ID#.

    We would like to further confirm that you will receive your entire requested withdrawal shortly, we ask that you remain patient with us while we work on this. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated at this time. We are thoroughly apologetic for any difficulties these delays have caused you, please understand that fixing this issue is our number one concern.

    BB Team.

    Doesn’t fill me with confidence. Sounds like a fob-off.

  • Its amazing that a cash rich, recession proof company such a Banners Broker continiues to have these problems when paying out:

    “completely self funding”
    “Banners Broker shares its profits with its members”
    “Banners Broker is a recession proof business opportunity”
    “You do NOT need to refer”
    “Banner Broker system is completely automated”
    “sit back and reap the rewards”
    “There is NO limit to the potential earnings”

    WAKE UP JO SPENCER! – On your 4Networking page you are still telling people BB are endorsed by Mastercard !!!

    Shame on you.

  • Doing partial payments will never catch them up, each week everyone is logging another $2,500 to STP. Whilst they just did $100 for the past 4 weeks, everyone was able to log a total of $10,000.

  • Where is BB going to get the money from to catch up? Since they have already conned people into parting with their hard earned money in supposedly 170 of 196 countries in the world they are going to have to go to countries that are worse off than Cyprus. i.e. Congo, Liberia, Ethiopia, etc. to steal the money to pay off the BB “millionaires”.

    BB signed up 10,000 in March and that was just enough to pay some members a small percentage of what they requested. It is literally impossible for BB to catch up on affiliates payment requests let alone pay them what they think they have in their virtual account.

  • Since it would appear that BB is going down the tubes, and only prolonging their demise through partial partial payments, you would love this bit of news that I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to know about.

    I was at the UK gala event that these turds held and decided to do a little investigation of my own into what they were up to and where they went. Funny little things I found out about how they spend OUR money they say they can’t pay us.

    >> While they were in the UK recently, talking about delays in payments etc, did you know that the night they left the gala, instead of going straight back to their hotel (The Hilton) they went to Taboo – The Circle Club and rang up a bar bill nearly $16,000 in size in the VIP room? They were spotted going there Sunday night as well, and again dropped considerable amounts of our cash on more booze, and what comes with booze? That’s right, women. They left and went back to their hotel, however, since I’m a no good scoundrel, I have friends in low places, and what did my little peepers see going into the hotel escorted by their security people? Some of Manchester’s most notorious ladies of the eve. So, while we’re waiting for panels to cap and get paid, they’re ‘gettin some’ on our dime!

    I figured it was worth sitting on and use to blackmail them into paying me out fully should things go sour, but it’s too good to keep to myself, I had to share. These twatwads really need to be dragged out and beaten and seen for what they really are.

    Chris Smith and Rajiv Dickshit face it, you’ve been caught and now you’re going to be tarred and feathered for the bullshit you’ve been serving all of us. Now people know just what “integrity” you really have. Piss on BB I’m not getting shit from them now, so I’m asking everyone that can to write in and call those cocksuckers out and make them explain themselves. No doubt in my mind BB is a ponzi now!!! If you’re still thinking of getting involved with these pricks, you deserve to lose every cent they get from you, or hire yourself out as a hooker, at least that way you’ll know you’re getting paid for getting fucked!

  • @ Ima:

    Whilst I’m no BB apologista, you know the old saying – pics or it didn’t happen 😉

  • +1 For you Theseus.
    BB have always been a scam. And every step on their journey has been documented, and can be authenticated.
    We dont need to make up stuff to show that bb is a ponzi.
    If it was true, I’m sure you would have brought a camera. Or even a phone. Lets have the proof then Ima.

  • well bb stitches up members even more. CANT WITHDRAW UNLESS E WALLET CARRIES THE FULL TOTAL OF MONTHLY COMMITTMENT AFTER 1500 monthly subs, you must have 1500 remaining in ewallet after your withdraw

    DESIGNED TO BRING NEW MONEY IN now we have the exact same system in place when it comes to buying new panels, whereas b4 we could buy any number of panels from ewallet,roll up and qualify. but all that stops and yet another delay tactic is put in place, as we now have to wait for ewallet to contain enough funds so members can buy the bb product [lol] making withdraw request go even further back

  • Pic’s Ima, then we can take the fuckers to the cleaners.

    However if had them you would be using them by know?

  • Ima, you just discredited yourself. Anyone with even an average level of insider knowledge about Chris and Raj know both families are very very religious (now this doesn’t mean they aren’t scammers). They know that both their families follow them to every event, Portugal, Ireland, UK

    I mean really, when others and myself go out of our ways to find the hidden stuff which wouldn’t find the light of day to help people out, like the pay offs, fighting and hidden secrets at head office. Then people like you come along with BS which just makes everything drop a level.

  • I think all we need to focus on is…

    Banners Broker is a Ponzi – period.

    It will be forced to closed down or they will just pull the plug.

    It is irrelevant what IMA says true or untrue.

    Banners is a scam a ponzi a rip off!

  • This is one of the main players in BB UK.. This woman is a real bitch and has helped to rip lots and lots of the UK public off with false promises of get rich quick Banners broker !!
    The police should investigate this one .. regularly draws out 50 k a month


    This from the ‘POSITIVE ROOM’ BB

    Remember the good old days when you could read in here about people earning a fortune and panels capping not to mention new recruits joining every day. Oh and I almost forgot, people getting paid too. Ahhh what happy times they were.

    [10:43:38] johnedgington1956: When if at all will those days return, I was planning to retire in June on my birthday but I don’t think I will risk that now, I would like more than $150 a week to live off.
    [10:44:54] johnedgington1956: Come on Chris and team, look after your faithful flock before we become the faithful few.
    [10:48:15] johnedgington1956: WE WANT (cash) NOT ;(
    [10:50:32] Jane Fulton: Lol – I feel your pain John! At my measly $117 a week it will take rather a long time to pay me back the $43K they owe – ha ha!
    [10:51:33] Steve Goodwin: Seems a daft time to have a moan John – At least wait until today’s Q & A update – Let’s see what Chris has to say this week before we succumb to our feelings of despair!
    [10:55:50] johnedgington1956: I have heard it all before, he would be better off selling balloons with all the hot air that comes out of the H.O. I will stop moaning when I have nothing to moan about, we have all bitten our tongues for long enough now, we have run out of ‘Next week next week next week’ excuses. TIME FOR ACTION FROM THE TOP if they want to stop the ROT.
    [10:58:37 | Edited 10:59:01] johnedgington1956: I as many of you have all suffered the sly remarks from family and friends that it is ‘to good to be true’ and that it won’t last etc etc. I just hope that BB can and will prove them all wrong, I have had enough egg on my face in the past and I don’t need any more.
    [11:06:23] davidtree05: Hi John, I share your’e frustration, I sent a ticket in with a suggestion to be considered by support, re- solving the current dilemna, got a response which totally ignored my suggestion, maybe this is the only way to convey how we feel, I am sure these chats are monitored, put it this way I certainly would be doing so if I were an executive wanting feed back from my affiliates, I think it is a very important way of feeling the pulse, as you say come on Chris and Co. give us some tangible info, better still action.
    [13:28:43] sheree.lloyd1: I feel humilated at the moment because of all the people that I have worked my backside off to get them and train them into BB over the last 10 months………now what do I tell them ? Just hope BB comes through dont sippose they will be selling many tickets for Canada I was so looking forward to going there and have worked towards it (facepalm)

    Well finally looks like realisation as hit the Positive  Room, don’t see themselves removing each other for being negative and no snide comments what a difference a few months without pay makes!!!

  • Ironically it was John Edington that was boasting on BBdealers facebook page that his account was over $27,000 He was posting pictures of his BB card along with wads of cash. Hopefully he’ll ask Jo Spencer for that 100% money back gaurantee.

  • “[11:06:23] davidtree05: Hi John, I share your’e frustration, I sent a ticket in with a suggestion to be considered by support, re- solving the current dilemna, got a response which totally ignored my suggestion, maybe this is the only way to convey how we feel, I am sure these chats are monitored, put it this way I certainly would be doing so if I were an executive wanting feed back from my affiliates, I think it is a very important way of feeling the pulse, as you say come on Chris and Co. give us some tangible info, better still action.”

    David Tree, one of the millionaires …. who Mark Stokes promotes along with Ian Waterfield who also claims to be a millionaire. All have youtube videos stating this.

  • Friday Q & A Webinar

    Chris Smith speaking:

    Hello, this is Chris Smith for your Friday Q&A webinar.


    One, we have a new negative ewallet balance rule. Just to clarify, what happens is if you have a negative balance you cannot qualify panels. If you are below your monthly commitment, your monthly threshold, let’s say your monthly is $500, so you cannot go below that. What’s new is, you can buy a package with the money. If you are below your threshold, you can “transfer” that package, but you cannot transfer panels if you are below threshhold. This is bevause it was not fair to make the new member wait because your ewallet was too low.

    Transferring panels. You cannot transfer panels to an account where there is no active package. You always need to have a package first before you can have panels.

    2.9 introduced 4 streams of qualification. So now, if it’s a purchased panel and you lock it, your inviter gets a sales credit. Now, your inviter will always get a sales credit no matter how that newly purchased panel is qualified.
    This is another change.

    Balance on BB Card: Most took all the money off the card. Smaller amounts were left on the card. As of yesterday, those balances were put into your eWallet. For people who received this, there is an acknowledgement page. Vector needs to know that you know you got your money back.

    Alot of talk on the 1/3 traffic pack rule. The original date was April 1st. During March there were times we had some challenges. So we thought the timing was not right to introduce the new rule. However, we have listened to all the feedback, and we are re-evaluating that rule. It is now still on for May 1st, but we are looking for alternatives for that rule! It is not currently in place, and before it goes live, “if” it does go live, we will make an announcement. End of the month we will let you know. Thank you for all the feedback.

    We have a new feedback and comment page in your back office. You can provide any comments, suggestions, broken links. We are definitely listening to you. We want you to speak out. We want your comments. Lots of events coming up in Ireland. If you are in Ireland, please come to those event. Lorenzo will be there, he will be continuing on the BB tour. I will join him in Poland, and we are looking forward to it. Please look at the event page and attend if you can. The Big Event in Niagara Falls this summer. If you need a letter of qualification to come to Canada, please let us know and we will provide that. Make sure you book your flights, and accommodations early.

    David Hooker:

    To all the Irish afffiliates, make sure you get everyone you can to the Ireland events with Lorenzo. The Poland event will be around 1,000 people. If you have an contacts in Ireland or Poland, please let them know about the events.

    The tickets to Niagara are going very fast. This will definitely be one of the largest events ever for BB. This will be exciting. This event will be full of training – many training packages released on Saturday. Chris and Raj will be sharing their visions for the future. Information session on Friday night are always powerful. Tremendous amount going on for this event, big plans!! Please attend if you can.

    Chris Speaking:

    Payouts: There was an STP partial payout last week. The next payout for STP will be the beginning of May. We want to do these as often as possible, but we need to move money into STP, and then the payouts are done instantly. The delay is not STP, it is the banking system sending money across.

    Payza payout is scheduled to happen today.. Partial payout. Good news with Payza, that one will be larger, as there were less payouts pending to Payza. Please check your Payza info in your back office.

    Additional items:

    We have cleaned up the dashboard. We have a news page, with news archives. Webinar schedule.

    Some people are asking for the updates and new rules to be posted. All updates are there. You must go there and read it. Most people just bypass the NEWS ARCHIVE section of your account. Please use it and read it. WE have a Twitter account, a Blogsspot, dashboard and webinars, please use these communication tools.

    All I have covered today is on your dashboard under News Archives..


    Alot of repeat questions. We’ve talked about updates, payouts, the 1/3, 2/3 rule, Niagara Falls. Most of the questions were about those things.

    Please visit and tune in and stay in touch.

    Let’s rock BB.. Sales for BB are up quite a bit. We are having a 7 Week High right now. Guys, thank you so much. Have a great weekend.

    (end of webinar)


    Friday 19 April 2013 Q & A Webinar

    Chris Smith speaking:

    Hello, this is Chris Smith for your Friday Q&A webinar.


    One, we have a new negative ewallet balance rule. Just to clarify, what happens is if you have a negative balance you cannot qualify panels. If you are below your monthly commitment, your monthly threshold, let’s say your monthly is $500, so you cannot go below that. What’s new is, you can buy a package with the money. If you are below your threshold, you can “transfer” that package, but you cannot transfer panels if you are below threshhold. This is bevause it was not fair to make the new member wait because your ewallet was too low.

    Transferring panels. You cannot transfer panels to an account where there is no active package. You always need to have a package first before you can have panels.

    2.9 introduced 4 streams of qualification. So now, if it’s a purchased panel and you lock it, your inviter gets a sales credit. Now, your inviter will always get a sales credit no matter how that newly purchased panel is qualified.
    This is another change.

    Balance on BB Card: Most took all the money off the card. Smaller amounts were left on the card. As of yesterday, those balances were put into your eWallet. For people who received this, there is an acknowledgement page. Vector needs to know that you know you got your money back.

    Alot of talk on the 1/3 traffic pack rule. The original date was April 1st. During March there were times we had some challenges. So we thought the timing was not right to introduce the new rule. However, we have listened to all the feedback, and we are re-evaluating that rule. It is now still on for May 1st, but we are looking for alternatives for that rule! It is not currently in place, and before it goes live, “if” it does go live, we will make an announcement. End of the month we will let you know. Thank you for all the feedback.

    We have a new feedback and comment page in your back office. You can provide any comments, suggestions, broken links. We are definitely listening to you. We want you to speak out. We want your comments. Lots of events coming up in Ireland. If you are in Ireland, please come to those event. Lorenzo will be there, he will be continuing on the BB tour. I will join him in Poland, and we are looking forward to it. Please look at the event page and attend if you can. The Big Event in Niagara Falls this summer. If you need a letter of qualification to come to Canada, please let us know and we will provide that. Make sure you book your flights, and accommodations early.

    David Hooker:

    To all the Irish afffiliates, make sure you get everyone you can to the Ireland events with Lorenzo. The Poland event will be around 1,000 people. If you have an contacts in Ireland or Poland, please let them know about the events.

    The tickets to Niagara are going very fast. This will definitely be one of the largest events ever for BB. This will be exciting. This event will be full of training – many training packages released on Saturday. Chris and Raj will be sharing their visions for the future. Information session on Friday night are always powerful. Tremendous amount going on for this event, big plans!! Please attend if you can.

    Chris Speaking:

    Payouts: There was an STP partial payout last week. The next payout for STP will be the beginning of May. We want to do these as often as possible, but we need to move money into STP, and then the payouts are done instantly. The delay is not STP, it is the banking system sending money across.

    Payza payout is scheduled to happen today.. Partial payout. Good news with Payza, that one will be larger, as there were less payouts pending to Payza. Please check your Payza info in your back office.

    Additional items:

    We have cleaned up the dashboard. We have a news page, with news archives. Webinar schedule.

    Some people are asking for the updates and new rules to be posted. All updates are there. You must go there and read it. Most people just bypass the NEWS ARCHIVE section of your account. Please use it and read it. WE have a Twitter account, a Blogsspot, dashboard and webinars, please use these communication tools.

