FinchPremiums.com – 20% Discount & Affiliate Program
Dominate Dating With Premium Posts Volume 3
Monetizing a Blog With Premium Posts: Does It Work?

FinchPremiums.com – 20% Discount & Affiliate Program

I’m happy to announce the launch of FinchPremiums.com.

No, it’s not another blog.

It’s an online store where you can buy Premium Posts, as well as a selection of other marketing products by myself and those that I trust (coming soon).

The store is currently only selling Premium Posts Volumes 1-4, but the greater flexibility means that I will be able to offer you discounts, bundle packs, and other good shit you might like.

There is also, finally, an affiliate program.

Create a user account, apply for the affiliate program, and you will get 25% of the revenue from any customers you send.

Haven’t read Premium Posts yet?

To celebrate this joyous occasion, for the next 24 hours only, you can use coupon code LAUNCHDAY to get 20% off your entire order.

This means you can steal my entire set of Premium Posts for $80. A bonafide snip, god damn it!

But only for the next 24 hours.


Dominate Dating With Premium Posts Volume 3

I will be the first to admit that December has kicked my arse. The pressure of shopping for gifts and moving house has knocked the giblets out of me. My two dogs have finally been released from quarantine and so my focus has been torn between tweaking campaigns, writing blogs and keeping the ‘terrible twosome’ out of my hair.

While the going has been tough on a personal level, my dating campaigns have been banking quietly and profitably on the sidelines. That’s probably because winter is one of the best times of the year to be a dating affiliate.

Christmas traditionally brings us closer to family and friends. But it can also be a lonely time for singles, especially those who have been through divorce or painful breakups.

The festive period reminds us of all that we have, and all that we had. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your outlook towards life.

Sentimental drivel aside, there’s no doubt that the season for super profitable dating campaigns is now. So, I thought it’d be fitting to focus Premium Posts Volume 3 on the subject of dating and all that it entails. How can anybody make money from the dating niche?

To attempt to answer that question, I’ve assaulted the niche from a number of angles. You’ll find advice for Plentyoffish, Facebook, PPV and even the relatively unknown quantity of adult platforms.

Packed with 76 pages of campaign strategies, mistakes to avoid, and candid advice; this is probably the most complete guide to dating that I have assembled to date, especially when combined with the information in Volumes 1 and 2.

Will it help everybody? Nope.

Will it make you a millionare overnight? Nope.

Will it ever make you a millionaire? Probably not.

But if you are a dating affiliate – or want to become one – I’m very confident you’ll find some inspiration and new perspective that will improve your bottom line. If you don’t, email me and I’ll give you your money back.

Click here for an overview of Volume 3, and follow the instructions to download.

Happy Christmas, scumbags.

Monetizing a Blog With Premium Posts: Does It Work?

If you’re a reader of my affiliate marketing blog, Finch Sells, you will probably be aware that I’ve introduced paid content over the last 6 weeks.

I thought it’d be interesting to see how many of my regular readers converted in to paying customers, especially given how fellow marketers can be notoriously hard to sell to.

The results from the first 6 weeks have been promising. I’ve taken just under $15,000 in sales, which I’m hoping will double in the next couple of weeks (Volume 2 was released yesterday).

While $15,000 is certainly a nice side-income to go with my usual marketing projects, I think the most exciting development is simply discovering that the premium content angle can work.

I’ve spoken about the concept on Twitter and a few people have quite rightfully pointed out that paid content can only be successful as long as the standard of the posts is kept high. I couldn’t agree more with the need to deliver quality content, but this is one of the reasons I’ve chosen standalone products instead of the currently popular subscription model.

Subscription based Internet Marketing forums are all the rage right now, and I’ve had the pleasure of checking out most of them. Sites like Aff Playbook, Stack That Money and IMGrind all do a fantastic job of delivering valuable content – and I’m sure they make a lot more money out of it than the $15000/month my Premium Posts have delivered so far.

The issue for me is commitment. I could potentially roll out a subscription based service, but it would create an enormous burden of pressure to keep delivering excellent content month after month. There really is little margin for error with a crowd that is so tough to please.

It’s the type of model that is much more sustainable on a forum where you have dozens of different personalities offering their own useful advice.

I’ve gone with the Premium Posts on a themed basis, so users with particular interests can buy information that should hopefully be directly relevant to them. With no subscription deadline, I can take full creative control and spend however long it takes to deliver content that I’m proud of, and that I think my readers are going to enjoy.

I hope that by adding products slowly, and keeping the quality high, I can build up a sizeable ‘passive income’. I’m also hoping that readers who have been converted in to paying customers will become more loyal to the brand.

Ironically enough, after releasing Premium Posts Volume 1, my blog received 6 of it’s 10 highest traffic days in the history of the site. Far from driving readers away, it seemed to generate extra visitors.

Releasing the products has also allowed me to seize a lot of traffic from forums and blogs linking to the announcement, which will presumably help my SEO. Not that I give two shits about SEO, but it’s a nice bonus.

Perhaps the opportunity that excites me most is the idea of exporting the Premium Posts concept and implementing it on other blogs.

It’s constantly preached that creating products is the best way to produce a long-term stable income, no matter what kind of site you’re running. While it will definitely be a challenge to provide the same incentive for purchasing paid content as affiliate marketing brings (who wouldn’t want to make more money?), I believe the concept has legs on it.

It should be interesting to see the results over the next couple of months. I’m definitely looking forward to making blogging a more profitable cornerstone of my business.

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