    All I have covered today is on your dashboard under News Archives..


    Alot of repeat questions. We’ve talked about updates, payouts, the 1/3, 2/3 rule, Niagara Falls. Most of the questions were about those things.

    Please visit and tune in and stay in touch.

    Let’s rock BB.. Sales for BB are up quite a bit. We are having a 7 Week High right now. Guys, thank you so much. Have a great weekend.

    (end of webinar)

    (notes prepared by Linda Lane)

  • “ Lots of events coming up in Ireland. If you are in Ireland, please come to those event. Lorenzo will be there, he will be continuing on the BB tour. I will join him in Poland, and we are looking forward to it. Please look at the event page and attend if you can.”

    Perfect chance to corner Chris Smith in Poland and and Lorenzo in Ireland.

  • UK police are most definately investigating banners broker at all levels from the top economic crime unit to the communuty PC’s warning vulnerable communities. This will spook some of the brainwashed and make it hard to recruit.

    In case you didn’t realise, panel movement = bowl movement

    panels qaulifying? what for the special olympics? its all total nonsense. its no more than an online dysfunctional version of connect 4!

    read this from the BB facebook page, think this woman might be visiting her dentist very soon when her downline realise it is all over

    Why so much delay for pay out !! Every time try to withdrawal money , not come ontime. This is not first time. BB You must want to fix this quick . My Downlink members ask every day from me. Anyway We know bb pay. but look like not on date !!!! My lot of members have over 1 month withdrawals !!!

    This is not good , We all doing business. Business main trust for one word. affiliate join with you because they want good pay out also. Otherwise so many calls and mails from our down members. because they trust our word.I trust your word. but …. Kindly understand what i talk.

    See your answers !!!! (This one sent to me , one of my down member.She told me this is fourth mail.But still same answer from bb. This is not good answer )

    “We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you for your patience. ”

    “next week” BB why you no pay? my downline peeps very angry and punched my faces again!

  • Taken from BannersBroker Ponzi Scam, I think maybe that the people behind banners broke did not think something through…that is if you make people in the Middle East loose face (big time) and those people work on an “Honour integrity theme” and have large extended families in the west….well I think I will leave it there, but I believe its a serious thought..

  • Good news: we have been told in confidence by one country’s fraud investigation authorities that they’re co-ordinating their investigations of Banners Broker with not less than 4 other countries, and that the big crash of Chris Smith and his con-men is anytime now.

    Chris Smith will be Prisoner Smith before the end of 2013. We should all guess which country will do the arresting 🙂

    We have also heard, but cannot confirm, that a certain group of “investors” who’ve lost a lot of money are very unhappy and have decided to take matters into their own hands…. and not wait for official investigators. If this is true, then Chris Smith will have both the good guys as well as the dark side forces after him.

    In case you’re reading this, Chris Smith, you will be learning within weeks that money does not save you from harm’s way when you’ve done harm to others.

  • Bannersbroker will fold very soon, the main question I have is which country’s Police force will do the honours?

    would love it to be the Uk bit it should be Canada. If any Uk POCA officers are reading there is a nice white Porch 911 reg no ML62 WGO just waiting for you to drive it!

    When Simon Stepsys gets back from the US scammer school he should be stepping into a van rather than this Porche.

  • UK will give minimal sentence… Canada will just tell them off….Now USA woo hooo..50 years..

  • 6 Major Banks have asked that the criminals have to do “community sentences” in their trading rooms….tru dat..

  • Has anybody yet been to Trading Standards UK ( or whatever the authority is for faulty goods & services )?It is all very well that we all have our say on this Forum and several others about BB. But those that we collectively wish to protect from BB do not know of these forum or get to read this stuff. I bit of adverse publicity from a championing newspaper would also rattle the cage of the BB hierarchy and deities.It has already been done in Ireland I believe. Only saying!

  • Jo Spencer of BBDealer fame has recently taken delivery of her brand new Merc SLK, no doubt from here BB earnings. When this goes bang I hope her downline will club together and start a class action to recover their money. BB dealer were offering a 100% money back if you didn’t double your initial investment.

  • @ BB_Scam

    No authority will tell you that they are investigating an individual or Company.

    Authorities will not comment!

    So please make sure you post credible stuff here.

  • @ Dave, if they have a “Guarantee” from her in writing or verbal (video / email) and she is not using a Limited Company then I would suggest people put here in the County Courts.

  • BB Dealer is a trading name of JS Solutions Limited. Company reg number: 07642098. Registered address: Thistle Down Barn, Holcot, Sywell, Northants, NN6 0BG.

    No doubt as soon as police / solictors get involved she will close the company down and drive off into the sunset.

    I’m not quite sure how the law stands here? As the comapny director is she liable, or would she claim she’s also a victim of this fraud. Either way I hope POCA recovers money for her downline.

  • It truly amazes me how fucking stupid people are, this scam has been dissected so many ways and yet people still think it’s worth listening to this fat piece of shit including dikshit.

    He is like the Wizard of OZ, acts tough while trying to get people to do his bidding
    when really he is just an idiot behind a curtain!

  • Meanwhile in the BB Fuhrer bunker….”*one last push and victory is ours..we have the V.3 ready to deploy”…ahh not the V.3… yes my brethren the world shattering V.3… Go on mein Fuhrer launch the V.3….

    ATTENTION ALL BB MEMBERS: After Threatening BB with lawsuit, Terry Stern has replied to me with the following statement:

    Mr. Strachan,

    As of this morning, I have removed myself from anything related to Banners Broker.

    See more

    Like · · 10 minutes ago

    Paul Strachan Please someone post this to the official BB FB page, I am banned

    8 minutes ago · Like..

  • Paul Strachan on Facebook says that Terry Stern has gone and is admitting that BB is a Ponzi scam. Let’s hope both statements are true. Can anyone collaborate the Terry part? The Ponzi scam was never in doubt!!

  • @Jane

    Sadly you are mistaken, Jane. When lawyers deal with authorities, they are told if the authorities are dealing with the specific matter in question (the one the lawyer is submitting to them).

    In fact, our lawyers were told during a meeting to submit a written complaint/report/our research: “Ah, yes. Banners Broker. We have been dealing on this matter for a while now and are in dialogue with our friends (meaning similar authorities) in xxx, xxx and xxx (countries)”.

    Of course the authorities did not open their files and disclose which step of the investigation they’re at this point of time. But they sure did disclose that Banners Broker is not a new surprise!!!

    Now, Jane. Just wait for the bubble to burst (legally speaking). You don’t have to believe us. Just wait and watch.


  • @Harry and @BBInsider

    If you want to see “evidence” or “proof” what we’re saying is true, it’s very easy and more believable (to you) if you were to write to your local fraud investigating authorities and complain. Not sure which country you are in, but let’s just say Canada, USA, UK, Ireland and Australia will happily disclose to you that BB is an active case.

    From what we know, BB itself is totally aware that they’re being investigated, but it’s logical that Chris Smith (or whoever) will have a webinar and say “Guys, I want you to know that….” 🙂 They have been “contacted”. The light has been switched ON.

    Authorities will acknowledge to you if Banners Broker is being investigated and if you are the very first complainant or one added to a list of others. They will not give you copies of their investigation progress report! They will say something like: “Yes, we have received complaints and this matter is under investigation”. Nothing irregular in making this disclosure.

    We suggest you do that. We can get to a closure on this scam much quicker than if we all pontificate on this blog about what constitute a scam.

    For the sake of all the pensioners (people that have no jobs and no opportunity to earn back what they lost), we hope the end is sooner rather than later.

  • Jamie Waters the face of Banners Broker UK and an admin on TalkingBB, has jumped ship and is now promoting Ripplin.

  • This guy is a major player in bb yet his page is now also recruiting for the listed scam mentioned above “rippin” scroll to right to see his facebook review on bb whilst on site.

    taken from skype room minutes ago

    [4:04:57 PM] Alan Sills: keep buying panels; keep recruiting – THAT is a good strategy

    [4:05:56 PM] Alan Sills: go slow on pulling $ out – i’m now 10 months in and my account total value is almost $250,000. because i’ve been conservative on withdrawals and i’ve recruited quite a bit

  • Re: Alan Sills
    April 5, 2013
    “Speaking of withdrawals… Chris Smith (CEO) in this mornings conference call detailed the intricasies of moving large sums of money from one nation to another – and the delays that occur. Speaking only for myself, I take him as credible and believe him when he offers this explanation for why pay-outs have been delayed. I myself am waiting on about $3000. from Banners Broker, but based upon past performance, I fully expect to receive the funds. (For the record, I’ve already received over $14,000. from an initial funding of $5000.)”

    If his account shows he has $250,000 why would you withdraw a mere $14,000? That is only about 5.5% of what his account shows.

    I’ll guarantee it’s not because he didn’t try but rather BB HAS NO MONEY!

  • He hasn’t withdrawn 250,000 because just like BB and everyone else who claims to be a millionaire or 500,000. They are using total earnings. A figure which can be taxed but not withdrawn unless the funds are in the “available to withdraw” section.

    They all like to use the fancy figure but it will be their cross when the tax man gets around to investigating all the tips.

  • If Alan Shills in the USA has got £$250,000 in is bannersbroker account he should get it out fast and buy a house and stop living in a van.


    Simon Martin & BBI

    How many of your dreams are restricted by finances? Take a step towards realising your dreams……

  • This guy can possibly have withdrawn $14,000 if his account eanings reach $250k , I have personaly taken out $16,000 and given a way approx $4000 of packages and panels and my account only reach $128,000. The total earnings you cant withdraw then it s your totals earnings accumulated all along .You cant take them out you understand what mean accumulated ? at $250,000 he maybe just have approx $35,000 worth in panels that keep cycling , (i have 128,000 in unfinished but the value of my panels is just $17280, basicly divide by 10 the amount of unfinished and you will get the real value of wat they have in, and remember that it s not what they have put invested. They cant be taxable i have checked with my lawyer and he confirmend me that i can only be accounted for what i have taken out . At the end this is now a total joke and they run from lies to lies to make the story goes on a bit more. This pseudo business is dead they will never catch up with the withdraw my small team of 20 we have now reached the $150,000 pending and more the $90,000 available to withdraw. So what ever are the real numbers of affiliates certenly not 400,000 like they say but maybe more around 70,000 active members just pile up all the pendings and the numbers are astronimc !!! It is pathetic how people still believe in them even trying to advise people to stop recruiting since October 2012 and they keep doing it and dragging more and more people , Chris is like a god for them. Now just waiting for them to cancel that stupid event and see all the believer still supporting that ponzi is simply disgusting. I m in but would be happy to see them close , sometimes lies and brainwashing like they do are not worth the money that we dont get anymore . So BB the end is near , just like said Sinatra in a nice song

  • Duncan Woods

    Need to be stopped most people have stopped promoting BB taking people hard earn’t money.

    Duncan woods who is driving around in a BD9 and 100k in his bank from Dec pay out is still taking money from people.
    Where does he live?

  • @ Harry

    He has/did have a business Solar Guard Tinting.


    Hattwood House
    Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd
    LL15 1UT

  • Duncan Woods – Solar Guard Tinting

    Hattwood House, Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd, Ruthin, Clwyd LL15 1UT
    0800 096 5500 ‎ ·
    Category: Conservatory, House, Office Window Film & Tinting


  • Jane – Duncan had a BMW X5 before BB and the early days of BB, his wife had a convertible which he got through a telecoms business he did.

    The DB9 was bought with Banners Broker money.

    Duncan is a valid target, especially for legal action as he is one of the vocal people in the UK right now defending Banners Broker and still holding and presenting meetings to draw in unsuspecting people and fresh money.

  • Wood’s also used BB funds to setup this business :

    “My Stepdaughter Michelle has re-trained as a traditional upholsterer and this is her new business page. If you live locally please take a moment to ‘Like’ her page – you never know when you’ll need an upholsterer and she’s really talented! Thank you.”

  • Duncan woods has been done for fraud before selling land and buildings in Ireland

    I ask as many people as poss report this guy and stop him running BB meetings and taking people’s money to a company that doesn’t pay.

    He is running another meeting this weekend. i will make my phone call to day to the police please join me and stop this person


    Friday Q&A Webinar Notes

    David Hooker speaking:

    Welcome to the call. We are waiting for Chris to get online this morning. We just had a call with him and he is in transit, but will be here in just a few minutes.

    Good things are happening here. We are very excited about that. Raj is jumping on the call today also. We know you have many questions. If we don’t answer your question today, we always print off the list of questions and have Chris answer them and then send you the answers. Get your people on this call today. We appreciate the “transcribers” who take these webinar notes to the Skype Rooms

    Raj Speaking:

    It’s been a while and its nice to be on the call. Chris asked me to do some updates for BB.

    Account Coordinator. WE have officially ended this. Anyone who signed up in April will be cancelled and you can have your account back now. When you log in, you should see the cancel button on your dashboard.. please cancel your account coordinator service and take back your account.. There will be no penalty.

    In India we are happy to announce that we are set up to do direct deposits. there will be a notice for you to accept in your back office. Upload your banking ID and that information.

    First Payout for India Bank Deposits will be May 15th. Stellar Point has taken over the payouts for India, and going forward it will be direct deposits.

    Whatever withdrawals are done in one calendar monnth will be paid the following the month. In April we will not make you wait the 30 days. Any withdrawaal request before April 30th will be paid May 15th

    Please cancel your STP and Payza withdrawal and put your bank deposit in.

    Traffic Pack Restriction rule will not go into effect on May 1st.. that has been postponed.

    Chris speaking:

    Sorry, I just came on the call. Thanks Raj. I will answer questions.

    Payout Update – big question.

    Let me word it this way. People are looking for comfort and solutions or an announcement of a solution. Apart from my words, that I do assure you that you will get paid. I know you want more evidence of these payouts. Or a new solution for payouts. I know everyone is dying to see that. We are working on a few avenues but nothing is ready yet.

    I thank you for your patience. I understand your frustration. Sometimes I feel that some people may think I don’t know the situation or how bad it looks. I hear everything and I see all the comments in this forum and in Skype and on the Internet. I get your personal emails. I talk to the leaders and IC’s. I do hear everything that’s going on. this has been somewhat of a new – as far as the banking world is concerned, we have been getting a very quick lesson on international banking and those challenges when you get into 7 figures of money to move around. WE are working diligently on this challenge. Please have the assurance that BB will be here for a long time. We are working on this and we understand your frustration. We are working on everything in the background.

    We are excited about the new India potentials and the new offices around the world we have opened.

    Partial STP on the 1st of May. We are waiting on that wire.

    Last week we did a partial Payza. We will be doing more Payza soon.

    We understand it was marked paid, but the stats will change to paid/partial. It was marked as paid so no one would mistakenly use the reverse option during payouts. Some of these were full payouts and some were partial.

    Payza – we used to take the report and do the payout. This has changed now, so we have to retrofit our script for future payouts to Payza.
    India (additional) you cannot do a withdrawal without your ID uploaded.. All info for you is in your back office.. read it thoroughly.

    Raj has been quite busy with the Stellar Point offices worldwide. Thank you for being here.

    I talked about the payouts. I know it’s not exactly what you want to hear. We have made strides. The next STP and Payza will be beginning of May. We are waiting on money to hit our accounts to then do those payouts.

    I will be in Poland for those sessions, I look forward to that. That’s all for today. We will talk soon. Thank you for attending.

  • Ah they are soo good at actually saying nothing..what a waste they could have gone into politics…..

  • They are dropping the AdCo service, after they have crashed thousands of accounts and lost people their money, having engaged in what is simply money management …

    No new method is ready, bank excuse still being used, company bank wires now 20 days over due.

    Another partial payment in May, after people have stacked up an additional 10,000 in pending liquidations on top of the 9,900 that wasn’t paid in march/april. So in May people will get 0.5% this time.

    Nice to know Chris will be reachable in Poland.

  • I have spotted an important typo, in Chris Smiths words. just change back office to back orifice , and it all makes sense.

  • “Raj has been quite busy with the Stellar Point offices worldwide. Thank you for being here.”

    They’re his offices. Of course he’s busy. It takes a lot of time to fly around the world stealing money from people in countries where the annual income in countries is a fraction of what it is in the USA or UK.

    Poland: average income per household is $14,500 and 41% of people between 15 and 64 have a paid job.

    Cyprus: average income is $15,600. Unemployment rate (age 25-75) is at 14%

    So, way to go Raj, go and steal their last bit of savings.

  • Chris
    ” this has been somewhat of a new – as far as the banking world is concerned, we have been getting a very quick lesson on international banking and those challenges when you get into 7 figures of money to move around. WE are working diligently on this challenge.”

    What BS. They have this problem after 2 years with every company they are involved with. The problem isn’t with the Banks (and transferring money in 7 figures certainly isn’t new to the banking world) but with BB not having the funds to transfer in the first place. It is a simple procedure transferring $$$ worldwide. Banks do clear large sums of money prior to transferring them but that is to ensure it is “legal” money (money laundering rules) but this process takes no more than a couple of days. Once the funds are transferred to STP, etc. it is available to account holders immediately. No waiting.

    Working diligently on this challenge means recruiting new members so that the existing ones can withdraw a minute percentage of what they think they have earned.

  • @Ken, the fact that the 5/6 figure bank wires to affiliates companies, as per their over 10k each month stupid rule, still haven’t gone out yet, means their Bank to STP 7 figure excuse is bull.

    For anyone not in the know, Stellarpoint is a fake shop front for Banners Broker and a way for Raj to filter the money and create fake walls. of course he is busy setting offices up in each country, it means Banners Broker has a physical presence without having to be compliant/legal and pay taxes in said countries.


    Duncan Wood went over to Canada and personally got paid by Chris Smith into his bank account.

    It all makes sense now why he is doing public meetings when everyone else is getting partial payments of $100 every 3 months. The meetings Duncan is doing currently is yielding new sign ups and fresh money for BBI.

    Now if Duncan Wood gets a personal bank payment, why can’t everyone else …

  • This applies to his down line Richard Maude who also went to Canada and had a personal Bank payment by Chris Smith.

    Jail time is coming.

  • How many years this forum will go on,,, BB will just grown and grown some people hope so much that BB get down,, Guys,, are you never tired with this topic?

    Long Life BB

    Wir Wollen Kämpfen Für Dein BB, BB Blut Soll Nicht Untergehn!

  • @ Adolf

    We got rid of scum like you a long time ago. Du kannst kampfen so viel du willst aber BB hat nicht mehr sehr viel Blut zu untergehen. BB ist tot, wir warten nur auf die Beerdigung in Niagara Falls.

  • Adolf, weiss Dein Betreuer eigenldlich dass Du hier schreibst? Darst Du das überhaupt?

  • Adolf, it’s nice to see BB are compliant and fully registered in Germany as a business and audited there, oh …

  • partial payments are a joke, i made a withdrawal of $500 and have received $90 to my stp account after a month, i have contacted BB, they dont know when i will receive the remaining amount.

  • Adolf, I’m not the one that’s crazy. It’s a good thing neo Naziz like you are in the minority. Like I said, the stench of BB’s death is in the air and all we are waiting for is the funeral. Niagara Falls would be a good place.

  • Adolf, ich bin nicht derjenige, der verrückt ist. Es ist eine gute Sache neo Naziz wie Sie sind in der Minderheit. Wie ich schon sagte, ist der Gestank von BB Tod in der Luft und alles, was wir gewartet haben ist die Beerdigung. Niagara Falls wäre ein guter Ort sein.

    Willkommen auf den Anruf. Wir warten auf Chris, online zu gehen an diesem Morgen. Wir hatten gerade einen Anruf mit ihm und er ist auf der Durchreise, aber wird hier in nur wenigen Minuten.

    Aller guten Dinge sind hier geschieht. Wir sind sehr begeistert davon. Raj ist auf den Anruf springt heute auch. Wir wissen, Sie haben viele Fragen. Wenn wir nicht beantworten Ihre Frage heute, haben wir immer ausdrucken die Liste der Fragen haben und Chris beantworten und dann schicken Sie die Antworten. Holen Sie sich Ihre Leute auf diesen Aufruf heute. Wir schätzen die “Abschreiber”, die diese Webinar Notizen zu machen, um den Skype Zimmer

    Raj Speaking:

    Es ist schon eine Weile und es ist schön, auf den Anruf sein. Chris hat mich gebeten, einige Updates für BB zu tun.

    Account Coordinator. Wir haben diese offiziell beendet. Wer im April unterzeichnet werden storniert und Sie können Ihr Konto jetzt zurück haben. Wenn Sie sich anmelden, sollten Sie die Abbrechen-Schaltfläche auf dem Armaturenbrett .. bitte Ihren Account kündigen Koordinator Service und Rücknahme Ihr Konto .. Es wird keine Strafe sein.

    In Indien sind wir glücklich, zu verkünden, dass wir bis zum direkten Ablagerungen zu tun eingestellt. wird es eine Ankündigung für Sie in Ihrem Backoffice akzeptieren. Laden Sie Ihre Bank-ID und die Informationen.

    Erste Auszahlung für Indien Bankeinlagen wird 15. Mai sein. Stellar Punkt hat sich in den Auszahlungen für Indien gemacht, und für die Zukunft wird es sein, direkte Einzahlungen.

    Unabhängig Auszahlungen werden in einem Kalender monnth getan wird die nach dem Monat gezahlt werden. Im April werden wir nicht machen, warten die 30 Tage. Jede withdrawaal Anfrage vor dem 30. April bezahlt 15. Mai werden

    Bitte stornieren Sie Ihre STP und Payza Rückzug und stellen Sie Ihre Bankeinlagen in.

    Verkehrsinfo-Paket Restriction Regel nicht in Kraft treten am 1. Mai .. dass wurde verschoben.

    Chris gesprochen:

    Sorry, ich kam gerade auf den Anruf. Dank Raj. Ich beantworte Fragen.

    Auszahlung Update – große Frage.

    Lassen Sie mich Wort es auf diese Weise. Die Menschen sind für Komfort und Lösungen oder einer Ankündigung einer Lösung suchen. Abgesehen von meinen Worten, dass ich Ihnen versichern, dass Sie bezahlt bekommen. Ich weiß, Sie wollen mehr Beweise für diese Auszahlungen. Oder eine neue Lösung für die Auszahlungen. Ich weiß, jeder ist zu sterben, um das zu sehen. Wir sind auf ein paar Möglichkeiten arbeiten, aber nichts ist fertig.

    Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Geduld. Ich verstehe Ihre Frustration. Manchmal habe ich das Gefühl, dass einige Leute denken vielleicht, ich weiß nicht, die Situation oder wie schlecht es aussieht. Ich höre alles, und ich sehe all die Kommentare in diesem Forum und in Skype und über das Internet. Ich Ihre persönliche E-Mails. Ich rede mit den Führern und IC. Ich tue alles hören, was los ist. dies war so etwas wie eine neue – soweit das Bankensystem weltweit betroffen ist, haben wir immer eine sehr schnelle Lektion auf internationalen Banken-und die Herausforderungen, wenn man in 7 Zahlen von Geld zu bewegen bekommen. WIR sind fleißig an dieser Herausforderung. Bitte haben Sie die Gewissheit, dass BB wird hier sein, für eine lange Zeit. Wir arbeiten daran und wir verstehen Ihre Frustration. Wir sind auf alles, was im Hintergrund arbeiten.

    Wir freuen uns über das neue Indien Potenziale und die neuen Büros in der ganzen Welt haben wir geöffnet aufgeregt.

    Teilweise STP am 1. Mai. Wir sind auf diesem Draht warten.

    Letzte Woche haben wir eine partielle Payza. Wir werden mehr tun Payza bald.

    Wir verstehen sie markiert wurde bezahlt, aber die Statistik wird auf bezahlten / teilweise ändern. Es wurde als bezahlt markiert, damit niemand versehentlich verwenden würden die umgekehrte Option während der Auszahlungen. Einige von ihnen waren voll Auszahlungen und einige waren teilweise.

    Payza – wir benutzt, um den Bericht zu nehmen und die Auszahlung. Dies hat sich nun geändert, so müssen wir unser Skript für künftige Auszahlungen an Payza nachzurüsten.

    Indien (zusätzliche) Sie können nicht einen Rückzug ohne Ihre ID hochgeladen .. Alle Infos für Sie in Ihrem Backoffice .. Lesen Sie es gründlich.

    Raj war ziemlich beschäftigt mit den Stellar Punkt Büros weltweit. Danke, dass ihr hier.

    Ich sprach über die Auszahlungen. Ich weiß, es ist nicht genau das, was Sie hören wollen. Wir haben Fortschritte gemacht. Der nächste STP und Payza wird Anfang Mai sein. Wir sind auf Geld wartet auf unsere Konten schlagen, um dann diese Auszahlungen.

    Ich werde in Polen für diese Sitzungen sein, ich freue mich darauf. Das ist alles für heute. Wir werden bald sprechen. Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch.

  • Investigation?…it sounds to good to be truth but I must say I would be more then happy to see this criminals behind the grids

  • Please some one enlighten this fool ..he wont listen to me and has blocked me… find him here.. Simon Martin & BBI …he totally believes in BB and his panels…

  • Why bother. He’s an idiot. He’s also a scumbag to still be promoting it at this stage.

    Funny how he won’t give any screen shots of withdrawal history.

    And even funnier the fact that he thinks he will be able to fool people with his pathetic lies.

    Not the cleverest is Simon.

  • Well thank you all for messaging this fool….

    Simon Martin & BBI

    I have just received yet another message telling me that Banners Broker is a scam. Its also a p**zi scheme apparently and I am going to lose every penny I have put in. Well, to all the haters, you keep believing your unfounded accusations & stay away from Banners Brokers. That will mean more opportunity for me to gain instead of you. Thank you 🙂


  • @Arthur:

    Tell him he can prove very easily that it is not a scam by giving a screenshot of how much he has withdrawn. There is no reason he should refuse to do it.

    If he does then everyone knows he’s lying.

  • Sorry, just realised he has given us a screenshot. He has never made a withdrawal. The scumbag has not made a penny. HaHa!

  • @BB he blocked me and my “Unfounded Lies” …. o well I’m off to find some proof…. hehe..

  • You really don’t need to. The writing is on the wall. 99% of people are no longer promoting BB. Only the likes of this idiot haven’t got the message yet are still trying in vain. Then again, we already knew he’s lacking in the grey matter department.

  • Just have a look at the 3 facebook pages of Simon Stepsys (online guru and bannersbroker millionaire) he does not mention BB anymore and has moved on to new ventures. he does not even reply to his recruits asking him questions and victims calling him obsenities. The rats have jumped from this ship.

  • They can go quiet, but we know all their personal info for the rainy days ahead.

  • Anyone who trusts someone that looks like the Stepsys rat can only expect one thing…


    bannersbroker 2013-05-01 17:14:36

    Traffic Pack subscription restrictions will no longer be implemented. Affiliates are still able to qualify panels with any method they choose. Affiliates will be able to use traffic pack traffic hits for external websites, but these traffic packs need to be new traffic pack purchases. Current traffic pack commitments can only be used to qualify panels. If affiliates do purchase traffic packs for external use, there will be no monthly commitment. Starting May 15th, affiliates will be able to cancel a maximum of 2 traffic pack subscriptions at one time (if they do not want to cancel all of them). This is a one-time only occurrence.
    Starting May 15th, the 50,000 bonus hits received when purchasing traffic packs will change (for both current commitments and new purchases). If youre a standard member, you will receive 5,000 bonus traffic hits if youre a premium member, you will receive 10,000 bonus traffic hits and if youre an executive member, you will receive 15,000 bonus traffic hits. If a new traffic pack purchase is being used for an external website, you will not receive any bonus hits you will only receive 50,000 hits in total for your purchase.

  • This will slaughter passive account people, grandma and grandad can say goodbye to that $5,000 they got mislead into investing as they will take double the “projected” time to withdraw their initial investment amount now never mind any profit.

    It’s a HUGE nerf for anyone who chooses not to recruit/rope people into BB. (this example is not taking into account if said people were with the BB account management [AdCo] service in which case their account is in all likely hood crashed and their money wasted, going off the feedback of members who were/are in the service, hence BB now quickly dropping the whole mess as the agencies are sniffing.)

    Standard affiliate (sub is $15 per month) :

    Before – $50 for them 100,000 traffic. This would activate $200 of panels, which would pay them $150 profit, already accounting for the $50 they spent.

    Now – $50 for 55,000 traffic. This will activate $110 of panels, which will pay them $60 profit, already accounting for the $50 they spent.

    Premium affiliate (sub is $100 per month) :

    Before – $50 for them 100,000 traffic. This would activate $200 of panels, which would pay them $150 profit, already accounting for the $50 they spent.

    Now – $50 for 60,000 traffic. This will activate $120 of panels, which will pay them $70 profit, already accounting for the $50 they spent.

    Executive affiliate (sub is $500 per month) :

    Before – $50 for them 100,000 traffic. This would activate $200 of panels, which would pay them $150 profit, already accounting for the $50 they spent.

    Now – $50 for 65,000 traffic. This will activate $130 of panels, which will pay them $80 profit, already accounting for the $50 they spent.

    The end result of this change :

    Passive people, who were lead to believe they were purchasing traffic hits which BB then sells on and renting the advertising space. Now aren’t really doing this as it’s not a passive business anymore. So they just got their purchasing power and account growth slashed !

    This is nearly a straight 50% cut across the board to what all passive members will be producing in their accounts, never mind the 10% at 100%, auto roll ups, withdrawal limits, color limitations. All which further slow down and hold back accounts.

    Oh, it’s also a screw over for the recruiters, they will be getting 50% less sales credits now, baring in mind they are already got a sales credit nerf of 50% a handful of months ago when they would get half a sales credit per panel completed below them, to getting a quarter sales credit per panel completed with traffic packs.

    TL;DR = EVERYONE just got screwed by BB yet again, both passive and recruiters.

    On a side note

    We are now at the 14th week of no payments –

    7 weeks of card requests stacked up (1 per week) and overdue before the card system was dropped, all had to be reversed to the Ewallet.

    Currently 7 STP requests stacked up (1 per week) and overdue, oh but they paid $100 out of $17,500 owed …

    So out of a potential amount that people could have had paid out up until now of $35,000, EVERYONE has had an average of $100.

  • Simplified –

    Basic will be making 30% of what they were before, making a loss of 70% in earnings

    Premium will be making 40% of what they were before, making a loss of 60% in earnings

    Executive will be making 50% of what they were before, making a loss of 50% in earnings

    This is even more devastating than their original idea, which would have left everyone making 66% (2/3) and a loss of 33% (1/3) of their original amounts, which this has replaced, anyone cheering this is beyond any help or understanding.

  • So the new version V3 has reduced the payouts to its “investors” keep on the look-out for the next version coming soon.

    V3 – earnings reduced by 50% to 70&
    V4 – earnings reduced by the remaining 50% to 30%: total earnings – 0%

  • Ken, I find it so funny how the FB pages are in no rush to advertise this which would attract comments from members, the people running them know this is a pure negative.

  • Markus Winngate

    Niagra is cancelled…here is a copy of an email I sent to the falls convention centre…. To Whom it may concern,… 16/4/2013.

    Bannersbrokers is saying that they will hold their next annual convention at your facility. July 19th 20th..

    it would be a wise move to contact your local Law enforcement and ask them to check with their affiliates in the fraud department about Banners brokers.

    Credit card companies and banks are already refunding monies “Invested” in this scam. Mastercard has dropped them..

    The chances of you being paid in full are slim. The chances of the event not happening are high..

    Googling “Bannersbroker Ponzi scam” will bring up some interesting sites..

    The Daily Mirror (British newspaper) named them as a scam in January..

    Various Law/fraud agencies are currently looking at BB, more everyday..

    If the event does go ahead, be aware that threats are already being made on the internet, again googling and reading will uncover such attitudes..

  • Niagara cancelled
    Chris Speaking-

    #1-Niagra convention has been cancelled.
    Anyone who has bought a Blue Mercedes panel and anyone who does buy a Mercedes panel , now stands a chance to win the Mercedes. One does NOT need to be in canada to win. The draw will take place on the same day.
    Anyone who has already bought tickets and does come to Canada will be entertained.

    #2-Wire has just been received and Payouts will be going out in the next couple of days.

    #3-We do have a new processor that we are working on, however these things take time to implement . The previous bb card took 10 months to implement . We do not want the new processor to be a “here today gone tomorrow” thing. We want a permanent solution.There is also a lot of due diligence involved that we have to do to ensure this and we are in the process of doing this.
    We are NOT going to mention the new processor as the last thing we want is for bloggers to get a hold of this information and start making negative comments.

    #4- The traffic pack rule: We want our program to be an Affiliate based program , thus the new traffic pack rule is to make it look les attractive. Our original goal was for our program to be an affiliate based program and NOT a passive income program.

  • “Anyone who has already bought tickets and does come to Canada will be entertained.”

    No refund due to cancellation? That’s a shame. Most people would refund the ticket money wouldn’t they.

  • heres the first convention refund request

    removed the name to protect the innocent.

    It is not yet clear whether Niagara is canceled, apparently there have been changes, tomorrow Chris has to inform us.
    I called and asked for a refund for the ticket but there is no such option. My $ 1000 for 2 tickets = wasted money

    “Anyone who has already bought tickets and does come to Canada will be entertained”.Sounds like shud be a good night

  • I forgot the tickets were not refundable, all sales are final. Ouch.

    Typical BB, always changing their minds 20 times before the day arrives, amateur management in action.

    Chris has some task tomorrow trying to smooth all this over and the explain why there is another month of only $100 to each member paid out. He has become a natural liar now, so much for him and Raj being men of god.

  • From North Star Support Facebook page

    “A summary of the visit of the founder of the Banners Broker in Poland, which took place this weekend. 27-28 April 2013.

    Both on Saturday and Sunday we had the rare pleasure of the founder and CEO of Banners Broker’s Chris Smith in Krakow and Warsaw. Chris comes along with Lorenzo Guarinim – the man responsible for training in the Banners Broker, and protection.

    The halls were filled to the brim. Information about the lack of tickets for an on the Web for many days before the event. First on the scene came out Matthew Gużda-owner of the company, which has a contract with Consulting iPrime BB on support, training and organisation of events related to BB and briefly announced.

    Then the applause we welcomed Lorenzo Guarini’ego, which otherwise than ever, did this well we known information presentation, but began by explaining the most important issues.

    The first reason for the withdrawal.

    Lorenzo talked about a partnership with the Publisher of the card, that it was finalised by – to put it mildly, the recklessness of certain users. Lorenzo recounted how one user with a colleague who recorded it, paid the money card. The first showed the card into the camera (so that you could see all the located information-data), then put her to a cash machine and typed-in visible on film the way, PIN … And so did hundreds of people.

    Yes, it was not bad, no one thought of the consequences, each enjoyed this opportunity and this is normal. But then the company issuing the card said: “I do not. We protect your image and we can not afford such events. ” BB Office responsible for compliance with the law to such persons poblokować account and ask them to remove these videos from the Internet.

    The second reason for the withdrawal.

    A lot of people are worried about whether they have your money, whether the company will not collapse and won’t run away. One of the bloggers, whether hackers obtained a number to the operator, and all of a sudden more than 2700 people started calling and asking if BB has all the money. Unfortunately, the bank could not back such information OLAC quantities of money, so I began to panic. Thought to myself, “they have so much money in the Bank, who are these people? ‘” they launder dirty money? “-So said:” we don’t want your business “. And so we lost.

    What card?

    Now we have an even bigger problem, because the card used the same Bank what BB. Using only a sample of the amounts we transfer for example. only 5,000,000, 00 $. When przelewaliśmy money to the operator to transfer very different amounts, it was no problem. But now the bank thought that users – by the fact that the card was rolled back, they wanted to withdraw their money, so do not trust the company Banners Broker and has limitations. Limit limits our ability to pay money. While Chris (founder, CEO of BB) is a new form of payoff, BB has contacted the major leaders of BB around the world and ask them what they have to do with the payments. Or pay the whole sum of only part of the people every month, or withdraw any part? And agreed that they will pay a partial-partial payments.

    Chris asked if it is better. Everyone in line answered that Yes, that is better. A lot of rumors circulating in the world, that a company raises money only after that I quickly shut down, etc. Chris and Lorenzo went to Polish not to encourage people to just more and more recommended BB, but in order to calm them down, that everything in the Banners Broker is done in order to improve this situation.

    Lorenzo explained that they came to help. They make mistakes, footbolu and przepraszają for it, but they are only human. A lot of things happened to us, because – unfortunately, many partners BB (users) have been doing things they should not.

    The case investigation. (control)

    In Canada, the headquarters of BB takes. Why?
    A gentleman in the u.s. did the announcement in the newspaper that reads: “Invest 5,000, 00 $ and you will receive 60,000, 00 $ in half a year!”. Contacted with him and they asked government departments make investments, and he replied: “I’ve invested with Banners Broker”.

    Then Lorenzo asked. If any of the persons who are in the Hall heard ever anyone from individuals to webinarach (Chris, Lorenzo, David, Raijt-the most important person in BB, with the founder at the helm) used the word “investment”? No, the word was never used, because the Banners Broker is not an investment Company!

    After this situation, these security services began to write questions to BB or BB is permitted to take investment and other details. Of course lawyers up to date written off and prostowali this situation.

    So whether it is carried out investigation into BB? – Yes. Whether it means something? – Do Not. Absolutely nothing.

    Chris on stage.

    Then, to the accompaniment of applause at the scene came from Chris Smith – founder and CEO of Banners Broker. In the first words and congratulated that it is Poland thanked in third place in the world in terms of the development of Banners Broker.

    Chris comes to the Polish show that BB is holding tight, that it does not intend to move from anywhere and we could see them live. BB in October 2010 and in the first year had to make very many changes, we’ve learned what we can and what we cannot, we have used this knowledge in Banners Broker 2.0, that came in January 2012. now, in the middle of 2013, we are working on version 3.0, there will be many new features, new look, mobile applications on smatfony.

    Our support center-support has grown from only a handful of people to a very large section. When it comes to problems, the current situation is the biggest problem that we encountered – of course it comes to payouts.

    At the beginning of the Payza supply services disbursements for BB, but it was not the processor over the long haul, so we have partnered with the card and its operator/Publisher. To this cooperation, we had to make a lot of improvements, a lot of things to adjust to the requirements of the card to all correspond to the operator. All of these processes took 10 months. The reason for which the Publisher gave card at the end of this cooperation “brand protection”. Many people have written on blogs negative things, use the image of the card and the name of the Publisher, and it is according to the Publisher, adversely affect his image.
    The introduction of new means of payment takes a long time, therefore, is in agreement with the leaders we have partial payments. (temporarily)

    Chris claimed that he and Banners Broker very depends on the opinions of the users, that all this read, whether through emails, or through questions on webinarach, the site is also an option to send your opinions and Chris asks for further reviews in every issue, they want to improve any broken as it should be.

    We will continue to proceed with the payment in such form as they are now and we have to learn to move in international banking, because when you get to the 8-digital payments it will be a very needed. When you get to this level, banks will have to accept us because we have a very strong growth. Other businesses such growth took a really long time.

    Something about future plans.

    Chris says that the new version 3.0 software will have:
    -a completely new look,
    -new tools
    -new features
    -a lot of the simpler navigation,
    -a very stable system,
    -There will be no interference in the work of the party.

    We will use the same tools as for example. Google, or Facebook. As far as disruption is similar problems had Twitter at the beginning of its existence. Now there are no such problems and will not be with this new platform.

    On smartphones will display our ads through any mobile apps. There will be a subsidiary (daughter?) Banners Broker to offload your homepage and help the functioning of the BB on Smartphones, BB will create advertising-what is something completely new!

    To Sum Up:

    The future is bright, we have a great team of people who care about image, design, we created a page of Stellar Point (support company), which already employs more than 150 people! All this was thanks to the Banners Broker and is present in offices around the world in India, Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom, everywhere! Bigger, growing our company.
    Chris also appreciated the work of our support is that I try and provide the support and assistance at the highest level. “

  • From the BB terms :

    “d) Processing time is 90 days and funds must be available in the E-Wallet at the time of each request.

    e) Only one withdrawal exceeding $10,000 can be made in a month with no less than 30 calendar days between requests.

    f) The maximum amount that can be requested per withdrawal is $25,000”

    This is for the over $10,000 per month bank wires, so they are capped now at $25,000 a month. So in reality there are no millionaires because even if your account is producing $100,000 per month into the Ewallet you can withdraw per month the following :

    $10,000 to STP/Payza
    $25,000 through a bank wire request via a company

    Max – $35,000


    Chris Smith Speaking:

    Good day, this is Chris Smith for BB, Friday, May 3rd.

    Happy to be here. Let’s go over the updates. Let’s talk about the second annual convention in Niagara Falls. Due to the current sitaution and current challenges, I felt it was irresponsible for us as a company to have such an extravagant event. We have cancelled the actual event, as we don’t want to be seen as spending this much money on the event while we have these payout challenges. We will have a scaled back event, a BB Tour on Sunday. The refunds for the Gala dinner will be sent out. The price for the Sunday Gala is now $100. Since this is a BB World tour, we will be able to do that via the eWallet. This is just for Sunday. Maximum capacity is 350 persons, so please if you are still coming or are planning on coming, please secure your seat. These tickets will go on sale on Monday.

    Traffic Pack announcement – We announced a rule a couple months ago, the 3:1 rule. After dealing with gov’t agencies and legal advice, we do not want to have anything that could be viewed as passive income. We have listened to the feedback and have looked at other ways to accomplish the same goal. So the final decision is that rule will not be in place. that rule is cancelled. Waht we will do is to provide external traffic to a website of your choosing. How that works for external, you can either buy TP subscriptions for internal (to qualify panels) or external for any website of your choice. We will send traffic to those external websites. A new way for incentive traffic, people will go to these websites and can earn incentive traffic.

    To make sure we are using other methods, we deciced to restructure the bonus that comes wiht TP’s. We were giving you 50K bonus. We have not removed that bonus, and replace with 5,000 (standard), 10,000 (premium) and 15,000 (executive).
    Standard will get 55,000, premium will get 60,000 and exevutive will get 65,000. Cancellation rules and penalties are still in effect, but we will allow a maximum of 2 TP’s with no penalty. There will be 2 buttons to choose from. This will not affect your membership type. YOur membership cannot be reverted down, only up.

    TP subscriptions – if you bought a TP when you were already in the negative, we were still paying a commission to your inviter. That has stopped as of 2 days ago. If you are in the negative no commission will be received by your inviter. In order to make that commission, your referral has to have a positive balance at the time of generating the commission. If your referral is in the negative, that commission is lost.

    With all of the changes over the months, we are now prepared to lable all these changes as Version 2.9.3. We will have a list of all these items for your information so that all understand all the updates.

    Exciting news is that with 2.9.3 we will be releasing a new membership type. Fast Start Membership – this means you are able to click on a button for a package (if you are brand new) if you want to get started right away, we will allow you to buy a package to get started without any money in your account – you have 30 days to fund your account. You are not able to transfer and no commissions are generated, but as soon as you fund your account, you will havce a full blown account with all benefits. We feel this will benefit everyone to get started with BB fast – and your panels will start earning. We are very excited about this, and we think sales will be favorable as a result. For example, you bring a new person to an information session and they want to begin, then can not start right away. This is coming shortly.

    New category in the choice network – online gaming. We are opening up new ways to earn revenue through the gaming industry. As a promoter of these sites, you can also earn.

    I mentioned that the first week of may we would be doing a partial for STP. Money has landed and we are now prepared to do another payout over this weekend. Payza is going to be a little longer. We are still waiting on the money transfer for Payza.


    Regarding STP – partial or full? We are doing a combination of partial and full based on the time of when the withdrawal request happened. Remember when people had to cancel their BB card, we decided to put them back into the queue, so now we are doing payouts based on date range to accommodate more people.

    New payout solution: As I mentioned last week — some think I’m too far removed from people and do not understand the pain and comments of the members, but I do understand completely. We are definitley moving along to get something in place quickly. I cannot name any companies at this point in time, but we have selected a new solution. We are working hard to get it in place as quickly as possible. For now we continue with STP and Payza to make sure everyone is taken care of.

    Alot of good comments in the question area. Thank you for all who are being supportive and who have been with us from the beginning.

    Can I get a refund for my VIP tickets? yes we are doing refunds.

    Policy and Procedures – there is an update on the website to make it easier to understand – please view those.

    Thank you for your comments, both positive and “abrupt” — I do read them all and I understand your frustration. All I can say is we are here, and we have a solid team in place and will make future announcements in time.

    Have a great weekend
    (end of webinar)

  • “New category in the choice network – online gaming. We are opening up new ways to earn revenue through the gaming industry. As a promoter of these sites, you can also earn.”

    Why not go into online gaming. Couldn’t make a go of it selling traffic and ad space.

  • My banners broker experience is over im showing a negative balance of -$15,67 and the only way to continue is to fund my e wallet which i wont be doing , that means my panels will never cap . I didn`t invest much and i got most of what i put in back so i count myself as lucky .

  • Hi,

    According to BB`s Propaganda TV they are going to open their office in India.
    I can not believe! Must congratulate Indian`s authorities. Well done! More people will be scammed, well done.

  • @ kong

    That’s nice that you got your money back, but how about the people you recruited? What about them? You must know that the only reason you got most of your investment back is by someone else joining BB. Should you share what you got back with the people you sucked into the scam? Just asking.

  • Hang a dang now ken roklin I didn’t suck anybody body into any scam , I bought a blue package and 1 traffic pack , like I said I only put in a small amount in and got about 70 per cent of that back , I didn’t recruit and as time went on and my panels slowed and the rules changed I went into a negative balance , I count myself lucky i didn’t put anymore than I did in that’s all I’m saying

  • I just cancelled all my traffic packs. At least now BB is no longer stealing 300$ on traffic packs while not paying out. Based on my current account (+- 2000$) they have at least 20 months to keep paying partials at 100$ a time, currently have around 3000$ in pending and partial withdrawals.

    This means off course my account can no longer grow, but I’m so tired of BB that I no longer care. Every color is now showing -310000 as traffic 🙂

    Even prestige and black are showing -310000 while I never assigned any traffic to those colors and I never qualifed a black or prestige panel. So even the traffic pack cancel doesn’t work as expected ….

    To cancel: Account -> Subscription Manager

  • After cancellation of my traffic packs, I could still withdraw from the ewallet to STP.

    So if you want to get out of BB, and prevent BB from making your account go into negative because of traffic packs while you wait for stupid partial payments at 100$ per month, just cancel traffic packs and only the monthly fee will be stolen from your accounts.

    “Stolen” because you pay 100$ of 500$ to get a better service than standard 15$ membership, but BB is not paying within the timeframe as promised when I signed up:

    7 days for premium
    14 days for standard

    BB is not abiding to their own legally binding terms:

    “All liquidation requests made shall be honored within fifteen business days for standard
    subscribers and seven business days for premium subscribers to the payment amount noted in
    your back office”

  • MMG

    “It’s too late for BB to even attempt to be a tiny part legit, they have paid off too many people in the past year and continue to do so, in order to keep the boat floating. The things that are known in the public view is but a fraction of the incompetence and screw ups, deceit, lies and underhanded methods that every staff members at SP/BB and the IC’s have had a hand in feeding to the affiliates.

    I’ve wanted to share this for a while now but had to wait for the OK, I received reports a few weeks ago of detectives (not the uniformed police) in England interviewing multiple BB affiliates. I’m not going to mention names or the topics raised, but needless to say this is a major step up and a welcomed one at that.”

  • “BB is not abiding to their own legally binding terms:”

    Actually BB is abiding by the terms as in their Terms it clearly states that BB can change the terms whenever it wants. In other words, affiliates must abide by the terms but the company doesn’t.

    “BBI reserves the right to amend this document set forth herein as it deems appropriate. Amendments will be communicated to all Affiliates through email or other means that are effective and binding upon all Affiliates as of the date of issuance. In the event of any conflict regarding such amendment, the amendment shall prevail.”

  • @ Kong

    If you didn’t recruit anyone then I guess you don’t have to share any with your downline. I was just asking.

  • Ken that doesn’t hold up, hence their latest message in the back office stating they will now make people aware of any changes and for them to accept said changes.

  • Ken Roklin: that will never hold in a court of law.

    Typically if companies change terms, clients have to be informed, and they have a grace period in which they can cancel their accounts at no cost. BB doesn’t abide to this common practice, as when cancelling your account they just “steal” your ewallet and unfinished panels, as it is clearly written in their terms.

    They can put a gun to your head and there’s no wayout except for loosing your life or to bend to their stupid rules.

    Suppose they have a new rule, instead of due data = withdrawal data + 90 days (yes they now have 90 days instead of 7 days when I signed up), they now have due date = withdrawal date + 12 months, it would not even violate their own terms.

    But it would not hold out in court ….

    Really hope BB gets sued and all the big shots go to prison.

  • ByeByeBB

    How do i cancel a traffic pack ? in fact how do i cancel banners broker completely ?

  • @ True Story

    This is directly from their current website.

    “BBI reserves the right to amend this document set forth herein as it deems appropriate. Amendments will be communicated to all Affiliates through email or other means that are effective and binding upon all Affiliates as of the date of issuance. In the event of any conflict regarding such amendment, the amendment shall prevail.”

    Messages mean nothing if it’s not in their “contract”. Chris can promise you the world but if it’s not in the contract it’s just that, a promise, an empty promise.

    What BB is counting is that nobody will take them to court over the contract as there are so many items in that contract that would not hold up in any court.
    Legitimate Company contracts will always require both parties to agree to any changes to the contract. Most legitimate companies will also have written contracts signed by all the parties. BB’s Terms and Conditions/Policies are written to protect BB only, there is nothing in there to protect an affiliate. If BB doesn’t like something in it it can just remove/change it. The affiliate has no power to do anything about it -except take it to court.

  • kong:

    Via the following menu:

    Account -> Subscription Manager

    Then press “Cancel ALL subscriptions” button

  • Yipee!
    I’ve done it.
    Just cancelled the whole bag of BB Doggie Doo TPs whatever they were.
    Time saved in not checking the daily drivel from BB in Toy Town will be worth it.
    Conscience clear as well as I didn’t recruit anybody, didn’t put in more cash for the kids – but will take the £500 negative hit on the whole charade.

  • Jenna go to Banners Brokers Broke and read about “Charge back” to get your money back..

  • Incentivve clicking qualification breakdown
    60 credits earned per hr

    Panel traffic needed hrs days
    Y 5 000 83 3,5
    P 15 000 250 10,4
    B 45 000 750 31,3
    G 135 000 2 250 93,8
    R 405 000 6 750 281,3
    BL 1 215 000 20 250 843,8
    PR 3 645 000 60 750 2531,3

  • You’ve gotta hand it to them.

    I’m beginning to think these rule changes are no longer a ploy to recruit more members, but a last drunken swig of powerade for the egomaniacs running the program. Jack Nicholson in The Shining springs to mind. I’m pretty sure if you picked up his typewritten manuscript, you’d find the latest BB rules.

    The ship has sunk. Is anybody even listening to their BS? I guess if you spend so long faking it, you start to believe in your own delusions.

    Sad, very sad.

  • I still listen to them finch…trying to squeeze out money playing with their rules
    So we need to listen to them and know their rules, elaborate strategies to bypass them

  • I’ve been informed that another one of the “long established” BB players in the UK has been sent a payment directly from BB. She is still pro actively recruiting and has directly signed 30 people,these people have also recruited themelves, she has circa 150+ in her immediate UK downline.

    She clearly knows this is a scam but is milking it for every last penny.

  • @ Dave

    If it weren’t for people like her BB wouldn’t be in business and are as guilty of fraud as are the owners of BB. There may be a lot of actual victims (people who genuinely thought it was a real business) but there are tens of thousands who knew exactly what they got involved in with BB. These are the people that get in on a new scam at the beginning and quickly build a downline as that is the only way to make money in these scams. These are the people, like Simon, who make it a business searching out the next scam knowing each one won’t last more than 2 to 3 years. The pathetic part is there are so many people out there who just keep following them around from scam to scam thinking they will finally hit the big one.

    If you are promoting a business that depends on recruiting members to earn revenue you may be just as guilty as the owners of the business (if you recruited anyone) if it is determined to be an illegal business. Without the recruiters these companies would not be in business.

  • Jo Spencer of BBDealer is equally as bad, specifically targetting the retired and vulnerable. 20 years in a techncial sales role means she can run rings round these people. How do these people sleep at night?

  • Dave who is the woman in question ?

    I might have some info on them. The big fish do lots of illegal stuff.

  • Two of my friends are in Jo Spencers downline, they have both lost considerable amounts of money yet she is still asking them to invest more to get their balances positive. Thankfully they have both told her where to go. And where to stick her brand new Mercedes!

  • After waiting for a long time I inquired about my money which still has a pending status. I sent an email asking where is my money why you haven’t paid. Here is their reply to my email


    Thank you for submitting a support ticket,

    Please be advised that there is no timescale as to when your withdrawals will be issued due to large numbers of backlogs regarding withdrawal requests.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you for your patience.

    BB Team


    It actually means f/off we are not paying a penny.

    Dont load even a penny, it is going to disappear soon.

  • Banners Broker is a cheater Company, I invested $100, first my panels were updating very slowly, when I asked through support they told that due to lot of members it is slow and no time can be mention, my first panel get matured after two months, I am talking about yellow Panel, and my first purple panel took 3 months, when I repurchase them to got my investment in profit point of view, my whole investment go in drain, BB is a team of cheater they changed policies according to their benefits not for investors, now when I lost my $70 and I wish to withdraw my remaining $30 they are not processing my request for last 25 days, and also not giving me any tentative time, I know they want to block my whole amout as a monthly fee. They are Cheater, I advise all people please please don’t work with them. They are fraud.

  • It really grinds on me when people keep talking about panels. Yellow panels, purples panels, golden panels, diamonds panels, whatever panels. Guys the panels don’t mean ANYTHING it’s just a pretty thing to keep you happy thinking that there is something happening behind the scenes. There are NO panels, just one big con! You need to stop focusing on the bullshit details and look only at the big picture.

    These guys conned you and you need to go to the authorities asap if you have even the most minuscule change of recovering your money.

  • Very little chance of recovering money now. Raj Chris, and the top recruiters are busy stashing it beyond reach. While engineering the slow death of their baby, and the attrition of “affiliates”.
    Next scam is already off the ground and running.

  • Perhaps we could have one last push on this and make as much noise as possible with the media and press. I’ve just contact Rip-of-Britian and Watchdog along with my local radio station & press. Feel free to do the same, I think we’re in the last few weeks now, one more nail in the coffin required…

  • I have had a letter from my MP (Uk) saying that Action fraud are investigating bannersbroker as they are the best agency for tracing people abroad. I agree with Barney, if you have lost money or are worried about losing it with Bannersbroker then contact, Action fraud in the UK, BBC watchdog Tv programe and any other press you can to bring this to a swift end rather than letting Chris and Raj kill it slowly whilst they try and hide away the money.

  • I’m in the bullshit of Banners Broker and I tell you something, they have the worth customer support that you ever can see also they in the famous webinars they do they never answer the good questions that members ask, they just tell us that is lots of repetitions and they will answer those questions out of line to each one of us…
    To be honest I got some money inside that shit, however I will try to at least get my money and get rid of that scamming shit excuse my language…
    They also most of the time when you send a support ticket when they want the answer something totally different than the question you asking…
    That’s a big bullshit and the worth thing is that thousands of people like my self join those people…
    Thank you

  • @ Sonny Barnet

    People should be asking hard questions before joining and if they don’t get the answers, don’t join.

    I feel somewhat sorry for the victims of BB but there are many “victims” who even after getting burned go and join another similar scam and don’t seem to learn that the majority of the MLMs that require you to recruit members in order to make a “lot” of money are scams and should be avoided. Do your homework before joining, not after the fact and you will save money. Guaranteed!

  • If you cant make money doing banners brokers,that just shows how thick you lot really are, £1600 per month in 10 month thankyou and good bye

  • @dave

    The only way to make that amount is to recruit people. Therefore, if all you can make is £1600 per month in 10 month by robbing people then you are not very good. A good thief should be able to make ten times that amount in that timeframe.

    BTW, my grand daughter who is 6 makes more than that in a single game of monopoly (that’s all you have in your virtual account). Thank you and have a lousy day counting your monopoly money.

  • dave stop being a shill, BB ain’t paying …. have several withdrawals open since feb, nothing is being paid except a one time 100$ partial

    BB no longer pays
    BB is gone

  • Even the die hard BB promoters like Jo Spencer of BBDealer fame have stopped promoting, once upon a time she’d add content to her BBDealer facebook page everyday, now it’s once a month.

    They know the game is almost over.

  • Found this …. Ben Hills I would like to make an appeal to anyone in Banners Broker who is owed money. We have currently had over 500 people contact us at Dispatches Investigations which has enabled us to proceed with an investigation.

    Currently Banners Broker are 7 months behind with payments and owe their affiliates millions. They give endless excuses which again have been proved to be lies.

    We also have an extensive list of the pushers and big earners in BB, including people who claim to be “millionaires” and have avoided tax such as Ian Waterfield, Derek Overington, Martin Wild, Simon Stepsys, Duncan Wood, David Tree, Imran Nauth, James Waters, Richard Wheels, John Bath, Richard Maude.

    The above people have done so much wrong to the people who have contacted us and there are many more people out there like this, please come forward with your knowledge

  • The above so-called “appeal” by Ben Hills is not genuine. For obvious legal reasons, to say nothing of operational concerns, the Dispatches programme would not name names in the manner expressed above.

    I detest the Banners Broker scam, but telling lies does NOT help our cause.

  • Hello everyone.. Simon Paul Martin, works for “Jacksons Art Supplies London” .. so I sent them this email ….TO ATT Legal Dept: Jacksons art supplies London … Good Day ..
    One of your managers, Simon Paul Martin is promoting an illegal “Ponzi” scheme on the internet, its called “Bannersbroker” you can Google it and have a short update.. It’s in its dying days and people will only lose their money. His Facebook pages dealing with this scam are, “Simon Martin & BBI” .. He has to our knowledge recruited one or two members of your staff to this Ponzi,(in law anyone recruiting for a ponzi is guilty of fraud) so you may want to hand this email to your legal people, we have contacted Simon and shown him proofs of this being a scam but he refuses to listen.. If you Google, “Banners Broker Ponzi scam” you will find that the Daily Mirror newspaper exposed this in January of this year.. Regards……………………… A FEW MORE EMAILS WOULD NOT GO AMISS……………

  • Its interesting that BB is paying selected people:

    Richard Maude has just been paid 10k, but he is upset because he asked Chris smith for 83k.

    Interesting that Chris is paying selected people

  • Right on the nose, Harry….
    I have $200 of payments (Payza) pending from these packs of mongrels dating back to February. The usual ticket responses that they’re behind and it will be done as soon as possible. Still waiting to this day, except more withdrawal requests totalling just over $500 being added to the list.
    Chris will keep on paying selectively until somebody puts a bullet through his head and makes him an example of future scammers thinking of following in his foot-steps. Don’t expect the authorities to act, no matter what juristiction, whether Canada, USA, Australia, NZ, UK, Ireland – they have their own ponzi scams running, like 401K’s, and other retirement funds….. Governments represent the rich and the upper echolons of society, their other role is to keep us, the working class stiffs, working and dependent, on the state, as well as that noose around your neck called debt.

    We need to find out where Chris, Rajiv, and their selectively-paid ponzi pimps of the likes of Ian Driscoll, Jamie Waters, Soozie, Iainsherriff, and their physical addresses exposed, and the appropriate action outside the jurisdiction of the criminal-protecting justice system. Bullet through the head for the whole lot of them.

  • @ waverider, you seem a bit overwrought over such small monies.. and do not announce your intention of shooting people on the internet.. its not a good plan.. 99.99999% of people who say “Shoot Em” on the net, gets caught … I can see how you brought into BB, your not to smart are you.. Call it a life lesson and move on..

  • @ waverider

    “We need to find out where Chris, Rajiv, and their selectively-paid ponzi pimps of the likes of Ian Driscoll, Jamie Waters, Soozie, Iainsherriff, and their physical addresses exposed, and the appropriate action outside the jurisdiction of the criminal-protecting justice system. Bullet through the head for the whole lot of them.”

    I would be very careful of comments such as above. You can think them but you can’t post them. You are not anonymous to the authorities should they see your threats. They take these very seriously.

  • It’s Friday FUNNIES time….

    New MoneyMaker

    Group: Member
    Posts: 4
    Joined: 15-May 13
    Member No.: 513,511

    Friday Banners Broker Q&A Webinar – May 31, 2013

    Chris Smith speaking:

    Good day! I like to start off with the most popular question.

    Payouts – I mentioned on Friday that we were doing STP last weekend, but it was not completed. We will be doing that this weekend. It is a batch upload, so there must be an Excel file that must be done correctly. In the past there were errors with that batch file, so now have to make sure everything is correct. There is alot of important data in that file and it invoves alot of money.

    Payza should be shortly thereafter. We are awaiting the payment to arrive at Payza.

    We do have a new platform coming onboard for payouts. we are working hard to make sure it’s properly integrated, all lawyer documents are signed off on, ect. The important thing is that M/C dropped us becuase of all the negative internet chatter. But with our new platform, they are fully aware, have read everything and done their research on our business model and are moving forward with us. So no possibility of it being ripped away becasue of the Internet. I cannot give any dates. Not happening in the next few weeks, in the meantime we are doing the best we can via STP and Payza.

    We went LIVE with purchase of external TP’s. My expectations were blown out of the water. I am happy to see the huge sales. and the click incentive has capulted to the #1 visited page on the BB website. So a huge success on both sides. If you want incentive traffic, click away, and if you want traffic to your website, you can purchase it. There is no set timeframe, but in actuality, people are going through 50,000 within days. It’s a very good product. Some people said that traffic from Russia was hitting their site and asked if they could have targeted traffic.. USA visitors to USA sites, for example. So there will be a tiered product that will cost more for targeted traffic. Facebook charges $1 per click (hits to your website). We are selling clicks, visitors to your website for $50 for 50,000. A great deal.

    Articles Denial — the reason these are denied is shown on the page. Plagurism is the highest reason. If you do this you will be banned for life to use incentive traffic. We have softward that can detect whether the article has been published before on the Internet and whether you “copied” it, which is plagurism, and will not be tolerated.

    Prestige Panels are at the same rate as the other panels? Yes, they all go at the same rate. One is not slower than the other, just different sizes of inventory.

    Internet chatter — someone sent me a message about the negative Internet chatter. I usually don’t comment on this. But I know it is important to you. I want everyone to know that it’s no secret that sales of ads and what’s purchased inside the packages are lower now. The positive thing is that sales are steady. We are looking with alot of things to increase and get back to where we were before. Like any application, there are always new versions, and we continue to give you a proper product. We are not going anywhere. We’ve hired more staff. We’ve hired more programmers. We’ve hired more administrative staff. We want to make sure no one is overwhelmed, so lately we put in place a few key people to assist us. Those that were not producing are no longer with us. It’s an ongoing process, as the company grows and continue to get strong. We appreciate all of you on the call and in the field who are doing trainings and helping new people. We are hoping to put together a training program for certification. So if you are training new people, you can go through a program to be certified and you can join us in our travels. We are working on these plans. We know there are some BB people who know the system inside and out who can stand with us to present the new features and the core of BB. We will formalize this shortly.

    There are a lot of questions. Some of these I will take with me and use next week so I can have the correct answer for you next week.

    Thank you for all your suggestions. We do read them all and all the questions here. Have a great weekend.

    (end of webinar)

    (notes prepared by Linda Lane)

  • @ waverider
    “We need to find out where Chris, Rajiv, and their selectively-paid ponzi pimps of the likes of Ian Driscoll, Jamie Waters, Soozie, Iainsherriff, and their physical addresses exposed, and the appropriate action outside the jurisdiction of the criminal-protecting justice system. Bullet through the head for the whole lot of them.”

    Please be careful buddy. I really believe this could happened he has taken money from the wrong people. The manchester meeting’s have all stop because of death threats.

  • Just excuses and excuses – total scam.
    1rst chance I get I am withdrawing and I have told my man to do the same (he has thousands in his account though obviously we will never see it – save a few rotten minimal withdrawals).
    Well we have started to warn people now especially “affiliates”!
    My advice is get out what you can as soon as you can!!!

  • @Brittsused: You are a bit late. People were warned months ago that BB was collapsing. That was the time to withdraw.

    @Harrison: I assume its because these stories are a dime a dozen. No big sccop to be had here. Look at it this way, I don’t know how interested I would be to read someone’s hard luck story because they got greedy.

  • I really can’t beleive that Banners Broker are still hanging in there, I wonder what Gems Chris will come out with next?

  • If you look at the Banners Broker Website now Companies are advertising on it . This will be their get out clause to keep going . If they are taking legitimate orders for advertising its going to be harder and harder to bring BB down .
    Somebody must be using the grey matter at head office !!

  • Seems our scamming friend “Simon Paul Martin” ..General Manager at Jacksons Art Supplies .. (LinkedIn) has shut his F/B page where he was gleefully totting up his daily fantasy earnings…awww .. 🙂 .. But this one is still valid.. Untitled Document ….

  • Well, Barney, one of the latest gems from Mr “Excel Spreadsheets” Smith is this (from webinar yesterday, 7th June)

    “We are starting to put some ads in the back office. The reason is that our site should also be able to earn ad revenue to add funds into the system. Also ads will show on the login page”

    And this: “We are delving more into the advertising side to help you with your marketing efforts.”

    And this: “Additional provider that we have contacted with for a new payout system. The new provider is aware of all the negative bloggers and have signed off on us and will be with us for a long term solution. We have strong leaders, BB is actually growing. BB is not going anywhere.. So we needed a long term solution for payouts”

    (Full text is on the Banners Broker Iceland Facebeook page, also page 480 of the Real Scam forum

    And here’s me thinking that, um, they were already in the “advertising side”. Must have dreamt that.

    Wonder who the new and mysterious payment provider is? The excitement is building…

  • Apparently, Septic Stepsys BB account is now showing over $8,000,000 in virtual Money. He has just been paid $2,500, a payment from January.

    The millionaire rock star, well in panels anyway. Dreams are made of bull shit lol

  • @ paul smith

    BB should have gone into the ad business when they started. That way they might have gotten some long term clients in the ad business that would have generated some revenue. It’s too late for them now. Authorities might not shut them down but they also can’t generate enough revenue from legitimate ad/traffic sales to pay their affiliates what they are owed.

    Every month the total payables increases by a larger percentage than that of receivables. It can’t last. What BB can do and is doing is delaying payments while decreasing affiliates e-wallets balances by charging them admin, traffic and support fees so eventually the account goes negative and they can stop all withdrawals. That is their way of reducing payables, unless members are too naive or greedy and keep funding their account.

    BB owes over 300,000 affiliates money. That means they need to generate legitimately $30 million just to pay every member $100.00. There is no way BB generates that kind of income from legitimate ad/traffic sales. There aren’t that many on-line companies in the ad sales industry that earn $360 mil/year in their first year. This would be BB’s first year in the legit ad/traffic sales business.

  • @Ken: There was no point in BB going into the ad business first day. There are other better more experienced companies than them already doing it. They were a ponzi and that was how they made their money. They never had any intention of doing anything legit.

  • @Jane: As I said earlier we would be stupid to believe anything BB are its recruiters are saying. But for the fun of it lets take Simon Snake’s claim to be true. So on an 8 million account he got 2500$ after 5 months. He is making 500$ every month on an account that size.

    Now lets look at an account of 100,000$. This will be earning just over 6$ per month. Or lets look at an average account of about 10000$. One that size will be earning 60 cents a month!!!

  • @ken Roklin

    Spot on, I’m inclined to believe that also, OK there are far more experienced players in the on-line advertising industry, but had BB started out purely as an advertising company, I’d have no doubts they would have attracted some long-term business partners.

    It’s not just the payment delaying tactics such as decreasing affiliates e-wallets balances by charging us admin, traffic and support fees that’s a major red flag that would make anyone, whether an individual or a business, take a big step back and think twice before contemplating becoming an affiliate or an advertiser, especially in the face of the continued increase in the numbers of affiliates such as myself waiting months to get paid, that would certainly turn off any potential publisher contemplating offering its network of publishing sites to Banners Broker or one of its associated companies.

    Lately, little seems to have been discussed about the drastic slowing down of panel capping speeds, I now have yellows INTO THEIR SECOND MONTH still waiting to cap, seems that the higher order panels seem to be progressing at more familiar speeds, but it’s becoming clear to see that all we’re looking at is numbers on the screen, and the reality is that there’s probably not much revenue being generated from the advertiser-side of things, and the bulk of BB’s revenue comes from the purchases of advertising inventory from newly-recruited affiliates.

    Time will tell.

  • You just don’t get it. I can see now why you fell for the bullshit in the first place. WAKE UP!!!!!

  • @ BBinsider, regarding Septic Stepsys, no I don’t believe the BS, but $2500 was received from a January pending payment. The point, with panels showing virtual money of $8,000,000 and only receiving $2500 after all this time, what hope does any of the suckers have of getting their money. But he will move on, which he has with Empower Network Cash Gifting.

    BB was promoted, from the start, as a straightline cycler, so obvious what it was from the start and will only end one way. In favour of the owners!

    I had someone pitch me and ask advice about an “Ad Surf” revenue share opp. I told them it was dodgy and illegal and will either be closed down or dry up.

    I got “It is totally legal and making money, I don’t think you understand how it works”. Why ask my advice, then go on Blah Blah Bla… I’m sorry to say, most people deserve to be ripped off!

    Trying to get people to work something legit and build, is like swimming in treacle lol

    They just want easy money rip off scams, that they don’t need to do any work, then start screaming when they lose their money.

  • @BBinsider

    “@Ken: There was no point in BB going into the ad business first day. There are other better more experienced companies than them already doing it. They were a ponzi and that was how they made their money. They never had any intention of doing anything legit.”

    That was precisely my point. BB was set up, as most of the HYIP’s people are promoting even after getting scammed by BB, as an illegal pyramid scheme.

    My point was that if BB wanted to be a legit corporation it should have done so right from the beginning (not after authorities started investigating them), regardless of there being more experienced companies doing it. There is always room for more competition.

    Of course if they had they wouldn’t have had affiliates recruiting more affiliates. Affiliates don’t make a company money, they cost a company money. Why share in the profits with affiliates when you can keep those commissions and put it back into the business? Successful companies do just that.

    Affiliates don’t do anything for the company unless they recruit more members and that is what causes all the problems. The numbers grow to such an extent the company can’t pay out the commissions earned from the legit part of the business to pay the affiliates what they think they have earned. End result – change of business model, slow payments and finally close up shop.

  • Jo Spencer of BBDealer fame has gone very quiet, once upon a time she was promoting BB every few days on her BBDealer Facebook page but nothing now since 25th April. Perhaps she’s landed a legitimate job?

  • TalkingBB admin Soozi is now cross pitching for Adhitprofits to BB people.

    Jamie Waters is doing the same with Ripplin.

    Iceland IC is also cross pitching Adhitprofits despite being the IC for Banners Broker and still roping people in.

  • For some time now, Raj Dixit has been conspicuous by his absence from all things ‘BB’.
    Within the last two weeks all BB staff at their Salford Quays offices in the UK have had their employment terminated.(What was it HOOKER said in February this year about a 10 year lease???)
    Their Canadian Lady manager has been recalled and subsequently dismissed, she too is now touting Adhitprofits.
    At least 95 of the 100 claimed staff at the Stellar Point HQ in Canada have also had their employment terminated leaving just FIVE to handle the accounts of over 300,000 ‘affiliates’.
    Several ‘ICs’ (Cyprus, Iceland and Spain) have already ‘jumped ship’ without telling the affiliates they are supposed to be supporting, these ‘gentlemen’ (term being used very loosely), are also now actively promoting Adhitsprofits.
    Could it be that Adhitsprofits is Mr. Dixit’s ‘new vehicle’?, worse still, is it the new ‘BB’? or is this old ‘spook’ just being cynical?, You decide!

  • I have watched this just about destroy a family, and I have just heard that BB now wants “affiliates” to purchase more panels from their wallet instead of requesting withdrawals, which will cause them to put more money into traffic packs. I don’t understand how people can keep putting money into this. I am so grateful that I found this board because I was getting almost daily phone calls from the above referenced friend to invest in this nonsense. All of you saved me from making a horrible mistake.

  • Payments dating back to over two months, the same bullshit excuses about payments, I suspected this for a while, but now I’m 110% convinced that BB is a scam and a Ponzi. Anybody that joins Banners Brokers now is either completely ignorant and has more money than sense, or they’re completely clueless and have no idea they might as well flush their money down the toilet, same chance of ever seeing it again…

  • another weekend gone, and still waiting for payments dating back to February.
    Karen nailed it with her earlier post, BB’s definetly a scam and the proof is clearly surfacing now, the only people still being paid are those who are recruiting actively and bringing fresh people (and money) into this dying ponzi

  • Hi folks,

    If you actually want to get your money back (original deposit(s)) not money owed, then the process is easy. I can’t be bothered to repeat it all here but visit instead. All the info is on there, along with proof I have been refunded in full by Banners Broker International.

    Also, please phone Dunham police dept Regional Headquarters: 605 Rossland Rd. E, Box 911; Whitby, Ontario, Canada; L1N 0B8
    Durham Local: (905) 579-1520 Toll Free: 1-888-579-1520

    They are the dept responsible for investigating Organised Crime in the Whitby area of Ontario. If you want Raj Dixit brought to justice in the criminal courts these are the people to speak to.

    Let’s end all the speculating etc and put him in prison where he belongs.

  • @ Keiran

    The company is already being investigated by the Ontario Securities Commission. Phoning Durham Police will have no effect as they will tell you there is an investigation in process.

  • You guys are full of shit! Just spoke to someone in the manchester office now! Closed down?? yeah my arse. you guys really do make yourselves look ridiculous and incredible when you feed us bullshit information! Dont feed info which can be proved wrong by a simple phone call to their offices!

  • bundip, you’re full of it big time, BB is insolvent, they can no longer meet their obligations, the vast majority of payout requests aren’t being honoured, they’re selectively only paying those who are actively recruiting new, paying members into the dying scheme and who are ‘talking positively’ on TalkingBB, ie, not a word about delayed payments only ‘positive and constructive talk’ as iainsherriff calls it.

    BB is dying quick, they’re not paying out most people, and more proof is their plummeting alexa ranking, and overall posting activity on TBB, well down, driven by a combination of people simply losing interest and not being active on the forum anymore, or like me they’ve been booted off for being negative, ie: posting unpaid payment details with reference numbers – by the looks of things they are sequential, and affiliates publishing these reveals the true picture of BB’s situation and the REAL likelihood of you ever seeing much of a return on your initial investment let alone making a profit.

  • Nice to see the demise of this thread, now at the bottom of page 3 on google search.
    You people just dont get it, gone in Jan 2012, no still here, gone by summer 2012, no still here, then wouldn’t see 2013, guess what bb is still here and this site is heading into oblivion.
    Won’t be too long before this thread disappears through lack of interest, go and find something else to do…

  • I would hope MikeyM has not had a chance to catch up with the latest Smith webinar or we would have to assume he is a little stupid …

  • Hi MikeyM go somwhere else and make yourself ridiculous yes BB is still here rofl at what cost …. am in over a year and gues what i didn’t double my money didn’t even make my investment back …. and before you start even trying to make the ridiculous comment you don’t know how it works … i fully understand how BB works and it is not generating any money …. have a nice day an keep on dreaming

  • In all due respect, MikeyM, how long do you think this whole charade is going to last as the number of unpaid affiliates heads into astronomical numbers?

    It’s going to be a bold prediction to speculate whether BB will still be around this time next year, considering that more and more people will take their complaints about outstanding payments to their relevant country’s authorities.

    Only time will tell…

  • @ MikeyM

    “Won’t be too long before this thread disappears through lack of interest, go and find something else to do…”

    This thread will disappear when BB disappears. BB has been dead for a long time. Chris, like he is late with payments, is just late with organizing the funeral. He is probably using a spreadsheet with coloured panels to plan it so it is logical that it would take some time.

  • I’ve been trying to call The Banners Broker UK offices for the last two days, both numbers seem to be forwarded to the same voice mail box, which is full.

  • Latest installment of Chris Smith bullshit. Anyone believing this needs to go to counseling immediately because you cannot heal yourself from the illness without help.

    Chris Smith Speaking

    Let’s start off with the ads on the website again. (showing his dashboard) I know we’ve had some inappropriate ads appear and we are sorry for that. We have contacted our ad broker and asked how to remove certain sites. We are going to submit all the sites that are showing inappropriate ads.

    Please help us by clicking on that and getting the URL, then submit that to us via the FEEDBACK & COMMENTS form. We will submit that to our broker and they will remove them from their database.

    BB contract with Stellar Point. We have reduced our contract with Stellar Point, so we have less staff for support. You may notice a slower response time to your support requests.

    This is not Stellar Point’s fault, it is because we’ve reduced our contract with them. Remember that the offices in other countries are not officially BB offices, so please direct your questions to our main office.

    As of Monday, make sure you have an active choice campaign running for your panels to move. All panels, not just complimentary panels.

    Confusion from last week’s call. I’m not sure why, but it seems I need to clear some things up.

    Last week I mentioned that we are increasing our scope for what BB’ers can do to keep the panels rolling. I mentioned that there was a slowdown in ad revenue, especially during March.

    Lower ad revenue equals lower buying power. With Net 45, lower ad revenue in March means that beginning 45 days later we are seeing the slower panel movement.

    Couple that with the banking issues, and those 2 reasons are why you are seeing the payout issue.

    Payouts. We are going in the order of oldest to newest, except if you have several withdrawals. (he gave an example of how that works) You also gain more points if you have never, ever withdrawn before.

    Those are the three factors.

    So when I announce a certain payday, doesn’t mean all are getting paid on the same day. We are paying out on a regular basis, so based on where you are in the queue, you will get your payout.

    Niagara conference – July 20,21. This is coming soon.. For those who are coming out, we have some fun things planned and you will learn a lot about the future of BB. You can buy the ticket from your eWallet or using a Credit Card.

    Guests on the call today:

    Paul McCarthy (Ireland):

    I want to say a few words about BB and the journey. I started on April 6, 2011. I tried a few other things and come from a conventional background. Chris has pioneered this company and for over 2 years everything was on track. The company has had some challenges, but I’m asking everyone with our 3rd anniversary coming up to join us in helping BB stay around for the long haul. So if Chris asked us to do anything, click on links or whatever it is — we have over 300,000 members, so please everyone join in when Chris asks us to help. I know that Chris has one thing in mind – the longevity of the company.

    Chris again –

    We are moving into a new era with BB, a non-passive one. We are moving away from a passive program. Everyone will be mandated to do “something”, so the business is not passive. The overall “perception” of BB is that it is a passive program, so we are cleaning up our act to make sure that perception is cleared up and we are here for a long time.

    Mark Ghobril:

    I’m at an airport, so bear with me. What I want to share is that BB at the moment is having some challenges, but I have no doubt, and I have full faith in Chris and BB. BB will survive and will thrive. Chris is taking steps to address all the issues. Please do not listen to the doom and gloom out there. At this point you are either in this or not. I choose to be in this and draw a line in the sand. Tell the world that BB is here and will be here for a very long time. BB is just unique.

    I would ask every affiliate to look at giving BB the breathing room they need – a clear agreement – so that we give them latitude they need to fix the issues, and limit our withdrawals. Instead of coming from a position of fear, we should be coming from a position of trust in our leaders and in BB. This would make it so much easier for BB.

    Don’t be driven by fear, but remember what BB has done for all of you in the past and what BB can be for you in the future. Thank you to Chris and the entire team.

    Chris again:

    Mark is a wonderful leader. There are many of you throughout the world. This is a time for us to be together to get a solution to our problems. I know there is a payout problem and that we are behind.

    Soon we will be beginning Phase 2 of BB, we are coming up to our 3rd anniversary, this is a milestone. This is a testament to all of you and a strong team behind the scenes. Many companies do not make it through their first year. Now we must get through these challenging times. We are excited about our future.

    This has been a good call. The comments are very good. Believe in BB, stay with us, and long live BB.

    (end of webinar)

  • “The overall “perception” of BB is that it is a passive program, so we are cleaning up our act to make sure that perception is cleared up and we are here for a long time.”

    Nothing wrong with passive programs.

    Oh wait, ponzi programs. Yeah I think that perception is already sealed in concrete.

    Interesting to see the gradual distancing themselves from Stellar Point. No doubt Raj has been in Chris’s ear to get those wheels in motion. He must be starting to panic.

  • “This is not Stellar Point’s fault, it is because we’ve reduced our contract with them. Remember that the offices in other countries are not officially BB offices, so please direct your questions to our main office.”

    What main BB office? The virtual one in The isle of Man with no staff?

    Re: Paul McCarthy (Ireland): ” I know that Chris has one thing in mind – the longevity of the company.”

    I believe what he has in mind is to have affiliates recruit to pad his off shore bank account. Longevity? He should have thought of that when launching the business not after the business is bankrupt. He has no assets and millions in liabilities. The only asset the company has is a piece of software that shows some coloured panels.

    Re: Mark Ghobril:”I would ask every affiliate to look at giving BB the breathing room they need – a clear agreement – so that we give them latitude they need to fix the issues, and limit our withdrawals. Instead of coming from a position of fear, we should be coming from a position of trust in our leaders and in BB. This would make it so much easier for BB.”

    BB needs more than breathing room – it needs an oxygen tank. All that asking affiliates to limit withdrawals will do is ensure Chris’s offshore bank account grows while affiliates lose any chance of recovering even a fraction of what is owed them. Sure that’s great for Chris. Let’s all help Chris get out of this with more money when it closes in a couple of months. What leaders in BB? BB has only one leader and that is Chris. BB has no staff and no management.

    Re Chris: “Soon we will be beginning Phase 2 of BB, we are coming up to our 3rd anniversary, this is a milestone.”

    I believe BB has gone through many phases already and is now in its final phase – death.

  • As long as affiliates keep stumping up the monthly subs and are stupid enough to keep buying traffic packs, then BB will keep riding along nicely until they are closed down. 400,000 odd afilliates x $X is still way past the million dollar mark every month. Raj and Chris could hang on for months like this.

  • Well, what a surprise. I’ve had 3 withdrawal requests pending since May, ALL 3 REVERSED BY BB today due to “negative e-wallet”. Balderdash! Just before they reversed the requests total of which is 1,558$, there were 2,741$ in e-wallet, which would leave 1,183$.The monthly commitment is 600$. There is double the necessary amount in the e-wallet. Am I surprised at this latest outcome? No. In my case, Banners Broke oops forgot the r, has been driveling out pathetic excuses since September. I’ve never heard such a load of cock and bull. I’ve been an affiliate since June 2012. Only managed to get 600$ in payment, that was overdue, and came in via the marvelous pre-paid mastercard which took a month of Sundays to arrive and when it eventually did, and it was loaded, I found I had only a week to use my money (not difficult eh) before it was unceremoniously withdrawn by Mastercard! The only good thing I can say with my hand on my heart and a thoroughly clear conscience is that I did not invite anybody or get anybody to sign up to BB because I wanted to make sure it was going to work for me. I did have a friend who was interested, but I told her truth which is that I cannot recommend BB to other people until I have proof that it makes genuinely reliable guaranteed payments ON time and to the FULL amount, and does not keep changing the goal posts and making up the rules as it goes along. If only the limp wristed a+se-wipe who really flogged it to quite few trusting souls in my area had half a decent moral thought in his head, well, I need say no more. My initial start-up was nothing by comparison to a couple of extremely nice and jolly decent friends, who have put a lot of their hard earned savings into this fraudulent set up. I feel so sad for them. I think one of them still hopes. I saw it coming, so I guess I’m lucky. One day Karma will catch up with all those people who knowingly conned innocent folk into parting with their money, and hit them wherever it hurts. Keep going Finchy, you’re a good lad.

  • Imagine the immorality of ripping off extremely poor people in Pakistan and India….

    [2:10:13 AM] JAVEZ KHAN: What specifically is Chris doing to rectify the payment situation? I have recently visited Pakistan and have seen the devastating effect on some of the poorer people that have BB accounts? Someone please advise…
    [2:19:06 AM] Graham Reidy: what effects Javez?
    [3:12:54 AM] JAVEZ KHAN: @graham…they are unable to buy food, pay the bills, buy small essentials for their children etc etc. kids education stopped….plus, much more. They live in rural villages.
    [3:16:30 AM] Joanne Thomson: @javez- India are paid differently to the rest of the world. IE they are banking in India and paying from indian banks rather than internationally.
    [3:20:38 AM] Jens Holvoet: he said Pakistan
    [3:21:32 AM] Joanne Thomson: Ok.
    [5:33:00 AM] peter horsley: Anyone know what’s going on with all the enforced payment reversals? With plenty in ewallets to cover. Lots reported??
    [6:11:07 AM] Joanne Thomson: Where is that announced Peter?
    [7:09:54 AM] peter horsley: Talking BB Forum and my team/s
    [9:55:35 AM] Graham Reidy: has anyone listened to the latest video on the BannersBroker youtube channel? He is basically saying the BB is stuffed.
    [10:20:08 AM] Steve Godley: Just went to the BB youtube channel. Most recent video there is dated 2012/05/12, so not sure which video you are referring to Graham.
    [10:23:27 AM] Dave Hughes: Today’s Call: (8th July)

  • The you tube clip above is an absolute farce with David Hooker waffling on about how you can lose money buying cars, houses, skiddoos and even clothes. He is just starting to put the notion in the heads of the remaining sheep like followers that there is a possibility ( iminent) that they could lose thier money with bannersbroker too.

    The Niagra meeting should be interesting with Chris Smith promising some fun for the guests. I reckon it will be great entertainment to see him get tarred and feathered or torn apart by an angry mob. Still cant believe that the convention centre is allowing these criminals to use their facility. I hope they have good security and have the local police on alert.

  • So I guess you haven’t heard yet,Chris & Dixshit are getting into the penny auction business.

    They’ve got Chris’s crew working on it now to be launched next week sometime,the kicker, they’re going to try and re-fleece every member they’ve already stolen from through getting them to bid on their crap. Last I heard it was going to be called hawkbids or something like that. They’re using some pieceofshit auction software to run it off a server that’s not connected to BB or SP.

    I think Raj wants to make it legit, but Chris will only fuck it up as per usual.

    I hate these guys, but hating them pays the bills so…to work I go.


  • Re: Angela Jaunita

    ” All the recent changes have not affected my business much at all, as my business is built on inviting and helping others into the business, not on traffic packs. I had given up all hope of a comfortable retirement a year ago, after a number of reversals in my life. Now, less than a year later, it would seem that I am set for life, thanks to Banners Broker.”

    Her business is not selling a product but rather recruiting. She still doesn’t get it, doesn’t care that any money she withdrew is because she stole it from her downline.

    If, as she claims, her retirement fund is the monopoly money with BB, she is going to have to apply for social assistance. Having said that I am sure she is involved in other scams, doing what she does best, recruiting and conning people out of their money.

  • Finch, is your mum’s sponsor Richard Maude ? there is talks through various people of him still getting large payments from Chris Smith directly, due to Richard being connected to Duncan Wood, who is still holding UK meetings as directed by “management”.

  • True Story – I’m not sure who her direct sponsor is, but I’ve heard her mention Richard Maude on a number of occasions. I’m pretty sure he’s either directly above her, or not too far up the line.

    Maude had a shit-fit after posters started mentioning his name on RealScam. He’s been encouraging his downline to keep throwing money at the scheme well after it imploded. Looks, sounds, and acts like a scumbag.

    As for Hooker, I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed off the previous email. I’ve been making regular appearances on his FB page to remind him of his double standards. Looks like he’s disabled his wall now. Either that or I’m banned from it.

    Oh well.

  • Bloody hell, the pro supporters saying how “stunning” Angela’s post is on the FB page … I’m literally lost for words, people like this exist.

    Oh her pretending some anonymous person created it, sigh. I do like how many people are still claiming to be employed by BB, work at BB when they are a lowly affiliate, using BB logos and such. Such easy low hanging fruit.

  • Well it is desperation. Many of those supporters posting positively about Angela know darn well that bb is mortally damaged, know bb is a scam, know that they will recieve little of their money. But post servile and fawning compliments. Just hanging in there hoping against hope. Besides which, if they posted anything critical, Angela would ban them in a heartbeat. She has the reputation of being harsh and authoritarian to the underlings.

  • Finch, would you entertain the idea of putting the recording of Hooker slandering you up on Youtube ?. It would destroy any notion he was never really close/involved with BB, why would an “independent” to BBI, SP contractor go out of his way to attack a critic of BBI who according to the “not management of BBI” people is only one of SP’s clients …

    It also shows just what type of person he is.

  • i wouldn’t do that because if the meeting would be cancelled they would only use it as an excuse for cancelling the convention …. that the convention center had to many negative mails and they didn’t want the convention to happen …. anyway i want that it take place and hope there will be some angry affiliates there to see how Chris will talk himself out off it 😀

  • Oh here’s a message from “Chris Smith” regarding todays webinar.. My Dear BB people, if you would like to listen to todays webinar todays webinar todays webinar .. then please go into your Back orifice and select 1 from any of the selection played in the last 4 months, if you need to clarify then choose another one and play that.. and another and another, you can do this daily from now on……thanks and have a great weekend..BB rocks.. (On the)…

  • From Jason Clark Investigates:

    19 Jul
    Things That You Probably Didn’t Know about Banners Broker

    There was a compliance document that was drawn up by TS for use with governments and financial institutions, which is full of information provided by Chris/Raj but has little fact in it. This is the same mis-information that TS was given to combat the blogs/forums to confuse prospective readers.
    The million dollar pay offs – Kul + Lieven

    – Yes, they’ve paid them off in order to make “complications” disappear.
    No mention of the fighting between Raj, Hooker, Lorenzo, Kul
    – There’s been an upsurge of fighting between Raj/Chris/David as of late because Chris won’t listen and keeps making amateurish mistakes that jeopardize everyone.
    – The 10% rule for example was going to be dropped by Chris, but Raj gave him shit and left it in place so payouts would be less. The same thing with more aggressive roll-ups, less money going out added to increased fees and penalties = better for BBI.
    No mention of other lawsuits from large players
    – There have been people who have threatened, but no-one has come forth to actually follow through.
    No mention of the investigations
    – There are investigations going on by the RCMP and Ontario Securities Commission in Canada, Indian authorities in India, and UK authorities…I can’t confirm any others or any progress.
    No mention of the multiple bank accounts in different countries
    – Chris and Raj bank all over the world. They use multiple credit cards whenever they travel, carry large sums of cash, and don’t keep anything tied up in one place.
    No mention of the lead programmer that quit in 2012
    – This is true, Matt resigned to go work elsewhere, however it wasn’t just him leaving, it was mutual. His programming was sub-par and garbage.
    The only hookers involved near BB so far were with Kul, which was the result of Imitaz A and Sharon J when they had a brilliant plan to blackmail him
    – Incorrect, they’ve had plenty…they used Executive Escorts in the UK while they were there staying in the Hilton in Manchester.
    No mention of the millions Kul Josun stole
    – Kul is the one who stole over 4 Million from affiliates he signed up without giving them anything in return…not Ian Driscoll.
    No mention that Chris let Kul Josun walk with the Swiss account and then paid him off
    – I can’t confirm this.
    No mention of Big players who might be getting paid for support
    – There are definitely affiliates who are favored and are getting the lion’s share of the payouts on a regular basis….essentially, anyone who is, and can continue to build the business in large numbers in new areas.
    No mention of an exploit some kids founds
    – There was a case where a 16 year old girl was given an account, her ID was approved without parental consent, and she had made a withdrawal request of $50,000 which was initially honored, but caught by Customer Service and then rejected with her account being closed. Nothing she paid in was ever refunded to her.

    – There have been consistent layoffs at the Whitby office and most of the Toronto crew are new as well. Raj looks for any reason at all to fire people who are showing intiative and doing things that he doesn’t approve of. He’s very guarded and cautious, and he’s very inexperienced in building SUSTAINABLE businesses….each previous business he’s run has collapsed.

  • Ok UK Time now19.44 hrs….Believe it or not, but I have just Phoned (Tel: (905) 357-6222) .. the Scotia Bank Falls convention centre at Niagara and the man on reception assured me that the Banners Broker convention is actually taking place..

  • I found this on MMG. Just goes to prove that CHARGEBACK really works!

    I’ve just picked up this really interesting info from MMG re Chargeback. It is an email from BB acknowledging that a chargeback has been requested from this gentlemans bank…

    Our credit card processor has notified us that the $(USD) was charged using your Credit Card ending in To Fund the Banners Broker account of to purchase Banners Broker product that you are pro porting that services were not Provided or Merchandise Not Received.

    Please be advised that our records indicate that your eWallet was successfully funded Janurary 20th 2013.

    Copy of screen shot of your Funding Log is attached

    In order to reverse the chargeback we require a signed authorization from you (form attached). Otherwise the impending chargeback will go through.

    Mi piace · · 6 minuti fa
    hello I have received this email, I have to send the signed authorization of the transaction? I do not have to send him or anything, I did not understand, who can help me?
    authorization may want to reverse the chargeback why I should not send him anything right?

    So, BB are requesting SIGNED authorisation which is totally unnecessary and fraudulent. In answer to the gentlemans query came back a resounding ‘NO’.

  • I have “stolen” this from BBPS, its about the admission by Chris Smith that BB is a Ponzi … READ ON.. There is lots wrong with what’s said, but something in particular stood out towards the end

    -NOW HERE IN HIS OWN WORDS,.. “Without BB affiliates, this business would not exist”…THAT IS A CONFESSION..

    This is true as we all know, but it also dispels (again) the old story that Chris Smith decided to open up this business to all because he wanted to share it with humanity (gosh what a nice guy). But now he admits the business isn’t one without affiliates…………….TARARA BOOOM DEHAY … DRUMS ROLL .. LIGHTS GO ON….NICKLE DROP

  • Chris Smith speaking:

    I’d like to thank everyone for coming on to the call today. A couple things, first of all we just finished our Niagara tour last weekend. Thanks to all who came to the event. We began on Saturday with two speakers, Grant did a great job. Then Mark Ghobril (sp) spoke. He’s a great leader and we were proud to have him. Next we heard from Lorenzo. He really connected with the audience. Saturday night we had a meet and greet and I was able to talk to each group of members from around the world. It was a good group. I wasn’t sure what to expect about the atmosphere, but every one of the members were supportive and took time to tell me they are behind BB. Yes BB has had issues, but knowing they were all supportive, it made Sunday’s presentation much better.

    I went over the milestones and history of BB, then went into the upcoming changes for BB. One temporary change is that we will be doing a temporary $1,000/month withdrawal limit. We will be changing the order to make sure all who have withdrawals and have never been paid will be first.

    We will be stopping the panel and package transfer. I understand that many have used this for good reasons, but many have used it for not so good reasons. The initial intention was so that you could transfer a package to a new member to get started fast. But now we have the Fast Start Program, where new members can begin and have 30 days to pay, and this is working very well. So this will replace the package/panel transfer in the future.

    The new look and feel for BB was also discussed. BannersBroker Version 3.0 (Chris then went through some screen shots showing the new version coming soon)

    (I will not transcribe this, as you need to watch the replay to understand what he’s showing on the screen)

    (*) – (My Opinion 🙂 the new BB 3.0 is very impressive – I like it a lot! – everyone needs to watch the replay)

    Sneak Peek of Version 3.0 – keep it to yourselves for now.

    Create My Banners software is LIVE! A new site to create banners. Go ahead and start your subscriptiosn for this site. It’s $25/year or $3/month. This makes it simple and easy to create your own banners. I urge you to start using this site!
    (Chris showed screenshots of the site and explained it)
    This site is available to anyone on the Internet, it is not specific to BB. (very nice site)

    VivoStock – a new website you can populate with photos from around the world. Then anyone in the world can download these photos and you get paid for these sales. Online solution for quality stock photos. Contributors will earn money on sales, and there is also a 10% lifetime commission – Affiliate referral program.

    Promo 121 – we talked about this next. Yellow pages meets social network. Here you can promote yourself, promote your products, or promote your BB business.
    (Chris showed screenshots and an overview)
    You will earn 50% of the generated revenue from this site.
    Promo 121 is coming back very soon!

    List 121 – This one is where you actually can sell your own products. An online ecommerce website. Revenue share – 40% to seller – 40% to affiliate – 20% to company. So you could make from 40% to 80% of the proceeds. (my opinion: a Really Cool site, great idea!)

    A lot of great comments are begin typed into chat! Everyone seems to like Create My Banners site. Guys now you can be part of the solution.

    We know that we have a slow payout problem. We have some payouts going out now and over the next little while STP and Payza. With the new banking solutions you will have other ways for getting paid.

    Thanks for still being here! Thanks for your Support! A lot of changes coming down the pipe, but we are looking forward to it. The future is bright, it truly is! We have alot of opportunity with different ad brokers.

    Announcement – this week, right after the convention we were contacted by another ad broker, and we just signed the deal this week, so their ads are now being shown on our sites. People understand the power of traffic, in spite of all the negative press out there.. we still have a new ad broker!! This is great news!

    We are on the right track for the ad side of things. We’ve learned alot over the years, and we are sharpening our efforts to increase our ad revenue to bring us into verion 3.0.

    Guys, we are here to stay. BB is not going anywhere. We are getting stronger every day and have a great team! We have a great future ahead!

    Have a fantastic weekend.

    (end of webinar)
    (NOTE: summary notes prepared by Linda Lane, and are not official BB transcripts – please include this note with any reposting)

  • For what it’s worth, if you are going to make a charge-back claim you better do it soon as BB will probably not make it through August. (based on a conversation by some Stellarpoint personnel overheard in a restaurant by an acquaintance of mine in Niagara Falls)

  • It seems like Stellarpoint is fast distancing itself from BB. The BB website removed Stellars phone number and address. For contact info in Canada all it shows now is:

    Whitby (East of Toronto), Canada
    Stellar Point Inc.

    All it does is take you right back to BB. No info for SP.


    Just noticed that has removed the address of their Canada head office from their website. I wonder why? Perhaps they are nervous about people sending legal papers.

    Here it is again, in case anyone needs it: –

    5 Carlow Court
    Whitby, Ontario
    L1N 9T7

    Phone: 289-316-0507
    Fax: 647-689-2160

  • @ Arthur Foxache

    The address you are referring to is not BB head office address. It is and always was Stellar Point. BBI was never registered in Canada to do business.

    The reason it was removed is Stellar Point is no longer promoting or supporting BB in Canada and now in India. As I posted above on Jul. 31, the website says for support contact Stellar Point Inc. but refers you to which takes you right back to BB and no Stellar Point phone, address or e-mail is listed.

    SP is trying to build it’s own company without BB, however, with the help of BB’s 400,000 or so affiliates.

  • @ harrison

    Very little posted there about Chris Smith or Raj is true. Banners Broker is not a Canadian or Ontario registered corporation. I am sure Chris works out of one of his condos but he will never make it the BB headquarters for obvious reasons

    As for “Banners Broker are now developing sites that affiliates can join for money laundering purposes. ” what does that mean? Does it mean a website that someone can go to that will direct them to a bank in Belize? Big deal, there are tons of sites out there that will set up offshore accounts for anyone wanting to do that.

    Re: Parrot Marketing, DYZ media and Stellarpoint are just three of MANY shell companies that Banners Broker own.”

    Raj changed the name from Banners Broker to Stellar Point in 2012 and it is owned by Raj. It has nothing to do with BB or Chris Smith. It is not a shell company. It owns a million dollar building (paid in cash), it has staff and it has customers for its non-BB businesses.

    As for Raj being in custody, that is totally false.

  • @ Ken…yes, you are correct. I was fed false information and got caught out. Its happened before and will no doubt happen again. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last few months its that there are more than enough people around now who can delve deep enough to prove or disprove some information. And thank goodness for them..

    But as for ‘Raj in Custody’ lol. It is clearly a spoof (along with the others)but I have apoligised for anybody who genuinely believed this to be the case.

  • @ harrison

    Tara posted before checking out the info she had and acknowledged that as well.

    I think the “Raj in Custody” headline was funny as well, but there are people out there who see that and believe that. If it were true a “real” Toronto paper would have printed it but not on a front page in big headlines.

  • I think that after all these woefully depressing days a little lighthearted relief is surely welcome.
    People will believe what they want to believe, hear what they want to hear and only see what suits them…

  • @kenrolkin. You seem to be very sensitive and defensive about the connections between BB and SP. I have noticed on other forums, that any time anyone mentions the obvious intimate and immoral connections of these scammers Raj and Chris, You jump to the defense of SP.
    From the beginning of the story there has been a criminal conspiracy between these 2 entities. Raj was a scammer before Chris, and he started the BB ball hopping.
    Now, just because of investigations ongoing, SP is trying (unsuccessfully) to disguise its culpability.
    Your posts everywhere almost come across as saying, SP are trying to go legit now, so thats ok.
    Alternately, you might be saying that SP was always an upstanding company, and Chris suckered Raj into aiding him, in the swindling of hundreds of thousands of people.
    SP are complicit in a worldwide scam, thats what it was set up for, that and nothing more!
    Their newly started Penny ante “legit business” is just an attempted alibi.

    Ken, do you, or a relative work at SP?

  • Comments haven’t been deleted. They’re being synced over to a new, cleaner system. Will be back within 24 hours.

  • And they’re back. Let me know if anything is bugging out. It’s not every day you have to import 3000 odd comments…

  • @ johnboyW

    I don’t defend SP and neither am I sensitive about the connections. All I was doing is trying to set the record straight about the 2 companies and their connection when someone posts what they think they are rather than what they really are. That is not defending SP, but stating facts. You are reading things into my posts that aren’t there.

    I said BB was trying to go legit, not SP. SP as a reseller of BB was promoting a Ponzi which is illegal. Having said that, all affiliates that promoted and recruited are as guilty of promoting a Ponzi as are Raj and SP.

    I never said that a company going legit from running an illegal business was OK. In fact I always stated the opposite.

    And no, I don’t work at SP nor do any of my relatives. I have my own legit companies that are doing just fine.

  • @ken Roklin When someone posts about the criminality of SP, you jump on them like a ton of bricks. Numerous such posts from you.
    You say “Raj changed the name from Banners Broker to Stellar Point in 2012 and it is owned by Raj. It has nothing to do with BB or Chris Smith”
    Couple of days ago on mmg “The Banners Broker that Raj owned has nothing to do with Banners Broker International owned by Chris. ”
    Multiple such posts by you on forums. You say you are just trying to set the record straight.
    Lets get real here. Raj started the BB monster rolling. Maybe a coincidence that an “IT Genius” Chris came into the picture as “sole owner” of BBI ?
    Is putting an I after the BB, and moving it offshore with a new head, to distance Raj from BB, too far fetched a possibility to you Ken?
    Now, we dont know the true scope of organised criminality behind the BB/SP ponzi. And since it is under the jurisdiction of canadian authorities, we may never know.
    But what we do know is this, BB was started by Raj, a known scammer. SP was started by the same Raj.
    Raj started SP with the SOLE FUNCTION of facilitating the BBI worldwide Ponzi scam.. And boy did they facilitate them!! Everything from Raj going on webinars recruiting, to collecting ponzi money and sending it offshore, to banning victims for complaining.
    Sending out Terry and other SP staff to tell lies (documented) on behalf of BB.
    Untill recently Raj was both CEO of SP. And 2nd in command of BBI!! AT THE SAME TIME!!
    Put simply Stellar point is a badly diguised front in Canada for the BB ponzi. You seem to be the only one who cant see that Ken.
    Since 99% of thinking victims believe that, it would be less irritating if you didnt jump down their throat when they post it.

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